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Geography^ History, Antiquities ; 


4001 Al BirQni's Chronology of Ancient Nations (c. a.d. 1000), from the 
Arabic, with Notes by Sachau (Oriental Transl. Fund), imp. 8vo, cloth. 
1879 7s 6d 

A standard work in Oriental literature containing details of the various systems 

for the coiui)Utation of time used by the Persians, Sogdians, Cborasmians, Jews, Syrian.-, 
Harraniane, and Arabs, together with Greek traditions and calendars of the ancient 
inhabitants of Central Asia. 

Geography. See India. 

4002 Alexander the Great. The Invasion of India: Translations 
(accompanied by historical, critical, and topographical notes) from 
Arrian, Quintus Curtius, Diodorus, Plutarch, and other Classical Authors, 
describing Alexander's Campaigns in Afghanistan, the Panj4b, Sindh, 
Gedrosia, and Karmania ; with Introduction by J. W. M'Orindle, 
2 maps, 25 illustrations of coins, gems, and inscriptions ; second edition, 
Svo, pp. xvi-432, cloth. 1896 (pub. lOa 6d net) 4s 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London y W, 



2 * * Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

4003 Alexander (Sir James E.) Travels from India to England through 
Persia, Asia Minor, and European Turkey, 1825 26, portrait, maps, and 
coloured plates, 4to, calf. 1827 ^^ 

Includes Accounts of Burmah and the War, Andamanjslands, Col. Kinneir's Mission 
to Persia, the War between Kussia and Persia, 182o-27. 

4004 All Round the World : an Illustrated Record of Voyages, Travels, 
and Adventures. Edited by Ains worth, 4 vols in 2, 4to, cloth [1860-62] 


Contains articles on China, Japan, Cochin China, Central Asia and Siberia, Syria, 
Russia and the Ca jcasus. Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Africa America, the West Indies, 
Australia, the Fiji Islands, and Tahiti. 

4005 Anzi (Conte Aurelio) II Genio Vagante. Biblioteca Curiosa di Cento, 
e pill Relazioni di Viaggi. Parte Prima, Seconda, e Terza, plates, 3 vols, 
24mo, old calf. Farma, 1691-2 £1 

Rare Italian collection of travels, including Mar. ens" Voyages to the North, Zani to 
Transilvania and Moscow, Fava to Egypt and Syria, Berni to Cafrari* and Mozambique, 
Montecuccolo to Congo, Giovanni di Lucca to Tartary. &c. ; Ta/ernier, Chardin, and 
Olearms to Persa; the Jesuit Fathers to Siam, Toniiin, and Cochin China; Knox s 
Ceylon; Notices of the D.itjh in Jiva, Borneo, &c. ; OAemelin. Gomberville. and 
Hennepin in Americi; Notices of Turkey, Algeria, Tunis. Ethiopia, the Pyramids. 
•Monomotapa, Cafrarii, Benin, Zanzibar, and the Cape; Morandi on the Grand Mogul; 
Mendoza's China, &c. 

4006 Arnold (Sir Edwin) Seas and Lands : Letters reprinted from the 
Daily Telegraph, illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1891 (pub. 21s) 5s 

4007 East and West, with 41 illustrations by Pritchett, 8vo, cloth. 

1896 58 

The Ancient Egyptian Thief, Aspects of Life, Astronomy and Religion, the Indian 
Upanishads, Indian Viceroys, Jungle Kingdoms, the Triumph of Japan, Buddha-Gya, and 
other Papers from the Jbaily Telegraph. &c. 

Arrian's Voyage of Nearchus. See M'Crindle, Vincent. 

4008 Astley (Thomas) General Collection of Voyages and Travels, mtmerotis 
plates, 4 vols, 4to, calf. 1745-7 £1 48 
Vol. f. Rise and Progress of Navigation, Voyages to the South East and East Indies, 

including English Voyages to Java and Japan. Vol. 1 1. Voyages to West Africa, Gambia, 
Sierra Leone, and Gold Coast. Vol. 111. Voyages to Benin, the Congo Coast, Cape of 
Good Hope, and China. Vol. IV. Descriptions of China, Tibet, Corea, &c., 13th to 17th 

*^* French and Dutch translations of these voyages are included in Vols. L to VIL of 
Provost's Collection. See Nos. 4177 to 4179. 

4009 Avril (Pere Ph.) Voyage en Divers Etats d'Europe et d'Asie, con- 
tenant Remarques Curieuses de Physique, de Geographie, d'Hydro- 
graphie et d'Histoire, avec Description de la Grande Tartarie, map and 
plates, small 4to, calf. Paris, 1692 (rare) 10a 

' 4010 Travels through Europe and Asia to discover a New Way by Land 

to China. From the French, 12mo, half-calf. 1693 (rare) 148 

The author had not the happiness to reach China. He travelled through Armenia, 
Tzjtary, Muscovy, and Moldavia, and his book contains descriptions of the roads to China. 

8S, High Street, Marylehone, London, W, 


4011 Barros and Couto. Da Asia ; dos Feitos, que os Portugueses 
fizeram no Descubrimento et Conquista dos Mares e Terras do Oriente, 
24vol8, 8vro. 1778-88 (itn6oMnd) £6 

Barros s ' Asia' and its continuation by Da Couto contain the best original account of 
the Portuguese Discoveries and Conquests in Asia, 

See also Astley's and Ramcsio's Collections. 

4012 Bartholomew's Library Reference Atlas of the World : a Series of 
84 modern maps (coloured), size 14 in. by 10 in., with a complete geo- 
graphical Index of 100,000 places, imp. 4to, bound in buckram. 1891 
(pub. £2 128 6d net) 188 

The maps include : 1, Astronomical Chart— 2-7, World : Physical Features, Ocean 
Currents, Winds, Races, Religion, Climate, &c.— 8, Polar Regions— 9-17, England and 
Wales, 9 maps— 18-22, Scotland, 5 maps— 23-27, Ireland, 5 maps— 28-40, Europe : various 
Countries, with inset maps of the chief capitals— 41-52, A^ia— 53 56, Africa, including 
special maps of the West Const and South Africa— 57, North Atlantic -58-75, North 
Ameiica, with special maps of the chief cities— 76-79, South America— 80, Oceania— 81-84, 

Batuta (Ibn) Travels in Bengal, China, &c., 1355. See Yule's Cathay, 
under China. 

4013 Beazley (C. Raymond) The Dawn of Modern Geography, 8vo, cloth 
1897 158 

A useful continuation to Bunbury's Ancient Geography. See No. 4020. 

4015 Benjamin of Tudela, Travels through Europe to Asia and Africa, 
12mo, calf. 1783 8s 

See also Purohas, Harris, Pinkerton, Kerr, and other Collections. 

4016 Benjamin (J. J.) Eight Years in Asia and Africa, 1846-55, maps, 
Second English Edition, 8vo, cloth. Hanover, 1863 48 6d 

Travels through Syria, Kurdistan, Persia, India, Egypt, Tunis, Algeria, &c., with Notes 
from Benjamin of Tudela, R. Petachia, P. Teixeira, &c. 

4017 Bernard's Collection, Recueil de Voyages au Nord, nouvelle 
edition, plates, 10 vols, 12mo, calf. Amsterdam, 1725-38 (Jlne copy) £1 
La Peyrere's Relations of Iceland and Greenland; Voyages of Frobisher; Martens 

and Wood to Spitzbergen; Linschoten, Early Voyages to Hudson s Bay, Newfoundland, 
Virginia, and California; Relations of China, Japan, Tartary; Louisiana and iMexico 
(Hennepin) ; Armenia; Tartar Conquest of China; Mingrelia and the Caspian Regions; 
Lange 8 Journey to China, 1721-22; Mullers Ostiacks ; Relation of the Natchez, Martm's 
Georgia ; Relations of U reat Tartary, Tangui , Turkestan, Caucasia, Crimea, the Cossacks, &c. 

4018 Be van (W. L.) and Phillott (H. W.) Mediaeval Geography : an 
Essay in Illustration of the Hereford Mappa Mundi, illustrated ivith 
photographs, 8vo, half morocco, and facsimile of the Origirialy in folio. 
1873 ^2 2s 

4019 Bretschneider (Dr. E.) Mediaeval Researches from Eastern Asiatic 
Sources : Geography and History of Central and Western Asia, 13th 
to 17th Century (Trubner's Oriental Series), 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 



83y High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

4020 Bunbury ([Sir] E. H.) A History of Ancient Geography among the 
Greeks and Romans, maps, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1879 lOs 

A survey of ancient geographical systems, including the Voyage of the Argor.auts, 
Geography of Homer, Anaximander, Hecateus, Herodotus, Ctesi^s, Xenophon, Ephorus, 
^nd Aristotle; the Expedition of Alexander and Voyage of Nearchus ; the Systems of 
Eratosthenes, Hipparchus, Polybius, Strabo, Pliny, Ptolemy, the Geographer of Ravenna, &c. 

4021 Calendar of State Papers : Colonial Series : East Indies, 
China, and Japan, 1513-1616, 1617-21, 1622-24, 1625-29, 1630-4 5 vols, 
imp. Svo, cloth (scarce) £4 158 

4022 Camoens. Os Lusiados (The Lusiads) and Rhythmas, or Lyrics 
or Luis de Camoens ; his Sonnets, &c. Englished by Sir Richard 
Burton, with Life, Geographical Commentary, &c, 6 vols., 12mo, cloth. 
1880-84 £2 5s 

4023 The Lusiad, in English verse, by Mickle, 4to, calf. 1776 5s 

4024 The Lusiad, translated into verse by Aubertin, 2 vols, 12mo, 

cloth. 1884 7s 6d 

4030 Campbell (Donald, i.e., Stephen C. Carpenter), A Journey Overland 
to India, partly by a Route never gone before by any European ; and 
the Author's Shipwreck and Imprisonment with Hyder AH, &c, 4to, 
calf. 1795 10s 

A series of letters describing Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Venice, Alexandria, 
Syria, Bagdad, Goa, shipwreck, imprisonment, East Indian politics, &c 

4031 Capper (James) Observations on the Passage to India through 
Egypt ; also by Vienna, Constantinople, Aleppo, Bagdad, and Bassora, 
maps, Third Edition, Svo, boards. 1835 3s 6d 

4032 Careri (Gemelli) Voyage Round the World (1693-99), from the Italian 
(Churchill's Collection), pZa<e«, folio, half calf. 1703 15s 

In Six Parts: 1, Turkey; 2, Persia; 3, India; 4, China; 5, Philippine Islands; 
6, New Spain (Mexico). 

4033 Voyage du Tour du Monde (1693-99), French translation, 6 vols, 

12mo, calf. Paris, 1727 £1 4s 

Vol. I. Turkey; IT. Persia; III. Indostan ; IV. China; V. The Philippines; 

VI. New Spain (Mexico). 

When in the Philippines Careri was assured by certain memhers of the R.C. Misson 
that there was in the island of Mindora a tribe of men— the Manghiens — who possessed 
tails four or five inches long (see vol. v. p. 87). 

4034 Cassell's Illustrated Travels, a Record of Recent Discovery, Geo- 
graphy, and Adventure, edited by H. W. Bates, with engravings from 
original drawings 6 vols, royal 4to, cloth. 1869-74 £1 6s 

Includes narratives and analypes of Fieshfield's CaiiCHSus; Lyons's Laze tan; Bridj^ett's 
Amoor : Vambery and Fedchenkos Bokhara, &c. : Elias Ney's M( ngoHa ; Lindley's Soo- 
choo; Journeys in Formosa, Japan. Cambodia, British Burmah, Rajpoota».a, Kashmir, 
Ceylon, Minicoy an 1 the Andamans, Persia, Mesopotamia, Bashan, Red Sea Port", &c. 

83j High Street^ MarylehonCy London, W. 

A sic 

4036 Churchill (A. and J.) Collection of Voyages and Travels, some from 
Original Manuscripts, with Preface, giving Account of the Progress of 
Navigation, by John Locke, maps mid plates, six large vols, folio, ful 
calf. 1707-47 £3 33 

A valuable Collection containinsr Voyages and Travels in different parts of the World, 
includinsr those of HackhoflF, Muscovite Envoy, through Siberia to China (1644); NieuhofF 
to Brazil and the Dutih East Indies: India, Ceylon, Malacca, Java, &c. (1640-71). with 
Account of the Dutch Embassy to Chin i (1656-7); Nnvarette's Account of China (1642- 
1673); Careri in Turkey, Persia, India, China, the Philippines, &c. ; Dutch Accounts 
Japan ; Baron's Account of Tonquin; Pedro de Sa on Siam ; Sir Thomas Roe's Embassy 
the Great Mogul; Hamels Description of Corea; Candidus's Account of Formosa, &c. 

4037 Conolly (Lieut, Arthur) Journey to the North of India, through 
Russia, Persia, and AflFghaunistaun, 1829 30, map, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 
1834 8s 

Wiih Chapters on ihe possible overland invasion of Iniia, Afghan History, &c. 

4039 Cooley (W. D.) History of Maritime and Inland Discovery (Lardner's 
Cabinet Cyclop.), 3 vols, 12mo, cloth. 1830-31 59 

Vol.1. Ancient an 1 Mediaeval Geography; Early Discoveries of the Porlu^uese, and 
of America by Columbus. II. Vlodern Voyages, Columbus to Cook. Ilf. Voyages of 
Cook and others to the South Seas; Exploration of New Holland, Arciic Vityages; 
Travels of Humboldt in America, Brace, Park, Denham, and Clapperton in Africa. 

4040 Cosmas, The Christian Topography of, from the Greek, with Notes 
and Introduction by M'Crindle, plates and figures, 8vo, cloth (Hakluyt 
Soc). 1897 lO** 

4041 D'Alboquerque (Alfonso) Commentaries of, including Portuguese 
Col quests in the East Indies, translated and edited by Birch (Hakluyt 
Soc. ), 4 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1875-84 £2 

4042 Dairy mple (Alex.) Oriental Repertory, Vol. L large paper, royal 4to 
stitched. 1808 ^^^ 

Contains Papers on Geography of Kast India, Ava, Pegu, Sooloo, &c., including C«I. 
Uptor.'s Journey from Poonah to I alasore, Bengal, 1777; Alves's Embassy to Ava 1760; 
Capt. Baker's Observations iu Ava. Pegu, &c., 1755 ; Bowyei's Coohm-whu.a, lt)y&-7. 

4043 Daniell's Picturesque Voyage to India by Way of the 
Cape, with a series of 50 mod beautiful coloured ertgravmgs printed m 
exact imitation of drawings, 4to, half russia, fine copy. 1810 3Us 

4044 Danvers (F. C.) Report on Portuguese Records relating to the East 
Indies, in the Archives at Lisbon and Evora, 8vo, boards. 1892 la bd 

4045 The Portuguese in India: a History of their Eastern Empire, 

with 22 facsimile maps, plans, views, and i'^^^*'^**^'^^^^^^^ 27)'l2a 6d 

A valuable compendium of the history of European Enterprise in the |jdia^ p^^^^'J 


Bull of Pope Alexander VI., designating Eastern Discoveries to Portugal, are printea lu 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

4046 Delaporte (Abbe) Le Voyageur FranQois, ou la Connaissance de 
I'Ancien et du Nouveau Monde, 18 vols, 12mo, old calf. Paris^ 
1769-73 158 

Brief relations from all known Voyages in the form of Letters. 

4047 Diodorus Siculus — Historical Library containing the Antiquities 
of Egypt, &c, made English by G. Booth, folio, old calf. 1700 238 

4048 Ducoudray (G.) History of Ancient and Modern Civilization, trans- 
lated from the French, 2 vols, 12rno, cloth. 1891 (pub. 18s) 53 

4049 Duncker (Max) The History of Antiquity. From the German by 
Evelyn Abbott, 6 vols, 8v(), cloth. 1877-82 (pub. £6 6s) £2 15s 

Vol. I. Egypt and Semitic Nations; II. Assyria, Phoenicia, Israel; III. Assyria, 
Israel, Egypt, Babylon, Lydia; IV. The Aryans on the Indus and Ganges; Buddhists and 
Brahmans; V. and VI. The Aryans of Eastern Iran— the Empire of the Medes and 

4050 Dutch East India Company — Recueil des Voyages de la 

Compagnie des Indes Orientales, formee dans les Provinces-Unies des 
Pais-Bas, Seconde edition, augment^e, numerous maps and plates^ 
10 vols in 5, 12mo, calf gilt. Amsterdam, 1717 £1 5s 

4051 Nouvelle edition, revue maps and plates, 10 vols, 12mo, 

original vellum binding. Rouen, 1725 £1 158 

4052 Another set, 10 vols, calf. Rouen, 1725 £1 lOs 

Historical account of the voyages of the Hollanders to Nova Zambia, &c., of the 

Houtmaris, van Caerden, van Noort, van Neck, van der Hagen, Spilbergen, Matelief, 
Verhoven, van den Broeck, Le Maire, Bontekoe, the Nassau Fleet, Hagenaar, and other 
expeditions by way of the Cape of Good Hope and round Cape Horn, to the Mauritius, 
Ceylon, Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Amboyna, Banda, and other of the Molucca J slands, at the 
end of the 16th and beginning of the 17th centuries. 

4053 Duval (P) Cartes pour les Itin^raires et Voiages Modernes .dans 

toutes les Parties du Monde, oblong, imp. 8vo. calf. Paris, 1677 8s 6d 

An interesting road atlas. 

4055 Encyclopaedia Britannica (The): a Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, 
and General Literature. Ninth and latest Edition, numerous plates and 
maps, with Index, 25 vols, 4to, cloth. 1875-88 (pub. £37 lOs) £12 

4056 Another, half-morocco £15 

The Encyclopaedia Britannica is rich in Geographical and Historical information, 

every important Subject having been treated by a Specialist. The Article on Asia, its 
Geography, Ethnology, &c, is written by Sir R. Strachey ; Asia Minor and the Caucasus 
are by Bunbury ; Georgia and Kirghiz, by Keane ; Siberia, Saghalin, Samarkand, Tartars, 
and Turkestan, by Kropotkine ; Khiva and Merv, by Major Clarke; Afghanistan, Anda- 
mans, Cambodia, Cabul, Kashgar, Lhasa, Marco Polo, and Mandeville, by Yule; India, by 
Sir W. Hunter ; lesser Indian Articles by Strachey, Yule, Sir R. Temple, General 
Maclagan, and others; Tibet, by General Walker and De la Couperie; Tongking, by W. 
Moore; China, Canton, Peking, Manchuria, Mongols, Nanking, and Shanghai, by Prof. 
Douglas; Hong Kong, by Macdonald; Corea, by Webster; Japan, by McCIatchie; Siam 
and the Shans, by Coutts Trotter ; Persia, by Sir P. Goldsmid and others ; Jerusalem, by 
Robertson Smith and Conder; Lebanon, Palestine, Sinai, and Hyria, by Prof. Socin ; 
Damascus, by Porter; Sanskrit Language and Literature, by Prof. Kggeling; Semitic 
Languages, by Noldeke ; Arabia, by Palgrave; and Yemen, by D. H. Muller. 

*„,* The principal Geographical Articles are indexed and grouped under Countries 
in the York Gate Catalogue. 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

Asia 7 

4057 Faria y Sousa, The Portuguea Asia, or the History of the Dis- 
covery and Conquest of India. Translated by Capt. John Stevens, 
3 vols, 8vo, old calf {rare). 1695 £5 

Forbes's Oriental Memoirs. See India. 

4058 Forster (George) Journey from Bengal to England through Northern 
India, Kashmire, Afghanistan, Persia, and Russia, 2 vols, 4to, calf. 
1798 9g 

4059 Journey, India to England, another copy, 2 vols in 1, 4to, half- 

calf 83 

4060 Journey, another edition, 2 vols in 1, 8vo, half calf 48 

4062 Forster (R. p.) Collection of Voyages and Travels in Systematic and 
Chronological Order, 4 vols, 8vo, plates, calf. 1818 12s 

Voyages of (Jolumbu3, Ulloa, Drake ; Stedinan's Surinam, Grey's Canada, Weld's and 
Lambert's United States, Bruce's Abyssinia, Park's Africa. Barrow's Africa and China, 
Shaw's Barbary, Orrae's Fragments, Buchanan's and Graham's India, Lesseps' Kamtschat^a, 
Syme's Ava, Clarke's Holy Land and Russia, Williams's Switzerland, Southey's lictters from 
Spain. &c, Anson's and Bligh's Voyages, Wilson's Missionary Voyage, Collins's N.S. Wales, 
Wood's Palmyra, &c. 

4063 Frederickson (A. D.) Ad Orientem, maps and coloured plates, 8vo, 
cloth. 1889 38 
To the Red Sea. Aden, Bombay, Cawnpore, Lucknow, Benares, Bangalore, Ceylon, 

Straits Settlements, Java, Siam, Japan, &c. 

4064 Fryke (Chr.) Relation of a Voyage to the East Indies, 1680-86 ; also 
Relation of a Voyage to and through the East Indies, 1675-83, by 
Chr. Schewitzer, 1 vol, 12mo, calf. 1700 13s 

With Autographs of Edward Moor and Sir George Bird wood. 

4066 Galvano (Antonio) Discoveries of the W^orld from their First Original 
to 1555, Portuguese Text, with Hakluyt's Translation, edited by Admiral 
Bethune, and Memoir, 8vo, cloth. 1862 12s 

4067 Gama (Vasco da) Three Voyages to India, and his Viceroyalty. 
Translated from Correa's Lendas da India by Lord Stanley of Alderley 
(Hakluyt Soc), 8vo, cloth. 1869 153 

4068 The First Voyage of Vasco da Gama. Translated from the 

Portuguese, and edited by E. G. Ravenstein, maps (Hakluyt Soc), 
Svo, cloth. 1898 15a 

4069 Gentil (M. Le) Voyages dans les Mers de I'lnde a I'Occasion du 
Passage de V^nus, 1761 et 1769, Tome I, with plates, 4to, calf. Paris, 
1779 7s 

Contains brief account of the Voyages, Remarks upon the People of India, the 
Brahman Astronomy^ Observations made at Poudicherry and at Manila. 

4071 Geographical Society (The Royal) London. Journal, Pro- " 
ceedings, and other Publications, complete set, from the Foundation of 
the Society in 1830, 100 vols, uniformly bound, half- calf extra, marbled 
edges. 1831-99 £33 

83, High Street^ Marylehone, London, W. 

Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

4071 Geographical Society {continued). 

Journal of the Royal Geographical Society, 1830-80, 50 vols, 
8vo, and Index, 5 Parts in 2 vols 

Proceedings R. G. S. [First Series], 1855-78, 22 vols in 14, 8vo 

Proceedings R. G. S. [Enlarged Series], in continuation of the 
Original ' Journal ' and * Proceedings,' 1879-92, 14 vols, and 
Index, royal 8vo, 1896 

The Geographical Journal, including the Proceedings R. G. S., 
Vols. I. to XIV., 1893-99, royal 8vo 

Supplementary Papers, R. G. S. , consisting of Memoirs, Narratives, 
and Bibliographies, 4 vols, royal 8vo 

Lands of Cazembe, edited by Capt. Burton, 1 vol 

Tn the R. G. Society's Journal and Proceedings will be found the best and most 
authentic record of discovery and exploration, of hydrographical and topographical survey, 
and of archaeological research, since the year 1830. Over fifteen hundred original 
narratives of voyagers and travellers are contained in these volumes— many of them 
printed nowhere else— and over seven hundred maps accompany the narratives. 

Complete sets of the Society's publications are now difficult to make up, as the earlier 
volumes have long been out of print. 

The contents to date are indexed under countries in the York Gatt Catalogue. 

4072 Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society, Enlarged 

Series, 1879-92, with about 350 maps, 14 vols, and Index, royal 8vo, 
cloth (pub. £12 128) £3 

This series comprehends nearly 250 papers describing recent travels and explorations, 

ten having relation to Switzerland, the Caucasus, and other European < ountries; over one 
hundred relatiiig to Asiatic Countries and the Indian Ocean; seventy to Africa; thirty 
to .North and South America and the West Indies; twenty-five to Australasia and Polar 
Regions. Among Asiatic papers are several upon Afghanistan and Countries bordering 
on the North-West of India; Prejevalsky's and other Russian Expeditions to Central Asia 
and Mongolia, Colboriie Haber, Colquhoun, and others to China and the Shan States; 
Journeys in <'orea and Japan ^ Geography of Siam, Malaya, Arabia, Persia, Tibet, the 
Himalayas, &c. 

4073 Proceedings, 14 vols, 1879-92, another set in Parts as issued 

£1 16s 

4074 Journal and Proceedings (combined), Vols. I. to XIV 1893-9, 

in Parts 28s 

4075 Geographical Magazine, edited by Sir Clements R. Markham, 

6 vols, (all published), roy. 8^ o, half-morocco. 1873 8 £1 10s 

4076 Goldsmid (Sir F. J.) Telegraph and Travel : Narrative of the Develop- 
ment of Tel*»graphic Communication between England and India, with 
Notices of Countries traversed, maps and illustrations, royal 8vo, cloth. 
1874 48 6d 

4078 Hakluyt (Richard) The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques, 
and Discoveries of the English Nation made by Sea or Overland, 
New Edition, 5 vols, royal 4to, full calf. London, 1809-12 £13 

Vol. I. contains Travels to the North and East of Europe by Sea to Russia, the 

Caspian, &c., and includes a Commentary on Iceland. 

38t High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 


Vol. II. contains the Vanquishing of the Spanish Armada, 1588 ; the Voyage to Cadiz, 
1596 ; Voyages to the Mediterranean, Barbary and the Guinea Coast, the Azores, and 
includes the * Famous Fight ' of Sir Richard Grenville in the Revenge. 

Vol. 111. Voyages to North America in Search of a North- West Passage, to New- 
foundland, Cape Breton, Canada, Virginia, Florida, Mexico, fJalifornia, and West Indies. 

Vol. I\^ Voyages of Drake, Uxnara, Araias Preston. Sommers, Hawkins, and others 
to West Indies, Panama, Bermuda, &c. ; Raleigh's Voyage to Guiana; Drakes Voyage 
Round the World, in which he visited the Moluccas ; Candish's Voyage to the Pacific, 
Philippine Islands, &c. Supplement : Galvano's Discoveries of the World, Brocquerie's 
Voyage to Jerusalem, Davis's World's Hydrographical Description. Vartheraa's Voyage 
to the Kast Indies, Java, the Moluccas, &c. 

Vol. V . First Voyage of Houtman to Java, &c., 1595-7; Voyage of Eight Dutch Ships 
to Java— whereof four went on to the Moluccas. 1598 1600 ; The History of the Spaniards 
in the West Indies (from the Decades of Peter Martyi ) ; Virginia Richly Valued, &c., 
A ccount of the Travels of De Soto, &c. 

4079 The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques, and Discoveries 

of the English Nation, New Edition, classified and edited by Edmund 
Goldsmid, with the original prefaces and dedications ; also illustrations 
and maps, large and Jine paper, 16 vols, 4to, half-morocco, gilt tops. 
Edinburgh, 1885-90 £15 

In this edition those voyages which relate to the same parts of the globe ae grouped 

together ; indices are added to each volume, with a variety of maps and illustrations ; 

some of these are facsimiles, the others are modern. East Indian and Asiatia Travels are 

included in Vols. VIIL, IX., and X. 

4081 Hakluyt Society Publications, comprising Reprints of rare 
Early Voyages and Travels in Asia, Africa, and America, edited by 
eminent Travellers and Scholars, complete set to 1898, 100 vols, 8vo, 
cloth. 1848-98 £58 

*,* A number of the volumes still obtainable separately are included in subsequent 
sections of the present Catalogue. 

4082 Hamilton (Capt. Alex.) New Account of the East Indies. Observa- - 
tions, 1688-1723, Trading and Travelling, by Sea and Land, between 
the Cape of Good Hope and Japan. Second Edition (2 vols), Vol. II. 
8vo, calf. 1739 10s 

Bengal, Arackan, Pegu, Siam, Malacca, Johore, Cochin China, Tonquin, China, the 
Philippines, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Formosa, and Japan. 

4084 Hawkins (Wm., Sir John, and Wm.) Voyages to the East and West - 
Indies, 1530-1611 (Hakluyt Soc), 8vo, cloth. 1878 ISs 

Includes Wm. Hawkins's Relation of his Residence at the Court of the Great Mogul, 

4086 Harris's Voyages— Navigantium atque Itinerantium Bibliotheca : 

a Collection of Six Hundred Voyages and Travels, Ancient and Modern, 

into all Parts of the World, including Voyages to the East Indies and 

European Commerce therewith, &c., by John Harris, D D.. revised and 

continued by John Campbell, LL.D. , 2 vols, folio, calf. 1744-8 £1 15s 

One of the most esteemed Colle tions of Voyages. J t includes those of Columbus, 

Magellan, Drake, Cavendish, Van Noort, Spilbergen, Schouten and I.e Maire, Quires, the 

Nassau Fleet. Cowley, Dampier, Woodes Rogers, Olipperton. Shelvocke, Roggewem, 

Peisart, Tasman, Anson, Pyrard de Laval, De Beaulieu, Mandelsloe, &c. Histories of the 

Portuguese I'iscoveries and of the Knglish, Dutch, French, Ostend, Danish, and Swedish 

East India Companies; The Travels of Benjamin of Tudela, Marco Polo, Tavernier, 

Thevenot. Chardin, and others in Asia ; Adarass Account of Japan, Russian Travels m 

Siberia, Voyages to the North-West, Travels in North and South America, and m every 

European Country will be found in these volumes. A complete list of contents will be 

found in the Royal GEoaHAPHiOAL SociETy s and the York Gate Catalogues. 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

10 Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

4087 Head (Capt. C. F.) Eastern and Egyptian Scenery, with Notes, maps 
and plans, illustrative of a Journey from India to Europe, showing the 
Practicability of Steam Navigation from England to India, oblong 
imperial folio, boards. 1833 98 

Views of Bombay Harbour, Tamara. Socotra, Mocha, Jiddah, Carnac, Luxor, Suez, 
Alexandria, Malta, &c. ; also a Chapter on Defence of British India from Russian 

4088 [Herbert (Sir Thomas)] A Relation of some Yeares Travaile, begunne 
Anno 1626, into Afrique and the Greater Asia, especially the Territories 
of the Persian Monarchie ; and some Parts of the Orientall Indies, and 

lies adjacent. Of their Religion, Language, &c By T. H. Eaquier, 

with engravings in the text, folio, calf {scarce). London^ 1634 £1 5s 

Canary Islands, Teneriff, Angola, Cape of Good Hope, Ethiopia, Madagascar, India, 
Persia, Armenia, Babylonia, Ce.vlon, Sumatra, Siam, Java, Japan, China, St. Helena, &c. 

4091 Herodotus, History and Geography of, English Version, with Notes 
and Essays by Sir Henry Rawlinson, George Rawlinson, and Sir J. 
Gardner Wilkinson, 4 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1862 £2 

4092 The History, translated into English, with Notes and Indices, by 

G. C. Macaulay, M. A , 2 vols, 12mo, cloth. 1890 (pub. 18s) 9s 

"To the actual work of translation Mr. Macaulay has brought, besides other gifts, a 
most painstaking carefulness; he has constructed an index of names which is a monument 

of industry, and added notes which are always useful and to the point We <ong'atulate 

Mr. Macaulay on the successful completion of a laborious work." — Spectator. 

4094 Books I. to III. The Ancient Empires of the East, by A. H. Sayce, 

8vo, cloth. 1883 (pub. 168) 9s 

4096 Literally translated by Gary (Bohn), 12mo, cloth 28 6d 

4097 Analysis and Summary of, with Tables of Events, Outline of the 

History and Geography, by Wheeler (Bohn), 12mo, cloth 2s 6d 

See also Rennell. 

4100 Heylyn (Peter) Cosmography, in Four Books ; containing the 
Chorography and History of the Whole World, the Kingdoms, Provinces, 
Seas, and Isles thereof. Sixth Edition, mam., folio, calf. London, 
1673 £1 

Book I. Italy, the Alpine Provinces, France, Spain, and British Isles. II. Belgium, 
Germany, Denmark, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Greece, and the Archipelago. III. Asia 
and Asia Minor, Palestine, the Oriental Islands, Japan, Philippine Islands, Banda, 
Moluccas, Celebes, Borneo, Java, Sumatra, Ceylon, &c. IV. Africa and America. 
Appendix : Unknown Parts of the World, especially of Terra Australis Incognita, or the 
Southern Continent ; Alphabetical Table of Geographical Names, Ancient and Modern. 

4102 Howel (Thomas, M. D. ) Journal of the Passage from India through 
Armenia and Asia Minor (1787-8), map, 8vo, calf. 1790 3s 6d 

4103 Hiibner (Baron de) A Ramble Round the World, 1871. Translated 
by Lady Herbert, 2 vols, 8vo, half-calf extra. 1874 15s 

Part I. America; IT. Japan; III. China: Shanghai, Pekin, Tien-Tsin, Hong Kong, 
Canton, Macao. Appendix : Events in Japan, Sept., 1871, to Oct., 1872. 

4104 Through the British Empire : South Africa, Australia, New 

Zealand, the Straits Settlements, India, the South Sea Islands, 
California, Oregon, Canada, &c. 2 vols, 12mo, cloth, 1886 7b 

Ives's Journey, Persia to England, 1758 9. See India. 
83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W, 

Asia 11 

4105 Johnson (Surgeon J.) The Oriental Voyager : Sketches and Remarks 
on a Voyage to India and China, 1803-6, with Extracts from other 
Voyages, 7nap, 8vo, calf. 1807 Ss 

4107 Jordanus (Friar) Mirabilia Descripta : Wonders of the East. Trans- 
lated with Commentary by Yule (Hakluyt Soc), 8vo, cloth. 1863 

88 6d 

4108 Keppel (Capt. Hon. George) Personal Narrative of a Journey from 
India to England by Buasorah, Bagdad, the Ruins of Babylon, Curdistan, 
Persia, the Caspian, and Russia, map and illustrations, 2 vols, 8vo, calf, 
1827 48 6d 

4109 Journey, India to England, another edition, 4to, calf. 1827 63 

4110 Kerr (Robert) General Collection of Voyages and Travels by Sea and 
Land, illustrated by maps and charts, and accompanied by a Sketch of 
the Progress of Discovery and a Systematic Catalogue by Wm. Stevenson. 
18 vols, 8vo, half-morocco, gilt top. Edinburgh, 1811-24 £4 

4111 Kerr's Collection, another set, 18 vols, 8vo, calf, gilt £3 10s 

4112 Another set, half-calf £3 

Vol. I. contains Voyages and Travels from the era of King Alfred to that of Prince 

Henry of Portugal, including the Travels of Mahometans to India and China, Benjamin 
of Tudela, Carpini, Rubruquis, Marco Polo, Orderic, Maundeville, and others to Central 
Asia and China. 

Vol. If. Galvano's Discoveries of the World; Portuguese Voyages to Africa and India^ 

Vols, ill., IV., V. Spanish Voyages to America and West Indies; Conquest of Peru 
and Mexico, &c. 

Vol. Vr, English and French Voyages to North America; Portuguese Transactions 
in India to 1617. 

Vols. VII., VIII., IX. Miscellaneous Voyages to Africa and East Indies. 

Vol. X, Circumnavigations, Magellan to Shelvocke. 

Vol. XI. Voyages of Roggewein and Anson. 

Vols. XII. to XVII. Voyages of Byron, Wallis, Carteret, Cook, and Bougainville. 

Vol. XVllI. Historical Sketch of Discoveries; Catalogue of Voyages and Travels. 

4113 Labberton (R. H.) New Historical Atlas and General History, 141 
coloured maps, Last Edition, 4to, cloth. 1890 (pub. 158) Ss 6d 

In addition to the maps is an explanatory text and list of English books and articles 
bearing on each period. The vrork comprehends Babylonia, Egypt, Phoenicia, Assyria, 
&c. (19 maps) ; Greek History, including Western Asia and the Greek Colonies {17 maps) ; 
Roman History, including the Roman Colonies and Settlements (26 maps); Mediaeval 
History (35 maps); Modern History, including European Colonies (49 maps); American 
History to the Civil War (64 maps . 

4114 Lafitau (Pere J. F.) Histoire des D^couvertes et Conquestea des 
Portugais dans le Nouveau Monde, numerous plates, 2 vols, 4to, calf. 
Paris, 1733 33s 

Relates chiefly to Portuguese A'oyages and Conquests in the Eastern Seas. 

4115 Lancaster (Sir James) and others, Voyages of the E. I. Co. to the 
East Indies, 17th Century (Hakluyt Soc), 8vo, cloth. 1877 10« 

83j High Street, Marylebone^ London, W. 

12 Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

4116 Le Blanc (Vincent). The World Surveyed ; or, the Famous Voyages 

and Travailes of to the East and West Indies— Persia, Pegu, Fez, 

Morocco, Guinny, the Cape of Good Hope, Monomotapa [Abyssinia], 
Egypt, the Mediterranean Isles, and Principal Provinces of Europe. 
Englished by F. B. , Gent, folio, calf. London, 1660 18s 

4117 Le Brun (Comeille) Voyage au Levant I'Asie Mineure, dans les 

Isles de Cliio, de Rhodes, de Chypre Villes d'Egypte, de Syrie, et de 

la Terre Sainte (1674-95), ivith 200 large plates and maps, 1 vol, Delft, 
1700 ; also Voyages en Perse, Muacovie, aux Indea Orientales (1701-3) 

Isbrant, Journde k la Chine, 320 plates, 2 vols, Amsterdam, 1718, 

in all 3 vols, folio, old calf £1 10s 

4118 English translation — Voyage to the Levant : Travels in Asia 

Minor, Scio, Rhodes, Cyprus, Egypt, Syria, and the Holy Land, 200 
plates, folio, 1702 ; also Travels into Muscovy, Persia, and Part of the 
East Indies, with Account of Isbrandt's Journey through Russia and 
Tartary to China, 320 plates, 2 vols, folio, in all 3 vols, folio, red morocco 
extra {Lord Rodneys copy with his autograph and bookplates). London, 
1737 £2 53 

4119 Voyages en Perse, Muscovie, aux Indes Orientales (1701-3), avec 

Journ^e de Ides Isbrants h la Chine, 320 plates, 2 vols, folio, calf. 
Amsterdam, 1718 £1 48 

With arms and name of " Mr. Bonnier de 1^ Mosson " on sides. 

4121 Lenormant (F.) and Chevallier (E.) Ancient History of the 
East, 2 vols, 12mo, cloth. 1869 (scarce) 12s 

Palestine, Egypt Assyria, Babylon, Media, Persia, Phoenicia, and Arabia. 

Chaldean Magic, &c See Asiatic Turkey. 

4122 Lettres Edifiantes et Curieuses, ^crites des Missions 
Etrangeres, New Edition, maps and illustrations, 26 vols, 12 mo, old calf. 
Paris, 1780-83 £2 8s 

Vols. I. to V. The Levant, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Persia, &c. 5 vols. 

Vols. VI. to IX. Canada, Louisiana, W. Indies, Peru, Brazil, Paraguay. 4 vols. 

Vols. X. to XV. India, Ceylon, Moluccas, Philippine and Caroline Islands. 6 vols. 

Vols. XVI. to XXIV. China, Tartary, Tibet, Loochoo Islands. 9 vols. 

Vols. XXV. and XXVI. India and China. 2 vols. 

4123 Nouvelles Lettres i^difiantes des Missions de la Chine et des Indes 

Orientales, 8 vols, 12mo, half-calf. Paris, 1818-23 £1 48 

4124 Travels of the Jesuits, translated from the * Lettres Edifiantes,' by 

John Lockman, 2 vols, 8vo, calf. London, 1762 15s 

4125 Linschoten (lohn Hvighen van) his Discours of Voyages into ye 

Easte & West Indies [Translated by Wm. Phillips] Printed at London 

by lohn Wolfe 4 engraved title-pages and maps in the text, folio, calf, 

tall copy, wants all the separate plates and maps. 1598 £2 10s 

Book I. of the Voyage to India, including Accounts of India, its Princes and Products ; 
the Trade of the Portuguese ; Java, China, the Moluccas, &c. ; the Voyage Home ; Account 
of St. Helena and Ascension; Fights of the Earl of Cumberland and of Grenville oflF the 
Azores, &c. 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

Asia 13 

Book 1 1. Description of Guinea, Manicongo, Angola, Monomotapa, Brasil, the Cape, 
Mozambique, IVladagascar, East Coast of Africa, &c. 

Book ill. The Navigation of the Portuguese to the East Indies, Malacca, China, Japan ; 
also of the Spanish Indies. % 

Book I V . Summary of Rents, Demaines, Tolls, Taxes, Imposts, Tributes, &c., of the 
King of Spain ; description of the Government, &c., of the Kings of Portugal. 

4126 Navigatioac Itinerarium lohannis Hugonis Linscotani engraved 

title, portrait, 26 double-page plates, and 8 folding maps and views, folio, 
old calf. Hague, 1599 £2 58 

4127 Histoire de Navigation de Jean Hughes de Linacot et de son 

Voyage aux Indes Orientales, avec annotations de Bernard Paludanus 
[i. e. , ten Broecke], maps and numerous engravings, folio, old calf, wants 

1 leaf. Amsterdam, 1638 £2 53 

4129 The First Book of the Voyage of J. H. van Linschoten to the Bast 

Indies, Phillips's translation, edited by Burnell and Tiele (Hakluyt Soc), 

2 vols, 8vo. 1885 ISs 
Linschotens was the most popular book of Voyages issued during the seventeenth 

century. It summarized and closed the period of Portuguese ascendency in the East Indies. 

4130 L#ipenius (Martinus) Navigatio Salomonis Ophiritica, thick 32tno, 
old ccfclf {rare), title supplied in MS. Wittemburg, 1668 . 10a 

•' The only separate edition recorded."— Note by T. K. Abbot, Lib. T.C.D. 

4132 Lumsden (Lieut. T.) Journey from Merut to London through Persia, 
Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Austria, Switzerland, and France, 1819-20, 
map, 8vo, calf. 1822 3s 

Lyall (Sir A. 0.) Asiatic Studies. See India. 

4133 M'Crindle (J. W.) Commerce and Navigation of the Erythraean 
Sea : a Translation of the ' Periplus ' and of Arrian's Account of the 
Voyage of Nearkhos, 12mo, cloth. Bombay, 1879 58 

For other works by Mr. M'Crindle, see Alexander the Great, Cosmas, and India. 

4134 Mandelslo (Jean Albert de) Voyages faits de Perse aux Indes 
Orieutaltjs, contenant une Description de I'lndostan, des lies et 
Presqu'iles de I'Orient, des Royaumes de Siam, du Japon, de la Chine, 
du Congo, &c., nouvelle Edition, augment^e, with numerous plates, 2 vols, 
folio, calf. Leyden, 1719 28s 

With a most interesting series of copperplate views of Eastern towns and scenes, and 
riews of the Cape and Loudon. 


4135 Arrowsmith's Large Map of the Countries between Delhi and Con- 
stantinople, on two sheets, each 113 in. by 32 in., coloured, mounted, and 
folded, in imp. 4to morocco case. 1816 68 

The Punjab, Afghanistan and Caubul, Beloochistan, Persia, Bokhara, Oxus Valleys, 
the Aral and Caspian Seas, Euphrates Valley, the Caucasus, Syria, Asia Minor, and the 
Black Sea. 

4136 Crutchlby's Map of Asia, with Additions to 1855, including Inset 
Maps of Australia and New Zealand, 62 in. by 56 in., coloured and 
mounted. Also, Map of Europe, with Additions to 1855, 60 iii. by 
54 in., coloured and mounted. The two folded in 4to morocco case 5s 

Asia before the Indian Mutiny ; Europe after the Revolutions of 1848 and before the 
Crimean War, Unification of Italy, and final partition of Poland. 

83f High Street, Marylebone, London, W, 

14 . Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

MAPS {continued) :— 

4137 D'Anville's Map of Asia and its Islands, 2 sheets, each 3 ft. by 2 ft. 

Sayer, 1787 Gs 

4138 Moll's Map of Asia, with 7 insets, 3 ft. by 2 ft. 1710 38 

4139 Map of the East Indies, including China and the Islands, with 

Plans of Madras and Bantam, 3 ft. by 2 ft. 1710 43 

4140 Sanson's Coloured Map of Asia, including the Islands, 3 ft. by 2 ft. 
1698 48 

4141 WiTSEN (N.) Map of Northern Asia in 6 sheets ; also Maps of the World 
by Vavaaaor (1550?), Gastaldi (1546), and Forlani (1565). (Remarkable 
Maps, Part IV.) In portfolio. Muller, Amsterdam, 1897 30s 

4142 Marco Polo, Travels of. Translated, with Notes, by Marsden, 
map and copious index, 4to, calf. 1818 25s 

4143 Marsden's Edition, another copy, large paper, royal 4to, half bound 

uncut 30s 

4144 Marsden's Edition, Revised by Wright, 12mo, cloth (Bohn) 4s 

4145 The Book of, Concerning the Kingdoms and Marvels of the East. 

Translated and Edited by Yule, with Notes, maps and illustrations, 
2 vols, royal 8vo, cloth. 1871 {scarce) £5 53 

See also Ramusio, Purchas, Hauris, Prkvost, Kerr, Pinkbrton, and other Collec- 

4147 Maundevile (Sir John) Voiage and Travaile, which treateth of the 
Way to Hierusalem ; and of Marvajles of Inde, with other Hands and 
Countryes. Reprinted from the edition of 1725, with Introduction by 
Halliwell, woodcuts, 8vo, half-calf. 1839 6s 

4148 Marvellous Adventures of, edited and illustrated by Arthur 

Layard, 100 engravings, 8vo, cloth. 1895 4s 

4151 Melton's (Eduward) Zee- en Land-Reizen door Egypten, West 
Indien, Perzien, Turkyen, Oost-Indien, Chineezen, &c., 1660-77, with 
curious copper-plate illustrations of storms at sea, caravans, tortures and 
punishments, small 4to, vellum. A msterdam, 1681 10s 

4153 Mill (H. R.) Editor. The International Geography, by Seventy 
Authors, with 488 illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1899 (pub. 153) 128 

A Geograpliy, physical and political, upon a new plan. Introductory chapters by 
eminent authorities treat of the Principles of Geography. The Continent of Asia (Book II.) 
is described by Dr. A. J. Herbertson, and the separate Asiatic sections by various writers : 
The Russian Empire, by D. Aitoft'; Asiatic Turkey and Arabia, by Sir C. W. Wilson; 
Persia, by Sir F. Goldsmid; Afghanistan, by Sir G. S. Robertson ; The Indian Empire, 
by J. A. Baines; Ceylon, by J. Ferguson; Siam, by H. Warington Smyth; The Chinese 
Empire, by G. G. Chisholm ; Korea, by Mrs. Bishop ; Japan, by W. B. Mason ; The 
Malay Archipelago, by Dr. Forbes ; Portuguese India, Macao, and Timor, by Capt. E, de 
Vasconcellos ; French Possessions, by M. Zimmermann ; Himalayan States, Malaya, 
Straits Settlements, Hong Kong, &c., by the Editor. 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

Asia 15 

4155 Munster. Cosmographiae Universalis", Lib. VL, in quibus juxta 

certioris fidei scriptorum traditionem describuntur Autore Sebast. 

Munstero, numerous figures on wood and folding vieivs of cities, thick folio 
volume, old calf. 1556 £3 lOa 

The great one-volume geography of the sixteenth century, illustrated with hundreds 
of spirited woodcuts: maps, towns, animals; mankind of every degree and station — 
soldiers, mechanics, labourers, noblemen ; pictures of earthquakes, monsters and mon- 
strosities—one animal as big as a wolf with four human feet and a bag in which to carry 
its young ; beings, evidently human, with ears big enough to sleepin, and feet which serve 
as umbrellas ; '* anthropophagi also and men whose heads do grow beneath their shoulders." 

4156 Murray (Hugh) Historical Account of Discoveries and Travels in 
Asia, maps, 3 vols, 8vo, calf. Edinburgh, 1820 lOs 6d 

Herodotus, Nearchus, Megasthenes, Mohammedans, Benjamin of Tudela, Carpini> 
Rubruquis, Marco Polo, Oderic, Clavijo, Schiltberger, Mendez Pinto, Sharpey, Middleton, 
Jenkinson, Hanway, Andrada, Grueber, La Penna, Pegoletti, Goez, Cosmas Indicopleustes* 
Conti, Barthema, Da Gama, Cabral, Roe, Bernier, Tavernier, Moorcroft, Fraser, Bogle> 
Turner, Kirkpatrick, Forster, Elphinstone, Pottinger, Zeno, Barbaro, Contarini. Sherley> 
Herbert, Olearius, Chardin, Malcolm, Olivier, Morier, Holy Land Pilgrims, Pococke, Wood> 
Clarke. Burckhardt, Niebuhr, V'alentia, Seetzen, Bahdia, Cesar Frederick, Balbi, Symes> 
Borri, Barrow, Andrada, Ricio, Navarrete, Nieuhoflf, Isbrand Ides, Lange, Bell, Macartney, 
Amherst, Hall, Kaempfer, Thunberg, Krusenstern, Golowin, Pallas, Gmelin, and many 

4157 Myers (Ralph) Voyage to ye East Indies in ye " Stretham" Friggott, 

Capt. Roger Myers Feb., 1702/3, to Nov., 1706, manuscript, 

106 leaves, folio, calf £4 48 

Batavia, Malacca, Madras, Pulu Condore, Macao, Canton, Atchin, Calicut, Cananore, 
Muscat, Gombaroon, Surat, Bombay, Carwar, Cochin, Cape of Good Hope, St. Helena, 

Navarretb's Voyages. See China. 

Nearchus. See Harris, M'Crindlb, Murray, Puechas, Ramusio, 
Vincent, &c. 

4159 Nieuhoff (Jean) Zee en Lantreize West en Oostindien [1643-62], 

nearly 100 engravingsy folio, vellum. Amsterdam, 1682 14s 

See also China. 

4160 English translation, Voyages and Travels into Brasil and the . 

East Indies, Java, China, &c. (1643-62), engraved title, portrait, maps, and 
plates, from Churchill's Collection of Voyages, folio, calf. 1703 14s 

See also Astley, Harris. 

4161 Nordenskiold (Baron) Voyage of the "Vega" round Asia and 
Europe, with Review of all Previous Voyages along the North Coasts of 
the Old World, translated by Leslie, numerous maps and engravings, 
2 voIp, 8vo, cloth. 1881 1*^ 

4163 Norman (Henry) The Peoples and Politics of the Far East, Travels 
and Studies in the British, French, Spanish, and Portuguese Colonies- 
Siberia, China, Japan, Korea, Siam, and Malaya, 60 illustrations and 
4 maps, 8vo, cloth. 1895 ^^ ^^ 

See also Japan. 

4164 North (Marianne) Recollections of a Happy Life, edited by Mrs. 
Addington Symons, 3 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1892-3 ^^ 

Miss North in a search for rare plants travelled in North and South Ammc«, Jap,an, 
Singapore, Borneo, Java, Ceylon, India, Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, boutli Atnca, 
and the Seychelles. 

83, High Street, Marylelone, London, W. 

16 Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

Odoric (Friar) Travels to the East, 1316-30. See China, Yule's Cathay; 
also Ramusio, Hakluyt, and other Collections. 

4166 Ogilby (John) Asia, the First Part, being a Description of Persia, the 
Mogol Empire, and other Parts of India, maps and copper- plates, folio, 
russia. 1673 - £1 8s 

4167 Asia, another copy, folio, calf £1 2s 

See also Japan. 

4168 Oliphant (Laurence) Episodes in a Life of Adventure, or Moss from 
a Rolling Stone, 12mo, clo*h. Edinburgh, 1887 58 

Ceylon, Greece, Canada, the Crimea, Circassia, Central America, Indian Mutiny, 
China, Montenegro, Japan, Albania, Poland, &c. 

4169 Ortelius's Atlas. Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, comment, Geographicis 
et Historicis illustrata upwards of 30 fine large mapsy folio, calf neat. 
Antwerp, Plantin, 1624 £2 

4170 Peritsol (Abraham) Itinera Mundi sic Dicta Nempe Cosmographia, 
4to, pp. xvi-196. Oxford, 1691. Tractatus Alberti Bobovii, de Tur- 
carum Liturgia, Peregrinatione Meccana, Circumcisione, Latina, &c., 
Veraiones donavit Thomas Hyde. Oxford, 1690. 1 vol, calf, 4to. 98 

Description of Europe, Africa, and Asia, especially the Turkish and Mohammedan 

4171 Perrot and Chipiez, History of Ancient Art in Assyria, Persia, Asia 
Minor, Syria, Greece, Egypt, &c. Translated from the French, 
with numerous coloured and other illustrations, complete set, 12 vols, 
royal 8 vo, cloth. 1883-5 (pub. £12) £5 5s 

The following can be sold separately : — 

4171b Ancient Art in Persia, 1 vol (2l8) 7s 

4171c Ancient Art in Phrygia, Lydia, &c. (158) 5s 

4171d Ancient Art in Sardinia, Judaea, Syria, and Asia Minor, 2 vols 

(36s) 128 6d 

4171b Ancient Art in Phoenicia, 2 vols (42^) 17s 

4172 Pinkerton (John) General Collection of the Best and most Interest- 
ing Voyages and Travels in all Parts of the World, numerous maps and 
copper -plate engravings, 17 vols, 4to, calf, gilt. 1808 £5 

Vols. I. to V I. Travels in European Countries. 
Vols, V I. to X. Travels in Asiatic Countries. 

Vol. V 1 1. Travels of Two Mahometans, Rabbi Benjamin, William of Rubruquis, 
and Marco Polo; NieuhoflFs Travels in China; Bell's Travels in Siberia &c. ; 
Hamel's Korea; Goez's Travels, Lahore to China; Missionary Travels through 
Tibet : Caron's, Kaempfer's, and other Accounts of Japan. 

Vol. Vllf. Roe's Embassy to the Great Mogul; Bernier's and Tavernier's Voyages 
to the East Indies; Hamilton's Account of the East Indies; Lord's Discovery of 
the Banians ; Buchanan's Journey through Mysore, Canara, and Malabar. 

Vol. iX. Dellavalle, Chardin, Francklin, and Forster's Travels in Persia; 
Accounts of 'ndependent Tartary; Jenkinson's Travels to Bucharia ; Balbi's and 
Fitch's Voyages to Pegu, &c. ; Symes's Embassy to Ava ; 'i'urpin's History of Siam ; 
Baron s and Richards's Description of Tonquin ; Bovis's History of Cochin China. 

Vol. X. Niebuhr's Travels in Arabia; Blount's Voyage to the Levant; Dandini's 
Voyage to Mount Libanus ; Maundrell's Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem ; 
Journey from Cairo to Mount Sinai ; Pococke's Travels in the East. 

8^, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

Asia 17 

Vol. XI. Asiatic Islands. 

Vols. XII. to XIV. North and South America and West Indies. 
Vols. XV. and XVI. Travels in African Countries and Islands. 

Vol. XVK. Retrospect of the Origin and Progress of Discovery in Ancient, Modern, 
and Recent Times; Catalogue of Books of Voyages and Travels; General Index. 

4173 Pinto. Hiatoria Oriental de la8 Peregrinaciones de Fernan Mendez 

Pinto, Adonde se escriven muchaa las Reynos de la China, Tartaria, 

Sornao, que vulgarmente se llama Siam, Calaaiinam, Peguu, Martauan, 

&c. Traduzido de Portugues en Oastellano Alio 1620, Madrid, 

folio, calf, gilt edges, fine copy £2 2^ 

4174 — — Voyages and Adventures of Fernand Mendez Pinto, a Portugal, 
during one and twenty years in Ethiopia, China, Tartaria, Cauchinchina, 
Calaminham, Siam, Pegu, Japan, and a Great Part of the East Indies 
done into English by H[enry] C[ogan], folio, half -calf. 1653 £1 4s 

4175 Voyages and Adventures, anothj^r edition, folio, calf. 1663 £1 

4176 Voyages and Adventures of Mendez Pinto, Cogan's translation, 

introduction by Vambery (Adventure Series), 8vo, cloth. 1891 33 6i 

4177 Prevost (Abbe') and others. Histoire Gdndrale des Voyages depuis la 
commencement du XV^ Si^cle, illustrated throughout by fine copper- plate 
engravings and mapSj complete, with Supplement, 20 vols, 4to, half- calf 
Parl-i, 1746 89 £4 

A valuable collection of voyages and travels in all parts of the world, including the 
Spanish. Voyages to America and the West, and those of the Portuguese, Dutch, and 
English to the East Indies, Malayan and Moluccan Archipelagoes, the Philippines, China 
and Japan, besides a number of voyages to Australasia and the Pacific, De Goniieville, 
Magellan, Saavedra, Mendana, Quiros, Le Maire, Tasman, Pelsart, Roggewein, and Dampier. 
A special volume treats of the Natural History of the East indies, and another of the 
Dutch Governors Carpenter, Van Diemen, and many others, being illustrated with their 
portraits and other j)late8. 

For complete list of contents see Royal Geographical Society^s Catalogue. 

4178 Historische Beschryving der Reizen, &c, Dutch Translation of the 

preceding Collection, engravings and maps, 21 vols, 4to, calf. The Hague, 
1747-67 £2 

4179 Historische Beschryving der Reizen, Vols. I. to XII., containing 

most of the African, Asiatic, and Eastern Travels, 12 vols, 4to, calf 188 

4180 Prior (James) Narrative of a Voyage in Indian Seas, 1810-11, in 
the "Nisus" Frigate (Capt. P. Beaver), including visits to the Gape, Bour- 
bon, Mauritius, Seychelles, Madras, Java, St. Paul and Amsterdam Islands, 
map, 8vo, half calf. [1819] 5s 

4181 Purchas (Samuel) His Pilgrimage, or Relations of the World and 
the Religions Observed in All Ages, Second Edition, folio, calf, rebacked. 
1614 21s 

This copy has no title-page. It is otherwise complete, containing Preliminary Epistles, 
Contents, and List of Authors, pp. 1-918, and Index Table at end. It lorms the tilth 
volume of Purchas, His Pilgrims. See next item. . • o • 

Relations of the World and Religions in all ages and places : Babylonia, Assyria byria, 
Phoenicia, Palestine; of the Hebrews, Arabians, Saracens, Turks, Armenians, Medes, 
Persians, Parthians, Scythians, Tartars, Chinese, Indians ; of Egypt, Africa, Ethiopia, and 
the New World. 

83 f High street, Marylehone, London^ W. 

18 Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

4182 Purchas, His Pilgrimes, Voyages and Peregrinations made by the 
Ancients ; a Description of all the Circum- Navigations of the (Grlobe ; 
Navigations and Voyages of Englishmen, alongst the Coasts of Africa, 
the Cape of Good Hope, and from thence to the East Indies, Japan, and 
China ; their just Commerce nobly vindicated against Turkish treacherie, 
Portugall Hostilitie, Dutch Malignitie, Discoveries of the English Nation 
in the Easterne parts of the World, English- Indian Occurrents, the 
Portugall Attempts, and Dutch Disasters, divers Sea-fights with both, and 
many other remarkable relations, maps and illustrations^ 5 vols, folio, calf 
neat. 1617-25 £48 

In these volumes Purchas incorporated the substance of more than 1,200 writers : 
" valuable alike for the abundance of its materials and its importance in the history of 
early discoveries, especially those of the English" (' Biog. Universelle). 

Among Asiatic Travels are Ancient Accounts of Voyages to Ophir ; Peregrinations of 
the Patriarchs and Apostles; Conquests of Alexander the Great; Portuguese, Dutch, and 
English Voyages round the Cape of Good Hope, including those of the E. 1. Company; 
the Embassies of Roe and Sherley , Letters of Tom Coryat ; Pilgrimages to the Holy Land; 
Rabbi Benjamin, William of Rubruquis, Marco Polo, Maundeville— Early Travels from 
Europe to Siberia. Central ■» sia Persia, and India ; Mendez Pinto, Pereira, Ricci and 
Trigault, Goes, Xavier, Pontoia. Monfart, and others to China, Japan, and the Philippine 

The full list of contents will be found in the Royal Geographical Society's and the 
York Gate Catalogues. 

4183 Pyrard de Laval (Frangois) Voyage contenant sa Navigation 

aux Indes Occidentales, Maldives, Moluques, Bresil, &c., S"*^ ddit. avec 
un petit dictionnaire de la Langue des Maldives, 12mo (2 vol? in 1). 
Paris, 1619 £1 18 

4184 Voyage to the East Indies and Shipwreck on the Maldives, 

1601-11, translated and edited by Albert Gray (Hakluyt Soc), 2 vols 
in 3, 8vo, cloth. 1887-90 £1 15s 

See also Purchas, voL ii. ; Harris, vol. i., and other Collections. 

4186 Ramusio, Delle Navigation! et Viaggi, with maps, 3 vols, folio, 
vellum (not uniform). Venice, 1588, 1583, 1556 £3 15s 

A valuable collection, containing many narratives printed for the first time. Among 
the \ oyages and Travels to Eastern and Asiatic Countries are those of Da Gama (1497), 
Thome. Lopez (1502), G. di Empoli (1503), Varthema (1503-8). Corsali (1515-17), Barbosa 
(1516), Conti (1449), Stephano (1499), Marco Polo and Hayton the Armenian (13th cent.^, 
Barbaro, Contarini, Zeno, and others to Persia (16th cent.). 

4188 Ratzel (Prof. F.) The History of Mankind. Translated by Butler, 

Introduction by Tylor, coloured plates, mxips, and illustrations, 3 vols, 

royal 8vo, cloth. 1896-98 £1 168 

Vol. I. Principles of Ethnography, the American Pacific Group of Races ; Races of 

Oceania (Polynesians, Micronesians, Melanesians) ; The Australians, Tasmanians, Malays 

and Malagasies. Vol. II. The Americans, Cultivated, Ancient, and Arctic; African Light 

Stock and Negro Races. Vol. IIL Civilized Races of the Old World. 

"An indispensable book of reference to every student of ethnology." — Natural Science. 

4190 Rawlinson (Canon George) The Five Great Monarchies of the 
Ancient Eastern World : History, Geography, and Antiquities of Chal- 
dea, Assyria, Babylonia, Media, and Persia, illustrations, 3 vols, 8vo, 
cloth. 1879 (pub. 428) £1 128 

83, High Street^ Marylebone, London, W. 

Asia 19 

4191 Rawlinson (Canon George) The Sixth Oriental Monarchy : History, 
Geography, and Antiquities of Parthia, 8vo, cloth. 1873 {rare) 

4192 The Seventh Oriental Monarchy : Geography and History of the 

Sassanians (or New Persian Empire), map and 95 illustrations, 8vo, 
cloth. 1876 (pub 288) 128 

4193 History of Phoenicia, 8\ro, cloth. 1889 (pub 248) Ts 

4194 Manual of Ancient History, 8vo, cloth (pub 148) Ss 

Rawlinson (Sir Henry) History of Herodotus. See above, No. 4091 

England and Russia in the East. See Russian Central Asia. 

4198 Memoir of Major- General Sir Henry Creswicke Rawlinson, by 

Canon Rawlinson, with Introduction by Lord Roberts, map, portraits, 
and illustrations of the Mock of Behistun, 8vo, cloth. 1898 6s 

4200 Raynal (Abbd) Histoire Philosophique et Politique des ^tablissemens 
et du commerce des Europdens dans les Indes, 7 vols, 8vo, maps and 

fronts, by Eisen, red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Derome {fine copy). 
La Bays, 1774 £2 5s 

4201 History of the Settlements and Trade of the Europeans in the 

East and West Indies, translated by Juatamond, third edition, maps, 
5 vols, 8vo, calf (Jlne copy). 1777 10s 

4202 Reclus (Elis^e) The Earth and its Inhabitants : the Universal Geo- 
graphy. Edited by Ravenstein and Keane, with GOO full-page engravings, 
100 coloured maps, and over 3,000 illustrations in the text, complete in 
19 vols, imp. 8vo, cloth. 1886-90 (pub. £19 19s) £8 

The most useful, systematic, and comprehensive geographic work of the century. 
Vols. 1. to V. treat of Europe and European Countries, the British Jsles, and the Arctic 
Regions; Vols. Vi. to IX, of Asia and Asiatic Countries; Vols. A. to Xill. relate to 
Africa and African Countries; Vol. XlV. to the Eastern Archipelago, Australasia, Poly- 
nesia, &c.; Vols. XV. to XIX. America, the United States, West indies, &c. 

4203 The Earth, &c. Asia and Asiatic Countries : Asiatic Russia, East 

Asia, India and Indo-China, South- Western Asia, maps and illustrations, 
4 vols, imp. 8vo, cloth gilt ^^ 

4205 Reinaud (M.) Relations de I'Empire Romain avec I'Asie Orientale 

d'apr^s les Tdmoinages Latins, Grecs, Arabes, Persans, 

Chinois, avec 4 cartes, 8vo, cloth. Paris, 1863 3s 

Renaudot's Travels of Two Mohammedans to India and China in the 

Ninth Century. See China. 

4206 Rennefort (M. Souchu de) Histoire des Indes Orientales, 12mo, calf. 
Leyden, 1688 ^^^ 

Voyage to Madagascar-Description of the Island, People, &c.-Return Voyage--Cap- 
tured by English Frigate— Imprisoned Carisbrook Castle— Taken to London (1667 j-yCourt 
of St. James-Gay Life in Heydeparc-Theatre-" Maisons a Londres Nommees Musicaux, 
"Gladiateurs Voluntaires," &c.— Dialogues Philosophiques- Second \oyage-lenenfie, 
Brazil, Cape of Good Hope, Madagascar, Surat, Calicut, Goa, &c. 

4207 Rennell (James) The Geographical System of Herodotus, the Voyage 
of Hanno, &c., Explained, 4to, calf. 1800 ^ 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

20 Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

4208 Rennell (James) The Comparative Geography of Western Asia, 
Arrian's Periplus of the Euxine, &c., 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1831 8s 

See India (Atlases and Maps). 

4209 Ritchie (Leitch) History of the Oriental Nations, chiefly British 
Possessions in Eastern and Southern Seas, their History, Religion, Laws, 
Manners and Customs, Commerce, &c., 2 vols, 8vo, cloth 1848 Os 

India and the East India Company, Afghanistan, Burraah, Malay Peninsula, Straits 
Settlements, China and Japan, the Islands of the Pacific, New Zealand, Australia, the 
Islands of the Indian and South Atlantic Oceans. 

4210 Rochon (AbM) Voyage to Madagascar and the East Indies, with M. 
Brunei's Memoir on the Chinese Trade, may, 8vo, half bound. 1793 5s 

RuBRUQUis's Travels to Tartary, ad. 1253. See Collections of Purchas, 
Harris, Pinkerton, Kerr, &c. 

4212 Salmon (Thomas) Modern History ; or, the Present State of All 
Nations, Vol. I., Asia, maps and plates by Moll, small 4to, calf. Duhlm, 
1739 98 

China, Japan, Tonquin, Cochin-Chiua and Siam, the Ladrone and Philippine Islands, 
Celebes, Banda, Amboyna, and the Moluccas, Borneo, Java and Sumatra, Nicobar and 
Andaman Islands, India, Pegu, Ava, Arracan, Burma, Boutan, Ceylon, Persia, Arabia, 
Tartary, Armenia, Palestine, and Asia Minor. 

4213 Scherzer (Karl) Voyage of the Austrian Frigate "Novara," 1857-59, 
3 vols, royal 8vo, cloth. 1861-63 £1 10s 

The "Novara" during her Circumnavigation visited Gibraltar, Madeira, Rio Janeir.i, 
the Cape, St. Paul and Amsterdam islands, Ceylon, Madras, Nicobar Islands, Singapore, 
Java, Manila, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and the PaciJBic. 

4214 Schiltberger (Johann) Bondage and Travels with the Armies of the 
Turks in Europe, Asia, and Africa, 1396-1427. Translated by Com- 
mander Buchan Telfer, Notes by Prof. Bruun, 8vo, cloth. (Hakluyt 
Soc ) 1879 10s 

Schiltberger served under Tamerlane (Timur) in Asia Minor. Armenia, Persia, &c. 
He also relates the victories of Timur in India. 

4216 Schultzen (Walter), i.e., Schouten (Wouter), Ost lodische Reyse, 
With cupper -plate engravings, folio, vellum. Amsterdam, 1676 12s 6d 

Voyage to the Dutch and Portuguese Settlements, with views of Malacca, Batavia, 
Macassar, Ternate, Aniboina, Point de Galle, Colombo, Negapatam. 

4217 Voyage aux Indes Orientales, 2 vols, 12mo, calf gilt. 1725 lOa 

4218 SeyfTert's Dictionary of Classical Antiquities, Mythology, Religion, 
Literature, and Art, with additions by Nettieship and Sandys, over 450 
iiiustrations, second edition, 4to, cloth. 1891 (pub. 21s) 78 6d 

A concise, comprehensive, and up-to-date Dictionary, fully illustrated, but less elabo- 
rate in detail than Dr. Smith's well-known Dictionary. An Index is attached to the end 
of the volume. 

83y High Street^ Marylebone, London^ W, 

Asia 21 

4219 Sonnerat, Voyage aux Indes Orientales et k la Chine, 1774-81 ; dans 
lequel on traite des Moeurs, de la Religion, des Sciences et des Arts des 
Indiena, des Chinois. des Pdgouins, et des Madegasses ; suivi d'Obaer- 
vations sur le Cap de Bonne-Esp^rance, les lies de France et de Bourbon, 
les Maldives, Ceylan, Malacca, les Philippines, et les Moluques, et de 
Recherches sur I'Histoire Naturelle de ces Pays, with maps, Large-paper 
usue, 3 vols, 8vo, calf. Parisj 1782 15s 

4220 Another edition, 4 vols, 12mo, boards ; Atlas, 4to. Paris, 1806 16s 

4221 Stanford's Compendium of Geography : Asia. By A, H. Keane. 
New Edition, maps and illustrations, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1896 £i 48 

Vol. I. Northern and Eastern Asia. Vol. II. Southern and Western Asia. 

4223 Strabo's Geography. Translated, with Notes by W. Falconer and 
H. C. Hamilton, with Index of Names, 3 vols, 12mo, cloth. (Bohn) 93 

4224 Smith (Dr. Wm.) assisted by various Writers. An Encyclopaedia of 
Classical Antiquity, comprehending the Series of Greek and Roman 
Antiquities, Biography, Mythology, and Geography, with 1,600 illustra- 
tionsy 7 vols, medium 8vo, cloth, last editions £5 

4225 Greek and Roman Antiquities (separately), 2 vols, cloth £2 10s 

4226 Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, 3 vols, cloth £1 10s 

4227 Greek and Roman Geography, 2 vols, cloth £1 

4229 Smaller Classical Dictionary (7s 6d) 33 6d 

4230 A Dictionary of Christian Antiquities, 2 vols, medium 8vo, cloth 

£2 8s 

4231 A Dictionary of Christian Biography, Literature, Sects, and 

Doctrines, 4 vols, medium 8vo, cloth £4 10s 

4232 A Concise Dictionary of the Bible, 1 vol, 8vo, cloth 10s 

4233 Smaller Bible Dictionary, 12mo, cloth (7s 6d) 33 6d 

4235 and Grove (Sir George) An Atlas of Ancient Geography, 

Biblical and Classical, intended to illustrate the preceding works, with 
a full Index, and 43 maps, beautifully engraved and coloured, folio, 
half morocco (pub. £6 63) £2 lOa 

4237 Smith (Dr. Philip) History of the Ancient World to the Fall of the 
Webtcrn Empire, a.d. 476, 3 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1868 83 6d 

4238 Student's Ancient History of the East, 12mo, cloth 33 6d 

4241 Tavernier (J. B.) Recueil de Plusieurs Relations et Traitez 
Singuliers et Curieux de J. B. Tavernier, a^ec La Relation de I'lnt^rieur 
du Serrail du Grand Seigneur [Amsterdam] suivant la copie imprimee^ 
Paris, piates and maps, 12(no, morocco, gilt edges. 1681 l^a 
Contents : (1) Relations of Japan; (2) Negociations on behalf of the trench C^^^^^^ 
in Persia and India; (3) Observations on E. 1 Commerce; (4) Relation of ionqum, 
(5) Conduct of the Dutch in Asia; (6) Relation of the CJrand Turk s Seraglio. 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

22 Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

4242 Tavernier (J. B.) Collection of [Five] Several Relations and 
Treatises of Tonquiii, Japan, East India Trade, &c., published by 
Edmund Everard, folio, calf. 1680 148 

4244 Les Six Voyages de Jean Baptiste Tavernier Premiere Partie, 

Ou il n'est parl^ que de la Turquie et de la Perse, suivant la copie imprimee 
h Paris. 1678. Also with engraved title-page, Amsterdam, 24mo, 
pp. [xxiv] 792, numerous plates. 1678 58 

4245 Las Six Voyages de Jean Baptiste Tavernier Seconde Partie, 

oil il est parle des Indes et des lies voisines [? Amsterdam] suivant la 

copie imprimee h Paris, numerous plates, figures of current coins, &c., 
12mo, morocco, gilt edges. 1679 68 

4246 Italian Translation : Viaggi nella Turchia, nella Persia, e nell' 

Indie tradotti da Giovanni Lueti Parte Prima, Bologna, 1680, 

2 vols ; Parte Seconda, Bologna, 1690, 3 vols, 24mo, half-calf 10s 

Edition unknown to latest editor, and without plates. 

4247 Travels in India. New English Translation, by Dr. V. Ball, with 

Biography, Notes, Bibliography, facsimile maps and illustrationSj 2 vols, 
8vo, cloth. 1889 10a 6d 

4248 Tavernier and others. Collections of Travels through Turkey 

into Persia and the East Indies Being the Traveh of Tavernier, 

Bernier, and other Great Men. Made English by J. P[hillip8], complete, 
and with the Relations of Tonquin, Japan, &c. , plates, 1 voJ, folio, calf. 
1684 25s 

4250 Taylor (Major John) Travels from England to India (1789) by way 
of the TyroJ, Venice, Scandaroon, Aleppo, and Bussora, with Instructions 
for Travellers, Account of the Expence, &c., maps, 2 vols, 870, calf. 
1799 3s 6d 

4252 Thevenot — Relations de Divers Voyages Curieux, qui n'ont point 
este Publi(^es ; ou qui ont estd traduites des Voyageurs Anglois, flol- 
landois, Portugais, Alemands, Espagnols, Persans, Arabes et autres 
Auteurs Orientaux [donndes au public par les soins de feu Melchisedec 
Thevenot], enriches des figures de plantes, danimaux, et de cartes geo- 
graphiques, 4 parts in 2 vol?, folio, old calt. Paris, 1663-66 £10 

This, the first edition, includes Pelsarfs Discovery of Australia and Shipwreck in 
1629; Commerce and Routes to the East Indies with charts of the Indian Ocean ; Pelsarfs 
Remonstrance presented to the Dutch E. I. Company. 1627; Carrillo s Relation of the 
Philippines ; Chart of the Eastern Archipelago ; Dutch Relation of Japan ; Brief Relation 
of China by a Jesuit iVl issionary ; Dutch Mission to Pekin, 1656, with copper-plate illus- 
trations ; Description of the Provinces of China and Tartary ; Relations of Peru ; Lobo's 
Abyssinia; Gages iMexico and New Spain, with a History of Mexico represented in 
63 figures, with explanations; Roe's Kmbassy to the Great Mogul; Greaves s Account of 
the Pyramids, with plates, &c. 

4254 Treaties, Engagements, and Sunnuds relating to India, 
Burmah, 8iara, Malayan States, Sumatra^ and Indian Archipelago. 
Collected and Edited by Aitchison, with Index, 8 vols, royal 8vo, cloth. 
Calcutta, 1862-66 £1 128 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

Asia 23 

4255 Valentia (George, Viscount) Voyages and Travels to India, Ceylon, 
the Red Sea, Abyssinia, and Egypt, in 1802-C, wiih 69 fine plates by 
Angus, Landseer^ Warre^i, and others. Large-paper copy, with proof 
plates, 3 vols, imperial 4to, morocco extra {fine copy). 1809 £2 lOs 

Including Mr. Salt's ' Narrative.' 

4257 Valentyn (F.) Oud- en Nieuw Oost-Indien, vervattende eene 

verhandeling van Nederlands mogentheyd in die gewesten. Portraits, 

charts and plates, 8 vols, folio. Amsterdam, 1724 26 £8 

A very full and interesting account, illustrated with numerous plates, of the East 

Indies, including the Cape of Good Hope. Malabar, and Coroniandel Coasts, Surat. Great 

Viogul Dominions, Bengal, Ceylon. Arracan, Pegu, Siam, Cambodia, Tonkin, Malacca, 

Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Formosa, Banda, Amboina, Moluccas, Japan, &c. 

4259 Valle (Pietro della) The Travels of a Noble Roman into East India 

and Arabia Deserta, &c [Translated by G. Havers.] Whereunto is 

added A Relation of Sir Thomas Roe's Voyage into the East Indies [with 
a Description of the Territories under the Subjection of the Great Mogul], 
folio, calf. London, 1665 ISs 

4260 Havers's translation, edited by Edward Grey (Hakluyt Soc), 

2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1892 . 168 

4261 Varthema (Ludovico di) Travels in Egypt, Syria, Arabia, Persia, 
India, &c. , 1503 8. Translated by Winter Jones, edited by Dr. Badger 
(Hakluyt Soc), 8vo, cloth. 1863 £1 

See also Ramusio, Purohas, Supplement to Hakluyt, Kerb, and other Collections. 

4263 Vincent (Dean) The Voyage of Nearchus from the Indus to the 
Euphrates, from the Journal of Arrian, with Dissertations, maps, 4to, 
calf. 1797 98 

4266 Periplus of the Erythrean Sea : Account of the Navigation of the 

Ancients, <&c , 4to, half- calf. 1800. £1 

4266 Commerce and Navigation of the Ancients in the Indian Ocean, 

maps and plates, 2 vols, 4to, cloth. 1807 288 

Comprehending Arrian's Voyage of Nearchus, the Periplus of the Erythrean Sea, 
Dissertations on China and Maps of the Ancients. 

4267 Wolff (Rev. Joseph) Missionary Journal : Second Visit to Palestine 
and Syria, 1823-24; Researches and Missionary Labours m Malta, 
Egypt, Constantinople, Armenia, Persia, Khorassan, Turkistan, Bokhara, 
Atfghanistan, the Himalayas, Cashmere, Hindostan, Abyssinia, and 
Yemen, 1831 34, 2 vols, 8vo, half calf. 1828-35 lOa 

4268 Travels and Adventures of, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1860. 58 

4269 Travels and Adventures [enlarged edit.], 1 vol, 8vo, cloth. 1861 48 

See also Central Asia. 
4271 York Gate Library Catalogue : an Index to the Literature of 
Geography, Discovery, Commerce, and Colonization, founded on the 
Collection of S. W. Silver, Esq. Compiled by E. A. Petherick, /ac We 
titles, &c., imperial 8vo. parchment, gilt top. 1886 ^*8 
YuLB (General) Cathay and the Way Thither. See China. 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

24 Francis Edwards's Catalogue 


Anatolia, Cyprus, Transcaucasia, Armenia, Mesopotamia, a7td 
Euphrates Valley ; 


*^* For Syeia and Palestine and Arabia see under separate headings. 

4277 Ains worth (W. F.) Personal Narrative of the Euphrates Expedition, 
1835-37, wop, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1888 6s 

Of the oflScial work by Major-General Chesney. published in 1838, only nine chapters 
out of twenty are devoted to the narrative of the Expedition, besides which vir. Ainsworth 
conducted several independent Explorations on the sites of Ancient Cities. His work is 
divided into seven Books : I. The Transport, II. Winter Wanderings in the Taurus, &c. 
II I. The Descent of the River. IV. Babylonia and Chald!»a. V. Wanderings in Persia, 
VI. Ascent of the Euphrates, Tigris, and the Karun, VII. Kurdistan and Asia Minor. 

The River Kariin. See Persia. 

Alexander (Sir J. E.) Travels through Asia Minor. 1825-26. See p. 2. 

4278 Andrew (W. P.) The Scinde Railway and its Relation to the 
Euphrates Valley and other Routes to India, mwps, 8vo, cloth. 1856. 2s 

4279 Memoir on the Euphrates Valley Route to India, ma'ps, 8vo, cloth. 

1857 2s 

4280 Armstrong (T. B.) Journal of Travels to the Seat of War during, the 
last Two Campaigns of Russia and Turkey ; intended as an Itinerary 
through Russia, the Crimea, Georgia, Persia, Koordistan, and Asia Minor, 
8vo, cloth. 1831 2s 6d 

4281 Babylonian Tablets— Translation of those in Sir H Peek's pos- 
session, by T. G. Pinches, 4to, cloth. 1888 5s 

4282 Badger, The Nestorians and their Rituals, with Narratives of Visits 
to Mesopotamia and Coord istan, 1842-44 and 1850, map and 2 portraits, 
2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1852 15s 

4284 Barker (Wm. B ) Reading Book of the Turkish Language, with 
Grammar and Vocabulary, 8vo, cloth. Hertford, 1854 3s 

4285 Barkley (H. C.) A Ride through Asia Minor and Armenia, 8vo, cloth. 
1891 4s 

4286 Bent (J. T.) Explorations in Cilicia Trachera, map. P.RG.S., 1890 

Is 3d 

4287 Bible, Old and New Testaments in Turkish, thick 4to, sheep 5s 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

Asiatic Turkey 25 

4288 Bigham (Clive) A Ride through Western Asia, with illustrations, 8vo, 
cloth. 1897 48 

London to Constantinople, Asia Minor, Persia, North to South, Turkish Arabia, Persia* 
West to East, Turkestan, Bokhara, Ferghana, Kashgar, the Tian Shan Mountains, the 
Siberian Railway. 

4289 Bonomi's Nineveh and its Palaces : the Discoveries of Botta and 
Layard, 7 plates and 294 woodcuts^ 8vo, cloth. 1852 3s 6d 

4291 Botta' S Letters on the Discoveries at Nineveh [Khorsabad]. From 
the French, numermis folding plates, 8vo, cloth. 1850 3s 

Brun (Le) Travels to Asia Minor, (fee, 1674-75, see p. 12. 

4292 Bryce (James) Transcaucasia and Ararat : Notes of a Tour (1876), 
Chapter on the Armenian Question (1896), 8vo, cloth 8s 6d 

4293 Budge (Ernest A.) The History of Esarhaddon, King of Assyria, B.C. 
681668, Cuneiform Inscriptions, English translation, &c (Triibner's 
Oriental Series), 8vo, cloth. 1880 * 8s 

4294 Burnaby (Capt. Fred.) On Horseback through Asia Minor, portrait 
and maps, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1877 - 6s 

4295 Campbell (Prof. John) The Hittites ; their Inscriptions and their 
History, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1891 9s 

Capper (James) Observations in Aleppo, Bagdad, &c. c. 1830. See p.. 4. 

4296 Cesnola (Gen. di) Cyprus ; its Ancient Cities, Temples, Tombs, &c., 
numerous illustrations, royal 8vo, cloth. 1877 198 

4297 History of Salaminia (Cyprus), royal 8vo, cloth. 1884 10s 

4300 Chesney (Lieut. -Col.) Survey of the Rivers Euphrates and Tigris, 
1835-37, with Geographical and Historical Notices, maps and plates, 
3 vols, royal 8vo, cloth. 1850 £2 10s 
See also Ainswokth, above. 

4301 The Russo-Turkish Campaigns of 1828 and 1829, maps, 12mo, 

cloth. 1854 2s 6d 

4302 Conybeare (F. C.) Specimen Lectionum Armeniacarum. Review of 
Fragments of Philo-Jud^us, edited by Rendel Harris, 8vo, sewed. 
Oxford [189-] 1« 

4303 Creasy (E. S.) History of the Ottoman Turks, map, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 
1854 ^^^ 

4305 Cunynghame (Gen. Sir A T.) Travels in the Eastern Caucasus, on 
the Caspian and Black Seas, in Daghestan, and on the Frontiers of Persia 
and Turkey, maps and illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1872 oa 

4306 Curzon (Hon. R.) [Lord Zouche] Armenia : a Year at Erzeroom and 
on the Frontiers of Russia, Turkey, and Persia, map and woodcuts, IJmo 
cloth. 1854 ^'^^ 

4307 Visits to the Monasteries of the Levant, illustrated, crown 8vo, 

cloth. 1849 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

26 Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

4309 Davids (A.. L ) Grammar of the Turkish Language, with Dialogues, 
Vocabulary, and Discourse on Turkish Literature, 4to, boards. 1832 
(Edwin Norris's copy) Ss 6d 

4310 Davis (Rev. E. J.) Anatolica : a Visit to some Ruined Cities of Caria, 
Phrygia, Lycia, and Pisidia, map and illustrations, royal Svo, cloth. 
1874 ' 9s 

4311 Life in Asiatic Turkey : a Journal of Travel (1875), map and illus- 

trations, 8vo, cloth. 1879 4s 6d 

4312 De Hell (X. Hommaire) Travels in the Steppes of the Caspian Sea, 
the Crimea, the Caucasus, &c, 8vo, cloth. 1847 3s 6d 

4313 Du Loir, Les Voyages de Levant la Grece, et la Domination du 

Grand Seigneur, la Religion et les Moeurs de ses Sujets avec la 

Relation du Siege de Babylone, 1639, 4to, calf. Paris, 1654 9s 

Duncker's History of Assyria, Phoenicia, Babylon, &c. See p. 6. 

4314 Elisseus (Bp.) history of the Religious Wars between the Persians 
and Armenians, translated by Neumann (Oriental Translation Fund), 
4to, boards, uncut. 1830 da 6d 

4315 Euphrates Valley Railway : Report and Evidence. Pari. 
Paper, folio, sewed. July, 1872 2s 6d 

4316 Evliya Efendf, Travels in Europe, Asia, and Africa in the 17th 
Century, from the Turkish by Von Hammer (Oriental Translation Fund), 
4to, cloth. 1834 68 

Evliyd travelled for 40 years in European and Asiatic Turkey, visiting also Malta, 
Cyprus, Mecca, Armenia, Persia, Russia, &c. 

4317 Falkener (E.) Ephesus and the Temple of Diana, plates and map, 
royal 8vo, cloth. 1862 8s 6d 

4318 Fellows (Sir Charles) Asia Minor : a Journal of an Excursion in 
Asia Minor, royal 8\?o, cloth. 1839 63 

4319 Discoveries in Lycia during a Second Excursion in Asia Minor, 

royal 8vo, cloth. 1841 Ss 

4319a Fraser (J. Baillie) Travels in Kocrdistan, Mesopotamia, &c., with 
Sketches of the Character and Manners of the Koordish and Arab Tribes, 
2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1840 6s 

4320 Travels, another copy, 2 vols in 1, cloth 4s 6d 

4321 Freshfield (Douglas) Travels in the Central Caucasus and Bashan, 
including Visits to Ararat and Tabreez, and Ascents of Kazbek and 
Elburz, maps and illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1869 9s 

4322 The Exploration of the Caucasus, with over 70 full- page photographs, 

several mountain panoramas, and upwards of 100 autotype illustrations in 
the text of scenery, people, and buildings of the Mountain Region, 2 vols, 
imperial 8vo, well bound. 1899 (pub. 63s net) £2 58 

" Two monumental volumes in a form more splendid than any other book of recent 

travel can boast." — OeograpMcal Journal {R.G.S.). 

" Never have the majesty of glaciers, the awe-inspiring silence of perpetual snow, the 
splendour of mountain scenery, been more vividly described than in the language of Mr. 
Freshfield and the pictures of Signor Sella." — Pall Mall Gazette. 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

Asiatic Turkey 27 

FreDch Embassy's Travels through Turkey in Asia, &c. 1807-8. See 

4324 Geary (Grattan) Through Asiatic Turkey : Narrative of a Journey 
from Bombay to the BosphoruSj illustrated, 2 vols, 12mo, cloth. 1878 53 

4326 Godinho (P. Manuel) Journey from India to Portugal, 1663, by way 
of Mesopotamia, by E. Rehatsek, 8vo, pp. 35 [188-] Is 6d 

GoLDSMiD (Sir F.) Telegraph and Travel [through Euphrates Valley, &c.]. 
See p. 8. 

4327 Grant (Asahel) The Nestorians, or the Lost Tribes of Israel, with 
Travels in Assyria, Mesopotamia, &c., 12mo, cloth. 1843 28 

4328 Haxthausen (Baron von) Transcaucasia : Sketches of the Races 
between the Black Sea and the Caspian, tinted illustrations, 8vo, half- 
calf. 1854 38 6d 

4329 Heude (Lieut. Wm.) Voyage up the Persian Gulf and Journey Overland 
to England, 1817, with Notices of Arabia, Persia, Mesopotamia, the 
Garden of Eden, Babylon, Bagdad, Koordistan, Armenia, Asia Minor, 
&c., plates, 4to, calf. 1819 4s 6d 

4330 Voyage up the Persian Gulf, another copy, half bound 38 6d 

4331 Hincks (Rev. Edw. D.D.) The Khorsabad Inscriptions (Trans. R. 
Irish Acad. XXII. pt. 2), 4to, sewed. Dublin, 1850 4s 

4332 Personal Pronouns, Assyrian, Hebrew, &c. (Trans. R. Irish 

Acad. XXIII. ), 4to, sewed. Dublin, 1854 3s 

4333 Hogarth (David G) A Wandering Scholar in the Levant [Asia 
Minor, Cyprus, Egypt], with illustrations from photographs, including 
Hittite inscriptions, 12mo, cloth. 1896 3s 6d 

4334 Hogarth and Munro (J. A. R.) Modern and Ancient Routes in 
Eastern Asia Minor, maps, royal 8vo, cloth. R.G.S., 1893 4s 6d 

4335 Hottinger (J. H.) Historia Orientalis : quae ex variis Orientalium 
Monumentis Collecta. I. De Muhammedismo. II. De Saracenismo. 
Iir. De Chaldaismo. IV. De Statu Christianorum et Judseorum. V. De 
Variis, Sententiis, Schismatis, &c. VI. Genealogise Muhammedis, 
plenior illustratio Taarich Bene Adam, &c., small 4to, calf. Tiguri 
[Zurich], 1651 ^^ 

Howell (Dr. T.) Journey, India through Armenia and Asia Minor, 
1787-88. See p. 10. 

IvBs's Journey through Euphrates Valley, Syria, &c., 1758-59. 
See India. 

83 f High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

28 Francis Edwards s Catalogue 

4337 Jones (Capt. Felix) Direct Highway to the East [Euphrates Valley 
Railway], 8vo, pp. 13. Norwood, 1872 Is 6d 

Keppel (Hod. George) Journey from India to England through 
Mesopotamia. See p. 11. 

4338 Narrative of a Journey across the Balcan, also of a Visit to 

Azani and other Ruins in Asia Minor, 1829-30, maps, 2 vols, 8vo, 
boards. 1831 43 

Another copy, 2 vols, 8vo, half-calf 5s 

4339 Kinneir (J. Macdonald) Journey through Asia Minor, Armenia, and 
Koordistan, 1813-14, with Remarks on the Marches of Alexander, &c , 
8vo, board?. 1818 38 6d 

4340 Lang (Consul Hamilton) Cyprus, its History, Resources, &c , two 
illustratio7i3 and four maps, 8vo, cloth. 1878 98 

4342 Lrayard (Sir Austen) Nineveh and its Remains, with Account of 
Kurds and Yezidis, and an Inquiry into the Manners and Arts of the 
Ancient Assyrians, plates arid woodcuts, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1849 10s 6d 

4343 Nineveh and its Remains, popular edition, 12mo, cloth 38 

4344 Discoveries in Nineveh and Babylon, with Travels in Armenia, 

Kurdistan, &c., maps and illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1853 6s 

4345 Nineveh and Babylon, popular edition, 12mo, cloth 3s 

4346 The Monuments of Nineveh, two Series, containing 171 fine 

plates, some coloured, 2 vols, imperial folio, in portfolios (scarce) 

£8 8s 

4347 Early Adventures in Persia, Susiana, and Babylonia, including a 

Residence among the Bakhtiyari and other Wild Tribes, before the 
Discovery of Nineveh, map and illustrations, 2 vols, 12mo, cloth. 
1887 9s 

4348 Early Adventures, another copy, 2 vols, half-calf extra 12s 6d 

4350 Lenormant (F.) La Langue Primitive de la Chald^e et les Idiomes 
Touraniens, imperial 8vo, half-calf. Paris, 1875 10s 

History of Assyria, Babylon, Phoenicia, &c. See p. 12. 

4351 Chaldean Magic, &c. , translated from the French, with additions, 

8vo, cloth [1877] 68 

4352 Letters from the Caucasus and Georgia [From the German], 

A Journey into Persia in 1812, and an Abridged History of Persia since 
the Time of Nadir Shah, from the French, plates and maps, 8vo, half- 
calf. 1823 48 
Morier's Journey through Armenia and Asia Minor, 1808-9. See 

4353 Madden (R. R.) Travels in Turkey, Egypt, Nubia, and Palestine 
1824-27, coloured plates, 2 vols, 8vo, boards. 1829 48 6d 

83, High tStreet, Marylehone, London^ W. 

Asiatic Turkey 29 

4354 Mignan (Capt. R.) A. Winter Journey through Russia, the Caucasian 
Alps, and Georgia to Koordiataun, 1829 30, »Za*es, 2 vols, 12mo, cloth. 
1839 5a 

4355 Military— Tables for the Use of Bombardiera (in Turkish), 12mo, 
sheep. Fera [1824?]. 28 

4356 Millingen (Major Fred.) Wild Life amoug the Koords of Armenia 
and Koordistan, map, 8vo, cloth. 1870 7b 

4358 Mounsey (A. H ) Journey through the Caucasus and Interior of 
Persia, map, 8vo, cloth. 1872 33 

4359 Murray's Handbook for Turkey in Asia, Cyprus, Armenia, Mesopo- 
tamia, by Sir C. W. Wilson, 12mo, cloth. 1895 133 6d 

4361 Newton (C. T.) Travels and Discoveries in the Levant [Asia Minor], 
&c. , plains and numerous illustrations of sculpture and landscapes (some 
in aquatint), 2 vols, imperial 8vo, cloth. 1865 98 6d 

4362 Nicolai (M. de) Le Navigationi et Viaggi nella Turchia novamente 

tradotto di Francese, illustrated with numerous figures of the 
inhabitants in their varied habits and costumef, small 4to. calf. 
Anversa, 1576 178 6d 

Turkey, Greece, the Archipelago, Malta, Tunis, Algiers, Balearic slands, Arabia, 
Persia, Armenia, &c. 

4363 Oliphant (Laurence) The Russian Shores of the Black Sea in 1852 ; 
a Voyage down the Volga, and a Tour through the Don Cossack Country, 
map and illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1853 2s 

4364 The Transcaucasian Campaign of the Turkish Army under Omar 

Pasha, 1854-55, map and plates, 12mo, cloth, 1856 3a 6d 

4365 Palgrave (W. Gifford) Ulysses, or Scenes and Studies in Many 
Lands, 8vo, cloth 1887 3s 

Byzantine Anatolia— 1 he Monastery of Sumelas— Anatolian Spectre Stories— Turkish 
Georgia— A Visit to Upper Egypt and Thebes— West Indian Memories— The Leeward 
I slands and the "Boiling Lake —Malay Life in the Philippines— Phra- Bat— The Three 
Cities: Hong-Kong, Canton, Macao— Kioto— From Montevideo to Paraguay— a Ik amah s 
Cave, a Story of Nejd. 

4367 Parrot (Dr. Fried.) Journey to Ararat (1829-30), translated by Cooley, 
map and woodcuts, 8vo, cloth [1845] 3s 6d 

4368 Parsons (Abr.) Travels in Asia and Africa ; Journeys from 
Scanderoon to Aleppo, Bagdad. Bussora, and Bombay ; Bombay to 
Mocha, Suez, Cairo, and Rosetta ; views of Bagdad and Antioch, 4to, 
half-calf, 1808 ^^ 

4370 Perrot (Georges) and Chipiez (Charles) History of Ancient Art 
in Egypt, Phoenicia Greece. Asia Minor, Sardinia, and Persia, translated 
from the French, with all the numerous coloured plates and wood engrav- 
ings, 12 vols, royal 8vo, cloth, 1883 5 (pub. £12) £5 53 
Comprising Art in Ancient Egypt, 2 vols, 1883; Greece, 2 vols; Persia 1 vol; 
Phrygia, Lydia, Caria, and Lycia. Ivol; Sardinia, Judaea. Syria, &c,2vols; Phoenicia, 
2 vols ; Chaldaea and A ssyria, 2 vols. _^______ 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

30 Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

Perrot and Chipibz History of Ancient Art. 

The following can be sold separately : — 

4371 Phrygia, Lydia, Caria, and Lycia, 280 illustrations (pub, 153) Ss 

4372 Sardinia, Judaea, Syria, and Asia Minor, 395 illustrations, 2 vols 

(pub. 368) 128 6d 

4373 Phoenicia and its Dependencies, 2 vols (pub. 428) 17s 

4374 Peters (Dr. J. P.) Nippur ; or. Explorations and Adventures on the 
Euphrates : Narrative of the Pennsylvania University Expedition to 
Babylonia, 1889-90, maps and illustrations, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. New 
York, 1897 £1 

4375 Phillipps-Wolley (Clive) Sport in the Crimea and Caucasus, 8vo, 
cloth. 1881 48 

4376 Savage Svanetia : Sport in the Caucasus, illustrated, 2 vols, 12mo, 

cloth. 1883 6s 

Pocockb's Travels in the East. See Pinkerton's Collection, Vol. X. 

4377 Porter (Sir R. K.) Travels in Georgia, Persia, Armenia, &c., 1817-20, 

87 plates of antiquities and costume, 2 vols, 4to, half-calf. 1821-2 £1 58 

4379 Ramsay (Prof. W. M.) Historical Geography of Asia Minor (Supp. 
Papers R.G.S.), royal 8vo, cloth. 1890 12s 
Rawlinson's (Canon) Ancient Monarchies. See p. 18. 

4380 Rawlinson (Sir H.) Notes on Early History of Babylonia, pp. 45, 
1855 ; Outlines of Assyrian History, pp. xv-xliii, 1852 (Jour. Roy. 
Asiatic Soc), 8vo, half-calf 3s 6d 

See also p. 19. 

4381 Redhouse (J. W.) Lexicon, English and Turkish, royal 8vo, half- 
bound. 1861 10s 

4382 Rich (C. J.) Journey to the Site of Babylon, 1811 ; Memoirs on the 
Ruins and Major Rennell's Remarks ; and Journey to Persepolis, 1821, 
with maps and 26 plates, 8vo, cloth. 1839 4s 

4383 Narrative of a Residence in Koordistan and on the Site of Ancient 

Nineveh, with Journal of a Voyage down the Tigris to Bagdad and a 
Visit to Shirauz and Persepolis, maps and plates, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 
1836 5s 

4384 Russell (Sir Wm. H.) A Diary in the East during the Tour of the 
Prince and Princess of Wales (Nov., 1868— May, 1869), illustrated, 8vo, 
cloth. 1869 48 6d 
Vienna, Brindisi, Alexandria, Cairo, the Nile, Dendera, Luxor, Karnak, Thebes, 

Assouan, Philae, the Pyramids, Jaffa, Jerusalem, Opening of the Suez Canal, the Dar- 
danelles, Constantinople, Scutari, the Crimea, Modern Athens, &c. 

4385 Sandwith (Dr. Humphry) Narrative of the Siege of Kars ; Travels 
in Armenia and Lazistan, &c., 12mo, cloth. 1856 2s 6d 

4886 [Sandys (George)] A Relation of a Journey begun 1610 contain- 
ing a Description of the Turkish Empire, Egypt, the Holy Land, &c., 
second edition, engraved title and textual illustrations, folio, old calf. 
1621 98 

4387 Another edition, the sixth (1658), with engraved title-page of the 

fifth (1652), folio, calf 7s 6d 

83 f High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

Asiatic TurTcey 31 

4388 Schliemann (Dr. Hy.) Researches and Discoveries in Asia Minor, 
complete set, 5 vols, royal 8vo, cloth. 1875-91 £5 5a 

Troy and its Remains, 1875; Mycenae, 1878 ; Ilios, 1880; Troja, 1884; Tiryns, 1885. 

4389 Schliemann's Excavations : an Archaeological and Historical 

Study. From the German of Dr. C. Schuchhardt, with Introduction 
by Dr. Laaf, illustrated^ royal 8vo, cloth. 1891 8s 6d 

4394 Skinner (Major) Adventures during a Journey Overland to India, by 
way of Egypt, Syria, the Holy Land, and the Euphrates Valley, 2 vols, 
12rao, cloth. 1837 4s 6d 

For other Works see India. 

4396 Smith (George) Assyrian Discoveries : Explorations on the Site of 
Nineveh, 1873-4, illustrated, 8vo, cloth. 1875 7s 

4396 South gate (H.) Tour through Armenia, Persia, and Mesopotamia, 
with Remarks on Mohammedanism, &c. , 2 vols, 12nio, cloth. 1840 

48 6d 

4398 Steuart (J. R.) Description of Ancient Monuments, with Inscriptions, 
in Lydia and Phrygia, 17 plates, folio, half-bound. 1842 12d 6d 

4399 Strangford (Viscount) Selections from his Writings, jjor^raii, 2 vols, 
12mo, cloth. 1869 58 

Occasional notes on Turkey, Greece, Crete, Russia, and Central Asia, Mr. Layard and 
Dr. Sandwith, the Circassians, &c. 

Taylor (Major J.) Travels Overland to India by way of Scanderoon, 
Aleppo, &c. 1789. See p. 22. 

4400 Thevenot (M. de) Voyages tant en Europe qu'en Asie et en Afrique. 
Parties I.-II., plates, 3 vols, 12mo, calf. Paris, 1689 9s 

Turkey and the Turks, Egypt and the Nile, the Pyramids and Mummies, Arabia and 
Mecca, Syria, Mesopotamia, the Euphrates and Tigris, Persia and Persepolis ; there are 
2 other vols — 6 in all. 

4401 Thielmann (Baron Max von) Journey in the Caucasus, Persia, and 
Turkey in Asia. From the German, Tnap and woodcuts, 2 vols, 12mo, 
cloth. 1875 6s 

4402 Tournefort (M. Pitton de) Relation d'un Voyage du Levant [1700 2], 
contenant I'Histoire Ancienne et Moderne des lies de I'Archipel, de 
Constantinople, des Cotes de la Mer Noire, de I'Armenie, de la Georgie, 
des Frontieres de Perse et de 1 Asie Mineure, plans, plates, figures, ttc, 
4to (2 vols in 1), calf. Amsterdam, 1718 7s 

4403 Tozer (Rev. H. F.) Turkish Armenia and Eastern Asia Minor, illus- 
i/rated, 8vo, cloth. 1881 58 

4404 Turner (Wm.) Journal of a Tour in the Levant, coloured plates, 
3 vols, 8vo, half-calf. 1820 98 

Voyage to Cadiz, Gibraltar, Sicily, Malta, Constantinople, Albania, Greece, Rhodes, 
Cyprus, Syria, Mount Lebanon, Palestine, Mount Sinai, Alexandria, Asia Minor, the 
Archipelago, Zaute, Trieste, Milan, and Paris. 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

32 Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

4405 Turkish Stories— History of the Forty Vezirs ; or, the Story of 
the Forty Morns and Eves, by Sheykh-Zeda, done into English by Gibb, 
12mo, cloth (pub. lOs 6d) Ss 

A delightful addition to the wealth of Oriental stories available to English readers. 
Sir R. F. Burton says :— '' 'n my opinion the version is definite and final, and the 
notes are sufficient and satisfactory, with the absolutely necessary flavour of quaintness." 

4406 Van Lennep (Dr. H. J.) Travels in Little Known Parts of Asia 

Min'ir, map and ilhistratio7is, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1870 7s 6d 

The author was a missionary for 30 years, and his book contains information respect- 
ing the habits, customs, &c., of the various races. 

Wagner's Travels in Georgia the Caucasus, &c., 1856. See 


4408 Walpole (Hon. F.) The Ansayrii, or Assassins, with Travels in the 
Further East [Mesopotamia] in 1850-1, including a Visit to Nineveh, 
plates, 3 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1851 lis 

4409 Wardrop (Oliver) The Kingdom of Georgia : Notes of Travel in a 
Land of Women, Wine, and Song ; Historical, Literary, and Political 
Sketches, Specimens of the National Music, and Bibliography, illus- 
trated, 8vo, cloth. 1888 12s 

4410 Warkworth (Lord) Notes from a Diary in Asiatic Turkey, map and 
32 illust7'ations, small 4to, cloth. 1898 5s 

Angora, Erzerum, Ararat, Bayazid, Van, Mosul, Piarbekr, Aleppo, &c. 

4411 Wilson (Sir C. W.) Notes on the Physical and Historical Geography 
of Asia Minor, map. P.R.G.S. 1884 Is 3d 

4412 Wittman (W., R.A.) Travels in Turkey, Asia Minor, Syria, and 
Egypt, 1799 1801, coloured plates, 4to, half- calf. 1803 lOs 

The author accompanied the British Expedition to Egypt. 

Wolff (Rev. Joseph) Missionary Travels and Adventures. See p. 23. 

4413 Wood (Lieut. J. T.) Discoveries at Ephesus, including Remains of 
the Temple of Diana, plates, 4to, gilt edges. 1877 Os 

4414 Wright (Dr. Wm.) The Empire of the Hittites, with Decipherment 
of Inscriptions by Prof. Sayce, map and plates, 8vo, cloth. 1886 8s 6d 

83, High Street^ Marylehoney London, W.i 

Francis Edwards s Catalogue 33 


Geography, History, Travels, 

4415 Athanasius, The Fegtal Letters of, in Syriac, edited by Wm. Cureton, 
royal 870, sewed. 1848 4a 

Benjamin (J. J.) Travels through Syria, &c., 1846-65. See p. 3. 

4416 Bliss (F. J.) Excavations at Jerusalem, 1894-97, plans and illustra- 
tions by A. C. Dickie, 8\ro, cloth. 1898 (pub. 12a 6d) 6i 

4417 Buckingham (J. Silk) Travels among the Arab Tribes east of Syria 
and Palestine, 4to, half- calf, 1825 83 6d 

4418 Burton (Capt. Sir R. F.) and Drake (Tyrwhitt) Unexplored Syria; 
Visits to Libanus, &c., 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1872 • ISa 

4419 Burton (Lady) The Inner Life of Syria, Palestine, and the Holy 
Land, illustratedy 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1875 14i 

Campbell (Donald) Journey to India via Syria, &c., c. 1790. See p. 4. 

4420 Churchill (Col.) Mount Lebanon : a Ten Years' Residence, 1842 52, 
Describing the Manners and Customs of the Inhabitants, third edition, 
3 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1855 (pub. 25s) 10« 

4421 - — ' The Druses and Maronites under the Turks, with Account of the 
Massacres in Lebanon and Damascus, 12mo, cloth. 1862 53 

4422 Conder (C. R.) Heth and Moab, Explorations in Syria in 1881-2, 
illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1883 7a 

4423 Dusratta's Hittite Letter, Svo, sewed. B.A.Soc.Jour., 1892 Is 6d 

4424 Notes on the Hittite Writing, 8vo, sewed. 1893 Is 6d 

4425 The Lycian Language, Svo, sewed. 1890 Is 6d 

4426 Dan din i (Jerome) A Voyage to Mount Libanus, with Account of 
the Turks and Maronites, from the Italian, 12mo, calf. 1698 3s 6d 

4427 Early Travels in Palestine, edited, with Introduction, by 
Wright, 12mo, cloth. Bohn 4s 

Includes the Narratives of Arculf. a.d. 700 (written by Adamnan) ; Willibald, 721-7 ; 
Bernard the Wise, 867; Ssewulf, 1102-3; Sigurd the Crusader. 1107-11; Benjamin of 
Tudela, 1160; Maundeville, 1322; Bertrandon de la Broquerie, 1432; and Maundrell, 1697. 

4428 Hill (Gray) With the Bedouins: Journeys and Adventures in Unfre- 
quented Parts of Syria, map and 68 illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1891 oi 

4429 Josephus, Whiston's translation, revised by Shilleto, with Topo- 
graphical Notes by Sir C. Wilson, 3 vol e, 12mo, cloth. Bohn l^a 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W, 

34 Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

4431 Kinglake (A, W,) Eothen ; Travels in the East, best edition, 8vo, 
cloth. 1845 • 9a 

4432 Eothen : Popular edition, 12mo, cloth 3s 

4434 Laurent (J. C. M.) Peregrinatores Medii ^vi Quatuor : Burchardus 
de Monte Sion, Ricoldus de Monte Crucis, Odoricua de Foro Julii, 
Wilbrandus de Oldenborg, 4to, vellum. Leipzig, 1864 lOa 6d 

Early Travels and Descriptions of the Holy Land, printed from the Origip^tl Ma,ntt- 

scripts, with notes, bibliographical, &c, 

Lenormant's History of Palestine, &o. See p. 12. 

4437 Lindsay (Lord) Letters on Egypt, Edom, and the Holy Land, with 
2 maps and 36 ivood engravings, 12mo, cloth 3s 

4439 Maundrell's Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem, lQd7, plates, 12mo, 
calf, O^^ford, 1703 3a 

See also Early Travels above. 

4440 Miller (E. E.) Alone through Syria, with an Introduction by A. H. 
Sayce, illustrated, 12mo, cloth. 1892 3a 

4441 Murray's Handbook to Holy Land, Syria, and Palestine, maps and 
llustrations, new edition, 12mo, cloth. 1892 12s 

4442 Oliphant (Laurence) The Land of Gilead, with Excursions in the 
Lebanon, 8vo, cloth. 1880 7s 

4443 — Haifa ; or, Life in Modern Palestine, 12mo, cloth. 1887 43 

4444 Oliphant (Mrs.) Jerusalem, its History and Hope, illustrated ivith 
wood engravings from drawings by Hamilton Aide, and photographs, best 
edition, 8vo, cloth. 1891 ' 13s 

4446 Palestine Exploration Fund : Survey of Western Palestine, 
edited by Prof. Palmer and [Sir] Walter Besant, plans, dbc. , complete 
set, with index, 8 vols, 4to, and 3 portfolios, cloth. 1881-88 £21 

Memoirs of the Survey by Capts. Conder and [Lord] Kitchener, 3 vols. 
Name Lists in Arabic and English. By Prof. Palmer. 1 vol. 
Excavations and Researches in Jerusalem. By Sir C. Warren. 1 vol. 
Papers on Archaeology and Topography : History of Architectural Monuments of the 
City and Account of Excavations and Researches. By Capt. Conder. 1 vol. 
Abstract of M. Clermont-Ganneau's Researches, 1874-5. 1 vol. 
Flora and Fauna of Palestine. By Canon Tristram. With coloured plates. 1 vol, 

4447 Quarterly Statements, complete set, unbound. 1869-99 £6 10s 

4449 Palestine under the Moslems, A Description of Syria and 
the Holy Land, from a.d. 650 to 1500. Translated from the Works of 
the Mediaeval Arab Geographers by Guy Le Strange, maps and illustra- 
tions (Palestine Expln. Fund), 8vo. Watt, 1891 5s 

4450 Pierotti (Ermete) Jerusalem Explored : Description of the Ancient 
and Modern City, numerous illustrations, plans, and sections, 2 vols, imp. 
4to, half-morocco. 1864 (pub. £5 5s) 14s 

S3, High Street, Marylehone, London^ JF» 

i^yria and Palestine 35 

-4451 Porter (J. L.) Five Years in Damascus, with Travels in Palmyra, 
Lebanon, &c. , 2 vols, 12mo, cloth. 1855 53 

4452 Roberts (David) The Holy Land, Syria, Idumea, and Arabia, 125 

jplates coloured like the original dramings, with Historical descriptions by 
Dr. Croly, 3 vols, atlas folio, half-morocco. 1842 (pub. £42) £8 

The original and best issue, with the coloured plates mounted. 

4455 Robinson (E.) Biblical Researches in Palestine, Mount Sinai, and 
Arabia Petrsea, illustrated, 3 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1841. 7s 6d 

4457 Rudolf (Crown Prince of Austria) Travels in the East, including a 
Visit to the Holy Land, Egypt, &c., poHrait, and 92 illustrations, royal 
8vo, cloth. 1884 83 

4458 Russell (Alex.) Natural History of Aleppo and Adjacent Parts : 
Climate, Inhabitants, Diseases, particularly the Plague, plates, 4to, calf. 
1856 [1756] 33 

Russell (Sir W. H.) Visit of Prince and Princess of Wales to JaflFa, 

Jerusalem, Suez Canal, &c., 1868-0. See p. 30; 

4460 Schumacher (G.) Across the Jordan: Exploration of Hauran and 
Jaulan, with additions by L. Oliphant and Guy Le Strange, l2mo, cloth; 
1886 33 

SkiJjner (Major) Journey Overland;..... Syria, Holy Land, &Ci 
See p. 31 

4461 Stanley (Dean) Sinai and Palestine, in connection with their Historjr, 
8vo, cloth. 1870 93 

4462 Talmud, Selections from the, by H. Poland, maps, plans, dx. 
(Chandos Library), l2mo, cloth 2a 

4463 Talmudic Miscellany (A): Extracts from the Talmud, Midrashim, 
and the Kabbalah. Translated by P. J. Hershon, preface by Farrar 
(Triibner's Oriental Series), 8vo, cloth. 1880 lOs 6d 

4464 Temple (Sir Richard) Palestine Illustrated, coloured 2^l(^ies, im^. 8vo, 
cloth. 1888 ^^ 

4465 Thomas (Margaret) Two Years in Palestine and Syria, with 16 illus' 
trations in facsimile of paintings hy the Author j 8vo, cloth. 1899 12a 6d 

4466 Tristram (Canon H. B.) The Land of Israel : a Journal of Travels in 
Palestine, illustrated, 8vo, cloth. 1866 ^^ 

4467 The Land of Israel, another edition, 12mo, cloth. 1876 3s 

4468 The Land of Moab : Travels and Discoveries, illustrated, 8vo, 

cloth. 1873 

4471 Wilson [Sir C] and Warren [Sic C] The Recovery of Jerusalem 
a Narrative of Recent Exploration, illustrated, 8vo, cloth. l«7i 
Wolff (Rev. Joseph) Journal in Palestine and Syria. See p. 23. 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, Tf''. 


3 6 Prancis Edwards's Catalogue 


Geography, Travel, History, Literature, and Language* 

4476 Abulfeda Historia Anteislamica Arabice, versione Latina, auxit 
H. 0. Fleischer, 4to, cloth. Leipzig, 1831 78 6d 

Al Beruni. See p. 1 ; and India, pod. 

4478 Al Hariri. Makamat; or Rhetorical Anecdotes, from the Arabic by 
Rev. Theodore Preston, royal 8vo, cloth. Cambridge, 1850. lOa 

The 'Makamat Hariri,' •which ranks next to the Koran, consists of fifty oratorical, 
poetical, moral, and satirical discourses. Preston's translation contains twenty of the 
pieces and a summary of the remainder. 

4479 The Makamat, another English translation by T. Chenery : The 

Assemblies, First to Twenty-sixth (all published), 8vo, cloth. 1867 83 

4480 Al Tabari. Chronique de Mo'hammed al Tabari, traduit par 
Zotenberg (Oriental Translation Fund), 4 vols, 870, sewed. Paris, 
1867-74 148 

4481 Odd vols, I, III, and IV, 8vo, sewed each Ss 

Al Tabari is styled by Gibbon " The Livy of the Arabians." 

4483 Antar, Life and Adventures of : a Celebrated Bedoueen Chief, 
Warrior, and Poet, who flourished prior to the Mahommedan Era. 
Translated by Terrick Hamilton, 4 vols, 12mo, boards, uncut {nice copy). 
1819-20 16s 

4484 Antar : a Bedoueen Romance [vol I only], 12mo, half - calf. 

1819 28 6d 

'Antar' illustrates the desert life of the Arabs as the ' Arabian Nights ' illustrates 
that of the towns and cities. 

4485 Arabian Nights' Entertainments. The * Alif Laila,' or Book 
of the Thousand and One Nights, now first published in the Original 
Arabic. Edited by Sir W. H. Macnaghten, 4 vols, royal 8vo. cloth. 
Calcutta, 1839-42 (pub. £6) £3 

4486 Knight's Original Pictorial Edition, translated, with copious notes, 

by E. W. Lane, several hundred heautifrd engravings on wood froni 
designs by Harvey, best edition, 3 vols, royal 8vo, full morocco, gilt 
edges. 1841 ' £4 43 

4487 New edition of Lane's Translation, edited by his nephew, E. S. 

Poole, Harvey* s ilkistmtions, 3 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1883 15s 

4488 The Thousand and One Nights, or Arabian Nights' Entertain- 
ments, translated by Lane, with an Introduction by Joseph Jacobs, 

nWineroHs illustrations by Fraidc Brangmyn, and Arabesque title-pages^ 
(tc, 6 vols, 12mo, cloth. " 1896 i5s 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

Arabia ^f 

Arabian Nights' Entertainments (continued). 

4489 The Series of 36 spirited designs by Brangwyn, intended to extra* 

illustrate any edition of these famous Tales, proof impressions on Japan 
paper, royal 8vo, in neat portfolio. 1896 l2s 6i 

4490 Another edition, translated from the French of Galland, 4 vols, 

12mo, calf. 1798 lOa 

4491 With an Introduction illustrative of the Religion, Manners, and 

Customs of the Mohammedans, by Jonathan Seott, illustrated with 
original etchings hy Lalauze^ 4t vols, l2mo, cloth. 1883 (pub. 303) ITs 

4492 The Book of the Thousand and One Nights, 9 vols ; Tales from 

the Arabic, 3 vols ; Alaeddin and the Enchanted Lamp, 1 vol ; now first 
completely done into English Prose and Verse by John Payne, 13 vols, 
royal 8vo, printed on hand- made paper, and bound in parchment, uncut^ 
top edges gilt {very scarce), Villon Society, 1882-89 £14 

4493 The * Nights ' only, 9 vols, royal 8vo, parchment, 1882 84 £10 

4494 Alf Laylah wa Laylah. The Book of a Thousand Nights and 

Night, and Supplemental Nights, Plain and Literal Translation from the 
Arabic, with Introduction, Notes, and Essay, by Capt. Sir R. F. Burton, 
16 vols, royal 8vo, cloth. Benares, 1885-88 {scarce) £37 

4495 Library edition, reprinted from the Original edition of Burton, 

and edited by L. Smithers, 12 vols, royal 8vo, cloth gilt, uncut, top 
edges gilt. 1894 £4 10a 

4496 The same edition, with a series of 70 heliograimres from drawincjs 

hy Albert Letchfiml, 13 vols, royal 8vo, cloth, top edges gilt. 1897 

£5 10s 

4497 Lady Burton's Household edition, founded on that of Capt. 

Burton, edited by J. H. M'Carthy, 6 vols, royal 8vo, white cloth, gilt* 
1886 363 

4498 . Stanley L. Wood's 100 Illnstrationi to Sir Richard Burton's 

* Arabian Nights,' proofs before letters, royal 8vo, in cloth case £5 

4409 — - A series of 6 orighml Water-colour Drawings, each 9 by 7 in., illus' 
trating the story of the Barber and his six brothers, framed and glazed, 
about 1840 £2 28 

4507 Arabian Tales ; a Continuation of the Arabian Nights, translated 
from the French version of Dom Chavis and M. Cazotte, 4 plates, 4 vols, 
12mo, calf. Edinburgh, 1792 (scarce) l^a 

4508 Arbuthnot (F. F.) Arabic Authors : a Manual of Arabian History 
and Literature, 8vo, cloth. 1890 ^^ 

4509 Arnold (Sir Edwin) Pearls of the Faith j or, Islam's Rosary, with 
Comments in Verse as made by an Indian Mussulman, 12mo, Cxoth; 
1884. ^^ 

4510 Arnold (T. W.) The Preaching of Islam : a Hist )ry of the rropagatimi 
of the Muslim Faith, 8vo, cloth. 1896 ^"^ 

83^ High Street^ Maryhhone, London, JK 

^8 Francis ildwdrds's Catalogue 

4512 Badger (Dr. G. P.) History of Oman, a d. 661 1856, translated from 
Salll-lbn-Razik, and continued to 1870 (Hakluyt Society), 8vo, cloth. 
1871 11« 

4513 An English- Arabic Lexicon, 4to, cloth, 1881 (pub. £9 9s) £1 123 

4514 Beale (T. W.) The Oriental Biographical Dictionary, new and enlarged 
edition by H. G. Keene, royal 8vo, cloth. 1894 7s 6d 

4516 Beke (Dr. Charles) Discoveries of Sinai in Arabia and of Midian, 
with Geological and other Reports, mop, plans^ and engravivgs, imperial 
8vo, cloth. 1878 103 

4517 The French and English in the Red Sea, 8vo, pp. 20. 1862 2a 

4518 The Commerce and Politics of Abessinia, &c., 8vo, pp. 76, and 

map. 1861 2s 

4520 Bent (J. T.) The Bahrein Islands in the Persian Gulf, map. P.M. G.S. , 
1890 la 3d 

4521 Bland (N.) On Muhammedan Science of Tabi'r, or Interpretation of 
Dreams, 8vo, pp. 55. [187- ] l** 

4523 Blunt (Lady Anne) The Bedouin Tribes of the Euphrates, with 
account of the Arabs and their Horses by Wilfrid Scawen Blunt, majy 
and illustration^, 2 vols, 12mo, cloth. 1879 123 6i 

4524 •— =- A Pilgrimage to Nejd, the Cradle of the Arab Race, A Visit to the 
Court of the Arab Emir, and * Our Persian Campaign,' map, poHraitSi 
and ^Mgraving^i 2 vols, 12mo, cloth. 1881 6«» 

4525 Blunt (W. S.) Visit to Jebel Shammar (Nejd) : New Routes through 
Northern and Central Arabia, ^naj). P.RG.S., 1880 Is 3cl 

4526 Boulainvilliers (Count) Life of Mahomet, English Translation, 8vo, 
calf. 1731. 43 

With book 'plate of Thomas Bates. 

Bovovius (Albert) Peregrinatione Meccana, &c. See Peritsol, p. 16. 

4528 Burckhardt (J. L.) Travels in Arabia, comprehending Accounts of 
Mekka and Medina, 2 vols, 8vo, half-bound. 1829 {scarce) 233 

4529 — Notes on the Bedouins and Wahabys, 2 vols, 8vo, half- calf, 
1831 153 

4530 ' Notes on the Bedouins, &c., another copy, half-calf extra 2l8 

4531 Arabic Proverbs ; or, Egyptian Manners and Customs from 

Current Sayings at Cairo, royal 8vo, cloth. 1875 128 6d 

Burton (Lady) Arabia, Egypt, &c. See India. 

4534 Burton (Capt. Sir K F.) Pilgrimage to El Medinah and Mecca : a 
Personal Narrative, original edition, coloHred illudrations, 3 vols, 8vo, 
cloth. 1855-57 £2 I83 

With appendices: Pilgrimages of Varthema (1603), Pitls {1680), and Finati (1814). 

83f High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 



4535 Burton (Oapt. Sir R. F.) Pilgrimage to Al-Madinah and Meccah, 
Memorial edition, edited by Lady Burton, portrait, coloured plates and 
woodcuts, 2 vols, 8vo, oloth. 1893 IQa 

4536 Pilgrimage to AI-Madina and Meccah, with Introduction by Lane- 
Poole (Bohn's Library), 2 vols, 12rao, cloth. 1898. 6a 

4537 The Gold Mineg of Midian, and Ruined Cities of N.W Arabia 

8\ro, cloth. 1878. ' 7^ 

4538 The Land of Midian Revisited, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1879 12a 

4540 The Jew, the Gypsy, and El Islam. Edited by W. H. Wilkins 

portrait, royal 8vo, cloth. 1898 12a 

4542 -^^- Life of Sir R. F. Burton, by his Wife, numerous portraits, maps, 
and illustrations, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1893 (pub. 42s) 153 

Thebegt Life of this Famous Traveller, Poet, Historian, Oriental Scholar, and Soldier 

4543 Early, Private, and Public Life of Sir R. F. Burton, with an 

Account of his Travels and Explorations, by Hitchman, 2 vols, 8vo, 
cloth. 1887 - 10a 6d 

4544 Catafago (Joseph) Arabic-English and English-Arabic Dictionary, 
2 vols, 8vo. 1858 (pub. £2) £1 

4545 Cowper (H. Swainson) Through Turkish Arabia: a Journey from 
the Mediterranean to Bombay by the Euphrates and Tigris Valleys 
and the Persian Gulf, maps and illustrations, 8vo, cloth, 1894 43 6d 

454c Deutsch (Emanuel) on Islam, Arabic Poetry, and other Literary 
Remains, 8vo, oloth. 1874 63 

4547 Doughty (Charles M.) Travels in Northern Arabia, 1876-77, 2 vols, 
8vo, cloth. Cambridge, 1886-88 £2 10a 

4549 Paris' s Practical Grammar of the Arabic Language, with Vocabulary, 
third edition, 12mo, cloth. 1883 23 6d 

4551 Finati (Giovanni) Life and Adventures, under the name of 
" Mahomet," in the Campaign against the Wahabies for the Recovery 
of Mecca and Medina, and elsewhere as Interpreter to European 
Travellers, translated from the Italian, 2 vols, 12mo, cloth. 1830 83 

4552 Garcin de Tassy. La Rh^torique des Nations Musulmanes (Jour, 
Asiatique), 8vo, pp. iv., 42. Paris, 1844 Is 6d 

4553 Hadji Khalfa. Lexicon Enciclopaedicum et Bibliographicum (Arabic 
and L^tin), editit Fluegel (Oriental Translation Fund), 7 vols, 4to, cloth. 
Leip>zuj, 1835 60 (pub. at £10 lOs) £4 

"An extremely valuable work, containing many thousands of titles of Arab, Persian, 
and Turkish authors, put together with the most astonishing and perseyering 

4554 Haig (F. T.) Journey through Yemen. P.B.G.S., 1887 la 

83 J High Street ^ Marylebone, London , W. 

40 Francis Edwards s Catalogue 

4553 Hughes (Rev. T. P.) Dictionary of Islam ; Doctrines, Ceremonies, 
&c., royal 8vo, cloth, 1885 (pub, £2 28) £1 Sa 

4559 -— - Notes on Muhammadanism : Outlines of the System of Islam, 
12mo, cloth. 1894 23 Ga 

4561 Irving (Washington) Life of Mahomet and his Successors, 2 vols, 8vo, 
cloth. 1850 83 

4562 Irwin (Eyles) Adventures in a Voyage up the Red Sea, on the Coasts 
of Arabia and Egypt, and through the Deserts of Thebais in 1777, m^'ps 
8vo, calf. [1780] 2s 6d 

4563 Voyage up the Red Sea, &c., with a Supplement of a Voyage 

from Venice to Latichea, and Route through Arabia by Aleppo, Bagdad, 
and the Tigris to Busrah, 1780-81, mapsj 2 vols, 8vo, calf. 1787 53 6d 

4564 Kaleran (Ebn) Monarques et Conqu^rans, a French translation of 
an Arabic Chronicle, Manuscript^ about 1780, half-morocco 10a 

4566 Keane (T. F.) Six Months in Meccah : Account of a Pilgrimage 
accomplished by an Englishman professing Mohammedanism (1877-78), 
Svo, cloth. 1881 43 

4567 My Journey to Medinah disguised as a Mohammedan, 8vo, cloth. 

1881 43 6d 

4568 Three Years of a Wanderer's Life, 12mo, cloth. 1888 2a 

Includes "Wanderings" as far apart as Norway and Shanghai, Calcutta and Brazil, 

London Docks and Singapore, ending with a fall down a Fleet Street backstairs and 
King's College Hospital. 

4570 Khallikan (Ibn) Biographical Dictionary, translated from the Arabic 
by B. MacGuckin de Slane (Oriental Translation Fund), 4 vols, 4to, 
cloth. 1842 71 £1 143 

4574 Koran, English Translation, with Discourse, by Sale, Svo, cloth. 
1850 6s 

4576 English Translation, with Notes and Index, by J. M. Rod well, 

second revised edition, Svo, cloth. 1876 {scarce) 17s 6a 

4577 Selections from the Koran, with Commentary, translated by E, W. 

Lane, new edition, with Introduction on Islam and India by Stanley 
Lane-Poole (Triibner's Oriental Series), Svo, cloth. 1879 7a 

4578 A Comprehensive Commentary to the Quran, comprising Sale's 

Translation and Preliminary Discourse, with additional Notes, Index, 
&c., by Rev. E. M. Wherry (Triibner's Oriental Series), 4 vole, Svo, 
cloth. 1882-86 £1 16a 

4579 The Qur'an, translated by E. H. Palmer (Sacred Books of the 

East), Parts I. and II. , all published, 2 vols, Svo, cloth ISs 

4580 Dictionary and Glossary of the Koran, with Grammatical Refer- 
ences and Explanations, by John Penrice, 4to, cloth. 1873 19a 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

A ^rahia 41 

4583 Landberg (Graf von) Critica Arabica, No. 1, pp. 100, 8vo, cloth. 
1886 52 

4584 Lane- Poole (Stanley) Studies in a Mosque, second edition, enlarged, 
8vo, cloth. 1893 58 

The Arabs before Islam: Mohammad; Islam: The Koran; An Eastern Reformation; 
The Brotherhood of Purity ; The Persian iMiracle Play ; Sabians and Christians of St. John; 
Islam in China; The Hell of Islam. 

See also Mohammad. 

4o85 Mansur (Shaik) History of Seyd Said, Sultan of Muscat, with 
Account of the Countries and People on the Shores of the Persian 
Gulf, particularly the Wahabees, mai), royal 8vo, boards. 1819 63 

4586 Marigny (Abb^ de) History of the Arabians under the Caliphs, from 
the French, with Notes, 4 vols, 8vo, calf. 1758 123 

4587 Maured Allatafet Jemaleddini filii Togri-Bardii, sen Rerum ^gypti- 
carum Annales, Arabic Text only, edited by J. l). Carlyle, small 4to, 
boards. Cambridge, 1842 43 6d 

4588 Mirkhond's Life of Muhammad: Translated from the Persian 
Rauzat-us-Safa, or Garden of Purity, by E. Rehatsek, 4 vols, 8vo, cloth. 
Oriental Translation Fund, N.S., 1891-93 303 

4589 Mohammad. The Speeches and Table-Talk of the Prophet 
Mohammad, chosen and translated, with Introduction and Notes, by 
Stanley Lane-Poole (" Golden Treasury" Series), 18mo, cloth 28 6d 

— — Life of. See Irving, Koran, Lane-Poole, Mirkhond, Muir, Sprenger. 

4590 Mohammedan Priest's Vestment, covered with extracts from 
the Koran, in cjold and colours £5 

4591 Muhammad al-ShahraStani, Book of Religious and Philo- 
sophical Sects, edited by Cureton, royal 8vo, sewed. 1846 (pub. ISs) 5s 

4592 Muir (Sir Wm.) The Life of Mahomet and History of Islam to the 
Era of the Hegira, with introductory chapters on the Sources for the 
Biography of Mahomet and the Pre-Islamite History of Arabia, best 
edition, 4 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1858 £2 loa 

4593 — Annals of the Early Caliphate [a continuation of the ' Life of 
Mahomet '], maj}, 8vo, cloth. 1883 "3 
Nadir Shah's Travels to Arabia, &c., 1739-49. See Persia. 

4594 Niebuhr (Carsten) Travels through Arabia, with Accounts of the 
Manners, Usages, Language, Agriculture of the Arabs, translated by 
Robert Heron, map, 2 vols, 8ro, boards, uncut. Minhnrgh, 1792 63 

4595 ^-.^ Travels, Heron's Translation, 2 vols, 18mo, calf. Perth, 1799 

43 6d 

4597 Noldeke (Prof. Theodor) Sketches from Eastern History, translated 
by Sutherland Black, 8vo, cloth. Minhnrgh, 1892 48 

Some Characteristics of the Semitic Race; The Koran; Islam ; Caliph Mansiir; A 

Servile War in the f:a3t [the Zenji; Yakub the Coppersmith and his Dynasty; borne 

Syrian Saints ; Barhebraeus; King Theodore of Abyssinia. 

85, High Street y Maryhhone, London, W. 

42 Francis iJdwards^s Catalogue 

4599 'Omarah's History of Yaman ; also History of its Dynasties by Ibn 
Khaldun, and Account of the Karmathians of Yaman, Texts, with Trans- 
lation and Notes by Kay, map, 8vo, vellum cloth. 1892 (pub. ITs 6d) 4s 

4601 Palgrave (W. Gifford) Narrative of a Journey through Central and 
Eastern Arabia, 1862-63, second edition, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1865 lOa 6i 

4602 Journey thro' Arabia, popular edition, 12 mo, cloth 43 

4603 Palmer (E. H.) The Arabic Manual : Grammar, Reading Lessons, 
and Exercises, 12mo, roan. 1881 Ba 6d 

Peritsol, Itinera Mundi Peregrinatione Meccana, &c. See p. 16. 

4605 Pitts (Joseph) of Exeter, Account of the Mohammetana and a 
Pilgrimage to Mecca, Medina, &c., 12mo, calf {rare). Exeter, 1704 lis 

See also appendix to Burton's Pilgrimage, 1855. 

4606 Playfair (Capt. R. L.) An Account of Aden, 8vo, pp. ii, 75. Aden, 
1859 23 

4607 Price (Major D.) Principal Events of Mahoramedan History from the 
Death of the Arabian Legislator to the Establishment of the Moghnl 
Empire in Hindustan, 4 vols in 3, 4to, half-calf. 1811 £2 

4608 History of Arabia antecedent to the Birth of Mahommed, 4to, 

boards, uncut. 1824 78 6d 

4609 History of Arabia, another copy, calf 83 6 d 

4611 Reeland (Adrian) and others. Four Treatises concerning the 
Doctrine, Discipline, and Worship of the Mahometanp, translated 
from the Latin and French, to which is added the Life and Actions of 
Mahomet, and a Letter from Leibnitz, 1 vol, 12mo, calf. 1712 4^ 6d 

4612 Rehatsek (E.) Military Career of the Prophet Muhammad. 8vo, 
pp. 30. [188-] 1% 6d 

4613 Rooke (Major) Travels to the Coasts of Arabia Felix, Red Sea, &c., 
with Account of an Expedition against the Cape of Good Hope, 12mo, 
boards. 1784 (.scarce) 9a 

4614 Silvestre de Sacy Grammaire Arabe, seconde edition, 2 void, 
8vo, calf. Paru, 1831 {scarce) £2 2s 

4615 Another edition, 2 vols, 8vo, calf gilt. Paris, 1810 16a 

4616 Sell (Rev. Edward) The Faith of Islam, second edition, revised 
(Triibner's Oriental Series), 8vo, cloth. 1896 lOs 

4617 The Historical Development of the Qurd,n, 8vo, cloth. Madrdi 

1898 3; 

4618 Smith (R. Bosworth) Mohammed and Mohammedanism i Lectures 
at the Royal Institution, second edition, with additions, l2mo, cloth. 
1876 48 

8Sf High Street, Marylehone, London, W^ 

Arabia 43 

4619 Sprenger (A ) Life of Mohammad, from Original Sources, 8vo, doth. 
1861 12s 

4020 — - — Die alte Geographie Arabiens, als Grundlage der Entwicklungs- 
geschichte des Semitismus, maiij 8vo, half-calf. Berne, 1875 5s 

4621 Steingass (F., Ph.D.) English- Arabic Dictionary, for Travellers and 
Students, 8vo, cloth. 1882 12a 

4622 Syed Ameer Ali, The Spirit of Islam ; or, the Life and Teachings 
of Mohammed, 8vo, cloth. 1873 12a 

4623 Tremenheere (Major-General C. W.) Report on Arab Tribes in the 
Neighbourhood of Aden (Ind. Govt. I^ecords, No. 101), royal 8vo, sewed. 
Calcutta, 1872 2a 

Valle (P. della) Travels to Arabia Deserta, &c. See p. 23. 

Varthema's Travels in Arabia, &c., 1503 8. See p. 23. 

4625 Voyage to Arabia Foelix by the French, 1708-10 ; Journey to 
Yaman. 1711-13 ; Observations on Coffee, &c. Also Account of Sir 
H. Middleton's Captivity at Mokha, 1612, 8vo, calf. 1732 {rare) 10a 

4626 Wahabee Case (The Great) Report of Proceedings, 8vo, pp. iv, 
163. Calcutta, 1870 23 6d 

4627 Wellsted (Lieut. J. R.) Travels in Arabia, maps, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 
1838. 63 

Vol. I. Oman and Nakab el Hajar. Vol. 11. Sinai, the Gulf of Akabab, Coasts of 
Arabia and Nubia. 

4628 Wright (W, LL.D.) Grammar of Arabic, from the German of 
Caspari, with additions, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1874 75 ISs 

4629 Zotenberg (H.) L'Histoire deGal adet Schimas(Ext. Jour. Asiatique), 
8vo, pp. 32, Pro/.s, 1880 2s 

83 J Hi^h Street, Marylehone, London, W^ 

44 Francis Edwardis Catalogue 


Geograjphy, History, Travel, 

*^* For Persian Language and Literature see pp. 51-54. 

4634 Abbott (Keith) Geographical Notes during a Journey in Persia, 
1849 50 (from Journal Royal Geographical Society), map, 8vo, half- 
morocco 43 

4C35 Abdulkurrcem (Khojeh) Memoir and Travels with Nadir Shah to 
Persia, Syria, and Arabia ; with History of Hindostan, 1739 49, from 
the Persian by Gladwin, Bvo, calf. 1793 Sa 

4636 Ains worth (W, F.) The River Kanin an Opening to British Com. 
merce, map, 12ino, cloth. 1890 Is 6d 

A Supplement to the author's 'Personal Narrative of the Euphrates Expedition,' 
See p. 24. 

Alexander (Sir J. E.) Travels through Persia, &c., 1825-26. See p. 2. 

4637 Arnold (Arthur) Through Pereia by Caravan, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 

1877 7s 

4638 Bassett (James) Persia the Land of the Imams : a Narrative of Travel 
and Residence, 1871 85, map, 12nio, cloth. 1887 4i 

With brief Bibliography. 

Benjamin (J. J.) Travels through Persia, &c., 1846-55. See p. 3. 

4640 Benjamin (S. G. W.) U.S. Minister. Persia and the Persians, with 
57 iUustrationf, imperial 8vo, cloth, gilt top. 1887 lis 

The Country, People, Government, Arts, Religion, Literature, Products, Politics, &c, 

4641 Biddulph (C, E.) Journey across the Great Persian Desert, via the 
Siah Kuh Mountains and the Darya-i-Namak, map. P.R.G.S. 1891 


4642 Bishop (Mrs.) nee Isabella Bird. Journeys in Persia and Kurdistan, 
the Upper Karun Region, &c., portrait, map, and illustrations, 2 vols, 
8vo, cloth. 1891 9a 

Blanford's Zoology and Geology of Persia. See Goldsmid, p. 46. 

4644 Bode (Biron C. A. de) Travels in Luristan and Arabistan, 1841, 
maps arid plates, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1845 53 

4645 Travels in Luristan, another copy, 2 vols in 1, 8vo, half- calf 53 

4646 Brydges (Sir Harford Jones) Account of H.M. Mission to Persia, 
1807-11. with a Brief History of Wahauby, map and plates, 2 vols, 8vo, 
cloth. 1834 ' 6s 

4647 Mission to Persia, &c, another copy, 2 vols in 1, half- morocco 


^^, Hi^h Street^ Marylehone^ London^ "PT, 

Persia 45 

4648 Brisson's Persia— Barnabas Brissonii Da Reglo Persarvm Prin- 

cipatv libri tres, post CI. Sylbvrgii editionem prseter complurea sublatos 

errorea, Teatiraoniorvm Gr?ecorvm veraione Latina Avctores 12mo, 

vellum. Argentorati [Straaburg] 1710 6i 

An account of the Kings, Religion, Laws, Customs, &c„ of Persia, 1,000 pages. 

4650 Browne (E. G.) A Year amongst the Persiana, map, 8vo, cloth, 
1893 6s 61 

4651 Chardin (Sir John) Travels into Persia, with Account of the 
Coronation of Solyman III. , portrait ^ engraved title, arid large folding 
plates, folio, calf. 1686 19a 

4652 Voyages en Perse et autrea lieux de I'Orient, maps and plates, 

10 vols, 12mo, calf. Amsterdam, 1711 £1 8i 

Lieut.-Co!. FitzClar^nce Earl of Munster's copy with his book-plates. 

4653 Collins (E. Treacher) In the Kingdom of the Shah : Journey of a 
Medical Man through Persia, illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1896 3i 

Journey across the tableland of Iran, from the Persian Gulf to the Caspian Sea, by 
caravan, by carriage, and by chappar horses. The book depicts the customs, arts, super-. 
Btitions, myths, and religious beliefs of the Persians ; touches on such questions as the 
railway to India, the Armenians, and eflfects of Christian missions in Mahommedan 

Conolly's Journey through Persia, &c., 1829-30. See p. 5. 

4655 Curzon (Geo. N., Lord) Persia and the Persian Question, 2 vol?, 
8vo, cloth. 1892 £1 15a 

4656 The Karun River and Commercial Geography of S.W. Persia, 

map. P.R.G.S. 1891 Is 3d 

Duncker's History of the Medes and Persians. See p. 6. 

4657 Eastwick (E. B.) Journal of a Diplomatist's Three Years' Residence 
in Persia, 2 vols, 12mo, cloth. 1864 6s 

4658 Ferrier (J. p.) Caravan Journeys and Wanderings in Persia, 
Afghanistan, Turkistan, Beloochistan, &c., with Notices of the Countries 
between Ruasia and India. Tranalated by Capt. Wm. Jesse and edited 
by H. D. Seymour, map and woodcuts, 8vo, cloth. 1856 63 

FoESTBR (George) Journey, Bengal to Persia, &c. 1782-83. Sea p. 7. 

4659 Francklin (Capt. Wm.) Tour, Bengal to Persia in 1786 87, with 
Account of the Remains of the Palace of Persepolis, 8vo, half bound. 
1790 "^^ 

4660 History of the Reign of Shah Aulum, 4to, half-calf. 1798 (scarce) 

4662 Eraser (James) Hiatory of Nadir Shah, Emperor of Pers^^'J^^^i^^* 
Short History of the Mogul Emperors [and a Catalogue of Persian 
Arabic, and Sanskrit MSS. collected by the author], 8vo, calf. 174J. Os 

Presentation Copy with Autograph Inscription by the Author. 

4663 History of Nadir Shah, second edition ,^8vo^jcalf^_m2_____^ 

Js^loigh Street, Manjlehon^, London, W, 

46 Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

4664 Fraser (J. Baillie) I^arrative of a Journey into Khorassan, 1821-22> 
4to, boards, 1825 lOs. 

4665 Travels and Adventures in Persia on the Shores of the Caspian 

Sea, with Account of the Trade, Oommerce, and Resources of those 
Countries, 4to, boards, uncut. 1826 7s 6d 

4667 — --' A Winter's Journey from Constantinople to Teheran, fronts. y^ 
2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1838 5^ 

Includes accounts of the Armenjafts, Koords, and Toorkomans. 
Fryer (Dr. John) Account of E, India and Persia, See India, 
Gbmklli-Careei's Voyage to...... Persia, &c., 1693-99. See p. 4, 

4670 Goldsmid (Sir F.) Eastern Persia • an Account of the Journeys of 
the Persian Boundary Commission, 1870-72, maps and illustrations, 
2 vols, royal 8vo, cloth 12a 

Vol. I. Introduction by Sir F. Goldsmid ; Physical Geogra|ihy and Narrative of a 
Journey through Baluchistan and Southern Persia, 1872, by Major Oliver B. St. John ; 
Narrative of a Journey through. Baluchistan, 1870-71, by Major Beresford Lovett; the 
Perso-Baluch Frontier Mission,. 1870-71, and the Perso-Aighan Mission, 1871-72, by Major 
Euan Smith. 

Vol. II. Zoology and Geology by V(. T. ^^anford, numerous coloured Ulustratiovfi, 

Telegraph and Travel [through Persia, &c.]. See p. 8. 

4671 Gordon (Sir T. E.) Persia Revisited in 1895, plates, 8vo, cloth. 
1896 48 6ci 

4672 Han way (Jonas) Historical Account of British Trade o\^r the 
Caspian Sea, with the Author's Journal of Travels through Russia into 
Persia, and Account of the Revolutions of Persia and History of Nadir 
Shah, second edition, revised, numerous maps, 2 vols, 4to, calf, 1754 

Herbert (Sir T.) Travels in* Persia, &c, See p, 10. 

Heude's Voyage up the Persian Gulf, &c. See p. 27. 

HowoRTH (Sir H. H.) The Mongols, of Persia, See Tartary and 

4673 Houtum-Schindler (Gen. A,) Eastern Persian Irak, map, 8vo, 
pp. 132, boards. B.G.S. 3s 

4674 Hunt (Capt. G. H.) The Persian Campaigns of Generals Outram and 
Havelock, 12mo, cloth. 1858 3a 

4675 Italian Travels to Persia in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries 
(Hakluyt Soc), 8vo, cloth. 1873 l^a 

The Travels of Barbaro, Contarini, ^aterino Zeno, and other Italians, 

4676 Jenkinson (Anthony) and other English Merchants, Journey through 
Russia to Persia, Sixteenth Century (Hakluyt Soc), 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 
1886 £1 

4677 Khorassan (Map of), with Parts of Irak and Mazandaran, to illus- 
trate Reports of Capt. the Hon. G. Napier, 40 by 26, mounted and 
folded in small 4to> cloth. London, 1876 48 

83^ High Street^ MarylebonCj London, Jf, 

Persia 47 

4678 Kinneir (J. Macdonald) Geographical Memoir of the Persian Empire, 
map, large paper, royal 4to, calf. 1813 6, 

4679 Mission to Persia, 1825. See Alexander, p. 2. 

4681 Kotzebue (Moritz von) Narrative of a Journey into Persia in the 
Suite of the Russian Embassy in 1817, from the German, plates, 8vo, 
boards. 1819 23 6d 

4682 Journey into Persia, another copy, half- calf 38 6d 

Krusinski's Persia. See Mitford (G. N.). 

Lb Blanc's Travels to Persia, &c., c. 1650. See p. 12. 

Le Brun's Travels to Persia, &c. , 1701-3. See p. 12. 

Lenormani's History of Media, Persia, &c. See p. 12. 
Lettres Edifiantes Turkey, Persia, &c. See p. 12. 

46S8 Lovett (Beresford) Itinerary Notes of Route Surveys in Northern 
Persia, map. P.R.G.S. 1883 la 3d 

LuMSDEN (Lieut.) Journey through Persia, &c., 1819-20* See p. 13. 

4684 Macgregor (Col. C* M;) Journey through the Province of Khorassan 
and North- West Frontier of Afghanistan, map and illustrations^ 2 vols, 
8vo, cloth. 1879 (pub* 3O3) 6s 6d 

4685 Malcolm (Sir John) History of Persia^ with Account of the Religion^ 
Government, Usages, and Character of the Inhabitants, map and 21 plates^ 
12 vols, royal 4to, half-morocco extra* 1815 SSs 

4686 History of Persia, fine and large-paper edition, 2 vols, imperial 

4to, half- morocco £2 10s 

4687 [ ] Sketches of Persia from the Journals of a Traveller in the East, 

2 vols, 12mo> half-calf* 1827 ^a 

4688 — ^— Sketches, new edition, 2 vols, 12moj half bound. 1828 33 

4089 — - Sketches, new edition, 1 voJ, 12mo, cloth* 1861 23 6d 

The writer endeavours to conceal his authorship by remarking in his preface : "J am 
ho historian, therefore I did not tremble at Sir John Malcolm's ponderous quartos." 
*^* See also India, 2)osi, 

Mandelslo's Voyages to Persia, &c* See p. 13. 

Melton's Voyages to Persia, E. Indies, &c., 1660-77. See p. 14; 

4690 Mitford (G. N.) Chronicles of a Traveller ; or, History of the Afghan 
Wars with Persia early in the Eighteenth Century* Translated from 
Clodius's Latin Version of Krusinski, to which is added an Account of 
the Afghan Usurpation, 8vo, boards. 1840 Ss ed 

4692 Morier (James) Journey through Persia, Armenia, and Asia Minor 
to Constantinople, 1808-9, with Account of Sir Harford Jones's Mission 
to the Court of Persia, 3 maps and 25 engravings, 4to, half - calf. 
1812 1^^ 

46§3 -— Sedond Journey through Persia^ Armenia^ &ch l^l^i ^f' ^^*^ 
Voyage by the Brazils and Bombay to the Persian Gulf, and Account 
of Sir Gore Ouseley's Mission, maps and engravings^ 4to, Halt-calf. 

1818 ______—- 

83^ High Street, Maryhhone, London, W^ 

48 Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

4694 [Morier (James)] Ayeaha, the Maid of Kars, 3 vols, 12mo, boar (!<=■, 
uncut. 1834 5a 

4695 [ ] Ayesha (Bentley'a Standard Novels), 12nio. cloth 2a 

4696 [ ] Zohrab the Hostage, second edition, 3 vols, 12mo 5s 

4698 [ ] The Mirza, 3 vols, 12rao, boards, uncut. 1841 6s 

4699 Hajji Baba, illustrated by H. R. Millar, with Introduction by 

Lord Curzon, 12mo, cloth. 1895 Ss 

"If all this solid literature were to be burned by an international hangman tomorrow, 
and were ' Hajji Baba ' and the ' Sketches ' of Sir John Malcolm alone to survive, 1 believe 
that the future diplomatist or traveller who visited Persia, or the scholar who explored 
it from a distance, would from their pages derive more exact information about Persian 
manners, and acquire a surer insight into Persian character, than he would gain from 
years of independent study or months of local residence. Together the two works are 
an epitome of modern and moribund Iran. George N. [Lord] Curzon." 

4700 Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan, edited by C. J. Wills, 

with Introduction by Sir F. Goldsmid, illustrated, royal 8vo, cloth. 
1897 (pub. 21s) 7s 6d 

4703 Some Account of the Iliyats, or Wandering Tribes of Persia, 

8vo, new half- morocco. J.R.G.S. 1837 43 6d 

MouNSEY ( A . H. ) Journey through Persia, &c. See p. 29. 

4705 Nadir Shah. The Compleat History of Thamas Kouli Kan (at 
present called Schah Nadir), Sovereign of Persia. In Two Parts. 

I. Persian Empire. II. The Empire of Indostan translated from 

the French, portrait, 1 vol, 12mo, calf. 1742 53 6d 

See Hazin, Persian Literature, p, 52. 
Ogilby's Asia Persia, &c. See p. 10. 

4707 Olearius (Adam) The Voyages and Travels of the Ambassadors to the 
Duke of Muscovy and King of Persia in 1639, containing a compleat 
History of Muscovy, Tartary, and Persia, with the Travels of John 
Albert de Mandelslo from Persia to the East Indies, Japan, China, &c., 
front containing portraits of the Ambassadors, maps, ttc, folio, old calf 
rebacked. 1662 2l3 

4708 Ouseley (Sir Wm.) Travels in Persia and other Countries of the East, 
1810-12, with Extracts from Oriental MSS., 80 plates and maps, 3 voIp, 
4to. 1819-23 253 

The author was private secretary to his brother, Sir Gore Ouseley, during his 
Embassy to the Court of Persia. 

4709 Outram (Sir James) The Persian Campaign of 1857 : General Orders, 
Despatches, Correspondence, 8vo, cloth. 1860 lOs 6d 

A limited number only issued for private circulation. 
See also Hunt, above. 

4710 Perrot and Chipiez's History of Ancient Art in Persia, 12 plates and 
254 illustrations, royal 8vo (pub. 2l8) 7a 

8S, High Street, Marylehonef London^ W. 

Persia 49 

4711 Persia and Affghanistan, Correspondence relating to, 8vo, 
boards. London^ 1839 5a 

4712 Persian Gulf and Muscat, Report on Administration, royal Svo. 
Calcutta, 1875 la Gd 

4713 PiggOt (John) Persia, Ancient and Modern, 12 mo, cloth. 1874 33 61 
^ A useful handbook ; it contains chronological list of works of reference. 

4714 Preece (J. R.) Journey from Shiraz to Jashk, via Darab, Forg, and 
Minab, map, royal 8vo, cloth. B.G.S. 1886 53 

4715 Rawlinson (Major) Notes on a March from Zohab, at the foot of 
Zagroa, along the Mountains to Khuzistan, thence through Luristan, 
map, 8vo, new half -morocco. J.RG.S. 1839 5i 

4716 Journey from Tabriz through Persian Turkestan to Zenam and 

Taram, 870. new half-morocco. J.RG.S., 1841 53 

Russian Travels to Persia, &c., Eighteenth Century. See Siberia. 

4718 Shah of Persia, Diary of H.M. the, during his Tour through 
Europe in 1873. Verbatim translation by J. W. Redhouse, portrait, 
12 mo, cloth. 1874 43 

4719 A Diary kept during a Journey to Europe in 1878, English trans- 
lation, 8vo, cloth. 1879 53 

4720 The New Lake between Kom and Teheran. P.E.GS. 1888 la 3d 

4721 Shepherd (W. A.) From Bombay to Bushire and Bussora, with 
Account of Persia and the War, 12mo, cloth. 1857 2$ 6d 

4723 Sherley, the Three Brothers ; their Travels in Persia, Russia, Turkey, 
Spain, &c. (1596-1606), portraits, 12mo, cloth. 1825 5s 6d 

4724 Stack (Edward) Six Months in Persia, 2 vols, 12mo, cloth. 1882 63 
A journey, Bareilly to Bushire, Shiraz, Persepolis, Firuzabad, Lar, Saidabad, Karman, 

Yozd, bhirkuh, Ispahan, Chakhakhur, Teheran, Damavand; Geography of the Country, 
Condition of the People, &c. 

4725 Sykes (Ella C.) Through Persia on a Side-Saddle, mop and photo- 
graphs, Svo, cloth. 1898 6a 

Tavernier's Relations of Persia, &c. See pp. 21-22 

4726 Ussher (John) Journey from London to Persepolis, imperial Svo, 
cloth. 1865 78 6d 

Thiblmann's Journey in Persia, &c. See p. 3L 

Varthema's Travels in Persia, &c., 1503-?. See p. 23. 

4727 Vaughan's (Lieut.) Journey in Eastern Persia : from Lingah (S. 
or sea boundary) to Semnan (northern frontier), adapted by Sir F. 
Goldsmid, map, P. B. G.S. 1890 Is ^^ 

4728 Journey through Persia, 1887 88, royal Svo, cloth. B.G.S. 1893 

85f High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

50 Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

4730 Wagner (Moritz) Travels in Persia, Georgia, and Koordistan ; with 
Sketches of the Cossacks and the Caucasus, 3 vols in 1, 12mo, cloth. 
1856 33 6d 

4731 Waring (E. Scott) Tour to Sheeraz, with Remarks on the Manners, 
Customs, Laws, Language, and Literature of the Persians and a History 
of Persia, 4to, boards, uncut. 1807 Us 

4732 Wells (Capt. H. L.) Surveying Tours in Southern Persia, maps, 
P. R.G.S. 1883 Is 3d 

4733 Wills (C. J.) In the Land of the Lion and Sun ; AddoUnt o! Fifteen 
Years' Residence in Persia, 1866-81, 8vo, cloth. 1883 93 

" Probably the most amusing book of travel that has been published in recent years." 


4734 Persia as It Is : Sketches of Modern Persian Life and Character, 

12mo, cloth. 1886 Ss 

4735 Behind an Eastern Veil : Inner Life of the Ladies of the Upper 

Class in Persia, 8vo, cloth. 1894 Ss 

4736 Windt (H. de) A Ride to India across Persia and Baluchistan, 
illustrated, 8vo, cloth. 1891 Ss 

Wolff's Travels in Persia, &c. See p. 23. 

83 f High Street, Mar^lebone, London, W. 

Francis Edwards's Catalogue 51 


4740 Abul Fazl : The A'i'n-i-Akbari, by Abul-Fazl-i' AlUmf, the original 
Persian text, edited by Prof. Blochmann, jplates, Vol. I. royal 4to, half- 
calf (Asiatic Society of Bengal). Calcutta, 1872 £1 6ia 

Institutes of the Emperor Akbar, edition collated with 15 manuscripts, 

4741 ' The Ainri-Akbari, from the Persian by H. Bloohmann, 2 vols, 

royal 8vo, new half-calf extra. Calcutta, 1873-91 £1 l^a 

4742 Anvar-i Suhaili, Persian text of the Fables of Pilpay, Edited by 
Lieut.-Co). J. W. J. Ouseley, 4to, boards. Hertford [1851] 10a 

4743 — The Anvdr-i Suhaili, or the Lights of Canopus, being the Persian 
version of Pilpay— 'KaUlah and Damnah'— translated into English prose 
and verse by Eastwick, royal 8vo, morocco, gilt edges. Hertford, J854 


4744 . The Anwdr4-Suhaili, or Lights of Canopus, commonly known as 

' KaU'lah and Damnah/ from the Persian by Wollaston, imperial 8vo, 
cloth. 1877 16a 

*»* See also Indian Literature. 

4745 Arbuthnot (F. F.) Persian Portraits : a Sketch of Persian History, 
Literature, and Politics, 8vo, cloth, 1887 2s Qd 

4747 Asiatic Miscellany (The New) : Original Essays, Translations 

and Fugitive Pieces, Vol. I. [Edited by Francis Gladwin], 4to, half 

bound. Calcutta, 1789. 12a 

Contains Kirkpatricks Introduction to Persian Poets; Akbar's Letter to Abdullal^ 

Khan (Persian and English) ; The Dabbistan or School of Manners (Persian and English) ; 

Institutes of Ghazan Khan, Emperor of the Moghuls, by Kirkpatrick ; Extracts froiQ 

the Bostan of Sadi. 

4749 Bleeck (A. H.) Concise Grammar of the Persian Language, Dia- 
logues, Reading Lessons, Vocabulary, &c, 13fno, cloth, 1857 3a 

4752 Clarke (Capt. H. Wilberforce) The Persian Manual j Grammar and 
Vocabulary, 12mo, roan. 1878 3s 

4753 Costello (Louisa S.) The Rose Garden of Persia, illuminated titles 
and coloured borders, original edition, 12mo, boards. 1845 12s 6d 

4754 New edition, with the illuminated titles, &o., 12mo, cloth. 1887 

4755 New edition, 12mo, blue half-calf extra. 1887 9s 6d 

Includes extracts from Pbrddsi, Omar Khiam, Sadi, Attar, Jami, Hafiz, &c. 

Eastwick, see above (p. 45) ; also 'Anvae-i Spahaili' and Sadi's 


Soy High Sireetj Marykhone^ London^ W, 

•52 Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

4758 Firdausi's Shah Nameh, or Book of the Kings of Persia, translated 
by Atkinson, 12aio, cloth. Warne, 1886 Is 6d 

4759 The Epic of Kings : Stories retold from the Persian Poet Ferdusi, 

by Helen Ziramern, i{;ith etchings by [Sir] Laurence Alma Tadema, 

4to, cloth. 1870 X83 

See also Arbuthnot, Costello, Robinson, &c. 

4761 Hafiz of Shiraz : Century of Ghazsls, or 100 Odes selected and 
translated from the ' Diwan,' 12mo, cloth. 1875 Is 6d 

4762 — - Selections from, translated by Bicknell, 4to, cloth. Triibner, 
1876 32d 

4763 Ghazels from the 'Diwan 'of Hafiz done into English by J. H. 

McCarthy, 12mo, cloth. 1893 53 

4764 — ^ Poems from the Diwan of HaSz, translated by Gertrude Bell, 
12mo, cloth. 1897 Ss 

4765 Hasan and Husain, The Miracle Play of, collected by Sir Lewis 
Pelly, revised by WoUaston, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1879 6s 

4768 Hazin (Sheik Mohammed Ali) Life of, in Persian, edited by F. C. 
Balfour (Oriental Translation Fund), royal 8vo, cloth. 1831 4s 

4769 Translated (Oriental Translation Fund), 8vo, cloth 4s 

Contains anecdotes and observationg on men and manners of his time, including 
Nadir Shah. 

4770 Hovelacque (Abel) Grammaire de la Langue Zende, imperial 8vo 
cloth. Paris, 1868 58 

4771 Jalal-uddin Rumi : The Mesnevi Sherif of Mevlana Jelalu'd-Din 
Muhammed er-Rixml, Book the First, with Anecdotes, translated and 
the Poetry versified in English by Redhouse (Triibner's Oriental Series), 
8vo, cloth. 1881 16i 

4772 Masnavi i Ma'navi : the Spiritual Couplets of Maulana Jaldlu-'d- 

Din Muhammad i Riimi, translated and abridged by Whinfield (Triibner's 
Oriental Series), 8vo, cloth. 1887 o^ 

4774 Jami : Yusef and Zulaikha : a Poem, translated from the Persian by 
Griffith (Triibner's Oriental Series), 8vo, cloth. 1882 63 6d 

4775 Persian Wit and Humour : the Sixth Book of Jami's ' Bahari- 

stan ' in English prose and verse, with Notes by C. E. Wilson, 12mo, 

parchment. 1883 43 

4776 Salaman u Absal, an Allegorical Romance, edited by Forbes 

Falconer, 4to, sewed. 1850 6^ 

4777 Just a Khalifa, Persian manuscript. (About 1760) 63 

4778 Nazami, Laill and Majniin : a Bedouin Love Shory, from the Persian 
by Atkinson, 8vo, cloth (Oriental Translation Fund). 1836 33 

4779 Makhzan ul Asrdr, the Treasury of Secrets, edited by N. Bland, 

4to, eewed. 1844 (pub. IO3 6d) 6^ 

S$f High Street, Marylebone, London, W, 

Persian Literature 53 

4780 Omar Khayyam, The Qaatrains of: Persian Text and English 
Verse. Translation by E. H. Whinfield (Triibner's Oriental Series), 8vo 
cloth. 1883 83 

4781 Whinfield's translation only, 8vo, cloth 43 

4782 — — Rubaiyat in English Verse, by Fitzgerald, 8vo, cloth. Macmillan, 
1896 88 6d 

4783 Fitzgerald's Translations (Golden Treasury Series), 18rao, cloth. 

1899 2s 6d 

4784 The Qaatrains in English Verse, according to the original forms, 

by John Payne, royal 8vo. (Villon Society) 1898 £2 28 

4785 - — Translated by R. Le Gallienne, 12mo, cloth. 1898 38 

4786 Rubaiyat : English, French, and German Translations according 

to Fitzgerald's Version, with further Selections, Bibliography, &c., by 
Dole, 2 vols, 12 mo, cloth. Boston 12a 

4787 A Concordance to Fitzgerald's Omar Khayyam, by J. R. Tatin, 

12mo, cloth. 1900 83 6d 

4788 Ouseley (Sir Gore) Biographical Notices of Persian Poets, with 
Memoir of the Author by Reynolds. (Oriental Transl. Fund) 1846 7s 6d 

4790 Pocock (Ebenezer) Flowers of the East, with a Sketch of Oriental 
[Persian] Poetry and Music, with facsimiles, 12mo, cloth. 1833 43 

Contains ' The Fund Naniuh ' and ' The Khanjgaruh ' ; facsimile of an ode by Jamee, 
and of the inscription on the tomb of Hafiz. 

4791 Penmanship (Oriental) : Specimens of Persian Handwriting, with 
facsimiles from South Kensington by Prof. E, H. Palmer ; Illustrations 
of the Nagari character by Fred. Pincott, 4to, cloth. 1886 7s 

4794 Roebuck (Thomas) Boorhani Quatiu, a Persian Dictionary and 
Grammar, thick folio, calf, large-paper copy. Calcutta, 1818 10s 

4796 Sadi: The Gulistan. A Persian Manuscript, beautifully written in 
red and black, in gilt borders, with marginal notes, folio, limp leather. 
(1760) 153 

4797 __ The Gulistan, New Edition, with Vocabulary by John T. Platts, 
royal 8vo, cloth. 1874 7s 

4798 — ^ The Gulistan, translated into English, with Life of Sadi by J. T, 
PlattB, 8vo, cloth 7s 6d 

4799 The Gulistan, translated into English Prose and Verse, with Life 

of the Author, by East wick (Triibner's Oriental Series), 8vo, cloth. 
1880 ^^ 

4802 The Gulistan, or Rose Garden of Sadi, faithfully translated into 

English by F. F. A[rbuthnot], 870. Privatehj printed by the Kama 
Shastra Society, Benares. 1888 ^^ 

4804 The Bustan, translated into English Prose by Wilberforce 

Clarke, 8\ro, cloth. 1879 ^^^ 

4805 Stewart (Charles) Original Persian Letters and other Documents, 
with facsimiles and translations, 4to, calf. 1825 ll 

^3, High Street, Marylehone, London, TF, 

54 Francis Edivardss Catalogue 

4807 Tarikh-i-Jadid (The) or J^ew History of the Bab, translated from 
the Persian with Notes by E, G. Browne, 12mo, cloth, 1893 8a 

4808 Thousand and One Days (The) Persian Tales, edited by J. H. 
McCarthy, 2 vols, crown S^^o, half- parchment. 1892 5a 

Wabing (E. Scott) Language and Literature of the Persians. 

See No. 4731 

Wilson (0. E.) Persian Wit and Humour. See Jami. 

4809 Wollaston (A. K) An English-Persian Dictionary, 8vo, cloth. 1882 

12s 6d 

4810 A Complete English-Persian Dictionary, large type, imperial 4to, 

cloth. 1889 (pub. £4 143. 6d) 32a 

' Anwar-i-Suhaili ' and ' Hasan and Husain.' See Nos, 4744, 4765 

Zoroaster, the Zbndavesta, an^ th^ Parsee^. See Rbljgion, &c,. of 


83^ High Street, Marylehone, London, W^ 

Prancis Edwards's Catalogue BS 


Westerii Turkestan, Khiva, Bokhara, the Oxus, and the Pamirs. 
*j^* For Herat and Boundary Commission, see Afghanistan, pp. 58-63. 

Arabian Accocnts of the Countries on the Oxus. See Murray's Asia, 

Vol. I. 
Alhacen, Life, &c., of Timur. See Purchas, Vol. III. 
Bonvalot (G.) Through Asia and over the Pamirs. See Tartary and 


4814 Boulger (Demetrius) Central Asian Questions : Essays on Afghanistan, 
China, and Central Asia, portrait and maps, 8vo, cloth. 1886 3s 

4815 Bruce (Peter Henry) Memoirs of (1692-1755), including Travels in 
Germany, Russia, Tartary, Turkey, the West Indies, u&c, and private 
Anecdotes of the Czar Peter, 4to, calf rebacked. 1782 14s 

4816 Burnaby (Capt. Fred) A Ride to Khiva : Travels and Adventures in 
Central Asia, cheap edition, 8vo, cloth • Is 

4817 Ride to Khiva, best edition, 8vo, cloth. 1876 (pub. 21s) 4s 6d 

4818 Burnes (Sir Alex.) Travels into Bokhara, containing Narrative of a 
Voyage on the Indus to Lahore, Journey to Cabool, Tartary, and Persia, 
1831-33, steel lAates, second edition, 3 vols, 12mo, boards. 1829 8a 

4819 Bokhara, another edition, 3 vols, 8vo, half -morocco. 1834 123 6d 

4820 Burslem fCapt. Rollo) A Peep into Toorkisthan, plates and map of 
Cabul &c., 8vo, cloth. 1846 2s 6d 

4822 Clavijo (Ruy Gonzales de) Life and Acts of the Great Tamerlane : 
Narrative of the Castilian Embassy to the Court of Timur at Samarcand, 
1403 6, translated with Notes and Life of Timur Beg by [Sir] C. R. 
Markham (Hakluyt Society), 8vo, cloth. 1859 lOs 

Travels through Armenia and Persia to Samarcand. 

4823 Cumberland (Major C. S.) Sport on the Pamirs and Turkistan 
Steppes, 8 70, cloth. Edinburgh, 1895 ^s 

4824 Curzon (Lord) Russia in Central Asia iu 1889 ; and the Anglo- 
Russian Question, map and illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1889 {rare). £2 23 

4826 — The Pamirs and the Source of the Oxus, map and illustrations, 
royal 8vo {R.G.S.), half-calf ^s 6cl 

4827 Dobson (George) Russia's Railway Advance into Central Asia : Notes 
of a Journey from St. Petersburg to Samarkand, illustrated, 12mo, 
cloth. 1890 . . ^ ^' ^^ 

4828 Dunmore (Earl of) The Pamirs : Narrative of an Expedition through 
Kashmir, Western Tibet, Chinese Tartary, and Russian Central Asm, 
illustrations, 2 vols, 12rao, cloth. 1893 

Fi.RRiER'8 daravan Journeys to Turkistan, &c^eePERSiA£o^_4658. 

83i High Street; Marylebone, London^ W. 

o6 Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

4829 Gordon (Lieut.-Col. P. E.) The Roof of the World : Narrative of a 
Journey over the High Plateau of Tibet to the Oxu8 Sources in the 
Pamir, royal 8vo, cloth. Edinburgh, 1876 £1 

4830 Grover (Capt. John) The Bokhara Victims [Stoddart and Conolly]. 
Second Edition, Svo, cloth. 1845 3s 6d 

4831 Hellwald (F. von) Russians in Central Asia, map, 12mo, cloth. 
1874 3s 

4832 Hutton (.James) Central Asia, from the Aryan to the Cossack, 12mo, 
cloth. 1875 3s 

Jenkinson's Journey to Astrakhan, the Caspian, Bokhara, &c. See 
Persia (p. 46) and collections of Hakluyt, Purchas, &c. 

4833 Kossiakof (M.) Journey in Karateghin and Darwaz in 1882, map, 
F.RG.S. 1886 Is 3d 

4834 Lai Mohan Travels in the Panjab, Afghanistan, and Turkistan, to 
Balk, Bokhara, and Herat, Svo, cloth, portrait and map. 1846 63 

4835 Lansdell (Henry, D.D.) Russian Central Asia: Kuldja, Bokhara, 
Khiva, and Merv, portrait, maps, and illustrations, 2 vols, Svo, cloth. 
1885 lis 

4836 Lessar (Paul) The Kara-Kum or Desert of Turkomania. P.RG.S. 
1885 . ' Is 3d 

4838 MacGahan (J. A.) Campaigning on the Oxus and the Fall of Khiva, 

map and illustrations, Svo, cloth. 1874 7a 

4839 Campaigning on the Oxus, 12mo, cloth. 1876 4s 

4840 Malleson (Gen.) Herat, the Granary and Garden of Central Asia, 
Svo, cloth. 1879 4b 

4841 Marvin (Charles) Merv the Queen of the World and the Scourge of 
the Mati-Stealing Turkomans, portraits and maps, Svo, cloth. 1881 di 

4842 The Russian Advance towards India, Svo, cloth. 1882 78 6d 

Includes conversations with Skobeleff, Ignatieff, and other Russian Generals and 

Statesmen on the Central Asian Question. 

4844 The Russians at Merv and Herat, and their Power of invading 

India, 3 maj^s and 24 illustrations, Svo, cloth. 1883 63 

4845 The Region of the Eternal Fire : Account of a Journey to the 

Caspian Region, 1883, 21 maps and illustrations, Svo, cloth. 1884 S3 

4846 — — Col. Grodekoflf's Ride from Samarcand to Herat through Balkh 
and Afghan Turkestan, with his own route from the Oxus to Herat, 
12mo, cloth. 1880 (pub. 6s) 38 6d 

4847 Reconnoitring Central Asia : Pioneering Adventures in the 

Region between Russia and India, Svo, cloth. 1886 5a 

Brief Accounts of the Journeys of Vambery, Marsh, Valentine Baker, Macgahan, 
Capt. Napier, Capt. Burnaby, O'DonoVan, and other English and Russian agents. 

4849 Michell (J. andR.) The Russians in Central Asia, from the Travels of 
Valikanof and Veniukof, Svo, cloth. 1865 48 

4850 Morier (Capt.) Memoir on the Russian Expedition against Khivah, 
map, Svo, cloth. 1840 28 6d 

8Sf High Street, Marylehone, London^ TF. 

Russian Central Ai 


4852 O'Donovan (Edmond) The Merv Oasis: Travels, Adventures and 
Residence among the Turkoman Tekkes, 1879-81, portrait, mapl and 
facsimiles of documents, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1882 X28 

4853 Merv : Story of Adventures and Captivity, Epitomized, 12mo, 

cloth. 1883 33 Q j 

4854 Perofski (General) Narrative of the Russian Military Expedition to 
Khiva in 1839, royal 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1867 4? 

4855 Popowski (Joaef) The Rival Powers in Central Asia, or the Struggle 
between England and Russia in the East. From the German, 8vo, 
cloth. Westminster, 1893 3g gjl 

4856 Rawlinson (Sir Henry) England and Russia in the East : Papers 
on the Political and Geographical Condition of Central Asia, map, 8vo, 
cloth. 1875 4s 

Schiltberger's Bondage and Travels with the Armies of Timur, 1396- 
1427. See p. 20. 

4857 Schuyler (Eugene) Turkistan : Journey in Russian Turkistan, 
Khokand, Bukhara, and Kuldja, plates, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1876 12d 

4858 Spalding (Capt. H.) Khiva and Turkestan, translated from the 
Russian, map, 12mo, cloth. 1874 23 

4859 Tarikh-i-Rashidi (The) : a History of the Moghuls of Central 
Asia, translated by Deniaon Ross and edited by Ney Elias, 8vo, cloth. 
1895 . 83 

4860 Vambery (Arminius) Travels in Central Asia to Khiva, Bokhara, and 
Samarcand, 1863, 8vo, cloth. 1864 63 

4801 Sketches of Central Asia, 8vo, half-morocco, extra. 1868 73 

4862 History of Bokhara, from the Earliest Timep, composed after 

Oriental and unknown Historical MSS. , 8vo, cloth. 1873 48 6d 

4863 Central Asia and the Anglo-Russian Frontier Question : a Series 

of Political Papers, 12mo, cloth. 1874 33 

4864 Life and Adventures of A. Vambery, portrait and 14 illustrations, 

12mo, cloth 33 

4865 Wood (Capt. John) Personal Narrative of a Journey to Source of the 
River Oxus by the route of the Indus, Kabul, and Badakahan, 1836 38, 
8vo, cloth. 1841 33 

Journey to the Source of the Oxus, with Essay on the Geography 

of the Valley of the Oxus by Yule, maps, 8vo, cloth. 1872 43 

4867 Wood (Herbert) The Shores of Lake Aral, maps, 8vo, cloth. 1876 3s 

4868 Wolff (Rev. Joseph) Narrative of a Mission to Bokhara, 1843-45, to 
ascertain the Fate of Stoddart and Conolly, plates, 2 vols, 8vo, half-calf. 
1845 ^^ 

4869 Mission to Bokhara, 1 vol, 8vo, cloth. 1846 4s 6d 

YouNOHusBAND (Capt. F. E.) Travels in Manchuria the Pamirs, &c. 

See Tartary. 

8S, High Street, Maryhhone, London, W. 

Francis Edwards's Catalogue 


History^ Geography, Travels, Literature, and Language. 

4873 Abbott (Gen. Augustus) The Afghan War, 1838-42, Svo, oloth. 

4874 Adye (Co). John) Sitana : a Mountain Campaign on the Borders of 
Afghanistan, 3 maps, Svo, cloth. 1867 33 

Affghanistan, Persia and ; Correspondence relating to. 1839. See No. 

4875 Affghanistan ; Papers relating to Military Operations in. Pre- 
sented to Parliament, 1843, Svo, cloth. Calcutta, 1863 [1843] 4a 

4876 Correspondence relative to ; Central Asia, Correspondence, 1879, 

Parliamentary Papers, folio, bds. 1880 43 6d 

4877 Afghanistan, Map of, enlarged from the Third Edition of Col. J. T. 
Walker's Map of Turkestan, 44 by 32 in., coloured, mounted, and folded, 
4to, oloth case. Dehra Di\n, 1876 3s 6d 

Alexander the Great's Campaigns in Afghanistan, &c. See p. 1. 

4879 Allen (Rev. I. N.) Diary of General Nott'a March through Sinde 
and Affghanistan, vi&wi of Kabul, Sc, 1842, 12mo, oloth. 1843 3a 

%* See also India : Nott. 

4880 Argyll (Duke of) The Afghan Question, 1841-78, 12mo, cloth.. 
[1879] 2s 

4881 Atkinson (James) The Expedition into Afghaunistan : Personal 
Narrative of the Campaign, 1839-40, 12mo, half-calf. 1842 5i 

4.382 — =-= Sketches in Afghaunistan, 20 large lithographs, including mountain 
scenery, gorges, and passes, portraits, fortresses, (be. , imperial folio, half- 
bound. 1842 15s 

These views were made at the time of the First Afghan War, and serve to illustrate 
that campaign. 

For Second Series of Sketches see Hart and Atkinson. 

4884 Bayley (Sir E. Clive) Dates on Coins of the Hindu Kings of Kd,bul 
{Numismatic Ghron.) Svo, pp. 38 {postscript) 4, and 2 plates, 1882 Is 6d 

4885 Bell (Major Evans) The Oxus and the Indus, second edition, enlarged, 
Svo, cloth. 1874 2s 

Urging proclamation of the Imperial supremacy over the Afghan Government. Sir 
Theodore Walrond's copy with autograph letter from the author. 

4887 Bellew (H. W.) Surgeon-Major: Journal of General Lumsden's 
Mission to Afghanistan in 1857, with Account of the Country and People, 
illustrated, Svo, cloth. 1862 4s 6d 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W, 

Afghanistan 5^ 

4888 Bellew (H. W.) General Report on the Yusufzais, map, 8vo, cloth. 
Lahore, 1864 6^ 

4889 Dictionary of the Pukkhto or Pukshto Language, in which the 

Words are traced to their Indian and Persian Sources, imperial 8vo, cloth. 

4890 [ ] Our Punjab Frontier, with brief Remarks on Afghanistan, by a 

Punjab Official, 8vo, pp. 40. Calcutta, 1868 2a 

4891 The Races of Afghanistan, 8vo, cloth. 1880 Is 6d 

4892 Broadfoot (Major George) Career in Afghanistan and Punjab^ 
portrait and maps, 8vo, cloth. 1888 (pub. 158) 5a 

Contains information on the First Afghan War and on the Punjab prior to t'irst Sikb 

Bouloer's Essays on Afghanistan, &c. See Central Asia, No. 4814. 

4893 Broadfoot (Lieut. J. S.) Reports on the Ghilzi Country and Tribes 
near Ghazi, &c., 1839, map, royal 8vo, cloth. (E.G.S.) 1886 49 

Buckle's Bengal Artillery in the Afghan War, 1838, &c. See India. 

4894 Burnes (Sir Alex) Papers descriptive of the N.W. Frontier of India^ 
large folding mop, 8vo, new half -morocco. J.B.G.S. 1834 43 6d 

4895 Cabool : Narrative of a Journey to, and Residence in that Cityi' 

1836-38, illustrated, second edition, 8vo, cloth. 1843 4s 

4897 Churchill (Lieut. Winston Spencer) Story of the Malakand Field 
Force : an Episode of Frontier War, maps, plans, dbc. , 12mo, cloth. 
1898 3£f 

4898 Colquhoun (Major J. A. S.) With the Kurram Field Force, 1878-79, 
map and illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1881 33 

Includes valuable informaiion upon Afghanistan for the geographerj ethnologist, and 

Conolly's Journey through AfFghaunistaun, &c., 1829-30. See p. 5. 

4890 Gumming (Lieut. J. S.) A Six Years' Diary, 8vo, cloth. 1847 3a 
Contains Account of the Taking of the Kyber Pass, &c., 1842, during Sale's 

4900 Dennie (Col.) Personal Narrative of Campaigns in Affghanistan, 
Sinde, Beloochistan, &c., map, 12mo, cloth. Dublin, 1843 2s 6d 

4901 Eastwick (Capt. J.) Lord Lytton and the Afghan War, 8vo, sewed. 
1879 Is 3d 

4903 Elphinatone (Hon. Mountstuart) Account of the Kingdom of 
Caubul and its Dependencies in Persia, Tartary, and India, large map 
and 14 coloured plates, 4to, half-calf. 1815 129 

4904 ^ Caubul, Sir Stamford Raffles's Copy, with his book-plate, half- 
vellum ^^' 

4905 Caubul, another dopy, with coloured mi^iiature inserted, half- 
calf '^'^^ 

4906 Caubul, another copy, full calf ___ii' 

33, High Street, Mdnjlehone, London, W. 

60 Prancis Edwards's Catalogue 

4907 Eyre (Major- General Sir Vincent) Military Operations at Cabul, 
Retreat and Destruction of the British Army, 1842, and Journal of 
Imprisonment in Aflfghanistan, 12mo, cloth. 1843 Is 6d 

4908 Prison Sketches (32) of the Oabul Prisoners, and other Subjects, 

in wrapper, 8vo. [1843] Ga 

4909 The Kabul Insurrection of 1841-42, New Edition, revised by 

Col. Malleson, maps and illustrations, 12mo, cloth. 1879 (pub. 93) 23 

Ferrier's Caravan Journeys in Afghanistan, «fec. See No. 4658. 

4911 History of the Afghans, translated by Jesse, 8vo, cloth, with 

author's autograph. 1858 53 6d 

4912 History of the Afghans, another copy, Svo, half -calf extra 63 

4913 Fincastle (Viscount) and Lockhart (P. C. E.) The Frontier Cam- 
paign : Narrative of Operations of Malakand and Buner Field Forces, 
1897-98, map and 16 illustrations, 12mo, cloth. 1898 2$ 6d 

FoRSTER (George) Journey in Afghanistan, &c., 1782-83. See p. 7. 

4914 Gleig (Rev. G. R.) Sale's Brigade in Afghanistan, with Account of 
the Seizure and Defence of Jellalabad, 12mo, cloth 23 6d 

4915 Another copy, bound up with Letters from Madras [By Mrs. 

Maitland], 1 vol, 12mo, cloth. 1846 3s 6d 

4916 Gore (Dr. F. St. J.) Lights and Shadows of the Afghan and Hindu 
Highlands of the Punjaub,/u/Zy illustrated, 8vo, cloth. 1895 10a 

4917 Gray (Surgeon J. A.) At the Court of the Amir of Afghanistan 
[Abdurrahman], with illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1895 4s 6d 

4918 Green (Major H. W. R.) Report on Affairs of Khelat, 1857 60 
(Ind. Gov. Records, No. 34), map, royal 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1861 2a 

4919 Greenwood (Lieut.) The Campaign in Afghanistan under General 
Pollock, illustrated, 12mo, cloth. 1844 3^ 

Griffith (Surgeon) Travels in Assam Affghanistan, &c., 1835-44. 

See India. 

4920 Hart (Capt. L. W.) and Atkinson (James) Character and Costume 
of Afghaunistan, 27 lithographs by Haghe, coloured and mounted, ivith 
map in large portfolio, with descriptions. 1843 £2 ISs 

Includes Portraits of Shah Shoojau, Dost Mohamed, Views in Cabul, Jellalabad, 
Khelat, &c. 

This is the Second Series of Atkinson's Sketches in Afghanistan. For First Series sec 

4921 Haughton (Col. J. C.) Char-ee^Kar : an Episode of the First Afghan 
War, 8vo, pp. viii-62, &nd plan. 1879 23 6d 

4922 Havelock (Sir Henry) Narrative of the War in Aff^hanietan, 
1838-39, 2 vols, 12ino, cloth. 1840 9s 

Life of, see India. 

4923 Hensman (Howard) The Afghan War, 1879 80: Kafratlve of the 
Capture of Kabul, Siege of Sherpur, March to Kai-dahar, Operations (»ri 
the Helmund, &c., maps, 8vo, cloih. 1881 (i>nb. 21«) C>* 

8B, High Street, Marylthone, London, W^ 

Afghanistan gj 

4924 Hough (Major W.) Narrative of the Operations of the Array of the 
Indus in Affghanistan, 1838-39 ; with a History of the Dooranee Empire 
map and views, 8vo, boards. Calcutta, 1840 6a 

4926 Jackson (Sir A. Keith) Views in Affghauniataun, during the Cam- 
paign of the Army of the Indus (1839), folio, half-morocco 128 

Includes Views of Caubul, Kwettah, Kandahar, Khelat, the Bolan Pass, Tatta. the 
btormmg of Ghuznee, &c. 

4927 James (Lionel), Renter's Special Correspondent : The Indian Frontier 
War, being an Account of the Mohmund and Tirah Expeditions, 1897, 
lolth 10 maps and plans and 31 illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1898 4? 

4929 Kaye (Sir J. W.) History of the War in Affghanistan. Best Edition, 
2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1851 Us 

4930 Third Edition, 3 vols, 12mo, cloth. 1874 83 6d 

4932 Kaye (Lieut. -Gen. E.) The Mountain Passes leading to the Valley 
of the Bamian. P.R.G. S. 1879 Is 3d 

4933 Kennedy (R. H., M.D.) Narrative of the Campaign of the Army of 
the Indus, in Sind and Kaubool, 1838-39, 8 plates, 2 vol?, 12mo, cloth. 
1840 5s 

4934 Another copy, 2 vols, 12mo, calf 6s 6d 

4935 Kirke (Dr.) Views of Defiles and Mountain Passes in Affghanistan, 
with map and descriptions, oblong folio, cloth. [1845] lis 

1. Defile between Deyra and Kahun. 2. Pass of Surtoff. 3. Pass of Nuffoosk. 
Krusinski's Afghan Wars with Persia. See No. 4690. 
Lawrence (Sir George) The Cabul Disasters. See India. 

4937 Lai Mohan : Life of Amir Dost Mohammed Khan of Kabul, with 
Account of the Victories and Disasters of the British Army in 
Affghanistan, icltJi numerous portraits, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1846 63 

Travels in Afghanistan, &c. See p. 56. 

4938 Leitner (Dr. G. W.) Linguistic Fragments : the Dialects of the 
Magadds, the Argots of Thieves, &c , in Kabul, &c , folio, sewn. 1882 


4939 Le Messurier (Major) Kandahar in 1879. Reprinted, with additions, 
from the Royal Engineers' Journal, l2mo, cloth. 1880 33 
Login (Sir John) Herat, 1839 40 ; Afghan War, 1840-41. See India. 

4940 Lumsden (Sir P.) Countries and Tribes bordering on theKohi-Baba 
Range. P.K.G.S.18S5 Is 3d 

4041 Mission to Afghanistan, 1857. See Bellew, above. 

4942 McFall (Capt. Crawford) With the Zhob Field Force, 1890, with 
90 illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1895 53 

Macgregor (Col. C. M.) Journey thro' Khorassan and North - West 
Province of Afghanistan. See Persia, p. 47. 

4944 Macintyre (Major-General Donald) Hindu Koh : Wanderings and 
Wi!d Sport on and beyond the Himalaya?, illustrated, Svo, cloth. 1889 

83f High Strecf, Maryhhone, London, W. 

62 Frahcis Edwards's Catalogue 

MACKINNON (Capt. D. H.) Campaign against the Afghans, 1839. See 

^4945 Macnaghten (Sir W.) Article JFroni Calcutta Review, Vol. VI., 
pp. 209-265. [1846 ?] Is 

4946 Maitland and Talbot (Capts.) Journeys in Afghanistan [Valley of 
the Heri-Rud to Daulafcyar]. P.R.G.S. 1887 la 3d 

4948 Malleson (Gen.) History of Afghanistan, from the Earliest Period 
to the Outbreak of the War m 1878, 8vo, cloth. 1879 7s 6d 

4950 Markham (Sir C. R) The Mountain Passes of the Afghan Frontier 
of British India, map. F.B.G.S. 1879 Is 3d 

Marvin's The Russians at Merv and Herat. See Russian Central 
Asia, No. 4844. 

4951 Masson (Charles) Legends of the Afghan Countries, in Verse^ 
Original and Translated, 12 mo, cloth. 1848 4s 6d 

Journeys in Afghanistan, «&c. See Baluchistan, p. 64. 

. 4953 Melville (Hon. W. Leslie) Remarks on the War in Afghanistan, 8vo, 
pp. 28. 1842 2s 

4954 Mitford (Major R. C. W.) To Oaubul with the Cavalry Brigade 
under General (Lord) Roberts, maps and illustrations, Bvo, cloth. 
1881 23 6d 

V 4956 Nash (Charles) History of the War in Affghanistan, 12mo, cloth. 
1843 3s 6d 

•^4957 Outram (Capt. James) Journey from Khelat to Sonmeeanee, 1839, 
with map (Bombay Records, 1855, pp. 369-382), royal 8vro, half-calf 63 

Notes of Campaign in Affghanistan, 1838-39. See India. 

4960 Prinsep (H. T.) Historical Results deducible from Discoveries 
[of Bactrian Coins] in Afghanistan, plates^ 8vo, cloth. 1844 2s 6d 

4962 Punjab Frontier : Relations of the Government with [Afghan] 
Tribes on the N.W. Frontier, 1849-55, map (Ind. Gov. Records No. 12), 
royal 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1856 2s 6d 

4963 Record of Expeditions against the N.W. Frontier [Afghan] Tribes, 

by Lieut. -Col. W. H. Paget, maps and plans, royal 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 
1874 143 

4964 Raverty (Major H. G.) Dictionary of the Pushto or Afghan Languagp, 
imperial 8vo, cloth. 1860 16s 

4965 Afghan Dictionary, second edition, with additions, cloth. 1867 


4900 Selections from the Poetry of the Afghans, 16th-l9th Century, 

12mo, cloth. 1862 7s 6d 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

Afghanistan 63 

4970 Robertson (Sir George Soott) The Kd-firs of f the Hindu.Kush, 
illustrated by A. D. McCormick, royal 8vo, cloth. 1896 (pub. Sis 6d) 9a 

4971 — — Chitral, the Story of a Minor Siege, with plans, pictures, and 
portraits, 8vo, cloth, 1898 78 

Contains account of Ross's disaster iu the Koragh defile, the heroic defence of Reshunj 
and Kelly's great march. 

4972 Sale (Lady) Journal of the Disasters in Affghanistan, 1841-2, 12mo, 
cloth. 1843 3a 

Copy with MS. notes. 

4974 Shadbolt (Sydney H.) The Afghan Campaigns of 1878-1880, com- 
prising Historical and Biographical Divisions, containing Sketch of the 
War, maps and 140 photographic portraits, with Memoirs, 2 vols, 4to, 
cloth, gilt edges. 1882 16s 

4975 Stacy (Ool, L, R.) Narrative of Services during General Nott's 
Campaign in Afghanistan, 8vo, cloth, privately printed. 1844 5s 6d 

4976 Stewart (Col. C. E.) The Herat Valley and the Persian Border from 
the Hari-Rud to Sistan, map P.E.G.S. 1886 Is 3d 

4978 Thackeray (Lieut.-Col.) Views of Kabul and Environs, 30 plates 
from photographs^ with description and historical sketch. Printed for 
private ci7'culation, oblong 4to, cloth, 1881 7s 6d 

4979 Thorburn (S. S.) Bannil; or, Our Afghan Frontier, 8vo, cloth. 
1876 (pub. 188) 93 

Account of the district, people, rulers ; popular stories and ballads, with collection of 
proverbs, English and Pushto, 

4980 Trumpp (Dr. Ernest) Grammar of the Past5, or Language of the 
Afghans, 8vo, half-calf. [Leipzig] 1873 ISs 

4981 Vigne (G. T.) Narrative of a Visit to Ghuzni, Kabul, and Afghanistan, 
and Residence at the Court of Dost Mahomed, with Notices of Run jit 
Sing, Khiva, and the Russian Expedition, illustrated, 870, cloth. 1840 


4982 Another oopy, 8vo, half- calf 6g 

4983 Willis (Capt.) Character and Costumes of Afghanistan, lithographs j 
folio, half-morocoo. 1843 123 

4984 Yate (Lieut. A. C.) Travels with the Afghan Boundary Commission, 
maps and plates, 8vo, cloth. 1887 10a 

4985 Yate (Major C. E.) Northern Afghanistan : Letters from the Afghan 
Boundary Commission, maps, 8vo, cloth. 1888 48 

A sequel to A. C. Yate's England and Russia Face to Face in Asia. 

YouNGHUSBAND (Capt. G. J.) Indian Frontier Warfare and Relief of 
Chitral, See India. 


83^ High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

64 Francis Edwards s Catalogue 


History, Geography ^ Travels, Language, and Literature, 

4988 Baluchistan : Map of the Territories of H.H. the Khan of Kelat, 
with adjacent portions of Sind, the Punjab, Afghanistan, and Persia, 
42 by 36 in., coloured, mounted^ 4to, cloth. Calcutta, 1877 3s 6d 

4989 Bruce (R. B. J.) Notes on the Dera Ghazee Khan District and its 
Border Tribes (Punjab Records), royal 8vo, swd. Lahore, 1871 Sa 

Dennie's Narrative of Campaigns in Beloochistan. See No, 4900. 

4990 Floyer (E. A.) Unexplored Baluchistan : a Survey with Observations, 
Astronomical, Geographical, Botanical, &c., of a Route through Mekran, 
Bashkurd, Persia, Kurdistan, and Turkey, map and illubtrations, royal 
8vo, cloth. 1882 12s 6d 

4991 Gladstone (C. E.) Biluchi Handbook : Grammar, Vocabulary, 
Sentences, &c., folio, bds. Lahore, 1874 63 

4992 Hughes (A. W.) The Country of Balochistan ; its Geography, Topo- 
graphy, Ethnology, and History, map and 7 photographs, 12rao, cloth. 
1877 43 6d 

4993 Macgregor (Col, C. M.) Wanderings in Balochistan, map and 
illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1882 Ts Gd 

4994 Masson (Charles) Journeys in Balochistan, Afghanistan, and the 
Pan jab ; including a Residence in those Countries, 1826 38, 6 views and 
14 ivoodcuts, 3 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1842 lis 

4995 , Journey to Kalat, including Account of the Insurrection in 1840, 

and a Memoir on Eastern Balochistan, map illustrating former journeys, 
8vo, cloth. 1843 5s 

Legends of Afghan Countries. See No. 4951. 

4996 M in chin (Capt. C.) Memorandum on the Beloch Tribes in Dera 
Ghazi Khan District (Punjab Records), royal 8vo, sewed. 1869 23 

4997 Oliver (Edw. E.) Across the Border, or Pathan and Biloch, illus- 
trated by J. L. Kipling, 8vo, cloth. 1890 6s 

4998 Pottinger ([Sir] Henry) Travels in Beloochistan and Sinde, with 
Geo^^raphical and Historical Account of those Countries, map and plate, 
4to,'oalf. 1816 10a 

WiNDT (H. de) A Ride across Baluchistan, &o. See No. 4736. 

83, High Street, MarylehonCj London, W, 

F'rancis Edwa/rds's Catalogue 65 


Geography, Travel, Ethnology, History, Antiquities, 
Statistics, Politics, Commerce, &c. 

*;,£* For Religion, Language, and Literatdke, and for Natural 
History and Products, see subsequent Sections. 

5000 Abbott (Lt. George) Views of the Forts of Bhurtpore and 
Weire, 13 litho plates (india proofs), with a Short Account of the 
Capture of the Forts, oblong folio, boards. 1827 12s 6d 

5001 Abbott (Major-General Augustus) Extracts from his Journal 
and Correspondence : the Afghan War 1838-42, with Introductory 
Account of the Indian Service of the Brothers Sir Frederick, 
James, Saunders, and Augustus Abbott, by C. R. Low, Svo' 
cloth. 1879 6s 6d 

General Augustus Abbott's field-service in India began in December, 1822. He 
was present at the siege of Bhurtpore in 1825. 

5002 Abbs (Rev. John) Twenty-Two Years' Missionary Experiences 
in Travancore (1838-60), 12mo, cloth. 1870 2s 6d 

Includes chapters on Caste, Marriage Customs, and Intercourse with Moham* 
medans, «&c. 

Abd-er-Razzak, Voyage into Hindostan, 1442. See Major; Elliot. 

5003 Abdulkurreem (Khojeh), a Cashmerian, Memoirs : including 
Nadir Shah's Journey to Persia, History of Hindostan, 1739-49, 
Account of the European Settlements in Bengal and on the 
Coromandel Coast, translated by Gladwin, Svo, boards. 1793 8s 

5004 Aberigh-Mackay (G. R.) The Sovereign Princes and Chiefs 
of Central India, Vol. I., photographic illustrations, royal 8vo, cloth. 
Calcutta, 1879 9s 

This volume contains account of the States, their resources and administration 
by the Imperial Government, and History of the Family of Holkar. 

5C05 Twenty-One Days in India; or, the Tour of Sir AH 

Baba, K.C.B., new edition, illustrated, 12mo, cloth 3s 6d 

Twenty-one sketches of Anglo-Indian life, reprinted from Vanity Fair. 

Abulfeda, Geography of India, 13th cent. See Thevenot's Collec- 
tion, Vol. I. 

Abu Taleb Khan (Mirza), Persian Prince, Travels (1799-1803). 
See Stewart (Prof.). 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

66 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

5006 Ackermann's The World in Miniature, edited by F. Shoberl. 
Hindoostan : a Description of the Hindoos, their Religion, Manners, 
Customs, Trades, Arts, Literature. &c., loit/i over 100 coloured en- 
gravings, 6 vols, in 3, 12tno, cloth, 1822 14s 

5007 Acland (Rev. Charles) Account of the Natives of India ; their 
Manners, Customs, &c., 12mo, cloth. 1847 (Murray) 2s 6d 

5007b Adair (Capt. F. E. S.) A Summer in High Asia: n Record of 

Sport and Travel in Baltistan and Ladakh, map and 10 illustrations, 

Svo, cloth. 1899 6s 6d 

Account of Journe)^ from Srinagar to Leh, Gya, &c., Big Game described, chapter 

on the Trade of Ladakh with China and Thibet by Capt. S. H. Godfrey, and List of 

Butterflies from Thibet. 

5008 Adam (W.) Report on the State of Education in Bengal, royal 
Svo, pp. 126; Part II., pp. 128. Calcutta, 1835-6 4s 6d 

Contains statistics of schools, children, their reading lessons, and names of 
their teachers. 

5009 Adams (Dr. Leith) Wanderings of a Naturalist in India, the 
Western Himalayas, Cashmere, and Ladakh, frontisiiiece, 12mo, 
cloth. 1867 6s 

The author spent nearly seven years in India, from 1819 onwards. His work is 
that of a lover of nature, scenery, flora, animal, especially bird-life. 

5010 Addison (G. A.) Indian Reminiscences; or, the Bengal 
Moofussul Miscellany (Prose and Verse), 8vo, cloth. 1837 4s 

Includes A Journal from Mangalore to Seringapatam in 1801, Ac -ounts of the 
Canara Caves in Salsette, of Delhi, Agra, and the Taj-Mahal, Anecdotes of Chess, 
Papers on Anagrams, Chronograms. 

5011 [ ] Original Familiar Correspondence between Residents in 

India, including Sketches of Java, 12mo, cl. Edinburgh, 1846 4s 

Letters, chiefly literary. Mr. Addison was private secretary to Mr. (afterwards 
Sir) Stamford Baffles, and died in Java, 1815. 


5012 Indian Territories : Report from the Select Committee 
(H.C.) on Indian Territories, with Proceedings and Minutes of 
Evidence, Appendix, Index, map and tables (Pari. Paper), folio, 
pp. xii-1006, cloth. June 29, 1852 15s 

This Committee was appointed to inquire and report on the Government of 
India at Home and in India; Military and Naval Establishments; Income and 
Expenditure : Judicial Establishments, European and Native ; Education ; Public 
Works ; and Miscellaneous Topics. Lords Elphinstone, Ellenborough, and Hardinge, 
General Pollock, Col. Sykes, Sir G. Russell Clerk, Wilberforce Bird, Sir T. H. 
Maddock, H. T. Prinsep, Cosmo Melvill, and others gave evidence. The Appendix 
of Statistics, Accounts, and Reports occupies pp. 271-911. 

5013 Report from Select Committee (House of Lords) on Indian 

Territories (Pari. Paper), with Index, cloth. Dec, 1852 10s 6d 

The Lords took evidence on similar subjects : from Wilberforce Bird, Sir 
C. H. Cameron, Sir George Russell Clerk, David Hill, John MoPherson McLeod, 
Sir Herbert Maddock, J. Cosmo Melvill, John Stuart Mill, Frederick Millett, 
R Keith Pringle, Lestock Reid, and T. Campbell Robertson. 

83, High Street^ Marylebone, London, W. 

India 57 

Administration {continued) — 

5014 Indian Territories— First, Second, and Third Reports from 
the Lords Committee on Indian Territories, with Appendices, 
Index, and majiSy folio, cloth. 1853 18s 

New evidence, on similar subjects to preceding, was given by Edward Thorn- 
ton, Col. Kennedy. Col. R. Torrens, G. Gr. Macpherson, Col. D. Sims, Major French, 
Judge Edwards, Sir Erskine Perry, Gen. Paslev, Dr. Duff, George Norton, J. C. 
Marshman, Sir Charles Trevelyan, T. A. Wise, Wilberforce Bird, H. H. Wilson, Sir 
C. Hay Cameron. Rev. W. Keane, Bp. Carr, Rev. J. Tucker, Bp. Spencer, and many 
other Indian officials. 

5015 First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Reports 

from the House of Commons Committee on Indian Territories, with 
Evidence, Appendices, majiSy plans. Index, and Analysis of 
Evidence (9 Pari. Papers), 2 vols, folio, cloth. 1853 £\ 10s 

This Committee was appointed to inquire into Operations for Effecting an 
Arrangement v^^ith the E.I. Co. and for the better government of H.M. Indian 
Territories. The subjects comprehended the whole field of Indian Administra- 
tion and Policy (Civil and Military), Religion. Education, Public Works, Justice, 
Finance, Land Revenue. Newspaper Press. Evidence was given by Sir Willoughby 
Cotton, Sir Thomas M'Mahon. Sir George Pollock, Fred. Abbott, W. Jacob, 
nnd F. Spencer Hawkins, F. J. Halliday, Lord Gough. Sir Edward Ryan, Malcolm 
Lewin. John Sullivan, Sir Charles Trevelyan, Prof. H. H. Wilson, Rev. J. Tucker, 
J. 0. Marshman, Ardaseer Cursetjee, Cooper Aylwin, N. B. Edmonstone Baillie, 
R. M. Bird. K. Brodie, Col. W. Burlton, Dr. S. Cahill, C. M. Caldecott, Sir C. H. 
Ca?neron, B p. Carr, John Chapman, W. H. Deane, J. W. Ballantyne Dykes, A. S. 
Finlay, J. F. Leith, R. D. Mangles, Sir Erskine Perry, W. F. Prideaux, and others. 

5016 Sbitement exhibitinjc^ tlie Moral and Material Progress and Con- 
dition of India, 1861-62, 2 vols, folio, cloth (Pari. Paper). 
1863 £1 10s 

Part T Narrative ; Reports, Finance, Post Office, Telegraph, Marine, Survey, 
and Public Works Departments ; Administration of Port Blair (Andamans), 
Bengal, and Madras Presidences. 

Part 11. Administration of Bombay Presidency, N.W. and Central Provinces, 
Punjab, Oude, Hyderabad Districts, Straits Settlements, Coorg, British Burmah. 

5017 Administration in India, British and Native, their Comparative 
Merits (Pari. Paper, Feb., 1868), folio, sewed 3s 6d 

Includes Letters from Lord Lawrence, Cant. R. A. Cole, Gordon Forbes, Sir R. 
Temple, Col. Fytche, Dr. R. N. Oust, Sir D. F. Macleod, W. C. Anderson, and 

5018 Moral and Material Progress and Condition of India during 
1870-71, coloured maps (Pari. Paper), folio, sewed. 1872 2s 6d 

5019 Ditto, for 1871-72, folio, sewed. 1873 2s 6d 

5020 Ditto, Uth, 16th, and 22nd Numbers. 1879-87 each Is 6d 

5021 Ditto, 19th Number, 2 parts, icith 12 large maps by T. 

Saunders. 1885 7s 

5023 Some Results of Indian Administration during the Past Thirty 
Years (Pari. Paper), folio, sewed, pp. 36. 1889 Is 6d 

5024 A Glance at the East, by a Retired Bengal Civilian, pp. 32. 
1857 Is 6d 

5025 Memorandum of Improvements in the Administration of India 
during the Last Thirty Years, pp. iv-101. 1858 2s 6d 

Revenue, Judicature, Public Works, Education, &c. 

83^ High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

p 2 

68 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

Administration {continued) — 

5026 Brief Observations on Reorganization of Our Power in India, by 
an Old Resident, pp. 14. 1858 Is 6d 

5027 Observations on Proposed Council of India, pp. 7. 1858 Is 

5028 A President in Council the best Government for India, pp. 8. 
1858 Is 

5029 Five Letters on Indian Reorganization by C. D. L., pp. 38. 
1858 2s 

5030 Justice for India, by a Plain Speaker, pp. 82. 1858 2s 

5031 The Government of India as It Ought to Be, pp. 62. 1858 2s 

5032 Observations on the Civil, Criminal, and Police Administration 
of Bengal, by M. H. Court, pp. 56 2s 

See Army ; Bengal ; Bombay Association ; Central India ; Crime ; 
East India Company ; Education ; Emigration ; Finance ; Land, Law, 
AND Justice; Native States; Public Works; Eulers of India; 
Treaties &c. Also Argyll, Arnold (Sir E.), Auber, Auckland, Bell (Evans), 
Blackett, Blanshard, Bose, Bright, Bruce, Campbell (Sir G.), Chesney, Congreve, 
Cornwallis, Dalhousie, Denison, Dilke, Duff (M. E. Grant). Dufferin, Elgin, 
Ellenborough, Elphinstone, Fawcett, Frere, Hastings (Warren), Hastings (Mar- 
quess), Hunter, Ilbert, Jacob (Gen.), Kaye, Keir, Lauderdale, Lawrence (Lord), 
Lewis (G. C), Luard, Lyall, Lytton, Martineau, Mayo, Meade (Sir R.^, Mills, Miuto, 
Moorsom, Morison, Munro, Murdock, Napier, Phillips, Prinsep, Raikes (C), Reay, 
Routledge. Samuelson, Strachey, Temple (Sir R.), Thomason, Torrens, Trotter, 
Tucker, Verelst, Wellesley, Wheeler, Wood (Sir C), Wyllie. Aberigh-Mackay, 
Dodwell, East India Register, Elliott (Sir C), Hobart, Hodgson, Keene, Malcolm, 
Prichard, Sandeman, &c. 

5036 Adye (Gen. Sir John) Recollections of a Military Life, 
illustrated, 8vo, cloth. 1895 4s 6d 

The Crimea, Indian Mutiny, Frontier Campaigns, Bootan War, &c. 

5037 The Defence of Cawnpore, with plans, Svo, cloth. 1858 5s 

5038 Sitana: a Mountain Campaign on th^ Borders of 

Afghanistan in 1863, 2 maps and view of Umheyla Pass, Svo, cloth. 
1867 3s 

With remarks on state of the N.W. Frontier and Russia's advance in Asia. 

Afghan and N.W. Frontier. See Afghanistan, pp. 58 to 63; 
also Adye, Allen, Cotton (Sir S.), Durand (A.), Edwardes, 
Paget, Punjaub, Robertson (Sir G.), Sandeman (Sir R.), &c. 

5041 Agra, Fort, Water-colour Sketch by a Native Artist, 9^ ft. by 
l|ft, on linen 12s 

5042 Statistics of the District of Agra, by C. C. Jackson, Svo, 

pp. iv-48, table and map. Agra, 1850 2s 

5043 Almanack or Year Book for the N.W. Provinces and the 

Punjaub, for 1850 and 1851, 1 vol. Svo, half-calf. Agra 5s 

Contains Calendar (English, Hindu, Mohammedan), Meteorological Tables, 
Exchange, Itioeraries, Tables of Distances, Routes, Topographical Sketches, &;c. 

5044 Guide to the Taj at Agra, the Fort, Akbai-'s Tomb, Ruins 

of Futtehpore Sikree, &c., Svo, half-calf. Lahore, 1869 3s 

See also AECHiBOLOGiCAL Survey, Bholanauth, Bouroe. Coopland, Parks. 
Rousselet, Bussell, Sleeman, Tavernier, Cumberland, Cumming, Daniell, Elliot (R.), 
Fergusson, Forrest, Hamilton, Heber, Hobbes, Hodges, Luard, and others. 

S3., High Street^ Marylebotie, Londjon^ IF» 


5045 Aitchison (Sir Charles) Lord Lawrence and the Reconstruction 
of India under the Crown, with map (Rulers of India Series), 12mo 
cloth. 1892 2s 

Collection of Treaties relating to India, Burraah, Siam, Ma- 
layan States, &c. See above, p. 22 ; also Smith (George), post, 

Beale (T. W.) Oriental Biographical Dictionary. See Keene. 

5047 [Aitken (E. H.)] Tribes on My Frontier: an Indian Naturalist's 
Foreign Policy, by Eha, with illustrations by F. C. Macrae. 12mo. 
cloth. 1892 3g6^ 

A Durbar, the Rats, the Mosquito, Lizards, Ant?, Crows, Bats, Bees, Wasps, 
Spiders, the Butterfly, Frogs, Birds, &c. Papers written during the Afghan War, 
and reprinted from the Times of India. 

5048 Behind the Bungalow : Sketches of Life in India, by Eha, 

illustrated by Macrae, 12mo, cloth. 1889 5s 

A series of Sketches of Indian Servants, portraying every variety of native 
character, caste, trade, or class. 

5049 A Naturalist on the Prowl : In the Jungle, by Eha, illus- 
trated by Sterndale, 12mo, cloth. 1897 5s 

5050 Ajmere and Mhairwarra Districts, Administration of 1872- 
1873 (Ind. Govt. Records, No. 112), royal 8vo, swd. Oalcutta 2s 6d 

5051 Report on Settlement, by La Touche. Calcutta, 1875 2s 6d 

See also Census, Coryat, Dixon, Hamilton (W.), Heber, Hunter, Murray, and 
references under Rajputana. 

5052 Akbar (the Emperor) : a Contribution to the History of India 
in the 16th Century, by Count Frederick Augustus of Noer, trans- 
lated by Annette Beveridge, 2 vols. 8vo, cl. Calcutta, 1890 8s 

An exact and exhaustive work. 

5053 and the Rise of the Mughal Empire, by Malleson (Rulers 

of India) with map, 12mo, cloth. 1891 2s 

Fresco Paintings on Akbar's Tomb at Sikandra, with 11 

full-page coloured illustrations. See Journal of Indian Art, vol. vi. 

5054 Ayeen Akbery ; or, the Institutes of Akber, translated 

from the original Persian by Gladwin, frontispiece, 2 vols. 4to, 
half-calf. 1800 16s 

For Persian text and Blockmann's translation, see p. 51. 
The 'Ain-i-Akbari' is a native account of the Court, Dominions, and Administra- 
tion of the great Emperor, by his Minister Abul-Fazl, the great Munshi, who, as a 
writer, according to Blockmann, was unrivalled. On Akbar see also the Histories 
of Briggs, Erskine, Elliot, Elphinstone, Ferishta, Fitch, «fec. 

5056 Albemarle (Earl) Speech on Torture in the Madras Presidency, 
H.L., 14th April, 1856, pp. 22 2s 

5057 Alberuni's India: Religion, Philosophy, Literature, Geography, 
Chronology, Astronomy, Customs, Law, and Astrology of India, 
A.D. 1030, translated, with notes, by Prof. Edw. Sachau (Triibner's 
Oriental Series), 2 vols. 8vo, cloth (scarce). 1888 £3 

Abu Rihan al Alberuni is said to have stayed in India forty years, but probably 
did not travel further east than Lahore. His work forms the best account of India 
to the middle of the 11th century A.D., the period of the conquests of Mahmud of 
Ghazni, and contains extensive quotations from Hindu authors, whom he criticizes 
in the manner of a modern scholar. His India is the India of the Brahmins when 
the centres of learning were Benares and Kashmir. 

Chronology of Ancient Nations, see p. 1. 

83y High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

70 Francis Edwards^s Catalogue 

5058 Albuquerque, and the Portuguese Settlements in India, by 
H. Morse Stephens (Rulers of India Series), 'portrait and mapj 12mo, 
cloth 2s 

See also D'Alboqubrque's Commentakies, and Danvers, p. 5 ; also refer- 
ences under Portuguese in India. 

5059 Alexander the Great's Invasion of India as described by 
Classical Writers, edited, with introduction, notes, maps and illus- 
trations of coins, j^etns and inscriptions, by M'Crindle, 2nd edition, 
8vo, cloth. 1896 (pub. 10s 6d) 4s 

All the translations are accompanied hy historical, critical, and topographical 
notes. The Appendices include notes on cities and districts described, on gold- 
digging ants, Alexander's Camp on the Hydaspes {The Jhilam), Battle with Poros, 
Voyage down the Hydaspes, Alexander in Sindh, sindimana {Schwan), Indian 
Sages, The Indian Month, Indian Serpents, Peacocks and Dogs, Suttee, Ancient 
Indian Coins, an Asoka Inscription, &c. 

See also Arrian, Cunningham (Gen. Alex.), Thomas (B.). 

5060 Alexander (Gen. R.) British Opium Smuggling and its Injurious 
Effects upon India, China, &c., 8vo, pp. 80. 1856 2s 6d 

5061 Contraband Opium Traffic, the Disturbing Element, pp. 27. 

1857 2s 

5062 Opium Revenue of India; it is Not Right, &c., pp. 19. 1857 

See also Jeffreys, Opium, and China. 

Alexander (Gen. W. R. E.) Memories of the Mutiny. See Pitt. 
Allen's (Capt. A.) Views in Mysore. See Colebrook (Lt. R. H.). 

5063 Allen (Rev. I. N.) Diary of a March through Sinde and 
Affghanistan with Gen. Nott's Troops, with Sermons and a series 
of litho. views (1841-42), 12mo, cloth. 1843 3s 

Contains a description of Upper and Lower Sinde, the Bolan Pass, Pisheen 
Valley, Kandahar, Ghuznee, Kabul and Peshawur. See also Neill (Capt. Bladen). 

5064 Allen (Mrs.) Views and Flowers from Guzerat and Rajpootana, 
13 coloured plates, royal 8vo(185-), (Paul Jerrard's Cream and Gold 
Series) 5s 
Ameer Khan (Mohummud), Pathan Soldier of Fortune, and the 
Pindaree War, 1817-18. See Prinsep (H. T.). 

5065 Amherst (Loi-d) and the British Advance Eastward to Burma, 
by Miss Thackeray and R. Evans (Rulers of India Series), map and 
portrait, 12mo, cloth. 1894 2s 

5066 Anderson (Rev. Philip) The English in Western India, at 
Surat, Bombay, &c. (1612-1708), 8vo, cloth. Bombay, 1854 4s 6d 

5067 Anderson (Capt. R. P.) Personal Journal of the Siege of 
Lucknow, 12mo, cloth. 1858 4s 

5068 Andrada (Father) Life of Dom John de Castro, Fourth Viceroy 
of India, Portuguese Voyages and Conquests, &c., translated by 
Sir Peter Wyche, tvith plan of Diu and portrait, folio, calf anticxue 
(fine copy). 1664 £1 5s 

5069 Dom John de Castro, another copy, original calf ^1 

One of the most illustrious of the Portuguese captains in the East Indies, who 

for his great deeds was made viceroy 1547, but he died in the arms of Xavier at Goa 
in the following year. 

83 y High Street, Marylehone, London, TT. 

Iifidia 71 

5071 Andrew ([Sir] W. P.) The Indus and its Provinces; their 
Political and Commercial Importance, 8vo, cloth. [1857] 3s 6d 

5072 The Scinde Railway and its Relations to the Euphrates 

Valley, and other Routes to India, with mmps, Statistics, &c., Svo 
cloth. 1856 2s 6d 

5073 [New edition] Memoir on the Euphrates Valley Route to 

India, with Oflicial Correspondence and t)iaps, 8vo, cl. 1857 2s 6d 

5074 Railways in Bengal, pp. 50 and map ; Upper India Rail- 
way Company, pp. 25 and map. 1853 2s 6d 

5075 Tramroads in N. India (Kumaon and Gurhwal), pp. 106, 

1857 2s 

5076 A Steam Flotilla on the Indus, pp. 28. 1857 Is 6d 

5077 Portof Kurrachee, w/^Amajoo/fZisicmces, pp. 33. 1857 Is 6d 

5078 The Punjaub Riiilway, pp. 37 and map. 1857 Is 6d 

5079 (and others) Telegraphic Communication with India, 

pp.36. 1858 ls6d 

5080 India and her Neighbours: Proposed Direct Railway, 

tnaps, Svo, cloth. 1878 (pub. 15s) 2s 6d 

See also Sinde. 

5081 Arbuthnot (James) A Trip to Kashmir, with 64 illusirations^ 
smaU 4to, cloth. 1900 10s 

5082 Arbuthnot (8ir A. J.) Lord Clive and the Foundation of 
British Rule in India, 12mo, cloth. 1899 3s .6d 


5083 Ancient Moxumexts, Temples, and Sculptures of India, 500 
pliotograjihs with descriptive letterpress. In Three Portfolios 

Part I., containing 170 plates, of which 26 illustrate the 

Bharhut Stdpa, 19 the Sanchi Stupas, 6 the Sarnfith Remains, and 

83 the many interesting Gandhara (or Gra3co-Buddhist) Sculptures 

found around Pesh^lwa^, Asoka Inscriptions, Bhaja Cave Temples, 

Mathura Sculptures, &c., imperial 4to. 1902 £10 

Parts II. and III. sliortly 

It will be seen that this imporfant work illustrates very fully the history and 

development of the various styles of ludian architecture from the earliest times in 

Buddhist, Brahmanical, ami Jaiua caves to Drjividian, Chalukyan, Indo-Aryau, and 

Saracenic temples, mosques, and other buildings. 

Arch^ological Survey Reports, royal 8vo, cloth. Simla and Calcutta, 
1871-87: - 
5084 1., II. Four Reports by Gen. Alex. Cunni ogham, 1862 65, with ^\) plates 
of iuscriptionif, maps, and plans, 2 \ols. Simla, 1871 21s 

On the Antiquities of Buddha Gaya, Behar, Benares, Delhi, Mathura, 
Canouge, Allahabad, Madipur, Ajudhya or Oudh, Deoryia, Dewal, Peshawur, 
Lahore, Jaipour, Kurd war. Ajmere, Gwalior, &c. 
50a5 III. Report 1871-72: Styles of Hindu and Muhammadan Architec- 

ture -Mathura, Bitha, Garhwa, Buddha Gaya, Gaya, &c., by Geo. 
Cunningham, 47 plates and maps. 10s 6d 

5066 IV. Report 1871-72: Delhi, by J. D. Beglar ; Agra, by A. C. L. 

Carlleyle, 18Wa^6^?. 10s 6d 

5088 VI. Report of a Tour in Eastern Raj putaua, 1871-72-73, by A. O.L. 

Carlleyle, map and 23 plates. Calcutta, 1878. 14s 

5089 VII. Tour in Bundelkhand and Malwa, 1871-72. and m the Cen- 

tral Provinces, 1873-74, by J. D. Beglar, m^p and 21 plates. 10s 

8Sy High Street^ Maryhhoiie, Lonvdon, W. 

72 Francis Edwards^s Catalogue 

Arceleological Surveys of India {continued) — 

5090 VIII. Tour through the Bengal Provinces, 1872-73, by J. D. 

Beglar, map and 20 plates. lOs 

5091 IX. Tours through the Central Provinces, 1873-74, 1874-75, by 

Gen. Cunningham, map and 2^ plates. lOs 6d 

5092 X. Tours in Bundelkhand and Malwa, 1874-75, 1876-77, by Gen. 

Cunningham, map andS^ plates. 12s 6d 

5093 XI. Tours in the Gangetic Provinces from Badaon to Bihar, 

1875-76, 1877-78, map and ^S plates. 12s 6d 

5094 XVI. Tours in North and Souch Bihar, 1880-81, by General Cun- 

ningham and H. B. W. Garrick, map and 30 plates. lOs 6d 

5095 XIX. Tour through Behar, Central India, Peshawar, and Yusufzai. 

1881-82, by H. B. W. Garrick, 22 plates and map. 10s 6d 

5096 XX. Tour in Eastern Kajputana, 1882-83, by Gen. Cunningham. 

38 maps and plates. 12s 6d 

Mathura, Bharatpur, Gwalior, Alwar, Gurgaon, Delhi. 

5097 XXI. Tours in Bundelkhand and Kewa, 1883-84 ; in Rewa, 

Bundelkhand, Malwa, and Gwalior, 1884-85, 42 plates and 
maps. 12s 6d 

5098 XXII. Tours in Gorakhpur, Saran, and Ghazipur, 1877-78-79-80, 

by A. C. L. Carlleyle, 14 plates and maps. 12s 6d 

5099 XXIII. Tour in the Panjab and Rajputana, 1883-84, by Mr. H. B, W. 

Garrick, map and 27 plates. 15s 

5100 General Index to Reports, Vols. I. to XXIII., by Vincent Smith, 1887. Ss 6d 
A valuable work in itself, containing not only a General conspectus of 

the contents of eacl^ volume, but a useful Alphabetical Index, which includes 
most of the names of persons, clans, tribes, and places mentioned in early 
and mediasval Indian history, and their dates. 

5101 Illustrations of Ancient Buildings in Kashmir, 5S permanent photo and 

other plates, with descriptive text by Lt. H. H. Cole, imp. 4to, morocco 

extra, 18ti9 (pub. £3 10s) £2 5s 

The illustrations include photos of the Temples on Takt-i-Suliman Hill, at 

Rajdainbal and Nagbal, Marttand, Bhaniyar, Pathan, Pandrethan, Pillars and 

Ruins at Srinagar, Avantipore, (fcc. 

5102 Illustrations of Buildings near Muttra and Agra, showing the mixed 

Hindu-Mahomedan Style of Upper India, by H. H. Cole, photographs 

and plates, imp. 4to, half-morocco. 1873 (pub. £3 10s) £1 10s 

Photographs, with descriptions, plans, and details of the Hindu Temples at 

Bindrabund and Goverdhuu, Rajah of Bhurtpore's Palace at Deeg, and 

Palaces at Futtehpore Sikree. 

5104 Report on Antiquities in the Bidar and Aurangabad Districts, by Dr. 
James Burgess, 1875-76, 66 litho and photo places of temples, caves, 
idols, inscriptions, &c., imp. 4to, half-morocco. 1878 (pub. £2 2s) 30s 

5106 The Stupa of Bharhut : a Buddhist Monument, by Gen. Cunning- 

ham, bl plates, imp. 4to, cloth gilt. 1879 (pub. £3 3s) 35s 

5107 The Buddhist Stupas of Amaravati and Jaggayyapeta in the Krishna 

District, Madras Presidency, surveyed in 1882 by Dr. James Burgess, 
with Translations of the Asoka Inscriptions at Jaugada and Dhauli, by 
' Dr. Biihler, 6^ photo and litho plates and other illustrations, iui\). 4to, 

half-morocco. 1887 (pub. £4 48) £1 16s 

6108 Mahabodhi ; or, the Great Buddhist Temple under the Bodhi Tree at 
Buddha -Gaya, by Gen. Cunningham, 31 plates^ imp. 4to, cloth. 
1892 £1 12s 

5109 Inscriptions from the Cave Temples of Western India, with Descrip- 

tions by Dr. James Burgess and Bhagwanlal Indraji Fandd, plates, 4to, 
sewed. Bombay, 1881 8s 

Includes Inscriptions (Pahlavi, &;c.) from Caves of Ellora, Ajanta, Kuda, 
Kanheri, &c. 

5110 Report on the Architectural and Archaeological Remains in the Province 

of Kachh by Dalpatram P. Khakhar, with Five Papers by Sir Alex. 
Burnes (Bombay Govt. Records), imp. 8vo, sewed. 1879 5s 

88i High Street^ Marylebone, London^ W. 

India 73 

Arch^X)logical Surveys (continued) — 

5111 Bhagvanlal Tndraji, Antiquarian Remains at Sop^rd and Padana • 

Account of the Buddhist Stupa and Asoka Edict, &c., 7vith 21 nlates' 
royal 8vo. Bombay, 1882 6s 

5112 Bhavnagar Archfeological Department. Colleclion of Prakrit and 

Sanskrit Inscriptions, 41 jylates, royal 4to. cloth. Bhavnagar [188-] 14s 
Illustrations and Translations of Inscriptions of K. Asoka's Edicts, and of 
the Sah, Gupta, Valabhi, Surya, Gohila, and Solanki Dynasties. 

5113 — - Copper Plates found at Katapar, near Mahuva, under Bhavnagar, in 

Kathiawad, &c., 20 plates, with transliterations and descriptions, 4to, 
morocco. Poonah [188-] 6s 

5114 Inscriptions at Mangrol (Mangalpur) in the Mahadeva Temple at 

Udeypoor, Temple on Mount Aboo, in the Jain Temple, near Sadadi, 
Marwad, &c., with transliterations and translations, royal 4to, half- 
morocco. [188-] lOs 6d 

6115 Monumental Antiquities and Inscriptions in the N.W. Provinces and 

Oude, described by Dr. Fiihrer, roy. 4to, half-mor. Allahabad, 1891 12s 

List of Antiquities and Inscriptions arranged in Districts and Divisions— 

Mirath, Rohilkund, Kumaon, Agra, Jhansi, Allahabad, Benares, Lucknow, 

Sitapur, Faizibad, Kai Bareli. 

5116 Revised Lists of Antiquarian Remains in the Bombay Presidency, Sindh, 
and Berdr, wiajo awrf^/an.9, 4to, cloth. Bombay, IS97 lOs 

6117 Lists of the Antiquarian Remains in the Presidency of Madras, compiled 

hy Robert Sewell, 4to, cloth. Madras, 1882 128 

Inscriptions found in Gun jam. V^izagapatam. Godaveri, Kistna, Kurnool, 

Bellary, Anantapur, Cuddapah, Nellore, Arcot, Chingleput and Madras, Salem, 

Coimbatore, Nilgiri Hills, Canara, Malabar, Cochin, Travancore, Trichinopoly, 

Tanjore, Madura, and Tinnevelly Districts. 

5118 Lists of Inscriptions and Sketch of the Dynasties of Southern India 

(A.D. 690-1843), compiled by Robert Sewell, 4to, cloth. Madras, 1884 98 

In this volume the arrangement is in chronological order, and by dynasties 

—the dynasties themselves being described : an Index to both volumes is added. 

5120 South Indian Inscriptions from the Tamil Countrj"^ : Inscriptions at 

Ukkal, Melpadi, Karuvur, Manimangalam and Tiruvallam, edited and 
translated by Dr. E. Hultzsch, with five plates, royal 4to, boards. 1899 3s 

5121 Reoort on the Amantvati Tope and Excavations on its Site in 1877, by 

Robert Sewell, 4 plates, imp. 4to, boards Ss 

Mr. Fergusson devoted half his work on 'Tree and Serpent Work' to the 
few defaced and damaged specimens of marbles from this Tope in the British 

6122 Notes on the Amaravati Stupa, by Dr. James Burgees, 17 lithographic 
plates, 4to, cloth. Madras, 1882 ■ .8s 

6124 Report on a Tour of Exploration of the Antiquities in the Tarai. Nepal. 

and Region of Kapilavastu, February and March, 1899, ivith 32 plates 
by Babu P. Chandra Mukherji, imp. 4to, sewed. Calcutta, 1901 78 

6125 Preservation of National Monuments in India : Photographs and Drawings 

of Historical Buildings, 100 plates by Griggs, many in colours, imp. 4to, 
cloth. 1896 £2 5s 

The monuments illustrated in this volume are the Tombs of Akbar at 
Sikandra, of Itmad-ud-Daulah, Agra, and of Jahangir near Lahore, Palace at 
Oodeypore, Buddhist Tope Sanchi, Temples at Madura, Trichinopoly and 
Amritsar, Shalimar Gardens, near Lahore, Buddhist Sculptures at Gandhara, &c. 

See also Asoka, Beal. Biggs, Bourne, Breeks, Burgess, Burnell, Bumes, Cole, 
Colebrook, Creighton (H.), Cunningham (Gen.), Daniell, Douglas, Fergusson, 
Forbes, Gill, Griffin, Griffiths, Grindlay, Growse, Griinwedel, Harris (C), Hart, 
Hodges, Home, Indian Antiquary, Indian Surveys, Maisey, Mannmg, Maurice, 
Oriental Portfolio, Orlebar, Rajendralala Mitra, Ram Raz, Seely, Seven 
Pagodas. Stephen (Carr), Tod, Valentia, Vellore, Bendall, Graham (D. C), 
and JoumaJ, of Indian Art. 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

74 Francis Edwards^s Catalogue 

5128 Archer (Major Edward) Tours in Upper India and in Parts of 
the Himalayas, with Accounts of the Native Princes' Observations 
on the Government and Army of Bengal, 2 vols. 8vo, cl. 1833 6s 6d 

The author accompaoied Lord Combermere as Aide-de-Camp to Lucknow, 
Agra, Delhi, Hurdwar, Loodianah, across the Sutlege, Simlah to the Borendo Pass, 
and through the Upper Provinces, 1827-29. He has added several chapters on the 
Local Government of Bengal and on the Bengal Army. 

5129 Letter to Lord John Russell on Emigration (of Coolies) 

from India to the Mauritius, pp. 32, 1840 2s 

5130 Archer (Capt. J. H. Lawrence-) Commentaries on the Punjavib 
Campaign, 1848-49, with some additions to the History of the 
Second Sikh War, 12mo, cloth. 1878 3s 6d 

5131 Arcot — Case relative to the Company's Orders and Mr. Benfield : 
Claims [for Loans to the Nabob of Arcot, or Carnatic], 4to, 
pp. iv-32. 1781 3s 6d 

.5132 Letter from Directors E.L Co. to Madras Council relative to the Na])ob's 
Private Creditors, 8 pp. 4to. 1784 3s 6d 

5133 Original Papers relative to the Rights and Pretensions of the Nabob of 

Arcot and the Rajah of Tanjore, and to the Demands of British Subjects 
on the Nabob of Arcot, 8vo, pp. iv-82. 1785 4s 6d 

5134 Representation and Petition of the Nabob of the Carnatic, March 5, 1792, 

8vo, pp. 75 48 

5135 Papers and Proceedings of the Court of Directors relative to the Private 

Debts of the Nabob of Arcot, January 1796, March and April, 1797, 4to, 

half-calf. pp. iv-115 ' 8s 

513fi Treaties between Nawabs of the Carnatic and the E.L Company, 8vo. 

pp. 34. 185() 2s Gd 

See also Burke, East India Co. (1819-20), Orme, Tanjore. 

5138 Argyll (Duke of) Speech on Yote of Thanks to Services in 
India, Feb. 8, 1858, 8vo, pp. 20 Is 6d 

5139 India under Dalhousie and Canning, 8vo, cl. 1865 2s 6d 

The Afghan Question, 1841-78. See p. 58. 

5140 [Army.] Abstract of General Orders, 1817-40, compiled by 
Capt. D. Thomson, 56th Regiment, N.I.,4to, half-mor. Delhi, 1841 20s 

5141 Letter on Rank, &c., of Army Officers, by Percy Vy vyan, pp. 16. 1854 2s 

5142 Review of New Rules for Promotion in the Indian Army : from Articles 

in the Madras Athencemn, 8vo, pp. 117. Madras, 1855 2s fid 

5143 Bengal Military Fund : Loss by Exchange Operations, pp. 10. 1856 Is 

5144 Letter by Gen. Swiney, pn. 52. fl858] 2s 

5145 What is to be Done with the Bengal Army ? By Qui Hi, pp. 90, 1857 28 6d 
.5146 Reconstruction of the Bengal Army [by Major Wm. Martin]. 1857 Is Od 

5147 A System of Armv Organization, pp. 32. 1857 2s 

5148 Bombay Military Fund. Regulations, 8vo, pp. 48. Bomlay, 1857 Is 6d 

5149 Hints on Reorganization of the Itdian Army, by An English Officer, 

pp. 31. 1858 28 

5150 Claims of Sons of Indian Officers [upon] Sandhurst and Woolwich [by 

H. B. Mayne], 8vo, pp. 30. 1860 Is 6d 

5151 The Armies of the Native States of India— Mahratta, Mahomedan, Hindoo, 

and Frontier, from the Times, map, 12mo, cloth. 1884 2$ 6d 

See also references under Administration, Carnatic. Mahratta, Mutiny, Mysore, 
Neral, Oude, Punjab, Chesney, Cotton (Sir S.), Archer (Major E.), Bonarjee, Dod- 
well, Frere, Jacob, East India Register. 

83^ High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

India *j^ 

5152 Arnold (Sir Edwin) The Marquis of Dalhousie's Administration 
of British India, mmp, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1862-65 12s 

Vol. I. Preliminary History and Acquisition and Administration of the Punjab. 
Vol. II. Containing the Annexation of Pegu, Nagpore, and Oudh, and a General 
Review of Lord Dalhousie's rule in India. 

See also Argyll, Dalhousie, Hunter (W. W.), Trotter. 

5153 India Revisited, 34 full-page photo illustrations, 12mo, 

cloth. 1886 4s 

Chapters descriptive of the Voyage to Bombay, Visits to Poonah, Ahmedabad, 
Delhi, Agra and the Taj, Benares, Calcutta, Madras, Ceylon, Madura, the Nilgiris, 
Ootacamund, Hyderabad, &c. " An excellent work."— Sir Charles Dilke. 

Other Works, see p. 2, and Indian Literature in subse- 
quent Section. 

5154 Arnold (E. Lester) On the Indian Hills: Coffee Planting in 
Southern India, illustrated, 12mo, cloth. 1893 3s 

Includes interesting Sketches of Jungle Life in the Madras Presidency, the 
Neilgherries, &c., and of Visits to Colombo and Kaudy, the capital of Ceylon. 

5155 Arriani Anabasis et Indica, Diibner ; Reliqua Arriani et 
Scriptorum de Rebus Alexandri M., Muller, Gr. et Lat., imp. 8vo, 
half-calf. Paris, Didot " 9s 
See also M'Crindle, p. 13 ; Vincent, p. 23 ; Alexander the Great, p. 70. 

5156 ART. Twenty-nine Drawings, in Indian Ink and Colours, of 
Hindoo Deities, Brahmin Priests, Fakirs, Agricultural Operations, 
Female Costumes, &c., folio, half-morocco, (c. 1850) £1 10s 

5157 Examples of Indian Art (Eighteenth Century): Nine 

Water-colour Drawings, representing Hindoo Mythology, portraits 
of Mogul Princes, in portfolio £2 

5157b Rough List of Indian Art Ware, by T. N. Mukharji, 

folio, pp. 18. Calcutta, 1883 2s 

See also Birdwood (52(56), Journal of Indian Art and Industry (6286), &c. 

5158 Arthur (Rev. Wm.) A Mission to the Mysore, with Scenes and 
Facts illustrative of India, its People, and its Religion, 12mo, 
cloth. 1847 3s 

5159 Arthur (T. C.) Reminiscences of an Indian Police Official, 
illusirations, 8vo, cloth. 1894 6s 

5160 Ashmore (Harriette) Narrative of a Three Months' March in 
India, and a Residence in the Dooab, by the Wife of an Ofacer, 
plates, 12mo, cloth. 1841 5s 

Includes account of voyage outward via the Cape in 1883, and Homeward in 
1838. Description of Calcutta, Serampore, Cawnpore, Allahabad. Benares, &c. 

5161 Asoka, Buddhist Emperor of India, by Vincent A. Smith (Rulers 
of India), map, 12mo, cloth. 1901 3s 

Inscriptions: see Alexander the Great; Arch^ological 

Surveyh; Cunningham (Gen. A.); Fergusson ; Manning; 
Ra.iendralai^ Mitra; Sfeir ;, and followmg Section. 

Asoka was the Constantiiie of Buddhism, which he made the State religion of 
India, third century B.C. 

8S, High Street, MaryUhone, London, W. 

76 Francis Edwards^s Catalogue 

5162 Assam. Papers relating to Assam : Geography and Population, 
by Capt. Neufville ; Memoir on Assam and Neighbouring Countries, 
1825-28, by Lt. R. Wilcox ; Visit to an Abor Village, 1855, by Capt. 
Dalton, &c. (Bengal Records), roy. 8vo. Calcutta, 1855 3s 6d 

5163 Reports on Revenue of Assam, and Wild Tribes bordering 

on Chittagong (Bengal Records), roy. 8vo. Calcutta, 1853 2s 6d 

See also Barker, Butler, Census. Griffith (W.), Hamilton, Hill Tracts, Hunter 
(W. W.) Murphy, Needham, Pollok, Kobinson (W.), Wylie, &c. 

5163b Atkins (J.) Coins and Tokens of the British Possessions in 

Europe, India, America, and other Dependencies of the British 

Empire, engravings, 8vo, roxburghe binding. 1888 (pub. 24s) 12s 

Descriptions of upwards of 3,500 pieces, with many illustrations, including 

Coins and Tokens struck for, or issued in, Bombay, Bengal, Madras, the Indian 

Empire, Ceylon, Straits Settlements, Java, Hong Kong, Borneo, Mauritius, &c. 

5164 Atkinson (Capt. G. F.) The Campaign in India: Twenty-six 
tinted lithographs illustrating the Military Operations before Delhi 
during the Mutiny, with letterpress, imp. folio, cloth. (Day & Son), 

. 1859 £1 10s 

Sketches representing mutinous Sepoys and Native Allies, Bengal Fusiliers and 
Officers, Camp Scenes, Pickets, Sorties, Artillery in Action, Hodson's Horse, Siege 
Trains, Sappers at work in the Batteries, the Storming of Delhi, Prize Agents 
extracting Treasure, Wounded Men and Officers at Simla, &c. 

5165 Campaign in India, another copy, bound up with Capt. 

Mecham's Sketches and Incidents of the Siege of Lucknow: 
Twenty-seven tinted lithographs, with descriptive notices by Couper, 
(Day & Son), 1858. One vol. imp. folio, half-mor. 1858-59 £2 2s 

See also Mecham. 

5166 "Curry and Rice," on Forty Plates, or the Ingredients of 

Social Life at "Our Station" in India, 4to, extra gilt. Day & Son 
[1860] £1 7s 

A series of amusing articles on Anglo-Indian life, illustrated by 40 tinted litho- 
graphs. The work is dedicated to Thackeray. 

5167 Attar Singh (Sirdar) Travels of the Gurus Tegh Bahadar and 
Gobind Singh, translated from the Gurmukhi, 12mo, cloth. Lahore, 
1876 3s 

Crude prophecies of Sikh religionists, bearing upon political and ecclesiastical 

5168 Auber (Peter), Secretary E.I. Co. Rise and Progress of the 
British Power in India, 2 vols. 8vo, half-calf. 1837. Founded on 
official records. 7s 6d 
Evidence before Select Committee, 1832. See E.I. Company. 

5169 Auckland, Tlie Earl of, and the First Afghan »War, by Capt. 
L. J. Trotter, map (Rulers of India Series), 12mo, cloth. 1893 2s 

Lord Auckland was Governor- General, 1835-41, the period covering the first 
Afghan War and the Retreat from Cabul. See also Colvin, Eden (Hon. Miss), 
Fane, Johnson, Trotter, &c. 

AURUNGZEBE and Decay of the Mogul Empire, 1658-1707, see Bernier, Careri, 
Dryden, Elliot and Dowson, Elphinstone, Hedges, Lane-Poole, Manouchi, Rulers of 
India, Tavernier, Wheeler's and other Histories. 

88 J High Street, Ma/rylehone, Lotidon, W. 

India 77 

5171 Autobiography of an Indian Army Surgeon; or, Leaves turned 
down from a Journal, 12mo, cloth. 1854 3s 6d 

Includes experiences of a voyage to India, Madras, Calcutta, Allahabad. &c., 
Episodes of Burmah, and two visits to the Cape of Good Hope. 

5172 Baber, Emperor of Hindustan, Memoirs of, by Himself, in the 
Jaghatai Turki, translated by Dr. Leyden and Wm. Erskine, with 
Notes, Geographical Introduction, and ?nap, 4to, half-calf. 1826 
{rare) £3 10s 

5173 The Life of Baber, Emperor of Hindostan, by Himself 

(abridged), edited by R. M. Caldecott, ina^p, 8vo, cloth. 1844 9s 

"Baber's delightful Memoirs are no rough soldier's chronicle They contain 

the personal impressions and acute reflections of a cultivated man of the world."— 
Lane- Poole. " Baber's Autobiography is one of those priceless records which are 
for all time, and is tit to rank with the Confessions of St. Augustine and Rousseau, 
the Memoirs of Gibbon and Newton. In Asia it stands almost alone."— Beveridge. 
See also Elliot, Elphinstone, Erskine, Hunter, Keeue, and Lane- Poole. 

5174 Bacon (Thos.), Lt. Bengal Hoi-se Artillery. First Impressions 
and Studies in Hindostan, 1831-36, plates, 2 vols. 8vo, cl. 1837 12s 

Stored with descriptions of Oriental magnificence, anecdotes of tiger hunting 
and bear shooting, perilous and humorous adventures. 

Bacon (Lieut. Thos.) Illustrations of Scenery and Architecture of 
India. See Oriental Portfolio. 1841. 

5175 Baden-Powell ([Gen.] R. S. S.) Pigsticking or Hog Hunting, 
illustrated, 8vo, cloth. 1889 6s 

5176 Baden-Powell (B. H.) The Land Systems of British India: a 
Manual of Land Tenure and Land Revenue Administration in the 
Several Provinces, ma'ps, 3 vols. 8vo, cl. Oxford, 1892 (pub. 63s) £2 

5177 The Indian Village Community Examined with Reference 

to the Physical, Ethnographic, and Historical Conditions of the 
Provinces, chiefly on the Basis of the Revenue-Settlement Records 
and District Manuals, map, 8vo, cloth. 1896 (pub. 16s) 4s 

5178 Badger (Dr. G. P.) The Church and Church Missions— Bombay 
Q. Magazine, Jan., 1852, pp. 129-164 2s 

5179 Government, Education, and Christianity in India, pp. 44. 

1858 2s 

5181 Baikie (Dr. R.) Observations on the Neilgherries, their Topo- 
graphy, Climate, Soil, and Productions, maps, coloured views, &c., 
edited by W. H. Smoult, royal 8vo, half-calf. Calcutta, 1834 6s 

Contains 2 large maps, 80 plates of routes from E. or W. Coast, 2 coloured 
views of Ootacamund, 2 bketches of Toda natives, and 3 coloured plates of plants. 

5182 Tlie Neilgherries, second edition, 2 7naps, 8vo, cloth. 

Calcutta, 1857 3s 6d 

.5183 Second edition, another copy, morocco. 1857 5s 

The second edition is wi.liout the plates of the first edition, and both copies 

described are minus a panoramic view of Ootacamund which they should have. 

5184 [Baillie] Memoirs of the Late [Mahratta] War in Asia, 1780-84, 
with Narrative of the Imprisonment of the Officers and Soldiers at 
Seringapatam, by an Officer of Colonel Baillie's Detachment, 2 plam^ 

2 vols. 8vo, calf extra. 1788. 

83 J High Street^ Marylebone, Loiidon, W. 

78 Fran(ns Edwards^s Catalogue 

5185 [Baillie] Memoirs of the Late War in Asia, revised and abridged, 
with plan, Svo, half-calf. 1789 • 10s 

This work has been attributed to Wm. Thomson, LL.D, The name of 
"Thomson" is not in the list of imprisoned officers of Col. Baillie, but two 
officers of the name of Baillie are. and as both survived their imprisonment, they 
may have furnished materials for the ' Narrative,' It is largely quoted in the 
third vol. of Lord Lindsay's Lives of the Lindsays, which work has another 
circumstantial account. See also Hyder Ali and Munro (Capt. Innes). 

5186 Baillie (Alex. F.) Kurrachee ; its Past, Present, and Future, 
maps, plans, and pliotographs, imp. 8vo, cloth. 1890 £1 Is 

5187 Baird (Gen. Sir David) Life of [By Theodore Hook], portrait, 
max)s, and plates, 2 vols. Svo, bds. 1832 8s 6d 

5188 Another copy, half-russia 10s 

Including services in Mysore, in Egypt, at the Cape of Good Hope, in the 
Peninsular War, &c. 

Baker (Sir S.) Wild Beasts. See Natural History Section. 

5189 Baker (Sir Wm. Erskine) Memoir [by Gen. Yule and Sir R. 
Maclagan], Svo, pp. viii-67 and photo portrait (for private circula- 
tion). 1882 2s 6d 

5191 Baker (Edward B.) Sport in Bengal, and How, When, and 
Where to Seek It, large map, Svo, cloth. 1887 5s 

'• The record of forty years' life amongst savage beasts and more savage men," 
with a chapter on the physical and climatic features of the country, another of 
" wrinkles," lists of game, and vocabularies in English and Hindostanee. 

5192 Baldseus (Philippus) Beschryving van Malabar en Choromandel 
en het Eyland Ceylon (1649) nevens de Afgoderije der Oost-Indische 
Heijdenen, engraved title and mnnerous copper-plate views, folio, 
calf. Amsterdam, 1672 £1 

5193 Description of the Coasts of Malabar and Coromandel and 

of Ceylon, plates, folio, calf (from Churchill). 1703 18s 

5194 Anotherissue, larger paper, fob, calf (Churchill). 1747 ^1 5s 

5195 Baldwin (Capt, J. H.) The Large and Small Game of Bengal 
and N.W. Provinces of India, illustrated, small 4to, clo. 1877 14s 

The Tiger, Panther, Leopard, Lynx, Wolf, Buffalo, Bear, Elephant, Antelope, 
Game and Water Birds. 

5197 Balfour (Major George), late Consul at Shanghai, Services in 
India and China (1825-46), Svo, pp. 30. 1848 2s 

5198 Balfour (Surgeon-Gen. Ed.) Cyclopaedia of India and of Eastern 
and Southern Asia, 3 vols, royal Svo, cl. 1885 (pub. £5 5s) £1 5s 

The work brings together for the first time commercial, scientific, and 
industrial information relating to India, Further India, and the East Indies 

"Hitherto there has been no way of learning anything of India except by 

accumulating a large library It is not t )0 much to say that Dr. Balfour has now 

supplied this want."— Geographical Revieio. 

5199 Ball (V.) Jungle Life in India; or, the Journeys of an Indian 
Geologist (1864-78), map and illustrations, Svo, cloth. 1880 10s 

Contains much valuable information on the features of the Nerbudda Valley, 
Orissa, Central and N.W. Province:*, accounts of visits to the Andaman and Nicobar 
Islands in 1869 and 1873, appendices on geological formations, distribution of stone 
implements, and list of scientific papers published by the author. 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

India 79 

5201 Ballantyne (Henry) On India's Frontier ; or, Nepal, the 
Gurkhas' Mysterious Land, plates, 12mo, cloth. London [New 
York], 1896 as 6d 

5202 Baly (Arclidn. J.) The Employment of Europeans in India, 8vo, 
pp. ii-38-vl. Calcutta, 1879 Is 6d 
Bannu. See Edwardes, Nicholson, Sandeman, Thorburn. 

5203 Barbe (Emile) Le Nabab Rene Madec : Histoire Diplomatique 
des Projets de la France sur le Bengale et le Pendjab, 1772-1808, 
portrait and plan, 8vo, sewed. Paris, 1894 3s 6d 

5204 Barbosa (Duarte) Description of the Coasts of E. Africa and 
Malabar and Bengal (1520), translated by Lord Stanley of Alderley 
(Hakluyt Soc), 8vo, cloth. 1865 10s 

5206 Barker (George M.) A Tea Planter's Life in Assam, with 75 
illnstrations, 12mo, cloth. Calcutta, 1884 3s 

Sketches of Calcutta, the Naga expedition, the Assamese, planting, coolie 
labour, insects, birds, and carnivora, laws of health, jungle fever, snake-bitep, 
future of Indian teas, &c. 

Barlow (Sir George) Administration of, 1805-7. See Malcolm, 

5207 Barns (J. W.) Physical Geography of Bhawulpore State, 
Punjab, Jour. R. Geog. Soc, 1872, vol. xlii. pp. 390-408, cloth 3s 

5208 Baroda, The Revolution at, 1874-75, by D. A. Taleyarkan, 8vo, 
pp. 78-xix, sewed. Bombay Is 6d 

See also Bombay, Census, Chapman, Meade, Outram, Reid (L. K), Wallace CCol.) 

5209 Barr (Lt. Wm.) 'Journal of a March from Delhi to Peshawur 
and from thence to Cabul, with the Mission of Sir C. M. Wade, 
witli plates, 12mo, half-calf. 1844 5s 

Includes Travels in the Punjab, a Visit to Lahore, and a Narrative of Opera- 
tions in the Khyber Pass, 1839. 

5211 Barras (Julius) India and Tiger Hunting, and other Adven- 
tures, 12mo, cloth. 1883 2s 

The author passed twenty-eight years in the Army in India. 

5212 Barron (Oapt. Richard) Views in India, 6 double page 
COLOURED DRAWINGS, chiefly among the Neelgherry Hills, 1835, 
with notes, small descriptive illustrations, on India paper, and 
coloured plate, 'Male and Female Toda,' &c., royal folio, new 
half-morocco. 1837 ^'^ 1"^ 
[ ] Wanderings in the Himmala. See Pilgrim. 

Barros and Da Couto, Portuguese Conquests in India, &c. See p. 3. 
Bartolomeo (Fra). See Paolino da San Bartolomeo. 

5213 [Bartrum (Mrs.)] A Widow's Reminiscences of the Siege of 
Lucknow, 12mo, cloth. 1858 ^^ 

5214 Bateman (Rev. Josiah) Le Martiniere : Reply respecting 
Bishop Wilson of Calcutta on Education in England, 8vo, pp. HA 
1839 "^^ 

See Wilson (Daniel, D.D.). 

8Sj High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

80 Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

5215 Bayley (W. H.) Suggestions for a Uniform System of Weights 
aad Measures for India, 8vo, pp. 36. Malvern, 1857 2s 

See also Bombay Chamber, Coins, Gover, Prinsep. 

5216 Bayley (Sir E. Olive) The Local Miihammadan Dynasties — 
Gujarat, map, Svo, cloth, 1886 (pub. 21s) 6s 

One of the histories Sir Henry Elliot hoped to have added to his great work 
* The History of India as told by its Own Historians,' to which it forms a 
sequel. The translation (based on that of Prof. Dowden) is prefaced by a brief 
memoir of Sir E. C. Bayley, a descriptive introduction, and an ' Early History of 

5217 Beal (Samuel) Si-Yu-Ki. Buddhist Records of the Western 
World, translated from the Chinese, with map (Triibner's Oriental 
Series), 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1884 £1 16s 

The Travels of the Chinese Pilgrims Fa-hian (A.n. 400), Sung-Yun and Hwei- 
Sang (518), and Hiuen Tsiang (629-645) to India, with the Geography, History, 
Manners, and Religion of the People ; and accounts of the sacred vestiges of their 
religion which they found— stupas, temples, schools, books, teachers, &c. The best 
account of India at the dates mentioned. 

5218 History of the Early Life of Hiuen-Tsiang, Svo, cloth. 

1888 7s 

A Supplement to the 'Si-Yu-Ki,' correcting and illustrating it in many par- 

5219 Beatson (Col. Alex.) View of the War with Tippoo Sultaun, 
Operations of the Army, and Siege of Seringapatam, portrait, map, 
and 4 plates, 4to, calf. 1800 14s 

5220 TheWarwithTippoo, another copy, 4to, half-calf. 1800 12s 6d 

Beaulieu (Commander) Expedition to the East Indies, 1619-22, with 

Observations of the Coasts, People, &c. See Thevenot's Col- 
lection, Vol. I., and Harris's Voyages, Vol. I. 

5221 Bell (Major Evans) The Rajah and Principality of Mysore, Svo, 
cloth. 1865 . 2s 

5222 The Mysore Reversion : an Exceptional Case, second edition? 

with Remarks on Parliamentary Papers, &c., Svo, cl. 1866 2s 6d 

See also Beiggs (Gen.) and references under Mysore. 

5223 Retrospects and Prospects of Indian Policy, Svo, cloth. 

1868 2s 6d 

5224 Bellew (Capt.) Memoirs of a Griffin ; or, a Cadet's First Year in 
India, 10 amusing illustrations, 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1843 6s 
Our Punjab Frontier. See Afghanistan, pp. 58, 59. 

5225 Benares. History of the Province of Benares, Part I. (all 
published), Svo, cloth. Inverness, 1873 3s 6d 

In defence of the rights and privileges of the Rajah of Benares. 

5226 Bendall (Prof. Cecil) Journey of Literary and Archaeological 
Research in Nepal and Northern India, 1884-5 (Cambridge Univ. 
Press), Svo, cloth. 1886 Ss 6d 

See also Indian Literature. 

5227 Benett (W. C.) The Family History of the Chief Clans, Roy 
Bareilly District, royal Svo, pp. iv-76, and folding pedigrees. 
Lucknow, 1870 2s 6d 

8.3j High Street, Marylsbone, London, W, 

India 32 

5228 Bengal. Narrative of Transactions during the Soobahdaries of 
Azeem us Shan Jaffer Khan. Shuja Khan, &c. [in first half of the 
18th century]. Prom a Persian MS. by Prof. Gladwin, 8vo, boards. 


5229 — — Memorial to Sir Charles Wood on Proposed Reduction of 
Salaries of Civil Servants, folio, sewed. 1862 28 

5230 Memorials of Covenanted Civilians, folio, sewed. 1862 2s 

^^^^ TT" ^•^- Secretary of State to Gov.-General of India on 

C.b. Salaries, folio, sewed. [1866] 2s 

5232 Circularof Subscribersto Annuity Fund,folio,8wd. [1869] 2s 

5233 Handbook of Rules and Regulations affecting Officers in 

?iji^ Departments, by R. C. TuUoh, 8vo, pp. iv-184. Calcutta, 

o . , ^ Is 6d 

Social Condition of Bengal, 1748-64. See Long. 

Statistical Account of Bengal. See Hunter. 

Administration of Justice in Bengal. See Law and Justice. 

Records. See Hunter. 

Rural Life in. See Grant (Colesworthy). 

Leaves from a Diary in. See Clay (A. H.) 

See also Calcutta, Census, Danvers, East India Company, Francis, Hastings (W.), 
Hunter, Long, Maps, Murray (Handbook). 

Bentinck (Lord William). See Boulger. 

Benjamin fJ. J.) Travels through India, &c., 1846-55. See p. 3. 

5241 Berar Provinces, History of the Assignment of, for Mainten- 
ance of the Hyderabad Contingent, royal 8vo, pp. 52. 1881 3s 6d 
See Census. 

5242 Beresford (Lord William) Soldier, Statesman, and Sportsman : 
a Record of his Eighteen Years in India, and a full Resume of his 
Racing Career, by H. E. Abbott, crown 8vo, sewed. 2s 

5244 Bernier (Fran9ois), Voyages de (1656-68), contenant la Descrip- 
tion des i^tats du Grand Mogol avec Lettre a M. Colbert de 

TEtendue de I'Hindoustan, et de la Decadence des Jfetats d'Asie, 
nouv. ^dit., plates, 2 vols. 12mo, calf. Amsterdam, 1724 9s 

5245 Travels in the Mogul Empire (1656-68), History of the late 

Revolution of the Empire of the Great Mogul with Letter to 

Colbert on the Decaying States of Asia, &c., English translation, 
1671 [reprinted Bombay, 1830], 8vo, pp. 348, half-calf 5s 

5247 Travels in the Mogul Empire, Brock's translation, improved 

by Arch. Constable, with bibliography, coloured frontispiece, 2:)lates, 
and facsimile maps, 12mo, cloth. 1891 (pub. 6s net) 2s 9d 

" The most instructive of all East Indian travellers."— Major Rennell. 

" Bernier's account of India is most picturesque, nor can we imagine anything 
more interesting than his descriptions of the barbaric splendour of the Court of 
Aurengzehe."— Quarterly Review, January, 1828. 

" Accurate and candid memoirs describing the causes of that important revolu- 
tion which raised Aurungzebe to the throne of Hindostan. Bernier was personally 
engaged in the scene of action, and an eye-witness of many of the principal events, 
which are related in a simple, interesting language."— George Forster (1783). 

"Notwithstanding the remoteness of its date, this work contains the most 
graphic and best account of the manners, customs, and institutions of the people of 
India hitherto published."— J. E. McCulloch (1845). 

83, Hi^h Street, Marylehone, London, W, 

82 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

5248 Be van (Major H.) Thirty Years in India, 1808-38, 2 vols. 12mo, 
cloth. 1839. . 8s 

5249 Beveridge (H.) History of India, Civil, Military, and Social, 
from the First Landing of the English, 500 illustrations , 3 vols, 
imp. 8vo, cloth. 1866 12s 

5250 Beveridge (H., Jun.) The District of Bakarganj, Eastern 

Bengal ; its History and Statistics, map, 8vo, cloth. 1876 8s 

Physical Features, Antiquities, the Peoples, Land Tenures, Administration, 
Revenue, &c. 

5251 The Trial of Maharaja Nanda Kumar: Narrative of a 

Judicial Murder, 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1886 8s 6d 

With Appendix of Evidence, Depositions, Documents, and Notes. Mr. 
Beveridge re-examines the whole case as well as the arguments of Sir James Fifz- 
james Stephen (q v.), and gives his verdict against Hastings and Impey. See also 
references under Nuncomab. 

5252 Bholanauth Chunder. Travels of a Hindoo to Bengal and 
Upper India, Introduction by Talboys Wheeler, map, 2 vols. 12mo, 
cloth, 1869 6s 

Descriptions by a native of local traditions, stories, manners, and customs. • 

" One of the most remarkable and original works in connection with India." 


5253 Biddulph (Col. J.) The Tribes of the Hindu Kush, with Appen- 
dices on Languages, mup and illustrations, roy. 8vo, cloth. 
Calcutta, 1880 10s 6d 

5254 The 19th and their Times: Four Cavalry Regiments that 

have borne the Number **19," and the Campaigns in which they 
have served, plates, 8vo, cloth. 1899 8s 6d 

Includes chapters on the War in Mysore, Battle of Assaye, War with the 
United States, 1808-18, on the Niagara Frontier, 1814-21, Egypt, 1882-84, Nile, 1899. 

5255 Stringer Lawrence, the Father of the Indian Army, 12mo, 

cloth. 1901 . 4s 

5256 Biggs (Col.) Architecture of Ahmedabad, Goozerat, 120 photo- 
graphs, with Historical Sketch of Goozerat by T. C. Hope, and 
Architectural Notes by J. Fergusson, 4to, cloth gilt. 1866 £1 10s 

5257 Architecture of Ahmedabad, text only, 4to, gilt 14s 

BiLGiiAMi (Syed Hossain) History of the Nizam's Dominions. 

See Nizam. 

5258 Billington (Mary F.) Woman in India, with Introduction by 
the Marchioness of Dufferin and Ava, portrait and numerous illustra- 
tions, 8vo, cloth. 1895 5s 

"It is a satisfaction to find one volume in which an attempt is made to traco 
the career of Indian women from the cradle to the grave, and to give some account 
of their customs, their occupations, their pleasur^F, their religion and their dress." 

Lady Dufferin. 

5259 Birch (Surg. Be B.) Topographical Report on the Neilgherries, 
Madras Journal, July, 1838, pp. 81-126 2s 6d 

5261 Bird (Major II. W.) The Spoliation of Oudh, pp. 28. 1857 Is 6d 

5262 [ ] Dacoitee in Excelsis ; or the Spoliation of Oudh by the 

E.I. Co., with documents, 8vo, pp. 214. 1857 4s 

83^ High Street, Marylebone, London^ W, 



5263 Birdwood (Sir George) Report on Miscellaneous Old Records 
of the India Office, folio, sewed. 1879 2s 

5264 Report on Records, with Note and Appendices, royal 8vo, 

boards. 1890 2s 

5265 Report, second reprint, royal 8vo, cloth, 1891 3s 6d 

5266 The Industrial Arts of India, map, lb plates, and numerous 

woodcuts, 2 parts, 12mo, cloth. [1880] 5s 6d 

Part I The Hindu Pantheon, with 15 plates of Gode. IT. The Master Handi- 
crafts : Gold, Silver, and other Metal Work, Enamels, Arms, Trappings. Jewellery 
J^urniture and Ornament, Musical lubtrumenrs, Woven Stuffs, Pottery, &c. 

5267 Two Letters on the Industrial Arts of India, pp. 28. 1879 


Illustrations of Records and ReHcs of the E.I. Co. See 

Journal of Indian Art, vol. ill. (No. 31) 

Collections of Indian Art in Marlborough House and at 

Sandringham Hall. Ibid., vol. iy. (Nos. 36 and 37) 

Life and Work of Sir George Birdwood, with 14 plates. 

Ibid., vol. viii. 

See also East India Com pan y. 

5269 Blacker (Lt. Col.) Memoir of the Operations of "the British 
Array in India during the Mahratta War, 1817-19, with 2 x>cinoramic 
views byW.Daniell, 8 maj^s and 38 plans, 4to, half-calf. 1821 24s 

5270 Another copy, 4to, half-morocco, uncut 26s 

5271 Another (with plates, separately bound), 2 vols. 4to, calf 

extra {fine copy) £1 10s 

5274 Blackett (J. B.) Speech on India Reform, H.C., June 9, 1853, 
pp. 12. Netvcastle Is 6d 

5275 Blagdon (F. W.) Brief History of Ancient and Modern India, 
with engraved title, and coloured plate of Native Judges and 
Officers, Bombay, bound up with Orme's Views in Hindostan, 
24 coloured aquatint vieivs, from the original pictures painted 
by Col. Ward, with descriptions, 1 vol. oblong imperial folio, 
half-morocco. 1805 £3 

5276 History of India, another copy, engraved title and coloured 

plate, bound up with Orme's Twenty-four Views in Hindostan, and 
Hunter's Scenery of Mysore : Forty Views coloured in aquatint 
(also published by Orme), with descriptive letterpress; Three 
Works, compreJiending 06 plates, 1 vol. oblong imperial folio, full 
morocco extra. 1805 £6 

5277 History of India, another copy, bound up with Orme's 

24 Coloured aquatint Views in Hindostan, and Colehbook's 
12 coloured aquatint Views in Mysore (Orme) ; Three Works, com- 
prehending 38 plates, 1 vol. oblong imperial folio, half-bound. 1805 

3JO lUS 

These grandly illustrated works— produced by the combined skill of the 
engraver and the artist— have rarely been equalled and probably never surpassed 
ill their effective beauty. Further details of their contents will he found under 
(Joi.EBKOOK, IJANIELL,' HuNTER, and Orme. Mr. Blagdon's History was also 
reprinted in a work of Sir Charles D'Oyly (q.v.). 

83f High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

84 Francis Edwards^s Catalogue 

5279 Blakiston (Lieut. John) Twelve Years' Military Adventure, 
including service in India, 1802-14, 2 vols. 8vo, hf.-cf. 1829. 16s 

Lieut. Blakiston served under Wellington in the Mysore, was present at the 
Siege of Ahniednaghur, Battles of Assaye and Argaum. He also took command of 
the Engineer Department in the expeditions to Bourbon and Mauritius as well as 
to Java. 

5281 Blanshard (H.) Appeal on Behalf of the Native Population of 
India, pp. 24. 1836 2s 6d 

5282 Boar- Hunting. Sketches and Scenes in India, 7 lithographs 
illustrating the Chase of the Wild Boar, with letterpress, oblong 
folio, cloth. [1851.] 10s 

5283 Boileau (Lieut. A. H. E.) Narrative of a Tour through Rajwara 
in 1835 and a Visit to the Indus and Buhawulpoor, with large map 
and 14 plates, 4to, boards, uncut. Calcutta, 1837 14s 

5284 Another copy, calf (presentation copy from the author to 

his brother) 18s 

Includes Views of Jesulraer, Balmer, Jodhpoor, Jaipoor, dancing women and 
curious chess-board coloured sheet of Hindi poetry. The map comprehends the 
states of Buhawulpoor, Jesuhner, Jodhpoor, Shekhawutee, Beekaner, Patun, 
Jaipoor, Kishungurh, Adjmer, &c. 

Bolarum, Mutiny of. 1855. See Mackenzie (Colin). 

5285 Bolts (Wm.) Considerations on Indian Affairs, particularly 
respecting the Present State of Bengal and its Dependencies, 
map, 4to, half-calf. 1782 14s 

The author, a Dutchman, loug in the E.I. Company's Service, wrote this work to 
show the defects of their policy and administration. The volume contains much 
valuable and interesting information. 

5286 Bombay. Lithographic Views of Bombay, Colaba, Mazagon, 
&c., 6 plates by J. M. Gonsalves, oblong 4to, half-calf. Bombay, 
1826 (rare) 2is 

5287 Life in Bombay and the Neighbouring Out-stations, with 

13 tiyited lithographs, royal 8vo, cloth. 1852 6s 

5288 Another copy, half -morocco 8s 

Includes Visits to the Cave Temples, to Poonah, the Peishwa's Palace, 
Ahmednuugur, &c. 

5289 Bombay Briberies, by " Indus," 8vo, pp. 68. 1853 3s 

On Baroda Aifairs. See also Chapman, Outram, Reid, Sec. 

5290 Guide to Bombay (pp. 169-274f ), 8vo, boards. 1855 2s 

Climate, Products, Native Manufactures, Natural History, &c. 

5292 Bombay Association, Proceedings and Annual Reports, 
1853-56, Letter to Bombay Government, 8vo. Bombay, 1853-56 3s 6d 

5293 Civil Administration of the Bombay Presidency, by 

Nowrozjee Furdoonjee, 8vo, pp. viii-88. London, 1853 2s 6d 

Proceedings of an Association for reform of administration, composed of 
natives, with their Petitions to House of Commons, articles from the English Press. 

5294 Bombay Almanac and Book of Direction for 1856, with Army 
List, &c., 8vo, cloth 4s 

83j High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

Tthdia 85 

5295 Bombay Calendar and Almanac, 1861, with Army List and 
Directory, 8vo, cloth 2s 6d 

5296 Bombay Chamber of Commerce : Annual Reports, 1849- 
1850, 1850-51, 1851-52, 1852-53, with Appendices, 1 vol. 8vo, half- 
morocco 5s 

Treats of Native Produce (Cotton, Corn, &c.), Shipping, Tariff, Marine Acts, 
Ti-ade at Port of Kurrachee and in the Interior, with valuable Appendices, including 
Native Correspondeuce, Law Cases. Financial Matters, Adulteration, Fairs, Weights 
and Measures, Resources of Scinde, Prices, Overlaud Service, E.I. Co.'s Charter. 

5297 Bombay Literary Society Transactions, with engravings, 
Vols. I. and II. plates^ 4to, boards, uncut. 1819-20 12s 

Contains manj^ valuable papers on Historical, Topographical, Philological, and 
Philosophical subjects, by Sir James Mackintosh, Sir J. Malcolm, Capt. Miles, 
Sir George Staunton, Lieut. Macmurdo, Capt. Vans Kennedy, Wm. Erskine, Capt. 
John Briggs, and other eminent Oriental scholars. 

5298 Bombay Presidency, Junjeera, Jowar, Sucheen, Cambay, 
the Bheel Tribes, Khandeish, &c., Notes, Historical, Statistical, 
&c., maps (Bombay Records), imp. 8vo. 1856 3s 

Handbook. See Murray. 

Khyrpoor State, Memoir on. See Pelly (Sir Lewis), 

5299 Bombay Riots (The) of 1874, imp. 8vo, half-calf. Bombay, 
1874 4s 
Bombay State Papers. See Forrest (G. W.). 

5300 Bonarjee (P. D.) The Fighting Races of India: a Handbook, 
12mo, cloth. 1900 6s 

An account of the Sikhs, Chu-khas, Pathans, Baluchis, Punjabis, Dogras, Kajputs, 
Mahrattas, and other tribes from which the Indian Army is recruited. 

Bontekoue, Voyage to E. Indies, 1618. See Thevenot's Collection. 

5301 Bootan, Political Missions to (1774-1864), map, royal 8vo. 
Calcutta, 1865 7s 6d 

Contents : Report on Bootan and the Mission of 1863-64, by Hon. Ashley Eden ; 
Report on Bootan, by Capt. R. Boileau Pembertou, and Journal of the Mission m 
1837-38 by Wm. Griffith, with map by Ensign Blake : Account of Bootan, by Kishen 
Kant Bose, in 1815, with references to the preceding Missions of Messrs. Bogle 
(1774) and Turner (1783). 

See also Adye, Griffith (W.), Hamilton, McGregor (Sir C), Louis 
(J. A. H.), Rennie (Dr.), Turner (Capt. S.), Wylie, &c. 

5302 Bose (Shib Chunder) The Hindoos as they Are: Manners, 
Customs, and Inner Life of Hindoo Society in Bengal, 8vo, cloth. 
1881 ^^ ^ 

5303 Bose (P. Nath.) History of Hindu Civilization during British 
Rule (4 vols.). Vols. I., II., III., 12mo, cloth. 1894-96 18s 

Brahmoisra. See subsequent section. 

5304 Bolero (Giovanni) Aggiunta alia Quarta parte dell' Indie, 
illustrated with woodcut figures of imaginary monsters, caricatures 
of human nature, small 4to, half-bound. . Venice, 1618 l»s 

5305 Bourchier (Col. George) Eight Months' Campaign against the 
Bengal Sepoy Army, 1857, plans of Cawnpore, Delhi, Lucknow, 
&c., 12mo, cloth. 1858 „ ^ 

5306 Another copy, half-calf extra, gilt top ^s oa 

83, High Street, Maryhbone, Loyidon, W. 

86 Francis Edwardds Catalogue 

5307 Boulger (Demetrius) India in the 19th Century, 8vo, cloth. 
1902 6s 

5308 Lord William Bentinck (" Rulers of India"), 12mo, cloth. 

1892 2s 

5309 Bourne (John) Railways in India, 8vo, pp. 151, map. 1848 4s 

5310 On Steam Barges for Rivers of India, pp. 16. Glasgow, 

1855 2s 

5311 Public Works for India : Irrigation and Internal Naviga- 
tion, ma'p, 8vo, pp. 64 3s 6d 

5312 Bourne's Album of Twenty-three large Photographic Views 
of Architecture, Native Village and Street Scenes in Agra, 
Benares, Bombay, &c., including the Taj Mahal, Akbar's Tomb, 
&c., 1 vol. oblong folio (18 by 15), half-morocco. 1870 18s 

See also Bui-gess. 

5313 Boutros (F.) Inquiry into System of Education for Behar and 
Upper Provinces, 8vo, pp. 32. Serampore, 1842 2s 6d 

5314 Bo wring (L. B.) Eastern Experiences, with 2 inajys, 8vo, cloth. 
1872 4s 6d 

Historical and descriptive sketches of Mysore and Coorg, with chapter on the 
Sikh Invasion of the Cis-Satlaj Country, an Account of a Visit to the Taipings 
(China) in 1854, and extracts from Mrs. JBowring's Letters to her Friends at Home, 
describing the social aspects of Anglo-Indian life, Mr. Bowring being for a time 
Lord Canning's private secretary. 

5315 Haidar Al! and Tipu Sultan and the Struggle with the 

Musalman Powers of the South, wap (** Rulers of India" Series), 
12mo, cloth. 1893 2s 

5316 Braddon ([Sir] Edward) Life in India, a Series of Sketches, 
12mo, cloth. 1872 6s 

5317 Thirty Years of Shikar (1848 78), including Hunting 

Adventures in the Forests of Oude and Nepal Terai, map and 
illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1895 5s 

Days of Griftinage, Pig Sticking, and Boar Hunting in Bengal, Among the 
Indigo Planters, The Santhal Rebellion (1855), The Santhal Country during the 
Mutiny, Man-Eating Tigers, Wild Elephants, The Terai, Mixed Shooting, and Station 
Life in Oude, L'Envoi, Tasmania and its Merits — Eleven Years' Experience. 

5318 Bradley (Surgeon W. H.) Statistics of the Circar of Dowlatahad, 
Madras Journal, 1849, pp. 481-551 2s 6d 

5319 Branfill (Col. B. R.) Physioi^raphy of S. India. Proc. R. Geog. 
Soc, N.S., 1855, Vol. VII., pp". 719-735 2s 

5320 Breeks (James Wilkinson) An Account of Primitive Tribes 
and Monuments of the Nilagiris, map and 82 photo plates, imp. 4to, 
half-morocco (India Office). 1873 £2 10s 

5321 Briggs (Gen. John) Madras Army, Memoir of, w^ith Comments 
on Some of His Words and Worts, by Major Evans Bell, portrait, 
royal 8vo, cloth. 1885 2s 

Gen. Briggs was in active service during the first eighteen years of the century, 
and subsequently Itesident at Sattai*a and Commissioner of Mysore. He returned to 
England in 18:^5.' representing by his pen the non-annexation policy to the time of 
his death in 187.''). An analysis of Briggs's 'Land Tax of India' (a work of permanent 
value), by Col. E. D. Os^born, is included in chap. vii. pp. 111-135. 

88, High Street, MaryUbone, London, W. 

India 87 

5322 Briggs (Gen. John) Account of the Bimjaras— Bombay Lit. Soc. 
1819. Vol. I., pp. 159-183 

5323 History of the Mahomedan Power in India to 1612, from 

the Persian of Ferishta, with Account of the Conquest of Circars, 

&c., by the Kings of Hyderabad, 4 vols. 8vo, half-calf gilt. 1829 

{scarce) £3 15s 

Contains a Life of Ferishta. Histories of the Kings of Lahore, Dehly, the 

Deccan, Guzerat, Malwa., Kandeish, Bengal and Behar, Mooltan, Kashmer, the 

Rulers of Sind, Accounts of Malabar, Hindoo Saints, and Reckoning of Time and 

Seasons, Dictionary of Proper Names, &c. 

5324 Letters to a Young Person on India [with Sir John 

Malcolm's Notes of Instruction], 12mo, boards. 1828 2s 

5325 ■ Letter to the Marquis of Tweeddale [on the Madras 

Army], 8vo, pp. 40, sewed. 1842 Is Od 

5326 Letter to Lord Stanley [on the Madras Land Tax J, 8vo, 

pp. 31, sewed. 1859 Is 6d 

5327 Second Letter to Lord Stanley [Causes of the Indian 

Mutiny], 8vo, pp. 23, sewed. 1859 . Is 6d 

5328 Briggs (Henry George) The Parsis ; or, Modern Zerdusthians, 
a Sketch, 8vo, cloth. Edinburgh, 1852 3s 

5329 The Nizam : His History and Relations with the British 

Government, map, portraits, &c., 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1861 10s 

See also references under Hyderabad. 

5331 Briggs (Capt. D.) Operations connected with the Hindostan 
and Thibet Road, 1850-5 (Ind. Govt. Records, No. 16), royal 8vo, 
cloth. Calcutta, 1856 2s 6d 

5333 Bright (Rt. Hon. John) Speeches on Questions of Public 
Policy, edited by Thorold Rogers, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1868 12s 6d 

5334 Speeches, Popular Edition (small typej, 12mo, cloth 2s 6d 

The first five speeches relate to the E.I. Company's Affairs, the Indian Mutiny, 

the Afghan War of 1838 39, and other Indian subjects. 

5335 Speech on the India Bill, June 24th, 1858, pp. 36 Is 6d 

5336 Brinckman (Arthur) The Rifle in Ca,shmere, Ladak, the 
Punjaub, Narrative of Shooting Expeditions, Notes on Army 
Reform and Indian Politics, &c., 2 plates, 12mo, cloth. 180^ os 

British Indian Association : — 

5337 Petition to Parliament relative to E.I. Co.'s Charter, 8vo, pp. 47. ^Cajj 

r,.S.S8 Petftion to E.I. Co. on Resumptions, pp. 28. CMta,m2 Js 6d 

53.31) Letter to the Board of Revenue, pp. 10. Calcutta IS52 j^ 

5340 Petitions on Evidence and Affirmations, pp. 12. C'a^c"^^"' J^f •„ i^dia 

5341 Evidences relating to the Efficiency of Native Agency m intna, 

5342 Th^eYffmfBili?nd the Criminal Administration of Bengal, 8vo, pp-^k 

Calcutta, 1854 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

88 Francis Edwards^s Catalogue 

5343 Broadfoot (Major George), Career of, in Afghanistan and the 
Punjab, 1841-45, from his own Papers and those of Lords Ellen- 
borough and Hardinge, by Major W. Broadfoot, 'portrait and maps, 
8vo, cloth. 1888 7s 6d 

Prefixed to the work is a long list of authorities luid books consulted. 

Broeck (Van den) Visits to Surat, 1616 and 1620, and Opening of 
Dutch Trade with India. See Dutch E.I. Co. Voyages, Vol. VII. 

5344 Brooke (Col. J. C.) Politicsil History of the State of Jeypore 
(Indian Government Records, No. 65), royal 8vo, sewed. Calcutta, 
1868 2s 6d 

5345 Broome (Capt. A.) History of the Bengal Army, Vol. I. (all 
published), with 6 plans, 8vo, half-morocco extra, gilt top (uncut). 
Calcutta, 1850 12s 

A valuable though unfinished work. It comes down only to the close of 
Clive's second Administration (1757) : the plans illustrate the capture of Calcutta 
Plassey, Masulipatam, Patna, &c., the campaigns of Olive, Major Adams, and 
Major Munro. 

5346 Broughton (T. D.) Letters written in a Mahratta Camp, during 
the year 1809, descriptive of Character, Manners, Ceremonies, &c., 
with 10 coloured engravings from drawings by a native artist, 4to, 
boards, uncut. 1813 £1 

5347 Letters from a Mahratta Camp, new edition, with intro- 
duction by Sir M. E. Grant Duff, illustrations, map, and index, 
12mo, cloth. 1892 2s 6d 

Col. Broughton was Commander of the British Eesident's Escort at the Court 
of Sindia, in Eajpootana. His letters contain graphic accounts of the character, 
habits, and religious ceremonies of the Mahrattas— of the great festivals of the 
Mohurruni, the Hohlee, the Dussera— as well as of the sports and employment of 
the people, nautches, Sec. 

5348 Brown (Capt. Lewis), Private Journal in the Murree Hills, at 
Kahun, &c., 1840 (Bombay Records, 1855, pp. 161-188), royal 8vo, 
half- calf 6s 

5349 Brown (C. P.) The Wars of the Rajas; the History of 
Anantapuram from the Telugu, 8vo, sheep. Madras, 1853 3s 6d 

5350 Brown (J. Moray) Shikar Sketches, with Notes on Indian 
Field Sports, with 8 illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1887 5s 

" Mr, Moray Brown records his long experiences among big game in India 
with capital spirit and style ; there are some thrilling pages on pig-sticking and 
tiger-shooting."— T^e World. 

5351 Powder, Spur, and Spear, a Sporting Medley, with 

numerous sketches by the author, 8vo, cloth. 1889 3s 6d 

Includes Adventures and Sports, Tiger Hunting in the Punjaub, Deccan. 
Salmon Fishing in the Highlands, &c. 

5351b Stray Sport: a Collection of Incidents, ivith 15 full-page 

and 37 other illustrations, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. Edinburgh, 1893. 7s 6d 

Vol. I. Indian Shikar : Tiger, Chital, Hog Hunting and Small Game Shooting 
in the Sewalik Hills, Natural History Notes around Delhi, the Nagpore Hunt, 
Measurements and Weights of Tigers, After Jungle Fowl in Ceylon, &c. 

Vol. II. Sport at Home, Shooting and Fishing in Buchan, Donegal, &c. 

83y High Street^ Marylebone^ London^ W, 

India 89 

5352 Bruce (John) Annals of the Honourable East India Company 
from their Establishment in 1600 to the Union of the London and 
E.I. Companies, 1707-8, 3 vols. 4to, half-morocco extra, gilt tops. 

.1810 ^ £4 10s 

With an Introductoiy Chapter on the Rise and Progress of the Portuguese and 
Dutch _ Esfeablishments in the East Indies ; the leading characters of Asiatic 
sovereignties and the political and commercial relations between England and the 
maritime Powers of Europe. 

5353 Report on the Negociation respecting the Renewal of 

the E.I. Co.'s Privileges for Twenty Years from March, 1794, 4to, 
half-calf. 1811 5s 

Bruton (W.) News from the East Indies, Voyage to Bengal, with 
Account of the Court and People of Malcandy, 1632-8. See 
Supplement to Hakluyt, and Harleian Collection, Vol. II. 

5354 Bryce (James, D.D.) Sketch of Native Education in India, 
under the Superintendence of the Church of Scotland, Remarks on 
the Hindu Character, Sanscrit Literature, &c., 8vo, cloth. Edin- 
hurgh, 1839 2s 

5355 Another copy, with autograph letter from the Author to Sir 

Charles Forbes, cloth 3s 
Evidence on Presbyterians in India. See Pael. Reports. 

1852-3, p. 67. 
Brydon (Dr.) Account of the Retreat from Cabool, 1842. See 
Edwards (Judge) 

5356 Buchanan (Francis, M.D. [afterwards Hamilton]), Journey 
through Mysore, Canara, and Malabar (1800-1), State of Agricul- 
ture, Arts, and Commerce ; Religion, Manners, and Customs ; 
Natural and Civil History, Antiquities of the Dominions of the 
Rajah of Mysore, with 37 plates, including portraits, implements of 
art, &c., 3 vols. 4to, cloth. 1807 18s 

5357 Journey through Mysore, another copy, 3 vols. 4to, half- 

calf (with hook-plates by Bewick) 25s 

5358 Journey through Mysore, &c., another copy, 3 vols, calf 30s 

A valuable work of reference. Dr. Buchanan-Hamilton's survey of the country 

and people was most minute and accomplished before European influence and aids 
had effected changes in the habits and occupations of the people. See Hamilton. 

5359 Buchanan (Claudius, D.D.) Memoirs of his Life and Writings 
by Hugh Pearson, with portrait, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1819 6s 

5360 Colonial Ecclesiastical Establishments, with Sketch of an 

Establishment for India. 8vo, calf. 1813 2s 6d 

5361 Christian Researches in India, with Notices of the Trans- 
lations of the Scriptures, new edition, 12mo, cloth, 1858 3s 
Buckingham (J. S.). See Calcutta Joubnal, E. India Co., and p. 33. 

5362 Buckle (Oapt. E.) Memoir of the Services of the Bengal 
Artillery, its Internal Organization, &c., edited by J. W. Kaye, 

Tncludes^ccounts of the Black Hole at Calcutta, Battle of inassey, Munro's 
Campaigns. Popham's Capture of Gwalior, War in the Carnatic, Capture of bern^^^^ 
patam, Lake's Campaigns, Goorka, Pindarrie, and Mahratta Campaigns, Bui mese 
War, Afghan Campaign, and Sikh War. __^ 

8Sf High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

90 Francis Edwards^s Catalogue 

5363 Burgess (Dr. Jas.) The Rock-Temples of Elephanta, with pla7is 
and 13 photographs by D. H. Sykes, imperial 8vo {only 50 copies 
issued). Bombaij, 1871 20s 

5364 Photographs (30) of Architecture and Scenery in Gujarat 

and Rajputana, by Bourne and Shepherd, with Historical and 
Descriptive Letterpress, royal folio, cl. 1874 (pub. i^lO 10s) £2 

Includes large views and details of Jain and Vaishnava Temples, Palaces, 
Towers, Mosques, and Tombs at Ahmedabad, Oodeypur, Siddapur, lianpur, Ajmer, 
Mount Abu, Jaypur, Bundi, Komalmer, Delwada, &c. 

See also Archaeological Survey, pp. 71 to 73 ; Constable's Gazetteer; Fergus- 
son ; Griinwedel ; Indian Antiquary ; Journal of Indian Art ; post. 

5366 Burke (Eamund) Works of, 12 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1887 .£5 5s 

Vol. II. c mtains Speech on Fox's E.I. Bill (Dec. 1, 1783). Vol. III. Speech on 
the Nabob of Arcot's debts (Feb. 28, 178."")). Vols. VIII. to XII. Ninth and Eleventh 
Reports of the Select Committee (H.C.), Articles of Charge against Warreu 
Hastings, with Speeches in the Impeachment. 

BouGHTON (Surgeon G.) Mission on Behalf of E.I. Co. to the Court 
of Shah Jehan, 1G45. See Hedges's Diary (Yule), vol. iii. 

5368 Burnell (A. C.) The Best Way of Making and Utilizing Copies 
of Indian Inscriptions, 8vo, pp. 8. Madras, 1870 Is 6d 
Linschoten's Voyages. See p. 13. 

5369 Burnes (James, K.H. LL.D.) Narrative of a Visit to the Court 
of Sinde (Hyderabad), 1827-8, Sketch of the History of Cutch, 
from Reports of Hon. Mr. Elphinstone and Capt. MacMurdo ; 
Medical Topography of Bhooj, &c., 2 maps, 1 vol. 8vo, calf. Edin- 
hurgh, 1831 4s 

5370 Another edition, with new inaj), and Appendices on the 

Navigation and Trade of the Indus, by Sir H. Pottinger and Sir 
Alex. Burnes, coloitred plates, 12mo, cloth. Edinburgh, 1839 2s 6d 

5371 Burnes (Sir Alex.) and others, Architectural and Archaeo- 
logical Remains, Province of Kachh (Bombay Records), imp. 8vo, 
sewed, 1879 5s 

5372 Geographical Memoir on the Indus, with 2 niaps — Jour. 

R. Geog. Soc, 1833, Vol. III. pp. 113-156, 287-290, cloth 4s 

5373 Countries on N.W. Frontier of India — Jour. R. Geog. 

Soc, 1834, Vol. IV. pp. 88-129, cloth 3s 6d 

See also pp. .55, 50. 

5376 Burton (Capt. Sir Richard) Goa and the Blue Mountains, 
map and 4 illustrations, 12mo, cloth, 1851 (scarce) 18s 

5377 ■ Scinde ; or, the Unhappy Valley (in 1848), 2 vols. 12mo, 

cloth. 1851 (scarce) 18s 

5378 Sindh and the Races that Inhabit the Valley of the Indus, 

8vo. 1851 (scarce) £1 10s 

5379 Falconry of the Yalley of the Indus, 12mo, cloth. 1852 7s 

5380 Sind Revisited (1876), with Notices of the Anglo-Indian 

Army; Railroads, Past, Present, and Future, 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 
1877 12s 6d 

See also Camoens, p. 4 ; Syria, p. 33 ; Arahia. pp. 38-39 ; and Indian Religions, 

83, High Street, Maryhhone, London, W. 

India 91 

5381 Burton (Sir Richard) Life of, by his Wife, Lady Isabel Burton, 
portraits, nmps, and illustrations, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1893 16s 

The 'Life' of Burton connects and supplements his travels, observations 
researches, and gleanings in different parts of the world. These two volumes 
of fourteen hundred ck)sely printed pages include notes on the Kasidah 
Bhujang, and the Cock-fight, visit to a Beloch Chief, letters on the Jeddah 
Massacre, a description of African Character, report after a search for Palmer, com- 
plete list of Burton's works, &c. 

5382 Burton (Isabel, Lady) Arabia, Egypt, India; Narrative of 
Travel, Account of Goa, Xavier, &c., illustrated, 8vo, cl. 1879 10s 

5385 Burton (Lt.-Gen. E. F.) Reminiscences of Sport in India, 
illustrated by the Author, 8vo, cloth. 1885 6s 

5386 An Indian Olio, with ilhostrations, 12mo, cl. 1888 3s 6d 

Notes of experiences in India and Burmah— Madras, Vellore, Trichinopoly, 
Tanjore, Cummum Valley, the Neilgherries, Ootacamund and the Todas, Mysore and 
Bangalore, Cuddapah, Cumbum, Bellary, Secunderabund, Hyderabad, Kamtee, 
Nagpore, Northern Circars, Western Coast of India, Rangoon, &c., with Notes on 
Sports and Natural History, Indian Government, the '"llbert Bill," &c. 

5387 Bustar and Kharonde Dependencies of the Raepore District, 
Report on (Indian Government Records, No. 30), royal 8vo, boards. 
Calcutta, 1861 Is 6d 

5388 Report on Bustar, by (J. L. (Jhisfurd (Indian Government 

Records, No. 39), royal 8vo, cloth. 1863 Is 6d 

5389 Busteed (Dr. H. E.) Echoes from Old Calcutta, being chiefly 
Reminiscences of the Days of Warren Hastings, Francis, and 
Impey, illustrated, new edition, 12mo, cloth. 1897 7s 6d 

"Valuable and entertaining." — Saturday Revieiv. 

"A work of which the value will increase with ye^v^'' —Calcutta Englishman. 

The new edition contains more letters from Warren Hastings to his wife, and 
additional papers relating to Francis and Nuncomar, as well as to Mrs. Grand, who 
became Princess Benevento and wife of Talleyrand. 

5391 Butler (Sergeant Robert) Narrative of his Life and Travels, 
12mo, cloth. Edinburgh, 1823 2s 6d 

Sergeant Butler served in India, 1807-14, the greater part of his relation being 
given to his experiences at Madras, Hyderabad, Masulipatam, Trichmopoly, and 

5392 — Narrative, third edition, portrait, 18mo, cloth. Edinburgh, 
1854 2s 6d 

5393 [Butler (Major John)] A Sketch of Assam, with some Account 
of the Hill Tribes, map and 21 coloured plates, 8vo, cl. 1847 7s 6d 

5394 Travels and Adventures in Assam during a Residence of 

Fourteen Years (1841-54), with map, plates, illustrating landscapes, 
figures, and antiquities, 8vo, cloth. 1855 7s 

A continuation of the author's former work, describing the Nagas, Rookies, 
Mekirs, and other wild tribes of the Hills. 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

92 Francis Edvjards^s Catalogue 

5395 Byrne (Sir Owen Tudor) Clyde and Strathnairn (" Rulers of 
India" Series), map and portraits, 12mo, cloth. 1891 2s 

Brief Biographies of Colin Campbell, Lord Clyde, and of Hugh Rose, Lord 
Strathnairn, with especial reference to the Suppression of the Indian Mutiny. 

Cabeza di Vaca, Relation concerning the Fleet in India, 1527-36. 
See PuRCHAs, 'His Pilgrimes,' p. 18. 

5396 Caine (W. S.) Picturesque India : a Handbook for Travellers, 
with 260 illustrations, 8vo, cloth gilt. 1890 4s 

The author travelled through the three Presidencies, the Nizam's State, ]\^ysore' 
and Ceylon. He has added a chapter on the N.W. Frontier, written by Lord Curzon* 

5397 Caird (Sir James) Report on the Condition of India, with 
Correspondence (Pari. Paper), fol. sewed. 1880 Is 6d 

5398 Calcutta Gazettes, Selections from, 1784 to 1823, showing 
the Political and Social Condition of the English in India, edited 
by W. S. Seton-Karr and H. D. Sandeman, maps, 5 vols, royal 8vo, 
cloth. Calcutta, 1864-69 £4 

A valuable work, giving interesting details of public affairs as well as of matters 
not usually treated by the historians, from the time of Warren Hastings to that of 
Marquess "Hastings. 

5399 Calcutta Journal, Suppression of, with petition of J. Silk 
Buckingham for Consequent Loss. Select Committee's Report 
(Pari. Paper), 4th Aug., 1834, pp. viii, 168, 142, and Minutes of 
Evidence, folio, sewed 8s 6d 

Evidence was given by Messrs. Colebrook, Sutherland, J. S. Buckingham, 
Sandford Arnot, W. H. Trant, Thomas Love Peacock, and Col. Wm. Francklin. 

5401 Caldwell (Rev. R.) The Tinnevelly Shanars, their Religion, 
Moral Condition, and Characteristics, 8vo, half-calf. Mady'as, 
1849 3s 6d 

5402 Calvert (John) Yazeeri Rupi, the Silver Country in Kulu, its 
Beauties, Antiquities, and Silver Mines, including a Trip over the 
Lower Himalayah Range and Glaciers, map and 35 plates (28 
coloured), 8vo, cloth. 1873 (pub. 16s) 6s 

5403 Another copy, with MS. Notes and Letter from the 

Author, cloth 7s 6d 

5404 Cambridge (Richard Owen) Account of the War in India, 
between the English and French on the Coromandel and Malabar 
Coasts, 1750-60, Relation of Events on the Malabar Coast and 
Expeditions to Golconda and Surat, illustrated with 18 maps and 
plans, 4to, calf. 1761 £1 5s 

Including Col. Lawrence's Narrative, Call's Journal of the Siege of Fort 
St. George. Col. Forde's Expedition to Golconda, and Naval Operations of 
Admiral Watson, Siege of Arcot, Operations of Coote and Clive, Dupleix and 
Lally, &c ; Appendices on Indian Fortification, Journal of the Loss of the 
" Pembroke " in a Hurricane, and Proceedings at Sadrass. 

5405 Account of the War, 1750-60, abridged, 9 maps and plans, 

8vo, calf. 1762 9s 

5406 Works of R. Owen Cambridge, with Account of his Life 

and Character by G. O. Cambridge, 4to, calf. 1803 15s 

S.S, High Street^ MaryUhone^ London, W, 



5408 Camoens, The Lusiads of, Portuguese Text, with Translation 
into English Verse, by J. J. Aubertin, portrait and man, 2 -o]« 
12rao, cloth. 1884 7s 6d 

Mr. Aubertin's second and improved translation compared with that of Burton 
and others. 

" Camp and Barrack Room," 1846. See MacMullen. 

5409 Campbell (Capt. Donald) his Shipwreck, and Imprisonment by 
Hyder All's Troops (1780), 12mo, pp. 28, half-morocco. [1820] 4s 

See also p. i. 

5410 Campbell (Ool. John), Memoir of, by a Retired Officer who was 

present with him at the Assault of Annantpore and in Mangalore 

(1783) when besieged by Tippoo Sultan, with plan, 12mo, cloth. 

Edinburgh, 1836 gg 

This copy has an autograph note and signature of the " Ketired Officer "—J. 

Spens, late Lieut.-Col. 42ud Highlanders. 

5411 Campbell (R. J. R.) The Indian Mutiny, its Causes, &c., 
pp.32 [1857] 2s 

5412 India, its Government and Future Considered, pp. 48. 

1858 . 2s 

5413 Campbell (Colin, Lord Clyde), Life, Diary, and Correspondence, 
by Gen. Shadwell, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1881 12s 

5414 Colin Campbell, by Arch. Forbes ("Men of Action" Series), 

12mo, cloth 2s 

Colin Campbell served in the Peninsular War, in the Crimea, and through the 
Indian Mutiny. 

See Byrne (Sir Owen T.), Rulers of India. 

5416 Campbell (Col. Walter) The Old Forest Ranger: Wild Sports 
of India in the Neilgherry Hills, the Jungles, &c. (1830-36), plates 
and illustrations, second edition, 8vo, cloth. 1845 £1 4s 

5417 The Old Forest Ranger, third edition, Svo, cloth. 1853 9s 

5419 My Indian Journal (during Five Years' Residence, 1830-36), 

with illustrations by Noel Paton and Wolf, 8vo, cloth. Edinburgh, 
1864 8s 

' Tlie Old Forest Kanger ' in another form, including Hunting Excursions to 
Dharvvar. on the Banks of the Black Kiver, the Neilgherry Hills, &c., Visits to 
Madras, Vellore, Bangalore, Goa, Masulipatam, the Nicobar and Andaman Islands: 

5420 Campbell (Major-Gen. John) Narrative of his Operations in 
Qplssa for Suppression of Human Sacrifices and Infanticide, 12mo, 
cloth. 1861 {printed for private circulation) 4s 

5421 Personal Narrative of Thirteen Years' Service amongst the 

Wild Tribes of Khondistan (Orissa) for the Suppression of Human 
Sacrifice, map and 7 illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1864 6s 

5422 Wild Tribes of Khondistan, another copy, half -morocco 7s 6d 

5423 Campbell (Sir George) Memoirs of My Indian Career, 1843-76, 
edited by Sir C. E. Bernard, portrait, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1893 8s 

Contains an account of the Sikh and Cis-Sutlej States, the Mutiny, Orissa and 
Bengal Famines, &c. As an administrator Sir George Campbell is acknowledged 
to have left a permanent mark for good on Bengal, the Central Provmces, Oude, 
and part of the Punjaub. 

8S, High Street, MaryUhone, London, W. 

94 Francis Edwards^s Catalogue 

5424 Campbell (Sir George) Modern India : a Sketch of the Civil 
Government and of Native Institutions, 8vo, cloth. 1852 6s 

5425 India as It May Be : Outline of a proposed Government 

and Policy, Svo, cloth. 1853 6s 

Cliapters on Home Government, India Government, Our Political Relations 
(Internal and Frontier), Civil Administration, the Civil Service, Military Establish- 
ments, Finance, Public Works, Moral and Material Improvements, Education, &c. 

5426 [ 1 A Scheme for the Government of India, pp. 56. 1853 

2s 6d 

5427 Geography and Climate of India as regards Site for a 

Capital. Proc. R. Geog. Soc, 1867, Vol. XI. pp. 54-77 

See also Land Tenure in India. 
Canning (Earl) Governor-General of India, the Indian Mutiny, &c. 
See Bowring (L.), Cunningham (Sir H. S.), "Rulers of India," 
Hare, Holmes, Kaye, Keene, Simpson, Trotter, &c. 

5430 Capper (John) The Three Presidencies of India : a History of 
the British Indian Possessions, map and numerous engravings, 8vo, 
cloth. 1853 3s 

5431 Careri (Dr. J. F. Gemelli) Voyage Round the World, 1693-99, 
with Descriptions of Turkey, Persia, India, China, the Philippines, 
and Mexico (from Churchill's Collection), folio, calf. 1744 18s 

Dr. Gemelli Careri visiled Damam, Surat, Bazaim, Salsette Island (and its great 
pagoda), Bombay. Goa, Galgala (where the Great Mogul Aurungzeb was encamped) 
in 1695. He gives minute accounts of the English and Portuguese Settlements, of 
the Great Mogul's Army, his Wealth and Conquests, of the Customs and Super- 
stitions of the People, the Fruits and Trees and other productions. 
For other editions see p. 4. 

5432 Carey (Wm., D.D.) Missionary to Bengal, Professor of Oriental 
Languages, Calcutta, Memoir of, by Eustace Carey, portrait, 8vo, 
cloth. 1836 5s 6d 

See also Marshman ; Smith (Dr. George). 

5434 Carless (Commander T. G.) Survey of the Delta of the Indus ; 

Etliersey (Lieut. R.) Bore in the Gulf of Cambay ; Jervis (Capt. 

T. B.) Tides in the Gulf of Cambay ; Joub. R. Geog. Soc, 1838, 

Vol. VIII. pp. 328-66, 196-205, and 2 maps, cloth 4s 

5435 Memoir on the Bay, Harbour, and Trade of Kurachee, 1838 

(Bombay Records, 1855, pp. 189-208), half-calf 6s 

5436 Memoir on the Province of Lus and Journey to Beyla, 1838 

(Bombay Records, 1855, pp. 299-320), royal 8vo, half-calf 6s 

5437 Memoirs on the Delta and other Portions of the Indus, 

1836-37 (Bombay Records, 1855, pp. 457-540), half-calf 6s 

Carnatic, Affairs of the. See references under Areot, Madras, 

Mysore, Pigot, Tanjore, &c. 
War in the. See Buckle, Cambridge, Clive, Cornwallis, 

Dalton, Duff, Hough, Ives, Malleson, Orme, Voltaire, 

Wellesley, &c. 

5438 Carpenter (P.) Hog Hunting in Lower Bengal, 8 large and 
finely coloured plates, folio, cloth. 1861 (scarce) £4 10s 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

India 95 

5439 Carpenter (Mary) Six Months in India, porto-ait of Rammohun 
Roy, 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1868 4g Cd 

The author visited Ahmedahad, Surat, Bombay, Poona, Madras, and Calcutta 
and adds chapters on the Women of India, Education, and Prison Discipline. ' 

5440 Carpenter (Edward) From Adam's Peak to Elephanta : Sketches 
in Ceylon and India, illustrated, 8vo, cloth. 1892 4s 

Account of visits to Colombo, Kandv, and the ruins of Anuradhapura ; South 
Indian temples— Tanjore and Madura ; Madras, Calcutta, Benares, Allahabad, Delhi, 
Agra and the Taj ; Bombay and Elephanta, with chapters on Buddhism, Caste, 
Western Science and Copamercialism. 

Carr (Bp.) Evidence on Religion and Education, Pari. Reports, 
1852-53. See p. 07. 

5441 Carre (M.) Voyages des Indes Orientales, mele de plusieurs 
Ilistoires Galantes et Curieuses [liistoire de Seva-gy, un des plus 
grands honimes do guerre du I'Orient, &c.], 2 vols. 18mo, calf. 
Paris, 1699 9s 

5442 Case (Mi-s.) Widow of Colonel Case. Day by Day at Lucknow : 
a Diary of the Siege, 12ino, cloth. 1858 5s 

A book of genuine and real interest, illustrating every movement of besieged 
and besiegers, and written at tlie time. 

Castro (Don John de) Portuguese Viceroy. See Andrada, p. 70. 

5444 Cave-Brown (Rev. J.) The Punjab and Delhi in 1857, a 
Narrative of the Measures by which the Punjab was saved and 
Delhi recovered during the Indian Mutiny, with plans and portraits 
of Sir J. Lawrence, Sir H. Edwardes, Sir R. Montgomery, and 
Brig.-Gen. Nicholson, 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1858 8s 6d 

5445 Cavenagh (Lt.-Gen. Orfeur) Rough Notes on the State of 
Nepal, its Government, Army, &c., map, 12mo, cl. Calcutta, 1851 3s 

5446 Calcutta during the Mutiny (from Colhurn^s United Service 

Magazine), Svo, pp. 24. [1860] 2s 6d 

5449 Census of British India, 1871-72, Memorandum (Pari. 
Paper), folio, sewed. London, 1875 Is 6d 

Census of British India, 1881 : 
5451 Ajmere-Merwara Province, folio, cloth. Ajmere, 1882 2s 6d 
54.52 Assam, folio, boards. Calcutta, 1883 4s 

5453 Baroda Territories, folio, boards. Bombay ,"[S8'3 4s 

5454 Bengal, 3 vols, folio, boards. Calcutta, 1883 12s 6d 

5455 Calcutta Town and Suburbs, folio, boards. Calcutta, 1881 

2s 6d 

5456 Berar, by E. J. Kitts, folio, boards. Bombay, 1882 3s 

5457 Bombay Presidency and Sind, 2 vols, folio, boards. Bombay, 

1882 5s 

5458 Bombay, City and Island, folio, boards. Bombay, 1883 2s 6d 

5459 Central India, Note on Operations and Statements showing Popu- 

lation, folio, boards. 1882 2s 

5460 Coorg, folio, sewed. Bangalore, 1881 Is 6d 

5461 Madras Presidency, *5 vols, folio, boards. Madras, 1883 14s 

5462 Mysore, compiled by Rice, folio, bds. Bangalore, 1884 2s 6d 

8S, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

96 Francis Edwards^B Catalogue 

Census of British India, 1881 {continued) — 

5463 N.W. Provinces and Oude, with Appendices, 3 vols, folio, 

boards. Allahabad, 1882 10s 

5464 Panjab, Report, Tables, Appendices, 3Vols. royal 4to, boards. 

Calcutta, 1883 " 13s 

5465 Rajputana, Review of Tables of Population, Native States, folio, 

boards. Bombay, 1882 2s 

5467 General Report on the Census of India, 1891, by J. A. 

Baines (Pari. Paper) folio 5s 

Contains a geographical description of the Indian Empire, and interesting 
chapters on the Occupations of the People, with Ethnological Remarks, Distribu- 
tion of Languages and Religions. *" 

5469 Central India Agency : Reports on Administration of 
Territories by Lieut.-Col. Meade, Major-General Daly, and others, 
for the Years 1865-6, 1866-7, 1870-1, 1871-2, 1872-3, 1873-4, (Ind. 
Govt. Records), royal 8vo, sewed. Calcutta each 2s 

Gwalior, Bhopal, Bundelcund, Baghelcund, Western Malwa, Bheel, and Goona 

5470 Central Provinces : Antiquarian and Scientific Society 
Journal, Vol. I. Nos. 1 and 2. Nagpore, 1866-7 3s 
Cesar de Federioi. Viaggio dell' India, 1563-81. See Ramusio, 
Viaggi, Vol. III. : English Translation, Extracts of his 
Eighteen Years' Observations. See Collections of Hakluyt, pp. 8 
and 9 ; and Purchas, 'His Pilgrimes,' p. 18. 

5471 Chapman (John) The Cotton and Commerce of India, Railway 
Communication, &c., 3 maps, 8vo, cloth. 1851 5s 

With Remarks on Irrigation, Taxation, Famines, Reports of Robert Stephenson, 
G. J. Clark, and Correspondence on Proposed Routes for Railways. 

Evidence on Public Works. Pari. Reports, 1852-3, see p. 67 

5472 Baroda and Bombay : On the Removal of [General] 

Outram from the Court of the Gaekwar, 8vo, pp. 174. 1853 3s 6d 

5473 On Irrigation and Public Works, pp. 20. 1854 Is 6d 

Charnook (Job) Documentary Memoirs of, and the Foundation of 
Calcutta. See Hedges's (Sir Wm.) Diary, vol. ii. 

5474 Cheek (Ensign A. M. H.) The Martyr of Allahabad, murdered 
by the Sepoys, porti^ait, 12mo, cloth. 1857 2s 

5475 Cheem (Aliph), i.e., Maj. W. Yeldam. Lays of Ind, Comic, Satiri- 
cal, and Descriptive Poems of Anglo-Indian Life, enlarged edition, 
containing both series, illustrated, 12mo, cloth. 1876 3s 6d 

5476 Chesney ([General Sir] G.) Indian Polity, a View of the 
System of Administration in India, third edition, map, 8vo, cloth. 
1894 8s 

Geography, Aboriginal Races, History, Rise of British Rule, Government, 
Legislation, Organization, and Administration, Civil, Military, Native ; Public 
Works, Irrigation, Railways, Finance, the Home Government, &c. 

8S, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

India 97 

5477 Chevrillon (Andre) Romantic India, from the French by Wm. 

Marchant, 8vo, cloth. 1897 4s 

Letters describicg a Voyage— Ceylon, Pondichery, Calcutta, Darjiling, Benares, 

Lucknovv, Cawnpur, Agra, Delhi, Jaipur, Bombay, Elura, with Observations on 

Buddhism, Bi-ahmanism, Hinduism, &c. 

Child (Sir Josiah) Governor of the E.I. Co., and his relations with 
India. See Hedges's Diary, vol. ii. pp. cxii-cxx, and 'portrait. 
" That which we promise ourselves in a most especiall manner from our new 
President [Child] and Council is that they will establish such a Politic of civill and 
military power, and create and secure Such a large Revenue to maintains both at 
that place, as may bee the foundation of a large, w^ell-grounded, sure Engliah 
Dominion in India for all time to come " (Dec. 12, 1687). 

Christianity in India. See references under Missions. 

4579 Churchill (Winston S.) Story of the Malakand Field Force on 
the N.W. Frontier, 1897, maps, plans, &c., revised edition, 
12mo, cloth. 1899 3s 

5480 Clark (Mrs. H.) Summer Scenes in Kashmeer, 12 litko jjlates 
in tint (Day & Son), imperial folio. 1858 9s 

Beautiful views of mountain, lake, and river scenery, ruins of temples, <kc. 
Wanting plates 2, .^, 4, 5. 

5482 Clarke (Hyde) Colonization, Defence, and Kailways in our 
Indian Empire, wap, 8vo, pp. viii-244. 1857 3s 6d 

5483 Clarke (Capt. Melville) From Simla through Ladac and Cash- 
mere, 1861, 37 plioto-views, folio, cloth. 1862 24s 

Contains views of Simla, Nagkunda, Kotegoor (3), Kooloo (2), Bara 
Lacha Pass (2), llukchin, Geya (2), Le (2*, Lama Yurra (2), Sreenuggur (10), Sopor, 
Bridge at Islamabad, Rajouree, Ruins of Martund, Fort of Barramgulla, Saidabad, 
Bhimbur, kc. 

5485 [Clay (Arthur H.)] Leaves from a Diary in Lower Bengal, 
1862-70, by "C. S. (Retired)," maps, etchings, &c., imperial 8vo, 
cloth. 1896 10s 

The Voyage, Calcutta, Barrackpore, Chittagong, Comilla, Trip up the Goomtee, 
Madaripore, Dacca, Perulia, Burmah, &c. 

Clerk (Sir G. Rassell) Evidence on Police, Justice, &c. See Pari. 
Reports, 1852-3, p. 66. 

5486 Clifford (Hugh C, Lord) Letters on East India Affairs [Treat- 
ment of Roman Catholics, &c.], 8vo, pp. 118. 1841 2s 6d 

5488 Clive (Robert, Lord) Life of, from Family Papers, by Sir John 

Malcolm, map and portrait, 3 vols. 8vo, half-calf. 1836 15s 

5490 Life, by Malcolm, another copy, 3 vols, half -morocco. 16s 

5491 Life of Lord Clive, by Gleig, 12mo, cloth. 1848. Is 6d 

5492 Lord Clive, by Sir C. Wilson (" Men of Action " Series) 

12mo, cloth. 1890 ^s 

5493 Lord Clive, by Gen. Malleson (" Rulers of India " Series) 

12mo, cloth. 1893 ^^ 

5495 Letter to Proprietors of E.I. Stock, 8vo, pp. 94. 1764 5s 

83, High Street, Maryhhone, London, W. 

98 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

5496 Clive (Robert, Lord) Authentic Papers : Two Letters from Lord 

Olive to Directors E.I. Co. ; with Letter from Messrs. Leycester and 

Gray, Sept., 1765, and Postscript, 8vo, pp. viii-214 {rare), 1771 7s 6d 

See also Arbuthnot, East India Co., Elphinstone, Ives, Macaulay, Malleson, 

Orme, &c. 

Clyde (Lord). See Campbell (Sir Colin). 

Coins, Seals, &c. See Atkins; Cunningham; Lane-Poole; Madras 
Museum; Marsden ; Prinsep ; Rice (L.) ; Rivett-Carnac ; Shekleton ; 
Steuart; Thomas. 

5499 Cole (Lt. H. H.) The Architecture of Ancient Delhi, with 2)la7is 

and 25 pernianent photographs, imp. 4to, half-morocco (Arundel 

Society). 1872 18s 

Including views and details of the Masjid-i-Kutb-ul-Islam, the Kutb Minar, 

Shams-ud-Din's Gateways and Tomb, Ala-ud-Din's Gateway, Imam Zamin's Tomb, 

Tomb of Adam Khan, &c. 

5500 Preservation of National Monuments, Pan jab, ma]?, 2)icites, 

and plans, folio, sewed, Simla, 1883 6s 

See also Arch^ological Surveys, pp. 71-72. 

5501 Colebrook (Lt. R. H.) Twelve Views of Places in Mysore in 
the Country of Tippoo Sultan, engraved by W. Edy, with 
Descriptions and Details of the Operations of the Army, imp. folio, 
half-bound. 1793 36s 

Twelve large coloured copper-plate views of Bangalore, Lake and Country of 
Mooty Tallaow, Pagodas at Maugry, Nandydroog, Seewandroog, Ootra-durgum, 
Ramgherry, Hyder All's Mausoleum at Laulbaug and Seringapatam. 

5502 Twelve Views in Mysore (1793), another copy, bound up 

with Twenty Views in Mysore, by Capt. A. Allan [Allen], engraved 
on copper, and accompanied by descriptive text (1794) ; to which 
are added (in this copy) a large Map of Southern India (1792), and 
eight ground plans of Hindu Temples (1803^, one vol. imp. folio, 
half-morocco. 1792-1803 £2 15s 

Capt. Allen's views comprise the Mausoleum at Colar, Bangalore, Hill Forts of 
Hoolioor, Anchitty, Neel, Ryacotta, Woodia, Chinroyen, Nundy, Sawen and Ootray ; 
Ramgherry, Shevengherry, Rhyman and Kummaulghur, Tarlawady, Mausoleum of 
Hyder, Seringapatam, and Kistnagherr)'. 

The added map is by Capts. Beatson and Allen, showing the British Marches 
through the Mysore, 1790-91, with additions by Major Rennell. The ground plans 
are those engraved by Thomas Daniell, 1803. 

'See nho Blagdon, p. 83. 

5503 Coley (Rev. James) Journal of the Sutlej Campaign, 1845-46, 
and of Lord Hardinge's Tour to Lahore, 1846-47, 12mo, cloth. 
1856 2s 6d 

5504 Colley (Sir George Pomeroy-) Life, 1835-1881, by Sir Wm. F. 
Butler, portrait, maps, and illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1899 7s 

Includes services in Kaffraria, 1854-59 ; in China, 1860; in Ashanti, 1873-74 ; as 
Military Secretary and afterwards as Private Secretary to Lord Lytton in India, 
1876-80, and as Governor and High Commissioner in Natal, 1880-81. 

5505 Colvin (Sir Auckland) John Russell Oolvin, Governor N.W. 
Provinces (1853-57), map and portrait, (** Rulers of India"), 12mo, 
cloth. 2s 

Sir A. Colvin was Secretary to Lord Auckland, 1836-42, and Lieut.-Governor 
at Agra during the Mutiny. 

83 f High JStQ'eet, MaryUhone, London, W. 

India gg 

5506 Combermere (Yiscount) Memoirs and Correspondence, from 
His Family Papers, with 2 portraits, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1866 9s 

Field-Marshal Lord Combermere, as Col. Stapletou Cotton, took part in operations 
against the Dutch at the Cape (1796), in the war in the Mysore (1797-8), returned to 
India twenty-five years after as Commander-in-Chief (1825-30), and was present at 
the capture of Bhurtpore. 

For further narrative of Lord Combermere in India see Archee, Mundy. 

5507 Compton (Herbert) European Military Adventurers of Hindu- 
stan, 1784-1803, map and portraits, 8vo, cloth. 1892 (pub. 16s) 6s 6d 

5508 Another edition, 12mo, cloth ("Adventure" Series) 3s 6d 

Lives of De Boigne, George Thomas, Gen. Perron, the Skinners, Sombre, 
Col. Sutherland, and their Companions. 

5509 A Master Mariner: Life [and Journal] of Capt. Robert 

Wm. Eastwick, illustrated, 12mo, cloth. 1891 2s 6d 

Cai>t. Eastwick was engaged in the East India trade from 1792 to 1825, voyaging 
between Bombay, Madras, Calcutta, the Nicobars. Eangoon, Bencoolen, Canton, 
Persian Gulf, Port Jackson, Norfolk Island, kc. He was also with Whitelock's 
expedition to Buenos Ayres (1807), was twice wrecked, and has some very interesting 
details of Col. Wellesley, afterwards Duke of Wellington, who sailed with him on 
one occasion from Madras to Calcutta (1798). 

5510 A King's Hussar: Military Memoirs of Twenty-five Years 

in the 14th Hussars, 12mo, cloth. 1893 3s 6d 

Includes chapters on Cantonment Life, Soldiers' Pets and Pastimes in India, &c 

5511 Congreve (Richard) Positivist. India, 8vo, pp. 40 2s 6d 

Conner (Lt.) Description of the Hill Tribes in Travancore, and 
Memoir in the Travancore Survey — Madras Journal, Vol. I., 1834 

5512 Connor (Ensign James) Eight Water-Colour Views and 
Sketches in Indian Ink, 1781-4 £2 10s 

Guard of Nabob's Cavalry ; Hindu Ceremony of Huson Hawson ; View on 
Ganges between Monghir and Kajemal; Scene in Berhampore ; Fort St. George, 
Madras ; Calcutta, near the Old Fort, March 80, 1784 ; and two others. 

See p. 5. 

5513 Constable's Hand Atlas of India: a series of Sixty Maps and 
Plans prepared from Ordnance and other Surveys under the direc- 
tion of J. G. Bartholomew, 12mo, half-morocco. 1893 6s 

This Atlas contains twenty-two plans of the principal towns. Topographical 
Section Maps reduced from the Survey, Military, Railway, Telegraph, and Mission 
Station Maps, an index of nearly twelve thousand names, and an abstract of the 
1891 Census. 

5514 Hand Gazetteer of India, compiled under the direction of 

J. G. Bartholomew, and Edited with Additions by Dr. Burgess, 
12mo, half-morocco. 1898 6s 

The Hand Gazetteer of India is based on the Index to Hand Atlas, which has 
been added to very largely, bringing the number of entries to close upon 20,000. 
The populations of districts, towns, and villages, and the position of each place are 
clearly indicated. 

Conti (Nicolo) Travels in India, 1449. See Ramusio, p. 18, and 
Major's India in the 15th Century, post. 
Conti was probably the first European who visited Bengal, That achievement 
is sometimes credited to Athanasius Nikitin, but he did not visit India till 1468w4. 

83 J High Street^ Marylebone, London, W, 

B 2 

100 Francis Edwards* s Catalogue 

5515 Qonwdcy (Sir Wm. Martin) Climbing and Exploration in the 
Karakoram Himalayas (1892), ma'p and 300 illustrations by A. D. 
McCormick, royal 8vo, cloth. 1891 14s 

5516 Supplementary volume of Scientific Memoranda: Reports 

by Prof. Bonney, Dr. A. G. Butler, W. L. Duckworth, W. B. 
Hemsley, W. F. Kirby, and others, cloth. 1894 15s 

The journey was from Hriuagar tlirough Gilgit. See also Eckenstein and 

5517 Crossing of the Hispar Pass, Kashmir, Geog. Journal, Feb., 

1893, Vol. I. pp. 131-8. Is 6d 

5518 — — Exploration in the Mustagh Mountains, Geog. Jour., 
Oct., 1893, Vol. II. pp. 289-303. Is 6d 

5519 Cooke (H. R.) Repression of Female Infanticide in Gujarat, &c. 
(Bombay Records), imp. 8vo, pp. vili-102. 1875 2s 6d 
Coolie Emigration. See Archer (E.) ; Emigration. 

5520 [Cooper (Frederic, of Umritsur)] The Crisis in the Punjab 
from the 10th of May until the Fall of Delhi [14th Sept., 1857], by 
a Punjab Employe, plans, 8vo, cloth. Lahore, 1858 5s 

With Table of Disposition of the Troops, Despatches, &c., and tale of the 
terrible acts of punishment inflicted upon the captured mutineers, total destruction 
of the 26th Regiment N.I. at Peshawar, 1st August, nearly 500 men, 

5521 The Crisis in the Punjab, London edition, map, 12mo, 

cloth. 1858 6s 

5522 Coopland (Mrs. R. M.) A Lady's Escape from Gwalior and Life 
in Agra Fort during the Mutiny, 12mo, cloth. 1859 6s 

5523 Coorg and its Rajahs, by an Officer formerly in the Service of 
H.H. Veer Rajunder Wadeer, 8vo, pp. 136. 1857 4s 

See also Bowring, Census, Markliam, Meade, 
CooTE (Sir Eyre) and his Services at Plassey, and in the Carnatic, 
1754-83. See Histories of Orme and Mill, Stuart, and Wilks. 

5524 Cope (Capt.) New History of the East Indies, with Observations 
on the Inhabitants, Descriptions of Forts and Settlements of 
Europeans and Trade of the E.I. Co., map, 8vo, half-calf extra. 
1754 15s 

Account of the Philippine and Spice Islands, Voyage of Vasco da Gama, Borneo. 
Sumatra and Java, Tonquin, Cochin-China, East Africa, Arabia, Persia and Mogul 
Dominions— Sindy, Guzerat, Cities and Forts of Cambay, Surat, Bombay, Diu, 
St. George (Madras), &c. 

CoRDiNER (Rev. J.) Voyage to India, 1797. See Ceylon. 

5525 Cornwallis (Charles, Marquis) Correspondence. Edited, with 
Notes, by Charles Ross, second edit., 1859, 3 vols. 8vo, cl. £1 8s 

Papers and Correspondence during the American War, Two Administrations in 
India, Union with Ireland, and the Peace of Amiens. 

Lord Cornwallis was twice Governor-General of India, from 1786-93, dving 
during his second period of office, in 1805, and was also engaged in the Mysore War 
against Tippoo Bultaun. His papers and correspondence are the chief authority 
for these periods in the history of India. 

See also Kaye, Malcolm, Seton-Karr, Mysore, &c. 

SSj High Street^ MaryUhone, London, W, 

India 101 

5526 Corrie (Rev. Daniel, D.D.) First Bishop of Madras, Memoir of, 
from his Letters and Journals, 'portrait, 8vo, cloth. 1847 ^h fid 
Dr. Corrie arrived in Calcutta in 1806, and for nianv years laboured in Northern 
India, at Chunar, Benares, Cawnpore, Agra, &c., and subsequently at Calcutta 
four times, on the deaths of Bishops Middlcton, Heber, James, and Turner', 
administered the affairs of the diocese. Among his correspondents were Flenry 
Martyn, T. Thomason, Rev. C. Simeon, J. W. Sherer, and Bishop Daniel Wilson. 

CoRsALi (Andreas) Letters to G. Medici, from Cochin, 1515 and 
1517, describing Eastern Countries and the Trade of the Portu- 
guese. See Ramusio, Viaggi, p. 18. 
CoRVERTE (Capt. Robert) Account of India, 1608-11. See Covert. 

5528 Coryat's Crudities, hastily gobbled up.... in France, Savoy, 
Italy, &c., reprinted from the rare edition of 1611, with his Letters 
from India, Oration, Character, Death, &c. facsimile illustrations, 
portraits, engraved on copper, 3 vols. 8vo, calf. 1776 (scarce) £5 

Copies of many commendatory verses in various languages are prefixed to the 
book. The frontispiece shows the several modes of travelling— the author on board 
a boat, the pides of which he " varnished " as he crossed to Calais ; next he is in a 
Picardy cart, &c. He says that he had walked 1,97.5 miles in one pair of shoes, and 
this pair of shoes was deposited, in token of gratitude for his safe return home, in 
the parish church, Odcomb, Somersetshire, rie travelled to India again, and visited 
the Great Mogul at Agra, and joined the suite of Sir Thomas Roe ; but this first 
"globe trotter '' met with misfortunes and died at Surat towards the end of 1617. 

5529 THOMAS CORIATE | Traueller for the English | Wits : 

Greeting. | From the Court of the Great Mogvl, Resi- | dent at 
the Towne of Asmere, in | Easterne India. [Woodcut] Printed 
by W. laggard, and Henry Featherston. 1616 (reprint 1810) 10s 

Small 4to, one leaf with two woodcuts and verses; title (^s above) ; blank (with 
pen-and-ink marks) ; To the Reader, 2 pp. To the Right Hon. Sir Edward Phillips, 
From Asmere, 1615, and other Odcombian Letters and Verses, pp. 56. 

This work (included in the 1776 edition) contains, besides the Letter to Sir E. 
PhillipSj others to " his Mother, and to the High Seneschall of the Right Worshipfull 

Fi-aternitie of Sirenical Gentlemen, that meet at the Mere-Maid in Bread- Streete, 

London. There are also some commendations for M. lohn Donne, Maister 
Beniamin lohnson, M. Samuel Purkas, the great collector of the Lucubrations of 
sundry classical authors, for the description of Asia, Africa, and America, M. Inigo 
Tones, to the Printer of his ' Crudities,' to all the Stationers in Paules Churchyard 
and others — God bless them all & me to \" 

CosMAs Indicopleustes, Topography of India, a.d. 535-47. See 
p. 5 and Thevenot's Collection, p. 22. 

5531 Costumes and Characters of Western India, 31 large photographs 
(with descriptions) on cards, each 17 by 12^ 18s 

5532 Cottineau de Kloguen (Rev. Denis) Historical Sketch of Goa, 
with Account of surrounding Territories under its Jurisdiction, 
plan, 8vo, half-calf. Madras, 1831 (scarce) 8s 

5533 Cotton (Lt.-Gen. Sir Sydney) Nine Years on the N.W. Frontier 
of India, 1854-63, with an Appendix on Indian Army Organization, 
8vo, cloth. 1868 7s 6d 

General Cotton's active service extended over a period of 53 years in all three 
Presidencies, Burmah and Scinde, in the Carnatic, Mysore, and the N.W Frovinces. 
This work records his services in the last-mentioned districts, and includes a narra- 
tive of the Mutiny of 1857-58. 

83 J High Street^ Maa-ylebone, London, W* 

102 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

5534 Cotton ([Sir] Arthur) Letter in Reply to Col. Baker's Report 
on [Sir] A. Cotton's Papers, pp. 30, with Letters from the TirneSf 
pp. xvii, pp. 11-56 and folding table, 8vo. 1856 3s 

5535 Letter on the Ganges Canal Committee's Report, 24 Feb., 

1866, 8vo, pp. 83, and plans. 1867 2s 6d 

5536 On Communication between India and China by the Line 

of the Burhampooter and Yang-tsze — Jour. R. Geog. Soc, 1867, 
Vol. XXXVII. pp. 231-239, and map, cloth 3s 

5537 The Madras Famine, with Letter from Florence Night- 
ingale, and other Papers, 8vo, pp. 40, cloth. Dorkhig [1877] 2s 6d 

5538 Cotton. Memoir of George Edward Lynch Cotton, D.D., Bishop 
of Calcutta, and Metropolitan (1858-66), with Selections from his 
Journals and Correspondence, portrait, 8vo, cloth. 1871 6s 

5539 Memoir, new edition, portrait, 1 vol. 12mo, cloth. 1872 4s 

5540 Charge to the Clergy of Calcutta, with Appendices on 

Education, &c., 8vo, pp. iv-108, xxviii. Cambridge, 1859 2s 

5541 Cotton (J. S.) India; and Payne (E. J.) The Colonies (" English 
Citizen" Series), 12mo, cloth. 1883 3s 

Decennial Statements : Progress and Condition, &c. See p. 67. 

Mountstuart Elphinstone. See p. 126. 

Warren Hastings — Ency. Britannica, 9th edit.. Vol. XI. 

5542 Court (Major M. H.) The Future Government of India; with 
the Laws of Menu in Twelve Chapters, 8vo, pp. 134. 1858 4s 

5543 Couteur (Capt. J. Le) Letters from India : Military Trans- 
actions during the War, 1782-84, with Account of the Inhabitants 
of Hindostan, from the French, 8vo, boards. 1790 7s 

5544 [Covert.] A | Trve and 1 almost incre- | dible Report of an 
Englishman, that \ (being cast away in the good Ship called | the 
Assension in Gamhaya, the farthest part of | the East Indies) 
trauelled by Land thorow | many vnknowne Kingdomes and \ great 
Cities. I With a particular Description of all ! tliose Kingdo7nes, 
Cities, and People : \ As also, | A Relation of their Commodities and 
manner of \ Traffique, and at what seasons of the yeere | they are 
most in vse. Fayth- | fully related: | With a Discovery of a 
Great ] Emperour called the Great Mogoll, a Prince | not till now 
knowne to our Eng- | lish Nation. | By Captaine Robert Couert, 
small 4to, calf extra (rare). London, 1631 £4 10s 

Title (1 leaf), Dedication (8 pp.), To the Reader (1 page), The Voyage (in black 
letter, pp. i-68), Colophon (1 leaf). 

The "Ascension," with the "Union," formed the fourth expedition sent out by 
the E.I. Co. After touching at the Cape the vessels were separated, the "Ascen- 
sion" going on to the Comoro Islands and Pemba (near Zanzibar), Socotra, Aden, 
Mocha {Red Sea), and Cambay, where she was wrecked. Coverte and some of his 
companions after reaching Surat travelled to Agra, where they spent some time, 
and were introduced to the Great Mogul by Hawkins. They afterwards travelled 

through Persia and overland to Aleppo, whence they sailed to England. 

Coverte's 'Report' has been reprinted in the Collections of Astley (Vol. I.), 
Harley (Vol.11.), Kerr (Vol. VIII.)- Other narratives of t' 
sion " and the " Union " will be found in Purchas (Vol 
Soc, Vol. LVI,— See Lancaster's Voyages, above, p. 11. 

83, High /Street, Ma/rylebone, London, W. 

India jqo 

5546 Commerce with India before the E.I. Co 8vo nn U 

[CalcMtta, 1861] *' ' ^P* ^g 

Both pamphlets bear Lady Franklin's autograph. 

On Buddhist Travellers, &c. See Elphinstone. 

Works on Sanskrit. See Indian Literatuke. 

5548 Craufurd (Q.) Researches concerning the Laws, TheoWy 
Learning, Commerce, &c., of Ancient and Modern India, 2 vols' 
8vo, boards. 1817 ' 7^ g^ 

Indir^*^ Chapters on the Sikhs, Mahrattas,and Ancient Authors who have described 

5549 [Crawford (John)] View of the Prospects of Free Trade and 
Colonization of India, second edition, 8vo, pp. 108. 1829 3s 

5550 Chinese Monopoly [E.I. Co.] Considered, pp. 96. 1830 2s 6d 

5551 Letter to the Author of ' Yiew of Prospects of Free Trade 

and Colonization of India,' by Desh-u-Lubun Ocharik of Calcutta, 
8vo, pp. 86. 1830 2s 6d 

5553 Crawford (F. Marion) Mr. Isaacs; a Tale of Modern India, 
I2mo, cloth 3g 

5554 Crawford (Arthur) Reminiscences of an Indian Police Official, 
with illustrations by H. van Ruith, 8vo, cloth. 1897 6s 

Stories of Indian crime humorously told, abounding in local colour, and afford- 
ing illustrations of native character. 

6555 Our Troubles in Poona and the Deccan, with 7iumerou8 

illustrations by H. van Ruith, 8vo, cloth. 1897 6s 

A historical sketch of the Poonah People and their Eulers from the earliest 
times, with description of migratory and predatory tribes, showing that disaffection 
is confined to a small body of one caste. 

5556 Crawshay (Geo.) Cause of the Indian Mutiny, pp. 28. [1857] 2s 

5557 Creighton (Henry) The Ruins of Gour, Described and Repre- 
sented in 18 coloured vieivs and map, 4to, calf. 1817 £1 5s 

5558 Creighton (J. N.) Narrative of the Siege and Capture of 
Bhurtpore, by the Forces under Lord Combermere, 1825-26, coloured 
frontispiece and other plates, 4to, boards. 1830 (scarce) 18s 

5559 Criminal Classes of India : Eleven Reports on Meena Dacoits, 
Eunuchs, &c., 8vo, half-calf. Allahabad, 1865 4s 

See also Arthur (T. C), Carpenter (Mary), Crawford (A.), Cumberlege, Graham 
(D.C.), Gunthorpe, Hcrvey, Punjab Correspondence, Taylor (Meadows) , Von Orlich. 
Warburton, and references under heading Law and Justice. 

5561 Crooke (W.) The North- Western Provinces of India ; tlieir 

History, Ethnology, and Administration, map and 16 illustrations, 

8vo, cloth. 1897 3s 

With Chapters on the Land and its Settlement. See also North Indian Notes 

and following section. 

83f High Street^ Ma/ryUhone, London^ W. 

104 Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

5562 Crooke (W.) Popular Religion and Folklore of Northern India, 
new edition, ilhistrated, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1896 8s 6d 

New Edition, entirely rewritten, with a considerable amount of fresh ioforma- 
tion collected in the course of the Ethnological Survey of the N.W. Provinces. 
This is the first attempt to bring together information on the popular beliefs of the 
races of Upper India. 

See North Indian Notes and Queries. 

5563 Crump (Lieut. C. W.) Pictorial Record of the Oawnpore 
Massacre, 3 large coloured plates, folio, cloth. 1858 15s 

5564 [Cumberland (Dr.)] Stray Leaves from the Diary of an Indian 
Officer, containing Account of the Temple of Juggurnath and a 
Residence in Australia, illustrated, 12mo, cloth. 1865 5s 

Dr. Cumberland served 25 years (1828-53) in the Bengal Army in Calcutta and 
N.W. Provinces. A coloured view of the Taj is given as frontispiece. 

5565 Cumberlege (N. R.) Some Account of the Bunjarrah Class, 
8vo, pp. 44. Bombay, 1882 Is 

Treats of the Gipsy Classes and Castes, and of their Criminal propensities. 

5566 Cumming (Miss C. F. Gordon) From the Hebrides to the 
Himalayas. A Sketch of Eighteen Months' Wanderings in Western 
Isles and Eastern Highlands, illustrated, 2 vols. 8vo, half-calf 
extra. 1876 14s 

The second volume is devoted to India, Agra, Faiths of Hindostan, Delhi and 
Meerut, the Himalayas, Simla, a Peep into Chinese Tartary, the Hill Tribes, 
Benares, its Temples and Worshippers, the Taj, &c. 

5567 Cumming (Lt. - Col. Gordon) Wild Men and Wild Beasts : 
Scenes in Camp and Jungle (1847-65), with illustrations by Col. 
Baigrie and Harrington Bulkley, 8vo, cloth. Edinburgh, 1871 15s 

5569 Cumming (J. Slator), Lieut, in the 9tli Foot. A Six Years' 

Diary, 8vo, cloth. 1847 3s 

Journal of Voyage to Calcutta and of the March to Delhi, Agra, and Meerut, 

thence through the Punjaub, and the Khyber Pass, 1842, in the successful forcing 

of which Lieut, Cumming was killed. 

5571 Cunningham (J. W.) Christianity in India : Duty of Intro- 
ducing it among the Natives, 8vo, pp. xii-199. 1808 3s 

5573 Cunningham (Capt Joseph D.) History of the Sikhs, their 
Country and the Battles of the Sutlej. Second edition, with 
corrections and additions, 2 maps, 8vo, cloth. 1853 (scarce) 19s 

• The author was resident among the Sikh people for a period of eight years, and 
had access to all the public records. Several chapters relate to Runjeet Singh and 
his Alliance. 

5574 Cunningham (General Alexander) The Bhilsa Topes ; or, 
Buddhist Monuments of Central India, with Sketch of the Rise, 
Progress, and Decline of Buddhism, 33 plates, 8vo, cl. 1854 £2 

With chapters on Asoka, the Gupta Dynasty, Descriptions of the Topes at 
Sanchi, Sonari, Sattara, Andher, and Bhojpur. The representations include religious 
and military pageants, ceremonies, battles, and domestic scenes. 

5575 Coins of Alexander's Successors in the East, Greeks, Indo- 

Scythians, and F&rthi&ns, Author's interieatJed cop j/ [with pagination 
corrected], 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. [ ] 12s 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

India 105 

5576 Cunningham (General Alexander) Laddk, Physical, Statistical, 
Historical, with Notices of the Surrounding Countries, map and 
31 plates, mostly coloured, and including views by Col. Bates, royal 
8vo, cloth. 1854 £2 

5577 Laddk, another copy, without map, half-calf 20s 

The result of two visits in 184G and 1847, with notices of earlier travellers, 
chapters on Tibetan Buddhism, the Lamas, Religious Buildings, Language, and 
various Alpine Dialects. 

5578 The Ancient Geography of India, Buddhist Period, including 

Alexander's Campaigns and Travels of Hwen-Thsang, 13 nmps, 8vo, 
cloth. 1871 (pub. 28s) 14s 

5579 Inscriptions of Asoka (Corpus Inscriptionum Indicarum), 

with 31 plates, 4to, cloth. Calcutta, 1877 9s Cd 

See also Archajological Survey of India, ante, and Mahey, post. 

5680 Book of Indian Eras, with Tables for Calculating Indian 

Dates, royal 8vo, cloth. 1883 21s 

5582 [Cunningham (Sir H. S.)] Chronicles of Dustypore : a Tale of 
Modern Anglo-Indian Society, by the author of 'Wheat and Tares,' 
&c., 12mo, cloth. 1875 3s 

" It is possible to gain some insight into Indian problems by the perusal of 

much brilliant Anglo-Indian satire of Anglo-Indian rule in the pages of novels 
such as the well-known ' Dustypore.' " — Dilke. 

5583 British India and its Rulers, 8vo, cloth. 1881 5s 

5584 Earl Canning, and the Transfer of India from the Com- 
pany to the Crown, map ("Rulers of India" Series), 12mo, cloth. 
1891 2s 

5585 Cursetjee (M.) of: Removed from Assistant - Collector- 
ship of Customs, Bombay, 8vo, pp. 46. 1847 2s 6d 

5586 Curzon (Lord) of Kedleston, Viceroy of India, Speeches hy, 
1898-1901, 8vo, cloth. 1901 7s 6d 

Speeches before leaving England, in Reply to Addresses in India, in Durbar at 
Lucknow, Quetta, Rajkot, and on Finance, Commerce. Memorials to Queen Vic- 
toria, &.C. 

5587 [Dalence] Relation ou Journal d'un Voyage fait aux Indes 
Orientales, contenant I'Etat des Affaires du Pais, & les Etablisse- 

ments de plusieurs Nations avec la Description des principales 

Villes, les Moeurs, Coutumes & Religions des Indiens, 24mo, morocco, 
gilt edges. Paris, 1677 , , l^s 

Narrative of a French expedition to India, 1671-5, including the enterprises 
against the Dutch at Ceylon, St. Thom6, and Batavia, under Caron and Martm, 
accounts of the Cape, Mozambique, &c. 

5588 Dalhousie (Marquess of) Minute on his Administration (Ind. 
Govt. Records, No. 14), royal 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1856 3s 
Minute on L.C. Government of India Act, 1853. See Ilbert. 

5589 The Marquess of Dalhousie and Final Development of the 

E.I. Co.'s Rule, by Sir W. Hunter, map, portrait, and facsimile 
C* Rulers of India " Series), 12aio, cloth. 1890 2s 

See also Argyll, Arnold (Sir E.), Holmes, Jackson, Marshraan, Trotter, Keene 
and other recent Historians of India. . ,. ,^^.„ ,, ^ Ki;,T.«ri 

Lord Dalhousie's Papers are, by a special clause m his Will, not to be pubiibhed 
before 1910. 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London, W, 

106 Fra/ncis Edwards's Catalogue 

5590 Dalrymple (Alex.) A Plan for Extending the Commerce of 
this Kingdom and of the E.I. Co., pp. iv-112 and nuip, 8vo, half- 
calf. 1769 lis 

See also East India Company, pp. 117, 118, and Tanjore. 

5591 Contest concerning Four New Regiments offered to H.M. 

by the E.I. Co., 8vo, pp. 76. 1788. 4s 

5592 Oriental Repertoiy, Vol. I., large-paper issue, royal 4to, 

sewed (without the plates). 1808 15s 

Contains Descriptions of Malwa, Bandelcund, Jaypoor, the Province of Agra, 
Country between Masulipatam and Calcutta, by M. Topping (1786-87) ; Roads from 
Nellore to Western Passes, by Colin Mackenzie (1788) ; Col. Upton's Journey, 
Poonah to Ballisore (1777) ; Accounts of Tippoo Sultain, the Morattas, the Nair 
Princes of Malabar, of Cochin China (Mr. Bowyear, 16i>5-97, and Mr. Kirsop, 1750), 
Avar (Lester's Embassy, 1757), the Island Negrais (1759), &c. 

5593 Dalton (Charles) Memoir of Captain [John] Dalton, Defender 
of Trichinopoly, 1752-3, portrait and plans, 12mo, cloth. 1886 2s 6d 

Dalton was a life-long friend of Lord Clive, and a great part of the contents of 
Dalton's ' MS. Journal ' was embodied by Orme in his ' History of India.' 

5594 Dalton (Col. E. T.) Descriptive Ethnology of Bengal, illustrated 
by 38 litho plates from plwtographs, 2 vols, imperial 4to, half- 
morocco. Calcutta, 1872 £4 10s 

5595 Daniel! (Thomas and William) Oriental Scenery ; or, Views of 
the Architecture, Antiquities, and Landscape Scenery of Hindostan, 
six parts, containing 144 exquisitely finislied engravings in aqua- 
tinta, COLOURED in imitation of paintings; the Views in 6 vols, 
elephant folio, half-morocco (24 by 19), with Descriptive Text in 
1 vol. 8vo. 1795-1808 

Part I. Title and twenty-four plates, comprehending Views and Specimens 
of Hindoo and Mohammedan Architecture at Delhi, Gour, Allahabad, Agra, and the 
" Taj." Pntna, Kamnagur, Benares, the Sacred Tree at Gyah, &c. 

Paet 11. Twentj'^-four views of Calcutta, the Port, and Chowringee, Madras, 
an«i Fort St. George, Palace and Fort Madura, Eock of Tritchinopoly, Temple at 
Tanjore, &c. 

Part III. Twenty-four views on the Ganges and Jumna, and in Behar, Gate 
at Fyzabad, Mausoleum of the Wife of Jehangir, views in Lucknow, Cannouge. 
Mosque at Juanpore, Hill Forts in the Barramahl, more views in Delhi, Eamnagur, 
Eajmahal, &c. 

Part IV. Twenty-four plates, chiefly Landscapes from Cape Comorin to the 
Mountains of Serinagur, taken in the months of July and August, 1792. 

Part V. Twenty-four views, including the Seven Pagodas at Mauveleporam, 
Sculptured Eocks at Salsette and Elephanta, Fakeer's Eock in the Ganges ; at Deo, 
Mandeswara, and Chaynpore in Behar, Muddanpore, Bangalore, Observatory at 
Delhi, the Cuttub Minar. 

[Part VI.] Hindoo Excavations in the Mountain of EUora, near Aurungabad, 
in the Deccan. Twenty-four views from the drawings of Mr. James Wales, under 
the direction of M^. Thomas Daniell (1792-3) and eight plans. 

This, the finest illustrated work ever published on India, contains views of 
palaces and of cities, mountain, river, and forest scenery, illustrations of the rock- 
cut Temples of Ellora, other Hindu antiquities of the Deccan and Southern India, 
as well as the Mohammedan Palaces, Mosques, and Tombs of the Bengal and N.W. 
Provinces. The Messrs. Daniell spent many years in India, and the objects 
depicted in these volumes are scattered over the whole territory from Bombay ^^ 
Calcutta, from Travancore to Kashmir. The work was originally publishedi hc 
Two Hundred Guineas. 

8S, High Street^ Marylehone, London^ W, 

India 107 

5596 Daniell's Oriental Scenery: another copy, containing 132 plates, 
coloured, 6 vols, elephant folio. 1795-1803 £19 

Contents.— First, Second, Third, and Fourth Parts ; Part V. Antiquities, 
twelve plates. (1) Sculptured Rocks (the Seven Pagodas) ; and (2) Entrance to 
Excavated Temple at Mauveleporam, near Madras ; (3, 4^ 11, 12) Excavated Temples 
at Salsette ; (5. 6) Hindoo Temple at Behar; (7, 8) Cave at Elephanta; (9, 10) 
Fakeer's Rock in the Ganges. Part VI. The Cave Temples of Ellora. 

Although photography accurately reproduces scenes and details, that art has 
not yet superseded nor surpassed these drawings in effectiveness, and it comes after 
another century of decay has left its effacing marks on all antiquities. The original 
plates, too, in these copies are fresh and clean ; produced on Whatman's paper, 
they are free from the ironmarks found in the reduced copies, which are 
occasionally " foxed " throughout. 

5597 Daniell's Oriental Scenery, aquatint e7igravings, coloured, 
separate plates, 24 in. by 19 in. each 6s 

Paet I. 

1. Eastern Gate of the Jumma Musjed, Delhi. 

2. Hindoo Temples at Bindrabund, on the Jumna. 

3. The Cotsea Bhang, or Begum's Garden, Delhi. 

4. Ruins at Gour. 

5. Raje Gaut, Road to Rotas Ghur, Behar. 

6. The Chalees Satoon, or Forty Pillars, Allahabad. 

7. Ancient Ruins near Delhi. 

8. Palace in the Fort, Allahabad. 

9. Gate leading to Akbar's Mausoleum, near Agra. 

10. Part of the City of Patna. 

11. Hindoo Temple in the Fort of Rotas. 

12. Mausoleum of Mucdoom Shah, Moneah. 

13. vv . Entrance to Shere Shah's Fort, Delhi. 

15. The Sacred Tree at Gyah. 

16. Dusasumaude Gaut, Benares. 

17. Mausoleum of Sultan Chusera, near Allahabad. 

18. Gate leading to and Distant View of the Taje Mah 1, Agra. 

19. Hindoo Temples at Agouree on the R. Soane. 

20. View of Part of Rotas Ghur. 

21. Hindoo Temple near Currah, on the Ganges. 

22. Mausoleum of Sultan Purveiz, near Allahabad. 

23. The Jumma Musjed, at Delhi, Chief Mosque m India. 

24. Gate leading to Musjed at Chunar Gur, on the Ganges. 

Part III. 

2. Ruins of Raiah Rotas's Palace, Behar. . i,. , „i o^ 

3. Gate of the Loll Bhang Sujah Dowla's Garden at 1 yzabad. 

4. Mausoleum of the Wife of Jehangir near Arahabad 

.5. The Punj Mahalla Gate, Sujah Dowla's Palace Lucknow. 
6. Mausoleum of Amir Khusero, Prmce and Poet, Delhi. 

I i^rrcf rM^us^o^ml'luItan Khusevo's Garden, near Allahabad. 

la- &7Mo'q2e'buUt by Hafi. Ramut, Kohilla Chief, at Pillibeat. 

14. View of Ousoor, near Bangalore, Mysore 

18. Baolee, or Bath, near the Old City of Delhi. 

20. The Boalee at Ramnasur. Maiiol 

24. Mausoleum of Nawaub Asoph Khan, at baje Mahal. 

5598 Oriental Scenery, Reduced edition, t^^^^J^^^^^^.,^^ j,*^^,^, ^t- 

lUustrations of the six parts engraved on see w^th Descrip 
tions, in 3 vols. obi. roy. 4to, half-morocco^^812Ub^__* 

83, High Street, Ma/ryUhone, London, W. 

108 Frcmcis EdAimrd^s Catalogue 

5599 Daniell's Oriental Scenery, Reduced edition, hut printed, on 
large paper, 6 vols, in 3, imperial 4to, half-morocco. 1812-16 £3 3s 

In the reduced edition the descriptions accompany the plates, which are 
uniform in size, each Sin. by 6 in. 

5601 Picturesque Voyage to India by Way of the Cape : a Series 

of 50 most beautiful coloured engravings printed in exact imitation of 
drawings, with descriptive letterpress, 4to, half-morocco. 1810 £4 

Views of Gravesend, Beachv Head, Madeira (2), Crossing the Line, Gale off the 
Cape, Man Overboard, Table Mountain, Albatross, Malay Proas and Canoes (2), 
Java Head, Macao (2), Coast of Cochin China, Whampoa (2), Canton Kiver (4), 
Chinese Gentlemen, Ladies, Officer, Husbandman, and Barber (7), Chinese Vessels 
(3), Chinese Duck Boat, Garden, Pavilion, Tomb, and Offering to the God of Fire 
(5), Pedro Branco, Cape Richards, Anger Point (3), Malays of Java and Village (3), 
Cocoa Nut and Betel Trees, Fowl Island, Bay of Bengal, Views on the Hoogly (2), 
Calcutta (2). 

5602 The Oriental Annual for 1836; or, Scenes in India, with 

22 steel plates by DaJiiell, 12mo, morocco 4s 

5603 Oriental Annuals for 1836 and 1837, containing 36 beau- 
tiful steel engraved plates from drawings by Daniell and Westall, 
largest paper issue, 1 vol. imp. 4to, half-morocco 15s 

Views in Bombay, Salsette (2), Elephanta (2), Delhi (4), Jehanabad. Madura, on 
the Ganges, Hoogly, Coast of Malabar, in Bootan {5), at Muskat (3], of Hindoos and 
Mahomedans, Sultan Baber, a Tiger Hunt, Lion and Buffalo. Brahmin Bull, a Hunting 
Cheetah, Alligator and Bullock, Java Pheasant, &c. 

5604 Eastern Legendary Tales and Oriental Romances, with 

13 steel engravings [Oriental Annual], 12mo, cloth gilt 3s 6d 

5606 Danish Missionaries and their Success in Malabar, with 
Account of a Printing Press set up in Tranquebar, and Catalogue 
of Books there printed. [Part I., pp. 68], 12mo, half-bound. 
London, 1714 4s 

5607 • New Edition, continued, with map. Part I., pp. xvi, 

xxxvi, 80 ; Part II., pp. viii - 60; Part III., pp. xxiv - 236, and 
map, 1 vol. 12mo, calf. 1718 9s 

On the Character of a Missionary ; Voyage 1705-6 ; Idolatry of the Malabarians ; 
Conversions and Particular Providences ; Journey from Tranquebar to Madras ; of 
the Printer, Press and Types sent out ; Translations of the New and Old Testaments 
Method of Instruction in the Schools, &c. 

Speaking of written opinions about the native character, Mr. Robert Elliot 
('Experiences of a Planter,' 1.155), notes that of all the books he had read upon 

India "none has taken my fancy so much a* a little work which consists of 

translations from the letters of two Danish Missionaries." 

See also Grinfield, Phillips (J. T.), Smith (T.), Swartz. 

5608 Dan vers (F. 0.) Bengal Chiefs, Agents, and Governors, pp. 22. 
1888. Is 6d 

5609 The Portuguese in India : a Histoiy of the Rise and 

Decline of their Eastern Empire, with 22 facsimile maps, plans, 
views, and j)ortraits, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1894 {pub. £2 2s) 12s 6d 

For the period of Indian history covered (about four hundred years) no more 
useful work exists. It has been compiled from the published writings of I'ortuguese 
and Spanish authors, amplified by some uni)ublished records as well as from English 
publications and records of the E.I. Company, The introductory part of nie work 
treats of the Indo-European trade of the Arabs, the Voyages of Vasco da Gama, 

83, High Street, Maryhhone, London, W. 

India 109 

the Conquests of D'Alboquerque and others ; these chapters are followed by others 
on Portuguese enterprise in the Eastern Archipelago, the coming of the Dutch and 
the loss to them of Ceylon, and the spice trade of the Moluccas ; lastly of the 
arrival of the English and subsequent cession of Ceylon to that power. A List of 
Portuguese Viceroys, Governors, and Heroes of the Epic Period, Names of Places 
mentioned, and Bull of Pope Alexander VI., designating Eastern Discoveries to 
Portugal, are printed in the Appendix. 

5611 Darrah (Henry Zouch) Sport in the Highlands of Kashmir: 
Eight Months in Baltistan and Ladak, 2 maps and 52 illustrations, 
royal 8vo, cloth. 1898 10s 6d 

5612 Dass (Ishuree) Domestic Manners and Customs of the Hindoos 
of Northern — chiefly N.W. Provinces — India. Keprint, 12mo, 
cloth. Benares, 1860 2s 6d 

•' The reader will get more information from it than from many [works] of 
much greater pretension." — Calcutta Review. 

5613 Das (Devendra N.) Sketches of Hindoo Life, 12mo, cl. 1887 2s 
Phases of the inner life of the people of India— sketches mostly reprinted from 

London newspapers. 

5614 Dave (Ldlshankar) A Short History of Gondal, 12mo, cloth. 
Bombay, 1889 * 2s 6d 

5615 Davidson (Lieut.-Col. C. J. C.) Travels in Upper India to 
Kurd war and the Himmalayas, a Tour in Bundelcund, and a 
Voyage down the Ganges, 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1843 6s 

With Chapters on Dacca, the Jungle, Sunderabund, and Calcutta ; also Account 
of a Sporting Tour in Oude. 

5616 Day (Thomas) Letters of " Marius " upon the Peace, the East 
India Bill, the Present Crisis, &c., 8vo. 1784 3s 

5617 Deakin (Hon. Alfred) Irrigated India : an Australian View of 
the Irrigation and Agriculture of India and Ceylon, map, 8vo, cloth. 
1893 '^s 6^ 

Treats of Indian Irrigation generally, and specially of the Cauvery, Ganges 
Canal, Bari Doab, Sirhind, and other systems, with Chapters on Ceylon, the Madras, 
Bengal, and Bombay Presidencies, the Independent States, N.W. Provinces, Native 
Population, Agriculture, Indian Wheat, Australian Trade, &c. 

5618 Dean (John) Narrative of the Affair of the Ship "Sussex" 
until her Wreck on the Bassas de India, 8vo, half-calf. 1740 6s 

5619 [Deane (Mrs. A.)] A Tour through the Upper Provinces of Hin- 
dostanbetweenl804andl814,hyA.D.,wrtp,8vo,half-calf. 1823 5s6d 

Extracts from the diary of a lady (wife of Jobn Deane, Esq., Commissioner m 
Behar aid Benares), with remarks and incidents of the .lo;;y"\Vn71\w, nore 
to Serampore, Moorshednbad. Rajmahal, Monghyr, Benares, Allahabad, Cawnpoie, 
Lucknow, Agra (with account of the " Taj "), Delhi, Meernt, Sec. 

5620 Deccan, Recollections of the, with Miscellaneous Sketches and 
Letters. By an Officer of Cavalry, royal 8vo, calf (scarce)^ 
Calcutta, 1838 ,, i i n ^A 

Account of Goa, Elophanta, Kolaupoor, l^^^f ^ ^holappre^^ M^ 
Mines, Short Tour in the Carnatic, and other sketches; repimted trom vanou. 
Indian periodicals, and letters signed " Junius. 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

110 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

5621 Delessert (Adolphe) Souvenirs d'un Yoyage dans I'lnde, 1834- 
1839, with 35 plates (27 of natural history, coloured), including 
Birds, Butterflies and Moths, royal 8vo, boards. Paris, 1843 15s 

5622 Delhi Sketch Book (The) with numerous comic cuts and cartoo7is, 
12 Nos., 1851-53, 4to, morocco (scarce) 16s 

5623 Military Plan of Delhi, 19 by 14, coloured sheet, London, 

1857 Is 6d 

5624 History of the Siege of Delhi, by an Officer who sei-ved 

there, with Sketch of Events in the Punjaub during the Rebellion 
of 1857, plan, 12mo, cloth. Edinburgh, 1861 7s 

5625 Short Account of the Siege, 1857, by Colonel Handcock, 

commanding at Delhi, Simla. 1892 2s 

5626 Plan of the Siege, September, 1857, p/toto- lithograph, 18 by 

15. London, 1894 Is 

5627 Dellon (M.) Nouvelle Relation d'un Voyage fait aux Indes 
Orientales, contenant la Description des lies de Bourbon et de 
Madagascar, de Surat, de la C6tes de Malabar, Calicut, Tanor, 
Goa, &c. ; avec Histoire des Plantes et des Animaux, et un Traite 

des Maladies particulieres et des leurs Remedies, plates, 18mo, 

calf. Amsterdam, 1699. lis 

5628 Yoyage to the East Indies, with Accounts of St. Helena, 

Madagascar, Malabar, Goa, Ormus, &c., with Supplement taken 
out of Rennefort's East Indies, 8vo, old calf. London, 1698 £1 10s 

5629 [ ] Relation de I'lnquisition de Goa [Par T)***], plates, 18mo, 

calf. Paris, 1688 9s 

5630 History of the Inquisition at Goa, English translation, 

8vo, cloth. Hull, 1812 5s 

5631 Denison (Sir Wm.) Yarieties of Yice-Regal Life, including 
Letters of Lady Denison, inaps, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1870 6s 

5632 Another copy, 2 vols. 8vo, half-calf 9s 

Sir Wm. Denison was Governor of Tasmania (184:7-55), of New South Wales 

(1855-61), and of Madras (1861-66). The second volume contains correspondence 
on Indian Finance and Public Works, and visits to different parts of the Presi- 
dency ; the assumption of the Governor-Genei-alship on the death of Lord Elgin. 

5633 D'Ewes (J.) Sporting in Both Hemispheres, illustrated, 12mo, 
cloth. 1858 3s 6d 

Sporting experiences in India, France, Spain, Baden, Bavaria, Hungary, Prussia? 
Cape Verde Islands, Australia, and China. The chapters relating to India contain 
accounts of Thuggism and of a Suttee witnessed by the author. 

5635 Dickinson (John) Reply to the Indigo Planters' Pamphlet: 
* Brahmins and Pariahs,' 8vo, pp. 43. 1861 2s 

5636 The Famine in the N.W. Provinces, pp. 36. 1861 2s 

5637 The Cotton Crisis and Public Works in India, pp. 39. 

1862 2s 

5638 Remarks on the Indian Railway Reports, pp. 32. 1862 2s 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

India HI 

5639 Dickinson (John) Obstructions to Trade in India, 8vo, pp. 15. 
1862 Is 6d 

5640 Policy of the Secretary for India, 8vo, pp. 40. 1863 2s 

5641 Dhar not Restored in Spite of the Honse of Commons and 

of Public Opinion, 8vo, cloth. 1864. 3s 

5642 Sequel to ' Dhar not Restored,' 8vo, pp. 35. 1865 2s 

5643 Digby (Wm.) Hon. Sec. Indian Famine Relief Fund The 
Famine Campaign in Southern India, 1876-8, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 
1878 9s 

Mr. Digby's volumes contain fullest information on the questions of relief 
works, of relief camps, and are of permanent value as a record of this campaign. 

5644 Dilke (Sir Charles) Greater Britain : Travel in America, 
Australasia, Ceylon, and India, 1866-7, 6 ?nop.s and 10 ilhistrationsj 
best edition, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1868 9s 

After travelling across North America, the Pacific, and through Australasia, 
Sir Charles Dilke visited Point de Galle, Colombo and Kandy, Calcutta, Benares, 
Mirzapore, Allahabad and Cawnpore, Agra and the Taj, Delhi, Bimla, Amritsar and 
its Golden Temple, Lahore, Moultan, Kurrachee, and Bombay ; writing not only 
descriptions but chapters, suggested on the way, on Caste, Mohamedan Cities, 
Colonization, the Gazette, Our Indian Army, Russia, Native States, Scinde, Over- 
land Koutes, the Mohurrum, English Learning, and on India— in general. 

5645 Problems of Greater Britain, with 5 maps, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 

1890 lis 

This work, founded on the observations recorded in the preceding work and 
the writer's later travels, treats of the statecraft and legislation of British colonies 
and possessions across the seas in (I) North America, (2) Australasia, (3) South 
Africa, (4) India, (5) Crown Colonies, ((5) Colonial Problems, (7) The Mother 
Country and the Remainder of the Empire, (8) Imperial Defence. Indian Pro- 
blems occupy l.W pages in the second volume. 

DiODORUs SicuLUs, Account of India about B.C. 60. See above, 

p. 6, and Alexander the Great, pp. 1 and 65. 

5646 Dirom (Major) Narrative of the War with Tippoo Sultan, 1792, 
maps, plans, and view of Seringapatam, 4to, calf. 1793 18s 

5647 War with Tippoo, second edition, with sheet showing 

State of the E.I. Co.'s Finances, 1793, 4to, calf. 1794 21s 

5648 Dixon (Lieut.-Col. C. J.) Sketch of Mairwara ; Origin and 
Habits of the Mairs, their Subjugation and Civilization, with 
Descriptions of Irrigation Works in Mairwara and Ajmeer, and 
32 maps, pUms, and vieivs, 4to, cloth. 1850 14s 

5649 [Dobbs (General R. S.)] Brief Sketch of the Life of Gen. 
Charles A. Browne, accompanied by Reminiscences of Christian 
Life in India Half a Century ago. by a General OfiQcer, Umo. 
Dublin *^ 

5650 Reminiscences of Life in Mysore (1834-62), South Africa 

(1840-41), and Burmah (1852-53), 12mo, cloth. Dnhlin, 1882 2s bd 

With chapters on Christian Mission Work, Professional Robbers, Police Expe- 
riences, Thuggism, Wild Beasts, Public Works, &c. ^^^^^ 

8S, High Street, Marylehone, LoTidon, W. 

112 Francis Edwa/rds's Catalogioe 

5651 Dodgson (Lt.-Col. D. S.) Yiews of Lucknow, with descriptive 
notices: 2S tinted lithographs and plan^ imp. folio, cloth. 1860 £1 

5652 Another copy, half -morocco ^1 4s 

Scenes in and around the city just after the Mutiny, including the Residency, 
Dr. Fayrer's House, Palaces of Motee Mahal and Dil Khoosha, the Martiniere, 
General Outrara's Camp at Alum Bagh, Fortress, Batteries, &c. 

5653 Dodwell (Edward) and Miles (J. S.) Indian Army List, 1760- 
1837, royal 8vo, cloth, 1838 68 

5654 Bengal Civil List, 1780-1838, royal 8vo, half-bound. 

1839 6s 

5655 D'Orsey (Rev. A. J. D.) Portuguese Discoveries, Dependencies, 
and Missions in Asia and Africa, maps, 12nio, cloth. 1893 4s 

A short and useful history of the Portuguese Conquests and Missions in India, 
with cliapters on Xavier and the Jesuits, Syrian Missions and Christians in South 
India, Protestant Missions, Recent Re\ival of Roman Missions. 

5656 Doughty (Marian — Hetton Mervyn) Afoot through the 
Kashmir Valleys, illustrated^ 8vo, cloth. 1902 7s 6d 

5657 Douglas (James) Bombay and Western India, maps, plans, 13 
full-page and over 100 other illustrations, 2 vols, royal 8vo, cloth. 
1893. (pub. 42s net) 10s 

History and progress from the sixteenth century to the present date : the 
outcome of twelve years' residence and research. There are papers on General 
Sir C. Napier, Eliza Draper. Akbar, Sivaji, Outram, Dr. John Wilson, Governors 
Aungier, Elphinstone, and Malcolm, «&c. ; on the pirates of the Ratnagiri coast. 
Nelson in 1775, Napoleon at Suez, Wellington in Bombay, the Mutiny of 1857, 
Bijapur, and the Elephanta Cave Temples. Some of the portraits and views are 
from rare prints, and many from sources never before published. 

5658 Dow (Lt.-Col. Alex.) History of Hindostan, translated from .the 
Persian of Ferishta, with Continuation from the death of Akbar to 
the Settlement of the Empire under Aurungzebe (977-1669), with 
portraits, second edition, revised and enlarged (2 vols., 1770) ; with 
a Dissertation on the Hindoos, and on Despotism in Hindostan, 
and An Inquiry into the State of Bengal, 1772, 3 vols. 4to, calf 36s 

5660 History of Hindostan, with the Dissertations and State of 

Bengal, new edition, portraits, 3 vols. 8vo, half- morocco. 1792 17s 

5661 History of Hindostan, &c., another copy, 3 vols. 8vo, calf 19s 

5662 Downing (Clement) History of the Indian Wars with Angria 
and other Pyrates, 12mo, morocco extra. 1737 21s 

5663 Doyly (Sir Charles) The European in India : Twenty Coloured 
Drawings engraved by Clark and Dubourg, with Descriptions by 
Capt. Williamson ; to which is added Mr. Blagdon's History of 
India, small 4to, half-morocco extra {Ornie). 1813 £2 12s 

"I found great amusement and interest in looking over Sir Charles D'Oyly's 
drawing-books ; he is the best gentleman artist I ever met with. He says India 

is full of beautiful and picturesque country and his own drawings and paintings 

certainly make good his assertion."— Bishop Heber's Journal, August 20tn, 1824. 

8Sy High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

India 113 

5666 Doyly (Sir Charles) Behar Amateur Lithographic Scrap Book, 
containing 28 sketches, obloDg folio, half-calf extra. Behar, 1828. 

Portraits, Sketches, and Views in or near Benares, Patna, Bariackpore, Gyali, 
Dacca, &c. i ^ i ^ j > 

5667 [Amateur Scrap Book] No. 2, Indian Sports, litho. title 

and 12 plates, oblong folio, half-calf. Behar, 1829 (rare) 18s 

5668 Views in Calcutta and its Environs, 25 plates, containing 

27 litho. views, coloured, large folio, half-morocco. 1848 £5 10s 

East Gate, Government House ; Government House ; View near Circular Road ; 
Garden Reach ; Custom House Wharf ; The Town and Port ; Banyan Tree ; The 
Church ; Mosque ; Procession of the Churruckpooja ; Office of the Board of 
Revenue ; Calcutta from Fort William ; View in Clive Street ; Village of Sheerpore ; 
'/'"^'cutte. from the Old Course ; The Cathedral ; Barrackpore Menagerie and Park 
^. ^ 5 J^^^^ '" Serampore Road ; Bishop's and Mahommedan Colleges (2) ; Suspen- 
sion Bridge at Alipore ; Chowringee (two views) ; Tank Square ; Hindoo Mut and 
leinple (2); Esplanade. 

See also ' The Old Missionary '—Hunter. 

5669 Drew (Frederic) The Jummoo and Kashmir Territories, maps, 
photo and other illustrations, royal 8vo, cloth. 1875 15s 

A valuable work of reference on the Physical Characteristics and Inhabit- 
ants of Jummoo; Kashmir and Sirinagar, the Surrounding Mountains and their 
Geological Features ; Ladak and Higher Valleys ; Baltistan, Dardistan, and their 
People ; Gilgit History, Languages, Vocabularies, Statistical Tables, &c. 

5670 The Northern Barrier of India : a Popular Account of the 

Jummoo and Kashmir Territories, map and illiistrations, 8vo, cloth. 
1877 4s 6d 

This volume contains those parts of the author's previous work most likely to 
interest the general reader. 

5672 Drury (Col. H.) Reminiscences of Life and Sport in Southern 
India, 12mo, cloth. 1890 2s 6d 

5673 Dryden's Aureng-Zebe : a Tragedy, and the Second Book of 
Somervile's * Chase,' edited, with Notes, by K. Deighton, portrait 
of Dryden and coloured plate, ' The Emperor Akbar Deer Stalking,' 
12mo, cloth. 1892 2s 6d 

5674 Duberly (Mrs. H.) Campaigning Experiences in Rajpootana and 
Central India during the Mutiny, 1857-58, maps, 12mo, cl. 1859 Os 

5676 Dubois (I'Abbe J. A.) Description of the Cliaracter, Manners, 
and Customs of the People of India and of their Institutions, 
Religious and Civil, 4to, boards. 1817 1^^ 

5677 Another Edition, with Notes and Additions by Rev. G. U. 

Pope (but somewhat abridged) portrait, royal 8vo, half-calf. 
Madras, 1862 7s 6d 

5678 New Edition : Hindu Manners, Customs, and Ceremonies, 

translated from the author's later French MS., and edited, with 
notes, corrections, and biography, by H. K. Beauchamp, Prefatory 
Note by Max Miiller, portrait, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1897 (Clarendon 
Press) "^ 

The Abb6, who went to India as a missionary, was remarkably free from 

theological prejudices, and his work will always retain its value as a trustworiny 

8^, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

114 Francis Edward^ s Catalogue 

authority on the state of India in his time. He had an intimate knowledge of the 
life of the people, and was an eyewitness to Suttee and other practices. For his 
translation of the Pancha-tantra, see subsequent section. 

5679 Dubois (FAbbe J. A.) Letters on the State of Christianity in 

India, with a Vindication of the Hindoos, 12mo, half-calf. 1823 3s 6d 

The Abbe Dubois saw little possibility of converting the Hindus, particularly 

the higher castes, to any sect of Christianity, and in some sense became almost a 

Hindu himself. 

Evidence on Missions, see E.I. Co. Report, 1832, p. 120. 

5681 Duff (Alex., D.D.) Life of, by George Smith, JAt.T>., with portrait, 
2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1879 (pub. 24s) 10s 6d 

These volumes tell the story of Dr. Duff's labours in organizing the Scotch 
Church mission work in India during the three periods of his residence, 1830 to 
1839, 1841 to 18o0, and 18.58 to 1868 ; of his efforts on behalf of the education of the 
natives of India, and of his opposition to the policy of Lord Auckland. The earlier 
chapters tell of his two shipwrecks on his first outward voyage, of Calcutta as it 
was, and later chapters of the Great Mutiny. 

5682 India and Indian Missions, including Sketches of the 

Gigantic System of Hinduism, 8vo, cloth 5s 

5683 The Indian Rebellion : its Causes and Results, map, 12mo, 

cloth. 1858 3s 6d 

5684 Letter respecting Wreck of the " Lady Holland," near Cape 

of Good Hope, 13th Feb., 1830, 8vo, pp. 20. Edinburgh, 1830 2s 6d 

5685 Address on the Church of Scotland's India Mission, 8vo, 

pp. 28. Edinburgh, 1835 2s 

5686 English Language and Literature in India, 8vo, pp. 46. 

Edinburgh, 1837 2s 6d 

5687 — - — Bombay and the Church of Scotland's Mission There, 8vo, 
pp. 36. Edinburgh, 1840 28 

5688 What is Caste ? pp. 22. Calcutta, 1858 2s 

5689 Farewell Address on Leaving Scotland, 8vo, pp. 17. [1862] 2s 

With autograph of Lady Franklin. 

Evidence before House of Lords. See Parl. Reports, p. 67, 

5690 Duff (Mabel, Mre. W. R. Rickmers) The Chronology of India to 
the beginning of the Sixteenth Century (b.c. 3102 to a.d. 1530), 
8vo, cloth. 1899 6s 

I. The Chronology. II. Dynastic Lists. III. Index. Each entry is accom- 
panied by references to the sources of information. 

5692 Duff (Capt. James Grant) History of the Mahrattas (a.d. 1000- 
1819), r.iap and 2 plates, 3 vols., 8vo, half-mor. 1826 £2 10s 

"The admirable 'History of the Mahrattas' wri-ten under personal advan- 
tages and with a living knowledge."— Sir Richard Temple. 

5693 History of the Mahrattas, 1 vol. 8vo, cl. Bombay, 1873 5s 

"This admiral)le work minute, luminous, sagacious, and scrupulously con- 
scientious of primary importance time honoured but too generally neglected." 

Prof. Sidney Owen. 

83f High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

India 115 

5694 Duff (Mountstuart E. Grant) Governor of Madras. Notes of a 

Diary kept chiefly in Southern India, 1881-86, 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 

1899 5s 

" Sir Mountstuart Grant DulGE records the good things that have come within 

his ken with an enjoyment that sliarpens the points of them Superabundance 

of entertainment." — Standard. 

5696 Dufferin and Ava (Marquess of) Speeches delivered in India, 
1884-8, 8vo, cloth. 1890 4s 

Lord Dufferin delivered 177 speeches during his term of oflSce. Nearl)' 100 are 
l)rinted in this volume. They include addresses to Buddhists, Mohanmicdans, 
Burmese, native princes, trade associations, speeches on the Bengal Tenancy Bill, 
the Oude Rent Bill, education, trade, the French in India, &c. 

5697 (Lady) Our Yice-Regal Life in India: Selections from 

Journal, 1884-8, ma'p and portrait, 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1890 8s 

" No province of our teeming Indian Empire was left uncovered by the Vice- 
regal tours ; and an observant eye and lively pen made the best of Lady Dufferin's 
opportunity." — Pall Mall Gazette. 

" Bright, lively, and entertaining."— ^Sipec^a^or. 

" Perhaps the visit which Lady Dufferm paid to Burmah will attract as much 
attention as any other part of her travels." — Daily Telegraph. 

DuLEEP Singh and the British Government. See Hardinge, Login. 
Ddncker's History of the Aryans on the Indus and Ganges. 
See p. 6. 

5698 Dunlop (John, M.D.) Mooltan, During and After the Siege, 
21 drawings lithographed in tints, with Account of the Siege, 
imperial 4to, cloth. 1849 £1 

5700 Dunlop (Misses Wallace) The Timely Retreat ; or, a Year in 
Bengal before the Mutinies, numerous illustrations, 2 vols. 12mo, 
cloth. 1858 7s 6d 

An interesting and animating picture of Anglo-Indian life at an exciting and 
critical period. 

5701 Another copy, 2 vols. 12mo, half -morocco extra lis 

5702 Dunlop (R. H. Wallace) Service and Adventure with the 
Khakee Ressalah, or Meerut Volunteer Horse, during the Mutinies 
of 1857-8, illustrated, 12mo, cloth. 1858 6s 

With coloured and other illustrations representing a Khakee Trooper, Mussul- 
man Sowar, Sikh Ilecruit, Sikh Servant, a Goorka Soldier, &c. 

5703 Hunting in the Himalaya, with Notices of Customs and 

Countries from the Elephant Haunts of the Dehra Doon to the 
Bunchowr Tracks in Eternal Snow, map and illustrations by 
J. Wolf, 12mo, cloth. 1860 8s 

5704 Hunting in the Himalaya, Presentation Copy, 12mo, cl. 10s 

DurLEix. See Guyon, Lawrence (Stringer), Malleson, Orme. 

5705 Du Quesne. Journal d'un Voyage fait aux Indes Orientales, 
par une Escadre de Six Vaisseaux commandez par Mr. Du Quesne, 
24Fev., 1690—20 Aout, 1691, par Ordre de la Compagnie des Indes 
Orientales, 3 vols. 12mo, calf. Rouen, 1721 18s 

5706 Relation du Voyage [de M. Du Quesne] et Retour des Indes 

Orientales, 1690-1, 18mo, vellum. Paris, 1693 l^s 

Account of voy'age to Pondicherry-Sea Fight off Madras-Manners and Cus- 
toms of the People of India— Description of Ascension island, &c. ^ 

83j High /Street, Ma/ryUbone, Londo7i, W. 

116 Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

5707 Du Quesne. English Translation : A Voyage to the East Indies, 
1690-1 ; being a full Description of the Maldives, Cocos, Andam^nts, 
and of the Isle of Ascention ; also of Forts and Garrisons of the 

French, with an account of the Indians, and map. To which is 

added, A New Description of the Canary Islands, Cape Verd, 
Senegal, and Gambia, &c., 1 vol. 18mo, calf. 1696 16s 

5708 Durand (Major-Gen. Sir Henry) Life of, by his Son, with 
portrait, plans of battles, &c., 2 vols. Svo, cloth. 1883 (pub. 32s) 6s 

These volumes contain accounts of the first Afghan War, the second Sikh War 
the Burmese War, and the Indian Mutiny ; Papers on Central India under British 
Supremacy, Col. Campbell Gardiner, Judson the Apostle of Burmah, The East 
India Company, Indian Treaties, Button's Chronology of Creation, Minutes on the 
Expeditionary Force to Abyssinia, Proposed Reductions in the Rank and File of 
British Regiments in India and of the Artillery, on Irrigation Works and Railways, 
on Employment of Native Troops out of India, the Civil Service, Affairs in Central 
Asia, Barrack Expenditure, Hill Sanitaria, Replies to Attacks of Sir John Kaye on 
Lord Ellenborough and Sir H. Durand, &c. 

5709 Durand (Col. Alg.) The Making of a Frontier ; Five Years in 
Gilgit, Hunza, Nagar, Chitral, and the Eastern Hindu-Kush, 
portrait, map, and illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1899 6s 
See Knight (B. F.) Where Three Empires Meet. 

5710 Dutt (Shoshee Chunder) Complete Works, Imaginative, Descrip- 
tive, Metrical, portrait, 10 vols. 12mo, cloth 18s 

5711 Dutt (Romesh Chunder) A History of Civilization in Ancient 
India, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth (Triibner's Oriental Series). 1894 21s 

" As far as possible [Mr. Dutt] allows the original texts to speak for themselves ; 
his book is thus filled with extracts selected and translated with care ; and the 
extracts are connected together by analyses and resumes in which we always find 
what is necessary, and seldom what "is superfluous. On the whole I know of no work 
which enables one better to enter into the spirit of ancient Indian thought, or 
which is more fascinating reading."— M. Barth, in Beviie Critique, Paris. 

5712 Ancient India: Hindu Period, B.C. 2000— a.d. 800, with 

2 m^ps, 12mo, cloth ('* Epochs " Series) 2s 

5713 The Economic History of British India: a Record of 

Agriculture and Land Settlements, Trade and Manufacturing 
Industries, Finance and Administration, from the Rise of the British 
Power in 1757 to the Accession of Queen Victoria, 1837, 12mo, 
cloth. 1902 7s 6d 


5714 East India Company: Dawn of British Trade to the East 
Indies, Court Minutes of the E.I. Co., 1599-1603, printed from the 
Original MS. by Henry Stevens, with Introduction by Sir George 
Birdwood, Svo, cloth. 1886 12s 

Illustrations from the Records and Relics of the East India Company, 

Facsimiles of Documents, Seals, Charters, Letters Patent, Views of Old 
Buildings, Leadeuhall Street, of the New India Office, Whitehall and 
St. James's Park. See Journal of Indian Art, vol. iii. (No. 31). 
E.I.C. Charter of Queen Elizabeth, 1600. See Ilbert. 

8S, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

India 117 

East India Company {continued) — 

5715 Charters relating to the East India Company, 1600 to 1761, re- 
printed from a former Collection, with Additions and a Preface by 
John Shaw, 4to, calf. Madras^ 1887 8s 

5716 The First Letter Book of the East India Company, 1600-19, 
edited by Sir George Birdwood and Wm. Foster, 8vo, cl. 1893 £\ 

5717 Letters received from its Servants by the E.I. Company (from 
the India Office Records), Vols. I to VI., 1602-17, 8vo, cloth. 
1897-1902 each 14s 6d 

These letters are dated not onlj from India but from Sumatra, Java, Borneo, 
the Moluccas, Japan, Siara, the Mala)-^ Peninsula, Persia, Arabia, &c. Vols. I. and TI. 
were issued under the supervision of Mr. Danvers ; Vols. III. to VI. under that of 
Mr. Wm. Foster. 

5718 Unique Collection of over One Hundred Rare Pamphlets, 
formed by John Bruce, Esq., Historian of the Company, many 
containing his autograph and marginal notes, uniformly bound in 
calf, 16 vols. 8vo. 1764-94 £17 

Lord Olive's Letter to Proprietors in his Defence, pp. 54. 17(54. 

Letter to Proprietors on Lord Olive's Jaghire, pp. 92. 1764. 

Reflections on India Affairs, by a gentleman long resident in India, pp. 80. 1764. 

Lstter to Proprietors [on Lord Olive], by a Proprietor, pp. 24. 1764. 

Considerations on E.I. Oo.'s Affairs, by a Person interested in them, pp. 28 

Narrative of What Happened in Bengal, 1760 (reprinted), pp 52. 1764. 

Supplement to the Narrative of What Happened, &c., 1760, pp. 26. 1764. 

Some Remarks on Pamphlet Given Away ['Oonsiderations'], pp. 16 1764 

Letter to Proprietors from John Johnstone, pp. 90. 1766 

Tbe East India Examiner, pp. 112. 1766. 

The Absolute Necessity of Laying Open the Trade, pp. 64. 1767. 

Letter to Proprietors from Henry Vansittart, pp. 150. 1767. 

Defence of Mr. Sulivan's Propositions, pp. 42. 1767. 

Address from Mr. J. Z. Holwell to Luke Scrafton, pp. 62. 1767. 

State of E.L Oo.'s Affairs and Intended Dividend Bill, December, 1767, pp. 34. 

Dangers and Disadvantage of the Oo.'s Building Ships, pp. 32. 1768. 

Oonsiderations on E.I. Oo.'s Affairs [by Home Tooke ?], pp. 28. [1768]. 

Account of what has passed between the Directors and A. Dalrymple : Intro,! uction 
to Plan for extending Commerce and an establishment at Balambangan. i/bJ. 

Plan for Extending the Commerce, &c., by A. Dalrymple, pp. 116, and map. 176i). 

Letter to the Proprietors, by a Steady Proprietor, pp. 32. 1769. 

Letter from a Proprietor in Town to a Proprietor in the Country, pp. 24. 1769. 

Brief Oonsiderations Plan for a Corps of Light Troops, pp. 28. 1769. 

General View of the E.I. Co.. 1769 Some Observations on the Present btate ot 

their Affairs [by Alex. Dalrymple], pp. 118. 1772. • t. r a- . 

Oonsiderations on a Pamphlet Thoughts on Our Acquisitions m E. Indies, 

particularly Bengal [by Alex. Dalrymple], pp. 72. 17//5. j ^„i,i,« 

Present State E.I. Oo.'s Affairs, under lQ8i>ection of Mr. Hoole, pp. 51, and tables. 

RepirVfrim Committee .f Secrecy, H.C, on State of the R.I. Co., pp. 50. 1773. 

By-Laws, Constitutions, Orders, and Rules, pp. 54. 1774. T„of,v^ with 

Proceedings at Fort William respecting Administration of Justic, with 

Translation of the Gentoo Laws, pp. 108. J77o. 

Letter to Directors, by Keane Fitzgerald, pp. 38. i / / / • 

Letter from George Dodwell to the Proprietors, pp. 40. 1777. 

83, High Street, Ma/rylebone, London, W. 

118 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

East India Company — Pamphlets (continued) — 
Letter to the Right Hon. Lord Pigot, pp. 24. 1777. 
An Essay on the Rights of the E.I. Co., pp. 68. 1778. 

An Address to the Proprietors relative to their Shipping, pp. 124. 1778. 

Considerations on the Important Benefits to be deri/ed from the E.I. Co. Building 
their own Ships, by the author of the ' Essay on the Rights,' (fee, pp. 40. 1778. 

Strictures on a Pamphlet Considerations on the Important Benefits, &c. [by 

John Clarkson ?], pp. 38. [1778]. 
Every Merchant not his own Shipbuilder, pp. 78. 1778. 

Speech intended to have been Spoken on Opening the Trade, pp. 47. 1779. 

Minutes of the Supreme Council of Bengal on late Contracts, &c., pp. 100. 1780. 
Abstract of the Trial of George Stratton. Henry Brooke, Charles Floyer, and George 

Mackay, Esquires for Deposing Lord Pigot, pp. 86. 1780. 
Thoughts on Improving the Government of the British E. Indies, pp. 76. 1780. 
Heads of an Agreement between the Parliament and the E.I. Co., pp. 14. 1780. 
View of the Present State of the Dutch Settlements in the E. Indies, by a Person 

long Resident in India, pp. 62. 1780. 
State of the British Authority in Bengal under Mr. Hastings ; of the Marhatta 

War, and Negociations with the Rajah of Berar, pp. 62. 1781. 
A Short Review of the Transactions in Bengal during the last Ten Years, by Major 

John Scott, pp. 120. 1782. 
Extracts from the Records E.I. House relative to Mr. F. Fowke, pp. 38. 1782. 
A Hint upon the Present Debates on Indian Affairs, py. .56. 1782. 

Third Letter to Edmund Burke on the Evidence in Reports of the H.C. Select 

Committee [By Capt. Joseph Price], pp. 40, 72. 1782. 
Letters of Detector [N. B. Halhed] on Reports of Select Committee, pp. 138. 1782. 
Letter to Robert Gregory, Chairman of the Court of Directors, pp. 24. 1782. 

Some Observations on a Late Publication 'Travels in Europe, Asia,' &;c., in 

which the real Author of this new and curious Asiatic Atlantis, his Character 
and Abilities are made known [by Capt. Joseph Price], pp. 167. 1782. 
The Oriental Magazine, or E.I. Intelligence (History of European Settlements in 

S. Asia), No. I., pp. viii-32. 1782. 
The Bast India Intelligencer ; or. History of E.I. Affairs in England, pp. 32. 1782. 
The Commercial Companion for the E. Indies, pp. 24. 1782. 
The East India Register for 1782 : Lists of Proprietors, Officers, Servants, and 

Shipping of the E.I. Co., pp. 32. 1782. 
The Public Remembrancer : Lists of Land Forces and Royal Navy, pp. 32. 1782. 
Vindication of Gen. R. Smith, Chairman H.C. Select Committee, pp. 145. 1783. 
A Series of Facts : Political State of India, Powers at War, &c. [by Capt. Joseph 
Price], pp. 54. 

Letter to Earl Shelburne on Mr. Townshend's Letter to E.I. Co.. pp. 28. 1783. 

Letter to Directors from Warren Hastings, Fort William, March 20, 1783, pp. 48. 

Letters of a Citizen on India Affairs, pp. 52. 1783. 

Letter to Edmund Burke on his Charges against the Gov.-Gen. of Bengal (signed 

" Detector," i.e., N. B. Haihed), pp. 78. 1783. 

Letter to Edmund Burke by Major John Scott, pp. 36. 1783. 

Retrospective View of India Affairs, Mharatta War, &c., pp. 112. 1783. 

Letter from Capt. Joseph Price to Philip Francis, Esq., pp. 46. [1783.] 

A Retrospective View of the Antient System of the E.I. Co., with a Plan of Regu- 
lation, [by Alex. Dalrymple], pp. 92. 1784. 

Observations on the B.L Bills of Pox and Pitt, 8vo, pp. 46. 1784. 

The Real Situation of the B.I. Co., with Appendix of Original Papers, by George 
Tierney, pp. 98. 1784 [1787]. 

83^ High Street, Ma/rylehone, London, W. 

India 119 

East India Company — Pamphlets {continued) — 
Some Considerations : Dangerous Consequences of Passing the E.I. Bill, pp. 40. 1784 
Considerations on E.I. Affairs, by a Member of the Last Parliament, pp. 66. 1784. 
Second Letter to a Country Gentleman, pp. 64. 1784. 
The Case of the E.I. Co. as Stated and Proved at the Bar of the House of Lords, 

Dec, 1783, pp. 160. 1784. 
Authentic Narrative of the Treatment of English Prisoners by Tippoo Saib, 1783- 

1784, by Capt. Henry Oakes, with another Relation by Lt. John Charles Sheen, 

List of Survivors, &c., pp. 126. 1785. 
Original Papers relative to the Nabob of Arcot, and Rajah of Tanjore, pp. 86. 1785. 
Present State of the East Indies, by Warren Hastings, pp. viii-104. 1786. 

Letters of Albanicus on the" Charges against Warren Hastings, pp. 106. 1786. 

On the Exorbitant Freight of E I. Co.'s Ships, by Anthony Brough, pp. 52. 1786. 

Serious Address on Disputes relative to E.I. Co.'s Shipping, pp. 42. 1786. 

An Appendix to Mr. Dalrymple's Account of the Loss of the " Grosvenor " : Report 

of Wm. Hubberley, pp. 40. 1786. 
Articles of Charge against Warren Hastings, presented to H.C. 4th April, 1786, by 

Edmund Burke, pp. 322. 1786 
Minutes of what was offered by Warren Hastings, Esq upon the Charges pre- 
sented against him, pp. 196. [1786] 

Speech, House of Commons 7th March, 1786, by Philip Francis, pp. 88. 1786. 

East India Debate House of Commons 1st and 2nd June, 1786 on the 

Charges against Hastings : Speeches by Burke, Kenyon, Pitt, North, Mornirg- 

ton, Mulgrave, Windham, Francis, Scott, Wilberforce, Fox, &c., pp. 100. 
Speech of R. B. Sheridan, 7th Feb., 1787, on Fourth Charge against Warren 

Hastings, relative to the Begums of Oude, pp. iv 76. 1787 
Obseivations on the Defence made by Warren Hastings, part i., pp. 100. 1787 

Articles of Charge against Sir Elijah Impey, 12th Dec, 1787, pp. 144. 1788 

A Copy of the Charter of the Bank of England, pp. 62 ; Rules, By-Laws, &c, 

pp. 63-80 (imperfect). 1788 
Memoirs of Khojeh Abdulkurreem, a Casbmerian, who accompanied Nadir Shah 

from Hindostan to Persia, &c., with History of Hindostan, 1739-49 (pp. xn- 

220) ; Narrative of the Tranpactions in Bengal during the First Half ot the 

Eighteenth Century (pp. x, 212). Two works translated from the Persian by 

Prof. Gladwin. 1788 „ , , onx 

See also Abdulkurreem, above (p. 65), and Bengal (p. 81). 
General View of the Variations in the Affairs of the B.I. Co. from 1784, by George 

Anderson, pp. 106 and folding tables. 1792 
Heads of the Speech of Mr. Dundas, 23rd Feb., 1793, on Stating the Affairs of the 

E.L Co., pp. 48, 26. 1793 
Strictures and Observations on British Commerce with the E. Indies, with a 

Succinct History of the Sugar Trade, pp. iv.210. 1792. 
The Right of the West India Merchants to a Double Monopoly of fhe Sugar Market 

and the Experience of all Monopolies Examined, pp. viii-86. U,)6. 
Letter from Mr. Fmncis to Lord North. Calcutta, 17th Sept., 1777, pp. iv-108. 1793. 
Heads of Mr. Francis's Speech in Reply to Mr. Dundas, 23rd April, 1793, on the/ 

Government and Trade of India, pp. 20. 1793. 
Three Letters on Importing Bengal Sugars, pp. 88. 1793. 
Letter on Present Crisis of the Co.'s Affairs, by John Prinsep, pp. 28. 1793. 
Letter to R. Brinsley Sheridan on Renewal of the E.I. Co 's Charter, by a Friend 

to the Freedom to the Press [Major Scott], pp. 48. 1793. 
Heads of a Proposed Speech by a Proprietor, upon the Policy of Renewing tne 

Co.'s Monopoly, pp. 40. 1793. tt, t n ' pv.ortpr 

Case of the Proprietors of India Annuities and the Renewal of the 1..1. C.o. s onarrer 

pp.34. 1793. 

83, High^Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

120 Francis Edwcerds^s Catalogue 

East India Company — Pamphlets (continued) — 
Letter to Mr. Dundas from Buyers of East India Piece Goods, on the Prohibition 

of India Muslins, pp. 16. 1793. 
Sketch of Debate, H.C., May 25, 1793, on Passing the Bill for Continuation of the 

Charter of the E.l. Co. [by John Bruce], pp. 42. 1793. 
Keponse precise au Precis pour les Actionnaires de la Nouvelle Compagnie des 

Indes (Paris), pp. 40. Amsterdam, 1787. 
Observations on the Conduct of Mr. Fox in the Impeachment of Mr. Hastings, by 

a Friend to the Freedom of the Press [Major Scott], pp. lv-60. 1793. 
Observations on Causes of the Present Discontents, Bombay, pp. iv-40. 1794. 
Bengal Sugar : Method of Cultivating the Sugar Cane, pp. iv-164. 1794. 
Thoughts on E.I. Co. Directors as Agents for Private Traders, pp. 18. 1794. 
Observations on Copper Coinage for the Circars, by Alex. Dalrymple, pp. 40. 1794. 
Substance of the Speech of Mr. Burke in answer to Observations (of Lord Thurlow) 

on Report of the Committee of Managers, pp. 28. 1794. 

5719 The Grand Question concerning the Judicature of the House of Peers and the 

Case of Thomas Skinner against the E.I. Co., 12mo, half-calf. 1669 5.s 

Hedges (Sir. Wm.) Diary of His Agency in Bengal, 1681-87, with Illustrative 
Extracts from Unpublished Records, See post. 

5720 A Letter to a Proprietor of the E.T. Company on Affairs at Madras and Pondi- 

cherry, 1740-49, 8vo, pp. 123. 17.50 4s 6d 

6721 Memoirs of the Revolution in Bengal, 1757, by which Meer Jaffeir was raised 

to the Government, 8vo, pp. x-133. 1760 5s 

5722 A Defence of the English Yj.I. Co. and their Servants, particularly those at 

Bengal, against the Dutch E.I. Co., by Mr. Dunning [afterwards Lord Ash- 
burton], 4to, half-calf. 1762 10s 

5723 A Letter from certain of the Council at Bengal Reasons against the Revo- 

lution in favour of Meer Cossim, signed by Coote, Verelst, Camac, &c., 4to, 
boards, 1764 » & j , » ^^ 

Original Papers on the Bengal Disturbances, 1759-64. See Vansittart. 

5724 The East India Examiner : Reprinted Papers, Nos. I. to XI., Sept. to Nov., 

1766, 8vo, pp. 112 3s 6d 

Includes Letters on the Policy and Administration of the E.I. Co. 

5725 State of the E.I. Co.'s Affairs, 8vo, pp. 32, and folding table, Dec, 1767 ' 3s 
.5726 Utility and Equity of a Free Trade to the East Indies, 4to, half -calf. 1768 14s 

5727 Enquiry into the Rights of the E.I. Co. of making War and Peace (1769), 8vo, 

pp. viii-27. 1772 3s 6d 

5728 Reflections on the E.I. Trade and the E.I. Co., 1769 [by Thomas Forrest], pp. 16. 

1779 2s 6d 

5729 Thoughts on Our Acquisitions in Bengal, &c., 8vo, pp. 44. 1771 3s 

5730 Plan for the Government of Bengal, 8vo, pp. 42. 1772 3s 

5731 Thotights on improving the Government of the British Possessions in the 

E. Indies, 8vo, pp. 76. 1780 3s 6d 

5732 Erskine (Col. J. F.) Narmtive and Memorial, relative to a Regiment raised 
o ^n}^ Switzerland for the E.I. Co., small 4to. boards. [1782] 5s 

5733 Effects to be Expected from the E.I. Bill [Fox's], if passed into a Law, 

by Wm. Pulteney, 8vo, pp. 47. 1783 2s 6d 

o734 Stair (John, Earl of) On the Proper Limits of Government Interference with 

the E.I. Co., 8vo, pp. 28. 1784 2s 

5735 Debates m the H.C. on Mr. Pitt's E.L Co.'s Bill, Jan. 12 to 16, 1784, with 

Copy of the Bill, 8vo, pp. 234 6s 

Speakers : Pitt, Powys, Fox, Gen. Conway, Lord North, Sheridan, Adam, Scott, 
Erskine, Dundas, Lushington, Yorke, Burke, and others. 
6736 Report of the Court of Dii-ectors. to the House of Commons, Feb. 14, 1784 ; 

Reports of Select Committee, 179H, with Mr. Fox's Bill for vesting E.I. Co.'s 

Affairs in the Hands of Commissioners, 1783, 1 vol. folio, calf 12s 

83, High Street^ Marylehone, London^ W. 

India 121 

East India Company {continued) — 

5737 List of Names of Members and Directors of the E.I. Co., 8vo, pp. 84. 1784 3s 6d 

5738 Stewart (Kobert) Narrative of a Transaction in Bengal (1782-83) between James 

Fraser and the Executors of Lieut.-Col. Hannay, half-calf. 1787 5s 6d 

5739 Tierney (George) The Keal Situation of the E.I. Co., 8vo, pp. ii, 44, 48. 1787 3s 6d 

5740 Stuart (Major-Gen. James) Letters to Directors of the E.I. Co. [Claim for 

Indemnity for losses of Grain], 4to, half-calf (wormed). 1787 2s 6d 

5741 Impartial Reflections respecting the Four Kegiments being raised by the 

E.I. Co., 8vo, pp. (54. 1788 2s 6d 

See Dairy mple, p. 10(>. 

5742 Letter to Fox on the Declaratory Bill, by an India Proprietor, pp. 36. 1788 2s 

5743 Crauford (George) An Enquiry into the Situation of the E.I. Co., from House 

of Commons Papers, 1787-88, 4to, calf. 1789 4s 

5744 Speech in Reply to Duudas's India Budget, by a County Member, 8vo, pp. 24. 

1790 28 

5745 Fiott (John) Narrative of the Cases of the Ships "Tartar" and "Hartwell" 

not taken up by the E.I. Co., 8vo, pp. iv-131. 1791 3s 

5746 Anderson (George) Variations in the Affairs of the E.I. Co., since 1784, 8vo, 

half-bound. 1792 3s 

5747 E.I. Co. Papers (Ten) respecting the Negociation for a Renewal of the Co.'s 

Exclusive Trade, 4to, sewed. 1793 8b 6d 

5748 First, Second, and Third Reports of E.I. Co.'s Committee on th-e Export Trade 

to E. India, with Appendices ; also Report on Ireland's Claims to Participate, 
4to, sewed. 1793 8s 6d 

5749 Report of Committee of Accounts, Feb. 15, 1793, 4to, sewed 4s 

5751 Fiott (J.) Letter to Proprietors of India Stock ; Aid. Le Messurier's Protest 

agamst Shipping Contract, &c., 8vo, pp. 16. 1793 2s 

5752 List of Names of Members and Directors of the E.I. Co., 8vo, pp. 83. 1794 5s 

5753 Original Papers Elucidatory of the Claims preferred by Officers of the E.I. Co.'s 

Army, Seven Pamphlets, 1 vol. 4to, rough calf. Calcutta, 1794 7s 6d 

5754 Lushington (W.) Speech in Support of Proposal to raise Three Regiments for 

H.M. Service, 8vo, pp. 16. Oct., 1794 28 

5755 A List of tlie Company Servants in Bengal, Fort St. George (Madras), 

Bombay, Fort Marlborough (Sumatra), St. Helena, and China, 12mo, sewed. 
Jan. 1, 1795 os 

5756 Tolfrey (Samuel) Answer to Speech of Mr. Twining on the Trading of 

Directors, 8vo, pp. xii-76. 1795 3s 

5757 Watson (Mr. Serjeant J.) Cursory Remarks upon Mr. Twiniug's Pamphlet : 

'Observations on the Question to be Balloted for Jan. 14, 1795,' 8vo, 
pp. 26 2s 6d 

5758 Francklyn (Gilb.) Remarks on a Pamphlet entitled Bengal Sugar, and on the 

E.I. Co.'s Manner of Trading, 8vo, half -morocco. 1795 4s 

5759 Proprietor (A) Letter to Proprietors of E.I. Stock on behalf of Owners of 

E.I. Shipping, 8vo, pp. 40. 1795 2s 

5760 Old Servant (An) of the United B.I. Co. [Letter] to the Proprietors of E.I. 

stock, Svo, pp. 35. [1795] , . ^ . . ^^ 

5761 Twining (Richard) Observations on the Sale of Commands of East India 

Ships, Svo, pp. ii-2S. 1796 , . 2s 6d 

5762 Jilast India House. Debate on Vote of Thanks to Lord Nelson for hisrsile 

Victory, August, 1798, 4to, cloth. 1799 4s 6d 

5763 Papers respecting the Charge of Mr. Bosanquet against Mr. David Scott, and 

respecting Illicit Trade, with Determination of the Court of Directors B.l. Co. 

thereon, 1 thick vol. 4to, half-calf. 1799 128 

r,764 Debates on Illi«it Trade, June 19 and 28, 1799, 4to, cloth 4s Od 

5765 -r- . Proceedings in Consideration of the Success of the British Arms in the 
War against Tippoo Sultaun, Nov. 13, 1799, 4to, cloth 4s bd 

8S, High Street^ Marylebone^ London, W. 

122 Frcmcis Edwards* s Catalogue 

East India Company {continued) — 

6766 Considerations upon the Trade with India, and the Policy of continuing the 
Company's Monopoly (by George Grenville), 4to, boards, uncut. 1807 3s 6d 

5767 Trade with India, another copy, calf -Is 6d 

5768 Fifth Keport of the Select Committee (House of Commons) on the Affairs of 

the East India Company, July 28, 1812, pp. 1002, folio, full russia (J. Talboys 
Wheeler's Copy) £2 10s 

A most important work of reference on Indian administration, containing a 
sunnnary of the different systems of internal government antecedent to Hastings's 
settlement of 1781, and of the subsequent reforms, with Appendices, including 
Minutes of Sir John Shore (1789) respecting the Permanent Settlement of Bengal 
Lands ; Analysis of the Finances of Bengal, extracted from James Grant's Political 
Survey of British India and of Northern Circars, 1786 ; John Hodgson's Memoir on 
Zemindary Settlement, 1806, and many other Reports and Extracts. 

"The famous Fifth Report is still a standard authority on Indian Land Tenures, 
and the best authority on the judicial and police arrangements of the time." — Sir 


5769 Papers respecting the Negociation for a Renewal of the E.I. Company's exclu- 

sive Privileges (Nos. I. to VII.), 4to, half-calf. 1813 5s 

5769 b The Same. Papers and Further Papers (Nos. I. to XV.), including the Bill, 

June 21, and the Bill as passed July 13, with Sir George Staunton's Con- 
siderations on the China Trade, Resolutions of the House of Commons, &c., 
John Bruce's copy witk hix notes, 1 vol. 4to, half-calf, uncut £1 lOe 

5770 Minutes of Evidence (including that of Warren Hastings, Malcolm, Munro, 

Lord Teignmouth) taken before the Lords' Committee ; also before Select 
Committee, H. Con E.LCo.'s Affairs, 2 vols. 4to, half-calf. 1813 £1 

5771 Considerations on Colonial Policy, with Relation to the B.I. Company's Charter. 

By An Impartial Observer, 8vo, pp. ii-92. 1813 3s 6d 

5772 Debates at the E.T. House during the Negociation for Renewal of the Co.'s 

Charter, 1813, with Appendices, 2 vols. 8vo, half-calf 9s 

Resolutions submitted to Parliament in 1813 on extendicg the E.I. Co.'s Privi- 
leges for Twenty Years, on the China Trade, the Appointments of Governor-General 
and Higher Oflficials, King's Troops in India, Bishop and Archdeacons, the Colleges, 
Missionaries, «fec. See appendix to Mill and Wilson's ' History,' vol. vii. 

5773 Nabob of Arcot's Debts. 14th Report of the Carnatic Commissioners, Feb., 

1819, pp. 91 ; Administration of Justice in Bengal, Fort St. George ( Madras), 
and at Bombay. July, 1819, pp. 348 ; Papers relating to the War in India, 
Feb., 1819, pp. iv-99 ; Treaties concluded with Native Powers : Berar, the 
Peishwa, Scindia, Holkar, Bhopal, Jeypore, &c., Feb., 1819, pp. 47 ; De- 
spatches from Sir Stamford Raffles respecting the Acquisition of Banca, 
Marcii, 1819, pp. 104 ; Papers relative to the Restitution of Java and Cession 
of Banca to the Netherlands, Feb., 1818, pp. 10, 1 vol. folio, half-calf 15s 

5774 Nabob of Arcot's Debts, loth Report of Carnatic Commissioners appointed 

by Agreement with the E.I. Co., July 10, 1805 (pp. 50) ; East India Co.'s 
Accounts, 1814-17, and 1818 ; Papers relating to Bengal, Madras, and Bombay, 
1816 (pp. 182), 1817 (pp. 131) ; Postage Bill, the Cape, Mauritius, and East 
Indies, June, 1819 ; Report of Committee on Petition of Gen. Boyd (for his 
Claim on Loss of Shipment of Salt Petre), pp. 60 (Pari. Papers), 1 vol. folio, 
half-calf. 1819 10s 6d 

5775 Nabob of Arcot's Debts. 16th Report of Commissioners, May 17, 1820 (pp. 21) ; 

East India Co.'s Accounts (various), 1815 to 1818, and 1819 ; Trade of E.I. 
Co. and of Americans with China, 1809-20 (pp. 30) ; Divorce : Indian Wit- 
nesses Bill, July, 1820 ; E.I. Co. Volunteer Bill, June, 1820 ; Papers relating 
to Execution of the Killedar of Talneir, 1819-20; Letter from Lt.-Gov. of 
Java with Memorandum of Articles required for Trade to Ja[)an, Feb. 11, 
1814 (Pari. Papers), 1 vol. folio, half-calf. 1820 lOs 6d 

5776 East and West India Trade ; Returns, March to July, 1823 ; East India Annual 

Revenue Accounts, June, 1823, pp. 72 ; Papers relating to Hindoo Widows 
and Voluntary Immolations, July, 1821, pp. 271 ; Copies of Later Communi- 
cations on same Subject, June, 1823, pp. 139, 1 vol. folio, half -calf 15s 

83j High Street^ Marylehone, London, W. 

India 123 

East India Company (continited) — 

5777 Reflections on the Present State of British India (Character of the Natives 

Colonization, &c.), 8vo, pp. xiv-214. 1829 5s 

Territorial Acquisitions ; Dangers of Invasion ; Condition of the People theii- 
Character and Temper ; Colonization of India, &c. 

5778 Whitmore (W.) Speech on East India and China Trade, 8vo, pp. 33. 1829 2s 

5779 Territorial Government and Commerce of the E.I. Co., 8vo, pp. 48. 1829 2s 6d 

5781 Report of Meeting, Liverpool, Jan. 28, 1829. on Removing Restrictions upon 

Commerce by the E.I. Co. {Oriental Herald), pp. 40 2s 6d 

5782 East India and China : Review of Arguments against Renewal of the E.I. Co 's 

Charter, 8vo, pp. 74. 1829 2s 6d 

5783 Field (Capt. G. B. P.) Mf morial to the Directors E.I. Co. for Redress in conse- 

quence of an Illegal Trial, 4to, boards. 182i) 5.s 

Joseph Hume's copy, with MS. notes and two letters from Capt. Field. 

5784 Papers relating to the Finances of the E.I. Company and the Trade of India 

and China (Pari. Papers), folio, boards, Feb.. 1830 6s 

Mr. Hume's copy, with his MS. notes of Committee's Proceedings. 

5785 Welsh (Col. James) Memorials to the Directors E.I. Company, including 

Correspondence, 180G-10, 8vo, boards. 1830 5s 

Col. Welsh solicited compensation, having been unjustly superseded in his 
command of a corps in the Madras establishment. 

5786 O'Brien (W. Smith) Considerations relative to Renewal of the E.I. Co.'s Charter, 

with their Revenues, 8vo, pp. 78. 1830 3s 

5787 Buckingham (J. S.) History of Proceedings on the Question of the E.I. Mono- 

poly, with Outline of Mr. Buckingham's Descriptions of the Oriental World. 
8vo, pp. iv-76. 1830 3s 6d 

5787b Enquiry into the Impediments to a Free Trade with India [by T. Hey wood], 
8vo, pp. 44. 1830 2s 6d 

5787c Ellis (Henry) First of a Series of Letters on the E.I. Question on Trade with 
China, with Letter of "An American Merchant," 8vo, pp. iv-80. 1830 3s 

5788 Affairs of the E.I. Co., Public Report and Minutes of Evidence taken before 

Select Committee H.C. (pp. 260), Aug. 16, 1832, with Appendix, Index 
(pp. 902), and map, 1 vol. half-calf £1 

The subjects of inquiry were on the Home Government, Local Government, 
Law, Natives, Ecclesiastical Affairs, Patronage, Education, the Press, Intercourse, 
and Settlement of Europeans. Evidence was given by Messrs. Auber, Scutt Jones, 
James Mill, John Sullivan, N. B. Edmonstone, Holt Mackenzie, C. Lushington^ 
James Sutherland, Duncan Campbell, J. W. Sherer, Capts. Macan and Harkness, 
Hon. T. P. Courtenay, Sir Alex. Johnston, Revs. Dr. Batten and James Hough, and 
the Abb6 Dubois, Catholic Missionary. 

5789 Grant (Sir Charles [Lord Glenelg]), Secretary of State, Letter to, the Board of 

E.I. Co., Feb. 12, 1833, 4to, sewed 3s 

Macaulay'8 Speech on the Government of India, July 10, 1833. See Macaulay's 

Works, post. 

Mill (James) Despatch accompanying Govt, of India Act, 1833. See Ilbert. 

5790 Prinsep's General Register E.I. Co.'s Servants, 1790-1842, royal 8vo, half-calf. 

Calcutta, 1844 6s 

5791 Letter to Proprietors of India Stock, 8vo, pp. 16. 1855 2s 
.5792 Letter from Brev. Lt.-Col. J. S. Hodgson, claiming full rank, pp. 16. 1856 Is 6d 
5793 A Reply to the Memorandum of the E.I. Company ; or, an Insight into 

British India, by John Freeman, pp. 69. 1868 2s 6d 

83, High Street, Ma/rylehone, London, W. 

124 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

East India Company {continued) — 

5794 Tlie Company's Eaj, by Canon Trevor, from Blackwood's Mag., pp. 56 2s 

571)5 Memorandum on Improvements in the Administration of India and Petitit)n 
of the E.I. Co. [By John Stuart Mill], roy. 8vo, swd., pp. iv-131. 1858 3s 6d 

5796 The Familiar Epistles of Mr. John Company to Mr. John Bull, from Blark- 

tvood's Magazine, 8vo, pp. 124. 1858 3s (kl 

5797 Eastwick (Capt.) Speech at the East India House, Jan. 20, 1858, 8vo, pp. 36 2s 

5798 Btrachan (J. M.) Letter to Capt. Eastwick occasioned by his Speech, pp. 48. 

1858 2s 

5799 The East India Company : Memorandum of Leading Events in the Co.'s 

Career, 1599-1858, by Wm. Fidler, with Index by G. M. Crauford, folio, 
cloth. Queen's Printers, 1874 7s 6d 

5800 Prinsep (Charles C.) Record of Services of the E.I. Co.'s Servants, Madras 

Presidency, 1741-1858, 8vo, cloth. 1885 3s 

*»* See also under headings of Administration, Bengal, Brit. Ind. Asso- 
ciation, Finance, Land, Law and Justice, Madras; Histories of Hunter, 
Malleson, Marshman, Mill, Trotter, Wheeler, and others ; Calendar of State Papers 
(above, p. 4), Harris's Voyages (p. 9) ; Purchas, his Pilgrimes (p. 18) ; also Arcot, 
Auber, Birdwood, Bruce, Clive, Colvin, Cornwallis, Crawford, Ualhousie, Dalrymple, 
Eastwick, Forrest, Grant, Hamilton (Alex.), Hastings (Warren), Hedges, Hodgson, 
Kaye, Keene, Lewin, Macpherson, Martin (R. M.), Middleton, Minto, Pigot, Ritchie, 
Robertson (H. D.) Robertson (T. C), Shore, Slavery, Sullivan (J.), Tanjore, Tucker, 
Twining, Vansittart, Verelst, Young (Major). 

5801 East India Register and Army List, 1844, 1851, 1852, 1853, 
1854, 1857, 12mo, leather - each 5s 

5802 [Eastwick (Edward Backhouse)] Dry Leaves from Young Egypt ; 
being a Glance at Sindh by an Ex-Political [1839-46], 12mo, cloth. 
1849 2s 

5803 [ ] Young Egypt, new edit., illasirated, 8vo, cloth. 1856 3s 6d 

Indian Scenes and Characters. See Soltykoff. 

?ee also Persia, p. 45, Lutfullah, and Murray's Handbooks, ^os<. 
For Life of Capt. Robert Wm. Eastwick, father of E. B. and W. J. Eastwick, 
see CoMPTON, p. 99. 

5804 Eastwick (Capt. Wm. Joseph) Speeches on the Sinde Question, 
the India Bill, 1858, &c., 8vo, cloth. 1862 2s 6d 
Speech at E. India House, 1858. See above, 5797. 

5806 Eckenstein (Oscar) The Karakorams and Kashmir : Account 
of a Journey (April to Aug. 1892), 12mo, cloth. 1896 2s 6d 

The writer accompanied Sir Wm. Conway, see p. 100. 

5807 Eden (Hon. Miss Emily) Up the Country. Letters from the 
Upper Provinces of India (1837-40), 2 vols. 12mo, half-calf extra. 
1866 8s 6d 

5808 Up the Country, 1 vol. edition, 12mo, cloth. 1867 3s 

Letters and extracts from Hon. Miss Eden's Journal, describing the every-day 
jife of the Vice-regal Court of Lord Auckland. 

SSj High Street, Marylebons, London, TT, 

India 125 

5809 Eden (Hon. Miss Emily) Portraits of the Princes and People of 
India, 24 jine lithographs, with letterpress descriptions, royal folio, 
half-bound. 1844 2153 

5810 The same work, iclth the 2Dlates mounted on large paper and 


half bound. 1844 i'3 15s 

5811 Another copy, coloitred j)lates, full bound in morocco extra, 

arms and emblem on side £4 4s 

Among the portraits are those of Kuiijeet and Sheer Singh, Dost Mahomed, 
the King of Oude, Lord Auckland receiving the Rajah of Nahun in Durbar, other 
Rajahs and Maharajahs, Horsemen, Fakirs, Zemindars, Attendants, &c. 

Eden (Hon. Ashley) Report on Bootan, 1864. See p. 85. 

5812 Edgar ([Sir] J. Ware) Report of Visit to Sikhim and the Thibetan 
Frontier, 1873, photographs, royal 8vo, half-calf. Calcutta 9s 

With Autograph letter from the Author. 

5813 Another copy, morocco 8s 


5814 Correspondence relating to Vernacular Education ; Native Printing Presses, 

Bengali Writers, Translators, and Newspapers ; Language to be taught m 
Assamese Schools (Bengal Records, No. 22), royal 8vo, cloth. 18.^5 6s 

5815 Annals of Native Education (Excerpt from Vol. II., pp. 122-166, 1855) 2s 6d 

5816 Note on the State of Education in India during 1865-6, by A. M. Monteith 

(Ind. Govt. Records, No. 54), roy. 8vo, sewed. Calcutta, 1867 ^s 

5817 Note on the State of Education in India, 1866-67, by A. P. Howell (Ind. Govt. 

Records, No. 67), roy. 8vo, sewed. 1868 ^s 

5818 Despatches from the Home Government on Education in India, 1854-68 (Ind. 

Govt. Records, No. 76), roy. 8vo, sewed. 1870 ^s 

5819 Report of the Calcutta Female Normal, Central, and Branch Schools, 8vo, 

pp.54. Calcutta, 1S59 j™ 

5820 Some Remarks on Mr. Hodgson Pratt's University Education in England tor 

Natives of India, by a Civilian, 8vo, pp. 21. Bombay, 1861 is ba 

5821 Travancore (Maharaja of) Letter on Higher Education and the Education of 

the Masses in India, 8vo, pp. 15. Madras, 1882 ^^ ^^' 

r,822 Notice of Statements in Rev. J. Johnston's Reply to "Letter," 8vo, pp, ^4. 

Madras, 1882 ^^ ^. ^ ^ '' 

5823 The Missionary Crusade against State Education, by A Native of bouti.m 

India, 8vo, pp. 60. Madras, 1S85 '• " 

5824 Report on Public Instruction, Madras Presidency, 1887-8, folio, boards 

5825 Edwards (Lt. Wm.) Sketches in Scinde, 12 hthographs by D.y 
& Son, with descriptions, imp. folio, half-morocco. 184b ; ' 

Equestrian portrait of Sir Charles Napier ; Views « V^^^^fp^^Sce to St ' "^ 
(5) ; Towns of Schewan and Rorree ; Fortress of Deyra ; lombs, Entrance to 
hold, and Plan of Operations, Truckee (3). 

83. High Street, Marylehone, London, W, 

126 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

5826 Edwardes ([Major-Gen.] Sir Herbert) A Year on the Punjaub 
Frontier, 1848-9, map and numerous engravings^ 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 
1851 12s 

The record of the bloodless conquest of the wild valley of Bannu, giving an 
insight into the actual life and labours of an Indian political officer, and a contribu- 
tion towards a knowledge of the countries beyond the Indus ; also account of the 
siege and capture of Mooltan. 

"This work is perhaps the best of its class ever yet published on an Indian 

subject charming reading to old and young alike, whether interested in India or 

not. '— Thoeburn, ' Bannu,' p. vi. 

5827 Memorials of the Life and Letters of, by his Wife, portraits 

and illustrations f 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1886 10s 

5828 Memorials, another copy, 2 vols. 8vo, half -calf extra 16s 

Edwardes arrived in India in 1841, and the services he rendered in the Punjaub 
(as a political administrator), Afghanistan, and through the Mutiny, was scarcely 
surpassed by any of his contemporaries. He finally retired to England in 1865. 

" One of the noblest names on the roll of the soldier-statesmen of the British 
Empire." — Ihicydopcedia Britannica. 

"A born ruler of men."— Sir John Lawrence. 

5829 A Knight's Faith : Passages in the Life of Sir Herbert 

Edwardes, collated by John Ruskin, royal 8vo, half-calf extra. 
Orpington^ 1885 6s 

See also Holmes (T.), Lawrence (Sir Henry), Lumsden. 

5830 Edwards (H. Sutherland) Russian Projects against India from 
Czar Peter to Gen. Skobeleff, map^ 8vo, cloth. 1885 3s 

Includes Accounts of the Anglo-Russian Agreement of 1844, and of the Expe- 
ditions of Perofski, Ignatieff, and Kauffmann. See also Russian Central Asia, 
pp. 55-.57. 

5831 Edwards (Wm.), Judge of H.M. High Court of Agra. Remi- 
niscences of a Bengal Civilian, 1837-58, 12mo, half-calf. 1866 5s 

The Cabul Disaster, The Sikh Wars, Annexation of the Punjab, Perponal Adven- 
tures during the Indian Rebellion, Reflections thereon, Narrative of Rajah Bygenath 
Misr's Sufferings. 

5831b Personal Narrative during the Rebellion, 12mo, cl. 1858 4s 

Evidence'on Natives of India, &c. See Pari. Reports, 1852-53. 

See also Lawrence (Sir G.). 

5832 Egerton (Hon. Capt. Francis, R.N.) Journal of a Winter's Tour 
in India [and Ceylon], with a Visit to the Court of Nepaul, illus- 
trated, 2 vols, in 1, 12mo, half-calf extra. 1852 7s 6d 

Capt. Egerton visited Calcutta, Gyah, Patna, Sejowlee, Catmandhu, Benares, 
Allahabad, Cawnpore, Lucknow, Agra, Delhi, Dheeg, Bhurtpore, Gwalior, Indore, 
Ajiin^a, Ellora, Aurungabad, Poonah, and Bombay. 

5833 Elgin (James, 8th Earl of) Letters and Journals as Governor of 
Jamaica (1842-46), Gov.-Gen. of Canada (1847-55), Envoy to China 
and Japan (1857-60), Viceroy of India (1862-63), edited by Walrond, 
8vo, cloth. 1872 4s 6d 

See also Prichard, Trotter, Keene. and later Historians ; Loch and Oliphant in 
Chinese Section. 

83^ High Street^ Marylebone^ London^ W, 

India 127 

5834 Elgin (Victor Alexander, 9th Earl of), Viceroy and Governor- 
General of India. Speeches, 1894-99, 8vo, morocco extra. Calcutta, 
1899 63 6d 

Addresses and Speeches in different parts of India on Commerce, Cotton Duties, 
Finance, Penal Code at the Queen's Jubilee, Durbars at Quetta, Lahore, Eangoon, 
&c., at Investitures, Banquets at Gwalior, Hyderabad, Mysore, Lucknow, Bombay, 
Calcutta, Madras, &c. 

5835 Ellenborough (Lord), The Indian Administration of (1841-44), 
edited by Charles, Lord Colchester, 8vo, cloth. 1874 6s 

Including Correspondence with the Duke of Wellington and Lord Ellen- 
borough's Letters to the Queen, relating to Afghanistan, the China Expedition 
(1841-42), and his own Administration of Indian Affairs. With an Appendix : " Plan 
for intercepting the great water communication between the north and south of the 
Empire of China, by the Editor (1839)." 

5836 India and Lord Ellenborough, 8vo, pp. 123. 1844 3s 6d 

Sketch of History of British India and Comments on Lord EUenborough's 

5837 Reply to ' India and Lord Ellenborough,' by Zeta, pp. 83, 

1845 3s 

See also Broadfoot, Hope, Macaulay, Sinde, Trotter's, and other Histories. 

5838 Elliot (Capt. Robert, R.N.) Views in the East, comprising India, 
Canton, and the Shores of the Eed Sea, 60 sketches, made in 1822-24, 
drawn by Skinner, Prout, Purser, Stansfleld, Cattermole, and others, 
engraved on steel, with Historical and Descriptive letterpress, 
2 vols. imp. 8vo, half-morocco, gilt edges. 1833 15s 

Contains views of Hindoo temples, Mahomedan mosques, tombs, forts, and 
palaces at Benares, Agra, Delhi, Ellora, Elephanta, Bejapore, &c., including the 
Taj-Mahal, tombs of Akbar, Aurungzebe, Humaioon, Shere Shah, Mahomed Shah , 
and Ibrahim Padshah, &c. 

5839 Elliot (Robert H.) The Experiences of a Planter in the Jungles 
of Mysore, map and tinted illustrations, 2 vols. 8vo, cl. 1871 8s 6d 

In addition to chapters on Native Agriculture, Coffee. Cinchona, and Cardamom 
Planting, Tea, Cotton, Silk^ Sandalwood. Rhea-Grass, &c., this work contains much 
information on local administration, education, caste, religion, the Nagas, &c., and 
is largely devoted to correcting the errors of ill-informed writers and many of the 
current opinions of Anglo-Indian society on the native character. 

5840 Gold, Sport, and CofTee Planting in Mysore, Thirty-Eight 

Years' Experience of a Planter, 12mo, cloth. 1894 6s 

5841 Our Indian Difficulties and a Warning to Investors in 

Indian Securities, 8vo, pp. 48, sewed. 1874 2s 

5842 Indian Famines and their Causes. Piioc. R. Col. Inst., 

1877, Vol. IX. pp. 1-41, cloth 3s 

5843 Elliott ([Sir] Charles Alfred) The Chronicles of Oonao, a district 
in Oudh, 8vo, cloth. Allahabad, 1862 6s 

The Mythic Age, Prehistoric Period, The Rajpoot Colonization, The Mahom- 
medan Conquest, The Dehli Administration, The Nuwabee. The forerunner ot a 
General History of Oudh. 

5844 Hafiz Ool-Moolk, Hafiz Rehmut Khan (RohiUa Chief) Life of, 

by his Son, translated from the Persian by [Sir] Charles Elliott 
(Oriental Trans. Fund), 8vo, boards. 1831 os bd 

Relates to the RohiUa War, &c. 

83, High Street, Mwrylebone, Loiidon, W. 

128 Francis Edwards* s Catalogue 

5845 Elliot (Sir Henry M.) Bibliographical Index to the Historians 
of Muhammadan India, Vol. I. General Histories (all published), 
Svo, cloth. Calcutta, 1849 4s 

A useful manual for Oriental scholars and librarians, subsequently extended 
into ' The History of India as told by its own Historians.' 

5846 The History of India as Told by Its Own Historians : The 

Muhammadan Period, Edited and continued by Prof. J. Dowson, 
8 vols. Svo, cloth. 1867-77 (pub. £8 8s) £3 10s 

Vol. I. Early Arabian Geographers, including Ibn Haukal, Rashidu-d Din (from 
Al Biruni), Al Edrisi and Al Kazwini ; Historians of Sind, with bibliographical notes. 

IT. Al Biruni.' Utbi, Baihaki, and other Muhammadan historians, bringing down 
the History to a.d. 12fi0. 

III. Rashidu-din. Amir Khusru, Sultan Firos Shah, Autobiography of Timur, 
&c., to A.D. 1398, with the Poems of Amir Khusru, Extracts from Ibn Batuta, &c. 

IV. Abdu-r-Razzak, Mirkhond, Khondamir, Hariri, Autobiography of Babar, 
Abdul Latif, Sarwani, &c., from the invasion of Timur to the culmination under 

V. ' Humayun-Nama ' of Khonamir, ' Tabakat-i-Akbari ' of Nizamuddin, &c.' 
completing the reign of Humayun and thirty years of that of Akbar. 

VI. *Akbar-nama of Abul-Fazl, Dwazda-8ala-i Jahangiri, Extracts from 
Ferishta, &c., completing the Reign of Akbar, with Articles on the Early Use of 
Gunpowder in India, Comments on the Institutes of Jahangir, and translation of the 
Introduction to Ferishta. 

VIT. The historians treating of 'the Reigns of Shah Jahan, Aurangzeb, 
Bahadur Shah, Jahandar Shah, and Farrukh-Siyar, including the Badshah-nama of 
Abdul Hamid Lahori, Mimtakhabu-1 Lubab of Khali Khan, &c. 

VIII. Numerous minor historians, supplementing preceding sections, Sawanih-i 
Akbari of Amir Haidar Husaini, Siyaru-1 Muta-akhkhirin of Ghulam Husain Khan. 
&c., with copious Indexes to the whole work— Bibliographical, Geographical, and 

" A great work which must always be a guide to English students."— Kbenb. 

Sir Henry Elliot hoped to have added histories of Gujerat, Bengal, Kashmir, 
and other Mahomedau monarchies. That of Gujerat was completed by Sir E. Clive 
Bay ley. See p. 80. 

5847 Supplement to the Glossary of Indian Terms, A — J (all 

published in this form), royal 8vo, cloth. Boorkee, 1860 3s 

The ' Glossary' itself was then a work planned only, but was issued subsequently 
in 1855. See Wilson (H. H.) 

5848 Memoirs on the History, Folk-Lore, and Distribution of 

the Races on the N.W. Provinces of India ; beiDg an Amplified 
edition of the original Supplemental Glossary of Indian Terms, 
edited by John Beames, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1869 (pub. 36s.) 9s 

In this edition, largely amplified and completed, the arrangement of the words 
is systematic as well as alphabetical : the whole being in four parts (1) Castes and 
their Subdivisions with Appendices, (2) Customs, Rites, and Superstitions, (3) 
Revenue and Official Terms, (4) Rural Life. 

83^ High Street^ Marykbone, London, W. 

India 129 

5849 Elphinstone (Hon. Mountstuart) Life of, with Selections from 
his Correspondence and Papers, by Sir E. Colebrooke, portrait 
&c., 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1884 9^ 

Elphinstone returned to England in 1829, after thirty years of official and 
diplomatic work in different positions, from Assistant Resident Magistrate in 
Benares to the Governorship of Bombay. He declined that of Governor-General. 
Account of Caubul, 1815. See p. 59. 

5850 Report on the Territories conquered from the Paishwa, 4to, 

half-bound. Calcutta, 1821 4s 

5851 The Paishwa's Territories, royal 8vo, pp. 128. 1872 3s 

5852 The History of India [Hindu and Mahometan Periods, 

to A.D. 1760], LiBEARY Edition, large type, with maiJ, 2 vols. 8vo, 
cloth. 1841 12s 

The Hindu section is preceded by a General Description of India, and accom- 
panied by chapters on Medicine, Language and Literature, Commerce, Agriculture, 
Manners and C^iaracter, Village Life, Appendices on Greek Accounts of India, &c. 

"The 'Mahometan Period' of Mr. Elphinstone's History, in its clear despatch- 
like narrative, has always seemed to me to possess in no small degree some of those 
characteristics which we all admire in Mr. Grote's ' History of Greece.' The author 
bad been so long engaged in Indian politics that he could at once enter into and 
unravel all those endless details which render Asiatic history so confused and 
difScult ; and I question whether this portion of his History will ever be super- 
seded."— Principal GOWELL. 

5853 The History of India : The Hindu and Mahometan Periods, 

New Edition, with Notes and Additions by Principal E. B. Cowell, 
map, 1 thick vol. 8vo, cloth. 1889 (pub. 18s) 9s 

The editorial Additions consist of appendices on the Vedas, Brahmanical Tribes 
and Aborigines, and the Chinese Buddhist Pilgrims. 

"The History of India by the Hon. Mountstuart Elphinsone will probably 

long continue to be the classical history to introduce the enquirer of every denomina- 
tion to a coriect knowledge of India.'"'— Erskine, History of Bdber and Humdyun. 

5854 The Rise of the British Power in India ; being a Continua- 
tion of The History of India in the Hindii and Mahometan Periods, 
edited by Sir Edward Colebrooke, 3 maps, 8vo, cloth. 1887 7s 

This volume brings the military and political history down to the year 1760, 
with an additional fragment on the cliaracter of Clive. The references in thifs to 
the author's former work are to the library edition in two volumes, which it matches 
both in size and type. 

5855 Selections from Minutes and other Official Writings, with 

Introductory Memoir by G. W. Forrest, 8vo, cloth. 1884 6s 

"There is hardly an imjjortant problem connected with the government of 
India which has not been discussed by Mountstuart Elphinstone" (Editor). This 
volume contains Elphinstone's letters describing the battles of Assaye and Kirkee 
(published for the first time), the important Minute on Education (1824), the Report 
on the Peishwa's Territories, (fee. 

5856 Mountstuart Elphinstone, by J. S. Cotton (" Rulers of India " 

Series), 12mo, cloth 2s 

5857 Elwood (Mrs.) Narrative of Journey Overland from England, 

by the Continent of Europe, Egypt, and the Red Sea, to India, 

illustrated, 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1830 7s 

Mrs. Elwood was the first lady who travelled outward to India by the overland 


83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

130 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

5860 Emigration from India : The Export of Coolies and other 
Labourers to Mauritius, 8vo, pp. 74. B. and F. Anti-Slavery Soe., 
1842 3s 6d 

5861 Remarks upon the Emigration of Hill Coolies, pp. 16 Is 6d 

See Archer, Slavery. 
Empoli (G. di) Viaggio fatto nell' India, 1503. See Ramusio, 
Viaggi, p. 18. 

5862 English Connexion with India, Origin and Progress of, Calcutta 
Rev., No. XII. pp. 64 2s 6d 

5863 Erskine (Wm.) A History of India under Bdber and Humayun 
(1494-1556), 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1851 16s 

Mr. Erskine's thorough acquaintance with the language of contemporary and 
subsequent authorities enabled him to improve upon Ferishta. and to produce 
perhaps the best record of this important and intercbting period. See also Baber. 

Cave Temples of Elephanta. — Bombay Lit. Soc. r?'aws.. Vol. I. 

5864 Escott (T. H. S.) and others. Pillars of the Empire : Indian 
and Colonial Statesmen and Officials, 12mo, cloth. 1879 3s 6d 

Sketches of Sir N. Chamberlain. Sir Andrew Clarke, Sir G. Colley, Sir E. A. 
Holdich, Sir F. Roberts, Dr. French, Bp. of Lahore, Sir H, Maine, Sir Barnes Pea- 
cock, H. G. Keene, Lords Dufferin, Kimberley, Lytton, Napier of Magdala, North- 
brook, Sir B. Frere, Sir R. Temple, Sir A. C. Lyall, &c. 

5865 Ethnology and Archaeology of India : Papers by Huxley, Sir 
G. Campbell, Sir W. Elliott, Meadows Taylor, and others {Q. 
Ethnol. Journal, vol. i. pp. 89-193, and map), 8vo, cl. 1869 3s 6d 

5866 Evans ([Sir] De Lacy) On the Practicability of an Invasion of 
British India, 8vo, pp. 8-lviii-147, and map. 1829 48 

Means of transport, military routes, &c., with resources of the Indian Empire. 

5867 Everest (Lt.-Col.) Engravings and Diagrams illustrative of the 
Measurement of Two Sections of the Meridional Arc of India, 
royal 4to, cloth. 1847 6s 

5868 Ewart (Wm., M.P.) Settlement in India and Trade with Central 
Asia, 8vo, pp. 18. 1858 2s 

5869 Ewart (Gen. J. Alex.) The Story of a Soldier's Life ; or, Peace, 
War, and Mutiny, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1881 12s 

Vol. I. includes two voyages to Ihe Mauritius and the entire campaign in 
Turkey and the Crimea ; Vol. II. The Sepoy Mutiny and five years' service at home. 
Eyre (Sir Vincent) Operations in Cabul, 1841-42. See Afghanis- 
tan, p. 60. 

The Belief of Arrah, 1857. See Gubbins, Halls, Trevelyan 

(Sir G.), Malleson, and other Historians of the Mutiny. 

Fa-Hien, Travels in India and Ceylon (a.d. 399-413). See Beal, 


5871 Facts and Reflections by a Subaltern of the Indian Army, 12mo, 
cloth. 1849 2s 6d 

Falconer (Hugh) Geological and other Memoirs of the North of 
India. See Natural History section. 

83 J High Street, Marylehone, London, W, 

India 131 

5872 Falkland (Viscountess) Chow-Chow, a Journal of Social Life in 
India, Egypt, and Syria, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1857 6s 
Famines: Campbell (Sir G.), Cotton (Sir A.), Dickinson, Digby, 
Elliot (R. H.), Frere, Hornaday, Hunter's Indian Empire, Kaye's 
E.I. Co., Lawrence (Lord), Lytton, Merewether, Nash, North brook, 
Routledge, Smith (Baird), Strachey, Temple (Sir R.), Trotter's India 
under Victoria, &c. 

5873 Fane (Hy. Edward) Five Years in India (1835-39). comprising 
Travels in Bengal, Visit to Court of Runjeet Singh, Residence in 
the Himalayas, Account of the Triumphant Entry into Cabul, 1839, 
Voyage down the Indus, with 12 steel plates and other illustrations, 
2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1842 6s 

The author was Aide-de-Camp to Lord Auckland. The work, which is most 
instructive and entertaining, concludes with an amusing narrative of the author's 
overland journey to England. 

5874 Faria y Sousa (Manuel de) Asia Portuguesa, with num&rous 
plates and woodcuts, 3 vols, folio, calf. Lisbon, 1666-74-75 £4 

A valuable narmtive of the Portuguese conquests in the East Indies — when 
their flag waved from the Azores to China. The work is largely founded upon 
older writers, especially upon Barros and DA CouTo. For English translation, 
somewhat abridged, by Capt. John Stevens, see above, p. 7 ; see also references 
under PORTUGUESE in India, post. 

5875 Europa Portuguesa ; Asia Portuguesa ; Africa Portuguesa ; 

Retrato de Manuel de Faria y Sousa, por Don F. Moreno Porcel, 
engraved titles, 8 vols, folio, calf. Lisbon, 1666-1733' £8 

Complete sets of Faria y Sousa are rare. This is composed of Europe, 2nd edit.. 
3 vols., 1678-80 ; Asia, 3 vols., 1666-75; Africa, 1 vol., 1681 ; and Ketrato, 1 vol., 1733. ' 

5876 Fawcett (Henry) Speeches on some Current Political Questions, 
8vo, cloth. 1873 4s 

Includes Fawcett's great speeches on Indian Finance and the Budgets of 1872 
and 1873, on Education, Woman Suffrage, the Irish University Education, and the 
speech at Brighton, Feb., 1873, wherein he refers to the continuous neglect of Indian 
Affairs in the House of C'ommons. 

5877 Fayrer (Surg.-Gen. Sir Joseph) Recollections of my Life, por- 
traits and illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1900 6s 

Sir Joseph Fayrer's professional service in India began in 1850 and continued 
through the Mutiny, to which, and the Siege of the Residency, Lucknow, three 
chapters are devoted. After a short visit to England, Sir Joseph returned to 
Calcutta, 1859-72. He subsequently revisited India in the suite of H.R.H. Albert 
Edward, Prince of Wales, 1875. 

Snakes of India, and Eoyal Tiger. See Natural History 


See also Martin (Sir J. Ranald). 

5878 Fenton (Mrs.) Journal of : Narrative of her Life in India, the 
Isle of France (Mauritius), and Tasmania, 1826-30, with Preface by 
Sir Henry W. Lawrence, 12mo, cloth. 1901 5s 

Mrs. Fenton vi.sited India in 1827-28, residing mostly near Calcutta. Her 
Journal of that period occupies the greater part of the volume. 

5879 Fergusson (James) The Rock-Cut Temples of India, 19 litho- 
graphic plates, folio, half-morocco, with a vol. of Descriptive Text 
and 10 additional plates, 8vo, cloth. 1845 £2 2s 

5880 The Rock-Cut Temples, another, without the text .£1 10s 

83, High Street, Ma/rylebone, London, W, 

132 Francis Edwards* a Catalogue 

5881 Fergusson (James) The Rock-Cut Temples of India, illustrated 
hy 74 photographs taken by Major Gill and described by James 
Fergusson, 8vo, cloth, gilt edges. 1864 £1 4s 

A Selection of the best examples of the different series of caves at Ellora, 
Ajunta, Cuttack, Salsette, Karli, Kannari and iMahavellipore, drawn on stone by 
T. C. Dibdin from sketches made on the spot, with the assistance of the camera- 
lucida, 1838-39. 

See also Biggs ; GiLL (Major). 

5882 Picturesque Illustrations of Ancient Architectui'e in Hin- 

dostan : Thirty-four tinted plates and sketch map, imp. folio, 
half-morocco. 1848 £3 3s 

The illustrations include the gate of the Tope at Sanchi, the Temples of 
Bobaneswar, of Jugganath at I'uri, of Kanaruc, Chandravati, Barolli, Vimala Sab, 
Sadri Mahavellipore, Towers at Cbeetore, Palaces at Boondee, Porches, Gateways, 
Tombs, &c. 

5883 Tree and Serpent Worship : Illustrations of Mythology 

and Art in India from the Sculptures of the Buddhist Topes at 
Sanchi and Amravati, with Essays and Descriptions, original 
edition, 100 plates and 21 icood engravings, imp. 4to, half-morocco. 
1868 (pub. £10 10s) £6 10s 

The main body of the work is preceded by an Introductory Essay on Human 
Sacrifices and Serpent Worship in Egypt, India, Phoenicia, Mesopotamia, Greece, 
Italy, Germany, Sarmatia, Scandinavia, France, Great Britain, Africa and America ; 
in I'ersia, Casnmere, Cambodia, China, Oceania, Ceylon and India, the Mahabharata, 
Buddhism, &c. 45 plates illustrate the Tope at Sanchi, and 43 that at Amravati. 
Most important appendices on Asoka inscriptions, Snake Worship. &c.. are con- 
tributed by Gen. Cunningham, Col. Meadows Taylor, Dr. Best, and Dr. Balfour. 

5885 Rude Stone Monuments in All Countries, their Age and 

Uses, with 234 illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1872 £1 4s 

The rude stone monuments, which are probably more numerous in India than 
in Europe, throw much light on the problems connected with the study of mega- 
lithic monuments in the West. Mr. Fergusson discusses their geographical distribu- 
tion and age, and gives engravings of 27 examples in different parts of India. 

5886 Notes on the Saka, Samvat, and Gupta Eras, 8vo, cloth, 

pp. iv-24. 1875 {privately printed) Is 

5887 and Burgess (Dr. James) The Cave Temples of India, 

with map, 98 plates in photo-lithography and 73 woodcuts, imp. 8vo, 
half-morocco. 1880 £2 12s 6d 

Mr, FerguMon treats of the Eastern caves at Barabar, Kadgir, Katak, Hathi, 
Undavilli, Mahavellipur, and the Seven Pagodas, Dr. Burgess of those in Western 
India, in Kathiawar, the Koncan, Karle, Junnar, Nasik, Ajanta, Kanheri, Bagh, 
Klura, Aurungabad, as well as the Brahmanic and Jaina Caves and Cave Temples in 
the Dekkan, at Poonah, Elephanta, &c. 

5888 History of Indian and Eastern Architecture, with 2 maps 

and 394 illustrations, 8vo, half-bound. 1899 dBl 4s 

Book I. Buddhist Architecture in India and Ceylon. II. Jaina Architecture. 
III. Architecture ih the Himalayas (Nepal and Kashmir). IV. Dravidian Temples, 
Rock- Cut, Tan j ore, &c. V. Chalukyan. VI. Indo-Arynn Temples and Palaces at 
Benares, Cuttack. Dharwar, Gwalior. &c. VII. Saracenic Tombs, Mosques, Minars, 
the Taj, &c. VIII. Further India : Burmah, Siam, Java, Cambodia. IX. China. 

5889 Collection of Photographs : Nineteen large Views of Hindu 

Sculpture and Temples at Aiwulli, Tanjore, &c., imp. folio, half- 
morocco 22s 

8S, High Street^ Marylehone^ London, W. 



5891 Ferishta's History of Dekkan from the First Mohummedan 
Conquests (a.d. 977-1605); with Continuation to the Einperor 
Aurungzebe by other Native Writers ; also, Reign of his Succes- 
sors ; and the History of Bengal, 1739-80, by Jonathan Scott, 
2 vols. 4to, calf. Shrewsbury, 1794 £1 8s 

"The work of Ferislita is an abridgment of other historians, and extends to the 

end of the reigu of Akbar it is the most curious and valuable piece of Oriental 

history."'— Orme. 

See also Briggs, Dow, Elliot (Sir H.). 

Feudatory States. See Native States. 

5892 Fife-Cookson (Lt.-Col. J. C.) Tiger Shooting in the Doon 
and Ulwar, numerous illustrations, 8vo, cloth, 1887 5s 

Finance, Revenue, Taxation, &c.— 

5894 Mr. Dundas's India Budget for 1789 ; Reply to, by County Member, <Svo, 

pp. ii-24. 1790 2s 

5895 Finance and Revenue Accounts, Government of India, 1883-84, folio boards 

CalaUta, 1885 3s 

5896 Letter to Members H.C. on Indian Finance, pp. 11. 1859 Is 6d 

5897 The Spoilt Child of the Indian Family : Bengal's Favoured Position at the 

Financial Board, pp. 21. Bombay, 1868 ' is 6d 

5898 How we Tax India : a Lecture, 8vo, pp. 40. Leeds printed, 1858 2s 
See also Administration ; Coins, Elgin, Fawcett, Hobart, Laing, Mayo, North- 
brook. Norton, Perry, Phillips, Prinsep (H. T.), Steuart, Strachey, Sulhvan, Sykes, 
Temple (Sir R.), Tucker, Wood, Dutt, Langley, &c. 

5900 Fincastle (Viscount) and Elliot-Lockhart (P. 0.) A 
Frontier Campaign : Narrative of the Operations of the Malakand 
and Boner Field Forces, 1897-98, map and 16 illustrations, 12mo, 
cloth. 1898 2s 6d 

5901 Fitch (Ralph), England's Pioneer to India and Burma (1583- 
1591), his Companions and Contemporaries, a Narrative in his own 
words, edited by J. Horton-Ryley, 19 illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 
1899 8s 

This work throws light on the earliest visit of Englishmen to India— Fitch, 
Newberie, and their companions. All were imprisoned at Goa, whence some of 
them escaped to Agra, where they presented their Queen's letter to Akbar in 1585. 
Subsequently Fitch travelled on towards the Himalayas and down the Jumna and 
Ganges to the Bay of Bengal and so to Burmah and Malacca. Fitch only found his 
way home after an absence of eight years, in 1591. 

See also Collections of Hakluyt and Purchas, and Fytch's Burmah. 

5902 Fitchett (W. H.) Tale of the Great Mutiny, portraits and 
map, 12mo, cloth. 1901 4s 

5903 Fitzclarence (Lt.-Col.) Journal of a Route across India, 
through Egypt to England, 1817-18, maps, coloured plates, plans 
of actions and of the Pyramids, 4to, boards, uncut. 1819 15s 

Includes a Personal Narrative of the War in the Deccan, 1817-18, with map and 
interesting plates, a " Gorkah Soldier," " Rocket Corps and Dromedary Corps, 
" Rohilla Horse and Skinner's Horse." 

5904 Fonseca (Jos4 Nicolau da) Historical and Archaeological Sketch 
of the City of Goa, plates, 8vo, cloth. Bombay, 1878 7s 6d 

83, High Street, Ma/rylehone, London, W, 

134 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

5905 Forbes (James) Oriental Memoirs. . . .written during Seventeen 
Years' Residence in India (1766-84), including Observations on Parts 
of Africa and South America, and a Narrative of Occurrences in 
Four Indian Voyages, portrait, and 95 jine engravings of scenery, 
antiquities, &c., the plates of natural history coloured, hest edition, 
4 vols, royal 4to. 1813 
The 'Oriental Memoirs' is, by some, considered the most valuable of all the 

works published on India. The author's materials from which it was compiled filled 

150 folio volumes, containing 52,000 pages of MS. letters and dmwings. 

An interesting account of Forbes, his residence in Bombay (1765-84), his friends 

and his book (published 28 years after his return home), will be found in DoUGLAS's 

' Bombay,' vol. ii. (chap, xxx.) 

5907 Forbes (Alex. Kinloch) Ras Mala ; or, Hindoo Annals of the 
Province of Goozerat, with coloured and other illustrations, chiefly 
architectural, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1856 £3 3s 

Eds M^M, or 'A Garland of Chronicles,' is a most valuable work treating not 
only the History, Hindu and Mohummedan, of the Mahrattas, but of the topography 
of the province, its rulers and people, their castes, occupations, town life, land- 
tenure, festivals, customs, beliefs, traditions, legends, &c. 

5908 Forbes (Gordon) Wild Life in Ganara and Ganjam [Madras 
Presidency], coloured illustrations, 12mo, cloth. 1885 2s 6d 

The author's experiences in Canara extended from 1 844 to 1848 and in Ganjam 
from 1858 to 1867. 

5909 Forbes-Mitchell (Wm.), late 93rd Highlanders, Reminis- 
cences of the Great Mutiny, 1857-59, including the Relief, Siege, 
and Capture of Lucknow and the Campaigns in Rohilcund and 
Oude, best edition, 12mo, cloth. 1895 3s 6d 
FoRDE (Col.) Military Expedition to Golconda, 1758-59. See 


5910 Forjett (Charles) Our Real Danger in India, 8vo,cl. 1877 4s 6d 
Thoughts suggested by the Great Mutiny. 

5912 Forrest (Lt.-Ool. Wm.) A Picturesque Tour along the Rivers 
Ganges and Jumna, 24 highly finished and coloured views, map, and 
vignettes, from original draunngs, with descriptive text, imp. 4to, 
half-morocco. Ackermann, 1824 £2 2s 

Views of Hindoo Villages, Pagodas, City of Moorshedabad, Mountains of 
Kajmahal, Kocks of Colgong, Mosques, Tombs and Temples, Benares, Allahabad, 
Lucknow, Delhi, Akbar's Tomb, the Taj Mahal (from the River). 

5913 Forrest. Letters, Despatches, and other State Papers preserved in 
the Foreign Department of the Government of India, 1772-85, 
edited by George W. Forrest, 3 vols, folio. Calcutta, 1890 16s 

" The story of the administration of Warren Hastings told by the letters and 

narratives, the dissents and discussions, of the chief actors. The value of these 
Selections has been greatly increased by an admirable introduction by Mr. Forrest. 
It gives a careful and valuable summary of the principal facts connected with the 
administration of Hastings."— Sir J. Strachey. 

5914 The Administration of Warren Hastings, 1772-75, Reviewed 

and Illustrated from Original Documents, 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 
1892 5s 6d 

83 f High Street, Marylebone, London, W» 



5915 Forrest (George W.) Selections from Letters, Despatches, and 
State Papers, with Introductory Story of the Indian Mutiny 1857- 
1858, Vol. I. Barrackpore and Berhampore, Meerut, Delhi! mans 
and plans, royal 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1893 Ha 

5916 Selections from Letters, Despatches, &c., preserved in the 

Bombay Secretariat, edited by George W. Forrest, Mard,tha Series 
Vol. I., Home Series, Vols. I. and II., 3 vols. 4to, half-calf. Bom^ 
hay, 1885-87 £2 

,, ^^.^ Mardthd volume records the History of the Marathds, the First and Second 
Maratha Wars, including Letters of the Marquess Wellesley when Earl of Morning- 
t6n, also of the Duke of Wellington when Colonel Wellesley, which were not printed 
with the Despatches edited by Colonel Gurwood. 

The Home Series comprise all the important documents from the foundation of 
the Factory at Surat in 1630, including the Treaty by which Bombay was ceded by 
Portugal, Selections from the Bantam Letters, A Journal of Nadir ^hah's Residence 
at Carmenia, Transactions at Balambangan, 1761-75. 

5917 The Administration of Lord Lansdowne, Svo, cl. 1894 2s 6d 

5918 Sepoy Generals, Wellington to Roberts, with 9 portraits, 

12mo, cloth. 1902 5s 

'5919 Forster (George) Journey from Bengal to England through 

Northern India, Kashmire, Afghanistan, Persia, and Russia, 1783- 

1784, with map, 2 vols. 4to, calf. 1798 9s 

Mr. Forster visited Serinagur, Peshawar, Cabul, Ghizni, Candahar, and Herat 

afterwards crossing the Caspian Hea to Astrakan, Moscow, and St. Petersburg. The 

greater part of the work, however, lelates to India, Kashmere, and Persia, and 

includes Sketches of the Hindoo Mythology, History of the Kohillas, Shah-Shujah, 

and the Sikhs. 

5921 Forsyth (Oapt. James) The Highlands of Central India: Notes 
on the Forests and Wild Tribes, Natural History and Sports [of the 
'Gond and other Country between Northern India and the Deccan], 
map and illustrations, Svo, cloth. 1871 (with author's portrait in- 
serted) 10s 

5922 Another copy, half -calf extra lis 

5923 New edition, ma/^s and illustrations, 8vo, cloth, 1899 8s 

Includes chapters on the Aboriginal Tribes of the Narbada Valley and Mdhadeo 
Hills, The Lay of Saint Lingo, and an Appendix on the Selection and Treatment 
of Elephants.' 

*' A complete account of the Highlands of India.''— AthencBum. 

5924 Forsyth (Sir T. Douglas) Autobiogi-aphy and Reminiscences 
map and portrait, 8vo, cloth. 1887 4s 6d 

Includes scenes and incidents of the Indian Mutiny, the Kooka Outbreak (1872) 
Expeditions to Yarkand (1870), Kashgar (1873), and to Mandalay (1875). 
See also Hendersou and Hume in Tartaky and Tibet, ^os^. 

5925 Framji (Dosabhai) History of the Parsis, including their 
Manners, Customs, Religion, and Present Position, coloured and 
other illustrations, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth gilt. 1884 18s 

8St High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

136t Francis Edwards^s Catalogue 

5926 Francis (Sir Philip) Memoirs, with Coirespondence and 
Journals, by Joseph Parkes and Herman Merivale, portrait, 7 fac- 
similes of handnrriting, and copy of a caricatiir^i, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 
1867 16s 

This work throws much light upon the political history of the period, aud tends 
to establish the identity of Francis with " Junius." The letters bearing that signa- 
ture ceased shortly before Francis left England for a tour on the Continent in 1772 
(see below). Appointed member of the new Supreme Council of Bengal in the 
following year, he arrived in Calcutta Oct., 1774. Differences with Hastings led to 
a duel between them, and Francis returned to England in Oct., 1781, afterwards 
becoming one of the principal, though private promoters of Haiitings's impeachment. 
See also Hastings, Impey, and references under Nuncomar and Rohilla War. 

5927 [ ] Travels in Europe, Asia, and Africa ; Describing Characters, 

Customs, Manners, Laws, and Productions of Nature and Art : con- 
taining Various Remarks on the Political Interests of Great Britain, 
and delineating in Particular a New System for the Government 
and Improvement of the British Settlements in the East Indies; 
begun in the year 1777 and finished in 1781. By M. Mackintosh. 
2 vols. 8vo, calf gilt. Murray, 1782 £1 10s 

A series of letters dated from Holland, Flanders, France, the Cape, India, Isle of 
France (Mauritius), and Calcutta, with observations on French and Dutch Policy, 
account of the Hottentots, and the Settlement at the Cape— the ease with which it 
might be captured ! — the Mauritius, India and the native peoples, affairs in Bengal, 
the Carnatic,&c., Appendix of Secret Proceedings of the Supreme Council at Bengal, 
to which none but members could have had access— apparently the work of Francis. 
All reference to notoriouslv unpleasant circumstances in which Francis was placed 
during his residence in Calcutta is carefully avoided, matters honourable to Prancis 
and his friends are applauded, while those who took part with Hastings are 

5928 Francis (C. R.) Sketches of Native Life in India, 22 lithographs, 
imp. 4to, cloth. 1848 lis 

Views in liajpootana, Simla, on the Ganges, Madras, St. Helena, &c. 

5929 Francklin ([Colonel] Wm.) Observations made on a Tour from 
Bengal to Persia by way of Point de Galle, Cocheen, Goa, Bombay, 
&c., 1786-87, with Account of the Remains of Persepolis, 8vo, 
boards. 1790 3s 6d 

5930 History of the Reign of Shah Aulum and Transactions at 

the Court at Delhi, and neighbouring States, 1758-94, map and 
4 portraits, 4to, half-calf. 1798 £1 Is 

Includes Accounts of Modern Delhi and the Oude Familv, of the Mahrattas 
(with portrait of Sindiah), Narrative of the Revolution in Rohilcund, and defeat of 
the Rohillas, 1794. 

5931 Military Memoirs of Gen. George Thomas, including Annals 

of Rajpootaneh, the Punjaub, &c., 4to, calf. Calcutta, 1803 £1 4s 

Interspersed with Accounts of the States of Rajpootaneh, the Seiks of Punjaub. 
the territory of Beykaneer, and Country west of the Great Desert, with sketch map, 
portrait of Gen. Thomas, and view of the Kutub Minar. 

5932 Tracts, Political, Geographical, and Commercial, on the 

Dominions of Avaand the N.W. Parts of Hindostaun, 8vo, half-calf 
(presentation copy). 1811 5s (kl 

Includes an historical sketch of Rajpootaneh, account of the oi)erations of the 
Army in 18()1, and plan for extension and future security of British Interests. 
The Jeynes and Boodhists. See Religions of India, &c. 

8S, High Street, Marylebone, London, W, 

India 137 

5933 Eraser (J. Baillie) Journal of a Tour through part of the Snowy 
Range of the Himala Mountains and to the Sources of the Jumna 
and Ganges [with a History of Nepal and the War], map, 4to, half- 
calf. 1820 14s 

5934 Views in the Himala Mountains, 20/hie coloiired plates, each 

26 in. by 18 in., oblong imperial folio, full morocco. 1820 £5 

A magnificent work, illustrating the 'Journal of the Tour ' through Nepal, &c. 

Among the scenes represented are Seran Rajas Palace, Fort of Jytock, Raeeu- 
gurh. Town of llampore, Bheem Ke Udar, the Holy Shrine of Mahadeo, Assemblages 
of Hill Men, Ghoorkas. Village and Castle of Burapta, Temple of Magnee, Villages 
of Shai and of Jushul, Valley and Sources of the Jumna, and other grand views of 
River and Mountain Scenery. 

5935 Views in Calcutta, 11 heautifully coloured engravings, 1 vol. 

imp. folio, half-bound. 1826 £^ 10s 

St. Andrew's Church, Court House Street, Calcutta from Fort William, the Loll 
Bazaar, Portuguese Chapel, the River and Shipping, St. John's Cathedral, Seramj ore, 
Tank Square, the Black Pagoda, the Bazaar. 

See also Skinner's Military Memoirs, posi. 

5936 Fraser (Gen. James Stuart) of the Madras Army.- Memoir and 
Correspondence, by his Son, Col. Hastings Fraser, portrait, royal 
8vo, cloth. 1885 14s 

A work which throws light upon the militarv and pecuniary connexion between 
the British (Jovernmeut and that of the Nizam during 75 years, with private letters 
from the Rajahs of Mysore and Travancore, Lords Elphinstone, Auckland, Ellen- 
borough, Hardinge, and Dalhousie. General Fraser, who was more than fifty 
years in the Indian service, was long resident at Hyderabad. 

5937 Fraser (Maj.-Gen. Hastings) Our Faithful Ally the Nizam, 8vo, 
cloth. 1865 5s 

On the importance of the Alliance and Services of the Nizam, especially during 
the Mutiny. 

.5938 [ ] Hyderabad, royal 8vo, pp. 29, cloth. [1869?] (privatehj 

issued) 2s 

5939 Frederickson (A. D.) Ad Orientem, maps, 26 coloured plates, 
and other illustrations from the author's sketches, 8vo, cloth. 
1889 3s 6d 

Incidents of travel, chiefly in Northern and Western India, 1870-71, and of a 
second journey, chiefly in Southern India, Ceylon, Java, Siam, Japan, &c., m 

French in India (The). See Harris's Voyages (p. 9), Cambridge, 
Dalence, Dupleix, Francis, Mackintosh, GafFarel, Guyon, 
Labourdonnais, Lally, Lanessan, Lawrence (Stringer), Malleson, 
Raymond, Rennefort, Hunter's and other Hi-stories. 

5940 French (Thomas Valpy) First Bishop of Lahore, Life and Cor- 
respondence of, by the Rev. Herbert Birks, portrait and illustra- 
tions, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1895 12s 6d 

Missionary Labours at Agra before and during the Mutiny ( 1851 -'^H) Curacy 
Work in England (1859-62), Frontier Work in Derajat (1862-63), Clerical Work m 
England (1864-68), College Work and Bishopric of Lahore (1869-87), Missionary 
Visits to Afghanistan, Persia, Syria, Palestine, &c. (1888-91). 

8Sy High Street, Maa-ylebom, London, W, 

138 Francis Edwards^ 8 Catalogue 

5941 Frere (Right Hon. Sir Bartle E.) Life and Correspondence 
of, by John Martineau, portraits, maps, and illustrations, 2 vols., 
8vo, cloth. 1894 10s 

The greater part of this work relates to Frere's Services in and for India (1835- 
1875>, in the Deccan, Sind (which he ruled for seven years), N.W. Provinces, 
Calcutta (in the Legislative Council*, as Governor of Bombay, and on the Indian 
Council in London. Sir Bartle was also principal director and manager of the Tour 
of H.R.H. the Prince of Wales in India, 1875-76, 

" When shall I see a Commander return from India in the pride of honourable 
poverty ? " was a question asked by The Man of Feeling (Mackenzie). The 
question was answered a hundred years later when Bartle Frere came home. 

Here, as elsewhere, the natives look to deeds not words : "The example of a 
Frere is worth the teaching of a hundred missionaries — painstaking and earnest 
though they be."— 1866, Dilke, ' Greater B.,' ii. p. 220. 

5942 The Three Zillas of Sind, with map, 1853 (Bombay 

Records, 1855), pp. 659-664, royal 8vo, cloth 4s 

5943 Reply of Mirza Ali Ackbar to Attacks upon his Character 

by H. B. Frere, Esq., pp. 39, 1858 2s 

5944 Letter to Col. Dnrand on the Reorganization of the Indian 

Army (Printed for Private Use only), 8vo, pp. 160 (scarce). Bom- 
bay, [1858] 6s 6d 

5945 Notes on the Runn of Cutch and Neighbouring Regions, 

Jour. R. Geog. Soc, 1870, Vol. XL. pp. 181-207, map, cl. 2s 6d 

5946 The Impending Bengal Famine and How to Prevent 

Famines in India, three maps, 12mo, cloth. 1874 3s 

and Case of Meer Jaffer Alee. See Law and Justice. 

Pandurang Hari. See Hockley (W. B.) 

See also Malleson, Temple, &c. 
Freshfield (D.) Notes on Mt. Everest. See Walker (Gen. J. T.) 

5948 Fryer (John) Account of East India and Persia : Nine Years 
Travels, 1672-81, maps and figures, folio, calf. 1698 £2 

Fryer was a surgeon in the service of the E.I. Company. He describes the 
factory at Surat, the life and trade there as well as at Bombay and Madras, and 
gives an account of the English embassy to the coronation of Sivaji, the Mahratta 

See also Wheeler, Early Travels in India, pod. 
Fryke's Voyage to the East Indies, 1680-86. See p. 7. 

5949 Fullarton (Colonel Wm.) A View of the English Interests in 
India, and Account of the Military Operations [in Mysore], 1782-84, 
8vo, calf. 1787 7s 6d 

5950 Another copy, half-calf 6s 6d 

5951 Fuller (Rev. Andrew) An Apology for Christian Missions to 
India, in Answer to Mr. Twining and Major Scott- Waring (Three 
Parts), 8vo. 1808 (scarce) 5s 

See Scott-Waring, Twining, and references under Missions. 

5952 Fullerton (Col.) Views in the Himalayah and Neilgherry Hills, 
24 plates coloured in Jacsimile o/ the original draivings, with descrip- 
tions, oblong 4to, cloth. 1850 14s 

83 y High Street, Marykbone, London j W, 



5953 Gaffarel (Paul) Les Colonies Francaises, 8vo, half - bound 
PariSf 1884 ^ 

TnHi«^mfir?"i'Jm'i?f-?°'2'°' Madagascar, French Guiana, French Antilles, French 
India (History, 1508-ljbl-French Establishments at Pondichery, &c., pp. 247-321) 
Cochin China, Indo;Chma, Tahiti, Marquesas, New Caledonia, &c. Bibliography 
prefixed to each section. ^ f j 

5955 Gama (Vasco da) Calcoen: a Dutch Narrative of the Second 
Voyage to Calicut. Facsimile of edition printed at Antwerp 
c. 1504, with Introduction, and translated by Dr. Ph. Berjeau. 
small 4to, cloth. 1874 3s qI 

The places in India visited and referred to in this voyage (1502-3) are supposed 
to have been Camhay, Goa, Cananor, Calicut, and Cochin. 

See also Gama, p. 7. 

5956 Ganges Canal Revenue Reports, 1855-56, <tc., with map (Ind. 
Govt. Records, No. 21), royal 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1856 2s 
See Maps, post. 

5957 Gardiner (General Sir R.) Military Analysis of the Causes of 
the Indian Rebellion, royal 8vo, pp. 99. 1858 3s 

With remarks on Colonization, Revenue, Free Press, Religious Proselytism. 

5958 Gardner (Alex.) Soldier and Traveller, Colonel of Artillery in 
the Service of Ran jit Singh, &c., edited by Major Hugh Pearse, 
with Introduction by Sir R. Temple, portraits and maps, 8vo, cloth. 
Edinburgh, 1898 7s 6d 

Col. Gardner travelled as a freebooter and as a soldier of fortune for nearly 
fifty years in Russian Central Asia and among the Afghans ; he also journeyed in 
Badakshan and Kafiristan, and through Gilgit and Chitral, served with Kanjit 
fcJingh, and, after his death, with the British in the Defence of Lahore and the First 
Sikh War, all of which adventures, scenes, and events are related in these memoirs. 
See also Parks (Mrs. Fanny). 

5959 Gardner (Mrs. Alan) Rifle and Spear with the Rajpoots: a 
Winter's Sport in Northern India, portrait and numerous illustra- 
tions, 4to, cloth. 1895 10s 

5960 Gaskoin (Lieut. C. A.) Survey of River Gogra, with map, &c. 
(Govt. Records), royal 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1854 Is 6d 

5961 Gawler (Col. J. C.) Mission to Sikhim (1860-61), with Hints 
on Mountain and Jungle Warfare, exhibiting also the Facilities 
for Opening Commercial Relations with Central Asia, Thibet, and 
Western China, map and illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1873 3s 6d 
Gemelli-Careri, Description of India, 1695. See Careri, p. 94. 

5963 Gent (G. W.) Seven Original Sketches {six coloured) of Sepoys, 
a Brahmin, a Gentoo Man, Moorish Priest, Moorish Woman, &c., 
about 1800, with MS. descriptions ^^ 
Gentil (M. le) Vovage and Observations (Astronomical, &c.) in 
Indian Seas, 1761-69. See p. 7. 

83, High Street, Ma/ryUhone, London^ W. 

140 Francis Edwards* s Catalogue 

5964 Gerard (Capt. Alex.) Account of Koonawur in the Himalaya, 
&c., edited by George Lloyd, with r»iajp, 8vo, cloth. 1841 5s 6d 

Book I. Geography, Climate, Plants, Animals, and Inhabitants, their Occupa- 
tions, Villages, Houses, Temples, Language, &c. (1822). II. Remarks upon that Part 
of Koonawur inhabited by Tartars ; Lapcha, Ladak, Yarkund, their Trade, &c. 
111. Journeys from Soobathoo to Rarung in 1817 and 1818, when Simla was first 
made known to us. 

Journey from Nahun, Simla, &c. 1821. See Lloyd. 

5965 Gholam Hossein Khan, The Seir Mutaqherin ; or, Yiew of 
Modern Times, being a History of India (1700-82), containing the 
Reigns of the last Seven Emperors of Hindostan, and in Particular 

an Account of the English Wars in Bengal, the Families of 

Seradj-ed-D6wlah and Shudjah-ed-D6wlah, the last Sovereigns of 
Bengal and Owd ; to which is added a Critical Examination of the 
English Government and Policy, translated from the Persian, 
3 vols. 4to. Calcutta, 1789 {rare). 

This work is one of the chief authorities for the period of the decline of the 
Mogul Empire. The author gives an account of the Rohilla War and of Nun- 
comar and his trial. This translation was made by a French Creole named 
Raymond (Keeneand Beale). 

" The work is one of great interest and value A full account of it will be 

found in Sir H. M. Elliot's History (vol. viii. pp. 194-198). It was translated into 

English by Mustafa, a French renegade, and published in Calcutta in 1789 His 

version is full of Gallicisms A large portion of the impression of his work was 

lost on its way to England, and it has long been a rare book." 

5966 Siyar-ul-Mutakherin : a History of the Mahomedan Power 

in India during the last (18th) Century by Mir Gholam Hussein- 
Khan, revised from the translation of Haji Mustafa, and collated 
with the Persian Original by Briggs, vol. 1 (all published), 8vo, 
cloth (Oriental Transl. Fund). 1832 10s 

5967 The Moolukhkhus-ool-Tuwareekh, being an Abridgment 

of the Celebrated Historical Work called the Seir Mootakherin, 
prepared chiefly by Maulavi Abdool Kerim {Persian Text), royal 
4to, half-morocco. Calcutta, 1827 £1 

5968 Ghose (Babu L. N.) Modern History of the Indian Chiefs, 
Rajas, Zamindars, &c. Part I. The Native States, with Account 
of the Prince of Wales's Visit and Imperial Assemblage at Delhi. 
Part II. The Native Aristocracy, Gentry, and Eminent Men, 
2 vols. 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1879-81 12s 6d 

5970 [Gibney (Major R. Dwarris)] My Escape from the Mutinies in 
Oade, by a Wounded Officer, 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1858 9s 6d 

5971 Gill (Major) One Hundred Stereoscopic Illustrations of Archi- 
tecture and Natural History in Western India, with Descriptions 
by James Fergusson, 8vo, gilt edges. 18(54 £1 10s 

Photographs of Temples, Tombs. Caves, and Ruins of Ajunta, Ellora, and 
Aurungabad, &2 being views of the Caves, 24 of structural architecture. To these 
are added 14 of Tiger Hunting and other scenes of the chase. Major Gill lived at 
Ajunta for thirty years, and died in the neighbourhood. Prior to sending home 
these photo- views he copied the paintings in Ajunta ; these were destroyed by fire 
at the Crystal Palace, where they were being exhibited. Drawings of a few of 
them by Mr. Scharf are to be found in the volumes of Mrs. Manning, q.v. 

Sixty-two (single) photographs of the cave studies in Major Grill's volume and 
12 additional are included in Fergusson's * Rock-Cut Temples,' 1864. See p. 132. 

83f High Street, MaryUhone, London, W. 

Indict 141 

■5972 Gladwin (Francis) History of Hindostan during the Reign of 

Jehdngir, 1605-27 ; also, Ulfaz Udwiyeh, or the Materia Medica, in 

Arabic, Persian, and Hindevy, with English Translation, 1793, 

1 vol. 4to, calf. Calcutta, 1788-93 £1 4s 

See also Abdul Kurreem, p. 65 ; Bengal, p. 81. 

5973 Gleig (Rev. G. R.) History of the British Empire in India, 
with map and portraits of Olive, Hastings, Cornwallis, and 
Wellesley, 4 vols, in 2, 18mo, half -morocco. 1830-5 5s 

5974 India and its Army, from ^c?m.i?ev., pp. xvi-39. 1857 2s 6d 

Narrative of Sale's Brigade. See Afghanistan, p. 60. 

See also Clive, Hastings (Warren), Munro, Wellington. 
'5975 Goa and Sawunt Waree Territories : Memoirs, Reports, and 
Treaties, 1660-1850 (Bombay Records), maps, imp. 8vo, cl. 1855 6s 
See also Burton, Careri, Cottineau, Dellon, Fonseca, Guthrie, Herbert, Hough, 
Pyrard, Valle, Wheeler, Xavier. and references under Portuguese in India. 

5976 Goddard (Lt.-Col. Thomas) Journal of the March of the Bombay 
Detachment across the Mahratta Country to Surat, 1778, 4to, 
pp. 24, map, half-morocco (rare) ' £1 

5977 Godinho (Padre Manuel) Journey from Goa to. Portugal by 
Way of Mesopotamia, 1663, by E. Rehatsek {Calcutta Review), 8vo, 
pp. 35, cloth. [188-] 3s 

With account of Bassein, Surat, Bosrah, Aleppo, &c. 

5978 Godwin-Austen (Col. H. H.) and Purdon (W.) on the Valley 
of Kashmir— Jour. R. Geog. Soc, 1861, vol. xxxi. pp. 14-37, and 
mapf cloth 3s 

5979 Glaciers of the Mustakh Range, ibid., xxxiv. pp. 19-56, 

and map; Pangong District of Lddakh, ibid., xxxvii. pp. 353-363; 
On the Garo Hills, ibid., xliii. pp. 1-46, 8vo, cloth. 1864-73 6s 

5980 Himalaya Mountain Systems— Proc. R. Geog Soc, N.S., 

1884, vol. vi. pp. 83-87, large map and sections, cloth 2s 6d 

5982 Gold (Capt. Chas.) Oriental Drawings, 1791-8, fifty engravings, 
beautifully coloured like the originals, exhibiting Manners and 
Customs of the Natives— Brahmins, Gentoos, Fakirs, Sepoys, &c., 
with descriptions, imp. 4to, half-mor. 1806 (scarce) £4 10s 

5983 Goldsmid ([Sir] F. J.) Historical Memoir on Shikarpoor, royal 
8vo (Bombay Records), pp. 70, half-calf. 1855 6s 

5984 Memoir on the Synds of Roree and Bukkur (Bombay 

Records), pp. 71-102, roy. 8vo, half-calf. 1855 6s 

5985 Telegraph and Travel: Narrative of the Development of 

Telegraphic Communication between England and India, with 
Travels through Asiatic Turkey, Persia, &c., maps and numerous 
engravings, 8vo, cloth. 1874 ^^ ^^ 
Articles: Sind, Sistan— Eney. Britannica, vol. xxii. 1887 

5987 Gordon (Sir Charles Alex.) Recollections of Thirty-nine Years 

in the Army, 1841-80, portrait, 8vo, cloth. 1898 6s 

Gwalior and the Battle of Maharajpore, 184:3 ; Gold Coast of Africa, ^y-f [ 

Indian Mutiny, 1857-^58; Expedition to China, 1860-61; Siege of Pans, J»/u a , 

Burmah, 1874-75 ; Madras, 1876-80. 

83, High /Street, Ma/rylehone, London, W. 

14:^ Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

5988 Gordon-Alexander (Lieut.-Col. W.) Recollections of a High- 
land Subaltern in India, 1857-9, illustrated, 8vo, cloth. 1898 7s 

5989 Gore (F. St. J.) Lights and Shades of Hill Life in the Afghan 
and Hindu Highlands of the Punjab : a Contrast, with two maps, 
72 full-page plates from photographs hy the author, and 21 illustra- 
tions in the text, 8vo, cloth, gilt top. 1895 9s 

The author spent three months amidst the magnificent sceneij of Kulu (in the 
vicinity of Simla), and subsequently accompanied the political officer in the taking 
over of the turbulent Kurram Valley and the country of the Ghilzais. 

GouGH (Yiscount) and the Sutlej Campaign. See Sutlej. 

On Army Administration. See Pari. Reports, 1852-3, p. 67. 

5992 Gough (Sir Charles) and Innes (A. D.) The Sikhs and the 
Sikh Wars : Rise and Conquest of the Punjab, with 13 maps and 
plans, 8vo, cloth. 1897 6s 

The Mogul Empire ; Growth of the Sikhs ; Eanjit Singh ; the Sutlej Cam- 
paign, 1845-46; Sir ti. Lawrence and Sir H. Edwardes ; Mooltan, Chillianwallah, 
Gujerat, the Annexation, &c. 

5993 Gould (Charles) Pocket Field Book, containing 63 pen-and-ink 
sketches of Temples, Palaces, Camp Scenes and Scenery in the 
N.W. Provinces of India, Lucknow, Durrabad, &c. 1870 £1 

5994 [Gould (Franklin)] Letters from India to his Father [John 
Gould, F.R.S.] ForPrivateCirculation,8vo, pp. 16,cl. 1854 2s 6d 

Gould (John) Birds of the Himalayas, &c. See Natural History 

5995 Gover (C. E.) Indian Weights and Measures; and Uniform 
Metrology, 8vo, boards. Madras, 1865 2s 6d 

5996 Graham (Mrs. Maria) afterwards Lady Callcott. Journal of a 
Residence in India (1809-11), witk 16 illustrations from the author's 
sketches and etchings, 4to, half-calf. 1811 10s 

Mrs. Graham visited Bombay, Poonah, Salsette, Point de Galle, Trincomalee, 
Madras, and Calcutta. The illustrations include drawings of the Caves at Carli, 
Elephanta, and Kanari ; views in Calcutta and of Cape Town and James Town, 
St. Helena, touched at in her homeward voyage. She has added accounts of 
Ferdausi and the Shah Nameh (from D'Ohsson), of a visit to Bengal by the son of 
a Malay merchant, and the story of Keraat Arjoon from the Mahabharata, to accom- 
pany an etching of the sculptured story on the Rock of MaveUipoorum. 

5997 lietters on India, map and plates, 8vo,h^\i-caM. 1814 7s 6d 

A general account of India, its social life, native manners, customs, &c. 

5998 Graham (Capt. D. C.) Historical Sketch of the Bheel Tribes of 
Khandeish, royal 8vo, pp. 28 and map. [Bombay, 1843] 2s 6d 

5999 Statistical Report on the Principality of Kolhapoor, with 

Treaties, 1766-1829 (Bombay Records), with maps, coloured pano- 
ramic vieius, inscriptions, &c., imp. 8vo, cloth. 1854 10s 6d 
Topography and divisions, natural aspect, climate, products, land-tenure, 
labour, towns and cities, language, condition and occupation of the inhabitants, 
manufactures, education, crime, public buildings, antiquities, Buddhist caves and 
temples, numerous inscriptions (with translations), annals, treaties, &c. 

83 J High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

India 143 

6001 Graham (Arch., M.D.) The Industrial Improvement, by Euro- 
pean Settlers of India, 8vo, pp. 38. 1868 2s 

6002 Settlement of Europeans in Hilly Climates, pp. 20. 1870 2s 

6003 Graham (W. W.) Travel and Ascents in the Himalaya. — Proc. 
R. Geog. Soc, N.S., 1884, Vol. VI. pp. 429-447 2s 

6004 Graham (Col. G. F. I.) Life and Work of Syed Ahmed Khan, 
C.S.I. , 8vo, cloth. 1885 6s 

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan founded the Aligarh College. 

Grant (James) Finances of Bengal and Political Survey of India, 
1786, see E.I. Co., Fifth Report, 1812 

6005 Grant ([Sir] Robert) Sketch of the History of the E.I. Company 
to 1773, and of Changes in the Administration of British India since 
that Time, royal 8vo, half-calf. 1813 6s 

6006 [Grant (Colesworthy)] Rural Life in Bengal : Letters from an 
Artist in India, by the Author, of * Anglo-Indian Domestic Life,' 
with 166 emjravingsj imp. 8vo, cloth. 1860 6s 

6007 Rural Life in Bengal, another copy, half-calf. 1860 8s 

Interesting Pictures of the Peasantry, with Account of the Cultivation and 
Manufacture of Indigo. 

6008 [ ] Anglo-Indian Domestic Life, by the Author of * Rural 

Life in Bengal,* 176 illustrations ^ imp. 8vo, cloth. 1862 6s 

An imaginary ramble, conveying a clear and accurate account of every-day life 
in India, written in bright and pleasant style. 

6011 Grant (Gen. Sir Hope) Incidents of the Sepoy War (1857-58), 
from his Private Journals, with Explanatory Chapters by General 
Henry Knollys, 12mo, cloth. 1873 7s 6d 

6012 The Sepoy War, another copy, half-calf extra 9s 

6013 Life of General Sir Hope Grant, with Selections from his 

Correspondence, edited by Gen. H. Knollys, j)ortraits, plans and 
illustrations f 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. Edinburgh, 1884 9s 

Sir Hope Grant's military services covered the period of the first China War 
(1841) ; the First Sikh W»r— Moodkee and Ferozeshah, 1844-45, and Sobraon, 1846; 
the Second Sikh War-Chillianwallah and Gujerat, 1848-49 ; the Indian Mutmy, 
1807-58 ; and the China War, 1860. This correspondence supplements ' Incidents of 
the Sepoy War.' 

6014 Greathed (H. H.) Letters written during the Siege of Delhi, 
edited by his Widow, plan, 12mo, cloth. 1858 7s 6d 

6015 Green (H.) The Deccan Ryots and their Land Tenure, 8vo, pp. 
136. Bombay, 1852 2s 6d 
Grenville (George) on Trade with India, 1807. SeeE.I. Co., p. 122 

6016 Gribble (J. D. D.) History of the Beccsm, portraits, maps and 
illustrations, vol. 1, royal 8vo, cloth. 1896 13s 

A connected history of the Deccan from the Time of the Mahomedan invasion 
in the fourteenth century to the year 1719, with a description of Bijapur and genea- 
logical tree of the present Nizam of Hyderabad. 

83, High Street, MaryUhone, London, W. 

144 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

6017 Griffin (Sir Lepel) The Rajas of the Punjab; their States and 
Relations with the British Government, roy. 8vo, cl. 1870 12s 6d 

6018 The Famous Monuments of Central India, a series of 89 

plwtogniplis, in permanent autotype^ of Temples, Palaces, &c., afc 
Sanchi, Gwalior, Khajaraho, with descriptions, ohl. folio. 1886 £5 

6019 The Native Princes of India— Proc. R. Col. Inst., 1889, 

vol. XX. pp. 359-382, cloth 3s 

6020 Ranjit Singh, the Sikhs, and the Punjab (" Rulers of India" 

Series), map, 12mo, cloth. 1892 2s 

6021 Griffith (Dr. Wm.) Journals of Travels in Assam, Burma, 
Bootan, Affghanistan, and Neighbouring Countries, 1835-1844, 
portrait, map, and 17 litlio plates, 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1847 6s 

Mission to Bootan, 1837-38. See p. 85. 

Icones Plantarum Asiaticarum, &c. See Natural History 


6022 Griffith (M.) India's Princes: Life Sketches of the Native 
Rulers of India, 47 portraits and illustrations, 4to, cl. 1894 8s 6d 

A handsome volume, containing a series of photographic portraits and local 
views, with accompanying letterpress, giving biographical and political details. 

6023 Griffiths (John) The Paintings of the Buddhist Cave Temples 
of Ajanta, Khandesh, India, with 159 large plates of paintings and 
decorative details, mostly coloured, and many illustrations in the 
text, 2 vols. imp. folio, cloth (privately printed). 1896-97 £10 10s 

6024 Grimwood (Ethel St. Clair, Mrs. F.) My Three Years in Manipur, 
and Escape from the Recent Mutiny, portraits and illustrations, 
8vo, cloth. 1891 4s 

With account of the Kukis, Tongkhuls, Nagas, and other Hill Tribes. 

6026 Grindlay (Capt. R. Melville) Scenery, Costumes, and Archi- 
tecture, chiefly on the Western Side of India, 36 pie engravings, 
mostly coloured in facsimile of the original draunngs, by Capt. 
Grindlay, W. Westall, C. Stanfield, D. Roberts, Copley Fielding, 
and others, complete with descriptive letterpress, one handsome 
volume, folio, half-morocco (-(4 cfceruicmn). 1826 £4 10s 

Views of Bombay and Harbour, Ahmedabad,Aboo Mountains, Guzerat, the Bore 
Ghaut, Dowlutabad. Temples of Hulwud, Ellora, Elephanta, Dwarka ; scenes in 
Kattiwar, Hydei-abad, Aurungabad, Baroda, and in Rajpootana, Tombs of the Kings 
of Golconda, &c. 

6027 Scenery, Costumes, and Architecture of Western India, 

Parts I. and II., twelve j^latesheautifnlly coloured, mor. extra £1 4s 

This copy, presented to Sir Charles Forbes from the author, 1826. and by Sir 
Charles Forbes to his daughter, 183.5, contains two views iu Bombay (1811)— 
Approach of the Monsoon, Bombay Harbour ; Mosque at Ahmedabad ; Temple 
at Hulwud ; Rajah of Cutch and his vassals : Mountains of Aboo, Guzerat ; 
Approach to the Bore Ghaut (drawn by Westall fi-om painting by Lieut. -Col. John- 
son) ; two views in the Bore Ghaut (by Westall) ; Dowlutabad; temple at Ellora. 

6028 Steam Communication with India, with Petitions, Docu- 
ments, and Map, pp. 100. 1837 2s 6d 

83, High Street, Maryhhone, London, W. 

India 145 

6029 Grinfield (Rev. E. W.) Sketches of the Danish Mission on the 
Coromandel Coast, 12mo, pp. 152. 1831 3s 

Lives of Ziegenbalg, 8chultz, Schwartz, Gericke, Jaeuike, &c. 

6031 Grose (John Henry) Voyage to the East Indies, 1750-64. with 
Account of the Mogul Government, and of the Mahometan, Gentoo, 
and Parsee Religions, Customs, and Antiquities, 2 vols. 8vo, calf. 
1772 £1 48 

6032 Ground (Sen. Lieut. H. W.) Memoir of the Upper Indus, Svo, 
pp. 21 and plan. Bombay^ 1852 2s 6d 

6033 Growse (Fred. Salmon) Mathurd: a District Memoir, with 
numerous photographs of the temples and other antiquities, revised 
edition, 4to, bds. [Allahabad], 1883 12s 

A valuable work, containing an account of the Jdts, Chaubes, Ahiv&sis, Gaurua 
Thakurs ; the Jains and their Temples ; History from the Time the City was sacked 
by Mahmud of Ghasni to the Mutiny (1017-1857) ; Story of Krishna, the Brahmans, 
Butklhists, Hindus ; Etymology of Lpcal Names ; Caste, its Origin, &c. 

6034 Grunwedel (Prof. Albert) Buddhist Art in India, translated 
by Agnes Gibson, revised and enlarged by Dr. Burgess, with 154 
illustrations, royal 8vo, cloth. 1901 12s 6d 

On the appearance of the original in 1893 a hope was expressed in the Jour. 
Asiatic Society that it might appear in English. The work "ought to be in the 
hands of all antiquarians in India." That -'hope " is now realized, and this trans- 
lation is issued with about 50 additional illustrations. 

6035 Gubbins (Martin B.) Account of the Mutinies in Oudh and of 
the Siege of the Lucknow Residency, third edition, with additions, 
plans, 8vo, cloth. 1858 16s 

This edition includes Major Vincent Eyre's account of the Arrah campaign. 

6036 Gujarat Musalmdns: Origin, History, Classes, Beligion, Customs, 
&c., written for the Bombay Gazetteer by Fazalullah LutfuUah, 
royal 8vo, pp. iv-112. [1880?] 3s 

6037 Another edition, to a.d. 1898, royal 8vo, pp. iv-76. 4s 6d 

See also Allen, Bayley. Biggs, Burgess. Cooke, Forbes (A. K.), Grindlay, Gough, 

Johnson (W.), ]\Ialabari, Moor, Thackwell, Watson (J. W.), &c. 

6038 Guthrie (Mrs.) My Year in an Indian Fort [Belgaum], with 
illustrations, 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1877 8» 

A lady's impressions of life in the Deccan, with account of a trip to Goa. 

6039 Life in \\'estern India, 4 illustrations, 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 

1881 . 6» 

Includes journeys through Kolhapur, Konkan, and the Deccan, with visits to 
M^hableshwur, Parr, Belgamn. Dharwur, Poonah. Ahmednuggar, &c,. accounts ot 
the Inhabitants, and of the Diamond Mines of Golconda. 

6040 [Guyon] New History of the East Indies, Ancient and Modern, 
containing the Chorography, Natural History, Religion, Govern- 
ment, Revolutions, and Essay on European Commerce with India 
[chiefly from the French of the Abbe de Guyon], 2 vols. 8vo, calf. 
1757 ^^^ 

6042 Hafiz Sudrool Islam Khan Bahadoor, Remarks on India: 
Letters of ''A Mahomedan " 8vo, pp. iv-75. Madras, 1874 2s bd 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London W. 

146 FraTicis Edwards* s Catalogue 

6043 Haig (Major Gen.) The Indus Delta Country, an Ancient 
Geography and History, with 3 maps, royal 8vo, cloth. 1895 5s 

6044 Haileybury College, Memorials of Old, by Brand Sapte, Sir 
Monier Monier - Williams, Frederick Charles Dan vers, Percy 
Wigram, Sir Steuart Colvin Bay ley, and others, numerous portraits 
and plans, small 4to, cloth. 1894 9s 

See also Frere, Hodgson, Lockwood, Mackintosh, Sherer, Temple. 

6045 Halhed (Nathaniel Brassey) A Code of Gentoo Laws, or 
Ordinations of the Pundits, from a Persian Translation of the 
Original written in the Shanscrit, 4to, half-calf. 1776 7s 6d 

In this translation of a " Pootee," or compilation of the Ordinations of the 
Pundits, undertaken at the instance of Warren Hastings, the Hindoo Laws and 
Jurisprudence were for the first time made known to Europeans. The translation 
is prefaced by an account of the Sanscrit language (with 8 plates), a Preliminary 
Discourse, a Glossary of Sanscrit, Persian, and Bengalee Words, Names of the 
Months, of Authors, and of the Books whence the " Pootee " was compiled. 

6046 [ ] Letters of "Detector" on the Reports of Select Committee 

H.C. on British Possessions in the East Indies, 8vo, pp. 134. 1782 4s 

6047 Hall (Capt. Basil, R.N.) Fragments of Voyages and Travels, 
including Anecdotes of a Naval Life, theee Series, 9 vols., each 
with engraved frontispiece, 12mo, half-calf. 1831-33 15s 

First Series : The West Indies, Bermuda, Sj)ain and the Peninsular War, 
Battle of Corunna, &c. SECOND Series : Voyage to the East Indies, the Cape, 
Island of Johanna, Bombay, a Famine, Plague of Locusts, Panoramas of India, the 
Caves of Elephanta, &c, THIRD Series : British India ; the E.I. Company, the 
French in India, the Black Hole, Hyder Ali, Warren Hastings, Tippoo Sultan, Mar- 
quess Wellesley, the Mysore, and other Native Territories and their Rulers, Coorg, 
Ceylon, Borneo ; the Manning of Ships, Impressment, Letter of Sir Walter Scott, 
with facsimile, &c. 

6048 Halls (J. J.) Two Months in Arrah in 1857, 12mo, cl. 1860 5s 

6049 Hamilton (Capt. Alex.) New Account of the East Indies : De- 
scription of the Countries between the Cape of Good Hope and 
Japan, Events during the Author's Thirty Years' Residence, with 
Particulars of the Affairs of the E.I. Company, numerous plates 
atwZ maps, 2 vols. 8vo, calf gilt. 1744 £2 

Account of the Cape of Good Hope, E. Coast of Africa, E*^d Sea and Persian 
Gulf trade, Guzerat, Cambay, Surat, Bombay, Goa, Canara, Malabar, Cochin, Ceylon, 
Madras, Orissa, Bengal, Arakan, Pegu, Tenasserim, Malacca, Johore, Sumatra, Java, 
Borneo, Cochin-China, China, Japan, Formosa, Philippines, &c, 

6050 Hamilton (Charles) Historical Relation of the Rohilla Afghans 
in Northern Hindostan, from a Persian Manuscript, and other 
Papers, 8vo, calf. 1788 £1 

A most valuable native contribution to the history of Hastings's Rohilla War. 
A full iMcount of the Persian MS. is given in Sir H. M. Elliot's 'History of India' 
(vol. viii. pp. 175-79), but Hamilton's translation was evidently unknown to him. 

6051 The Hedaya, or Guide : a Commentary on the Mussalman 

Laws, bebt edition, 4 vols. 4to, calf. 1791 £2 5s 

6052 The Hedaya, second edition, edited by Grady, with Index, 

8v<), cloth. 1879 (P»ib. 35s) 12s 

The most important monument of Mussulniiin legislation, a high authority in 
all Moslem countries, and the great Law Book of India. 

BS, High Street^ Ma/rylebone, London, W. 

Iindia 147 

6053 Hamilton (Francis, M.D.) formerly Buchanan. An Account 
of the Kingdom of Nepaul and the Territories annexed by the 
House of Gorka, with map, panorama of the Himalayas, and vieio of 
Kathmandu, the Capital, 4to, calf. Edinburgh, 1819 14s 
Account of Nepal, another copy, half-calf lis 6d 

The annexed territories were Sikkim, Kumaon, and Gharwal. The work also 
contains accounts of Kangra, Kahalar, Bhomor, Kottahar, and States west of 
Nepaul ; also of Thibet and routes thither. 

6054 Hamilton (Walter) Geographical, Statistical, and Historical 
Description of Hindostan and the Adjacent Countries, with large 
and index map, 2 vols. 4to, calf extra {fine copy). 1820 £1 

Vol. I. A General Description of Hindostan, and the Provinces of Bengal, 
Babar, Allahabad, Oude, Agra, Delhi, Lahore, Punjab, Cashmere, Ajmeer, Mooltan, 
Cutch, Gujerat, Malwah. 

Vol. II. The Deccan (General Description) : Provinces of Gundwana, Orissa, 
Northern Circars, Kiiaudesh, Berar, Beeder. Hyderabad, Aurungabad, Bejapoor, 
Canara, Malabar, Cochin, Travancore, Balagliaut ceded Districts, Mysore, Coim- 
batoor, Salem and Barramahal, the Carnatic. Ceylon. Northern Hindostan : 
Country between the Sutlej and Jumna, Gurwal, Kumaon, Nepal, Sikkim. 
Countries adjacent : Baloochistan, Afghanistan, Tibet, Bootan, Assam, Ava, 
and the Birman Empire. Index, Glossary, Authorities (including a large number 
of MS. documents), List of Governors-General. 

6055 Hamilton (Lieut.-Col. Douglas) Sketches of the Pulni 
Mountains and Shevaroi Hills (Madras Presidency), 30 lithographs, 
elephant folio, half-morocco. 1865 £1 8s 

6056 Report on the High Ranges of the Annamullay Mountains, 

royal Svo, pp. 20. Madras, 1866 2s 

6057 Handcock (A. G.) Short Account of the Siege of Delhi in 1857, 
royal Svo, sewed, pp. iv-22. Simla, 1892 28 

6058 Hanna (Col. H. B.) Indian Problems: No. 1, Can Russia 
Invade India? 12mo, cloth. 1895 2s 6d 

Natural Defences, the Afghan and Hindu Kush Passes, Supply and Transport, 
the Defence, &c. 

6059 No. 2, India's Scientific Frontier, majt?, 12mo, cl. 1895 2s .6d 

Voices from the Past— For and Against ; Garrisons and Approaches. 

6060 No. 3, Backwards or Forwards ? map, 12mo, cloth 3s 

Fortifications, Railways, Cost of the Forward Policy, Russia in Central Asia, &c. 

6062 Harcourt (Capt. A. F. P.) New Guide to Delhi, ivith plans, 
12mo, cloth. Allahabad, 1866 . ^^^^ 

Containing a History of the diifereift Cities and Account of the Siege in 18.57. 

6063 The Himalayan Districts of Kooloo, Lahoul, and Spiti 

(Punjab), map and 4 plates, 12mo, cloth. 1871 ^s bd 

History, Climate, Inhabitants, Religion, Temples, Customs, Trade, Educati(ni,&c. 

6064 On the Himalayan Valleys, Kuloo, Lahoul, and Spiti, &c.. 

Jour. R. Geog. Soc, 1871, Vol. XLI. pp. 245-257, and map, cl. 3s 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

148 Francis Edwards* a Catalogue 

6065 Hardinge (Viscount) and the Punjab, by his Son (" Rulers of 
India" Series), map and portraits, 12mo, cloth. 1891 2s 
Tour in the Punjab and Upper Provinces, 1846-7. See Coley. 

See also Broadfoot, Edwardes, Keene, Trotter, and references under Punjab. 
Sikhs, &c. 

6066 Hardinge (Hon. C. N.) Recollections of India, the Punjaub, 
and Kashmir, 26 lithographic views from original drawings by 
Harding, and portraits of Indian Princes (uncoloured), imp. folio, 
half-morocco. 1847 £1 10s 

Indudes sketches of the Battle of Ferozeshah, the Outpost at Rhodawala (near 
Sobraon), Jama Musjid, Palace and Fort at Agra, Palace of the King, Delhi, Entry 
into Lahore, Hazari I'alace and Citadel, Royal Durbar, Jehangir's Tomb, Portraits 
of Mahara^ahs Dhulip Sing, Ghulat Sing, and Lai Sing the Wuzeer ; Return from 
Hog Huntmg, City of Kashmir. Forts of Chupayan, Hurri Purbut, Bij Beara, Julnb 
Sings, and Kote Kangra, Bai-aokpore, Wulur Lake, Poormandal, Jamu, Passage of 
the Chunab, Oodampore, 

6067 Hare (Augustus J. C.) The Story of Two Noble Lives : 
Memoirs of Charlotte, Countess Canning, and Louisa Marchioness 
of Waterford, portraits and numerous illustrations, 3 vols. 12nio, 
half-calf extra. 1893 £1 4s 

The second volume, and part of the third, contain full details of Lord Canning's 
Viceregal life in India and the events of the Great Mutiny, from 1856 to 1862, when 
he returned home, Morn out, to die. See also Canning, p. 1)4. 

6068 Harkness (Capt. Henry) Description of a Singular Aboriginal 
Race (the Tod'as) inhabiting the Neilgherry Hills, in Southern 
India, with 4 plates, royal 8vo, half-calf. 1832 5s 

6069 Harris (Gen. Lord) Life and Campaigns in America, the West 
Indies, and India, by Lushington, portrait and plan, Svb, half-calf. 
1840 6s 

6070 Life of Lord Harris, second ed., 12mo, cloth. 1845 2s 6d 

Lord Harris was engaged in the Mysore War against Tippoo Sultan. 1790-92 ; 
he afterwards, as Governor of Madras, led the British Army to the Capture of 
Seringapatam. See also Beatson's ' Historv,' p. 80 ; Baikd's 'Life,' p. 78; and 
WiLKS's ' Mysore,' post. 

6071 [Harris (Mrs. G.)] A Lady's Diary during the Siege of Lucknow, 
12mo, cloth. 1858 5s 

6072 Harris (Capt. Claudius) The Ruins of Mandoo, the Ancient 
Mahommedan Capital of Malwah, in Central India, 6 coloured litho- 
graphs (byJ.Guiaud) from original sketches, with descriptions, royal 
folio, cloth. 1860 £1 

The village of Mandoo. the Jumah Musjid Mosque, the Jahaz Mahal Palace, 
Palace of Sultan Baz Bahadoor and Pavilion of his Queen, Marble Mausoleum of 
Sultan Hoo^aiu Shah Ghuree, the Delhi (iate. 

6073 Hart (Capt. S. Y. W.) The Port of Sonmeeanee and Country 
between Kurachee and Hinglaj, 1840 (Bombay Records, 1855, 
pp. 321-340) roy. 8vo, half-calf 6s 

6074 Report on the Town and Port of Kurachee (Bombay 

Records, 1855, pp. 209-246), royal 8vo, half-calf 6s 

83 J High Street, Maryhhoive, London, W. 

India 149 

6075 Hart (Capt. P. D.) Architectural Illustrations of the Principal 
Mahometan Buildings of Beejapore, edited by James Pergusson, 
niap,73 photographs of plans, sections, &c., imp. folio, half-morocco. 

A work executed under the direction of Sir Bartle Frere. Only fifty copies 
were issued. 

6076 Hartigan (H.) Stray Leaves from a Military Man's Note Book, 
12mo, cloth. Calcutta, 1877 4s 6d 

Tales chiefly reprinted from the Indian Daily News. 

6077 Hartmann (Dr. A.) The Government and Catholic Affairs in 
India, 8vo, pp. 50. 1857 2s 

6078 Hassan Ali (Mrs. Meer) The Mussalmans of India, their 
Manners, Habits, Customs, Religious Opinions, Folk-lore, Fables, 
&c., 2 vols. 8vo, half-morocco, 1832 12s 

Observations during twelve years" residence in Bengal and the Upper Provinces 
in a Mussulman family, including a Description of Delhi and the Palace, Natural 
Productions of India. Account of the Soofies, Superstitions of the Hindoo Natives, 
and Memoir of the Life of Meer Hadjee Shah— a True Mussalman. 


6079 Memoirs of the Life of the Right Hon. Warren Hastings, by 
Rev. G. R. Gleig, portrait, 3 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1841 12s 

Gleig's * Memoirs ' are useful and valuable as containing extracts from the 
original papers of Hastings in the British Museum. 

6080 Warren Hastings : a Biography, by Capt. Lionel J. Trotter, 
12mo, cloth. 1878 2s 6d 

6081 Warren Hastings, < y Sir Alfred Lyall (" Men of Action" Series) 
12mo, cloth. 1889 2s 

The best of the short biographies of Hastings. 

6082 Warren Hastings and the Founding of the;British Administration, 
by Capt. Trotter (" Rulers of India " Series), 12mo, cloth. 1890 2s 

6083 Hastings and the Rohilla War, by Sir John Strachey, 8vo, cloth. 
1892 ^^ 

With a useful Preface on the original authorities and their value. 

6084 Life of WaiTen Hastings, First Governor-General of India, by 
[General] G. B. Malleson, portrait, 8vo, cloth. 1894 bs 

6085 The Private Life of Warren Hastings, by Sir C. Lawson, facsimiles^ 
and illustrations, 8vo, cloth, 1895 • . u + 

Where Warren Hastings llests, by Sir Charles Lawson 5"»^t;j*^^„7*^hm.2^^ 
views of his birthplace at Chu.chill, Daylesford House jmd^C^^^^^ 
Portraits, Monuments, Facsimile Documents, &c. See Journal of Indian 
Art, vol. V. (No. 3!)). 

6086 Narrative of the Insurrection which happened in the ^emendary 
of Banares in August, 1781 [By Warren Hastings] ^fj^^J'ff^^f^^ 
of Authentic Papers and Affidavits, roy. 4to, hf.-cf. Calcutta, 1 /»- los 

6087 Memoii-s, relative to the State of India, [By Warren Hastings^ 
new edition, with additions, 8vo, boards. ^^^^^____ 

83, High Street, Ma/rylebone, London, W. 

150 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

Warren Hastings {continued) — 

6088 The Answer of Warren Hastings, Esq., to the Impeachment of 

Parliament Delivered at the House of Peers, Nov. 28, 1787, 8vo, 

boards. 1788 6s 

6089 Speech of Warren Hastings, Esq., in ^Westminster Hall, 2nd 
June, 1791, pp. iv-126; Observations on the Impeachment, Dec. 18, 
1791, pp. xlviii, 8vo. London, 1791 5s 

Other Works relating to Impeachment of Hastings : — 

6091 Proceedings of Governor and Council at Fort William (Calcutta) rcBpecting 

the Administration of Justice, 4to, leather. 1774 Ss 

Sir George Staunton's copy with his autograph. 

6092 Authentic Abstracts of Minutes in the Supreme Council of Bengal, 8vo, pp. vi- 

94. 1780 4s 

Contains remonstrances and votes of Francis and Wheler against Hastings. 

6093 Observations upon the Administration of Justice in Bengal ; occasioned by 

some late Proceedings at Dacca [by Al. Luders], 4to, pp. 52 ; Appendix, pp. 68. 
Narrative of Proceedings in the Patna Cause, pp. 88 ; Appendices, pp. 80 
Petitions of Inhabitants of Bengal (pp. 8) ; of Hastings, Francis, and 
Wheler, with Letter from Directors of E.I. Co. to Lord Weymouth 
(pp. 32) ; Other Letters and Addresses (pp. 88) ; Remarks on the Bengal 
Petition (pp. 84) ; Appendices (pp. 48) ; Letter and Report of G. Bogle 
(pp. 16),1 vol. 4to, half -calf. 1781 £1 

6094 Remarks on the Bengal Petition (pp. 84), with Appendices, Letter of Bogle 

and others, pp. 58 (duplicates of precedmg), 4to. 1781 15s 

6096 Report from Select Committee, H.C., on Petitions of British Subjects in Bengal, 
from Warren Hastings, Philip Francis, and the E.I. Co., with Appendices, 
folio, calf. 1781 £1 10s 

On the Patna, Dacca, and Cossijurah Causes, and that of Nundcomar. 
The drawing of thig Report was credited to Burke. The Appendices include : 
Letters Patent establishing Supreme Court at Bengal, with Rules and Orders ; Corre- 
spondence of Hastings, Impey, and E.l. Co., Statements of Revenues, &c., of Ceded 
Lands, Accounts of Supreme Court. 

6096 Proceedings at East India House, Nov. 7, 1783, relative to Warren Hastings, 

8vo, pp. viii-108 48 

6097 Eleventh Report of Select Committee, H.C., on Administration of Justice in 

Bengal, &c., 8vo, pp. 108. 1784 48 

6098 Minutes of Evidence taken before Select Committee, H.C., on Articles of 

Charge against Warren Hastings, Esq., folio, half-calf. 1786 128 

6099 India Courier Extraordinary : Proceedings of Parliament relating to Warren 

Hastings concerning Mr. Burke's Charges and Mr. Hastings's Defence, with 
Appendix of Papers and Index, bound in 6 vols, folio, hf .-bd., 1786-7 £2 10s 

Proceedings, Vols. I. to III. (2 vols.) ; Appendix, Vols. I. to VI. (3 vols.) ; Index 

to Vols. I.-II. and to Appendix Vols. I.-IV. (1 vol.). 

6100 Examination of Precedents and Principles : an Impeachment determined by 

Dissolution of Parliament, by a Barrister, 8vo, pp. xxxvi-61. 1790 4s 

6102 Speeches [of Burke, Sheridan, and others] in the Trial of Warren Hastings, 
edited by Bond, 4 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1859-61 £2 15s 

See also Beveridge, Burke, Busteed, East India Co., Elliott (Sir C), Forrest, Francis, 
Gholam, Hamilton, Hodges, Hunter, Impey, Macartney, Macaulay, Mahratta War, 
Nuncomar, Price, Scott- Waring, Stephen, Wilkes ; the Histories of Hunter, Keene, 
Mill, Wheeler, &c. 

83, High Street, Ma/rylebone, London, W. 

India 151 

6104 Hastings (Earl Moira, afterwards Marquess of) Summary of 
his Administration of the Indian Government, Oct., 1813, to Jan., 
1823, 8vo, pp. vi-130, map, cloth. Edinburgh, 1825 5s 

See also Malcolm, Nepal, Prinsep (H. T.) ; Koss-of-Bladensbm-g. 

6105 Haughton (Lieut.-Col. John) Commandant of the 36th Sikhs, a 
Hero of Tirah, a Memoir, by Major A. C. Yate, portrait, maps, and 
illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1900 5s 6d 

With account of Col. Haughton's father Gen. John Colpoys Haughton's career, 
and services in the first Afghan War, &c. 

6107 Havelock (Major-Gen. Sir Henry) Memoirs of, by J. C. Marsh- 
man, best edition, portrait and plan of Lucknow, 8vo, cl. 1860 5s 

6108 Memoirs, by Marshman, best edition, 8vo, half -calf extra 7s 

6109 Memoirs, by Marshman, joor^rai^, 12mo, cloth. 1867 2s 6d 

6110 Biographical Sketch of, by Rev. Wm. Brock, vnth 

portrait, 12mo, cloth 2s 

6111 Havelock, by Arch. Forbes ("Men of Action") 12mo,cl. 2s 

Sir H. Havelock served in the First Burmese War (1824-26), .in Afghanistan 

(1889-42), the First and Second Sikh Wars (1843-49), in Persia (1856), and in the 
Indian Mutiny, dying at Lucknow, Nov. 24, 1857. 

Narrative of the War in Afghanistan (1838-39), with Appendix 

of General Orders by the Commander-in-Chief and the Governor- 
General of India, Lord Auckland. See p. 60. 

See also North. 
Hawkins (Wm.) Residence at Court of the Great Mogul, 1608-11. 
See p. 9. 

6112 Hayes (Horace) Indian Racing Reminiscences, with 22 portraits 
and other illustrations, 12mo, cloth, 1883 ^^ 

Narratives and anecdotes of men, horses, and sport. 

6113 Hazin (Sheikh Mohammed Ali) Life of, by Himself (1741), from 
the Persian, with Notes by Dr. F. C. Belfour (Oriental Transl. 
Fund), large paper, royal 8vo, cloth. 1830 1"^ 

Life of a distinguished scholar, who, to avoid the persecution of Nadir Shah, 
escaped into India in 1733, and died at Benares about 1776. The work contams 
account of his travels, anecdotes, and observations. 

6114 Heber (Reginald, D.D.) Narrative of a Journey through the Upper 
Provinces of India, 1824-5, with Notes upon Ceylon, Journey to 
Madras and S. Provinces in 1826, and Letters written in India, imtn 
map, 10 of Bp. Heber's drawings engraved on steel hy Finden, ami 
25 wood engravings, 2 vols. 4to, half-calf. 1828 1"^ 

6115 The Series of Ten Engravings from the Drawings of Bp. 

Heber, with map, 4to, half-calf ^^ "f 

In India, Bp. Heber visited and described Calcutta, Dacca, Benares, Allahabad 
Cawnpoor, Lucknow, Meerut, Delhi, Agra, Jyepoor, Ajmere, Baroda, Bom bay, Leaves 
of Elephanta, Madras, &c. In Cevlon, Point de Galle, Colombo, and Candy.^ 

On its first appearance the Quarterly reviewer pronounced this to be one oi 
the most delightful books in the English language." Lord Jeffrey, the pnnce^r 

8S, High Street^ Maryhhone, London, W. 

152 Francis Edwarda^s Catalogue 

critics, in the Edinburgh Review praised it more elaborately. " This is," he wrote, 

"another book for Englishmen to be proud of Bp. Heber surveys everything 

with the vigilance and delight of a cultivated and most active intellect, with the 
eye of an artist, an antiquary, and a naturalist Independently of its mond attrac- 
tion, we are induced to think it, on the whole, the most instructive and important 
publication that has ever been given to the world on the actual state and condition 
of our Indian Empire." 

6116 Heber's Journals, another library edition, with wood en- 
gravings, 3 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1828 7s 6d 

6117 The same edition, with wood engravings, and the steel plates of 

the 4to edition, 3 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1829 13s 

6119 Journal and Correspondence of Reginald Heber, Bishop of 

Calcutta, interspersed with Notices of his Life, together with his 
Poems, Miscellaneous Papers, Travels in Russia, Norway, &c., 
portrait, 2 vols. 4to, half-calf. 1830 18s 

6120 Bishop Heber, second Bp. of Calcutta, by George Smith, 

LL.D., portrait, 12mo, cloth. 1895 5s 

6122 Heddle (Asst. Surg. J. F.) Memoir on the River Indus, 1836 
(Bombay Records, 1855, pp. 401-457), royal 8vo, half-calf 6s 

6123 Hedges (Sir Wm.) Diary during his Agency in Bengal (for 
E.I. Company) as well as on his Voyage Out and Return Overland, 
1681-87, with Illustrative Extracts from unpublished Records by 
Sir H. Yule (Hakluyt Soc), portraits and facsimiles, 3 vols. 8vo, 
cloth. 1887-89 £1 10s 

Vol. I. contains Hedges's Diary of his voyage outward, and visits to Dacca, 
Balasore, Sec. ; his dispute with Charnock and other of the Company's agents ; the 
Nabob of Dacca's opinion that the British traders were "a base, quarrelling people 
and foul de5*?ers " ; transactions with the Dutch ; Homeward Journey by way of 
Madras, Muscat, Gombroon, Shiraz. Persepolis, Ispahan (where he hired 125 camels 
and 13 mules). Bagdad (which he reached after 71 days, and remained there 50 days), 
Diarbekir, Aleppo, Scanderoon, Cyprus, Tunis, Toulon, Marseilles, Paris. Calais, and 

Vol. II. Notices of Hedges and Illustrations of the Diary ; Documentary Me- 
moirs of Job Charnock and establishment of the English at Calcutta ; Notices of 
persons mentioned in the Diarj^ : Sir Josiah Child (with portrait). Sir Charles Eyre, 
Governor of Fort William, 8ir John Gayer, Sir Thomas Grantham, Wm. Gyfford, 
Deputy-Governor of Bombay (1670-76), Sir Edward Littleton, Sir Streynsham 
Master, Governor of Fort St. George (Madras), 1677-81, with his account of Bombay 
and Surat, Guzarat, the Great Mogul (Aurungzebe), the Rajpoots, Mahommedans, 
Hindoos, Gentoos, Banians, Parsees, &c. (1672); also Papers about the Factory at 
Pulo Condore, 1702-5 ; Elihu Yale, Governor of Fort St. George, Madras, 168'7-JK) 
[with additional notes and portrait of Yale in Vol. III.]. 

Vol. III. Documentarv Contributions to the Biography of Thomas Pitt, Governor 
of Fort St. George (Madras) and Progenitor of an Illustrious Family, with the 
Episode of the Pitt Diamond (two portraits, illustration, and facsimile autographs) ; 
Early History of the E.I. Co.'s Settlement in Bengal ; Early Charts and Topography 
of the Hoogly River. 

6124 Heinsius (Daniel) Indise Verse Descriptio. De Imperio Magni 
Mogolis, 32mo, calf. Leyden, 1631 {rare) 10s 

Founded on the Travels of Teixeira, on Van Broeck, and other Dutch travellers. 
Herbert (Sir T.) Visit to Goa, Swally, and Surat, 1626-27. See 
his Travels, above, p. 10. 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

6125 Herklots (G. A., M.D.) Qanoon-e- Islam, or the Customs of the 
Moosulmans of India, a Full and Exact Account of their Rites and 
Ceremonies, by Jaffur Shurreef, composed under the direction ot 
and translated by Dr. Herklots, with illusts., 8vo, cloth. 1832 £1 

This work treats of the Mussulman customs of the Deccan ; Mrs. Hassan's 
of those of Bengal and the Upper Provinces. 

6126 Hervey ([Gen.] Charles) Reports on the Kaikaree, Dacoitee, and 
Predatory Tribes infesting Bombay Presidency, 1849-52, folio, 
sewed. Bombay ^ 1853 4g q^ 

6127 Operations in the Thuggee and Dacoity Department, 1859- 

1860 (Ind. Govt. Records, No. 34), roy. 8vo, sd. Calcutta, 1861 2s 6d 

6128 Some Records of Crime : Diary of an Officer of the Thuggee 

and Dacoitie Police, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1892 9s 6d 

6129 Hewitt (J. F.) The Ruhng Races of Prehistoric Times in India, 
South- Western Asia, and Southern Europe, ivith diagrams and maps. 
2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1894-95 20s 

6130 Heyne (Dr. Benj.) Ti-acts, Historical and Statistical, on India; 
also an Account of Sumatra, mups and plates, 4to, hf.-cf. 1814 10s 

Dr. Heyne was attached to the Mysore Survey. This volume contains fragments 
on the Geography, Climate, Soil, &c., of the Carnatic and the Mysore ; on Diamond 
and Copper Mines ; on Catechu, Sulphur ; on Steel, Iron, Smelting, and Glass 
Works ; Translations of Indian Medical Treatises, Journals of several Tours, &c. 

6131 Hill Tracts between Assam and Burmah and on the Upper 
Brahmaputra : a Selection of Papers, royal 8vo, boards. Bengal, 
1873 4s 6d 

Wilcox's Memoir of Survey, 1825-28 ; Journal of Capt. Hannay, 1835-86 ; Griffith's 
Journeys in 183(5 ; Bayfield's Narrative, 1836-37 ; Jenkins's Trip across the Patkoi 
Range in 1869-70 ; Reports of Visits to the Nagas, by Lieut. Brodie (1841-46) and 
S. E. Peal and Capt. Vetch in 1842. 

Hill Tbibes. See Barker, Butler (Major), Crawford, Grim wood, 
Hodgson, Hunter, Johnstone, Lewin, McCulloch, Mackenzie, Munni- 
pore, Needham, Rowney, Walker (J. T.), Watson and Kaye, and 
references under Assam, Neilghebbies, &c. 

6132 [Himalayas.] The Indian Alps and How We crossed Them : a 
Narrative of Two Years' Residence in the Eastern Himalaya, and 
Two Months' Tour into the Interior towards Kichinjunga and 
Mt. Everest, by a Lady Pioneer [N. E. Mazuchelli], with map, ten 
beautiful chromo-litlio graphs and other illustrations by the author, 
imp. 8vo, cloth gilt. 1876 16s 

" Our author writes about, and sketches, scenes not surpassed in solemnity by any 
other scenes in the globe the Lady Pioneer brings before the reader in a won- 
derfully vivid form many phases of those mountain prospects never before put on 

paper we have not only the crimson and amber of the snow effects, we have 

distance, inmiense height, the lovely grandeur of a sea of mist, and a rugged fore- 
ground, grim and dark, presented at 'a glance before us by a few strokes of the brush. 

There is not a chapter but is full of incident Though, as we say, the greater 

portion of the work is cheerful reading, the author fairly carries us away towards 
the latter part of the volume." — Athewtum. 

See also Adams, Archer. Conway, Dunlop, Eckenstein, Edgar, Everest, Frnser 
(J. B.), Fullerton, Gawler. Gerard, Godwin-Austen, Gore, Graham (W. W.), Hobbes, 
Hodgson, Hooker, Indian Surveys, Johnson, Kinloch, Knight (B. F.), Lang, Levison, 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

154 Fraruiis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

Lloyd, Louis, M'Cormick, Macintyre, Markham (F.), Mathias, Moorcroft, Pilgrim, 
Eennie, Schlagintweit, Simpson, Skinner, Sleeman, Stone, Strachey (H.), Tanner, 
Torrens (H. D.), Vigne, Waddell, Walker (J. T.), White (G. F.), Wilson (W.), Wilson 
(Andrew), Workman, and references under Bootan, Kashmir, Kumaon, Ladakh, 
Nepal, and Sikkim. See also Tibet in subsequent Section. 

6134 " Hindostan " (E.I. Co.'s ship), Loss of, Jan. 11, 1803; also 
Loss of the "Hindostan " Storeship, folding plate, 12mo, half -calf. 
1820 4s 
HisLOP (Stephen) Pioneer Missionary. See Smith (Dr. G.). 

6135 Hobart (Vera Henry, Lord) Essays and Miscellaneous Writings 
with a Biographical Sketch, edited by Lady Hobart, two portraitSf 
2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1885 98 

Lord Hobart was Governor of Madras from 1872 to his death in 1875, '' having 
achieved great things during the three years." His 'Letters and Minutes on 
Indian Subjects,' which fill more than half the second volume, were edited by Mr. 
Carmichael, whose long experience in Madras enabled him to preface each document 
with explanatory matter of great value to the general reader ; and to these are 
added a ' Memoir on the Salt Tax in Southern India,' to which his lordship strongly 
objected on grounds of philanthropy as well as political expediency. 

6136 Hobbes (R. G.) Reminiscences and Notes of Seventy Years' 
Life, Travel, and Adventure, Military and Civil, Scientific and 
Literary, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1893-95 7s 6d 

Vol. 1. Soldiering in India Fifty Years Ago, with Chapters on the City of 
Palaces (Calcutta), (Jhinsnrah and Burdwar, Hazareebaugh, Ghazeepore, Benares, 
Cawnpore, the Armies of Reserve and of Afghanistan, the City of the Great Mogul 
(Delhi), Meerut, Agra the City of Akbar and the Taj, Among the Himalayas, From 
the Hills to the Plains, A Visit to Oude, the Homeward Journey and Voyage down 
the Ganges. Looking Backward and Forward, Farewell lo India. Nearly 6U0 pages 
packed full of useful information from the author's journal and supplemented by 
copious notes. 

Vol. II. Civil Service in Sheerness and Chatham Dockyards, Home and Foreign 

6137 [Hockley (W. B.)] Pandurang Hari, or Memoirs of a Hindoo, 
preface by Sir B. Frere, 2 vols. 12[no, cloth. 1873 7s 6d 

This work "unfolds the whole social, political, and religious life of the 
Mahrattas."— BiRDWOOD. 

6138 Hodges (Wm.) Select Views in India, 17 S0-S3jortij-eight plates 
engraved and coloured in aquatinta in imitation of the originals, 
with descriptions in French and English, and large map, 2 vols, 
atlas folio. 1786 

Consists of views of palaces, forts, scenery, and antiquities in Bengal, Behar, 
Oude, and at Allahabad. 

6139 Travels in India, 1780-83, illustrated with map and 14/?i« 

plates from paintings by the author, mostly in the possession of 
Warren Hastings, royal 4to, calf. 1793 9s 

6140 Travels, another copy, half -calf extra lis 

This volume contains views in Tanjore, Calcutta, Lucknow, Agra, and Gwalior, 

also sketches of Hindu and Mussulman women. 

Hodges's paintings are still preserved at Daylesford. Hastings was more proud 

of them than of his "old masters," for he had entertained and encouraged the 

artist when he visited him at Government House, Calcutta. 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W, 

India 155 

6141 Hodgson (Brian Houghton) British Resident at the Court of 
Nepal, Life of, by Sir W. W. Hunter, with 'portraits and illustra- 
tions, 8vo, cloth. 1896 5s 

Hodgson went out to India in 1818. First appointed to Kumaon, he was soon 
removed to Nepal, where he remained till 1843. By his prudent negotiations he 
more than once prevented war, which at the time might have jeopardized our other 
possessions ; and to his representations is due the fact that the Goorka regiments 
form part of the Indian army. After a short visit to Europe Hodgson returned 
unoflBcially to Dariiling in the Himalayas, where he continued his studies and 
researches for another fourteen years (1845 to 1858) , when he finally returned home. 

An Appendix to the 'Life' contains Lists (1) of Sanscrit and Tibetan MSS. 
presented by Hodgson to learned Societies ; (2) His unpublished MSS. on Nepal 
presented to the India Office : (3) His Buddhist, Ethnological ,and Miscellaneous 
Writings ; (4) His Zoological Writings and Drawings. His presentations of Speci- 
mens of Birds, Mammals, Keptiles, &c., to the British Museum alone numbered over 
10,000, and his drawings nearly 2,000. In India Hodgson was perhaps best known 
as the champion of vernacular teaching in the Education of the People. 

6X42 Essays on the Languages, Literature and Religion of Nepal 

and Tibet, together with Papers on the Geography, Ethnology, 

and Commerce of those Countries, royal Syo, cloth. 1874 14s 

To the Researches of Hodgson on Buddhism, &c., all modern students and 

scholars are most deeply indebted. 

6143 Miscellaneous Essays relating to Indian subjects ("Trubner's 

Oriental Series ") 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1880 21s 

On the Kocch, Bodo. and Dhimal Tribes ; Himalayan Ethnology ; Aborigines 
of N.E. India, Tibetans, Central India, Nilgiris, Southern India, and Ceylon ; 
Systems of Law and Police in Nepal ; Nepalese Paper Making ; Pre-emmence of 
the Vernaculars in Education. 
6144 Papers relating to the Himalayas and Nepal (Bengal 

Records, No. 27), royal 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1857 5s 

6145 Pre-eminence of the Vernaculars: Four Letters on the 

Education of the People of India, 4th edition, 8vo, pp. 80. 

Serampore, 1847 ^» 

Reprinted in Hodgson's * Misc. Essays,' vol. ii. pp. 255-348. 

6146 Hodson (Major W. S. R.) Twelve Years of a Soldier's Life in 
India : Extracts from Letters, including Narrative of the Siege of 
Delhi and a Tour in Cashmere, portrait, 12mo, cloth. 1859 4s 

6147 Another copy, half -calf 5s 6d . 

6148 Hodson of Hodson's Horse, 12mo, cloth. 1883 3s 6d 

6149 A Leader of Light Horse : Life of Hodson of Hodson's 

Horse, by Col. Trotter, portrait, 8vo, cloth. 1901 7s 6d 

Rugby, Cambridge, Guernsey, the first Sikh War, Mult^n, second fikh War, 
Kashmir, tiie "Guides,'' the Mutiny, Siege and Storming of Delhi, Umbala, Cawo- 

pore ; Testimonies. , tt i 

^ See also Holmes. 

6150 Hoffmeister (Dr. W.) Travels in Ceylon and Continental India, 
including Nepal and other Parts of the Himalayas to the ^rders 
of Thibet, from the German, maps, 12mo, cl. Edinburgh, 1848 6s 

6151 Another copy, half-morocco 7s 6d 

With Appendices on the Forests and Vegetation, and the Birds of the Hima- 
layas, addressed to Baron von Humboldt. 

8S, High Street, Ma/rylehone, London, W. 

156 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

Dr. Hoffmeister was travelling companion to Prince Waldemar of Prussia, the 
first German prince who ever visited Ceylon and India. Their route was by way of 
Trieste, Corfu, Athens, Alexandria, Cairo. Suez, Aden, Pt. de Galle, Colombo, 
Kandy, Madras, Calcutta, Gaya, Patna, Cathmando, Benares, Allahabad, Caunpoor. 
Lucknow, Agra, Delhi, Meerut, Dhunpoor, Mookba, Sungla, and across the Sntlez 
to Ferozepoor and Simla, all of which places are described as they were in 1814 and 

6152 Holden (Edward S.) The Mogul Emperors of Hindustan, 
A.D. 1398-1707, with a Chapter by Sir W. W. Hunter, and illus- 
trations, 12mo, cloth. 1895 5s 

6153 Holdich (Sir T. H.) The Indian Borderland: a Personal 
Record of Twenty Years, ma'p and 22 illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 
1901 10s 

6154 The Mardian Hills in the Bustar Dependency — Proc. R. 

Geog. See, N.S., 1879, vol. i. pp. 372-382, and ma'p 2s 

6155 The Kaffir of the Hindu Kush— Geog. Jour, 1896, vol. 

vii. pp. 42-49 2s 

HoLKAR. See Aberigh-Mackay, Ameer Khan, Duff, Keene, Lake, 
Malcolm, Prinsep, Skinner, Wellesley Despatches, and references 
under Mahrattas. 

6156 Holloway (John) Essays on the Indian Mutiny, 12mo, cloth. 
[1864] 6s 

The author resided eighteen years in India and assisted in the defence of 
Lucknow. He traces the causes of the Mutiny to educational, religious, and 
political evils then in existence. 

6157 Holmes (T. R. E.) A History of the Indian Mutiny and of the 
Disturbances among the Civil Population, maps and plans, 12mo, 
cloth. 1898 7s 

A valuable and impartial work, the fruit of laborious research, as interesting as 
it is instructive, and of thrilling interest, containing admirable word portraits of the 
leading heroes. 

6158 Four Famous Soldiers: Sir Charles Napier, Hodson of 

Hodson's Horse, Sir William Napier, and Sir Herbert Edwardes, 
12mo, cloth. 1889 3s 

6159 Hoi well (J. Z.) Historical Events relative to the Provinces of 
Bengal and the Empire of Indostan, with Hindoo Mythology, Cos- 
mogony, and Metempsychosis, maps and plates, 2 parts in 1 vol. 
8vo, calf. 1765-67 14s 

6160 India Tracts, by Mr. Hoi well and Friends, with frontis- 
piece "Monument in Memory of the Sufferers in the Black Hole 
Prison," 8vo, calf. 1774 
Containing (1) Address on the Revolution in Bengal, 1760; (2) Refutation of a 
Letter to the Secret Committee of the Council at Bengal ; (3) Important Facts 
regarding E.I. Co.'s Affairs in Bengal, 1752-60 ; (4) Narrative of the Deplorable 
Deaths of the English Gentlemen who were Suffocated in the Black Hole, Calcutta, 
June, 1756 ; (5) A Defence of Mr. Vansittart's Conduct. 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

India j5'7 

6161 Home's Views in Mysore, the Country of Tippoo Sultan, with 
descriptions, maps, plans, and 29 fine engravings, imp. 4to, half- 

call. liu^L 19q 

Views principally of Bangalore and !<erii>gapatani-the KCPne of Lord Corn- 
waliis 8 campaign. ^ ^^m 

6162 Views in Mysore, another copy, morocco extra 17s 6d 

6163 Honigberger (J. M.) Physician to the Court of Lahore, Thirty- 
five Years in the East : Sketches of the Punjab and Cashmere, with 
Materia Medica and Medical Vocabulary in Four European and 
Five Eastern Languages, ilhistrated, 2 vols, in 1, 8vo. 1852 8s 6d 

6165 Hooker ([Sir] Joseph Da Iton) Himalayan Journals : Notes of a 
Naturalist in Bengal, the Sikkim and Nepal Himalayas, the Khasia 
Mountains, &c. (1848-51), best edition, with 2 maps, 12 coloured 
plates, and 80 tvood engravings, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1854 24s 

6166 Himalayan Journals, another copy, 2 vols. 8vo, hf.-mor. 30s 

With several appendices including Meteorological Observations ; Mineral 

\V aters by Dr. R. D. Thomson ; Rev. M. J. Berkeley on Himalayan Alg£e ; Soils of 
Sikkim ; Auroral Appearances, Physical Geography of the Districts, Climate, 
Humidity of Air at various Elevations. Tt mperature of Soil, Elevations, Altitudes, 
&c. The plates include coloured views of KJuchinjunga and other Himalayan 
peaks, valleys, and lakes. 

6167 Himalayan Journals, condensed edition, woodcut illustrations, 

2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1855 8s 6d 

This edition is without the coloured plates and appendices. 

6168 Notes of a Tour in India, Part I. England to Calcutta 

(from London Journal of Botany), 8vo, pp. ii-41. 1848 (scarce) 3s 6d 

These notes were not reprinted in the Journals. 

Himalayan Plants ; and Ehododendrons. See Natueal His- 
tory section. 

Dr. Hooker was the first European permitted to explore and survey Sikkim and 
the eastern border of Nepal. He did his work with such fulness of knowledge 
that his book remains the leading authority on the botanical and physical history 
of these regions. 

" I found Dr. Hooker's work invaluable. Never was the officer commanding a 
force favoured with a fuller, more able, or more lucid report of a country and its 
inhabitants than i was by the study of Dr. Hooker."— Col. Gawlke, 'Sikkim,' p. 3. 

"Every student of Indian geology will be delighted wiih the 'Himalayan 
Journals '—a work that will do much to sustain the reputation of the British School 
of natural history. The geologist will find in it a rich store of facts of the highest 
interest, and for the inquirer into glacial phenomena it abounds with new and 
valuable details."— Prof. Edward Forbes. 

6169 Hoole (Rev. Elijah) Personal Narrative of a Mission to the 
South of India, 1820-28, plates, 8vo. 1829 4s 6d 

The awthor visited the Wesley an Mission Stations at Trincomallee (Ceylon), 
Madras, Tranquebar, Negapatam, Trichinopoly, Bangalore. Seringapatam, &c. He 
has some remarks on the Jesuits, and an essay on the Religion of the Hindoos, 
its Character and Influence. 

6170 Hooper (Fred. E. E.) The Indian Revolt: a Poem, Part I., 
12mo, pp. 48. 1858 Is 

83, High Street, Maryhhone, London, W. 

158 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

6171 Hope (John) The House of Scindea : a Sketch, 12mo, cl. 1863 3s 

Has reference to the policy of Lord EUenborough, the Annexation of Oude, 
and its results. 

6172 Hornaday (Wm. T.) Two Years in the Jungle : Experiences of a 
Hunter and Naturalist in India, Ceylon, the Malay Peninsula, and 
Borneo, mutps and illustrations, Svo, cloth. 1885 9s 6d 

Overland Journey to India ; Bombay, Physical Aspect of Western India, Gavial 
Shooting on the Jumna, the Gaogetic Crocodile, Ravine Deer and Black Buck 
Hunting, Benares, Calcutta, and Madras, the Neilgherry Hills, the Wainaad Forest, 
the Animalli Hills, Elephant Hunting, Monkeys, Bears, Tiger Hunting, Skeleton- 
izing an Elephant, Second Year of the Madras Famine, Poetry of Forest Life, 
Bison Shooting, the Indian Elephant ; Ceylon ; Malaya ; Borneo ; Outfit for a 
Collector, Loss of Life in India by Wild Beasts and Serpents, &c. 

6173 [Horne (M. J.)] [Life, Voyages, and] Adventures of " Naufragus," 
written by himself, 8vo, half-calf. 1827 5s 

Containing the Author's observations during Voyages in the East Indies (1) 
Pulo Penang, Malacca, Calcutta ; (2) Ceylon, Calcutta, Mauritius (with the Story of 
Paul and Virginia) ; (3) Sumatra, Calcutta, Serampore, Chandernagore, Chinsura; 
(4) Batavia, Bencoolen, Mauritius, St. Helena, &c. 

This copy contains an autograph letter from the author to Mr. Arbuthnot. 

6174 Hoseason (Commander J. C.) On Rapid Transmission of Troops 
to India, Interior Navigation, &c., 8vo, pp.48, map. 1858 2s 6d 

6175 Hough (Rev. James), " Philanthropos," Letters on the Climate, 
Inhabitants, Productions, &c., of the Neilgherries (1826), Svo, 
pp. iv-172, boards. 1829 3s 6d 

Contains Observations on the Geology, Mineralogy, and Temperature during 
182.5-26 ; also List of Plants of the District. 

Evidence before Select Committee, H.C., 1832. See E.I. Co. 

6176 History of Christianity in India, from the Commencement 

of the Christian Era, 5 vols. Svo, cloth. 1839 12s 

Early Intercourse of the Western Nations with India, Introduction of 
Christianity, the Nestorians, Mahomedanism, Legend of St. Thomas, Venetians, 
Genoese and Portuguese ; the Church of Rome and Xavier, the Inquisition at (^oa, 
Syrian Church of Malabar and the Roman Church, Archbishop Meneses, the Jews 
in Malabar, the Synod of Diamper, and the Protestant Missions. 

6177 Hough (Major Wm.) Remarks on Indian Revenue, 8vo,pp. ii-16 
Calcutta, 1842 2s 

6178 Brief History of the Bhopal Principality, C. India, c. 1700 

to Present Time, Svo, russia extra. Calcutta, 1845 9s 

6179 Political and Military Events in British India, 1756-1849, 

2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1853 7s 6d 

Sketch of History of the E.L '^ompany ; the Rohilla and Mahratta Wars ; Hyder 
Ali and Tip -oo Sultan and Wars in the Mysore ; Holkar, Sindia, and the Pindaree 
W^ars ; Expeditions to Mauritius and Java ; the Gorka and Burmese, Afghanistan, 
and China Wars ; Affairs of Sind ; Conquest of the Punjab. 

Operations of the Army of the Indus. See Afghanistan. 

83^ High Street^ Marylebone, London^ W, 



6180 Howell (T. B. and T. J.) Complete Collection of State Trials 
and ProceedlDgs for High Treason and other Crimes and Mis- 
demeanours, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time with 
Index, 34 vols, royal 8vo, half-calf, 1816-28 £16 

Vol. XX. contains the Trials of Nuncomar, of Hastings, and Impey. 

6182 Hudson ( ) and Fisher (Thomas) A Collection of 

Treaties and Engagements made with Native Princes and States of 
Asia on behalf of the E. I. Company, 1739-1809, with Index, 4to. 
1812 8s 

MS. Note.— "This collection was made under the orders of the E.I. Co.'s Com- 
mittee of Correspondence by the Assistant Examiner. Mr. Hudson, and passed 
through the press by Thomas Fisher, a clerk in the service of the Company." 

6183 Hugel (Baron von) Travels in Kashmir and the Punjab, with 
Account of the Sikhs, illustrated, royal 8vo, cloth. 1845 6s 6d 

6184 Humayun, The Tezkereh-al-Vakiat : Private Memoirs of the 
Mogul Emperor Humayun, translated from the Persian by Major C. 
Stewart (Oriental Trans. Fund), 4to, sewed. 1832 6s 
Life, See Erskine, and other Histories. 

6185 Humbley (Capt. W. W. W.) Journal of a Cavalry Officer, including 
the Sikh Campaign, 1845-6, map and plans, roy. 8vo, cl. 1854 14s 

Includes Accounts of Visits to Delhi, Benares, Allahabad, Monghyr, Moor- 
sbedabad, Calcutta, &c., and Appendix of Treaties and Proclamations relating to the 

6186 Hungerford (Capt. T.) Report of Occurrences at Mhow during 
the Mutiny, July, 1857, 8vo, pp. 58, half-calf {privately printed) 10s 

6187 Hunt (Capt. W. S.) Brown's Sporting Tour in India : a Pictorial 
Journal, 41 amusing sketclies, on fine plate paper, oblong 4to, half- 
morocco. 1865 £1 4s 

6188 Hunter (Lieut. James) Picturesque Scenery of Mysore, 40 
beautifully coloured views and portrait of Tippoo Sultan; also 
Orme's 24 Views of Hindoostan (from paintings by Ward and 
Daniell), coloured, 1 vol. oblong folio, half-calf. 1804-5 £5 

The plates in Hunter's work consist of portrait of Tippoo Sultan, views in 
Seringapatam and Hyder Ally's Tomb (6), Bangalore and 'lippoos Palaces (12), 
Mt. St. Thomas, the R.A. Encampment at Arcot, Pagoda, Mosque, &c., at Struper- 
mador (4), Ouscottah and Killader's Tomb (2), Kistnalghurry Fort (2), Osar (2), 
Shole Ghurry (2), Barra Mauhl and Pass (2), Encampments at Conjeveram (2), and 
at Conditore, Outra Droog, and two others. For details of Orme's views see URME. 

6190 Hunter (Sir W. W.) The Indian Empire : its People, History, 
andProducts,thirdedition, map, thick8vo, cloth. 1892 (pub. 28s) lis 

" Never before has the whole subject of Indian history been so adequately and 
so intelligibly treated."— Po/^ Mall Gazette. . . „ 

•* A model of combined lucidity, conciseness, and co"iprehensivene^.^^^.^^ 

6191 Brief History of the Indian Peoples, map, 12mo, cloth 3s 

» By fer the best manual of Indian history that has hitherto ^^^^^''Iff^f^ 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

160 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

6192 Hunter (Sir W. W.) School History and Geography of Northern 
India, ma'ps^ 12mo, cloth. 1891 2s 

6193 Annals of Rural Bengal, 8vo, cloth. 1872 8s 6d 

State of the Country when it passed under British Rule ; Ethnical Elements ; 
The Aboriginal Hill Men ; The Company's Attempts at Rural Administration, and 
as a Rural Manufacturer ; Bengal in 1772, portrayed by Warren Hastings ; the Great 
Famine of 1770 ; Santali Grammar and Traditions, k,c. 

" It is hard to over-estimate the importance of a work whose author succeeds in 
fascinating us with a subject so generally regarded as unattractive, and who, on 
questions of grave importance to the future destiny of India, gives the results of 
wide research and exceptional opportunities of personal study in a bright, lucid, 
forcible narrative, rising on occasion to eloquence." — Times. 

6194 Orissa; or, the Vicissitudes of an Indian Province under 

Native and British Rule (being the second and third vols, of The 
Annals of Rural Bengal), with map, steel, copper, and wood en- 
gravings, 2 vols. Svo, cloth. 1872 12s 
History under Mughal, Mahratta, and English Governors, lo68-1871, Calamities, 
Floods, and Famines ; the Village System ; Statistics of each District ; Chronicle 
of Orissa Kings, 3101 B.C. to A.d. 1871 ; Vernacular Literature ; Catalogue of over 
one hundred writers. 

" A great subject worthily handled. He writes with great knowledge, great 
sympathy with the Indian people, a keen and quick appreciation of all that is 
striking and romantic in their history and character, and with a flowing and 
picturesque fetyle." — Saturday Review. 

6195 The Indian Musalmans : Are they Bound in Conscience to 

Rebel against the Queen ? 8vo, cloth. 1871 3s 6d 

6196 — — The Indian Musalmans : a Sketch of the Muhammadan 
Revival, with Chapter on the Requirements and Social History of 
the Indian Musalmans under British Rule, Svo, cloth 8s 6d 

6197 Famine Aspects of Bengal Districts: a System of Famine 

Warnings, royal 8vo, cloth. Simla, 1873 3s 6d 

6198 A Statistical Account of Bengal, 20 vols. 8vo, half -morocco. 

1875 £3 iOs 

" Twenty volumes of material, collected under the most favourable auspices, 
are built up into a vast but accessible storehouse of invaluable facts. Invaluable to 
the statesman, the administrator, and the historian, they are no less interesting to 
the general reader. Mr. Hunter undoubtedly has the faculty of making the dry 
bones of statistics live. But they also contain matter which may be regarded as the 
fountain of the yet unwritten history of Bengal. They are a guide for administra- 
tive action now. They also seem to 'be the point of a new departure for the future." 

Nineteenth Century. 

6199 A Statistical Account of Assam, 2 vols. 8vo, hf .-mor. 1879 10s 

6200 The Imperial Gazetteer of India, second edition, 14 vols. 8vo, 

half-morocco. 1885-7 £3 

The Topography, Administration, Agriculture, Commerce, Antiquities, and 
Ethnology of every district, described by Indian Officials 

" One of the grandest works of admmistrative statistics which have ever been 
issued by any nation." — Times. 

6202 The New Industrial Era in India — Proc. R. Col. Inst., 

1888, Vol. XIX. pp. 260-294, cloth 3s 

6203 Bombay, 1885-90. A Study in Indian Administration, 

8vo, cloth. [1892] 7s 6d 

The period of Lord Reay's administration. 

8Sy High Street, Marylehone, London^ W, 

India 161 

6204 Hunter (Sir W. W.) Bengal MS. Records : a Selected List of 
14,136 Letters in the Board of Revenue, Calcutta, 1782-1807, with 
Historical Dissertation and Analytical Index, 4 vols. 8vo, cloth 
1894 16s 

Materials for the Study of Rural Bengal and of its Land Tenures as evolved by 
British Legislation, 1782-1807 ; being a Selected List of over fourteen thousand 
letters, some of the results of their examination being recorded in the editor's 
' Annals of Rural Bengal,' ' Orissa.' and ' Statistical Account of Bengal ' ; with an 
Introductory Dissertation on Landed Property and Land Rights in Bengal, at the 
end of the Eighteenth Century, and an Analytical Index. 

"If these four volumes stood alone ther would place their author in the first 

rank of scientific historians they are" the firstfruits of that comprehensive 

history of India on which he has been engaged for the last twenty years."— Tmes. 

6205 The Old Missionary, with illustrations by Sir Charles 

D'Oyly, small 4to, cloth. [O.T/ord], 1896 2s 

6206 A History of British India to the Overthrow of the English 

in the Spice Archipelago (1623), pur rtiaps, Vols. I. and II. (all 
puhlished), 8vo, cloth. 1899-1900 £1 

Vol. I. treats of Mediaaval Trade, Africa Circumnavigated, Portuguese Policy, 
East India Companies and P]nglish and Dutch rivalry. 

Vol. II. First Settlements on Bombay and Madras Coasts, the Company and 
the Commonwealth, the Restoration, the New E.I. Company, Union of the 
two Companies. 

See also Dalhousie, Hodgson, Mayo, and many articles in the ' Encyclopasdia 
Britannica' (India. Assam, Bengal, Bombay, Calcutta, Cawnpore, Central Provincep, 
Dacca, Delhi. Madras, Mysore, &c.). Rulers of India Sbriks, and following 
section, Indian Language and Literature. 

6207 Hutchinson (Col. H. D.) The Campaign in Tirah, 1897-98 : 
Account of the Expedition against the Orakzais and Afridis 
under Gen. Sir Wm. Lockhart, portrait, maps, plans and illustra- 
tions, 8vo, cloth. 1898 5s 

Including the Storming of the Heights of Dhargai. 

6208 Hutton (R. N.) Five Years in the East, with two steel plates, 
2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1847 7s 6d 

Account of Voyages in the 'Forties, and Visits to Ascension Island, Saint Helena, 
Cape of Good Hope, Comoro Islands, Calcutta, Java, China, Ceylon, Bombay, Red 
Sea, and Egypt. 

6209 Hutton (James) Account of the Thugs and Dacoits, the Hereditary 
Garotters and Gang Eobbers of India, 12mo, cloth. 1857 5s 
Hwen-Thsang (Chinese Pilgrim), Travels in India (a.d. 629-645), 
SbcBeal, p. 80 ; Cunningham, p. 105 ; Cowell's Appendix to Elphin- 
STONE, p. 129. 

Hyder All See Baillie, Bowring (L. B.), Gholam, Miles, Munro 
(Innes), Mysore, War in, Swartz, &c. 

6210 Hyderabad. Report of Census taken Hyderabad Assigned 
Districts, 23rd August, 1867, folio, stitched. 1868 3s 6d 
and the Berar Provinces, 1881, see p. 81. See also Nizam (The). 

6211 Hyderabad Papers (The), and the House of Palmer & Co. ; 
Remarks on the Hyderabad Papers by the Hon. D. Kinnaird; 
Proceedings connected with Palmer & Co. ; Speech by Sir John 
Doyle, four pamphlets, 1 vol. 8vo, half-calf, 1825 7s 6d 

83, High Sl/reet, Marylehone, London, W. 

162 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

6212 Hyndman^(H. M.) The Bankruptcy of India: an Enquiry 
into the Administration of India under the Crown, including a 
chapter on the Silver Question, 8vo, cloth. 1886 3s 6d 
Ibn Batdta's Travels in Bengal, &c., 1334-42. See Elliot, p. 128 ; 
Oriental Translation Fund; and Yule's Cathay, China, post. 

6213 Ibraheem (Peer) Khan, Bahadur, British Agent to H. H. the 
Nawwah of Bhauwalpur, Memoir, by himself, 12mo, cloth. 1852 3s 

6214 Iggulden (Capt. H. A.) The 2nd Battalion Derbyshire Regiment 
in the Sikkim Expedition, 1888, maps, 12mo, cloth. 1900 Is 6d 

6215 Ilbert (Sir Courtenay) The Government of India: a Digest of 
the Statute Law relating thereto, with Historical Introduction and 
Illustrative Documents, 8vo, half-bound. 1898 lis 

Includes the Charter of Q. Elizabeth, 1600 ; James Mill's long Despatch 
accompanying the Government of India Act, 183:^ ; Lord Dalhousie's Minute on 
Legislative Council Government of India Act, 1853, &c. 

6216 Inipey (Sir Elijah) First Chief Justice of Bengal, Memoirs of, 
with Anecdotes of Warren Hastings, Sir Philip Francis, Brassey 
Halhed, and others, compiled in Refutation of Macaulay, by 
E. Barwell Impey, portrait, 8vo, cloth. 1846 8s 

With Extracts from Impey's ' Defence ' on the Nuncomar Charge and from his 
' Refutation ' of Sir P. Francis. Mr. Barwell Impey asserts that Francis was the 
author of the * Junius ' Letters and of other anonymous publications. 

6217 Letters Patent establishing a Supreme Court of Judicature 

at Fort William, Bengal [with Sir E. Impey as First Chief Justice], 
4to, pp. 44. 1774 6s 

6218 Extract of an Original Letter from Calcutta relative to the 

Administration of Justice by Sir E. Impey [By Sir Philip Francis], 
8vo, pp. 58. 1781 10s 

See also Beveridge, Busteed, Howell, Law and Justice, Minto, Stephen (Fitz- 
james) and the references under Nuncomar. 

6219 Speech at the Bar of the H.C. (Feb. 4, 1788) in his defence 

to the charge [of Sir G. Elliot] relative to the Nuncomar Case ; 

with Appendices of Documents and Evidence taken before the 

Committee, H.C, 8vo;(pp. 432), half-calf. 1788 {extremely rare) £3 

" It is now among the rarest of books ; except the copy from which I have 

made the copious extracts and here and there another in the possession of 

my immediate relatives and friends, I know not of a single impression extant." 

' Memoirs of Impey,' pp. 321, .322. 

6220 Answer of Philip Francis to Impey : Speech in the House 

of Commons, Feb. 27, 1788, 8vo, pp. 100 {rare) 10s 

6221 Befutation of the Answer of Philip Francis, with copy of 

the Petition of Nuncomar, 8vo, pp. 54 {very rare), half-calf. 1788 £1 
See * Memoir of Impey,' 323-338. 

6222 India, Pictorial, Descriptive and Historical, witli ^najy and 
upwards of 100 engravings, 12mo, cloth. {Bolm) 3s 

Indian Alps (The), by a '*Lady Pioneer." See Himalayas. 
83j High Street, Maryleboney London, W, 

India 163 

6223 Indian Antiquary (The): a Journal of Oriental Research in 
Archseology, History, Literature, Languages, Philosophy, Religi'^n 
Folk-lore, &c. Edited by Dr. Burgess. Nos. 1 to 4, (3 110 112* 
113, 115, 117, 121-31, 4to. Bombay, 1872-82 ' £1 

6224 Vols. IL and IIL (1873-4), VIIL, IX, X, and XL, 

pp. 1-208 (1879-82), 6 vols. 4to, cloth £4 

6225 Yols. YII, YIII, and IX, 1878-80, 3 vols, hf.-cf. ea. 16s 

6226 Taw Sein-Ko, Preliminary Study of the Kalyani Inscriptions 

of Dhamraacheti, a.d. 1476, 4to, sewed. Bomhay, 1893 4s 

6228 Indian Surveys : Trigonometrical Survey of India. Tables of 
Heights in Sind, the Punjab, N.W. Provinces, and Central India, 
map, royal 8vo, cloth. 1863 Is Od 

6229 Memoir on the Indian Survey (to 1875), by [Sir] Clements 

R. Markham, second edition, imp. 8vo, cloth. 1878 5s 

Includes account of hydrograpbical surveys of the Indian Navy. 

6230 Catalogue of MS. and Printed Reports, Field Books, 

Memoirs, Maps, &c., of the Indian Surveys in the. Map Room of 
the India Office, imp. 8vo, cloth. 1878 4s 

Arranged in accordance with the current Administrative Divisions of India, 
each group being arranged chronologically ; an alphabetical Index is added. 

6231 Memoir on the Indian Survey, 1875-90, by Charles E..D. 

Black, imp. 8vo, cloth 5s 6d 

6232 The Cadastral Survey of India, by Lieut.-Col. W. Barron ; 

Spirit Levelling Operations of the Great Trigonometrical Survey of 

India, by Major A. W. Baird ; Some Remarks on Clinometrical or 

Approximate Heights, by Major J. Hill, with diagrams — R. Geog. 

See. SuppL. Papers, Vol. I. pt. 4, pp. 595-641, cloth 3s 6d 

The Annual Reports of the Indian Surveys are printed in the Proceedings of 

the R. (itog. Society and the Geographical Journal. Mr. Black compiled several of 

these Reports, as well as a Paper ' Decade of Progress in India,' which appears in 

the Geog. Jour., vol. iii., 181U. See also Everest, Godwin-Austen. 

6234 Inglis (Hon. Lady) The Siege of Lucknow : a Diary (April to 
December, 1857), 8vo, cloth. 1892 6s 

Major Inglis defended Lucknow after the death of Sir Henry Lavvrencefor 
eighty-seven days, until the arrival of Havelock and Outram. The Diary narrates 
the events of this and the subsequent period until relief arrived by Lord Clyde. 

6235 [Inglis (James)] Sport and Work on the Nepaul Frontier : Twelve 
Years' Reminiscences of an Indigo Planter, by *' Maori," 8vo, 
cloth. 1878 5s 

6236 Tent Life in Tigerland and Sport and Work on the Nepaul 

Frontier, 22 chromo illustrations, royal 8vo, cloth. 1892 10s 

6237 Innes (Col. P. R.) History of the Bengal European Regiment, 

now the Jioyal Munster Fusiliers, and How It Helped to Win 

India, loilU iUiisirations and coloured plate, 8vo, cloth. 1885 8s 

The services of this Regiment cover the period from Plassey to Luckuovv, 

1757 to 1858, including operations in Bengal and N.\\^. Province.^ Java, Nepal, 

Afghanistan, Punjab, Sind, Pegu, and during the Mutiny. 

8Sf High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

a 2 

164 Frcmcis Edvmrdds Catalogue 

6238 Innes (Lieut.-Gen. McLeod) Lucknow and Oude in the Mutiny : 
a Narrative and a Study, views ^ma'ps, and plans, 8vo, cloth. 1895 5s 
6239 The Sepoy Revolt : a Critical Narrative on its Origin, De- 
velopment, and. Suppression, 12mo, cloth. 1897 2s 3d 
See also Lawrence (Sir H.)- 
6240 Innes (A, D.)A History of the British in Indisi, maps and plans, 
12010, cloth. 1902 6s 
"A thoughtful and impartial account" — Spectator. 

6242 d'Innigo de Biervillas. Voyage a la Cote de Malabar, Goa, 
Batavia, &c., 1717-19. Two parts in one vol. 12qio, old calf. Paris, 
1736. {rare) 10s 

6243 Invasions of India from Central Asia, 8vo, cloth. 1879 5s 

Invasion of Baber, 1525 ; of Nadir Shah, 1739 ; English Invasion of Kabul, 1839- 
See also Edwards (Sutherland), p. 126, Head (p. 10), Rawlinson (p. 57 j, and 
Eussian Central Asia (pp. 55-57), Evans (p. 130), Vambery. 

6244 Dangers of British India from French Invasion and 

Missionary Establishments, by a Late Resident at Bhagulpore, 8vo, 
pp. 132. 1808 4s 

6245 [Ireland (Dr. W. H.)] History of the Siege of Delhi by an 
Officer who Served There, with Sketch of the Events in the Pun- 
jaub, 1857, 12mo, cloth. lEdinhurgh, 1861 7s 

6246 Irrigation Projects: Tank at Erkrookh, near Sholapore (Bom- 
bay Records), 2 parts, swd., with plans, cloth case, 1866-7 6s 

See also Balfour's ' Cyclo,' Chapman, Chesney, Deakin, Maps, Morris, and 
references under JPuBLic Works. 

6248 Irving (B. A.) The Theory and Practice of Caste, and its Effect 
on the Institutions and Destinies of the Anglo-Indian Empire, 12mo, 
cloth. 1853 2s 6d 

6249 Irwin (H. C.) The Garden of India; or, Chapters on Oudh 
History and Affairs, 8vo, cloth. 1880 3s 

A bird's-eye View ; a few Facts and Figures ; Early Oudh History and Legend ; 
The Nawabi, 1720-1856 ; Annexation ; Fifteen Mouths of Zamindari Policy, 
1856-57 ; Ten Years of Talugdari Policy, 1858-68 ; Conclusions. 

6250 Ives (Edward) Voyage to India, 1754, and Narrative of Opera- 
tions under Admiral Watson and Col. Clive, 1755-7. Also Journey 
from Persia to England, 1758-9, by the Euphrates Valley, Syria, 
Italy, and Germany, maps, 4to, calf. 1773 14s 

6251 Jackson (Sir C.) A Vindication of Lord Dalhousie's Indian 
Administration, 8vo, cloth. 1865 4s 

6252 Jacob (Gen. Sir George le Grand) Report on the Province of 
Katteewar in 1842 (Trans. Bombay Geog. Soc), 8vo, pp. iv-96, 
map. Bombay, 1845 3s 

6253 Western India Before and During the Mutinies : Pictures 

Drawn from Life, 12nio, cloth. 1872 4s 

An important contribution to the literature of the Mutiny of 1857, with Trans- 
lation by Mr. Kies, a German Missionary in the Southern Mahratta country, of a 
Canarese Epic on the Capture of ^urgoond by the English, 1858. 

83i High Street^ MaryUhone, London^ W. 

India 155 

6254 Jacob (Gen. John) Views and Opinions, edited by FSirl Lewis 
Pelly, 8vo, cloth. 1858 ^ l j ^^ 

Opinions on Civil Administration and Military Matters in India: North- 
western Frontier Question; the Persian War: on Eeorganization of Indian 
Administration, &c. 

6255 A Few Remarks on the Bengal Army and Furloughs, by a 

Bombay Officer (1851), 8vo, pp. 25. 1857 2s 

6256 On Reorganization of the Indian Army, pp. 18. 1857 2s 

6257 Replies to Questions on same Subject, 8vo, pp. 142. 1858 3s 

6258 Jacquemont (Victor) Voyage dans I'lnde pendant les Annees 

1828 h. 1832, illustrated with 300 fine steel plates of views, portraits, 

&c., those of Natural History being coloured, maps and charts 

(text in 4 vols. ; Atlas, 2 vols.), together 6 vols, imperial 4to, 

half-morocco. Paris, 1841-6 £8 

This expedition was productive of important scientific results. The author 

visited the whole of India and made a varied and rich collection of objects. The 

work treats of the history, manners, customs, and languages of the people, of 

geology, botany, zoology, &c. 

6259 Letters describing a Journey in India, Tibet, Lahore, and 

Cashmere, 1828-31, by order of the French Government, map and 
portrait, 2 vols. 8vo, half-calf. 1834 9s 6d 

" Jacquemont's 'Correspondence ' and Heber's 'Journals' are two of the most 
instructive and important books ever given to the world on India. They have 
never been excelled." — Sir George Birdwood. 

6261 James (John Thomas, D.D.) Bishop of Calcutta; Brief Memoirs 
of, particularly during his residence in India, 8vo, cloth 6s 

6262 James (Hugo) A Volunteer's Scramble through Scinde, the 
Punjab, Hindostan, and the Himalayah Mountains, 2 vols. 12mo, 
cloth. 1854 6s 

Mr. James long resided in India ; he gives a pleasant account of the people, of 
camp life, of a tiger hunt, of a scientific and sporting tour for lesser game, and a 
narrative of the defeat of the Sikhs at Soorujkoond and capture of Mooltan. 

6263 James (Lord Justice Sir W. Milbourne) History of British Rule 
in India, 1750-1858, inap, 8vo, cloth. 1882 6s 
Jang Bahadur, Prime Minister of Nepal. See Nepal, Hodgson, 
Oldfield, Oliphant. 

6264 JefTreys (Julius) The Traffic in Opium, -Svo, pp. 37. 1858 2s 
Jehangir (Emperor). See Coryat, Covert, Gladwin, Lane-Poole, 
Price, Roe, Terry, Elphinstone, and other historians. 

6265 Jejeebhoy (Sir Jamsetjee) Life and Public Charities of, 
portrait, 8vo, silk extra (for private circulation). 1855 2s 6d 

6266 Jennings (Samuel) My Visit to the Gold Fields in the South 
Bast Wynaad (Mysore), 8vo, cloth. 1881 2s 6d 

6267 Jervis (Lieut. H.) Narrative of a Journey to the Falls of the 
Cauvery, with Account of the Neilgherry Hills, iMtes, 8vo,^half^ 

calf. 1834 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

166 Fromcis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

6268 Jervis (Major T. B.) Geographical, Statistical, and Historical 

AccouQtsof the Konkun, Western India (from Bo?7ibat/ Geog. Journal)-^ 
8vo, swd. Calcutta, 1840 3s 6d 

6269 Jochmus (Gen.) Memorandum on India, 8vo, pp. 21. 1858 2s 

Johnson (J.) Voyage to India and China, and Visits to Madras, 
Calcutta, Bombay, Elephanta, and Salsette, 1803-5, with Account 
of the Hindoos. See p. 11. 

6270 Johnson (Daniel) Sketches of Indian Field Sports, with De- 
scription of the Art of Catching Serpents, Remarks on Hydrophobia 
and Eabid Animals, Hunting the Boar, illustrated, 8vo, half-calf. 
1827 8s 

6272 Johnson (Capt. C.) Journey through the Himmalah Mountains 
to the Sources of the Jumna, 1827 — Jour. R. Geog. Soc, Vol. IV. 
pp. 41-71, and map, cloth 4s 6d 

6273 Johnson (George W.) The Stranger in India; or, Three Years in 
Calcutta, 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1843 7s 

The Voyage, First Impressions — Calcutta ; the Seasons, Festivals ; Anglo- 
Indians, .Native Character, Education, Arts, and Music; the "Services." Civil, 
Military, iMarine ; Sporting ; Agriculture, Land, Coolies ; Lord Auckland, his 
character, government, and external policy. 

6274 Johnson (Wm.) The Oriental Races and Tribes, Residents and 
Visitors of Bombay, a series of 20 photographs, with letterpress 
descriptions (Vol. I. all published), Gujarat, Kutch, and Kathiawar, 
imperial 4to, morocco. 1863 £1 5s 

Includes photo groups of Owdich and Nagur Brahmins, Kajpoots, Bhats, 
Khuwas and Colas, Banians, Bhatias, Sadhoos, Khumbars, Khai-avas, Dheds, 
Waghurees, Parsis, Mehmans, Khojahs, Bohoras— menand women. The letterpress 
descriptions are by the Rev. Ur, Wilson, Hon. A, Kinloch Forbes, and others. 

6275 Johnson (Major W. T.) Twelve Years of a Soldier's Life (Native 
Irregular Cavalry), portrait, 12mo, cloth. 1897 3s 6d 

Services in India, &c., 1846-.")7— Baroda, Ahmadabad, Poonah, Oude (Alumbagh 
and Lucknow)— with an interval in the Crimea (1854). 

6276 Johnston (Rev. James) Our Educational Policy in India, 8vo, 
pp. xviii-61. 1880 , 2s 

6277 Abolition or Transference of Colleges and Schools in India, 

8vo, pp. xii-22. 1880 Is 6d 

6278 Report of Depu tuition on Education in India to Marquis of 

Ripon, 8vo, pp. 16. 1880 Is 6d 

6279 Education in India: Case for Inquiry, pp. 16. 1881 Is 6d 

6281 Johnstone (Major-Gen. Sir James) My Experiences in Mani- 
pur and the Naga Hills, 1874-86, ^>ie?noi?*, portrait, and ilh^strations, 
8vo, cloth. 1896 7s 

Jones (Sir VVm.) Works, with Life by Lord Teignmouth. See 
subsequent section, Indian Literatuiie, &c. 

— — ■- ^t 

8S, High Street^ Marylebonej London^ W. 

India jgy 

6282 Jones (Capt. Oliver J., R.N.) A Winter Campaign in India 

1857-58, 'portrait and 16 litlio illustrations, roy. 8vo, cl. 1859 lOs 

6283 A Winter Campaign, half-calf extra 12s 

Account of the Services of the Naval Brigade during the Mutin)\ 

6284 Jones- Parry (Capt. S. H.) An Old Soldier's Memories, ^w^mi^ 
8vo, cloth. 1897 5g 

India— Madras, Rangoon, Pegu, Tonghoo— The Crimea— Lucknow, Alumbagh,&c. 

6286 Journal of Indian Art and Industry, with numerous plates 
in colours and gold, illustrative of the Arts, Architecture, Indus- 
tries and Manufactures of Hindustan. Vols. I. to IX., compre- 
hending parts 1 to 69, folio, cloth. 1886-1901 £10 

Containing papers on Indian Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, and other Metal Art 
Ware ; Arms and Armour ; Wood and Ivory Carving ; Bidri Ware, Lacquer 
Enamelling, Inlaid Work ; Architecture and Architectural Decoration ; Pottery 
and Porcelain ; P^mbroidery ; Silk and Cotton Industries ; Cloth Stamping and 
Dyeing ; Bookbinding and Decoration, &c. The principal writers are Sir Edward 
Buck, Sir George Birdwood, J.Lockwood Kipling, E. B. Havell, Dr. James Burgess, 
Edmund W. Smith, B. H. Baden - Powell, Mrs. Rivett-Carnac, Col. S. S. Jacob, 
I^ieut.-Col. T. H. Hendlev, Capt. C. W. Ravenshaw, Col. R. C. 'J'emple, B. A. Gupte, 
T. N. Mukharji, E. S. Growse, Henry Cousens, G. Bidie, Major H. PI. Cole, Sir 
Charles Lavvson, &c. 

6287 Kalhana's Rajatarangini : a Chronicle of the Kings of Kasmlr, 
translated, with Introduction, Commentary, and Appendices — 
Historical, Geographical, and Topographical, maps, 2 vols. 4to, 
cloth. 1901 £2 10s 

Kalhana's 'River of Kings.' the oldest and fullest chronicle of Kashmir history, 
practically the sole extant product of Sanskrit literature possessing the character of 
a true chronicle, and first made known to European scholars by Dr. H, H. Wilson 
in his famous ' Essay on the Hindoo History of Kashmir,' is now translated for the 
first time." 

Kashmir. See Adair, Adams, Arbuthnot, ArchjBological Survey, 
Conway, Cunningham, Darrah, Doughty, Drew, Eckenstein, 
Fergusson, Forster(G.), Hardinge, Hodgson, Hodson, Honigberger, 
Hugel, Jacquemont, Knight (Capt.), Knight (E. F.), Lambert, 
Lawrence (W. R.), Macintyre, Maclagan, Markham, Moorcroft, 
Newall, Petrie, Savory, Torrens, Vigne, Wakefield, Wilson (W.), 
Wilson (A.), Workman, Younghusband, and references under Ladak. 

6288 Kay (W., D.D.) Patience and Passion: a Lecture, 8vo, pp. 19. 
Calcutta, 1862. With autograph of Lady A. Franklin 2s 6d 

6289 Kaye ([Sir] John Wm.) The Administration of the East India 
Company : a History of Indian Progress, 8vo, cloth. 1853 5s 

India under the Moguls, Establishment of the Company, the Eevenues, Settle- 
ment of Bengal, Madras, N.W. Provinces, Famines and Public Works, Judicial 
Systems and Agencies, Thuggee, Dakoitee, Non-Regulation Provmces (Smdh and 
the Punjaub), Savage Tribes, Human Sacrifice, Suttee, Infanticide, Native 
Education, Christianity, &c. 

6290 Christianity in India: a History, 8vo, cloth, 1859 4s 6d 

Legend of St. Thomas, Xavier and the Jesuits, Danish Missions State of Anglo- 

Indian Society, the Clapham Sect, Martyn, Carey,, Marshman, Wai-d, the Vellore 
MassTcrel^Episcopal Missions, He ber, Wilson, the .eritish Government, Education. 

8Sj High Street^ Marylehone, London^ W, 

168 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

6291 Kaye (Sir J. W.) History of the Sepoy War in India, 1857-8, to 
the Fall of Delhi, 3 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1880 £1. 

Vol. I. Introductory ; The Sepoy Army ; The Outbreak of the Mutiny. 

Vol. II. The Rising in the North West ; Progress of Rebellion in Upper India ; 
The Punjab and Delhi. 

Vol. III. Bengal, Behar and N.W. Provinces; Mutiny and Rebellion in the 
N.W. Provinces ; Lucknovv and Delhi. 

" The admirable History of Sir John Kaye a work that will ever remain a 

moou'uent of the literary power and conscientious accuracy of that historian." — 
C. R. Low. 

6292 and Malleson (Gen.) History of the Indian Mutiny, with 

Index, by Pincott, mays and plans, library edition, 7 vols. 8vo, 
cloth. 1877-80 £2 10s 

Gen. Malleson resumed and continued the history from the close of Kaye's 
Second Volume. 

" His work is not less remarkable for its literary beauty and loftiness of diction 
than it is for the research and careful inquiry which are perceptible on every 
liage.'^— Examiner. 

6293 Lives of Indian Officers, Illustrative of the Civil and 

Military Services of India, best edition, 2 vols. 8vo, cl. 1867 10s 

Cornwallis, Malcolm, Elphinstoue,Martyn, Metcalfe, Burnes, Conolly, Pottinger, 
Todd, Sir Henry Lawrence, Neill, Nicholson. 

6294 Lives of Indian Officers, 2 portraits, 3 vols. 12mo, cl. 1889 9s 

See also Buckle, Malcolm, Metcalfe, Simpson, Tucker, "Watson, and Afghanistan, 
p. 61. 

6296 Keene (H. G.) A Servant of John Company : Recollections of 
an Indian Official, portrait and 6 ilUistrations, 8vo, cloth. 1897 6s 

Dr. Keene's active services in India, in various departments, covered a period 
of thirty-five years (1847-82). His work should be read by all who aspire to service 
in the Indian Administration. It gives accounts of Rugby in Arnold's time, of 
Haileybury, Calcutta, and Mauritius in the 'forties, chapters on the decay of 
duelling, Thomason and Administration of the N.W. Provinces, the Mutiny, (fee. 

6297 Administration in India, 12mo, cloth. 1867 5s 

6298 The Turks in India : Historical Chapters on the Adminis- 
tration of Babar and his Descendants, 8vo, cloth. 1879 6s 

6299 The Fall of the Moghul Empire, from the Death of Aurung- 

zebe; Overthrow of the Mahratta Power, 1760-1803, map, 8vo, 
cloth. 1876 3s 

The Rohilla and Mahratta Wars, Sindhia, Holkar, Perron. 

6300 The Fall of the Moghul Empire, map, 12mo, cloth. 1887 3s 

6301 • Sketch of the History of Hindustan from the Muslim 

Conquest to the Fall of the Moghul Empire, 8vo, cloth. 1885 6s 

A clear, consecutive narrative of the larger events which have occurred in 
Hindustan from the first Moslem Conquest down to the year 1803— preceded by a 
chapter on the ethnologic features of the country. 

6302 The Great Anarchy : Sketches of Military Adventure in 

Hindustan during the Period immediately preceding British Occu- 
pation, with Preface by Sir R. Temple, 8vo, cloth 6s 

83 f High Street, Mo/rylebone, London, W. 

India 169 

6303 Keene (H. G.) Fifty-Seven : Some Account of the Administration 
of Indian Districts during the Revolt of the Bengal Army, 8vo, 
cloth. 1883 4s 

6304 History of India from the Earliest Times to the Present 

Day, mapsy 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1893 6s 

Dr. Keene gives authorities at the end of each chapter, and has an Appendix on 
Indian Law and the ' Indian Penal Code.' A most useful work covering the whole 
history of India— ancient and modern. It is remarkably fair, lucid, and compre- 

6305 An Oriental Biographical Dictionary, founded on Materials 

collected by the late T. W. Beale, new revised edition, royal 8vo, 
cloth. 1894 (pub. 28s) 7s 6d 

Great care has been taken in the compilation to secure accuracy, and this 
edition may be commended as trustworthy. 

6306 Mddhava Rao Sindhia, and the Reconquest of India, 18th 

Century (" Rulers of India" Series), 12mo, cloth. 1891 2s 

6308 Kelly (Capt. J. R.) and others. Memoirs on Mahee Kanta, with 
Account of the Gaekwars (Bombay Records), map, imp. 8vo, cloth. 
1855 5s 

6309 Keir (Arch.) Thoughts on the Affairs of Bengal, 8vo, pp. 84. 
1772 3s 6d 

The people, laws, land, trade in salt, &c. 

6310 Kennedy (Rev. James) Life and "Work in Benares and Kumaon> 
1839-77, illustrated, 12mo, cloth. 1884 3s 6d 

The author (of the L.M.S.) has recorded his experiences of the Mutiny at 
considerable length, has chapters on the Muhammadans and the Hindus, on the 
Government of India, and account of a visit to Ceylon in 1858 and 1859. 

Evidence on Education and Religious Instruction. See Pael. 

Reports, 1852-3, p. 67. 

Kennedy (Rev. Joseph, Vicar-Gen. Bengal), Evidence on Catholics 

in India, the La Martinere School, &c. See Pari. Reports, 

1852-3, p. 67. 

6311 Kenyon (General) Autobiography of, edited by Lloyd, 12mo, 
cloth. 1880 3s 6d 

Includes service with Sale in Afghanistan, the Sutlez, the Mutiny, Crimea, &c. 

6313 King (Mrs. R. M.) Diary of a Civilian's Wife in India, 1877-82, 
loith illustrations, 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1884 6s 

6314 King (Lieut. Edw.) A Birds'-Eye View of India: Our Position, 
its Danger and Remedy, 8vo, pp. viii-63. 1857 2s 6d 

6315 King (Lieut.-Col. W. Ross) Aboriginal Tribes of the Nilgri 
Hills, (from Jour. Anthropology), plates, 8vo, cloth. 1870 2s 6d 

6316 Kinloch ([Gen.] Alex. A.) Large Game Shooting in Thibet, the 
Himalayas, Northern and Central India, with map and 36 photo- 
gravures, 4to, cloth. 1885 Y''^ 

A New Edition of the author's work formerly issued in two Series, "contains 
descriptions of the country, and the various animals-the tiger, P'^^^^^r ^ynx wol^^ 
wild dog, bear, Indian rhinoceros, kiang, wild boar the gaur, yak, buffalo, nil^ao, 
gazelles, antelopes, deer. &c., " bagged " between 1864 and l»8/. ^^„^t, • 

" Splendidly illustrated letterpress very pleasant reading. -Graptiic. 

8S, High Street, MwryUhone, London, W. 

170 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

6317 Kinnaird (Hon. A.) Bengal: its Landed Tenure and Police 
System: Speech, H.C., June 11, 1857, pp. 70 2s 6d 

Kipling (J. L.) Beast and Man. See Natural History Section ; 
also Jour, of Indian Art, p. 167. 

6320 Kipling (Rudyard) The Works of, uniform edition (each in one 
vol.), 16 vols, 12mo, cloth each 4s 6d 

(a) The Light that Failed ; (h) Plain Tales from the Hills ; (c) Life's Handicap ; 
(d) Many Inventions ; (e) Soldiers Three, &c. ; (/) Wee Willie Winkie, &c. ; (g) The 
Bay's Work ; (A) Captains Courageous ; (i) Stalky & Co. ; (j) Jungle Book ; (k) 
Second Jungle Book ; {I) Soldier Tales ; (m) Kim ; {n) The Naulahka (by R. K. and 
Wolcott Balestier) ; (o) From Sea to Sea ; Letters of Travel, 2 vols. 

6321 The Works of Rudyard Kipling, in Prose and Verse, edition 

de luxe, printed in large type on hand-made paper, loith portrait 
drawn and etched hij W. Strang, 21 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1897-1901 £15 

Plain Tales from the Hills ; Soldiers Three, and Military Tales, 2 v. ; In Black 
and White ; Phantom 'Kickshaw, &c. ; Under the Deodars, &c. ; Jungle Book ; 
Second Jungle Book ; The Light that Failed ; Naulahka ; Verses, 1889-96 ; Captains 
Courageous ; Departmental Ditties ; The Day's Work, 2 v. ; From Sea to Sea, 3 v. ; 
Stalky & Co. ; Early Verse ; Kim, illustrated by J. L. Kipling. 

6322 [ -] Quartette, the Christinas Annual of the Civil and Military 

Gazette, by Four Anglo-Indian Writers, Svo, original wrapper. 
Lahore, 1885 {rare) £5 

This Christmas annual was entirely written by members of the Kipling family. 

6323 Departmental Ditties, and other Yerses, fii-st edition, oblong 

8vo, original wrapper, printed on brown paper like an official docu- 
ment. Lahore [1886] £1 10s 

6324 Departmental Ditties, second edition, 12mo, boards. Cal- 
cutta, 1886 £1 10s 

6325 Departmental Ditties, and other Yerses, with additional 

Poems, first complete edition, 12mo, cloth. Calcutta, 1890 15s 

This edition contains about fifteen new poems. 

6326 Departmental Ditties, new edition, 12mo, cloth. 1897 5s 

6327 Plain Tales from the Hills, first edition, 12mo, original 

Indian cloth. Calcutta, 1888 £4 10s 

6328 Plain Tales from the Hills, another copy, first edition, pub- 
lisher's English cloth. Calcutta, 1888 ^3 10s 

6329 Soldiers Three, second edition, Bvo, original wrapper. 

Allahabad, 1889 15s 

6830 The Story of the Gadsbys, first edition, Bvo, original wrap- 
per, fine copy. [1888] £2 

63S1 The Story of the Gadsbys, second edition, Svo, wrapper. 

1889 . 6s 

6332 In Black and White, first edition, Bvo, original wrapper. 

Allahabad [1888]. £2 

8S, High Street, Marylebone, London, W, 

India yj\ 

6333 Kipling (Rudyard) In Black and White, second edition, 8vo, 
wrapper. Allahabad, 1889 Gs 

6334 Under tlie Deodars, first edition, Svo, original wrapper. 

Allahabad [1888]. £1 lOs 

Back wrapper wautiug, and last page of advertisements torn. 

6335 Wee Willie Winkie, and other Child Stories, first edition, 

8vo, original grey paper wrapper. Allahabad [1888]. £2 

6336 Wee Willie Winkie, etc., second edition, Svo, wrapper. 

Allahabad, 1889 5s 

6337 The Phantom 'Rickshaw, and other Eerie Tales, first edition, 

Svo, original wrapper. Allahabad [1888]. £2 

6338 The Phantom 'Rickshaw, &c., third edition, Svo, wrapper 

Allahabad, 1890 4s 

6340 The City of Dreadful Night, and other Pieces, first edition, 

original paper wrapper. Allahabad, 1891 £2 

6341 Letters of Marque, first edition, Svo, cloth. Allahabad, 

1891 £Q 

This work is not included in an)' collected edition of Kipling's works, the 
copyright being held by the proprietoi-s of the Pioneer. 

6342 Kirkpatrick (Col. Wm.) Account of the Kingdom" [and People] 
of Nepaul : Observations made during a Mission to that Country in 
1793, map and 14 engraved vieivs of Khatmandu Natives, Implements, 
Alphabets, and I coloured plate, 'The Khalidge,' 4to, half-calf. 
1811 15s 

Contains a vocabulary, official papers, historical sketch, and Father Giuseppe's 
account of the Invasion oi Nepaul by Purthi Nerain in 1769. 
See also Tippoo Sultaun. 

6343 Knight (Capt.) 4Sth Regt., Diary of a Pedestrian in Cashmere 
and Thibet, tvith 16 tinted litho plates and 28 luood engravings, Svo, 
cloth. 1860 10s 

Includes an Account of a Visit to Ladak and the monastery of Hemis (with 
views), Chapters on the Religions and Temples, and a Sketch of Cashmere History. 

6344 Knight (E. F.) Where Three Empires Meet : a Narrative of 
Travel in Kashmir, Western Tibet, Gilgit, and Adjoining Countries, 
map and 54 illustrations, Svo, cloth. 1893 10s 

6345 Another edition, illustrated, 12mo, cloth 3s 

As special correspondent Mr. Knight accompanied the Settlement Officer to the 
Kashmir State on one of his tours, visited Ladak with Capt. Bovver, and reached 
CJilgit in time to take part in the expedition of Col. Durand {q.v.}. 

6346 Knighton (Dr. Wm.) Tropical Sketches; or, Adventures of an 
Indian Journalist, 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1855 8s 

6347 The Private Life of an Eastern King, Nussir-u-Deen, King 

of Oude, 12tno, cloth. 1855 ^^ 

6348 Elihu Jan's Story ; or, the Private Life of an Eastern Queen 

(of Oudh), from the Urdu, 12mo, half-calf. 18C5 /s 

See also Ceylon. 

83 High Street, MaryUhone, London, W. 

172 Fraiuiis Edwwrds^s Catalogue 

6349 Krishnanath Raghunathji, Pdtane Prabhus ; their History, 
Character, Customs, Religion, &c., written for t^ie Bombay Gazetteer ^ 
8vo, pp. 82. Bombay, 1879 3s 

6351 Kyndersley (Mrs.) Letters from Tenerifle, Brazil, the Cape, and 
East Indii s, 12mo, half-calf. 1777 10s 

6352 La Bourdonnais (Mahe de), Goiiverneur des lies de France et 
de Bourbon, Memoires Historiqnes, 'portrait, 8vo, cloth. Paris, 
1827 4s 6d 

See also Malleson's Dupleix, and French in India. 

Ladak. See Adair, Adams, Clark (M.), Cunningham, Darrah, 
Drew, Gerard, Hugel, Knight, Lambert, Macintyre, Markham (F.), 
Moorcroft, Shaw, Thomson (Dr.), Torrens, Vigne, Workman, and 
other references under Kashmir. 

Lafitau on Portuguese Conquests in India. See p. 11. 

6354 Laing (Samuel) India and China : England's Mission to the East, 
8vo, pp. 56 (scarce). 1863 3s 

On Peace, Land, Indian Finance, Currency, Contract Law, &c. 

Lake (Lt.-Gen. Gerard, Lord) Campaigns (N.W.P. and Punjab), 
1803-1806. See Thorn, Wellesley. 

6355 Lake (Major Edward) Madras Engineers, Journals of the Sieges 
of the Madras Army, 1817-19, 8vo, half-calf extra. 1825 6s 

6356 Plans and Yiews illustrating the Journals, 22 plates, royal 

4to, calf. 1825 lis 

6357 Lake (Major-Gen. Edward) : In Memoriam, portrait, 16mo, 
cloth. [1877] 2s 

A son of the preceding : he served with Edwardes in the Punjab. 

6358 Lally (Count) Memoirs of, as Commander-in-Chief of the French 
Forces in India, with Accounts of the Prior Past of his Life, his 
Condemnation, and Execution, map, 8va, calf. 1766 21s 

See also Cambridge ; Malleson, Orme, Voltaire, &c. 

6359 Lalor (J.) The Hill Districts, S.W. of Mehur, Sind (Bombay 
Eecords), imperial 8vo, pp. 20. 1860 2s 6d 

6361 Lambert (Cowley) A Trip to Cashmere and Ladak, ivith 
numerous illustrations, 12mo, cloth. 1877 3s 6d 

Includes a shooting expedition in the Tilail Valley, Journeys to L6, to Srinagar 
— among the black bears — and a chapter on Jeypore. 

6363 Land Tenure and Revenue — Jagheer and Eanam Land 
Tenure: Minutes of Case, MS., folio. 1822 4s 

6364 Report on Operations of the Inam Tenures Commission, by 

W. T. Blair, folio, sewed. Madras, 1869 2s 6d 

6365 Systems of Land Tenuie in Various Countries : a Series of 

Essays (Cobden Club), 8vo, cloth. 1870 5s 

Includes an essay on the Tenure of Land in India, by Sir George Campbell. 

83f High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

India 173 

Land Tenure {contiiiued). 

(5366 Dissertation concerning the Revenues of Government and Landed Tenures 

according to the Mohammedan Law, in Persian, with English translation hv 

Gladwin, 8vo, pp. 118, half-calf. 179t> Ts fid 

See also Baden- Powell (B. H.). Briggs (Gen.), Corn wallis, Crooke (VV.), DufEerin. 

E.T. Company (Fifth Report, 1812), Forbes (A. K.), Green '(H.), Hunter (Bengal 

Records, Orissa, &c.), Kinnaird, Laing, Mackenzie, Madras, Maine, Mead, Munro, 

Norton, Pattalo, Phear, Phillips, Punjaub, Raikes, Rice (L,), Robertson (H. D.), 

Saunders, Sullivan, Thornton, Toynbee, Wood, Dntt, and Administration (Pari. 

Reports), p. 67. 

6307 Lane- Poole (Stanley) History of the Moghul Emperors, illus- 
trated by their Coins, 8vo, cloth. 1892 5s 

63G8 Aurangzib, and the Decay of the Mughal Empire (" Rulers 

of India " Series), 1658-1707, map and portrait, 12mo, cloth. 1893 2s 

6369 Bdbar, the Founder of the Mughal Dynasty, 1494-1530 

(same series), map and portrait, 12mo, cloth. 1899 2s 

Catalogue of Indian Coins in the British Museum : — 

6370 Vol. I. The Sultans of Delhi, ivith 9 j)lates, 8vo, cloth. 1884 20s 

6371 Vol. IL Mohammadan States, imV A 12 ya<e.s,8vo, cloth. 1885 203 

6372 Vol. IIL Moghul Emperors, with Opiates, 8vo, cloth. 1892- 36s 

6374 Lang (John) Wanderings in India ; Sketches of Life in Hindo- 
stan, 12mo, cloth. 1859 4s 

Contains incidents of the Mutiny, Tales of Thugs, Billiards with Nana Sahib, 
Sketches of Anglo-Indian Society, Simla, the Himalayas, &c., contributed to 
Dickens's Household Words. 

6375 Langley (Capt. Archer) Madras Cavalry, Narrative of a Resi- 
dence at the Court of Meer Ali Moorad (Ameer of Sindh) ; with 
Wild Sports in the Valley of the Indus, portraits and frontispieces, 
2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1860 l^s 6d 

Includes descrintion of Bombay in 18.58, Kurrachee, H>;derabad, Shikarpoor, 
Khyrpoor, the Capital, chapters on Indian Finance, Revenue, Trade, Railways, &c. 

6376 Laplace (C. P. T.) Voyage autour du Monde de la Corvette " La 
Favorite," 1830-32, sous le Commandement de M. Laplace, 4 vols. 
8vo, cloth, Paris, 1832-35; also. Album Historique de Voyage, par 
M. de Sainson, super-royal folio, half-morocco extra. Fans, 1S^5 ^^ 

The 'Album 'contains a series of 72 well-executed and f^jtliful sketches m^ 
eluding scenes in Bourbon (3), Mauritius (4), Seychelles (1), Po°d/,f,^^R^<I L^^S 
(2), Malacca and Singapore (8). Manila (10), Macao and Caiiton (12), Cochin China 
(o), Java (G), River Derwent, V.D.L. (1), Sydney and Woolloomooloo (2), Koro- 
rareka, N Z, (3), Valparaiso (3), Rio Janeiro (2), &c. 

6377 Larking (Col. C.) Bandobast and Khabar: Reminiscences of 
India, with 12 illustrations, 12mo, cloth. 1888 ^s 

The author visited India at the invitation of the »"ke and Duchess of Con- 
naught, and travelled from Bombay to Poonah, Hyderabad, &c., and had good sport 
in the hills and the jungles. 

6378 Latif (Syad Muhammad) History of the Panjdb, map, imperial 
8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1891 winHiK! 

Hydrography and Physical Features, Aborigmes Aryan Gonques^^^^^^^^ 
Buddhism, Invasion by Egvpt, by Alexander tlj^^^^^^Vs &c Ris^^ the Sikhs 
Ghazni, Ghori, Tartar, Tuglak, Invasions, Timur, the Moguls, «c., rvib« 
Ranjit Singh and his successors. . 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

174 Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

6379 Lauderdale (Earl of) Inquiry into the Government of India by 
the E.I. Co., 8vo, boards. Edinburgh, 1809 3s 

6380 Laurie (Col. W. F. B.) Orissa, the Garden of Superstition 
and Idolatry, Account of iPuri and the Temple of Jagannath, &c., 
12mo, cloth. Minburgh, 1850 3s 6d 

6381 Laurie (Peter G.) Rambles in India, China, &c., 1857-58, with 
Selections from * My Sketch Book * (verse), 12mo, cloth {Printed 
for Private Circulation). 1859 3s 6d 

A voyage to India, the City of Palaces (Calcutta), China and the Chinese. 


6382 A Collection of Statutes relating to the E.I. Co., with Acts and parts of Acts 

relating to Shipping, Duties, and a copious Index, pp. 1,200, 4to, calf. 1810 lis 
G383 Observations on Judicial Institutions of Bengal, by a Barrister, 8vo, pp. iv-51. 

1849 2s 6d 

6381 Grievances and Defence of Heeralall Goverthundass Ex-Fouzdar of Ahme- 

dabad, 8vo, pp. 74. Bombay, 1849 38 6d 

(B385 Indian Marriage Act No. V of 18.52, 8vo, pp. 17. Bengal^ Hurharu Press, 1852 2s 

6386 Decisions of the Zillah, Subordinate and Assistant Courts, Madras Presidency, 

No. 17, February, 1853, 8vo, sewed. Madras 2s 6d 

6387 Surat Case. Precis of the Great Surat Case, illustrating the Mode in which 

Justice is Occasionally Administered in W. India, roy. 8vo, pp. 36. Bombay, 
1853 3s 6d 

With correspondence between Mr. R. D. Luard and the Bombay Government. 

6388 Papers relating to an Investigation into the Ptight of Inheritance to 

Private Property of the Late Nawab of Surat, 8vo. pp. iv-138. Bombay, 
1853 4s 6d 

Statement and Claim of Meer Jaffur Alikhan, and Appeal against Judg- 
ment of Mr. Frere. 

6389 Memorial of Meer Jaffur Alikhan, 8vo, pp. 8. 1853 2s 

6390 The Case of Meer Jaffur Alee, 8vo, pp. 39. 1854 23 

6391 House of Commons : Debate on the Nawab of Surat Treaty Bill, June, 

1856, 8vo, pp. iv-194 4s 6d 

6392 Correspondence Illustrative of the Peshwa's Government Practice regarding 

Adoptions, roy. Svo (Bombay Records). 1856 2s 6d 

6393 Correspondence regarding the Concealment of Revenue Records of the 

Peshwa's Government, roy. Svo (Bombay Records). 1856 2s 6d 

6394 Minute of Lieut-Gov. Halliday on Police and Criminal Justice in Bengal, 

April, 1856, pp. 35. 1857 2s fid 

6395 Petition of Protestant Missionaries on Case of the Ciiltivators of Bengal, 

Sept. 2, 18.56, pp. 26 2s 

6396 Petition of Calcutta Missionaries on Condition of the People of Bengal, Dec. 

15, 18.56, pp. 16 2s 

6397 Summary of Statements and Arguments, by W. Theobald, on Deputation from 

Bengal, pp. 106. Calcutta, 1857 4s 

6398 Indian Tracts : Copies of Halliday's Minute, &c.. respecting Missionary 

Memorial, Sec, by W. Theobald. 1857 2s 

6399 Letters on Proposed Extension of the Criminal Courts, by James Forlong, 

Kishnaghur, April, 1857, pp. 25. Calcutta 2s 

6400 Revelations of an Orderly: the Abuses of Administration in the Mofussil 

Courts, by Panchkouree Khan (killed in the Mutiny), 8vo, pp. iv-97, half- 
calf. Calcutta, 1857 5s 

83 j High Street, Mar^lehone, London, W. 

India 175 

Law and Justice, Trials, &c. {continued)— 

6401 Maharaj Libel Case and the Bhattia Conspiracy Case, royal 8vo, half-calf- 

Bombay, 1862 9g 

6402 Another Account, from the Calcutta Englishman, 12 pp. 4to 68 

6403 Banda and Kirwee Booty. Pleadings in the High Court of Admiralty, 1864-65, 

folio, cloth 48 

6404 Court Martial on Capt. Scott Jervis, Simla, June to, Aug., 1866, with corre- 

spondence (Pari, Paper), fol. sewed, July, 1867 4g 

6405 Trial of Moulvie Ahmedoollah of Patna and others, for Conspiracy and 

Treason (Bengal Records No. 42), roy. 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1866 38 6d 

6406 Trial of Muhammad Bahadur Shah, titular King of Delhi, and otheri, for 

llebeliion and Murder in 1857 (Punjab Records), roy. 8vo, sewed. 1870 68. 

6407 The Great Wahabee Case ; Proceedings in the Matters of Ameer Khan and 

Hashmadad Khan, pp. 163. Calc2itta, 1870 4s 6d 

6408 The Trial of Muluk Cband for Murder of his own Child ; a Romance of 

Criminal Administration in Bengal, with Introduction by W. A. Hunter, 
LL.D., 8vo, cloth. 1888 28 

6409 Trial of Shama Charau Pal, an Hlustration of Village Life in Bengal, 12mo, 

cloth. 1897 28 

Glossary of Judicial Terms. See Wilson (H. H.). 

See also Akbar, Albemarle, Baber, Bombay Association, British Indian Associa- 
tion, Court, Halhed, Halliday, Hamilton (Hedaya), Hastings, Hodgson, Hyderabad 
Papers, Ilbert, Impey, Keene, Macau lay, Madras, Maine, Mysore. Munro, Norton, 
Nuncomar, Pudiikota, Sice, Stephen (Fitzjame?), Stokes, Strachsy, Temple, Timur, 
Tucker, Wood, and references under Adminibtkation and Criminal Classes. 

6410 Lawrence (Stringer), the Father of the Indian Army, by Col. 
J. Biddulph, imth portraits of Dupleix {coloured) and Lawrence, 
map and vieivs of Trichinopoly, &c., 12mo, cloth. 1901 4s 

See also Cambridge, Dalton, Dupleix, Malleson, Orme's History, &c. 

6411 [Lawrence (Sir Henry Montgomery] Some Passages in the 
Life of an Adventurer in the Punjaub, 8vo, half-bound. Delhi, 
1842 {rare) 10s 

" A pleasant story, the chapters of which appeared in the Delhi Gazette. Mrs. 
Lawrence polished the periods, filled the gaps left by the impetuous author, and 
spun the poetry for the lovers." -Zi/e of Sir Henry Lawrence, i. pp. 208-9. " 

6412 Second edition: Adventures of an Officer in the Punjab, 

by Major H. M. L. Lawrence, two plates, 2 vols. 12mo, cl. 1846 10s 
6413 Essays, Military and Political, 8vo, cloth. 1859 7s 

6414 Life of Sir Henry Lawrence, by Sir Herbert Edwardes 

and Herman Merivale, portraits, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1872 12s 

6415 Sir Henry Lawrence the Pacificator, by Gen. McLeod 

Innes, map and portrait ("Rulers of India " Series), 12mo, cloth 3s 

Sir Henry Lawrence served in the First Burmese War, with the Sikhs in the 
Afghan War, in the Punjab, and died in the Defence of Lucknow. See also SMITH 
(Dr. George). 

6416 Lawrence (Sir George St. Patrick) Reminiscences of Forty- 
three Years in India, including the Cabul Disasters, Captivities in 
Afghanistan and the Punjaub, and a Narrative of the Mutinies m 
Rajputana, edited by Judge Edwards, 12mo, cloth. 1874 os 

Dr. Brydon's Account of the Retreat from Cabool in 1842 ig printed as an 

8S, High Street, Marykhone, London, W. 

176 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogite 

6417 [Lawrence (John Laird Mair)] Life of Lord Lawrence, by 
R. Bosworth Smith, portrait and maps, 2 vols. 8vo, cl. 1883 12s 

6418 Life, another copy, 2 vols, Svo, half-calf extra 16s 

6419 Lord Lawrence, by Sir R. Temple (" Men of Action " Series), 

12mo, cloth Is 6d 

6420 The Administration of Sir John [Lord] Lawrence, from the 

Calcutta Review, Svo, pp. 28. 1869 2s 

Lord Lawrence served as Commissioner ia the N.W. Provinces, and through the 
Mutioy, was in a sense the " Saviour " of India and Viceroy, 1864-69, the chief 
event of that period being the great famine of 1866. 

See also Aitchison (Sir C.) ; Oude ; Malleson, Prichard, Smith, Trotter, Wyllie, &c. 

6422 Lawrence (A. J.) Report on the Bundara District, Central 
Provinces (Ind. Govt. Records, No. 62), royal 8vo, sewed. Cal- 
cutta, 1868 2s 6d 

6423 Lawrence (W. R.) The Valley of Kashmir, fully illustrated, 
imp. 8vo, cloth. 1895 13s 

The Flora, Fauna, Archaeology, Social Life, Keligions, Eaces and Tribes, &c. 

6424 Leathart (John) Narrative of Grievances and Illegal Treatment 
of British OflBcers in Bengal, Svo, boards. 1810 7s 

Le Blanc (Vincent) Travels in the E. Indies, in Bengal, &c., end 
of the Sixteenth Century. See p. 12. 

6425 Lee-Warner (Sir Wm.) The Protected Princes of India, 8vo, 
cloth. 1894 5s 

The Rulers of the Native States, Raj pu tana, Hyderabad, Baroda, Mysore, 
Kashmir, Sikkim, &c. 

6426 Lees (W. Nassau, LL.D.) Materials for the History of India — 
Mohammadan Rule, 8vo, pp. 69. Hertford, 1868 2s 6d 

6427 Leith (G. M.) Fifty-eight Original Water-Colour and Pencil 

Sketches, 1842-66, in a volume, 18 in. by 12 in. £2 

Views of Scenery around Bombay and Bombay Harbour, Vehar Lake, Temple of 
" '■' " " ' ICrJ • - -- - — 

Parbuttee, Poona, Valley of the Krishna, and Mountain Views and Temple at 
Mahabuleshwar, Plain near City of Hyderabad (Sind), Minora Point, near Kurachee, 
Heights of Matheran, Distant View of Salsette, &c. 

6428 Leitner (G. W.) The Languages and Races of Dardistan, maps 
and illustrations, third edition, ito, half-calf. Lahore, 1878 £1 

Rough Outline of Tour ; Legends, Riddles, Proverbs, Customs, Religion, 
Government, &c., of the Shina Race ; History of the Encroachmeotsof Kashmir, 
with a Vocabulary. Only One Hundred Copies printed of this Edition. 
See also Indian Languages, &c. 

6429 Lethbridge (E.) Topography of the Mogul Empire as known to 
the Dutch in 1631, 8vo, pp. vi-63. Calcutta, 1871 3s 

Translation of the first Chapter of John de Laet's ' India Vera,' Leyden, 1631. 

6430 Lethbridge (Sir Roper) Short Manual of the History of India, 
■with Account of India as it Is, maps, 12mo, cloth. 1881 2s 6d 

83j High Street^ Marylehone^ London^ W. 

India 177 

6431 Lethbridge (Sir Roper) The Golden Book of India: Biographical 
Dictionary of Ruling Princes, Nobles, and other Personages of the 
Indian Empire, imp. 8vo, cloth. 1893 7s 6d 

" Sir Eoper Lethbridge has manifestly devoted much care and research to its 
compilation, and his introduction is a brief and instructive treatise on the laws, 
customs, and titles of Indian nobihty."— 7'me.s. 

6432 Letters from India and Kashmir (1870), illustrated throughout by 
H. R. Robertson, principally from the Writer's Sketches, royal 
8vo, cloth gilt. 1874 10s 

The author visited Aden, Bombay, Matharan, Ootacamund (Neilgherries), 
Beypoor, Colombo, Kandy, Point de Galle, Madras, Calcutta, Benares, Allahabad, 
Agra, Delhi, Simla, Lahore, Srinuggur, Murree, Peshawar, Bombay, Ellora, Goa, &c. 

Lettres Edifiantes. India, Ceylon, &c. See p. 12. 

6433 [Levison (H. A.] The Hunting Grounds of the Old World, 
by •' The Old Shekarry," H. A. L., illustrated, 8vo, cl. 1860 10s 6d 

6434 [ ] Another Edition, the third, Svo, cloth. 1865 9s 6d 

I. The Deccan. II. Southern India. III. The Mountain Ranges. IV. The 
Himalayas. V. Circassia. VI. Fire arms. 

6435 [ ] Sport in Many Lands, by H. A. L. (" The Old.Shekarry "), 

with Memoir, portrait and 164 illustrations, 2 vols. 8vo, cl. 1877 14s 

Deer Stalking, Chamois and Ibex, Wild Fowl Shooting; Hog, Bear, Tiger, 
Panther, Leopard, Elephant, Bison, and Buffalo Hunting in Inaia, with other 
Souvenirs of Sport in India, the Himalaya, Thibet, the Doon and Southern Jungles ; 
H tinting and Shooting in Western Asia, the Caucasus, and among the Bedouins ; 
Experiences in Southern and Western Africa and Abvssinia ; in the Rocky Moun- 
taine, &c. Major Levison spent nine years in India, 1845-54. 

6436 Lewin (Malcolm) Speech at E.I. House on the Government of 
India, Dec. 19, 1855, Svo, pp. 24 2s 

6437 The Way to Lose India, Svo, pp. 28. 1857 2s 

6438 E.I. Co.'s Monopolies, or. . . .Free Trade ? pp. 23. 1857 2s 

6439 On the Government of Oude, pp. 26. 1857 2s 

6440 Causes of the Indian Revolt, pp. 24. 1857 2s 

Evidence on Indian Courts of Justice, &c. See Parl. 

Reports, 1852-53, p. 67. 

6441 Lewin (Capt. T. H.) A Fly on the Wheel; or, How I Helped 
to Govern India, map and illustrations, Svo, cloth. 1885 5s 

The author served through the Indian Mutiny ; afterwards io the J^dian Police 
at Chittagong, in the Hill Tracts (1864-G8), and with the Lushai Expedition (1871-72). 

6442 The Hill Tracts of Chittagong and the Dwellers Therein, 

with Comparative Vocabularies of the Hill Dialects, Forest Timber, 
and other Produce, royal Svo, boards. Calcutta, 1869 /s 

6443 Wild Races of South-Eastern India, 12mo, cloth. 1870 4s 

New edition of the preceding work without the Vocabularies and other 


6444 Lewis ( Sir George Cornewall ) Speech on the India Bill, 
Feb. 12, 1858, pp. 48 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

178 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

6445 Lilly (W. S.) India and its Problems, maps and tables, 8vo, cloth. 
1902 7s 6d 

Chapters on the physical features of the country and its races — their language, 
literature, religions, history, and social life ; on local self-government, &c. 

6446 Lindsay (Lord) Lives of the Lindsays : a Memoir of the Houses 
of Crawford and Balcarres, 3 vols. Svo, cloth. 1858 £1 12s 

The third volume contains (1) Account of the Maroon War, 1795-96, by Earl of 
Balcarres; (2) Anecdotes of an Indian Life, 1772-87, by Hon. Robert Lindsay ; (3) 
Two Narratives of Proceedings of the British Army under Sir Hector Monro and 
Lt.-Col. Baillie and of the Battle of Conjeveram, Sept. 10, 1790, by Hons. James and 
John Lindsay ; (4) Journal of Imprisonment in Seriiigrtpatam, 1780-84, by Hon. John 
Lindsay ; (5) Defence of St, Lucie, 1779. and (6) Account of the Ass;*ult on 
Gibraltar, 1782, by Hon. Col. Lindsay ; (7) Lady Barnard's " Cape " Journal, 1797-98 ; 
(8) An Adventure in China, by Hon. Hugh Lindsay. 

Linschoten's Voyage to the Portuguese Indies, including Accounts 
of India, its Princes, People, and Products. See pp. 12-13; and 
Wheeler, 'post. 

Little (Capt.) Operations against Tippoo Snltan. See Moor. 

6447 Lloyd's Sketches of Indian Life, 18 full-page coloured plates 
of amusing incidents, 4to, boards. 1890 5s 

6448 Lloyd (Major Sir Wm.), Narrative of a Journey from Caun- 
poor to the Boorendo Pass in the Himalayas, via Gwalior, Agra, 
Delhi, and Sirhind (1821-22) ; and Capt. Alex. Gerard's Account 
of an Attempt to penetrate to Garoo and L. Manasarowara (1821), 
maps, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1846 9s 

With a Letter from J. G. Gerard detailing a Visit to the Shatool and Boorendo 
Passes, 1822, for the purpose of determining the line of perpetual snow on the 
Southern Himalayas. 
" Of the three tour?, the two by the enterprising brothers Gerard were purely 

scientific in their objects Major Sir W. Lloyd's contribution is in the form of 

a journal ; and is the most popular portion of the work, not merely for the subjects 
he handles, but for the character of the voah."'— Spectaior. 

6449 Loyd (Charles) The Campaigns of Hyder AH and Tippoo 
Sultaun, an original MS. record, on 615 folios, neatly written, 
bound in 1 vol. folio, half-calf. Circa 1800 £10 10s 

An authentic account of the war, together with the correspondence of 
Marquis Cornwallis, Sir Eyre Coote, and others, during the expedition against 
Tippoo Sultaun. The author appears to have been a Dr. Charles Loyd [who 
quaintly calls himself "originally a Welshman, born in the city of Hanover, to 
which place my father was sent by George I. as Commissary General "]. At the age 
of eight he went to Paris, staying there till the age of twenty-one in the service of 
Louis XV. He seems to have then travelled by easy stages to India, and after a 
short period we find him as principal pliysician and chief confidant of Hyder Ali. 

The above MS, is neatly written and prepared for the press, but has never been 

6451 Lobley (Rev. J. A.) The Church and the Churches in Southern 
India, Svo, cloth. Cambridge, 1870 2s 6d 

Maitland Prize Essay on Portuguese Missions to India, and their treatment of 
the Syrian Church in Malabar, Character of Xavier, &c. 

LooKHART (Sir W.) Tirah Expedition, 1897-98. See Hutchinson. 
83., High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

India 179 

6451 Lockwood (Edward) Natural History, Sport, and Travel [in 
Monghyr, Bengal], 12ino, cloth. 1878 2s 6d 

6452 Early Days of Marlborough College, to which is added 

chapters on 'Patna during the Mutiny' 'Old Haileybury,' &c., 
illustrated, small 4to, cloth. 1893 2s 6d 

6453 Lockyer (Charles) An Account of the Trade in India, with 
Account of Fort St. George (Madras), Acheen, Malacca, Condore, 
Canton, Muskat, Gombroon, Surat, Goa, Calicut, Cape of Good 
Hope, and St. Helena, 12mo, calf. 1711 10s 

6454 Login (Lady) Sir John Login and Duleep Singh, with intro- 
duction by Col. Malleson, map and portraits, 8vo, cloth. 1890 5s 

Contains brief account of Sir John Login's services in the N.W. Provinces 
1832-9 ; at Herat, 1839-40 ; iit Candahar and Cabiil, 1840-1 ; at Liicknow, 1842-8 ; with 
the Sikhs and at Lahore, 1848-9; at Futteguhr, 1849-54 ; in England, 1854-56, and 
Ital}', 1856-7 ; in the Mutiny, 1857 ; His Guardianship of Young Duleep, 1854-63 ; and 
a chapter on the (iovernment and Duleep Singh, 1856-86. 

An Api)endix contains Letters to John Bright and Sir Charles Phipps on Indian 
Policy and Government (1857) and the Treaty of Bhyrowal (1846). 

6455 [Long (Rev. J.)] Selections from Unpublished Records, Vol. I. 
1748 to 1767, relating mainly to the Social Condition of Bengal, 
with map of Calcutta, 1784, imp. 8vo, cloth. 1869 9s 

This work affords glimpses into subjects not usually treated in the histories- 
trade rivalries, the rise and development of Calcutta, scale of salaries, regulations 
regarding servants, travelling expenses, coinage, loafers, the criminal population, 
punishments, tlie slave trade, revenue taxes, gambling. Lord Clive's charges on his 
voyage to India, &c. Among appended records are (1) Account of Capt. Kinloch s 
Expedition to Nepal. 1767 ; Capt. Welsh's Account of Assam in 1792 ; Lord Mmto s 
Minute on establishing Sanskrit Colleges, 1811 ; Mr. Sutherland's Report on the 
Rajmahal Hill Chiefs ; the Kuch Bahar Family and the Family of Jagat Set. 

6457 Longridge (Rev. George) History of the Oxford Mission to 
Calcutta, portraits and illustrations, 12mo, cloth. 1900 6s 

Lord (Henry) Religion of the Banians and Parsees. See sub- 
sequent SECTION. 

6459 Low (Lieut. C. R.) History of the Indian Navy, 1613-1863, 
2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1877 9s 

Includes Accounts of Naval Operations of the Indian Vessels in the Persian 
Gulf, at Java and the Eastern Islands (1845-fi), the Capture of Aden, Services in the 
first China War (1841). in New Zealand, First and Second Burmese Wars, the Occu- 
pation of Perim and the Andaman Islands, Services rendered dunng the i f dian 
Mutiny, 1857-9, detailed Accounts of the Geographical Surveys from 17<3, History ot 
the Overland Route, kc, List of Vessels, &c. 

See also Abbott and Pollock. 

6460 Lowe (Dr. Thomas) Central India during the Rebellion, 1857- 
1858 : Narrative of Operations under Generals Rose [Lord Straith- 
nairn] and Sir C. Stuart, maps, 12mo, cloth. 1860 7s 

6461 Luard (Major John) Views in India, Saint Helena, and Car 
Nicobar [and at Sea], 1822-26, drawn from Nature and on Stone, 
imp. 4to, half-morocco. (1830) ^^ 'f 

Includes several views of Lucknow, Delhi, and Bhurtpore, and three of the 
Taj-Mahal ; also of Napoleon's tomb and the room in wh ich he died. 

8S^ High Street, MaryUhone, London, W. 

180 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

6462 Luard (R. Davies) Reconstruction of Our Indian Empire, pp. 32. 
1857 2s 

See also Law and Justice : Surat Case, p. 174. 

LucKNOW, Siege of. See Bartrum (Mrs.), Harris (Mrs.), Havelock, 
Wilson (T. F.), and references under Mutiny and Oude. 

6463 Ludlow (Malcolm) Lectures on British India, its Races and its 
History, considered with reference to the Mutinies of 1857, 2 vols. 
12mo, cloth. 1857 5s 

6464 The War in Oude, 8vo, pp. iv-58, half -calf. 1858 4s 6d 

6465 Liimsden (Lieut. Thomas) Journey from Merut to London, via 
Futty Ghur, Cawnpoor, Lucknow, Benares, Patna, Calcutta, Bom- 
bay, Persia, Armenia, Russia, &c., 1819-20, map, 8vo, el. 1822 4s 

6466 Lumsden of the Guides : a Sketch of the Life of Lieut.-Gen. 
Sir Harry Burnett Lumsden, with Selections from his Correspondence 
and Occasional Papers, by Gen. Sir Peter Lumsden and G. R. 
Elmslie, portraits, maps, and illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1899 8s 

Includes a Record of Services during the Afghan, Sutlej, Punjab, aud Frontier 
Campaigns, as well as the Raising of the famous Corps of Guides ; Experiences on 
the Afghan Frontier before and after the Annexation on the Pujnab in 1847, and a 
Series of Letters written by Sir Herbert Edwardes, describing the progress of the 
Mutiny, 18o7-58; also Appendices on Frontier Requirements and Afghan Field 

Mission to Afghanistan, 1857. See Bellew, p. 58. 

6467 Lutfullah, a Mohamedan Gentleman, Autobiography of, and his 
Transactions with his Fellow-Creatures, edited by E. B. Eastwick, 
12mo, half-calf. 1857 4s 6d 

Lutfullah was Secretary to an Indian Gentleman, with whom he visited 
England in 1844. The work contnins the sentiments of a native of India on the 
people with whom he had to deal and on matters connected with the government. 

6468 Lyall (Rt. Hon. Sir A. C.) Asiatic Studies, Religious and Social, 
new edition, 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1899 14s 

Vol. I. Religion of an Indian Province ; Origin of Divine Myths in India ; 
Witchcraft and Non-Christian Religions ; Missionary and Non-Missionary Religions ; 
the Rajpftt States ; Clans and Castes ; Our Religious Policy ; Islam in India, &c. 

Vol. II. Letters from Vamades Shastri ; The State and Religion in China ; 
' The Golden Bough'; Origins aud Interpretions of Primitive Religions; Natural 
Religion in India ; History and Fable ; Permanent Dominion in Asia. 

6469 The Rise of the British Dominion in India, with 4 maps, 

12mo, cloth. 1893 (University Exten. Series) 3s 

6470 The Rise and Expansion of the British Dominion in India, 

enlarged edition, with 5 maps, 8vo, cloth. 1894 6s 

The scoiie of this edition has been extended so as to include the history to 
1858 and all later acquisitions of adjacent territory, and to trace the formation of 
the several political frontiers. 

6471 Warren Hastings ("Men of Action"), 12mo, cl. 1889 2s 

6472 Verses Written in India, 18mo, cloth. 1893 3s 6d 

'The Old Pindaree,' ' Rajpoot Rebels,' 'Studies at Delhi, 1876,' 'A Night in the 
Red Sea,' ' Theology in Extremis,' &c. 

8S, High Street, Marylehone, London, TF. 

India 181 

6474 Lytton's (Lord) Indian Administration, 1876-80, from Letters 
and Official Papers by Lady Betty Balfour, map and portrait, Svo, 
cloth. 1899 5s 

The principal contents of this volnino relate to Lord Lytton's Negotiations 
with Afghanistan and Tretity with the Khan of Khelat, the great assemblage at 
Delhi when H.M. the Queen was proclaimed Empress of India, the Famine of 1877, 
Kabul Massacre and War of 1879, Indian Finance, the Vernacular Press, and the 
Civil Service. 

See Colley ; Trotter's India under Q. Victoria 

6476 Mabon (Robert) Sketches Illustrative of Oriental Manners and 
Customs, engraved frontispiece and 19 coloured plates, with 
descriptions, oblong Svo, half-calf. [1797] • £1 10s 

Supposed to be the earliest published collection of plates ilhistraiing the 
manners and customs of the natives of India, the Calcutta edition of Solvyns iq.v.) 
not having been issued till 171)1). Mabon assisted Wales in his drawings of the 
cave-temples of Ellora, &c. (see Daniell, p. 100). An interesting letter relating to 
Wales and Mabon will be found in the Indian Antiqvary, April, 1880, signed 
" Archd. Constable." 

6477 Macartney (Earl of) Some Account of the Public Life, and 
Selection from Writings, of the Earl of Macartney, by [Sir] John 
Barrow, portrait, 2 vols. 4to, calf. 1807 18s 

Ix)rd Macartney was Governor of Madras, 1781-5, during the war with Hyder 
All and Tippoo. The greater part of vol. i. and Appendix relates to this period 
and includes correspondence with Hastings and the Nabob of Arcot. Also the 
circumstances of the duel fought with Major-General Stuart [g.v.). 

6478 Macaulay (Lord) Works and Life, original library editions: 
History of England (5 vols.). Essays (3 vols.). Speeches (1 vol.), 
Miscellaneous Writings (2 vols.), Life and Letters by Trevelyan 
(2 vols.), in all 13 vols. Svo, cloth, luith portraits. 1854-76 £4 

Macaulay spoke on the E.l. Company Bill 1833, and was in India 1834-8. ^^JP^ 
that period he wrote his famous essays on Clive and Warren Hastings. Atter 
his return home he spoke on the war with China 1840, and on the policy ot Lord 
Ellenborough ('The Gates of Somnauth ') 1843. 

6479 — — Complete Works, library edition, containing the History, 
Essays, Biographies, Speeches, Miscellanies, and Poems, portraits, 
8 vols. Svo, cloth. 1868 ^* 

To this edition, edited by Macaulay's sister, was added his valuable report and 
notes on the Indian Penal Code. This, with the essays on Clive, Warren Hastings, 
and the speech 'The Gates of Somnauth,' are included m the sixth, seventh, ana 
eighth volumes. 

6481 Macaulay (Colman) Report of a Mission to Sikkim and the 
Tibetan Frontier, with a Memorandum on Our Relations with iibet, 
map and 17 photographs, 4to, cloth. Calcutta, 188o i-s oa 

6483 McCormick (A. D.) An Artist in the Himalayas, icith o^^er^^O^ 
sketches, Svo, cloth. 1895 

See also Conway, Eckenstein, WaddelL 

8S, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

182 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

6484 M'Crindle (J. W.) The Invasion of India by Alexander the 

Great, as described by Arrian, Q. Curtius, Diodorns, Plutarch, 

Justin, and other Classical Authors, with Introduction, Life of 

Alexander, Notes, illustrations, maps^ and indices, second edition, 

revised, pp. xvi-432, 8vo, cloth. 1896 4s 

The Appendices include notes on the cities and districts described by the 

historians, and on gold-digging ants. Alexanders Canap on the Hydaspes (the Jhilam), 

Battle with Poros, Voyage down the Hydaspes. Alexander in Sindh, Sindimana 

(iSchivan), Indian Sages, the Indian Month, Indian Serpents, Peacocks and Dogs, 

Suttee, Ancient Indian Coins, an Asoka Inscription, &c. 

6485 — — Ancient India as described by Megasthenes and Arrian, 
notes and viap, Svo, cloth. Bomhaij, 1877 8s 

6486 Ancient India as described by Ktesias the. Knidian, notes 

and index, 8vo, cloth. Bombay, 1882 7s 

6487 Ancient India as described by Ptolemy, map, 8vo. Bombay, 

1885 8s 

See also p. 13 ; Cosmas, p. 5 ; Arrian, p. 75. 

6488 McCulloch (Major W.) Account of the Valley of Munnipore 
and of the Hill Tribes, with Comparative Vocabulary ('India Gov. 
Eecords,' No. 27), roy. 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1859 3s 6d 

6490 Macdonald (Rev. J. Middleton) The Baba Log: a Tale of 
Child Life in India, illustrated, small 4to, clotli. 1897 2s 6d 

6491 McFall (Cai)t. Crawford) With the Zhob Field Force, 1890, 
with 90 illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1895 5s 

6492 MacFarlane (Charles) Our Indian Empire : its History from 
the Earliest Settlement of the British to 1846, illustrated, 2 vols. 
12mo, cloth. 1848 5s 

6493 MacGeorge (G. W.) Ways and Works in India : an Account of 
the Public Works in that Country from the Earliest Times to the 
Present, numerous illustrations and 5 maps, 8vo, cloth. 1894 . 9s 

6494 M'Gregor (W. L., M.D.) History of the Sikhs, containing Lives 
of the Gooroos, History of the Independent Sirdars, and Life of 
Runjeet Singh, loith Ms j)ortraitf map, and 6 other plates, 2 vols. 
Svo, cloth. 1846 12s 6d 

6495 Macgregor (Gen. Sir Charles), Quartermaster- General in India, 

Life and Opinions, portrait and maps, 2 vols. Svo, cloth. 1888 9s 

The Mutiny, 1857-8; China War, 1860; Bhutan, 1864-6; Abyssinia, 1868; 
Afghanistan, 1878-80, &c. 

6496 Macintyre (Gen. Donald) Hindu-Koh : Wanderings and Wild 
Sport on and beyond the Himalayas, with 35 coloured, photo, and 
other illustrations, Svo, cloth. 1889 9s 
Hindu-Koh, cheaper edition, 12mo, cloth. 1891 2s 6d 

Simla, Delira Doon, the Cliipla, the Goorkhas, Cashmere, Kumaon, Ladak, Hints 
on Kit, &c. 

6497 [Mackay (Rev. James Aberigh-)] From London to Lucknow : 
Memoranda of Mutinies, Marches, Flights, Fights, &c., also an 
Opium-Smuggler's Explanation of the Peiho Massacre, by an Indian 
Chaplain, 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1860 Ss 6d 

Aberigh-Mackay (George), see p. 65. 

8S, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

iTidia 183 

6498 Mackay (Geo., M.D.), Remark.s on the Climate, &c., of the 
Neilgherry Hills, 8vo, pp. 33. Madras, 1870 2s 6d 

6499 Mackenzie (Lieut. lioderick) Sketch of the War with Tippoo 
Sultaun : Detail of Military Operations from the Commencement of 
Hostilities at the Lines of Travancore, in Dec, 1789, until the 
Peace concluded before Seringapatam in Feb., 1792, 2 vols. 4to, 
half-calf. Calcutta, 1793-4, reprinted London, 1799 (scarce) £3 

The Appendix contains copies of earlier treaties with Tippoo, the Nizam. H)'der 
Ali, the Rajah of Tanjore, and Mahratta Chiefs; also lists of the killed, wounded, &c. 

6500 Mackenzie ([Lieut.-Gen.]. Colin) Narrative of the Mutiny at 
Bolarum, Sept., 1855, 8vo, pp. 52, half-calf. 1856 4s 6d 
Biographical Sketch. See Smith (Dr. G.). 

Work regarding the Dominions of Tippoo. See Mysore. 

Indian Surveys. See p. 163. 

6501 Mackenzie (J. T.) Trade and Commerce of Lidia, with Remarks 
on Land Tenures, Government, &c., 8vo, pp 48. 1859 2s 

6503 Mackenzie (Col. A. 11. D.) Mutiny Memoirs: Personal Remi- 
niscences of the Sepoy Revolt, 1857, 12mo, cl. Allahabad, 1891 4s 

The author took part, as a subaltern (Mcer of cavalry, at the Storming of Delhi 
and the Relief of Lucknow, and relates how Capt. Sanford lost his life. 

6504 Mackenzie (Alex.) History of the Relations of the Government 
with the Hill Tribes of the N.E. Frontier of Bengal, royal 8vo, 
cloth. Calcutta, 1S8^ 10s. 6d 

6505 Mackinnon (Capt. D. H.) Military Service and Adventures in 
the Far East, including the Campaigns against the Afghans, 1839, 
and the Sikhs, 1845-6, 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1849 8s 6d 
Mackintosh : Travels, 1777-81 and Observations on the British 

E. Indies. See Francis (Sir P.). 

6506 Mackintosh (Capt. Alex.) Account of the Tribe of Ramoossies, 
including Life of the Chief Oomiah Naik, 8vo, half-bound. Bombay, 
1833 8s 

With inserted portrait of a favourite Ayah. 

6507 Mackintosh (Sir James) Memoirs of the Life of, by his Son, 
portrait, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1836 l^s 

Mackintosh, philosopher, essayist, and Jiistorian, was Recorder of Bombay from 
1804 to 1812, Profe.^sor of Law aild Politics at Haileybury 1818 to 1824, and a t om- 
mi.S8ioner for Indian Affairs from 1830 to his death in 1832. The greater part ot these 
volumes relate to Indian affairs. See also Douglas's ' Bombay, vol. n. ciiap. xxx\n., 
and TransactionH of Bombay Literary Soc. 

6508 Maclagan (Gen. R.) Early Ai^iatic Fire Weapons {Joii^r. Asiatic 
Soc, Bengal), 1876, pp. 43 -» ^^ 

6509 The Rivers of the Punjab— Piioc. R. Geog. Soc, N.S. 

Vol. VII., pp. 705-19. 1885 ^^ 

Kashmir, Lahore, Punjab, and other articles in * Encyclopaedia 


6510 Maclean (Lieut.-Col. J. N. H.) Report on the Saugor ^I^J^tnct 
Jubbulpore Division, C. Provinces ('Ind. Govt. Records, ^^^^^^f^ 
royal 8vo, sewed. Calcutta, 1868 

83, Uigh Street, Marylehene, London, W. 

184 Frcmcis Edwwrdds Catalogue 

McLeod (Sir Donald) Biographical Sketch. See Smith (Dr. George). 

6511 Macmillan (Prof. M.) The Globe Trotter in India Two 
Hundred Years Ago, and other Studies, 12mo, cloth. 1895 2s 

6512 [MacMullen (John)], Camp and Barrack Room; or, the British 
Army as It Is, by a late Staff Sergeant, 13th Light Infantry, 12mo, 
cloth. 1846 5s 

Narrative of Voyage to and Service in India, 1843-45. 

Macmurdo (Lieut. James) On the Province of Kattywur and its 
Inhabitants. Bombay Lit. Soc. Trans., Vol. I., pp. 259-88. 
On the Province of Cutch, ihid., Vol. II., pp. 205-41. 

6514 McNair (Major) and Barlow (T. L.) Betrothal and W^edding 
Customs in the Punjab. Folk Lore, June, 1898, pp. 136-56 2s 

6515 Macpherson (David) History of European Commerce with 
India, 4to, half-calf. 1812 8s 

6516 Macpherson (Major Samuel Charters) Memorials of Service 
in India, by his brother William, ?7iap an6, plates, 8vo, cl. 1865 6s 

Charters Macpherson with Campbell (see p. 1)3) assisted in forming the Khonds 
into a united and peaceful race (1837-45)— Hunter, ' Indian Empire.' 

6517 Macqueen (K.) Who is to Blame for the Mutinies? pp. 30. 
1857 2s 

6518 Madras Journal of Literature and Science, from the Com- 
mencement in 1833 to 1849, 15 vols, bound in 14, 8vo, half-calf, 
neat (r-ai'e) £10 

Contains a large amount of local history, as well as papers on Asiatic literature 
and science. 

6519 Vols. I. and IL, 8vo, half-calf. Madras, 1834-5 15s 

Among the contents of tliese vohimes are Conner's Survey of Travancore and 

Description of the Hill Tribes ; Mackintosh's History of the Kamoossiee ; Arch- 
deacon Eobinsoa's Malabar Christians ; I'apers on Climate, Meteorology, Literature, 
Science, &c. 

6520 [Madras] IIistoric<il Record of E.I. Co.'s First Madras European 
Regiment, 1644-1842, 2)lans and illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1843 9s 

Origin of the Corps, Early Expeditions to Bengal and Madras, Capture of Arcot, 
Campaigns in M3'^sore, Tan j ore, Expeditions against Angria, to Ceylon, the Phi- 
lippines, and the Moluccas, &c. 

6521 Abridgment of General Orders issued at Fort St. George, Madras Presidency, 

1800 to 1840, with Index, Madras, 1840 ; also General and Complimentary 
Orders, 1840-42, and Index, compiled by W. T. Starkenburgh, Madras, 1844, 
1 vol. 4to, calf (rare) £1 

6522 Abridgment of General Orders with Complimentary Orders, and Index, issued 

at Fort St. George, Madras Presidency, 1840-1842. with index, 4to, cloth. 
Madras, 1844 5s 

6523 Ditto, 1843-45, 4to, cloth. Madras, 1846 5s 

6524 Complimentary General Orders issued at the Presidency of Fort St. George, 

noticing Battles, Sieges, Proficiency of Officers, &c., 1800-40, 4to, cloth (.scarce). 
Madras, 1840 lis 

6525 Madras Artillery Orders, 1816-31, lithographed, continued to 1840 in manu- 

script, folio, half-calf. ' £2 2s 

Topography of Kaigurh, Sarungurh, &c. (' Bengal Records,' 1855). See Assam, 
&c., p. 76. 

8Si High Street^ Mari/lebone, ZoTidon, W. 

India 185 

Madras {continued) — 

6526 Names of Zemindars, &c., in tlic Districts of Madras Presidency, folio, swd. 

if arfms [1880?] 2s f)d 

6527 Report on tlie Administration of Madras Presidency 1887-88, folio, bds, 5s 

6528 Madras Native Association, 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 6th Petitions to Imperial Parlia- 

ment for the Redress of Grievances, 8vo. Madras, 1852-57 3s 6d 

6529 Memorial on Government Interference in Religious Matters, Svo, pp. 48. 

Madras, 1859. 2s 

6530 Madras Irrigation and Canal Company, 8vo, swd. pp. viii[4]-120. 1857 2s 6d 

6531 Madras Club, Rules, Svo, pp. 20. 1865 Is 

6532 Catalogue of Coins in the Government Museum, Madras, royal 8vo. swd. pp. 60. 

1874 ' 2s 6d 

6533 Facsimiles of Tombstones, &c., connected with St. Mjwy's Church, Fort 

St. George, with index of names, royal 8vo, morocco. Madras, 1880 15s 

See also Archaeological Survey, Arcot, Briggs, Census, Clive, Cotton, Denison, 

DufE (M. E. Grant), Harris, Hobart. Hodges, Lake, Macartney, Maitland, Morris, 

Munro, Murray (Handbook), Orme, Pitt, Stuart, Tanjore, Vellore, Wheeler, Barlow, 

Minto, references under French in India, Maps, &c. 

6534 Maharajas, History of the Sect of, or Yallabhachdryas in 
Western India [by Karsandas Mulji], steel front, of Bombay Mdlici- 
rdjas, Svo, cloth. 1865 {scarce) £2 

Account of a lewd sect : and of the Maharaj libel case against* the author, 
with comments on the trial and the immoral practices of the Mahiirdjas by the 
Indian press. See also 6401. 

6535 Mahratta War. The Origin and Authentic Narrative of the 
Present Mahratta War ; also, the late Rohilla War, 1773-74, Svo, 
pp. iv-154. Appendix xxxi, 48, half-calf. 1781 9s 

Against Hastings' Policy, with Extracts from Minutes and Correspondence 
of Francis and Hastings. 

Mahrattas and Mahratta Wars. See Baroda, Blacker, Brough- 
ton, Buckley, Calcutta Gazette, Crawford, Crawfurd, Duff (Grant), 
Elphinstone (M.), Fryer, Goddard, Hastings (Warren), Hastings 
(Marquess), Hockley, Holkar, Hough, Hyder, Keene, Mackenzie, 
Malcolm (Central India), Matthew, Moor, Munro, Orme, Owen, 
Ross, Sindhia, Temple, Tippoo, Wallace, Wellesley, Welsh, West, 
Wheeler, &c. 

6536 Maine ([Sir] H. Sumner) Ancient Law : its Connection with the 
Early History of Society, &c., Svo, cloth. 1890 9s 

6537 Village Communities in the East and West, Svo, cl. 9s 

The East and the Study of Jurisprudence, Sources of Indian Law, the Indian 

Village Community, Land Settlement in Bengal, Mahometan Theory of Ownership, 
Cultivated Land, Origin of Indian Towns, the Wastes, &c. 

6538 The Early History of Institutions, Svo, cloth. 1890 9s 

6539 Early Law and Custom, Svo, cloth. 1890 7s 6d 

Including Dissertations on the Sacred Law of the Hindus, &c. 

Anglo-Indian Codes. See Stokes (Whitley). 

Minutes. See Ilbert, Government of India. 

Sketch of. See Smith (Dr. George) Indian Statesmen. 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London W, 

186 Frcmcis Edwards^ 8 Catalogue 

6540 Maine (Sir Henry): a Brief Memoir, by the Rt. Hon. M. E. 
Grant-Duif , with some of his Indian Speeches and Minutes, selected 
by Whitley Stokes, portrait , 8vo, cloth. 1892 7s 

'• Of the six Law Members of the Council of the Governor-General during the 
half-century ending 1882, Macaulay and Maine stand out, each as the most notable, 
juridical statesman of his generation, not only in the United Kingdom, but in the 

United States of America and in Europe Of the two, it cannot be questioned 

that Maine was the greater in the value and permanence of his services to India 
and the Empire."— Dr. George Smith. 

6541 Maisey (Gen. F. 0.) Sanchi and its Remains, and their Evidence 
as to the Comparatively Modern Date of the Buddhism of Gotama, 
with 40 plates, imp. 4to, cloth. 1892 21s 

The author is' inclined to reduce the Buddhistic period by 600 years. 

6542 [Maitland (Mrs. Julia Charlotte)] Letters from Madras, 1836-39, 
12mo, cloth. 1843 2s 6d 

Contains interesting descriptions of military life, soldiers' wives, native schools, 
and education. 

6543 Majendie (Lieut. V. Dering) Up among the Bandies : a Year's 
Service in India, 12mo, cloth. 1859 6s 

6544 Major (R. H.) India in the Fifteenth Century, from Latin, 
Persian, Russian, and Italian Sources (Hakluyb Soc), 8vo, cloth. 
1857 10s 

Travels Overland to India of Abd-er-Razzak (1442), Nicolo Conti (1449). Athan- 
sius Nikitin (1468-74), Hierouimo di Santo Stefano (1495?). 

6545 Malabar. History of the Church of Malabar from 1501, to- 
gether with the Acts and Decrees of the Synod of Diamper, 1599, 
with Eeraarks on the Christians of St. Thomas, translated from the 
Portuguese by Michael Geddes, 8vo, calf. 1694 10s 

'' The Synod of Diamper is the leading event of the Eomish Missions in Malabar. 
Its proceedings contain the only authentic account extant of the doctrines- and 

practice of the Syrian Church in Malabar previous to this Synod."— Hough, 

'Christianity in India,' vol. i. pp. xiii-xiv. 

See also Lobley and references under Portuguese in India. 

6546 Malabari (Behramji M.) Gujardt and the Gujardtis: Pictures of 
Men and Manners taken from Life, 12mo, cloth. Bombay, 1889 3s 

Incidents, Anecdotes, and Descriptions of Society as seen to-day in Surat 
Baroda, Ahmadabad, &c. 

6547 Malcolm (Sir John) Envoy to Persia and Governor of Bombay, 
Life and Correspondence of, by [Sir] J. W. Kaye, portrait, 2 vols. 
8vo, cloth. 1856 6s 

Sir John Malcolm served as a subaltern in Southern India 1783-84, at the Capture 
of the Cape of Good Hope 1795, in the Mysore 1799-1800, Persian Embassy 1801, the 
Wars with Scindiah and Holkar, Second Mission to Persia 1810. in Central India 
1819-21, and was subsequently, 1827-30, Governor of Bombay. The narrative cont^iins 
numerous invaluable documents, and some unpublished letters of the Duke of 

"A pleasing and instructive record of Sir John Malcolm's cSireer i)ortrays 

the growth of a manly, self-relying character, and throws some additional light on 
the history of British policy in Ind.vA.'"— Edinburgh Review. 

See also Douglas's ' Bombay,' Kaye's ' Indian Officers,' and Persia, p. 47. 
^ — • — ^ 1 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

India 187 

6548 Malcolm (Sir John) Private Letter to Josiah Webb, Chief Secre- - 
tary to Government of Madras, dated Poonah, 24tli Nov., 1799, ; 
(signed) John Malcolm, 48 pages, 4to {un'puhlislied) £1 | 

Written two days after Malcolm's arrival at Poonaii from Hyderabad, giving*. ^' 
account of the youug Scindeah, his territory, army, family, objects, government, 
and character— '' one of the most dissipated and unprincipled young men that ever 
came into power/' 

6549 Three Autograph Letters to Webbe, dated Calcutta and 

Bombay, 1801-2, 8 pp., 4 pp., 8 pp. {unpuhlislied) 15s 

On Webbe's prospects ; on the Settlement of the Carnatic, and Webbe's 
reward: "1 mentioned your wish to become a 'Knight of the Blue' to Lord 
Wellesley, who remarked that he was flattered by your thinking such a trifle a 
distinction, and that when he gave his consent he could only regret that he had 
not a ' blue ribbon ' instead of a ' blue coat ' to offer you " ; on the rumours from 
Europe of the King's health and a Regency, &c. 

6550 Sketch of the Sikhs, royal 8vo, boards. 1812 4s 

Reprinted from the Asiatic Eesearches, vol. xi. 

6551 Sketch of the Political History of India from 1784, royal 

8vo, morocco extra. 1811 5s 

The jKiriod covering the Administration of Lord Cornwallis, Sir John Shore, the 
Marquess Wellesley, and Sir CJeorge Barlow. 

6552 Political History of India, 1784-1823, 2 vols. 8vo, half- 
morocco 7s 
To this edition is added the periods of the administration of Lord Minto and the 
Marquess of Hastings. An Appendix contains Abs<tract of Conferences to Negotiate 
the Trejity of Seringapatam, Minutes of Sir John Shore on expected Mahratta 
Hostilities, Lord Wellesley on Tippoo's Embassy to the Isle of France, Sir John 
Malcolm's Letter to the Marquess of Hastings on expected Operations against the 
Pindiirees, his Narrative of Badgerow's Surrender, and his 'Instructions to Officers' 
in 1821 (reprinted from his ' Central India '). 

6553 Memoir of Central India, including Malwti and Adjoining 

Provinces, with their Condition and History, map, 2 vols. 8vo, calf. 
1824 9s 

On the Geography, Climate, Productions, &c., of Central India ; History of 
Malwa, Families of Sindia and Holkar, the Nabobs of Bhopal, the Pnidarees, tlie 
Rajiioot Princes, «kc.; with Capt. Dangerfield's Report on the Geology of Central 
India (map). Agricultural Details, Military Establishments, Geographical liidex (b}^ 
Mr. W. Hamilton), Glossary of Words peculiar to India, and 'Instructions to Ofhcers. 

6554 Miscellaneous Poems [including 'Persia' and ' Vasco da" 

Gama'], by Sir J M , 8vo, russia gilt. Bombay, 1829 


6555 Instructions to Officers in Central India, 1821, 12mo, cloth. 

1842 1« ^^ 

See above ; also Briggs. 

Malcom (Rev. Howard) Amer. Miss. Soc, Travels in Hindustan: 
Visits to Chittagong, Arracan, Calcutta, Madras, &c. 183b-7. bee 


6556 Man (E. G.) Sonthalia and the Sonthals, 12nio, cloth. Calcutta, 

io/.r- ^ 3s 6d 

Includes chapters on the traditions, customs, language, and mythology of the 

Sonthals and their own account of the rebellion. 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W, 

188 Francis Edwards^ 8 Catalogue 

6557 [Malleson (Gen. G. B.)] The Mutiny of the Bengal Army: an 
Historical Narrative, by " One who has served under Sir Charles 
Napier," 8vo, pp. 48, sewed. 1857 4s 

6558 [ ] The Mutiny, &c., Part II., 8vo, pp. 49-215. 1858 4s 

6559 [ ] The Mutiny, &c., 1 vol. 8vo, cloth. 1858 8s 

6560 [ ] The Mutiny, &c., another copy, 8vo, hf.-cf. ex. 1858 10s 

Known as the " Red Pamphlet." 

6561 The Career of Count Lally, 8vo, pp. 39. Calcutta, 1865 2s 

6562 Recollections of an Indian Official, 12mo, cloth. 1872 3s 6d 

Papers on Lord Lawrence, the Principles of Akbar, Sir Vincent Eyre, Sindia, 
Sir Bartle Frere, Dyce Sombre's Ancestor. 

6563 — — Historical Sketch of the Native Feudatory States of India, 
6 maps, 8vo, cloth. 1875 ' 8s 

6564 Founders of the Indian Empire, Lord Clive, portrait wnd 

plans, 8vo, cloth. 1882 8s 

6565 -^ The Decisive Battles of India, 1746-1849, with portrait, 

may, and. plans, 8vo, cloth. 1883 6s 

6566 Decisive 'Battles, popular edition, maps a7id portrait, 12mo, 

cloth. 1888 4s 

The story of how India was won, told with attention to the real causes of our 
action, and witli the resolve to tell the whole truth without respect of iiersons. 

History of the Indian Mutiny. See Kaye. 

6568 Haidarabad. Proc. R. Col. Inst., 1883, Vol. XIV., pp. 

200-21, cloth 3s 

6569 History of the French in India, 1674-1761, new edition, 

maps, 8vo, cloth. 1893 6s 

The student will here find all that he needs relating to Lally, La Bourdonnais, 
Dupleix, and other heroes of French enterprise. 

6570 Final French Struggles in India and on the Indian Setis, 

including Accounts of Capture by the British of Mauritius and 
Bourbon, and of the Indian Expedition to Egypt in 1801, 12mo, 
cloth. 1884 3s 

6571 Dupleix and the Struggle for India by the European Nations 

(" Rulers of India " Series), 12mo, cloth. 1890 2s 

A popular summary of the two preceding works. 

6572 Akbar and Rise of the Mughal Empire (" Rulers of India " 

Series), map, 12mo, cloth. 1891 2s 

6574 — — Life of Warren Hasting}^, portrait, 8vo, cloth. 1894 6s 

6575 Ambushes and Surprises, from the Time of Hannibal to the 

Indian Mutiny, portrait of Lord Mark Kerr, 8vo, cloth. 1885 6s 
Fragments of military history treated in a picturesque, skilful, vivid, and 
interesting manner. 

See also Russian Central Asia, p. 56 ; Afghanistan, p. 62. 

83 f Sigh /Street, Maryhhone, London, W. 

India 189 

6577 Mandelslo. Voyages and Travels of the Ambassadors of the 

Duke of Holstein to Muscovy, Tartary, Persia, &c., whereto 

are added the Travels of John Albert de Mandelslo from Persia into 
the East Indies, with Description of Indostan, the Mogul's Empire, 
Oriental Islands, Japan, China, &c., written by Adam Olearius, 
rendered into English by John Davies, numerous maps and figures, 
folio, calf. 1662 21s 

6578 — — Second edition, corrected, folio, calf. 1669 23s 

Mandelslo travelled to Ahmedabad in 1688-9 ; he describes the English factorj' 
and merchants at Surat, tlie Mogul Governor, kc. For French edition of liis Travels 
see IK 13. 

Manipur and Naga Hills. See Grimvi^ood, Johnstone, M'CuUoch, 
Maps, Munnipoor, Eobinson, and references under Hill Tribes. 

6579 Manning (Mrs.) Ancient and Mediaeval India : tvith 58 illus- 
trations from original sketches, paintings, &c., engraved by Scharf, 
2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1869 9s 

A stjindard work on the history, religion, laws, caste, manners and customs, 
language, literature, poetry, philosophy, astronomy, algebra, medicine, architecture, 
manufactures, commerce, &c., of the Hindus, taken from their writings. 

" Mrs. Manning's book will probably long and deservedly remain a standard 
handbook on the literature, arts, and sciences of ancient ln(\.\i\.^^ — Satxixday Review. 

See also Speir (Mrs ). 

6581 Manouchi. Histoire Generale de I'Empire du Mogol (1399-1657) 

stir les Memoires Portugais de M. Manouchi, Venitien par le 

K. P. Francois Catrou, loith map, 4 vols. 12mo, calf extra. Paris, 
1715 15s 

6582 English Translation, History of Tamerlane, Orangzeb, &c., 

Svo, half-calf. 1722 9s 

6583 Engl. Trans., another edition, History of the Mogul Empire, 

8vo, half-calf. 1826 7s 6d 

S. Manouchi was Court Physician to the Emperor Auruugzebe and his famiW at 
Delhi and Agra for forty-eight years. P^re Catrou has added material from other 
writers. French, English, Portuguese, and Dutch, and given lives of Tamerla,ne, 
Babar, Humayun, Akbar. Jehangir, Shah Jelian, and other emperors who preceded 


6584 Allen's Map of India and Ceylon, by J. and C. Walker, coloured, mounted, 

royalSvo, 34X38. 185G ^s 6tl 

Constable's Hand Atlas of India. See p. 99. 

6585 Embankment Maps : the S.W. Circle, sliowing the entire System of Canals 

proi>osed and Sites for Masonrv Works, 5^X42; the Maldah, Rampore 
Bauleah. Moorshedabad, and Nuddeah Embankments 21 X30 ; |xunduk Kiver 
Embankments, 37x14, folded, royal Svo, clotli case. Calcutta, Ihla (s ba 

6586 India, with Bunnah, Ceylon. Andamans, Malaya, Sumatra, &c., on linen, 

coloured. 41X38. royal Svo. Calcutta ISdO ,^^^^.,^ °^ 

Scale 1 inch to Gl miles, or 1 : •1,055,040. 

6587 Indian Atlas, Sheets 27a, 28, 44a N.W., 44a S.E , 44a S.W ^5 N.W 45 S.W 

03a SW and 61, including parts of Cashmere, Karakorum lass Balti, Dras, 
Sooroo and Zask^^^ UiversrPangkong Lake, and River Indus, m all six sheets 
mounted, in cas(!, royal Svo, cU)th. 18t)8-/4 t^ , t.- j- 

0-,K8 Sheets 28 29 45 N.E., and 46, including parts of Cashmere, Rawul Pindi, 

Ladak, Chainb.; &c., coloured and 'mounted, four sheets, folded, in royal Svo 
cloth. 1866-75 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

190 Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

Maps, &c. {continued) — 
6589 Railwciy Map of India, 44x37, on linen, smull 4to, cloth. Calcutta, 1890 8s 

6591 Walker (John) Large Map of India (including Birmah), with additions to 1827, 

four sheets, each 24x29, coloured and mounted and folded in case (Wyld) 6s 

6592 Map of the E.I. Railway, showing Proposed Line from Calcutta to Delhi, 

46x44, mounted and folded, 4to, cloth case. 1846 8s 6d 

6593 Map of India (subdivided into Collectorates), and including Burmah, four 

sheets, each 30 in. by 30 in., coloured, mounted, and folded, imperial 4to, cloth 
case. 1879 (Stanford) 9s 

Bengal Presidency. The following Indian Survey Maps are coloured, 
mounted on linen, and folded in cloth cases : — 

6594 Balasore District, 25X28. 1876 3s 

6595 Bengal Presidency, including Orissa, Assam, &c., 34x24. 1873 28 

6596 Bengal, Behar, Orissa, and Chota Nagpore, 31x26. 1886 4s 

6597 Bhagalpur Division : Monghyr, Purneah, Maldah, Sonthal-Pergunnahs. 26x30. 

1890 3s 

6598 Burdwan, Beerbhoom, Bankoora, Midnapore, Howrah, and Hooghlj', 20x29. 

1889 3s 6d 

6599 Calcutta, City of, reduced from Mr. Simms's Large Map, 14x22. 1858 4s 

6601 Chittagong Division, Noakholly, Tipperah, 21x37. 1891 4s 

6602 Chittagong District, Hill Tracts, Lushai Bills, &c., 25X57. 1884 6s 

6603 Chumparun, Motiharee, &c., 26X27. 1889 4s 

6604 Cuttack,Jajepoor, Kendrapara, &c., 31X24. 1876 4s 6d 

6605 Dacca, Furreedpore, Backerguuge, and Mymensingb, 24x39. 1890 4s 6d 

6606 Darjeeling District, two sheets, 30x63 and 36x52. 1881 7s 6d 

6607 Ganges (The), Calcutta to Benares, and Country South, 56x31. 1860 5s 

6608 Gya, Aurungabad, Jehanabad, Nowada, &c.. Lower Behar, 37x24. 1889 48 

6609 Jessore, 23x25. 1887 4s 

6611 Khoolna, Sundarbans, &c., 23x27. 1887 4s 

6612 Manipur, Naga and Jaintia Hills, Cachar, Upper Chindwin, &c., 34x20. 1890 45 

6613 Midnapore, 34x27. 1886 4s 

6614 Mymensingh, Jamalpoor, &;c., 31X29. 1884 ' 48 

6615 Moorshedabad, 21x24. 1887 48 

6616 Nuddea, Kishnaghur, &c., 22x27. 1887 4s 

6617 Orissa and Tributary States, 24x20. 1871 4s 

6618 Patna Division : Sarun, Chumparun, Mozuffcii)ore, Gya, &c., 34x36. 1889 4s 6d 

6619 Pooree, Juggurnauth, Lower Bengal, 30x24. 1877 . 4s 

6620 24-Pergunnahs District, 21x32, royal 8vo. 1887 48 

6621 Presidency Division : Moorshedabad, Nuddea, Jessore, Khoolna, 24-Pergun- 

nahs, with Sundarbans, 21x34. 1894 4s 

6622 Rajshahee Division : Moorshedabad, Rungpoor, Dinajpoor, Maldah, Pubnah, 

and Bograh, 24X34. 1874 48 

6623 Saugor and Nerbudda Territories, 52x37. 1862 4s 

6624 Madras Presidency, 34x39. Madrois, 1872 48 

6625 North- West Frontier : Attok and Peshawar to Cabul, 50x36. 1878 6s 

Original Manuscript Plans, Route Maps, and Surveys of Bengal 
Coast and River Ganges, Madras Forts, &c , carefully drawn to scale and 
coloured, by Rennell, Richards. Huygeiis, Plaisted, and others. Some of 
these were prepared for General Cariiac (1758-66) : — 
6626 Plan of the Attack on Fort St. David, surrendered to the French June 2, 1758, 
coloured, scale 100 yards to § inch, 32x27 £1 10s 

83f High Street, Maryhhone, London, W. 

India 191 

Maps, Original Manuscript Plans, &c. 

6627 Pliui of St. George, Madras, showing tlie Attack of Lally and Operations of 

Draper and Brereton, Dec. 12, 1758, 48x27, coloured, scale 66§ yards to an 
inch £1 los 

6628 Plan of the Hoogly and Great Ganges, Seranipore to Sabalpore and Meerjapore, 

1762, by J. A. Porter, two sheets, 66x33, scale 4 miles to an inch 7s 6d 

6629 Plan of the E.I. Company's Lands and Lakes [on the Hoogly, near Calcutta], 

by Capt. Cameron, 48x56, scale 1 mile to 10/16 inch £2 

6630 Anotlier Rough Plau of the Lakes and Creeks near Calcutta, 27x20, scale 

]^ miles to an inch 5s 

6631 Survey of the Coast of Chittigan and the Eiver [Hoogly] up to Dacca, 1761, 

by Bartho. Plaisted, 39x30, scale 4 miles to an inch 6s 

6632 Islamabad [Chittagong], survey'd by B. Plaisted, 1764, 17x34 5s 

6633 Coast of Chittagong and Arracan, from Islamabad to 21° 10' N., 21 X9 3s 

6634 Chart of the Cassimbazar lliver, surA'^ey'd by Capt. Lewis Du Gloss, 1764, 

45x11, scale 9,600 feet to an inch, with Notes of Clive's Campaign against 
Snrajah Dowlah 8.s 

6635 Maj) of the Ganges from Bennares to Allahabad, survey'd in August, 1765, by 

Capt. Henry Huygcns, 21 xl6, coloured, scale 4 miles to an inch 6s 

6636 Map of the Ganges from Bennares to Patna, surveyed February, 1760, by Capt. 

Henry Huygens, 36x11, scale 4 miles to an inch, coloured 6s 

6637 Plan of Allahabad, capitulated 8th Feb., 17ti5, 19x13^, coloured 10s 

6638 Survey of the Road from Jouci to Lucknow, showing Towns, Villages, Fort.«, 

and TankP, by John Jones, 11 X25. [1766 /] 8s 

6639 Plan of Mongheer P^ort, coloured, 14x11, scale 200 yards to an inch 10s 

6640 A Map of the Roads between Rungpour and Dacca, in which the different 

I'urgannahs, Rivers, and Villnges are particularly noted, by W. Richards, 
13x19, scale 10 miles to an inch 5s 

6641 Mai) of t^'^ Rivers Neelcomer and Dherla through Bengal to their Conflux with 

the Baramputrey, surveyed by Messrs. Rennel and Richards, 1766, 29x10, 
scale 1 mile to an inch 5s 

6612 An Exact Survey of the Roads [N.E. Bay of Bengal ]^ between Luckypour 
Province of Amedabad and Islamabad, Province of Chittagong, surveyed by 
Messrs. Daw and Rennell, 1766, 28x20, coloured, scale 3 miles to an inch 6s 

6643 A Set of General Maps of the Rivers Ganges, Megna [and Baramputrey], with 
the Creeks, Islands, and Villages adjacent, reduced from the Original Surveys 
by James Rennell, with a small map of Bengal, 1765, scale 3 miles to an inch, 
eight sheets, each 20x10 £2 8s 

G644 Markham (General F.) Shooting in the Himalayas : Sporting 
Adventures and Travels in Chinese Tartary, Ladak, Thibet, Cash- 
mere, &c., maip and numerous tinted pZates, roy. 8vo, el. 1854 £1 15s 
With Hccounts of rare animals, anecdotes and sketches of the people, and ' 

descriptions of magnificent scenery. 

6645 Markham ([Sir] C. R.) Travels in Peru and India, for the 
Collection and Introduction of Chinchona Plants and Seeds into 
India, maps and ilkistrations, 8vo, cloth. 1862 8s 

C)646 Travels in Peru and India, another copy, 8vo, half-calf 9s 

6647 Peruvian Bark : Account of the Introduction of Chinchona 

Cultivation into British India, 1860-80, maps and illustrations, 12mo, 

cloth. 1880 , . ^ , ^. , 3s 

The first part of the work treats of the natural history and properties of^ the 

plant and the introduction of the bark into Europe ; the second part of its cultiva- 

tion in India, the (;limate and characteristics of the districts into which it has bee ti 

introduced-the Nilgiris, Southern Ranges, Wainad, Coorg, Mahabaleswar Hills , 

Sikkini. and British Burma. 

BSj High Street^ MaryUhone^ London^ W, 

192 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

6648 Markham (Sir C. R.) Forest Destruction in the Ghats ; the Neil- 
gherries; Inland Navigation of Travancore — Jour. R. Geog. Soc, 
1866, Vol. XXXVJ., pp. 180-198, and 2 maps, cloth 3s 6d 
— — Indian Surveys, see p. 163. Rennell {'post). 

6649 Marriott (Saville) India and its State (1846), pp. 80, sewed. 
1857 2s 6d 

6651 Marsden's Numismata Orientalia, new edition, Part I., Ancient 
Indian Weights, by Edward Thomas, 1 plate, 1874 ; International 
Numismata Orientalia, Coins of Arakan, Pegu, and Burma, by Sir 
Arthur Phayre, 5 plates, 1 vol. imp. 4to, half-calf 10s 6d 

6652 Marsh (Charles) Review of some Important Passages in the 
Administration of Sir G. H. Barlow at Madras, 8vo, cl. 1813 4s 6d 

6653 Marshall (W. E.) A Phrenologist among the Todas, a Primitive 
Tribe in South India, autotype illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1873 8s 

History, Cliaracter, Customs, EeligioD, Infanticide, Polygamy, Language. 

6654 Marshman (J. C.) History of India to the Close of Lord Dal- 
housie's Administration, 3 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1867 7s 6d 

6655 Abridged History of India, map, 12mo, cloth. 1880 5s 

6656 Lives of Carey, Marshman, and Ward, Baptist Missionaries, 

Serampore, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1859 7s 

6657 Story of Carey, Marshman, and Ward, 12mo, cl. 1864 2s 6d 

6658 Letter to Bright on the India Question, pp. 52. 1853 2s 

Evidence on Law and Justice, E.I. Company, Schools, Col- 
leges, Missionaries, &c. See Pari. Reports, 1852-3, p. 67. 

Life of Havelock, see p. 145. 

Biographical Sketch. See Smith (Dr. George). 

Martens (Henry) Pictures from the War in the Punjab, 1845-9, 
a series of fine large coloiwed engravings. Ackermann each £1 Is 
6fi60 The 31st at Moodkee, 1845. 

6661 The Battle of Ferozshah, 1845. 

6662 Ditto, Charge of the 3rd Light Dragoons. 

6663 Ditto, Night Bivouac. 

6664 The 16th Lancers at Aliwal, 1840. 

6665 The Battle of Sobraon, 1846. 

6666 The Battle of Kamnugger, 1848. 

6667 The Storming of Mooltan, 1849. 

6668 Tlie Battle of Goojerat, 1849. 

6669 [Martin (R. Montgomery)] The Anglo-Eastern Empire in 1832, 
Renewal of the E.I. Co.'s Charter, &c., 8vo, calf. 1832 3s 6d 

6670 History of the Possessions of the Hon. E.I. Co. (" British 

Colonial Lib."), 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1837 4s 

6671 History, Antiquities, Topography, and Statistics of Eastern 

India, comprising Districts of Behar, Shahabad, Bhagulpoor, 
Gorackpoor, Dinajepoor, Puraniya, Eungpoor, and Assam, plates, 
3 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1838 10s 

See also Wellesley. 

8Sj High Street^ Marylebone, London^ IT, 

India I93 

6673 Martin (Sir James Ranald), Inspector-General : a Biography, by- 
Sir Joseph Fayrer, portrait, 12mo, cloth. 1897 3s 

Sir Ranald Martin's service in India extended over the years 1818 to 1839. 

6674 Martineau (Harriet) History of British Rule in India, new 
edition, 12mo, cloth. 1869 Is 6d 

6675 Martyn (Rev. Henry) Memoir of, by Rev. John Sargent, por- 
trait, 12mo, calf, gilt edges. 1844 3s 6d 

6676 Journals and Letters, edited by [Bishop] Samuel Wilber- 

force, portrait, 2 vols. 8vo, half-calf. 1837 5s 

See also Kaye, Smith (Dr. George). 

6677 Masson (Charles) Narrative of Various Journeys in Balochistan, 
Afghanistan, and the Panjab, including a Residence in those Coun- 
tries from 1826 to 1838 (3 vols.), also a later Journey to Kalat, with 
Account of the Insnirrection in 1840 and a Memoir on Eastern 
Balochistan, inap (1 vol.), 4 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1842-43 16s 

Contains much information on the Sikhs and their Country prior to its 
annexation, also litho views of Jeldlahad, Billlabagh, Kaltit, the Caves at B^mian, 
and other iHustrations. 

Master (Sir Streynshara), Governor of Fort St. George (Madras), 
1677-81, with a Description of Surat, Bombay, and the E.I. Co.'s 
Factory, Account of Guzzarat, Aurungzebe, the Great Mogul, 
the Mohammedans, Hindoos, Rajpoots, Banians, Gentoos, Parsees, 
&c., with his portrait. See Hedges' Diary, vol. ii. 

6678 Master (A. B.) Technical Education for India, 8vo, pp. 48. 1885 


6679 Mateer (Rev. Samuel) "The Land of Charity": Account of 
Travancore and its People, with Special Reference to Missionary 
Labour, illustrated, 12mo, cloth. 1871 3s 6d 

Chapters on the Geography, People, Government, Natural History, Commerce, 
Agriculture, Vernacular Languages, Literature, Hinduism, Mohammedanism, Devil 
Worship, Roman Catholics and Syrian Christians, &c. 

6680 Native Life in Travancore, map and illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 

1883 (pub. 18s) 5s 

6681 Mathias (Capt. H. V.) Five Weeks' Sport in the Interior of the 
Himalayas, with Description of the Game, &c., 12mo, cl. 1865 2s 6d 

6682 [Matthew (J. M.)] Letters from a Young Officer under Corn- 
wallis on the Operations of the Army to the Capture of Bangalore, 
1791, 4to, pp. 60, half-morocco. 1793 (rare) £1 

These letters supplement the narrative of Major Dirom, see p. IIL 

6683 Maude (Col. Cornwallis) Memories of the Mutiny, with the 
Personal Narrative of John Walter Sherer, portraits and illustra- 
tions, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1894 9s 

6684 Memories of the Mutiny, 2 vols, half -morocco extra 12s 

See also Shebbe. 

83, High SVreet, MaryUhone, London, W, 

194 Francis Edwwrd^s Catalogue 

6685 Maundevile. Marvellous Adventures of Sir John Maundevile, 
Kt., being his Voyage and Travel which Treateth of the Way to 
Jerusalem and of the Marvels of Ind, other Islands and Coun- 
tries, edited and illustrated by Arthur Layard, with Preface by 
J. Cameron Grant, 8vo, cloth gilt. 1895 3s 6d 

6686 Maurice (Rev. Thomas) Indian Antiquities : Dissertations rela- 
tive to the Geography, Theology, Laws, Literature, &c., of Hindo- 
stan, compared with those of Persia, Egypt, and Greece, map and 
numerous engravings, 6 vols. 8vo, half-calf. 1791-96 15s 

Vols. I,, II., and III. Dissertations on the Geography and Theology of Hindostan. 

Vols. IV., V. Investigation of the Oriental Triads of Deity and Penances of 
Indian Devotees. 

Vol. VI. Dissertations on the Indian Origin of the Druids, Ancient Commerce 
of Hindostan through the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, and Greeks with the British 
Islands for Tin, the whole illustrated with Specimens of Hindu, Egyptian, Roman, 
and Mexican Architecture, Views of Stonehenge, &;c. 

6687 Proposals for Printing a History of the Revolutions of the 

Empire of Hindostan, 8vo, pp. iv-51-iv (two pamphlets). 1790 2s 6d 

6688 History of Hindostan, as connected with other Empires of 

Asia during Ancient Periods, 2 vols. 4to, half-calf. 1795-98 16s 

6689 Mayo (Richard Southwell Bourke, Earl of), Fourth Viceroy of 
India, Life of, with Narrative of his Indian Administration, by Sir 
Wm. Hunter, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1875 8s 

"This masterly work has two great recommendations: it is the vividly and 
faithfully told narrative of the life of a man, and it contains a lucid and compre- 
hensive history of recent administration in Indm^— World. 

6690 The Earl of Mayo and the Consolidation of the Queen's Rule 

in India, by Sir W. Hunter, portrait and map (** Rulers of India" 
Series), 12mo, cloth. 1891 2s 

"A fit and attractive record of what was eminently a noble Hie."— Academy. 

6691 Speeches in England and India, edited, with an Introduction, 

by G. B. Mullick, portrait, 8vo, half-mor. Calcutta, 1873 7s 

Includes three important speeches on the Indian Income Tax and Finance Bills. 
See also Temple, and Trotter's * India under Queen Victoria.' 

6692 Mead (Henry) The Sepoy Revolt : its Causes and its Consequences 
8vo, cloth. 1857 4s 6d 

Story of the Outbreak, observations on the Rule of the E.I. Company, future 
Land Policj— results of ten years' labour as an Indian journalist, with Appendix on 
the " Gaggmg" Act. 

6693 Meade (Gen. Sir Richard) and the Feudatory States of Central 
and Southern India: a Record of 43 Years' Service, by T. H. 
Thornton, portrait, map, and illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1898 6s 

Service in Gwalior during the Mutiny, in Mysore, Coorg, and Hyderabad ; 
Baroda and the Gaekwar, &c. 

^5, ffigh Street, Maryleborie, London^ W, 

India I95 

6694 Mecham (Capt. Clifford H.) Sketches and Incidents of the 
Siege of Lucknow from Drawings made during the Siege, with 
Descriptive Notices by George Couper, Esq., 27 tinted sketches on 
18 plates, imperial folio, cloth. 1858 £i 23 

See also Atkinson, p. 76.1 

6695 Medley (Capt. J. G.) A Year's Campaigning in India, 1857-58, 
with 4 plans and portrait of a native officer, 12mo, cloth. 1858 6s 
Megasthenes. See McCrindle, Murray. 

Melton's Voyages to East Indies, &c., 1660-77. See p. 14. 
Menezes (Duarte) Laws, Customs, and Revenues of Portuguese 
India. See Purohas, His Pilgrimes, p. 18. 

6696 Merewether (F. H. S.) A Tour through the Famine Districts 
of India, map and 32 photographs, 8vo, cloth. 1898 4s 6d 

Bombay J'residency, Central India, the ir'unjaub, and North-West Provinces. 

6697 Metcalfe (Charles, Lord) Life and Correspondence of, by [Sir] 
J. W. Kaye, with portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth. 1854 8s 

Lord Metcalfe served in an ofticial capacity at the Court of Sindhia, was Private 
Secretary to the (jroreruor-Generai and to the Commander-in-Chief ; subsequently 
Resident at Delhi, at Lahore, Secretary to the Marquess of Hastings, Resident at 
the Court of the Nizam, had a seat on the Supreme Council, was Governor at Agra, 
and provisionally Governor-General. In 1839 lie was appointed Governor of Jamaica, 
and in 1842 Governor-General of Canada. This biography is one of the most valu- 
able and instructive for Indian history. 

6698 Life and Correspondence, new and revised edition, portrait, 

2 vols. 12mo, half-calf. 1858 5s 

The early portion of the work relating to Metcalfe's subordinate position has 
been abridged in this edition, and some correspondence illustrative of his ever- 
prevailing sense of danger has been added in the second volume. 
See also Kaye, ' Lives of Indian Officers,' p. 168. 

6699 Papers of Lord Metcalfe, edited by Kaye, 8vo, cloth 5s 

Lord Metcalfe was one of the greatest and purest men that ever aided in 
governing India. His sagacity and statesmanship are shown in this volume. No 
Indian library should be without it. 

6700 Address of the Native Inhabitants of Calcutta and Neigh- 
bourhood to the Hon. Sir Charles Theophilus Metcalfe on the 
Occasion of his Departure to enter upon the Government of the 
Presidency of Agra, in English, with upwards of 500 native signa- 
tures, in English, tlindustani, 3i,nd Bengali, some with seals attached, 
the whole on two sheets of parchment, in velvet and silk lined case 

This address is undated, but was presented in December, 1834, and is referred 
to and partly quoted in Kaye's 'Life of Metcalfe ' (2 vols., 1858). vol. li. p. 109. 

6701 Address of Native Inhabitants of Calcutta and Neighbour- 
hood to Sir Charles Theophilus Metcalfe, Bart., G.C.B., on his 
Departure to Agra to assume the Lt.-Governorship of N.W. Pro- 
vinces, 1st April, 1836, seven sheets of parchment in a roll, 30 in. 
wide, 17 ft. 6 in. long, written in English, Hindustani (or Urdu), 
and Bengali, with seals and about 2,000 signatures, preserved in 
velvet bag, silk lined, a valuable and unique document £3 10s 

8S, High Street, Marylehone, London., W, 

II 2 

196 Francis Edwards* s Catalogue 

6702 Metcalfe (Sir Charles) Native Address to on his Resignation 
of the Lt.-Governorship of the N.W. Provinces, dated Agra, 
11th Dec, 1837, in Hindustani, with translation in English, over 
100 signatures, several with seals, on two sheets of parchment and 
one of paper £1 

*' The native address was really a native address — not the elaborate composition 
of an European scholar. It came in real Oriental garb, and was conceived by an 
Oriental mind, but it was truthful in spite of its Orientalism." — Kaye's 'Life of 
Metcalfe ' (2 vols., 1858), vol. ii. p. 206. 

6703 Middleton (T. F.), D.D., First Bishop of Calcutta, 1814-22, 
Life of, by Rev. C.- W. Le Bas, 2 vols. 8vo, half-calf. 1831 7s 

6704 Miles (Col. W.) History of Hydur Ali, from the Pei-sian MS. of 
Hussein Ali Khan Kirmani (Oriental Transl. Fund), map, 8vo, cloth. 
1842 7s 

6705 Large paper issue, royal 8vo, cloth 10s 

6706 Tipu Sultdn, History of the Reign of : a Continuation of 

the Neshani Hyduri, written by Mir Hussein Ali Khan Kirmani, 
Translated from the Persian, royal 8vo, cloth. 1864 6s 

Mill (Col. James) Proposal for Conquest of Bengal, Behar, and 
Orissa under the German Flag (1746). See Wheeler's Early 
Records, chap. viii. 

6707 Mill (James) History of British India, revised and continued, 
with Notes and Illustrations, by Prof. H. H. Wilson, library edition, 
with Index, 9 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1848 32s 

6708 Library edition, another copy, 9 vols., half-morocco 35s 

6709 Cheaper edition, with Index, 10 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1858 ^1 

" One of those rare works destined to immortality With all its merits, there- 
fore, something was wanting before Mill's 'History of British India' could take 
rank as a standard national work. The deficiencies have now been amply supplied ; 
indeed no living man could be found better able to correct Mr. Mill's errors and 
modify liis too sweeping conclusions than Prof. H. H. Wilson, a distinguished 
Oriental scliolar, long ii resident in India, and familiar with the habits and manners 
of its diversified iuhiibitiints."—Athenceum. 

Despatch accompanying E.I. Co.'s Charter Act, 1833. See 

Ilbert, Government of India (pp. 492-532). 

6710 James Mill: a Biography, by Alex. Bsiin, portrait, 12mo, 

cloth. 1882 2s 

6711 Milman (Right Rev. Robert) Bishop of Calcutta and Metropoli- 
tan of India, 1867-76, Life and Correspondence, 8vo, cloth. 1879 5s 

6712 Miln (Louise Jordan) When We were Strolling Players in the 
East, numerous illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1894 5s 6d 

Including risits to Colombo, Calcutta, Burmah, Hong Kong, Canton, Tokio, 
India, the Himalayas, Bombay, Punjab, &c. 

6713 Minturn (R. B.) From New York to Delhi by Way of Rio de 
Janeiro, Australia, and China, map, 12mo, cloth. 1855 4s 

"An agreeable account within a modemte compass of the great features of 
Indian scenery, society, and government [before the Mutiny] ; a compendium of 
all that it is essential to know." — Saturday Bevieiv. 

83f High Street, Maryhhone, London^ W. 

India I97 

6714 Minto (Lord) Life and Letters of Gilbert Elliot, First Eurl o^ 
Miato, 1751-1806, 3 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1874 12s 

"Interspersed with numerous anecdotes and amusing gossij), illustrating the 
maimers of tbe period and the leading actors on the public stage. .....We may safely 

pronounce it one of the best books of the class to which it belongs."— Acobdemy. 

6715 Lord Minto in India : his Life and Letters while Governor- 
General, 1807-14, 12mo, cloth. 1880 4s 

In this volume of Lord Minto's letters we have interesting accounts of the 
missions of Malcolm to Persia, of Metcalfe to Ranjit Singh at Lahore, and that of 
Elphinstone to Cabul, of the Mutiny of the Madras Army, the Capture of Mauritius, 
and the Expedition to Java. 

Missions in India : Catholic and Protestant :— 

6716 A Letter on the State and Patronage of the Church in India, by a Bombay 

Chaplain, 8vo, pp. 59. 1820 2s 

6717 Results of Missionary Liibour in India (from the Calcutta Review), 8vo, pp. 60. 

1852 2s 6d 

6718 On Government Connection with Idolatry in India (Calcutta Review), 8vo, 

pp.65. 1852 • 2s 6d 

6719 Revised Statistics of Missions in India and Ceylon, by Rev. J. Mullens, 8vo, 

pp. 29. Calcutta, 1862 2s 

6720 The Bible in India (Calcutta Bible Soc), Svo, pp. 56. 1853 2s 

6721 Searchings of Heart in Connection with Missions in Bengal, by Rev. Lai 

Behari De, 8vo, pp. 16. Serampore, 1858 Is 6d 

6722 What Shall We Do with the Musalmans ? 8vo, pp. 10. Calcutta, 1858 Is 6d 

6723 The Peshawur Missions and Central Asia, 8vo, pp. 13. Calcutta, 1858 Is 6d 

See also Abbs, Arthur, Badger, Buchanan, Carev, Clifford, Corrie, Cotton (Bp.), 
Danish Missions, Dubois, DuflE (Dr.), French, Fuller, Hartmann, Heber, Hislop, 
Hoole, Hough, Invasions, James (Dr.), Kaye, Lobley, Longridge, Malabar, Marsh- 
man, Martyn, Middleton, Milman, Minto, Paranaoda, Scott, Scott- Waring, Seram- 
pore, Sherring, Smith (Dr. G.), Strickland, Stuart, Swartz, Teignmouth, Temple, 
Tucker (St. George), Tyerman and Bennet, Wilson (Bp.), Wilson (Dr., of Bombay), 
Wylie, Xavier. 

6724 Mitford (E. L.) A Land March from England to Ceylon Forty 
Years Ago, through Dalmatia, Montenegro, Turkey, Asia Minor, 
Syria, Palestine, Assyria, Persia, Afghanistan, Scinde, and India, 
of which 7,000 miles on horseback, portrait, map, and original 
sketches, 2 vols. Svo, cloth. 1884 9s 

The author travelled through the Bolan Pass, to Hyderabad, Karachi, Bombay, 
Poonah, Golconda, Nelloor, Madras, Tanjore, Madura, &c,, in 1841-42. 

MiTRA. See RajendralIla. 

6725 Mohan Lai (a Kashmirian) Travels in the Panjab, Afghanistan, 
&c., with a Memoir by Sir Charles Trevelyan, map and portrait, 
Svo, cloth. 1846 6s 

Account of journey with Sir Alex. Burnes from Dehli to Peshawur Herat, &c, 
and back to Calcutta, 1831-34 ; also Missions to Kabul m 1835-36 and in 1839-42, with 
account of the murder of Burnes ; Voyage to England, 1842-43. 

6726 Money (R. Cotton) On the Education of the Natives of India, 
Svo, pp. 24. 1857 ls6d 

8Sj High Street^ MaryUbone, London, W. 

198 Frcmcis Edwa/rdss Catalogue 

6727 Moor (Rev. Edward) Narrative of the Operations of Captain 
Little's Detachment, and of the Mahratta Army, against Tippoo 
Sultan, 4to, half-calf. 1794 15s 

6728 Hindu Infanticide and other Customs, with 7nap ofGuzerat^ 

4to, cloth, uncut. 1811 9s 
Hindu Pantheon. See Religions, &c., of India. 

6729 [ ] Oriental Fragments, by the Author of the ' Hindu Pan- 
theon,' plates of seals f inscriptions, cfcc, 12mo, cloth. 1834 4s 6d 

Oorrespondeuce, Seals, Stoues, Manuscripts, Papacy and Hinduism, Education, 
Monkery, Sanskrit Names in Greece, in Africa, in Ireland, in America, in Abyssinia, 
in the Sandwich Islands, in New Zealand, &c. 

6730 Moorcroft (Wm.) and Trebeck (George) Travels in the Hima- 
layan Provinces, the Panjab, Ladakh, Kashmir, Peshawur, Kabul, 
and Bokhara, 1819-25, edited by H. H. Wilson, map and vieivs of Le 
and Dankan, 2 vols. 8vo, half-morocco extra 15s 

Part I. Journey to Ladakh. II. Eesidence in Ladakh. III. Journey to 
Kashmir and Peshawar. IV. Journey to Kabul and Bokhara. 

6731 Natural Productions and Agriculture of Cashmire — Jour. 

R. Geog. Soc, 1832, Vol. II. pp. 253-268, cloth 3s 6d 

6732 Moorsom (Capt.) On Reorganizing the Administration of India, 
8vo, pp. 9. [1858] Is 6d 

6733 [Morellet (M. le Abbe)] Memoires relatives a la Discussion du 
Privilege de la Nouvelle Gompagnie des Indes, 4to, pp. 140, half- 
morocco. A7nsterdamf 1787 10s 

6734 M orison (Theodore) Imperial Rule in India: Principles proper 
to the Government of Dependencies, 12mo, cloth. 1899 • 2s 

6735 Morris (Henry) Descriptive and Historical Account of the 
Godavery District in Madras Presidency, niap, 8vo, cl. 1878 7s 

■ Geography, -Topography, Ethnology, Education, Public Works, Irrigation, 
Ancient History ot the Dravidiau Race, Aryan Invasion, English, Dutch, and 
French Settlements, the Moliamniedan Period, Expulsion of the French, English 
Administration, llecent History, Surveys and Revenue Systems. 

6736 Morrison (General John), Commander of the Mogul Forces: 
Advantages of an Alliance with the Great Mogul, 8vo, pp. 99. 
1774 4s 6d 

6736b Mountain (Col. Armine). . . . Adjt.-Gen. to the Forces in India, 
his Memoirs and Letters, portrait, 12mo, cloth. 1857 4s 

Madras, Calcutta, Simla, Bombay, Neilgherry Hills, &c., 182l)-34 ; First China 
War, 18il ; War in Suide, Groojerat, and Punjab, 1849-50. 

MiJLLER (Max) Works. See Litejbatube, &o., of India. 

6737 Mundy (General G. C.) Pen-and - Pencil Sketches in India, 
woodcuts and 26 etclilngs of kantiag scenes by Landseer, 2 vols. 8vo, 
boards. 1832 10s 

Account of Lord Combermere's tour through the Upper Provinces, 1827-29. 

^'5, Jliyh Street, Marylehvne^ Londmi^ W. 

India 199 

6738 Munnipoor Agency, Administration Reports by Dr. R. Brown 
and others, 1868-69 (Ind. Govt. Rec), royal 8vo, sewed. Calcutta 3s 

6739 Reports for 1873 and 1873-4, sewed each Is 6d 

See also Manipur. 

6740 Munro (Capt. Innes) Narrative of the Military Operations on the 

Coromandel Coast, 1780-84, wit/iplanso/ bat Wes,4to, half-calf. 1789 £1 

Preceded by account of the Tape of Good Hope, visited by Adm. Hughes in 
1779 ; with account of the Isle of France, with view of Port Louis, visited in 1784. 

6741 Munro (General Sir Thomas), Life and Correspondence, by the 
Rev. G. R. Gleig, with supplement, 3 vols. 8vo, half-calf. 1830 lis 

Sir Thomas Munro served through the wars with Hyder Ali and Tippoo Sultan ; 
afterwards as Civil Administi-ator in the ceded districts ; he commanded a division 
in the last Mahratta War, 1817-18, and was Governor of Madras from 1820 until his 
death in 1827. 

6742 Sir Thomas Munro, with Selections from his Minutes, &c., 

Memoir by Sir A. J. Arbuthnot, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1881 7s 

This collection of Munro's valuable papers is arranged under five heads : 
Revenue, Judicial, Political, Military, and Miscellaneous, and they embody his 
views on the land tenures of Southern India, especially the Ryotwan s) stem which 
he introduced into the Madras Presidency. Among" them also are a series of 
Minutes on the first war with Burmah. 

6743 Sir Thomas Munro and the British Settlement of the 

Madras Presidency, by John Bradshaw (" Rulers of India " Series), 
map, 12mo, cloth. 1894 2s 

6744 Autograph Lettei-s [7] addressed to Josiah Webbe, Esq., 

Chief Secretary to Government of Madras, dated Cuddapah, Anant- 
paer, Adoni, Ballari, Camlapoer, &c., during his Administration of 
the Ceded Districts, 1801-3 £1 15s 

On the payment of Gen. Campbell's detachment; on the army stores of grain 
at Ballari and their disposal; on impending famine and assessment of villages; 
request for an efficient assistant ; accumulated business, heat, fatigue, illness ; 

''Be under no alarm, inhabitants loyal all will be perfectly safe ; but it would 

not be prudent to withdraw any part of the military force ; the Ryots are a good- 
natured, honest, noisy race, they clamour for remissions, but never expect that half 
their demands will be granted " ; State of Canara, " people loyal because I have not 
exacted the amount of Tippoo's assessments " ; on subordinate collectors, surveys, 
settlements, Juc^ges of Circuit ; Mahratta wars destructive, &c. 

6745 Munro (Surg.-Gen.) Records of Service and Campaigning in 
Many Lands, 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1887 4s 

Vol. I. The Cape and Kaffir Wars, Nova Scotia, Bermuda, New Orleans. 
Vol. II. The Crimea and the Indian Mutiny. 

" These records should be in the hands of every soldier, for the sake of the 
information which they give and the spirit which informs them." - (^^ofte. 
" Full of interesting notes on the army and army Me:'— Graphic. 

6746 Murphy (Lieut.) Account of the Cossyahs (Assam)— Jour. R. 
Geog. Soo., 1832, Vol. II. pp. 93-98, and map, cloth 3s 6d 

6747 Murray (Hugh) Historical and Descriptive Account of British 
India, with Accounts of its Zoology by J. Wilson ; Botany by Dr. 
Greville; Climate, Geology, &c., by Jameson; Medical Observa- 
tions by Dr. Ainslie ; Diseases by Dr. Rhind ; Astronomy of the 
Hindoos by Prof. Wallace; and the Voyage by Capt. Dalrymple, 
3 vols. 12mo, cloth (Edinburgh Cabinet Lib.). 1832 bs 

8S, High Street, Marylebom, London, W. 

200 Frcmcis Edwards^s Catalogue 

6748 Murray's Handbook of the Bengal Presidency, maps, 12mo, 
cloth. 1882 7s 

Calcutta, Orissa, British Burma, Darjiliog, Benares, N.-W. Provinces, &c. 

6749 Handbook of the Panjdb, Western Rajptitdnd, Kashmir, 

and Upper Sindh, compiled by E. B. Eastwick, maps, 12mo, cloth. 
1883 7s 

Ajmir, Lahore, Simla, Peshawur, Kawul Piudi, &c. 

6750 Handbook of India and Ceylon, including Bengal, Bombay, 

and Madras, the Panjab, N.-W. Provinces, Rajputana, the Native 
States, Assam, Cashmere, and Burma, lultli 55 maps and plans o/ 
towns and buildings, 1 vol. 12mo, cloth 15s 

6751 Muter (Mrs.) Travels and Adventures of an Officer's Wife in 
India, China, and New Zealand, 2 vols. 12mo, half-bound. 1864 6s 

Includes experiences during the India Mutiny at Meerut, Delhi, &c. 

THE MUTINY, 1857-8. 

6752 History of the Indian Mutiny and of the Great Military 
Events in Hindostan, by Charles Ball, with 2 maps and 79 steel 
engravings of battle-scenes, portraits, &c., 2 vols. imp. 8vo, half- 
calf. [1858-60] 16s 

6752a Annals of the Indian Rebellion : a Collection of Extracts, Letters, and Narra- 
tives [wanting title-page and all after p. 932], 8vo lis 

6753 Mutinies in the East Indies : Papers, Further Papers, and Supplementary- 

Papers presented to Parliament, 1857 (Five Pari. Papers), folio, sewed Ss 6d 

6754 Letters from Directors E.I. Co. to Gov.-General of India, Nov. 25, 1857 

(Pari. Paper), Feb. 5, 1858, foho, sewed 28 6d 

6755 Names, &c., of Regiments which have Mutinied since Jan. 1, 1857, folio 

(Pari. Paper), March 15, 1859 28 6d 

6756 Papers relating to the Mutiny in the Punjab, 1857, folio, pp. 143 3s 6d 

Reports of Sir R. Temple, Sir R. Montgomery, Sir H. B. Edwardee, G. C. Barnes, 

Sir T. D. Forsyth, G. H. M. Ricketts, and J. R. Becher. 

6757 The Present Crisis in India, by Author of ' Our North-West Frontier,' 8vo 

pp.56. 1857 l8 6d 

6758 The Sepoy Rebellion (from London Quarterly), 8vo, pp. 16, Oct., 1857 28 

6759 Bengal Massacre 1 Lord Canning and Letters of " Militaire" [W. F. Beatson], 

for which the Hurkaru Paper was stopped, 12mo, pp. 8. Calcutta, 1857 Is 6d 

6760 Lord Canning, the Mutinies, &c., by a Scotsman, 12mo, pp. 24. 1857 28 

6761 The Sepoy Mutinies, their Origin and their Cure, by an Old Servant E.I. Co. 

[Wm. Sinclair], 12mo, pp. 22 2s 

6762 Illustrated Almanack : Indian Revolt (1858), Svo, pp. 32. 1857 Is 6d 

6763 Exposure of Tortures inflicted on the Natives, 8vo, pp. 16. 1857 Is 6d 

6764 Extracts from Indian Journals describing the Outbreaks, Svo, pp. 24. Chelten- 

ham, 1858 28 

The " Red Pamphlet." See Malleson. 

6765 A Few Words anent the " Red " Pamphlet, by One who has Served under Lord 

Dalhousie (C. Allen), 8vo, pp. 32. 1858 28 6d 

6766 The Blue Pamphlet, by an Officer once in the Bengal Artillery (Col. W. Ander- 

son), 8vo, pp. 77. 1858 28 6d 

$S^ High Street^ Marylehone^ London^ TT, 



The Mutiny (continued) — 

6767 India : the Revolt and the Home Government, 8vo, pp. 39, 1858 2s 6d 

6768 The Great Indian Crisis in Five Minutes' Reading, by a General Officer, 8vo, 

pp.13. 1858 2s 

6769 The Indian and the Irish Rebellion, 8vo, pp. 29. Calcutta, 1858 28 

6770 Our Conduct after the Disaffection and Mutiny and its Consequences, 8 vo. 

pp. 22. Calcutta, 1858 2 s 

6771 The Anglo-Indian Magazine, with Articles and Incidents of the Mutiny, June. 

July, and Sept., 1858, 8vo, half-calf 58 

6772 Narrative of the Indian Mutinies of 1857, compiled for the Madras Military 

Orphan Asylum, with large map, 8vo, pp. iv,-196. Madras, 1858 6s 

6773 The Mutinies and the People ; or, Statements of Native Fidelity exhibited 

during the Outbreak, by a Hindu, 8vo, pp. 196, half-calf. Calcutta, 1859 6s 6d 

Trial of the King of Delhi for Rebellion, &c., 1870. See p. 175. 

6774 Two Native Narratives of the Mutiny in Delhi, translated by Charles T. Met- 

calfe, map, 8vo, cloth. 1898 Qs 

Diarv of Munshi Jeewan Lall and Narrative of Nawab Mainodin Hassan Khan. 

See also 

Adye (Geo.) 

Anderson (R. P.) 







Campbell (Lord 

Campbell (Sir Geo.) 
Campbell (R. J. R.) 
Canning (Earl) 
Cave- Brown 

Colvin (Russell) 

Durand (SirH.) 
Edwards (Judge) 


Forrest (G. W.) 
Forsyth ( Si rD.) 

Fraser (Major-Gen. 



Gardiner (Sir R.) 


Gordon (Sir C.) 


Grant (Hope) 








Hod son 





Hunter (Sir W.) 

loglis (Lady) 


Ireland (Dr.) 




Jones (Oliver) 







Lawrence (Sir H.) 

Lawrence (Lord) 

) Lawrence (Sir G.) 

Lewin Roberts (Lord) 

Lock wood Robertson (H. D.) 

Login Rose (Lord Strath- 
Low nairn) 

Lowe (T.) Rotton 

Lucknow Russell (W, H.) 

Ludlow Sandeman 

Lyall Seaton 

Macbean Seetaram 

Macgregor (Sir C ) Sherer 

Mackay (Rev. J.) Showers 

Mackenzie (A. R. D.) Simpson 

Majendie Steel (Flora) 

Malleson Tayler 

Maude Taylor (M.) 

Mead Temple 

Meade Thackeray 

Mecham Thompson (M.) 

Medley Trevelyan (Sir G.) 

Munro (Surg.-Gen.) Trials 

















Tucker (Major-Gen.) 




Von Orlich 

Wheeler (Talboys) 

White (S. D.) 


Williams (E. A.) 

Wilson (T. F.) 

Wilson (Cracroft) 

Wilson (Dr.) 


Young (Keith) 

Myers' Voyage to East Indies, 1702-6 (MS.)^See p. 15. 

83y High Street, Maryhhone, London, W. 


Frmvcis Edwards^s Catalogue 

6783 Mysore, Papers connected with the Administration of (Ind. 
Govt. Records, No. 11), royal 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1856 . 2s 




r- The Mysore Adoption [Report of Meeting], 8vo, pp. 37. 

Madras, 1865 2s 

Adoption versus Annexation ; with Remarks on the Mysore 

Question, by V. Narayan Mandlik, 8vo, pp. 60. 1866 2s 

See also Bell (Major Evans), Briggs (Gen.), Murray (Handbook), Rice. 

Extracts from Capt. Colin Mackenzie's Work regarding the 

Dominions of the late Tippoo Sultaun and Correspondence of Prince 
Gholam Mohumed and his Family, royal 8vo, pp. x-101 4s 

Mysore War, &c. 

Allan (A.) 









Campbell (D.) 

Campbell (J.) 

Colebrook (R. 

Cornwall is 


See also 



E.I. Co. ' 


Elliot (R. 







Hunter (J. 


Hyder Ali 

Le Couteur 

Lee Warner 


Lindsay (Hon 

Loyd (C.) 



Mill's ' History ' 










Tippoo Sultaun 






Wood (M.) 

Nadir Shah, Invasion and History of Indostan. See Persia, p. 48 ; 
Invasions, p. 164; and Jones (Sir Wm.) in subsequent Section. 

6787 Nairne (Alex. Kyd) The Konkan : History, Castes, Tribes, &c. 
(written for the Bombay Gazetteer), 8vo, pp. vi-160. Bombay^ 1875 

3s 6d 

6788 Napier (Sir Charles James) The Life and Opinions of, edited by 
Sir Wm. [Francis Patrick] Napier, author of 'History of the Penin- 
sular War,' with 4 portraits and map, 4 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1857 12s 

Sir Charles Napier served in the Peninsular War, in the Ionian Islands and 
Greece ; appointed on the Indian Staff 1841, he was sent to Scinde, and became its 
" Conqueror " and "Administrator." He was then engaged in the subiugation of 
the tribes in the Cutchee Hills, and after a visit home returned to India as Com- 

6789 Corrections of Errors in Sir Wm. Napier's Life of his 

Brother, by Dr. George Buist, 8vo, pp. 64. Manchester, 1857 3s 

6790 Gen. Sir Charles Napier and the Directors of the E.I. 

Company, 8vo, pp. 45. 1857 2s 6d 

Defence of Sir C. Napier by Bruce (Lord Aberdare), Koebuck, and others in the 
House of Commons. 

6791 Life of General Sir Charles Napier, by the Hon. Wm. 

Napier Bruce, portrait and maps, 12mo, cloth. 1885 5s 6d 

This volume is founded on Sir Wm. Napier's volumes, upon conversations with 
Sir Charles's son-in-law McMurdo and Sir Bartle Frere, rarliamentary Papers, and 
other correspondence. 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

India 203 

6792 Napier (Sir Charles), by Sir Wm. Butler (" Men of Action " 
Series), 12mo, cloth Is 6d 

6793 The Conquest of Scincle, with Introductory Passages m the 

Life of Gen. Sir Charles James Napier, 2 parts, maps, 8vo, cloth. 
1845 5g 

6794 Conquest of Scincle, 1 vol. 8vo, half -calf. 1845 7s 

6795 History of Su* Charles Napier's Administration of Scinde 

(1843-47) and Campaign in theCutchee Hills, 'inaps and plates, 8vo, 
cloth. 1851 4s 

6796 History of the Conquest of Scinde, also the Administration 

of Scinde, maps and plates, new editions, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1856- 
1857 8s 6d 

Carlyle. addressing Sir William Napier (May 12th, 1856), wrote : " I have read 
with attention, and with many feelings and reflections, yonr record of Sir Charles 
Napier's ' Administmtion of Scinde.' You must permit me to thank you in the 

name of Britain at large for writing such a book It is a book which every living 

Englishman would be the better for reading, for studying diligently a book 

'profitable ' in the old Scripture sense for reproof," &c. 

6797 Letter to Sir J. Hobhouse on the Baggage of the Indian 

Army, 8vo, pp. 66. 1849 2s 

6798 Papers relating to the Resignation of Sir Charles Napier 

(India Govt. Records), royal 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1853 2s 

6799 Defects, Civil and Military, of the Indian Government, 

edited by Sir Wm. Napier, 8vo, cloth. 1853 3s 

This volume contains a vindication of Sir Charles's conduct as Commander-in- 
Chief, and a complete examination of the system of military administration in India: 
he did not live to complete the civil part of the work. A supplementary chapter 
contains Letters from Lord Ellenborough, Sir H. Edwardes, and others. 

6801 Lights and Shades of Military Life, edited by Sir Charles 

Napier, 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1840 4s 6d 

6802 Lights and Shades, &c., another edition, 1 vol. 8vo, cloth. 

1850 3«* 

Renderings of De Vigny's ' Servitude et Grandeur Militaires,' and of Elzear 
Blase's Recollections of Bivouac, Camp, and Garrison Life, with Remarks on British 
and Foreign Armies. 

See also Edwards (Lieut.), Ellenborough, Holmes, Outram, Sinde, Wilson (H.). 

6803 Nash (J. T.) Volunteering in India (the Bengal Yeomanry 
Cavalry) during the Mutiny, &c., 12mo, cloth. 1893 3s 

6804 Nash (V.) The Great Famine and its Causes, icith map and 
8 photographs, 12mo, cloth. 1900 3s 6d 

6805 Native States. The Political Relations of the Government of 
India with Native States, with Index, imperial 8vo, half-bound. 

Calcutta, 1862 ,, . t,, . 

See also Bonariee Hunter, Lee- Warner, Lethbridge, Malleson, Meade Playfair, 

India, Cooeg, Hyderabad, Kashmir, Manipur, Mysore, jsizam. ivajputana, 
SiKKiM, Treaties, &c. , \ t, 

6806 Needham (J. F.) Excursion in the Abor Hnis (Assam)-PROC. 
R. Geog. See., N.S., 1886, Vol. VIII. pp. 313-328 JsM 

8S^ High Street^ MaryUhone, London, W, 

204 Francis Edwards's Catalogv£ 

NEITX5HERRY HiLLS. See Baikie, Barron, Birch, Breeks, Burton's 
* Goa,' Campbell (W.), Harkness, Hornaday, Hough, Jervis, King 
(Ross), Letters, Mackay, Mackenzie, Marshall, Mountain, Murray 
(Handbook of Madras), Packman, Savory, S herring, Wallace (Prof.). 

6807 Neill (Oapt. Martin Bladen) Recollections of Four Years' Service 
with H.M. 40th Regiment in Scinde, 1840-41, and Operations of 
"the Avenging Army of Afghanistan," 1841-42, under Major-Gen. 
Nott, portrait, 8vo, cloth. 1846 6s 

6808 Another copy, half -morocco. 1846 7s 6d 

Nepal. See Aitchison (Treaties), Ballantyne, Bendall, Braddon, 
Cavanagh, Egerton, Fergusson, Fraser (J. B.), Gardiner (Col.), 
Hamilton (F.), Hastings (Marquess), Hodgson (B. H.), Hoffmeister, 
Hooker, Indian Alps, Inglis, Kirkpatrick, Markham's ' Tibet,* Old- 
field, Oliphant, Oriental Sporting Mag., Parks, Pollock, Waddell, 
Walshe, Wheeler, Wright, &c. 

6809 Newall (Capt. J. T.) Eastern Hunters, ivith 6 illustrations, 8vo, 
cloth. 1866 9s 

6810 Another copy, 8vo, half-calf extra lis 

Sporting adventure>j— tiger hunting -in Central and North-West Indian jungles 
and Kajputana, narrated under assumed names, the results of other exi)eriences as 
well as the author's own. 

6811 Hog Hunting and other Sports, 8vo, cloth. 1867 lis 

6812 Scottish Moors and Indian Jungles: Scenes of Sport in 

the Lews and India, illustrated, 8vo, cloth. 1889 4s 6d 

The Indian chapters relate the author's own experiences of tiger, bear, and hog 
hunting in the Deccan, Cutch, Scinde, Gujerat, and Rajputjina in the muzzle- 
Joading days, and supplement the preceding works. 

6813 [Newall (Lieut. D. J. F.)] Sketches in Cashmere ; or. Scenes in 
Cuckoo-Cloud-Land, illustrated, 8vo, boards {for pHvate circtdation). 
Newport, I.W., 1882 4s 6d 

Account of a shooting trip in 1861, including historical sketches, chiefly from 
native MSS. and archaeological researches. 

Newberie (John) Visit to India, 1585. See Fixcg, p. 130. 

6816 [Newspaper Press] Letters to the Marquis of Hastings on 
the Indian Press : an Appeal for its Liberty, by a Friend to Good 
Government [Capt. Francis Romec], large paper, imp. 8vo, boards. 
1824 3s 6d 

0817 Two Letters to Sir Charles Forbes, by a Proprietor of Indian Stock, on the 
Suppression of Public Discussion in India, 8vo, pp. 42, 70. 1824 4s 

6818 Petition of George Buist, editor of the Bombay Times, to H.C., 8vo, pp. 28. 

1852 58 

Contains much infoi-mation on the Press of India. Reprinted in the Appendix 
to 5th Report Select Committee, see p. 67. 

6819 Liberty of the Press in India : Letter and Petition of John Connon, late of the 

Bombay Gazette, pp. 37. 1857 28 6d 

6820 Bengal Massacre ! Lord Canning and Letters of "Militaire" (W. F. Beatson) 

for which the Hurkaru Paper was stopped, pp. 8. Calcutta, 1857 Is 6d 

See also Administration (Pari. Rep., 1853), Calcutta Journal, Laurie, Lytton, 
Mead, Metcalfe, Smith (Dr. G.), &c. 

$S^ High Street, Ma/rylebone, London, W. 

India 205 

6821 Newland (Surgeon-Capt. A. G.) The Imag3 of War ; or, Service 
in the Chin Hills, a collection of 34 full-page lilioto-illiistrations and 
160 in the text, with Introductory Notes by J. D. Macnabb, 4tu, 
cloth. 1891 14s 

6822 Nicholson (Brig.-Gen. John), Soldier and Administrator, by 
Capt, Lionel J. Trotter, 2 portraits, 3 max>s, &c., 8vo,cl. 1897 6s 

The first Afghan War, the Satlaj Campaign, 184r)-6 ; Conqnest of the 
Punjab, 1848-9; Bannu, 1852-G ; Peshawur, Kashmir, the N.W. Frontier, and 
Storming of Delhi and Death, 185(3-7. See a'so Kaye's Indian Officers, and Cave- 

6823 Nieuhoff (John) Voyages and Travels to Brazil and the East 
Indies (1643-72), loith nnmerous copperplates and maps, translated 
from the Dutch, folio, half-calf. Churchill, 1704 16s 

On his second voyage in 1662 NienhoflE visited Ceylon, Cochin, Travancore, and 
Dutch Settlements. He gives an interesting account of the people, animals, natural 
products, &c. 

NiKiTiN (Athanasius) Travels to India from Russia, a.d. 1468-74. 
See Major. 

6824 Nixon (H. J.) Album of Views in the Nizam's Dominions, 
Golconda, &c., 15 photographs, oblong folio, cloth. [1865?] 8s 

6825 Nizam's Dominions, Historical and Descriptive Sketch of 
the, compiled by Syed Hossain Bilgrami and C. Willmott, with 
large map, 2 thick vols, royal 8vo, cloth. Bomhaij, 1883-84 19s 

Physicid Features, Productions, History. Inhabitants, Trade and Manufactures, 
Administration, and Places of Interest, the" Caves of Ajanta and Ellora. Vizyjinagar, 
Assave and the Battle. Aurungabad, Bidar, Bolarum, Daulatabad, bolkonaa, 
Haicfanibad, Aurangzeb's Tomb, Shorapur, &c. 

See also Archa}ological Survey, Briggs, Eraser, Gribble, Hyderabad, Hunter's 
Gazetteer, Lee-Warner, Lethbridge, Nixon, Taylor (Meadows), Temple, Wilson (J.-K.j. 

Noble's Voyage to the East Indies, 1747-48. See China, post. 

6826 Nolan (E. H.) The Illustrated History of the British Empire in 
India and the East, from the Earliest Times to the Suppression of 
the Sepoy Mutiny in 1859, steel engravings and maps, 2 vols, royal 
8vo, half-morocco. 1858-60 ^^^ 

6827 Norgate. From Sepoy to Soobadar, Life of a Native Officer, 
Bengal Army, translated by Col. Norgate, 12mo, half-calf extra. 
Lahore, 1880 '^ ^ 

6828 Norman (C. B.) Colonial France, 8vo, cloth. 1886 5s 
Richelieu's and Colbert's Policy ; Senegal, the Gaboon &c,R6uni^^^^^ 

Madagascar, Mayotte, East Indies (Pondicherry, &cO,Jahiti, New Caledonia, Coch n 
China, Annam, Tonkin, Martinique, Guadaloupe, French Guiana, Obock, lunis, 
Colonial Defence. &c. 

6829 North (Major) Journal of an English Officer i^ Mia, Aide-de- 
Camp to Gen. Havelock, portrait, 12mo, cloth. 1858 

6831 North Indian Notes and Queries, edited by Wm^ Orooke, 
Vol. I. Nos. 1, 5, 6. 7, 8 ; Vol. II. Nos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10, 
4to, sewed (13 Nos.). Allahabad, 1891-92 

83 J High Street,^Marylebone, Londm, W. 

206 Frcrnds Edward^s Catalogue 

6832 North-West Frontier (Our) map of Russian Turkestan, 
Afghanistan, &c., 8vo, pp. 19. 1856 2s 

See Caine (Lord Curzon), Hutchinson, Jacob, McFall, Paget, Punjab, Eoberts, 
Eobertson. Sandeman, Sbadwell, Slessor, Warburton, White (Sir G.), Yate, Young- 
husband, &c. 

6833 North-Western Provinces, Statistical, Descriptive, and 
Historical Account of the N.W. Provinces of India, Vol. VI., edited 
by E. T. Atkinson, coloured maps, imperial 8vo, cloth. Allahabad, 
1881 7s 6d 

Cawnpore, by F. N. Wright ; Gorakhpur, by E. B. Alexander ; Basti, by H. C. 

6834 Canals, N.W. Provinces, Keport of Kevenue Returns, 1859-60, with map (Ind. 

Govt. Records, No. 33), royal 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1861 2s 

6835 Canals, Revenue, N.W.P., 1860-61 (Ind. Govt. Records, No. 38). Calcutta, 1863 2s 

6836 Selections from Government Records, N.W.P., 8 odd parts, royal 8vo, sewed. 

Allahabad, 1861-77 8s 

6837 Revenue Records, N.W.P. (Ind. Govt. Records), 1818-20, royal 8vo. Calcutta, 

1866 3s 

See also Agra, Census, Delhi, Mutiny, Punjab, Smith (Baird), &c. 
NoRTHBROOK (Lord) Indian Administration 1872-76. See Escott, 
Routledge, Trotter, India under Q. Victoria ; the Histories of Keene, 

Under this administration the disasters of a great famine were avoided, and, in 
the words of a native journalist, this Viceroy "annexed no territory, he committed 
no plunder, he gave the land rest." 

6839 Norton (John Bruce), Reply to Madras Civilian's (Mr. Hollo- 
way) Defence of the Mofussil Courts, 8vo, pp. 19. 1853 28 

6840 Administration of Justice in S. India, pp. 200. Madras, 

1853 4s 

6841 Speech of Mr. Norton at the Patcheapah Moodelliar's Insti- 
tution, April 23, 1857, 8vo, pp. 28 2s 

6842 A New Financial Scheme for India, 8vo, pp. 24. 1857 2s 

6843 Proselytism in India, with Account of the Tinnevelly 

Slaughter, 8vo, pp. 72. 1859 3s 

6845 Nott (Sir Wm.) Commander of the Army of Candahar and 
Envoy to the King of Oude : Memoirs and Correspondence of, 
edited by J. H. Stocqueler, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1854 9s 

See also Neill (Capt. Bladen). 

6846 Nugent (Maria, Lady) A Journal, from the Year 1811 till the 
Year 1815, including a Voyage to and Residence in India, with a 
Tour to the North West, portrait, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1839 8s 

Account of Calcutta, Moorshedabad, Benares, Allahabad, Luoknow, Agra, Delhi, 
Cawnpore, &c, 

NuNCOMAR. or Nanda Kumar, Case of. See Beveridge, Hastings 
(Warren), Ilbert, Impey, Macaulay. Mihto, Price (J.), Scott- Waring, 
Stephen (Fitzjames), Vansittart, Mill's, MacFarlane's, and other 
Histories, Speeches^of Burke, Sheridan, &c. 

NuNiz (FernSo) Chronicle of the Kings of Bisnaga (Vijayanagar), 
written 1535-7 (?). See Sewell, A Forgotten Kingdom, 1900. 

8S, High Street, Marylebone, London, W, 

India 207 

6848 O'Connor (J. E.) Prices and Wages in India, 1861-85, (India 
Government), royal 8vo, sewed. Calcutta^ 1886 28 

Ogilby's Asia The Mogul Empire, &c. See p. 16. 

6849 Oldfield (H. A., M.D.) Sketches from Nipal, Historical and De- 
scriptive, with Anecdotes of Court Life and Wild Sports of the 
Country in the Time of Jang Bahadur, and an Essay on Nipalese 
Buddhism, illustrated^ 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1880 12s 6d 

Dr. Oldfield was Residency Surgeon at Kathmandu 1850-63, and Honorary 
Assistant Resident during the last four years of that period. 

6850 Oldham (R. D.) Evolution of Indian Geography, illitstrated^ 
Geog. Jour., 1894, Vol. III. pp. 169-96 2s 6d 

6852 Oliphant (Laurence) A Journey to Katmandu, Nepaul, with 
the Camp of Jung Bahadoor, 12mo, boards. 1852 3s 

6853 Episodes in a Life of Adventure ; or, Moss from a Rolling 

Stone, 12mo, cloth. 1896 Is 9d 

The Overland Route Forty-six Years Ago, an Ascent of Adam's Peak, Sporting 
Reminiscences in Ceylon, Calcutta during the Mutiny, &c. 

6854 Oman (Prof. J. Campbell) Indian Life, Religious and Social, 
12mo, cloth. 1889 2s 6d 

The sages of India, Mahatmas, &c., Fortune-Tellers, the Arya and the Brahmo 
Saraaj, the Golden Temple of the Sikhs, Buddh Gaya, Witchcraft, Thief-Catching, &c. 

6855 Ookhtomsky (Prince E.) Travels in the East of His Imperial 
Majesty Czar Nicholas II. of Russia when Cesarewitch, written by 
order of His Imperial Majesty, and translated by Robert Goodlet, 
with 500 wood engravings and numerous Tieliogravure plates, edited 
by Sip George Birdwood, imperial 4to, cloth. 1896 ^3 

6856 Opium Revenue (The) of India. Is it Right ? &c., pp. 38. 
1857 2s 

See also Alexander (Gen. R.), Jeffreys, and China. 

6857 Oppert (Gustav, Ph.D.) On the Original Inhabitants of Bhara- 
tavarsa or India, 8vo, cloth. [Madras] 1893 Us 

The object of this work is to prove the Finnish-Ugrian or Turanian origin of the 
ancient inhabitants of India, and to identify them with the so-called pariahs ot 
Southern India and tribes of Dra vidian and Gaudian race, all branches of one ana 
the same people. 

6858 Oriental Portfolio (The): Picturesque Illustrations of the 
Scenery and Architecture of India, 11 full-page lit^^09raphs,vf ith 
descriptions by Prof. H. H. Wilson, royal folio, cloth. 1841 l^s oa 

The illustrations are from sketches by Lieut. Thomas Bacon. 

6859 Oriental Sporting Magazine, June, 1828, to June, 1833, 
2 vols. 8vo, cloth. Calcutta [London], 1882 »s *^« 

Contains numerous int(u-esting articles and Sporting I^epollecHons of Tiger 
Boar, Buffalo, and Leopard Hunting, the Turf and Racmg, ni different parts ot 
India, eighty or a hundred years ago. *f„oiro,i thp fiprrest and 

"Full of thrilling advent", res of sportsmen who l^ave attacked the herce^^^ 
most gigantic specimens of the animal world in their native ]ungle. Oivu 
Service Gazette. 

8S, High Street, MaryUhone, London, W. 

208 Francis Edwardis Catalogue 

6861 Orissa. Human Sacrifice and Female Infanticide in the Hill 
Tracts of Orissa (Records India Government), royal 8vo, cloth. 
Calcutta, 1854 2s 6d 

6862 Report on Operations for the Suppression of Human Sacri- 
fice and Infanticide in Orissa, royal 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1854 4s 

Orissa. See Ball (Bengal Presidency), Campbell, Hamilton, Hunter (W. W.), 
Laurie, Macpherson (S. C), Murray, R^jendraldlaMitra, Sterling, Toynbee, Wylie, &c. 

6863 Orlebar (Prof.) The Monolithic Temples of India, and Account 
of the Mural Paintings at Adjunteh, loitfi 10 illustrations, including 
7 original coloured drawings by the author, Svo, cloth. [185 -] 9s 

6864 [Orme (Robert)] A History of the Military Transactions of the 
British Nation in Indostan from the Year 1745, to which is prefixed 
a Dissertation on the Establishments made by Mahomedan Con- 
querors, numerous maps and plans by Rennell, 3 vols. 4to, calf. 
1775-78 £1 15s 

6865 Another copy, 3 vols, in 2, 4to, calf, 1780 .£1 12s 

The fullest account of the Wars in the Carnatic, the Deccan, and Bengal, in 
which Clive, Lally, Bussy, Dupleix, Daltoo, Stringer Lawrence, Admirals Boscawen, 
Griffin, and Watson were engaged, with Accounts of the Expedition against Angria, 
the Black Hole at Calcutta, History of Mysore, Arcot, Tanjore, &c. The history 
covers a period of seventeen years only, but " in its very minuteness is as interesting 
as it is instructive" (Sir John Malcolm). Orme's narrative is "one of the most 
authentic and one of the most finely written in our language " (Macaulay). 

6866 Historical Fragments of the Mogul Empire ; of the Morat- 

toes, and of the English Concerns in Indostan, from 1659 ; Origin of 
the English Establishments ; of the Company's Trade at Broach and 
Surat, and a General Idea of the Government and People, with 
Account of the Life and Writings of the Author, portrait and maps, 
4to, calf. 1805 £1 10s 

"An extremely valuable work The account of Mr. Orme's life is a neat, 

plain piece of hiograiihy.''— Edinburgh Beoieio. 

6867 Military History and Historical Fragments, uniformly 

bound, 4 vols. 4to, calf. 1803-5 £3 

6869 Orme (Edward) Twenty-four coloured Views in Hindoostan* 
drawn from the original paintings by Col. Ward and Mr. Danielb 
with descriptions, oblong imp. folio, boards. 1804 £2 

Includes Palace of the Nabob of Arcot, Views in Fort St. George, Madrasi 
Trichinopoly, Gwalior, Delhi, Calcutta. 

See also Blagdon, Colebrook, Hunter, Solvyns. 

6870 Osborn (Capt. Edw.) Amalgamation of the Indian Army with 
that of Great Britain, 8vo, pp. 22. 1859 Is 

See also Army, p. 74. 

6871 Osborne (Hon. W. G.) The Court and Camp of Runjeet Sing, 
with Introductory Sketch on the Origin and Rise of the Sikh State, 
16 engravings, 8vo, cloth. 1840 6s 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

India 209 

6872 Oude. On the Affairs of Oude (Parliamentary Paper), 28 June, 
1834, folio, sewed 5s 

6873 The Oude Question, by W. P. Hale, 8vo, pp. 84. 1857 2s 6d 

6874 India. On Expected Guide-Book, The Oude Question, pp. 12. 1857 Is 6d 

6875 Minute on Civil Administration of Oudh, by Sir James Outnim, 17th August, 

1858, pp. 6 Is 6d 

6876 Oude ; its Princes and its Government Vindicated, by M. Mohummud Mussee- 

hood-deen, 8vo, pp. iv-207. 1857 3s 6d 

6877 Papers relating to the Administration of Oude : Correspondence of Lords 

Stanley and Canning, Reports of Sir Hy. Lawrence and his Secretaries, Sir J. D. 
Forsyth, and Major Barrow, folio, 12th July, 1861, pp. 149 3s 6d 

6878 Sir John Lawrence and the Taloogdars of Oudh, 8vo, pp. 47. 1865 2s ,6d 

6879 Breach of Faith in India ; or, Sir John Lawrence's Policy in Oudh, 8vo, pp. 40 

[1865] 2s Gd 

See also Arnold (Sir E.), Bird, Braddon, Campbell (Sir G.), Census, Dalhousie> 
Elliott (C. A,), Hall, Hamilton, Hope, Hunter, Irwin. Knighton, Lawrence (Lord), 
Lewin, Ludlow. Marshman, Nott, Parks, Sleeman, and references under Mutiny. 

6881 Outram. Life of Lieut.-Gen. Sir James Outram, by Major-Gen. 
Goldsmid, 2 vols. Svo, cloth. 1880 12s 6d 

6882 Rough Notes of the Campaign in Scinde and Affghanistan, 

1838-9, plansj 8vo, cloth. Bombay, 1840 3s 6d 

6883 The Conquest of Scinde. A Commentary [on the Work of 

Sir Charles Napier], 2 vols. Svo, cloth. 1846 8s 

I. Sir U. Napier's negotiations with the Ameers. II. The Campaign and Treat- 
ment of the Ameers. See Napier, p. 203. 

6884 Baroda Intrigues and Bombay Khutput : Reply to Mr. Lestock Reid, 8vo, 

pp. viii-178. 18r,3 *» 

On the Removal of Outram as Resident from the Court of the Gaekwar. See also 
Bombay, Chapman, Reid (L. R.) 

6886 Memoir of the Public Services rendered by Lieut.-Ool. 

Outram, C.B. {for private circulation), Svo, cloth. 1853 4s 6d 

6887 Correspondence between Lieut.-Col. Outram and Lieut.-Col. Melvill, 

Bombay Army, 8vo, pp. 32. Bombay, 1853 ^^ ^^ 

6888 Correspondence between Outmm and Melvill, with Introduction and 

Notes, 8vo, pp. 114. London, 1854 ** 

6889 Campaign in India, 1857-8 : General Orders, Despatches, 

and Correspondence relating to the Defence and Relief of the Luck- 
now Garrison, and Capture of the City, Svo, cloth. 1860 i^s 

6890 Maps to Gen. Outram's Campaign, 1857-8, three sheets, 

mounted, 8vo, cloth case ^ 

Journey, Khelat to Sonmeanee, 1839. Sec p. 62. 

Persian Campaign, 1857. See p. 48. 

6892 Ouvry (Mrs. M. H.) A Lady's Diary before and during the 
Indian Mutiny, Svo, cloth. Lijmington, 1892 

6893 Ovington's Voyage to Suratt, 1689, with Account of the City 
and the English Factory, Descriptions of ^^^^^'"^^^ ^^^/^^^^ 
Annobon, St. Helena, Bombay, Muscat, Mocha, ^ape of Good Hope 
and Ascension, Golconda, Arracan, Pegu the Coins of Ind^ and 
Persia, Silkworms, &c., 2 plans Bombay Oitadel^8vo^^clL^b9b^ 

83y High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

210 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

Owen (Rev. J.) Sec. Bible Soc.,on Missions, 1808. See Scott- Waring. 

6894 Owen (Prof. Sidney) India on the Eve of the British Conquest : 
a Historical Sketch, 12mo, cloth. 1872 3s 6d 

A Course of Lectures describing the state of Anarcliy under the Mogul Empire 
in the Middle of the Eighteenth Century, the Kise of the Mahratta Power, &c. 

6895 Packman (J. D. V.) Companion to the Blue Mountains (Neil- 
gherries), 8vo, pp. iv-48, viii, and ma'p. Madras, 1850 2s 6d 

Paez (Domingo) Narrative concerning the Kingdom of Narsimga 
(Vijayanagar), 1520-2. See Sewell's A Forgotten Kingdom, 1900. 

6896 Pages (Capt. de) Voyages autour du Monde et Vers les Deux 
Poles par Terre et par Mer, 1767-76, with 9 charts and plates, 2 vols, 
8vo, calf, 1782 10s 

M. de Pag^s's first vcyage (1767-71) was to San Domingo and New Orleans, 
whence he travelled overland through Texas and Mexico to Acapulco, thence to 
Guam, Manilla, and Batavia, returning to Europe by way of Bombay, the Persian 
Gulf, and Syria. He spent six months in Bombay, Surat, aud Salsette (Sept., 1769, 
to April, 1770). His next voyage was to the Cai)e, Mauritius, Kergueleu, and Mada- 
gascar (1773-74) his last voyage to Spitzbergea and the Arctic regions in 1776. 

6897 Paget (Mrs. Leopold) Camp and Cantonment : a Journal of Life 
in India, 1857-9, 12mo, cloth. 1865 10s 6d 

"A very interesting volume."—/. W. Kaye. 

6898 Paget (Col. W. H.) Record of the Expeditions undertaken 
against the North-West Frontier Tribes (1847-72), compiled from 
McGregor's Gazetteer and Official Sources, numerotis mapSf imp. 8vo, 
cloth. Calcutta, 1874 lis 

Expeditions against tribes within and outside the frontier line, Swatis, Afridis, 
Orakzais, Vaziris, Bughtis, Yusufzais, Mohmands, Butanis, Syads, Hasanzais, 
Kanizais, Bazotis, Mahsuds, Dawaris, Shiranis, Kasranis, and others. 

6899 Palgrave (W. Gifford) Essays on Eastern Questions, 8vo, cloth. 
1872 2s 6d 

Contains an instruotive Essay on the Mahometan Kevival, 1872, (written as a 
sort of supplement to Sir W. Hunter's 'Our Indian Musalmans'), a subject of vital 
importance to the government and destinies of India. For other works see pp. 29 
and 42. 

6901 Paolino da San Bartolomeo (Fra) Voyage to the East Indies, 
(1776-89), English translation from the German translation of Dr. 
J. R. Forster, 8vo, half-calf. 1800 9s 

Includes Accounts of the Manners, Customs, Arts. &c., of the Natives of India 
and Ceylon. The Abb6 Paolino published the first Sanskrit Grammar in Europe, 
Rome, 1790. 

6902 Parananda (Sri) Commentary on the Gospel of St. Matthew as 
Interpreted to R. L. Harrison, 8vo, cloth. 1898 3s 

6903 Parker (H. Meredith) The Empire of the Middle Classes, Short 
Sermons on Indian Texts, 8vo, pp. 31. 1858 2s 6d 

A Defence of the East India Comi)any's Rule. 

6904 Caste and Conversion, 8vo, pp. 30. 1858 2s 

83f High Street, Ma/rylebone, London, W. 

Iridia 211 

6905 [Parks (Mrs. Fanny)] Wanderings of a Pilgrim in Search of the 
Picturesque during Four-and-Twenty Years in the East (1822-45), 
with Revelations of Life in the Zenana, 50 coloured and other 
sketches, 2 vols. imp. 8vo, cloth. 1850 £2 5s 

The Journals and Sketches of Fanny, wife of Charles Crawford Parks, Esq., 
Bengal Civil Service, during her residence at Calcutta, in the Mofus8il,at Allahabad, 
Cawnpore, Delhi, among the Goorkas in the Hills, at Dinapur, Benares, &c., in- 
cluding desci iptions of Scenes in Oude, the King's Zenana, Thuggism, the Great 
Fair, the Cholera, Muhurram, the Taj and its Story, Agra and its Buildings, Story of 
Colonel Gardner, the Mahrattas, the Ruins of Kanauj and of Gaur, Chita Hunting, 
Sporting in Assam, &c., also a glossary of words and Oriental proverbs. 

Parsejes (The). See Briggs, Framjee, Jejeebhoy, and Religions of 
India, Arda Viraf, Cook (F. C), Haug, Lord, Zoroaster, &c. 

Parsons (Abraham) Visit to Bombay and Surat, 1775-6, Voyage 
along the Malabar Coast in the " Sea Horse " 1777-8. See p. 29. 

Nelson was a midshipman on board the " Seahorse " 1773-6 : he is not men- 
tioned by name, but was one of the many on board who were " down with a malig- 
nant disorder," so that the vessel could scarcely keep up with other vessels in the 

6906 Past Days in India ; or, Sporting Reminiscences of the Valley 
of the Soane and the Basin of Singrowlee, by a Customs Officer, 
N.W. Provinces, 12mo, cloth. 1874 4s 

6907 Patell (Cowasjee) Chronology : Corresponding Dates of Eras used 
by Christians, Jews, Greeks, Hindus, Mohamedans, Parsees, 
Chinese, Japanese, &c. (in parallel columns), royal 4to, cl. 1866 10s 

For Albiruni's Chronology see p. 1. 

6908 Pattullo (Henry) Essay on the Lands and Revenues of Bengal, 
4to, boards. 1772 4s 

6909 Peal (Samuel E.) River Names in Further India— Proc. R. 
Geog. Soc, N.S., 1889, Vol. XL pp. 90-95 Is 6d 

6910 Pearson (G. F.) Report on Mundla District, S. of the Nerbudda, 
imp. 8vo, sewed. Allahabad, 1860 2s 6d 

6911 Peggs (Rev. Jas.) India's Cries to British Humanity in relation 
to Suttee, Infanticide, Slavery, &c., 8vo, half-calf. 1830 4s bd 

6912 Slavery in India: chiefly extracted from Parliamentary 

Papers, 1828-38, royal 8vo, pp. iv-110. 1840 «>s Od 

6913 The Baptist Mission. See Sterling. 

See also Slavery. 

6914 Pelly (Sir Lewis) Memoir and Notes on the Khyrpoor State 
(Bombay Records, 1855, pp. 103-22), royal 8vo, half-calf ^s 

See also Jacob (p. 165) and Hasan and Husain (p. 52). 

Pemberton (Capt. R. B.) Report on Bootan, 1838. See p. 85. 

$3, High Street, MaryUhone, London, W. 

212 Francis Edwards* 8 Catalogue 

6916 Pennant (Thomas) The View of Hindoostan [and Ceylon], 
map and plates, 2 vols. 4to, cloth, uncut. 1800 10s 6d 

A Tour of India, largely founded on the works of Orme and Rennell, with extracts 
from old travellers, and plates engraved after those of Hodges and Daniell. 

6918 Percival (Rev. Peter) The Land of the Veda: India briefly 
described in its Physical, Social, Intellectual, and Moral Aspects, 
illustrated, 12mo, cloth. 1854 3s Cd 

6920 Perry (Sir Erskine), late Chief Justice of Bombay, A Bird's-Eye 
View of India, 12mo, cloth. 1855 3s 6d 

6921 Addresses to Sir E. P. on his Departure from India, 8vo, 

pp. 53. Bombay J 1853 2s 

6922 Speech, H.C., April 18, 1856, on Indian Finances, and the 

Policy of Annexation, 8vo, pp. 36 2s 6d 

Evidence on Courts, Justice, &c. See Pari. Eeports, 1852-53, 

p. 67. 

6923 Peshawur District. Report on the Settlement, by Major 
H. R. James, folio, sewed. Lahore, 1862 3s 

6924 Report on the Settlement, 1865, map, royal 8vo, cloth. 

Calcutta ' 3s 

6925 Petrie (Irene) Missionary to Kashmir, by Mrs. Ashley Carus- 
Wilson, portraits, maps, and illustrations, 12mo, cloth. 1900 4s 

Miss Petrie, who entered on missionary work in Kashmir, April, 1884, and died at 
Leh, Tibet, in August, 1897, was "probably the most brilliant and cultured of all the 
ladies on the C.M.S. roll."— History CM. Soc, 

6926 Phear (Sir J. B.) The Aryan Village in India and Ceylon, 12mo, 
cloth (scarce), 1880 5s 

Modern Village Life in Bengal, Agricultural Community in Ceylon, Evolution 
of the Indo- Aryan Social and Land System. 

6927 Phillips (J. T.) Account of the Religion, Manners, and Learning 
of the People of Malabar, from the Letters of the Danish Mission- 
aries, map, 18mo, calf. 1717 5s 

6928 Phillips (H. A. D.) Our Administration of India : Departments 
of Revenue, with Special Reference to the District Official Work in 
Bengal, 12mo, cloth. 1886 2s 

With useful information on Land Tenures and Revenue Settlements, Forest Ad- 
ministration, Excise and Opium Census, Public Works, &c. A complete ejiitome of 
the civil duties of an Indian collector. 

PiGOT (Lord) Governor of Madra«, Case of. See Tanjore. 

6929 "Pilgrim," Notes of Wanderings in the Himmala: Descrip- 
tions of the Grandest Scenery, including Nainee Tal, by Pilgrim 
[— Barron], mup, 8vo, half-calf (scarce). Agra, 1844 10s 6d 

PiMENTA (Nicholas) Observations in India, chiefly on the Coromandel 
Coast and Pegu, 1567-99. See Pubchas, 'His Pilgrimes,' p. 18. 

PiNDAK^j-: War. See Ameer Khan, Buckle, Hastings (Marquess), 
Hodgson, Holkar, Lake, Malcolm, Prinscp, Skinner. 

83y High Street^ Marylehone, London^ W, 

India 213 

Pitt (Thomas), Governor of Fort St. G^rge and Ancestor of 
Chatham and Pitt : Documents relating to, with a History of the 
Pitt Diamond, 2 portraits, facsimiles, and xuood engravimj, See 
Hedges's * Diary,' Vol. III. ; also Wheeleb's * Madras.' 

6932 Pitt (F. W.) Editor. Incidents in India, Memories of the Mutiny, 
and Records of Alexander's and of Skinner's Horse and the 1st 
Bengal Cavalry, 12mo, cloth. 1896 3s 

6933 Playfair (Wm.) Strictures on the Asiatic Establishments of 
Great Britain, the E.I. Co., &c., chart of imports and exports, 4to, 
calf. 1799 4s 

With the E.I. Co. Act of 1793, treaties with Nabobs of the Ciirnatic, and other 
Indian Princes. 

6934 Playfair (Hy. Wm.) Remarks on the E.I. Company's Charter, 
the Welfare of India, &c., 8vo, pp. 88. 1829 2s 6d 

6935 Plummer (Private Samuel) Journal, containing his Voyage and 
Journies, principally in the East Indies, 6 plates, 12mo, boards. 
1821 3s 6d 

Account of the Cape of Good Hope (1802), War in India (1803-<)), Visits to Cal- 
cutta, Juggernaut, Benares, Delhi, and Voyage Home by Mauritius and Bourbon 

6936 Pococke (E.) India in Greece ; or, Truth in Mythology, with 
vmps, 12mo, cloth. 1852 3s 6d 

Historical sketch of the fortunes of the Western Pandions of Athens, the 
Hellenes or Chiefs of the Hela in Greece, the Cashmirians of Bceotia, and the 
Thessalian Himahiyas, with parallel lists of names in maps of Northern Greece and 

6937 Pogson (Capt.) Narrative during a Tour (from Barrackpore and 
Serampore), Chateegaon (Chittagong), 1831, 8vo, morocco. Seram- 
pore, 1831 • 7s 6d 

6988 Pblehampton (Rev. Henry), Chaplain of Lucknow, Memoir, 
with Letters, and Diaries of Mr. and Mrs. Polehampton, during 
the Siege, with illustrations, 12mo, cloth. 1858 5s 

6939 Another copy, half-calf extra 6s 6d 

6941 Pollock (Field-Marshal Sir George) Life and Correspondence, by 
C. Rathbone Low, portrait, 8vo, cloth. 1873 «s 

Comprehending Sir George Pollock's service in Jndia (1804-46) ; at the Battle and 
Siege of Deig (1804), Bhurtpore (180r,), Nepaul (1814-6), Burmah (1824-6) Peshaw 
the Khyber, Jellalabad,Cabul. and Fero.epore (1842), and subsequent v as C^vil and 
Political Councillor, Director of the E.I. Compimy, and Constable of the Tower 

. See also Evidence on Army System in India, Pari. Reports, 1852-3, p. 66 , Cam- 
paign in Afghanistan, Greenwood, p. 60. 

6942 Pollok (Colonel) Incidents of Foreign Sport and Travel, illus- 
trated, Svo,. cloth, 1894 .^,^, V. r ^ 

Twenty-one years' sport in India (tiger, elephant, rhinoceros, and buffalo shootu.g, 
hog-hunting), the Andamans, &c. 

6943 Fifty Years' Reminiscences of an Indian Ofhcer : Travel 

Adventure, and Shikar, illustrated, 8vo, cloth. 1890 

Wild Sports in Assam. See Bub mah. ^^ 

83, High Street, Maryhhme, London, W. 

214 Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

6944 Pool (John J.) Woman's Influence in the East, as shown in the 

Noble Lives of Past Queens and Princesses of India, introduction 

by Sir Lepel Griffin, 12mo, cloth. 1892 4s 

An excellent and representative collection of Indian heroines. Four of the lives 

are more or less mythological ; the rest are authentic history. 

Portuguese in India. See Harris's Voyages (p. 9), Alboquerque 
(pp. 5, 70), Andrada, Barbosa, Barros and Da Couto (p. 3), Bruce, 
Camoens (pp. 4, 93), Corsali, Danvers, Dellon, Dorsey, Faria y 
Sousa, Gaffarel, Gama (p. 7), Guyon, Lafitau (p. 11), Linschoten, 
Lobley, Malabar, Pyrard, Raynal, Xavier, Wheeler, Whiteway, &c. 

6945 Postans (Mrs. Marianne) Cutch : Random Sketches during a 
Residence in N.W. India, interspersed with Legends and Traditions, 
coloured costumes and other illustrations, 8vo, half-calf. 1839 6s 

With chapters on the city of Bhooj, the Kunn, Ruins, Religious Sects, Suttee, 
Infanticide, the Harem. Minstrelsy, aiid Literature, Military Tribes, Workmen 
Pilgrims, Juggling, Magic, &o. 

PoTTiNGER (Sir H.) Travels in Sinde, &c. (1815). See p. 64, 

and Burnes (Dr.), p. 90 ; also Sind, p. 229. 

6946 Price (J. 0.) Notes on the History of Midnapore [and Jellasore], 
1764-74, royal 8vo, boards. Calcutta, 1876 5s 

6947 Price (Capt. Joseph) A Letter to Edmund Burke, Esq., on the 
Report of the Select Committee on Justice in Bengal and Nunco- 
mar, 8vo, pp. 100, appendices, pp. 20-70, half-calf. 1782 (rare) 10s 

6948 Second Letter to Burke on Second Report of Select Com- 
mittee, with Refutation of Francis's Letter, 8vo, pp. 55, half-calf. 
1782 (rare) 10s 

In defence of Hastings and against the influence of Francis, including selections 
from the correspondence of both relating to Nuncomar and affairs in Bengal. 
See also East India Co., p. 117 ; Impey, p. Ifi2, 

6949 Price (Major David) Memoirs of the Early Life and Services of 
a Field Officer, 8vo, half-calf. 1839 8s 

Major Price passed nearly twenty-four years in the E.I. Company's service. 

Mahommedan History to the Establishment of the Mogul 

Empire in Hindostan. See p. 42. 

Memoirs of the Emperor Jehangir. See Oriental Transla- 
tion Fund in subsequent Section. 

6951 Prichard (Iltudus T.) Narrative of the Mutinies in Rajpootana, 
at Nusseerabad, at Jodhpore, &c., and Journey into Sind, &c., 12mo, 
cloth. 1860 7s 

6952 The Administration of India from 1859 to 1866 : Ten Years 

under the Crown, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1869 Us 

The period covered by the viceroyships of Lords Canning. Elgin, and Lawrence. 

6953 The Chronicles of Budgepore : Sketches of Social and 

Official Life in Upper India, 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1860 6s 6d 

8Sf High Street^ Marylehofie, London^ W, 

India 215 

6954 Prinsep (Henry Thoby) Narrative of the Political and Military 
Transactions of British India under the Administration of the Mar- 
quess of Hastings, 1813-18, portrait, maps and plans, 4to, hali-calf. 
1820 16s 

Including narrative of the wars in Nipal, Hyderabad, &c., with the Gorkas, 

Piudarees, the Peshwah, Holkar and the Mahrattas, &c. See also Hastings, p. 151. 

6956 Memoirs of the Puthan Soldier of Fortune .... Mohummud 

Ameer Khan, Chief of Seronj, Tonk, Rampoora, Neemaheera, &c., 
from the Persian of Busawan Lai, map, 8vo, calf. 1832 (scarce) 15s 

Mohummud Ameer Khan was first in the service of Holkar, and subsequently 
became th.e chief supporter of the Pindarees. He died 1834. 

6957 Origin of the Sikh Power, and Political Life of Runjeet 

Singh, with Account of the Sikhs, from Report of Capt. Wm. 
Murray and other sources, portrait and m4ip, 8vo, calf. Calcutta, 
1834 9s 

6958 [ ] History of the Punjab and the Sikhs, 2 vols. 1 2mo, cloth, 

1846 6s 

Founded on the preceding work. 

6959 The India Question in 1853, 8vo, pp. Ill 3s 6d 

On Administration, Finances, Police, Free Press, Education, Home Government. 

6961 Prinsep (G. A.) Remarks on the External Commerce and Ex- 
changes of Bengal, 8vo, half-calf. 1823 3s 6d 

6962 Prinsep (James) Useful Tables (1) Coins, Weights, and Measures 
of British India, (2) Indian Chronological Tables, 1 vol. 8vo, sheep. 
Calcutta, 1834-36 Ss 

6963 Essays on Indian Antiquities, Historic, Numismatic, and 

Palfeographic, including his useful Tables, edited by Thomas, 
numerous plates and ivoodcuts, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth (scarce). 1858 £6 
East India Co.'s Servants, 1790-1842. See p. 124. 

Delineations of Benares (or Benares Illustrated), folio. 

Calcutta, 1830 

34 large views of Ghats, Temples, Domestic Architecture, &c. 
"James Prinsep, one of the most brilliant geniuses that India ever knew."— 
Hooker, in Hodgson's ' Life,' p. 252. 

6965 Prinsep (Val. C.) Imperial India : an Artist's Journals, illustrated 
by Sketches taken at the Courts of the Principal Chiefs in India, 
map, 8vo, cloth. 1878 ^^ 

Bombay, Delhi, Agra, Gwalior, Bhurtpore, Jeypore, Ajmere, Jodbpore, pode)- 
pore, Lahore, llawul Pindee, Sreenugger, the Pir Punjab, Sif^l^'. ^^^nares Indore. 
Bangalore, Mysore, Madras, and other places were visited at the instance or i.ora 
Lytton in 1876-77. 

6966 Public Works. Progress Reports, 1854-55 (Govt. Records, 
No. 13), royal 8vo, sewed. Calcutta, 1856 ^s ^^ 

See also Andrew, Bourne, Campbell (Si^G^O, Che sney Cotton, Hoseason^ 
Macgeorge, Madras, llice, Sanitili-y, Strachey, Sykes, Temple, Ihornton, Wood, and 
references under Administration, Irrigation, Railways, &c. 

6967 Pudukota State, Madras Presidency : History «f the Western 
Palace Jaghir; its Origin, Resumption, Political Status, Digmty 
Pension attached to it, &c., royal 8vo, cl. Trichmopolij, 1897 os 

83 J High Street^ MaryUbone, London, W. 

216 Frcmcis Edwwrdds Catalogue 

6968 Punjab. Papers relating to the Punjab, 1847-49 (Pari. Papers), 
folio, half-calf. May, 1849 7s 6d 

Includes correspondence of Lord Hardinge, the Lawrences, Edwarde?, Hodson, 
Abbott, and others. 

6969 Repoi-t of Administration, 1849-51 (Ind. Gov. Records), wop, royal 8vo, cloth, 

Calcutta 2s 

6970 Reports, 1851-53, 1853-54, 1854-55, and 1855-56, royal 8vo, cloth each Is 6d 

6971 Leaves from the Journal of a Subaltern during the Punjaub Campaign, Sept., 

1848-March, 1849, 12mo, cloth. Edinburgh, 1849 3s 6d 

6972 Original Sketches in the Punjaub, by a Lady, with descriptive letterpress, oblong 

folio, cloth. 1854. 148 

Twenty large coloured lithographs of palaces, street scenes, &;o., in Lahore, 
Umritsir, Mooltan, &c 

6974 Selections from Correspondence of the Punjab Government, Vol. IV. No. 5, 

pp. 73. Lahore, 1860 2s 6d 

On mineral springs, the criminal classes, cholera epidemic, &c. 

6975 Opinions of the Press in India on Tenant Right, &c., in the Punjab, 1865-69> 

royal 8vo, sewed. Lahore, 1869 28 

6976 The Punjaub and North-Western Frontier of India, by an Old Punjaubee, 

12mo, cloth. 1878 2s 6d 

See also Afghanistan (p. 62), Archer, Barbe, Bowring, Brinckman, Calvert, 
Census, Cooper, Dalhousie, Dunlop, Edwardes, Griffin (Lepel), Hamilton, Harcourt, 
Hardinge, Hodson, Honigberger, Hough, Hugel, Hunter, Kenyon, Latif, Lawrence 
(Sir H. and W. R.), Maclagan, Marten, Murray (Handbook), North-West Frontier, &;c., 
Peshawur, Prinsep, Simpson, Smith (Sir Harry), Steinbach, Sutlej, Temple (R. C), 
Thomas, Von Orlich, Mountain, &c. 

6978 Pyrard de Laval (Fran9ois) Voyage contenant sa Naviga- 
tion aux Indes Occidentales, Maldives, Moluques, Bresil, les divers 
accidens, adventures et dangers qui luy sont arrivez en ce voyage, 
tant en allant et retournant, que pendant son sejour de dix ans en 

ce pais la. Avec la Description des Pays, moeurs, loix, gouverne- 

ment des animaux, &c. Second Partie du Voyage, depuis 

I'arrivee a Goa, &c. 3'"'' ^dit. avec un petit dictionnaire de la 
Langue des Maldives, 12mo (2 vols, in 1), calf. Paris, 1619 £\ 18s 

6979 Voyage to the East Indies, the Maldives, the Moluccas, and 

Brazil, 1601-11, translated and edited by Albert Gray and H. C. P. 
Bell (Hakluyt Soc), 2 vols, in 3, 8vo, cloth. 1887-90 £1 15s 

Pyrard sailed from St. Malo in May, 1601, for the E. Indies, via St. Helena, the 
Cape, Madagascar, and the Comoros, flis vessel was wrecked on one of the Maldive 
Islands in July, 1602, and he and his companions remained in captivity till 1607, 
when the survivors got away after touching at Minicoy and the Laccadives, to 
Chittagong and afterwards to Calicut, Cochin, and Goa. He subsequently visited 
Malacca and some of the Eastern Islands, and then returned to Europe in 1611. He 
gives a good account of the Portuguese commerce in the East Indies. 

6980 Quinney (Staff-Serg. T.) Sketches of a Soldier's Life in India, 
12mo, cloth. Glasgowj 1853 3s 

6981 Raikes (Ohas.) Notes on the N.W. Provinces, 8vo, cl. 1852 2s 

Chapters on Infanticide, Land Tenures, Revenue System, Agriculture, Family 
Life, Magistracy, and Police. The work "may still be read with pleasure and profit 
by those who care to have an insight into the rural life of Hindustan " (Keene). 

6982 Notes on the Revolt in the N.W. Provinces of India, 8vo, 

cloth. 1858 5s 

83, High Street^ Marylehone, London^ W. 



6983 Raikes (0.) Revolt N.W. Provinces, another half-calf extra 6s 6d 

Life in Agra during 1857, visit to Delhi, Furuckabad, &c. 

6984 The Englishman in India, 12mo, cloth. 1867 3s 

A short history of British India, with chronological table and three chapters 

from Notes on the N.W. Provinces,' illustrating the working life of the ordinary 
Enghshman m India. •' 

6985 Raikes (Capt. Stanley N.) Memoir on Thurr and .Parkur, Sind 
(Bombay Records), nmp, imp. Svo, sewed. 1859 3s 

6986 Railway (Proposed) in Bengal : Papers on (India Govt. Records, 
No. 1), maps, roy. Svo, cloth. Calcutta, 1853 2s 6d 

6987 Bombay, Baroda, and Central India Railway. Report on Line by Lieut. 

Kennedy, Svo, pp. 72. 1854 3s 6d 

6989 Railways in India, their State and Prospects, pp. 44, and map. 1855 28 6d 

6990 Navigation of the Indus, and Railways in Scinde and the Punjaub, 8vo. pp. 35. 

1858 28 

6991 The " Indian Statesman " on Indian Railways, with Appendix on Mr. Laing's 

Poor Man's Income Tax, Svo, pp. ii-67. Madras, 1861 2s 6d 

See also Andrew, Bourne, Chapman, Chesney, Langley, Maps, Marvin, Temple, 
Public Works, &c. 

6993 Raines (Gen. Sir Julius) The 95th (Derbyshire) -Regiment in 

Central India, 1858, 12mo, cloth. 1900 Is 6d 

Actions of Rowa and Awah, Capture of Chundaree and Battle of Kotah, Capture 
of Gwalior, &c. 

6994 Rainey (J. R.) The Sundarban, its Physical Features, &c., Proc. 
R. Geoq. Soc, N.S., 1891, Vol. XIII. pp. 273-287, and map 2s 

6995 Rajendralala Mitra, Antiquities of Orissa, illustrated by 97 
large plates and numerous ivoodcuts, 2 vols, folio. Calcutta, 1875- 
1880 £5 

A portion of the text of this work is reprinted in ' Indo-Aryans,' vol. I. 

6996 Buddha GayA, the Hermitage of Sdkya Muni, with 51 

plates {mostly photographic) and woodcuts, roy. 4to, cloth. Calcutta, 
1878 £2 

For later researches on the great Buddhist temple see Cunningham's ' Mah^- 

6997 Indo-Aryans : Contributions towards the Elucidation of 

their Ancient and Mediaeval History, 2 vols. 8vo, cl. 1881 10s. 6d 

Origin and principles of Indian Architecture, Sculpture, Dress, and Ornament ; 
on furniture, domestic utensils, musical instruments, arms, horses, and cars in 
ancient India ; Beef and Spirituous Liquors in Ancient India ; a Picnic in Ancient 
India ; an Imperial Coronation, Human Sacrifices, Funeral Ceremonies, Suppose-i 
identity of the Greeks with the Yavanas ; the Pala and Sena Dynasties, the Early 
Life of Asoka, the Primitive Aryans, Origin of the Sanskrit Language, &c. 

6998 RajpOOtana, Report on Administration of, 1865-67 (Ind. Govt. 
Records, No. 58), Part I., royal 8vo, sewed. Calcutta, 1867 2s 6d 

6999 Reports for 1867-68, 1870-71, 1871-72, 1872-73, 1873-74, 

1874-75, royal 8vo, sewed each 2s 

See also Allen, Boileau, Broughton, Burgess, Cassell's Travels (p. 4), Census, 
Francis, Francklin, Gardner (Mrs.), Grindlay, Hamilton, Lee- Warner, Lethbridge, 
Malcolm's Central India, Murray (Punjab), Newall, Prichard, Rice, Ronson, 
Sherring, Simpson, Thomas, Tod. 

BSt High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

218 Francis Edwa/rds^s Catalogue 

7001 Ram Raz, Essay on the Architecture of the Hindus, with 48 
'plates (Oriental Translation Fund), imp. 4to, cloth. 1834 12s 

7002 Ramabai Sarasvati (Pundita) The High Caste Hindu Woman, 
with Introduction by Dr. Rachel Bodley, portrait, royal 8vo, boards. 
PhiladelpMa, 1888 4s 

An appeal on behalf of the education of the women of India, being a memorial 
of Dr. Anandibai Joshee, the first high caste Brahman woman to receive the degree 
of Doctor of Medicine. 

7003 Ramsay (W.) Report on the Baitool District, Nerbudda Division, 
C. Provinces, map (Ind. Govt. Records, No. 57), roy. 8vo, sewed. 
Calcutta, 1867 2s 

Ranjit Singh and his Court. See Fane (H. E.), Gardner (Alex.), 
Gough and Innes, GrifiQn (Sir Lepel), Honigberger, Metcalfe, Minto, 
Osborne (W. G.) Prinsep, Punjab, Smyth, &c. 

Rashiduddin's Notices of India. See Elliot, Yule. 

7004 Rathborne (Col. A. B.) Mr. Disraeli and the Council of 

India : a Letter and Petition for Inquiry, roy. 8vo, pp. 88. 1860 4s 

For his long and eminent services (1829-66) Col. Rathborne, having been led to 
expect a seat at the new India Board, alleges that he lost it through the misrepre- 
sentations of interested parties. 

7005 Rawlinson (Sir Henry) England and Russia in the East, map, 
8vo, cloth. 1875 4s 

Papers on the political and geographical condition of Central Asia as affecting 
India— the results of forty years' continuous observation and experience in Persia, 
in Afghanistan, in India, the author at the time being a member of the Council of 
India. For other works and ' Life ' of Sir Henry Rawlinson see pp. 10 (Herodotus), 
19, 30, 49. 

7007 Raynal (the AhU W. T.) Philosophical and Political History of 

the Settlements and Trade of the Europeans in the East and West 

Indies, translated by Justamond, ivith portrait and 7 maps, 8 vols. 

8vo, calf. 1788 £1 

Vol.'I. Discoveries of the Portuguese, their Trade and Conquests and that of 

the Dutch in the East Indies. Vol. II. Settlements, Trade, and Conquests of the 

English in the East Indies — in Persia, India, Arabia, Sumatra, the Comoros, and 

St. Helena ; Voyages, Settlements, Wars, and Trade of the French in the East 

Indies ; their Colonies and Conduct at Madagascar, Ceylon, Siam, Tonquin, and 

Cochin-China, Isles of Bourbon and France ( Mauritius), and the Principles they 

ought to pursue in India should they ever recover the Power they enjoyed there. 

Vol. III. Trade of Denmark, Ostend, Sweden, Prussia, Spain, and Russia to the East 

Indies— in India, the Philippines, &c. Vols. IV. to VII. The West Indies, Peru, 

Brazil, the African Slave Trade, French and English Settlements in North America. 

Vol. VIII. Recapitulation and Reflections upon the Good and the Evil which the 

Discovery of the New World hath done to Europe. 

See also p. 19. 

Reay (Lord) his Administration, 1885-90. See Hunter's 'Bombay.* 

7009 Rees (L. E. Runtz) Personal Narrative of the Siege of Lucknow, 
map and portrait of Sir H. Lawrence, 12mo, cloth. 1858 6s 

7010 Personal Narrative, another copy, half -calf extra 8s 

8S^ High Streetj Marylebonej London^ Wy 



7012 Rees (J. D.) Lord Connemara's Tours in India, 1886-90, with 
14 imps, Svo, cloth. London [Madras], 1892 5s 

(1) North Arcot Salem Ooimbatore ; (2) Bellary, Anantapur ; (3) Kuruool, 
Wynaad Malabar, Cochin, Travancore. Tinnevelly, Madura, Trichinopoly, Tan- 
]i^^if^V^^^'^''i^'&i^^^^'^ '..^^^ Mysore, Seringapatam, Bangalore, Oosoor, Kolar ; 
(7) Malabar, South Canara, Goa, Bellary, Cuddapah, Nellore, &c. ; (8) Ganiarn 
bouth Arcot, by Mr Claude Vincent ; (10) Calcutta, Darjeeling, Allahabad, Simla,' 
Quetta, Kurrachee, Bombay; (11) Coconada, Rajamundry, Ellore, Bezwada, Sin' 
f.^'".^^,^' Hyderabad; (12) Ihe Eurasian Settlements of Whitefield and Sausmond • 
(13) lanjore, Trivalur, C'onjeeveram, and East Coast Railways. 

7013 H.R.H. the Duke of Clarence and Avondale in Southern 

India, with a Narrative of Elephant-Catching in Mysore by G. P. 
Sanderson, ma^, autotype portraits, and other illustrations, imp. 
Svo, cloth. 1891 9g 

7014 Reid (Lestock), Acting Governor of Bombay, 1846-47, Letter on 
Baroda Affairs in Answer to 'Bombay Briberies by ** Indus," ' Svo. 
pp.70. 1853 3s 

Evidence before House of Lords, Pari. Paper, 1852. See p. 66* 

See also Bombay, Chapman, Uutram, &c. 

7015 Reid (Surg. Lieut. -Col. Scott-) Cliin-Lushai Land": Account of 
Expeditions (1871-72, 1880-90) and Annexation of the Country, 
3 maps and 9 p^ioto illustrations, Svo, cloth. Calcutta, 1893 5s 6d 
With geographical and ethnological information regarding the Chins. 

See also Lewi n, p. 177; Burmah. 

7016 [Rennefort (Souchou de)] Memoires pour servir a FHistoire 
des Indes Orientales, contenans une Description des Isles du Cap 
Verd, de Sainte Helene, du Cap de Bonne Esperance, de I'lsle de 
Madagascar, de I'lsle de Ceilon, & generalement de toute les Indes 
Orientales, par un Membre de la Compagnie des Indes, enrichis de 
Jignres, suivant la Copie de Paris, prefaced by ' Le Libraire au 
Lecteur,' 12mo, pp. [viii]-571, calf. 1702 18s 

Voyages of Mondevergue, Caron, and others to the East Indies, with 
accounts of their visits to Teneriffe, Ternambuco, the Cape, Surat, Calicut, Goa, 
Madagascar, Mascaregne, St. Helena, Ascension, &c. (1665-71). 

7017 Rennell (Major James) Memoir of a Map of Hindoostan ; or, 
the Mogul Empire, and of the Countries between the Indian Rivers 
and the Caspian, Account of the Ganges and Barrampooter Rivers, 
second edition, with additions, corrections, and geography of the 
Countries contiguous to the heads of the Indus, 4 maps, 4to, calf. 
1792 15s 

This work is necessary to the understanding of the political geography of India 
and is cited by most writers of the history of that period. Rennell's map was the 
first which approached correctness in its details. 

7018 Memoir of a Map of Hindostan, third edition, with 

Additional Map and Geography of the Peninsula of India {i.a.. 
Southern India), 1 vol. 4to, russia. 1793 ^'1 5s 

7019 Memoir of a Map of the Peninsula of India, conformable 

to the Treaty of Seringapatam, March, 1792 (without the map), 
4to, pp.51. 1793 ^ ^s 

6\3, High Street, Maryhhvne, London, W, 

220 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

7020 Rennell (Major) Marches of the British Armies in India 
(through the Mysore), 1790-91, 8vo, half-calf. 1792 6s 6d 

7021 Major James Rennell and the Rise of English Geography, 

by Sir Clements Markham, 12mo, cloth. 1898 2s 6d 

Survey of the Ganges (Manuscripts). See p. 191. 

See also Orme. 

7023 Rennie (D. F., M.D.) Bhotan and the Story of the Dooar War, 
including Sketches of a Three Months' Residence in the Himalayas, 
and Narrative of a Visit to Bhotan in May, 1865, maip and illustra- 
tions, 12mo, cloth. 1866 3s 6d 

The country, its inhabitants, government, British intercou^^e, and missions, 
from oflBcial and published records. 

Reynolds (James) Memoirs of the Early Conquerors of Hindustan, 
from the Persian, 1858. See Oriental Translation Fund, in 
subsecxuent Section. 

7024 Rice ([Major-Gen.] Wm.) Tiger Shooting in India : Hunting 
Experiences on Foot in Rajpootana, 1850-54, with 12 chromo plates 
from the Author^s Sketches, royal 8vo, half-moroceo. 1857 £3 3s 

A pleasant book of adventure with very spirited illuj-trations. 

7025 " Indian Game," from Quail to Tiger, lithograjyhic illustra- 
tions, royal 8vo, cloth. 1884 Os 

7026 Rice (Rev. Henry) Native Life in South India, Sketches of the 
Social and Religious Characteristics of the Hindus, ivith 12 illus- 
trations, 12mo, cloth. [1889] 3s 

7027 Rice (B. Lewis) Mysore Gazetteer, revised edition, numerous 
nmps, 2 thick vols. 8vo, cloth. 1897 18s 

Vol. I. Physical Geography, Flora, Fauna, Ethnography, History, Religious 
Language and Literature, Art and Industry, Coins, Administration, Lan'1, 
Tenure, Public Works, &c. Vol. II. General Description of Districts. 

7028 Rice (S. P.) Occasional Essays on Native South Indian Life, 
8vo, cloth. 1901 8s 6d 

7029 Richard (Henry, M.P.) India under British Rule, Svo, pp. 50. 
1858 23 

7030 Risley (Herbert Hope) The Tribes and Castes of Bengal, N.W. 
Provinces, and Punjab : Anthropometric Data, 2 vols, royal 8vo, 
parchment. Calcutta, 1891 £3 3s 

7031 Rivett-Carnac (H.) On Clay Discs called " Spindle Whorls " 
and Seals found in N.W. Provinces, 8vo (Jour. Asiatic Soc, Bengal), 
1880, pp. 127-137, and 4 plates 2s 6d 

7032 Report on the Wurdah District, Central Provinces (Ind. 

Govt. Records, No. 56), roy. Svo, sewed. Calcutta, 1867 2s 

7033 Roberts (Emma) Scenes and Characteristics of Hindustan, with 
Sketches of Anglo-Indian Society, 3 vols. 12mo, half-calf. 1835 9s 

Miss Emma Roberts, " the best of the authoresses who have treated of the 
East." The 'Sketches of India' point out Cawnpore, Agra, and their vicinity as 
the localities with which she was most familiar. G. W. Johnson, * The Stranger in 
India ' (1843), in the second volume of which there is an account of her life. 
See also Elliot (Capt. R.), White (G. F.). 

83 J High Street, Mari/lebone, London W. 

India 221 

7034 Roberts (Field-Marshal Lord) Forty-one Years in India, from 
Subaltern to Commander-in-Chief, best edition, numerous portraits 
and maps, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1897 £1 4s 

7035 Another copy, 2 vols. 8vo, half -calf extra £1 8s 

7036 Forty-one Years in India, new ed., 1 vol. 8vo, cloth 10s 6d 

Lord Roberts's 'Recollections' embrace the most important years in the 

modern history of India, including the last years of the E.l. Company's adminis- 
tration, the Mutiny and establishment of British rule over the whole peninsula, 
the Afghan War of 1879, and pacification of Burma, 1886. He was associated with 
the Lawrences. Nicholson, Outram, Colin Campbell, Sir Wm. Mansfield, Napier of 
Magdala, Donald Stewart, Samuel Brown, and many more. 

"A book which must live as long as our Empire and Army of India."— 
Dr. George Smith. 

March of the Kurram Field Force. See Colquhoun, Hensman, 

and Shadbolt, pp. 59 to 63. 

7037 Robertson (Dr. Wm.) Historical Disquisition concerning India, 
with Observations on the Polity, Laws, Arts, Sciences, and Reli- 
gion of the Indians, maj), 8vo, calf. 1794 4s 

7038 Works of, with Account of his Life and Writings, by 

Dugald Stewart, portrait and maps, 12 vols. 8vo, hf.-ch 1817 12s 

' Scotland,' 3 vols.; ' Charles the Fifth,' 4 vols.; 'America,' 4 vols.; * India,' 1 vol. 

7040 [Robertson (Major Henry D.)] Principles and Policy of the 
Indian Government, by a Gentleman in the E.I. Co.'s Service, 8vo, 
pp. iv-184. 1829 3s 

Inquiry concerning the Tenure of Lands, Administration of Justice, &c. 

7041 Robertson (T. Campbell, afterwards Member of Council) Re- 
marks on the Government and Foreign Policy of India, 8vo, 
pp. iv-95. 1829 2s 6d 

An examination of Crawford's 'Free Trade and Colonization of India' 
(see p. 103), &c. 

7042 Political Prospects of British India, pp. 55. 1858 2s 6d 

Evidence before House of Lords Committee, 1852. See p. 66. 

7043 Robertson (H. Dundas) District Duties during the Revolt in 
the N.W. Provinces, 1857, with Remarks on the Investigations 
during 1858-59, map, 12mo, cloth. 1859 6s 

The author was Magistrate in the Saharunpore district. 
Robertson (Sir George) Kafirs of the Hindu Kush and Siege of 
Chitral. See p. 63. 

Robinson (Ven. Archdeacon) Historical Account of the Christians 
on the Malabar Coast (4 chapters). Madras Journal, Vol. I. 1834 

7044 Robinson (Wm.) Descriptive Account of Asam, and of the Tea 
Plant, with a Short History of the Neighbouring Hill Tribes, their 
Manners and Customs, 4 wwips, 8vo, half-calf. Calcutta, 1841 9s 

General aspect of the country, the climate and its effects, geology, botany, 
zoology, &c. 

7045 Robinson (F. Horsley) Notes on the India Bill, pp. 48. 1853 

Evidence on Administration of Government, on Education, 

&c., in India. See Pari. Reports, 1852-53, p. 67. 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

222 Frcmds Edwwrds^s Catalogue 

7046 Robinson (Phil) In My Indian Garden, with Preface by Sir 
Edwin Arnold, 12mo. 1882 2s 6d 

7047 Under the Punkah, 12mo, cloth. 1881 2s 6d 

7048 Robson (Capt. Francis) Life of Hyder Ally, and a Narrative of 
the Sufferings of the Prisoners taken by Tippoo Sahib, 8vo, half- 
calf. 1786 10s 

7050 Roe (Sir Thomas) Journal of his Embassy to the Court of the 
Great Mogul, 1614-15 (from Churchill's Collection, Vol. I.), folio, 
half-calf. 1744 8s 

7051 The Embassy of Sir Thomas Roe to the Court of the Gi-eat 

Mogul, 1615-19, as narrated in his Journal and Correspondence, 
edited from Contemporary Records by Wm. Foster, 'portraits 
(Hakluyt Soc), 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1899 24s 

" Roe's poaition afforded him excellent opportunities for observation, while a 

natural gift for literary expression imparted a vividness to his descriptions The 

result is a picture of the India of the early seventeenth century which is of excep- 
tional value and interest The present edition is based chiefly upon Koe's own 

copy of \i\%3oyiivniai\{imperf('Ct] upon extracts given in Purchas supplemented 

by about fifty of nis letters and other documents bearing upon the mission, very 

few of which have been published before and extracts from other contemporary 

records, especially from the account published by Terry."— Preface. 

See collections of Kerr, Pinkerton. Prevost, Purchas ; also Terry, Thevenot, 
Valle (Delia), Wheeler. 

7052 Rogers (Alex.) The Land Revenue of Bombay : a History of 
its Administration, Rise, and Progress, 18 mapSf 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 
1892 6s 

7053 Life in India: Proc. R. Col. Inst., 1879, Vol. X. pp. 298- 

330, cloth 3s 

RoHiLLA War. See Elliot (SirC), Forster(G.), Francklin, Gholam 
Hussain, Hamilton, Hastings (W.),Hougb, Mahratta War, Strachey. 
RONSON (W. T.) Rajputana. Sec Ency. Britannioa, Vol. XX. 
Rose (Sir Hugh, Lord Strathnairn). See Lowe, Raines, "Rulers of 
India," Valbezen, Wilkinson. 

7055 Ross (David) The Land of the Five Rivers and Sindh: Sketches, 
Historical and Descriptive, map, 8vo, cloth. 1883 5s 

7056 Ross-of-Bladensburg (Major) The Marquess of Hastings and 
the Pinal Overthrow of the Maratha Power, map and portrait 
(*' Rulers of India" Series), 12mo, cloth 28 

7057 Rotton (Rev. J. A. W.) The Chaplain's Narrative of the Siege 
of Delhi, with piaw, 12mo, cloth. 1858 6s 

7058 Rousselet (Louis) India and its Native Princes: Travels in 
Central India and in tbe Presidencies of Bombay and Bengal (1863- 
1868), revised and edited by Lieut.-Col. Buckle, best edition, 
luith 317 beautiful illustrations aiid 6 maps, royal 4to, morocco 
elegant. 1875 £1 15s 

' Nothing can hi clearer than M. Bousselet's description of the countries and 
people he visited, and we seem ourselves to be living among them, as they pass in 
his vivid pages in stately splendour under our eyes. The book is superbly 
illustrated."— Times. 

SS. High Slrcnl, Maryhhone^ London, W. 

India 223 

7059 Rousselet's India and its Native Princes, new edition, with 
niap and 170 illustrations, imp. 8vo, cloth gilt. 1882 9s 

The author visited Bombay, Goa, the Neilgherries, Poooah, Hyderabad, Aurun- 
gabad, Baroda, Ahmedabad, Ajmere, Jeypore, Agra, Delhi, "Meerut, Lahore, 
Pesbawur, Lucknow, Allahabad, Benares, Patna, Moorshedabad, Chandernagore, 
Calcutta, Dacca, Cuttack, Madras, Pondichery, and Ceylon. 

7060 Routledge (James) English Rule and Native Opinion in India : 
Notes taken in 1870-74, 8vo, cloth. 1878 4s 6d 

The author visited India twice (1870-75), the second occasion to report on the 
Famine in Bengal to the Times. In this volume he gives a view of India and the 
native chiefs, chapters on the government, the religious sects and faiths, Lord 
Mayo, Lord Northbrook, Irrigation and Trade, as well as on the Famine. 

7061 Rowney (H. B.) The Wild Tribes of India, map, 12mo, cloth. 



7062 " Rule 

;rs of India " 

Series, 12mo, cloth 

each 28 




Lawrence (John, Lord) 


Clyde, and Strath- 

Haider Ali, and Tipti 



nairn (1 vol.) 

Saltan (1 vol.) 





Raniit Singh 



Hastings (Warren) 



Hastings (Marquess) 

VVellesley . 



Uniform with the above, each Ss. 
Hunter's 'Brief History of the Indian Peoples'; 'James Thomason,' by Sir 
Richard Temple ; Lawrence (Sir H.). 

7063 Rumbold (E. A.) Vindication of the Character and Administra- 
tion of Sir Thomas Rumbold, Bt., Governor of Madras 1778-80, 
from Misrepresentations of Col. Wilks, Mr. Mill, and other 
Historians of British India, 8vo, cloth. 1868 7s 

7064 Answer to the Charges exhibited against Sir Thomas 

Rumbold in House of Commons, &c., by Himself (pp. xii-71), with 
Appendix (pp. 42), two parts, 4to, swd. 1781-82 10s 

7065 Rundall (General F. H.) The River Systems of S. India, Prog. R. 
Geog. Soo., N.S., 1886, Vol. VIII. pp. 681-98, and map 2s 

7066 The Sirjin Chins— R. G. Soc. Supplementary Papers, 

Vol. III. pp. 563-85, map, cloth 3s 6d 

7067 [Russell (Francis)] E.I. Board. A Short History of the E.I. 
Co. and their connection with the Government of India, second 
edition, 4to, calf. 1793 7s 6d 

7068 Russell (A. M.) Report on the Dumoh District, Jubbulpoor 
Central District, map (Govt. Records, No. 55), royal 8vo. 
Calcutta, 1867 2s 6d 

7069 Russell ([Sir] Wm. Howard), Times Correspondent. My Diary in 
India in the Year 1858-9, illustrated, 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1860 6s 

7070 My Diary in India, another copy, 2 vols, half-calf 7s 6d 

7071 My Diary in India, 1 vol. 12mo, cloth. [1875] 4s 

7072 The Prince of Wales' Tour in India, with Account of the 

Visits of H.R.H. to the Courts of Greece, Egypt, Spain, and Portugal, 
illustrations by Sidney P. Hall, and photo-portrait of H.R.H., imperial 
8vo, cloth, gilt edges. 1877 ^ 

^S^ Eigh Street^ Marylebone^ London^ W. 

224 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

7073 Russell (0. E. M.) Bullet and Shot in Indian Forest, Plain, and 
Hill, with Hints on Shooting, 8vo, cloth. 1900 6s 

Experiences in Assam and Sylhet, 1876-81, and in the Mysore, where the author 
was in the Forest department, 1882-90, including chapters on tiger, panther, bear, 
elephant, deer, goat, small animal, game bird and wild-fowl shooting ; hints on 
equipment, preservation of trophies, &c. 

7074 Russia's March towards India, by an Indian Officer, map and 
index, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1894 4s 6d 

See also Russian Central Asia, pp. 55 to 57 ; Hanna, p. 147 ; Rawlinson, p. 218 ; 
Vambery, p. 248 ; and references under INVASIONS, p. 164. 

Ryan (Sir Bdw.) Evidence on Judicial Administration in India. 
See Pari. Reports, 1852-3, p. 67. 

7074b Ryder (John) Four Yeais' Service in India, by a Private Soldier, 

12mo. Leicester, 1853 {scarce) 5s 

The author was a corporal in the 32nd Foot, and served with his regiment at 

Meerut, Delhi, Fsrozepore, the Siege and Capture of Mooltan, Battle of Goojerat, &;c. 

7075 Salt ( ' enry) Twenty-Four Views taken in St. Helena, the Cape, 
Indip eylou, Abyssinia, and Egypt, engraved on copper and 
coloci .* (each 24 in. by 18 in.), large folio, fine copy, brilliant 
plates, with descriptive text, 4to, half-morocco. 1809 £4 

Sandy Bay Valley, 8. Helena ; View near Roode Sand Pass, Cape of Good 
Hope ; Cfvlc'itta, View within Fort Monghyr, Ruins of Fort at Juanpore, Lucknow ; 
The MoscjuH, Lucknow ; View near Point de Galle, Pagoda at Ramisseram, Pagoda 
at Tanjore, Pagodas at Trinchicunum, Riilcotta in the Baramahal, Poonah, Ancient 
Excava*^ions at Carli ; Town of Dixan, Town of Abha, View near Village of 
Asceriah, and Mucculla, Abyssinia ; The Pass of Atbara ; Obelisk at Axum, Moun- 
tains of Samayut, Vale of Calaat, Grand Cairo, The Pyramids. 

This work is intended as a further illustration of the travels of Lord Valentia 
{q.v.), Mr. Salt being private secretary to his lordship. 

Salt was the first to discover the Buddhist origin of the Cave Temples of 
Western India.— Dougla«, Bombay, II , 218-219. 

7076 Samuelson (J.) India, Past and Present: Historical, Social, 
and Political, illustrated, 8vo, cloth. 1890 6s 
Sanohi and its Remains. See Archaeological Surveys, Cunning- 
ham, Bhilsa Topes, Fergusson, Tree and Serpent Worship, GriflQn 
(Sir Lepel), Maisey, &c. 

7077 Sandeman (Col. Sir Robert), his Life and Work on our Indian 
Frontier, by T. H. Thornton, portrait, map, and illustrations, 8vo, 
cloth. 1895 4s 

Col. Sandeman's career included military service during the Mutiny and civil 
employ under the Punjaub Administration. He was twice sent on a mission to 
Khelat, and ultimately succeeded in terminating the internecine struggle of twenty 
years' duration between the Khan and the confederate chiefs. He also served in 
the Afghan Campaigns, &;c. 

7078 Sanderson (George P.) Thirteen Years among the Wild Beasts 
of India (1861-77) : their Haunts and Habits from Personal Observa- 
tion, with Account of the Modes of Capturing and Taming 
Elephants, maps and plioto-iUustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1896 8s 

Mr. Srinderson was the officer in charge of the Government Elephant- Catching 
Establishment in Mysore. He describes the scenery of the country, the natives, 
and has given accounts of some extraordinary adventures with " man-eaters " as 
well as with elephants ; the illustrations are mostly from photographs. For 'Narra- 
tive of Elephant-Catching ' and the visit of the Duke of Clarence to the Keddahs 
in 1889, see Rees, p. 219. 

8Sf High Street^ Marylebone^ London^ W. 

India 225 

7079 Sanitary Measures in India, 1883-84, Report on; with 
Miscellaneous Information up to June, 1885, Vol. XVII fPapl 
Paper), folio. 1885 ^ 2s 

7080 Ditto, Vol. XIX. 1887 28 

See Temple (Sir R.), TuUoch, and references under Public Works. 

7081 Sarkar (Prof. Jadunath) The India of Aurangzib, Topography, 
Statistics, Revenue, and Roads, compared with the India of Akbar, 
8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1901 3g 

Translated from Persian MSS., and supplemented by extracts from Abul Fazl 
Tieflfenthaler. Thomas, Tavernier, and others. See also Master, and references under 
Akbar (p. 69), Aurunzebe (p. 76), and Scott (J.), No. 7086. 

7082 Saunders (John O'Brien) On the Sale of Waste Lands and 
Law of Contract for India, 8vo, pp. 26. 1863 2s 

7083 Savory (Isabel) A Sportswoman in India : Perso' il Adventures 
and Experiences of Travel in Known and Unknown It K, illustrated, 
8vo, cloth. 1900 - »^' 7s 

Peehawur and the Kyber Pass ; From Dalhousie into Chambi"/ (!^hamba into 
Kashmir ; Yer Sar Pass ; Pig Sticking ; Tiger Shooting ; Ootacamund and Anglo- 
Indian Life, &c. /ja J \f. 

7084 Scherzer (Dr. Karl) Voyage of the " No vara," 1 8 5f;:ri;^^ under- 
taken by Order of the Austrian Government, with cJiarh and 66 
illustrations, 3 vols, royal 8vo, cloth. 1861-63 •■'•'•' 18s 

The "Novara " visited Madeira, Rio Janeiro, the Cape, St. Paul and Amsterdam 
Islands, Ceylon, Madras, Nicobar Islands, Singapore, Java, Manila, Hong Kong, 
Shanghai, Caroline and Solomon Islands, Sydney, Auckland, Tahiti, and Valparaiso. 

Sohewitzer's Voyage to East Indies, 1675-83. See Fryke, p. 7. 

7085 Schlagintweit (H. A. und R. von) Reisen in Indien und 
Hochasien : Eine Darstellung der Landschaft, der Cultur und 
Sitten der Bewohner, in Verbindung mit Klimatischen und Geo- 
logischen Verbal tnissen, 1854-58, maps and plates, 3 vols, royal 
8vo, half-morocco, gilt tops. Jena, 1869-72. £1 5s 

Travels in Western, Southern, Central, N.W. India and Bengal, to Kashmir, 
Tibet, the Karakorume, Yarkand, and Kashgar. 

Vol. I. India, with 2 maps and 9 illustrations. 

Vol. II. The K\mQ\&ya.8 of Bhotan &ud Kashmir, with 10 illustrations. 

Vol. III. Tibetan Himalayas, Karakorums, &c., map and 8 illustrations. 

SCHODTEN (W.) Voyage to East Indies; and Visits to Ceylon, 
Coromandel and Malabar Coasts, Bengal, &c., 1664-5, witU copper- 
plate views. See p. 20. 
SciNDE. See SiND. 

7086 Scott (Capt. Jonathan) Translation of the Memoirs of Eradut 
Khan, a Nobleman, containing Anecdotes of the Emperor Aurung- 
zebe, Shaw Aulum, &c., 4to, half-morocco. 1786 (rare) 12s 6d 
Translation of Ferishta's History. See p. 133. 

7087 Scott (Capt. P. G.) Personal Narrative of the Escape from 
Nowgong to Banda and Nagode (May to August, 1857), 8vo, pp. 40, 
half -calf {privately printed), Edinburgh, 1857 os 

83, Eigh Street, Ma/rylebone, London, W. 

226 Frcmcis Edwards's Catalogue 

7089 Scott (Major John) afterwards Waring. A Letter to Mr. Fox 
(on Hastings's Impeachment), dated Margate, 10th September, 1788, 
8vo, pp. 112 3s 6d 

7090 Second Letter to Mr. Fox, ou Charges against Kajah Deby Sing, 8vo, pp. 26- 

1789 2s 

7091 Speech, H.C., let and 3rd 7uly, 1789, on the State and Finances of India, 8vo, 

pp. 35 28 

7092 Letters to Dodsleyin Refutation of Misrepresentations in the ^miita^jRegrw^er, 

1788, 8vo, pp. viii-39, 11th, Feb. 1791 26 6d 

7093 Speech in the House of Commone, 14th Feb., 1791, 8vo, pp. xxx, ii-38 2s 6d 

7094 A Letter from Major Scott to Philip Francis, second edit., 8vo, pp. ii, xxx-78. 

1791 48 6d 

7095 Two Letters to George Hardinge, 8vo, pp. xxx-52. 1791 3s 

The preceding pamphlets relate to the Impeachment of Warren Hastings, for 
whom Major Scott was agent for a time. 

7096 Observations on the E.I. Company, with Prefatory Remarks on the Dis- 

affection of the Natives to Christianity, 8vo, pp. lxxvi.-76. 1808 38 6d 

7097 A Letter to John Scott Waring, in Refutation of his * Observations on the 

E.I. Co.,' with Strictures on his Prefatory Remarke. [By Rev. J. Owen.] 
8vo, pp. iv-82. 1808 28 Gd 

7098 Letter to Rev. J. Owen in Reply to his ' Strictures,' &c., pp. iv-118 38 

See also Letters of " Albanicus," p. 119 ; Teignmouth (Lord). 

7099 Scott (David) Memoir of, by Major White, with correspondence, 
8vo, boards. Calcutta, 1832 3s 6d 

Mr. Scott held appointments at Goruckpore, at Purneah. Behar, and at Rung- 
pore, 1808-23, and as Governor-General's Agent on the N.E. Frontier of Bengal and 
Commissioner in Assam, 1824-31. 

7100 Scott (Rev. Dr. A.) Buddhism and Christianity, a Parallel and a 
Contrast, 8vo, cloth. 1890 3s 

7101 Scurry (James) Ten Years' Captivity and Suffering in the 
Dominions of Hyder Ali and Tippoo Sahib [1782-92], 12mo, boards. 
1824 6s 

Contains references to the capture of Col. Baillie's detachment and to the 
captivity of General Matthews, his officers and men, also the storming and capitula- 
tion of Seringapatam (1792). 

7102 Seaton (Gen. Sir Thomas) From Cadet to Colonel : Record of 
a Life of Active Service, 2 vols. 12mo, half-calf extra. 1866 14s 

The author's service in India extended over nearly thirty-six years from the 
year 1823. He was present at the capture of Bhurtpore, through the first Afghan 
War, and the Mutiny, finally retiring in 1859. 

7103 Seely (J. B.) The Wonders of Ellora, with Observations on the 
People and Country, and a Residence at Aurungabad, second 
edition, plates, 8vo, boards. 1825 3s 
Seetaram, From Sepoy to Soobadar. See Norgate. 

7104 Serampore Mission (The) Accounts of, 1827-28, 8vo, pp. viii- 
98. Edinburgh, 1828 2s 6d 

Contains an article on Oriental translations of the Bible. See also CJarey. 

83j Sigh Street^ MaryUhone^ London^ W. 



7105 Seton-Karr (W. S.) The Marquess of Oornwallis and Consolida- 
tion of British Rule in India, with chapters on the Revenue S^ttl-^ 
ment, map (*' Rulers of India"), I2mo, cloth. 1892 2s 

See also Calcutta Gazettes, p. 92. 

7106 Seven Pagodas (The) on the Coromandel Coast : Descriptive 
and Historical Papers by Chambers, Babington, Mahon, Braddock, 
and others, edited by Capt. M. W. Carr, tuith photograph, litho- 
graph plates^ planSf and inscriptions, imperial folio, morocco. 
Madras, 1869 £2 
See also Fergueson and Burgess, p. 132 ; Salt, p. 224 ; Valentia, p. 247. 

7107 Sewell (Robert) Chronological Tables for Southern India from 
the Sixth Century a.d., 4to, boards. Madras, 1881 2s 6d 

7108 Sketch of the Dynasties of Southern India, 4to, boards. 

1883 4g 

Antiquities of Madras. See AROHiBOLOGioAL Survey, p. 73. 

7109 Analytical History of India, from the Earliest Times to 

the Abolition of the East India Co. in 1858, 12mo, cloth 3s 

7110 A Forgotten Empire (Vijayanagar) : a Contribution to the 

History of India, 3 maps and 15 plates, royal 8vo, cloth. 1900 lis 

A history of the Hindu City and Kingdom of Vijayanagar in Southern India 
(1334-1614), serving as an introduction to two Portuguese chronicles written about 
1620 and 1636 by Fernao Nuniz and Domingo Paes, now first translated into English, 
and illustrated by photographs of the ruins of the city and temples. 

7112 Shadwell (L. J.) Lockhart's Advance through Tirah, 2 maps 
and 7 illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1898 4s 

7113 Shahamet Ali, History of Bahawalpur, with Notices of Sindh, 
Afghanistan, Multan, and the West of India, 12mo, cloth. 1848 4s 

7114 Shakespear (Capt. Henry) The Wild Sports of India; Breed- 
ing and Rearing of Horses; and Formation of Light Irregular 
Cavalry, 12mo, cloth. 1860 6s 
** Shekarry (The Old)." See Leveson (H. A.). 

7115 Shekleton (J. F.) Assay Tables of Indian and other Coins, 
Gold and Silver, folio, boards. Calcutta, 1868 3s 

7116 [Sherer (Col. G. Moyle)] Sketches of India, written by an 
Officer for Fireside Travellers, 8vo, half-calf. 1824 3s 6d 

Notes and Observations during Visits to Madras, Bellary, Vellore, Calcutta, 
Barrackpore, the Ruins of Gaur. Benares, Allahabad, Gwalior, Goa, <ko., 1818-22. 
This work is not to be confused with another work of similar title. See p. 230. 

7117 Sherer (J. W.), C.S.I., Daily Life during the Indian Mutiny: 
Personal Experiences of 1857, portrait, 12mo, cloth. 1898 3s 6d 

lleprinted from Col. Maude's volumes, see p. 193. Contains a list of Hailey- 
bury men who lost their lives during the outbreak 1857-9. 

Sketches of Indian Statesmen. See Esoott, p. 130. 

Evidence before H.C. Committee. 1832. See E.I. Co., p. 123. 

83f High Street, Marykhone, London, W. 

I 2i 

228 Francis Edwards*8 Catalogue 

7118 Sheridan (R. Briasley) Speeches, 5 vols. 8vo, calf. 1816 18s 

Includes Speeches on East Indiaa Affairs, the Carnatic Question, Proceedings 
against Hastings, &c. The famous Speech on the Begum Princesses of Oud« wap, 
perhaps, the very bast and most powerful speech ever spoken in this country. 
Vide Byron, also Burke, Fox, and Pitt, who heard it. 

See Hastings, p. 150. 

7120 Sherring (Rev. M. A.) The Sacred City of the Hindus.: Benares 
in Ancient and Modern Times, with Introduction by Fitzedward 
Hall, 10 illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1868 10s 6d 

A valuable topographical and historical work, affording much information for 
the philologist and antiquary, as well as the student. The descriptions are clear, 
the notes suggestive, and pictures of Hindoo life vivid. 

7121 The History of Protestant Missions in India, 1706-1871, 

witJi map, 8vo, cloth. 1875 7s 

7122 Hindu Tribes and Castes as represented in Benares, with 

illustrations, 3 vols. 4to, cloth. 1872-81 £6 

Vol. I. includes Brahmaus, Fire Races, Mixed Castes, Devotees and Mendicants, 
Bards, Musicians, Singers, Dancers, Buffoons, Bankers, Merchants, Traders, Writers, 
Goldsmiths and Jewellers, Artisans, Agriculturists, Herdsmen, Weavers, Aboriginal 
Tribes, &c. 

Vol. II. contains Account of the Mohammedan Tribes of the N.W.Frontier and 
of the Aboriginal Tribes of the Central Provinces. 

Vol. III. Rajpoots, Tribes of Madras Presidency, Mysore, Neilgherry Hills, &c., 
with Dissertations on the Natural History of Hindu Caste, on the Unity of the 
Hindu Race, on the Prospects of Indian Caste, and General Index to the three 

The Rev. Matthew Atwood Sherring, agent of the L.M.S., was stationed at 
Benares from 1852 till his death in 1880. While he is said to have known that part 
of India more familiarly than any other European, he was fairly conversant with 
other parts. The material collected in these volumes is immense, and of the 
highest value to scholars and students. 

7123 Shipp (John) Memoirs of his Extraordinary Military Career in 
various Parts of the Globe, 3 vols. 12mo, half-calf. 1829 10s 

7124 Memoirs of, another edition, with Introduction by H. 

Manners Chichester ('* Adventure" Series), 12mo, cloth 3s 6d 

"Very fascinating memoirs, full of episodes vividly related." — ^rwy and 
Navy Gazette. 

Shore (Sir John). See Teignmodth (Lord). 

7125 Shore (Hon. Fred. J.) Notes on Indian Affairs, 2 vols. 8vo, 
boards. 1837 9s 

Includes Observations on the Revenue Systems by one long resident in India. 

7126 Showers (Lieut. -General 0. L.) A Missing Chapter of the Indian 
Mutiny, 8vo, cloth. 1888 4s 6d 

Mislaid reports relating to events which took place in the Meywar States. 

7127 Sic6 (Eugene) de Pondichery. Trait6 des Lois Mahometanes : 
Lois, Us et Coutumes des Musulmans du Decan. (Ext. Jour, 
Asiatique), 8vo, sewed. Paris, 1841 2s 

83, High Street, Ma/ryhhone, London, W. 



SiGHELMUS (Bishop of Sherborne) Pilgrimage to Shrine of Sb. Thomas 
in India, a.d. 883. See Collections of Hakluyt, pp. 8 and 9 • and 
PURCHAS, p. 18. ' 

Sikhs (The) and Sikh Wars. See Archer, Auckland, Campbell 
(Sir G.), Cunningham, Crauford, Edwardes (Herbert), Porster 
Francklin,Gough, Grant (Hope), Humbley, MacGregor, MacKinnon* 
Malcolm, Osborn, Smyth, SutleJ, Thackwell, and other references 
under Punjab. 

SiKKiM. See Edgar, Gawler, Hamilton, Hodgson, Hooker, Iggul- 
den, Louis, Macaulay, McGregor, Markham, Smoult, Temple (Sir 
R.), &c. 

7128 Simson (F. B.) Letters on Sport in Eastern Bengal, 10 phies 
of pig-8ticking, &c., royal 8vo, cloth. 1886 £1 

7129 Simpson (Wm.) India, Ancient and Modern : a Series of Fifty 
Illustrations of the Country and People of India and Adjacent 
Territories, including Architecture, Scenery, Costumes, &c., 
heantiftilly executed in chromo-lithograplitj, with descriptive letter- 
press, original and selected, by Sir John Wm. Kaye, imperial folio, 
half-morocco extra, gilt top. 1867. * £'6 10s 

Mr. Simpson accompanied the Governor -General, Lord Canning, in his 
triumphal progress (1860-1) over the scenes of the Mutiny, which he has depicted 
in this work, the great Durbari?, and other State Ceremonials, scenes in the camp 
of the Commander-in-Chief, Lord Clyde, which included representatives of native 
forces as well as Europeans, besides motley assemblages of camp followers. Mr. 
Simpson then travelled through Central India and Rajpootana, afterwards to the 
Himalayas, the sources of the Ganges and the Jumna, and the beautiful regions of 
Cashmere. He subsequently visited Mairas and Bombay, the Ilock-cut Temples, 
and the great railway works on the Ghauts. The whole forms a magnificent 
VOLUME and is sumptuously bound. 

7130 Sind, Correspondence relative to, 1838-43 ; Supplementary 
Correspondence (two Pari. Papers), folio, sewed. 1843-44 7s 6d 

7131 Correspondence, 1838-39, reprinted, 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 

1844 5s 

Correspondence of Sir A. Burnes, Sir H. Pottinger, Sir J. Outram, Sir Charles 
Napier, &c. 

7132 History of Sind, a.d. 710-1590, from the Persian • of 

Mahomed Masoon, by Capt. G. G. Malet (Bombay Records), imp. 
8vo, cloth. 1855 3s 6d 

7133 The Sind Directory for 1857, with Statistics, Routes, 

Chronology of Events, 1843-57, Sind Horse, &c., map and signals ^ 
8vo, cloth 3s 6d 

7134 Scinde and the Punjab, their Capabilities for Supply of 

of Cotton, by Capt. I. G. Collins, 8vo, pp. 64, xlviii. Manchester, 

1858 2s 6d 

See also Allen, Andrew, Baillie (Kurachee), Cutch, Bastwick, Edvyards, Frere, 

Hough, Jacob, James, T^alor, Murray (Punjab), Napier, Newall. Neill (Bladen), 

Nott, Outram, Prichard, Raikes, Shikar, Smyth (Carmichael), Strachey, Von Oriich, 

Wilson (H.). 

SiNDHiA (Mddhava Rdo). See Broughton, Prancklin, Hope, Keene, 
Malcolm, Malleson, Wheeler, and references under Mahbattas. 

8Sf High Street, Ma/rylehone, London, W. 

^30' Fronds Edwards's Catalogue 

7135 Sinde Railway Co., Second Report, with map; Euphrates 
Valley Railway Co., Prospectus, tvith map; European and Indian 
Junction Telegraph Co., with map, 1 vol. 8vo, morocco. 1856 5s 

7136 Third Report, February, 1857, pp. 24 Is 

7137 Extraordinary Meeting, July 24th, 1857, pp. xvi. Is 

7138 Fourth Eeport, February, 1858, pp. 36 Is 6d 

7139 Report of Commencement, April 29th, 1858, pp. 15 Is 

7140 The Sinde Railway and Indus Flotilla Co., their Futility, &c., by S. H. Clarke, 

pp. 35. 1858 Is 6d 

7141 Navigation of the Indus and Railways in Scinde and the Punjaub : Impolicy 

of a Guarantee by an Indian OflBcer, pp. 35. 1858 Is 6d 

7142 Memoranda on External Trade of Scinde, 1856-57, by P. M. Dalzell, and 

Extract on Projected Railway, pp. 25 Is 6d 

71i3 Description of The Scinde Railway by John Brunton (Inst. Civil Engineers, 
Vol. XXII ., 1862-63), pp. 48, and plans, morocco 3s 

See also Andrew (Sir W. P.), p. 71. 

7145 Sketches of India : Observations in Bengal, written in India, 
1811-14, with Notes on the Cape and St. Helena, 1815, 8vo, half- 
calf. 1816 5s 

Scenery of Bengal, Hills of Rajmahal, Monghyr, Patna, Opium Growing, 
Benares, Allahabad, Kanoge and its Ruins, the Goorkha Country, Delbi, Agra, 
Luckoow, Hunting and Shooting, Hindoo Customs, &c. 

7146 Skinner (Lieut. -Col. James) Military Memoir of G. J. Baillie 
Eraser, portrait, 2 vols. 12mo, cloth (scarce). 1851 £1 Is 

Skinner served through the Mahratta Wars ; these volumes contain interesting 
sketches of Sindhia and Holkar, Ameer Khan, the adventurers De Boigne, Perron, 
George Thomas, Martine, Soomroo and his well-known Begum. 

7147 Excursions in India, including a Walk over the Himalaya 

Mountains to the Sources of the Jumna and the Ganges, 2 vols. 
12mo, cloth. 1832 8s 
Overland Journey to India. See p. 31. 

7148 Slavery in India. Report, Minutes, and Evidence taken in 
1838-39, 3 vols, folio, half-calf. Calcutta, 1840 14s 

7149 Slavery in Territories under the E.I. Company's Rule : 

Correspondence, 1838-42 (Pari. Paper), folio, sewed. 1841 3s 

See also Peqgs. 

7151 Sleeman ([Major-General Sir] W. H.) Rambles and Recollec- 
tions of an Indian OflBcial (including the Author's Journey from the 
Banks of the Nerbudda to the Himmalayas, 1835-36), beautifully 
illustrated unth 32 coloured plates, 2 vols, royal 8vo, cloth extra 
{scarce). 1844 £1 148 

Contains several views of the "Taj Mahal" and the Pavilion at Deeg. 

7152 Another copy, 2 vols, royal Svo, half-calf ^1 18s 

7153 Rambles and Recollections, new edition, edited by Vincent 

Arthur Smith, with Memoir, Notes, Index, and a Bibliography, 
2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1893 (pub. 12s.) 4s 

This work contains a considerable store of knowledge concerning the history, 
manners, and modes of thought of the complex population of India, of interest 
alike to the ethnologist, antiquary, missionary, soldier, and general reader. 

It may be mentioned that (Jul. Sleeman annihilated the Thugs, of whom as 
well as Poisoners and Indian Police he has some interesting accounts in this work. 
He gives his experience of Famines and an authentic history of the celebrated 
Kohinoor diamond. 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 



7154 Sleeman's Journey through Oude, 1849-50, with Correspondence 
relative to its Annexation, map, 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1858 lis 

7155 Journey thro' Oude, another copy, 2 vols, half-calf 13s 6d 

General Sleeman's journey through Oude was made by direction of Lord 

Dalhousie. Had his diary (which contains a full and fair picture of the real state 
of the country and the feelings of all classes of the people) been published when it 
was submitted (1852) the Mutiny-as far as Oude was concerned-might have 
been avoided Geueral Sleeman being strongly opposed to its annexation A 
short biographical sketch is prefixed to Vol. T. See Oude, p. 209. 

7156 Slessor (Capt. A. K.) The 2nd Battalion Derbyshire Regiment 
in Tirah, 1897-98, illustrated, 12mo, cloth. 1900 Is 6d 

Dargai, Mastura, Jamrud, Up and Down the Khyber, &c. 

7158 Smith (Capt., 44th Regt.) Asiatic Costumes, 44 coloured 
engravings from drawings made in India, with descriptions, 12mo, 
cloth. Ackermann, 1828 {scarce) £1 i2s 

7159 Smith (Capt. Thomas) Narrative of a Five Years' Residence at 
Nepaul, 1841-45, 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1852 6s 

Account of the natural history and productions and inhabitants of the country ; 
its customs and laws, with anecdotes of the Nepaulese Mission. 

7161 Smith (Col. J. T.) Silver and the Indian Exchanges : a Remedy 
for its Depreciation, ten essays, 8vo, bds. [1879] 2s 

7162 Smith (George, LL.D.) The Student's Geography of British 
India, Political and Physical, nrnps, 12mo, cloth. 1883 6s 

7163 Life of William Carey, D.D., Shoemaker and Missionary, 

Professor of Sanscrit, Bengali, and Marathi in the College of Fort 
William, Calcutta, 12mo, cloth. 1887 4s 6d 

7164 Stephen Hislop, Pioneer Missionary and Naturalist in 

Central India, 1844-63, new edition, with 'portrait and illustrations, 
12mo, cloth. 1889 3s 6d 

7165 Henry Martyn, Saint and Scholar, First Modern Missionary 

to the Mohammedans, 1781-1812, portrait and illustrations, 8vo, 
cloth. 1892 4s 

This volume includes much matter of personal interest and correspondence 
omitted from the Works of Rev. John Sargent and Bishop Wilberforce. See p. 193. 

7166 The Conversion of India, a.d. 193-1893, 12mo, cl. 1893 5s 

7167 Twelve Indian Statesmen, portraits, 12mo, cloth. 1899 4s 

Biographical Sketches of Charles Grant, Sir Henry Lawrence, John, Lord 

Lawrence. Sir James Outram, Sir Donald McLeod, Sir Henry Marion Durand, 
Lieut.-Gen. Colm Mackenzie, Sir Herbert Edwardes, Tohn Clark Marshman, Sir 
Henry Maine, Sir Henry Ramsay, and Sir Charles U. Aitchison, with an Appendix 
on the Indian Government and the Prt-ss. 

D'. George Smith was for a long period resident in India. For several years he 
was correspondent of the Times, and conducted a weekly newspaper at Serampore. 
With the exception of the first Statesman above-named (Charles Grant) he had the 
good fortune to know them all, and to count some of them as intimate friends. 
See also Duflf ; Wilson, of Bombay. 

83 J High Street^ Ma/rylehone, London, W, 

232 Francis Edwards^s Catalogue 

7169 Smith (Col. Baird) Reports on Commercial Condition and the 
Recent Famine in the N.W. Provinces, 1860-61, coloured maps 
(Pari. Paper, 2 Feb., 1862), folio, half-bd. 3s 

7170 Smith (Lieut.-General Sir Harry) The Autobiography of, edited, 
with supplemental chapters, by G. C. Moore Smith, portraits and 
illustrations J 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1901 15s 

Relates chiefly to SirH. Smith's services in the Peninsular War, the Campaigns, 
at Washington and New Orleans, Waterloo, Nova Scotia, Jamaica, the Cape, 1828-35 
and in India, 1840-46, treating specially of the victories of Aliwal, &c. 
See also Hardinge, Punjaub, Sutlej, Sikhs. 

7171 Smollett (P. Boyle) India: a Lecture, Svo, pp. 45. Glasgoiv, 
1863 Is 6d 

7172 Smoult (W. H.) A Guide to Darjeeling arid Tract of Country 
ceded by the Rajah of Sikkim, with vocabularies, &c., 8vo, pp. 119, 
and maps. Calcutta, 1843 3s 6d 

See also Baikie, p. 77. 

7173 Smyth (Major G. Carmichael) History of the Reigning Family 
of Lahore [Ranjit Singh's], with Account of the Jummoo Rajahs, 
the Seik Soldiers, and their Sirdars, map and portraits, 8vo, cloth. 
Calcutta, 1847 (scarce) 6s 

7174 Soltykoff (Prince Alexis) Voyages dans Tlnde pendant les 
Ans 1841-43, 1845-46, 2 vols. Svo, half-morocco, with atlas of 36 
tinted plates, imp. 4to, half-morocco. Paris, 1851 £1 5s 

The Atlas contains eight Views in Ceylon (Colombo, Kandy, &c.) ; the others 
are of scenery in Madras, Madura, Travancore, Calcutta, Lucknow, liahore, Simla, 
Gwalior, Delhi, &;c. 

7175 Solvyns (Bait.) The Costume of Indostan, elucidated by 60 
coloured engravings from drawings made in 1798-99, with descrip- 
tions in English and French, imp. 4to, morocco extra. London, 
1807 £2 

7176 The Costume of Indostan, another copy, half -calf £\ 10s 

Sombre, i.e., Sumroo. See Compton, Malleson, Skinner, Vansittart. 

7177 Speid (Mrs. John B.) Our Last Years in India, 12mo, half -calf. 
1862 5s 

Notes chiefly on the ordinary beliefs and superstitions of the Hindoos, with 
accounts of visits to Central India, the Hill tribes, Caves of Ellora and Ajunta, 
chapters on the Vedas, Buddhism, remarks on the origin and observance of the 
Mohurrum, &c. 

7178 Speir (Mrs.) Life in Ancient India, with rnap and 60 ilhistrations 
engraved hyScharf from original sketches and paintings of Major Gill, 
12mo, cloth gilt. 1856 (scarce) 8s 

See also Gill, p. HO ; Manning (Mrs.), p. 189. 

7179 Sportsman's Yade-Mecum, The, for the Himalayas; Notes on 
Shooting, Outfit, Camp Equipment, &c., by K. C. A. J., illustrated, 
royal 8vo, cloth. 1891 2s 

83f High Street, MaryUbone, London, W. 

India 233 

Sporting, Game,&c. See Bacon, Baden-Powell, Baker (E.B.), Baldwin, 
Bengal Sp. Mag., Boar Hunting, Braddon, Brinckman, Brown (Moray), 
Burton (Gen.), Burton (Sir R.), Campbell (Walter), Carpenter (F.), 
Cumtning (Col. Gordon), Darrah, D'Ewes, D'Oyly, Drury, Dunlop 
(R. H.j, Fife-Cookson, Forsyth, Gardner (Mrs.), Hornaday, Hunt, 
Inglis (** Maori "),• Johnson (D.), Kinloch, Larking, Levison, 
Lockwood, Mundy, Newall, Past Days, Pollock (Col.), Rees, Rice, 
Russell (C. E. M.), Sanderson, Shakespear, Simson, Sterndale, 
Stone, Thornhill, Tyacke, Waddell, Walshe, Williamson, Wilson 
(W.), Also Natural History. 

7181 Statistical Atlas of India, Colonial and Indian Exhibition, 
1886, Tnaps, folio, cloth 6s 

Includes chapters on Geology, by H. B. Medlicott ; Rainfall and Ciimate, by 
H, F, Blanford ; Forest Conservation, by B. Ribbentrop : Finance and Taxation, 
by Justice Cunningham ; Public Instruction, by Sir W. Hunter, &c. 

7182 Statistical Papers relating to India, E.I. Co., Native States, 
Languages, &c., maps, folio, sewed. 1853 2s 

7183 British India: Statistical Abstract, 1876-77 to 1885-86, 

21st Number, royal 8vo, sewed. 1887 , Is 6d 

See also Administration, Census, Hunter, Sykep, &c. 

7184 Steam Navigation to India, Report of Special Committee 
(Pari. Paper, 14 July, 1834), folio, sewed 5s 

Includes Evidence of Capt. Chesney, Mr. Waghorn, Sir John Franklin, and 
others. See Grindlay. 

7185 Steel (Mrs. Flora Annie) On the Face of the Waters : a Tale of 
the Mutiny, 12mo, cloth 3s 6d 

7186 Other Works, 1 vol. editions, 12mo, cloth each 3s 6d 

Flower of Forgiveness. Red Rowans. The Hosts of the Lord, 

Miss Stuart's Legacy. Voices in the Night. The Potter s Thumb. 

In the Permanent Way. In the Tideway. 

Folk-Tales from the Punjab. See Indian Literature. 

7187 Steinbach (Lieut.-Col.) The Punjaub : Brief Account of the 
Country of the Sikhs, 12mo, cloth, 1845 Is 

Geography, History, Commerce, Productions, Government, Manufactttres, 
Laws, Religion, &c. 

7188 Stephen (Carr) The Archseology and Monumental ^^emains of 
Delhi, with 46 pliotographs, royal 8vo, half-morocco. Simla Ll878^J 

Examples of Pathan, Ghori, Khilji, and Tughlag,>fghan and Early and Later 
Mogul Architecture and Decoration. No entire specimen of Hmdu Architecture is 
now extant in or about Delhi. 

7189 Stephen (Sir J. Fitzjames) The Story of Nuncomar and the Im- 
peachment of Sir Elijah Impey, 2 vols. l2mo, cloth. 18»5 /s oa 

See also Beveridge, and other references under Nuncomar. 

7190 Sterling (Andrew) Orissa, its Geography, History, J^^ligion 
and Antiquities ; also History of the Baptist Mission by Jani€« 
Peggs, 8vo, cloth. 1846 

8S, High Street, Marijlebone, London, W. 

234 Francis EdwanMs Caialogue 

7191 Sterndale (R. A.) Seonee ; or, Camp Life on the Satpurah 
Range : a Tale of Indian Adventure, illustrated, 8vo, cl. 1877. 7s 6d 

With Topographical, Hifetorical, Natural History, Linguistic Appendix, and 

Seonee, new edition, 12mo, cloth. 1887 3s 

7192 Denizens of the Jungles : Sketches of Wild Animals in their 

Natural Attitudes, 12 large plates in tint, with descriptive letter- 
press, oblong imp. 4to, cloth. 1886 16s 
Mammalia of India, &c. See Natural History Seotion. 

7193 Steuart (Sir James) The Principles of Money applied to the 
Present State of the Coin, Currency, &c., of Bengal, 4to, calf. 
1772 6s 

7194 Stewart (Prof. Charles) Travels of Mirza Abu Taleb Khan in 
Asia, Africa, and Europe, 1799-1803, translated from the Persian, 
portrait, 2 vols. 8vo, half-calf extra. 1810 10s 

lu this work a ' Persian Prince' records for the first time the genuine opinions 
of au Asiatic respecting European society and institutions. At tlie same time he 
gives accounts of his travels through India, visits to the Nico bar Islands and the 
Cape of Good Hope. A Tract on the Liberties of Asiatic Women, written during 
the Prince's residence in Eugland, is reprinted in the Appendix. 

7195 [ ] Vindication of the Hindoos from the Aspersions of Dr. 

Buchanan and the Missionaries in Bengal, by a Bengal Officer, 8vo, 
pp. 171. 1808 4s 

7196 History of Bengal from the First Mahommedan Invasion 

until 1757, map, 4to, half-calf. 1813 18s 

An indispensable worn for the historical library. See also Humayun, Timur. 

7197 Stewart (Lieut.-Col. Matthew) Considerations on the Policy of 
the Indian Government and the Invasion of Burmah, 8vo, pp. vi-136. 
Edinburgh, 1826 3s 6d 

The author was Aide-de-Camp to the Earl of Minto and the Marquess of Hastings, 
and a son of Prof. Dugald Stewart. 

7198 Stirling (Lieut.-Col. Wm.) The Rivers of Paradise, and Dis- 
quisition concerning Sesostris' Expedition to India, 8vo, cloth. 
1855 2s 6d 

The author finds the site of the Garden of Eden in the Nerbuddah Valley. 

7199 Stokes (H. J.) Historical Account of the Belgam District (Bom- 
bay Records), imp. 8vo, pp. 96. 1870 2s 

7201 Stokes (Whitley, LL.D.) Editor. Anglo-Indian Codes, by Sir 
H. Sumner Maine and otlier Jurists. Vol. I. Substantive Law; 
Vol. II. Adjective Law, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth, 1887-89 ; First and Second 
Supplements, 8vo, sewed. 1901 {Clarendon Press). £S lis 6d 

"The admirable series of Codes which Englishmen have made for India. Each 
Code or Act is preceded by a careful introduction, and each article is accompanied 
by brief but pointed comments, and there is an Index.''— Law Journal. 

7202 Stone (S. J.) In and Beyond the Himalayas : a Record of Sport 
and Travel in the Abode of Snow, illustrated by 0. Whymper, roy. 
8vo, cloth. 1896 9s 

7203 Strachey (Henry) Narrative of the Mutiny of the Officers of 
the Army in Bengal, 1766, 8vo, calf. 1773 10s 6d 

8Sf High Street, Maryhbone, London^ W. 

India 235 

7204 Strachey (Lt. Henry) Journey to Oho Lagan, Cho Mapan, and 
the Valley of Pruang in Gnari, Hiindes, 1846 (from Jour. Asiatic 
Society, 1848), 8vo, cloth 2s 6d 

7205 Strachey (Sir John) Hastings and the RohiUa War, Svo, cloth. 
1892 gg 

A Defence of Hastings against Burke, Mill, and Macaulay. 

7206 India, map^ Svo, cloth. 1894 4g 

A Course of Lectures before the Univemty of Cambridge : Introductory • the 
Government in India and at Home ; the Armv. Finances, Revenues : Taxation 
Trade, Home Charges ; Public Works, the Debt, Famine Insurance : Law and 
Justice ; Education ; the N W. Province and Oude ; Native States, Bengal, &c. 

Himalayas. Ency. Britannica, Vol. XI. 

Strathnaibn (Lord). See Rose (Sir Hugh). 

7207 Strickland (Rev. W., S.J.), The Jesuit in India: Missions, 
Colleges, &c., of the Jesuits, 12mo. Dublin, 1852 3s 

Evidence on Roman Catholics in India. See Pari. Reports. 

1852-53, p. 67. 

7208 Stuart (Andrew) Letters [4] to the Directors of the E.I. Co. 
and to Lord Amherst, 1777-81, on the Subject of Certain Events in 
India, and of General James Stuart's Conduct in H.M. Service and 
that of the E.I. Co., 4to, calf. [1782] 12s 6d 

Gen. Stuart served H.M. in Europe, North America, and the West Indies, and 
subsequently in the E.I. Co.'s service. For his arrest of Lord Pigot. at the instance 
of the Madras Council (1776), he was tried by court martial and acquitted. As the 
result of his brother's letters, Gen. Stuart received his pay and allowances in full 
{vide Letter from Court of Directors, 25th Januar}', 1782, quoted at end of 
volume). Gen. Stuart was afterwards dismissed from the Company's service by 
Lord Macartney, and fought a duel with the latter on his return to England in 1786, 
for particulars of which see Macartney's Life (above, p. 181), Vol. I., pp. 336, 586-608. 
See also Tanjore. below. 

7209 Stuart (Major-Gen. James), Commander of the British Troops 
in the Carnatic, Correspondence with Lt.-Gen. Sir Eyre Coote, 
Commander-in-Chief in India, after his Excellency left the Coast, 
1782-83, 2 vols. 4to, half-russia. 1785 (scarce) £1 15s 

With Journal and Plan of the Movements of the Army in the Carnatic, 
February, 1783; the Dismantling of Wandewaeh and Carangooly (with plan); 
Correspondence with Admiral Hughes ; Official Papers concerning the March to 
Cuddalore, Apr'l to July, 1783 (with 3 plans); State of Facts and Proofs showing 
Injustice of Select Committee's Proceedings, September 17tb, 1783, addressed to 
Lord Macartney ; Correspondence with the Court of Directors since his return to 
England in May, 1784, to March, 1785. 

7210 Stuart (A. J.) Judge, Coimbatore. Manual of the Tinnevelly 
District, Madras Presidency, roy. 8vo, cloth. Madras, 1879 5s 6d 

Geography and Topography, Population, History, Land Revenue, Administra- 
tion, Statistics, Trees and Plnnts &c. 

7211 Stubbs (Major-General F. W.) History of the Bengal Artillery, 
its Organization, Equipment, and War Services, rmps, plans, and 
photographs, 3 vols. Svo, cloth. 1877 £1 18s 

7212 Sullivan (Sir Edward) Conquerors, Warriors, and Statesmen of 
India, from Mahmoud of Ghizni to Nadir Shah (a.d. 1020-1748), 
map, Svo, cloth. 1866 ^^ 

7213 Second edit., The Princes of India, map, 12mo, cl. 1875 4s 

as, High Street, Ma/rylebone, London, W, 

236 Francis Edwards^s Catalogue 

7214 [Sullivan (John)] Sketch of the Ryotwar System of Revenue 
Administration, 8vo, pp. 94. 1831 3s 

With Appendix on Reservoirs and Canals. 
7215 Remarks on the Affairs of India, Svo, pp. 173. 1852 2s 

7216 Are we Bound by our Treaties? a Plea for the Princes of 

India, 8vo, pp. 108. 1853 3s 

Evidence on Administration in India. See Pari. Reports, 

1852-53, p. 67. 

SuRAT Case (The). See Law and Justice, p. 174. 

7217 Sutlej Campaign. Despatches [of Lord Gough, Sir Harry 
Smith, &c.] and General Orders announcing the Victories over the 
Sikhs at Moodkee, Ferozeshah, Aliwal, and Sobraon, 8vo, cloth, 
1846 4s 

7218 Inscriptions on the Sikh Guns captured by the Army of 

the Sutledge, 74 plates, 4to, half-morocco. 1846 8s 

7219 Swartz (Chr. Fr.) Memoirs of his Life and Correspondence, with 
a History of Christianity in India, by Hugh Pearson, D.D., Dean of 
Salisbury, portrait and map, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1834 5s 

Swartz was long resident at Taniore, and was sent by the Governor of Madras 
(Sir T. Rumbold) on a mission to Hyd^r Ali at Seringapatam (1779), a long and 
interesting account of which appears in the first volume. Fhere is aho an account 
of the desolation caused by Hyders invasion in 1780 and during the war with 
Tip poo Sultan. 

7221 Sykes (Col. W. H.) Notes on the Religious, Moral, and Political 
State of India before the Mahomedan Invasion, founded on the 
Travels of Fa Hian, 399, and the Commentaries of Remusat, Kla- 
proth, &c., 8vo, cloth. 1841 3s 

7222 Vital Statistics E.I. Co.'s Armies in India, Svo, pp. 30 (excerpt, 1846) Is 6d 

7223 Notes on Public Works in India, 8vo, itp. 35 {J. Statistical Soc, June, 1858) IsGd 

7224 On the Financial Condition of British India, 8vo. pp. 455 480 {Jour. Statistical 

^oc, Dec, 1859) Is 6d 

7225 Speech, H.C., Feb. 18, 1858, on the India Bill, pp. 67 28 6d 

Against the transfer of the E.I. Co.'s powers to the Crown. 

7226 Symson (Capt. Wm.) New Voyage to the East Indies (in the 
**Macklesfield" Frigate, 1701); Suratt and Coast of Arabia; Descrip- 
tion of the Maldivy Islands, their Products and Trade ; the Religion, 
Manners, and Customs of their Inhabitants ; also Account of the 
French Factories in India, with Remarks by the Sieur Luillier, 
adorned with cuts, map, 12mo, calf. 1715 (scarce) 15s 

7228 Tagore Family (The) a Brief Account of, Svo, pp. 18 and 
pedigree. Calcutta, 1868 2s 

Tagore (Dr. S. M.) Avataras and Rasas of the Hindus. See Indian 

Religion in subsequent Section. 
Taj Mahal (The). See Sleeman, Warden, and references under 

Agra, p. 68. 

Tamerlane. See Timur. 

83 f High Street^ Maa-ylebone^ Londen^ W. 

India 237 

Tanjore, Papers, &c., relating to : — 

7230 Letter from Nabob of Arcot (Carnatic) and Statement of Facts relative to 

Tanjore, 4to, pp. 76. 1777 iSs 

7231 Original Papers relative to Tanjore : Letters, Conferences, and Notes, with Lord 

Pigot's Last Despatch to E I. Co., 4to, pp. xx-134, boards. 1777 98 

7232 [ East India Co.] Letter from Alex. Dalrymple, dated Alexandria, 19th January, 

1777, with Enclosures from Lord Pigot, copies of Letters from W. Hastings 
and Bengal Government ; Report of Proceedings at Madras ; Letters from 
Governor Stratton, Henry Brooke, Col. Stuart, Nabob of Arcot, and others, 
4to, pp. 457 lOs 6d 

7233 Extract from Proceedings of the E.L Co., containing Letters from 

Governor Pigot, his Commission and Instructions ; Consultations of Co.'s 
Civil Servants at Madras against Revolution in the Government, 4to. pp. 127- 
169, cloth. 1777 4s 

7234 Extract of Proceedings E.L Co., 23rd April, 1777, from Madras and 

Tanjore Papers, vol. ii. pp. 291-316, 4to. 1777 33 6d 

Relative to removal of Lord Pigot and order for his reinstatement. 

7235 Observations on the Proceedings in Council and Change of Government at 

Madras (by removal of Lord Pigot), August, 1776, 4to, pp. 16. 1777 Ss 

7236 Case of the Governor [Lord Pigot] and of the Council of Madras Stated, as 

well as that of Colonel [James] Stuart, 4to, pp. ii-32. 1777 4s 

7237 [Case of Lord Pigot] Letters to East India Company (with Extracts from 

Consultations, &c.) from Admiral Hugh Pigot, Alex. Dairy mple,Wm. Randall, 
Colonel Capper, and various Proprietors of E.L Stock, 21 articles, 8vo, 4to, 
and folio, in 1 vol. 4to, half-calf. 1777 {A unique collecMon.) £1 Bs 

7238 Defence of Lord Pigot [By Alexander Dalrymple], 4to, pp. viii-332, 72, half- 

calf, 1777 10s 6d 

With Introduction on the Relations of Tanjore and the Nabob of Arcot, and 
Review of the State of the Carnatic. The opponents of Lord Pigot asserted that 
he schemed to keep Arcot and Tanjore in the hands of separate princes t> serve 
his own private views, whereas he was sent out by the E.I. Company with instruc- 
tions to effect the restoration of the Rajah of Tanjore, who had been deposed and 
Tar.jore taken by the preceding Governor, with the assistance of the Nabob of 
Arcot, who claimed to be ruler of the whole of the Carnatic. Pigot was arrested 
bv the majority of the Council at Madras. The case was afterwards further com- 
plicated by his death during confinement. 

72.39 The Restoration of the King of Tanjore Considered. Report of E.I. Com- 

mittee, prepared by Mr. George Rous, in Justification of the Action of tne 

Directors E.I. Co., 4to, pp. vi-123. 1777 ^^ 

This narrative ivas issued in conjunction tcith n-i Tr\. 

7240 Appendix of Original Papers, 3 vols. 4to, half-calf. 1777 . ^ ^ ^ . , • 1? 

Cow^ewAs; -Proceedings of Committee of E.L Co. appointed to take into 

consideration Two Pamphlets (1) State of Facts relative to Tanjore, (2) Original 

Papers relative to Tanjore. and to examine the Records of the Company (pp. xx;. 

Appendix, Nop. I. to XVI. (pp. 1-240). Papers of the Directors m London, 

Nos. XVII. to XXIX Consultations of the Madras Council and Committee relative 

to the two Expeditions against Tanjore, together with their ^o^nt^ tx^^^^^^ 

spondence with local Princes (pp. 241-1553), No. XXX. Extracts of Proceedings 

relative to the private European Creditors of the Nabob of the Carnatic {i.e., ot 

Arcot), pp. 421. 

7242 Mr. Floyer's Case in the late Disputes at Madras, 4to, pp. 15. E^J^^^ 

7243 Defences of George Stratton, Esq, and the Majority of Council ma^s m 

Answer to the Accusation of Supposed Murder of Lord P,go^^^^^ 

Lord Pigot's Proceedings. Separate Defence of General Stuart tor m ^^ 

and the Military (extracted from Original Papers). 4to, pp. ^a. 

83, High Street, Ma/ryUbone, London, W. 

238 Francis Edwa/rds^s Catalogue 

Tanjore Papers (contimced) — 

7244 Observations on the Proceedings in Council at Madras and Change of 

Government, August, 1776, 4to, pp. 16. [1778] 3s 6d 

7245 Letter to Directors E.T. Co. from Andrew Stuart respecting Conduct of 

General Stuart at Madras, 4to, pp. 84- vi. December, 1778 4s 

7246 Account of the Subversion of the Legal Government at Madras by Imprisoning 

the Governor, Lord Pigot, in August, 1776 ; a Eeply to a Letter from Andrew 
Stuart, by Alex. Dalrymple, 4to, pp. viii-120 9s 

7247 Answer to a Paper entitled The Case of Lord Pigot, on the Part of Mr. 

Stratton and the Majority of Council [at Madras], by Thomas Erskine, 4to 
pp. 24. London, 15th February, 1779 4s 

7248 Considerations on the Conquest of Tanjore and the Restoration of the Rajah, 

4to, pp. iv-74. 1779 58 6d, 

7249 History of the E.I. Co. from 1600 to Present Time, containing the AfEairs of 

the Carnatic, and Proof of Injustice to the Nabob, and Observations on the 
Restoration of Tanjore, map, 4to, pp. x-274, half-calf. 1779 lOs 

7250 A Short Account of Mr. Paul Benfield's Conduct (pp. 17) ; Report of Com- 

mittee (pp. 64) ; Case of Mr. Beufield, with Opinions of Lord Loughborough 
and others (pp. 36) ; Opinions of Attorney -General Kenyon and Mr. Er^kir^e 
(pp. 32) ; Opinion of Wm. Grant (pp. 10) ; Application of Mr. Benfield to be 
allowed to return to his Station, &c., 1 vol. 4to, half-calf. [1780-81] lOs 6d 
Mr. Benfield lent money to the Nabob of Arcot on Security of the Tanjore 
Country. See also Aecot, above, p. 74 ; East India Co., p. 122. 

7251 Letter from Andrew Stuart to Lord Amherst on behalf of his Brother, General 

James Stuart, 4to, pp. 48. 1781 38 

7252 Tanner (Col. H. C. B.) Our Present Knowledge of the Hima- 
layas— Proo. R. Geog. Soo., N.S., 1891, Vol. XIII. pp. 403-423, 
cloth 3s 6d 

7253 Tavernier (J. B.) Travels in India, translated from the edition 
of 1676, with biographical Sketch, notes, bibliography, &c., fac- 
simile portraits, titlej map, and plates, 2 vols. 8vo, cl. 1889 10s 6d 

A fine library edition of the second, or Indian, section of Tavernier's Voyages. 
For editions containing travels in other parts of Asia see pp. 21-22. The author, a 
French jeweller, travelled, partly in the company of Bernikr (see p. 81), to the 
Court of Aurungzeb at Delhi, thence to Allahabad, Benares, Patna, and Dacca, 
where he visited the Nawab of Beogal, in 1665-66. In addition to descriptions of 
the routes followed the work contains chapters on the Currency, Weights, and 
Measures of India ; Mode of Travelling ; Histors'^ of Father Ephraim, Capuchin, 
and how he was cast into the Inquisition at Goa ; "Historical and Political Descrip- 
tion of the Empire of the Great Mogulj with details of his Court, &c. ; Productions 
and Merchandise ; Methods for establishing a Commercial Company in the East 
Indies ; Description of the Diamond Mines, Pearl Fisheries, and Gold Mines ; On 
Precious Stones, Coral, Amber, Musk, Bezoar and other Medicinal Si ones ; Con- 
cerning the Religion of the Muhammadans and the Idolaters of India ; Voyage 
to Surat and Batavia, and from Batavia to St. Helena and Holland. Among the 
illustrations are figures of the Koh-i-noor, the Pitt, and other diamonds and gems. 

7254 Tayler (Wm.) Commissioner of Patna. Thirty-Eight Years in 
India, from Juganath to the Himalaya Mountains, 100 illustrations 
and portrait, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1881-82 9s 

" In the history of the Mutiny there is no story which appeals more to the ad- 
miration than the story of this man guiding, almost unaided, a province through 
the storm, training his crew and keeping down the foe. whilst yet both hands were 
at the wheel, and in the end steering his tossed vessel into the harbour of safety."— 
Malleson's ' Indian Mutiny,' 1. 124. 

7255 Sketches of Indians and Anglo-Indians, 6 beautifully 

coloured plates, with descriptions, folio, half-morocco. 1842 £1 10s 

83f High Street^ Ma/rylebone, London, W, 

India 239 

Tayler of Patna (continued) — 

7256 Our Crisis ; or, Three Months at Patna during the Insurrection, 1857, 12mo. 

pp. iv-75. Calcutta, 1858 3s 6d 

7257 The Patna Crisis, n.e., 12mo, cloth. London, 1858 28 6d 

7258 Brief Narrative of Events connected with his Removal from Commissioner- 

ship of Patna, 8vo, pp. 92. 1858 38 

72.59 Minut'i on same subject by Lt.-Governor of Bengal [Sir F. Halliday], 17 Mar., 

1858, fol. sd., pp. 30 3s 

72fiO Summary of Facts connected with his Removal, 8vo, pp. 21. 1867 28 6d 

7261 William Tayler of Patna : His Splendid Services, Wrongs, and Thirty Years' 

Struggle for Justice, by Capt. L. J. Trotter, 8vo, cloth. [1887] 3s 6d 

7262 Taylor (Col. Meadows) The Story of My Life, edited by his 
Daughter, Preface by Reeve, portrait, 2 vols. 12mo, half-calf extra. 
1877 lis 

7263 Story of My Life, 1-vol. edit., 12mo, cloth. 1878 3s 

Meadows Taylor's civil and military services in India extended over a period of 
more than thirty-eight yeare, principally as an officer of the Nizam. Chapter xiv. 
contains- a narrative of the assistance' rendered by the Hyderabad Contingent 
during the Mutiny. 

7264 Sketches in the Deccan drawn on Stone by W. Taylor, 

E. Morton, and G. Childs, 20 tinted litho plates, imp. folio, half- 
morocco. 1837 ^1 5s 

Views of Hindoo temples, tombs, &c., at Aurungabad, Tooljapoor, Golcondah, 
Hyderabad, Ellora, Beejapoor, &c. 
7265 Confessions of a Thug, 3 vols. 12mo, half-calf. 1840 7s 6d 

7266 Tara, a Mahratta Tale (1657), 3 vols. 12mo. 1863 

7267 Ralph Darnell (1757), 3 vols. 12mo. 1865 

7268 Tippoo Sultaun, 3 vols. 12mo, 1841 

7269 Seeta : a Tale of the Mutiny, 3 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1872 88 

7270 A Noble Queen : Romance of Indian History [The Story of Chand, Sultana 

(of bijapur)], 3 vols. 12mo. 1878 ^^ 

7271 One - vol. editions of ' The Thug,' ' Tara,' ' Ralph Darnell,' ' Tippoo 

Sultaun.' ' Seeta,' and ' A Noble Queen ' each Ss 

"The various literary productions [of Meadows Taylor] which have stood the 
test of time, and still exercise a fascinating power over the reader, are not so naucn 
works of imagination as living pictures of the men and women amongst wnona 

he dwelt The tales of 'Tara,^ 'Ralph Darnell,' 'Tippoo Sultaun, and Seeta 

were designed by their author to mark the principal epochs of Indian history....^ 
and form a complete work, which deserves to retain a lastmg place m JiiUgusn 
literature."— Henry Reeve. 

7272 Letters written during the Indian Rebellion, pp. 26. 1857 2s 6d 

People of India. See Watson and Kaye. 

7274 Taylor (J. H.) On Suspension Pier at Madras, pp. 24 and plan. 
1856 "^^ 

7275 Teignmouth (Sir John Shore, Lord), Memoir of the Life and 
Correspondence of, by his Son, portrait a7id autograph, Z vols, ovo, 
cloth. 1843 ^ 

Sir John Shore, a civil servant of the Company, succeeded CornwaH^^^ 
Governor-General, 1793 to 1798, was afterwards for thirty years president ot tne 
Bible Society. See also Malcolm. 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

240 Francis Edwards^s Catalogue 

7276 [Teignmouth (Lord)] Considerations on communicating the 
Knowledge of Christianity to the Natives of India, by a Late Resi- 
dent in Bengal, 8vo, pp. 110 [Reply to Scott- Waring]. 1808 3s 6d 

Minute on Permanent Settlement of Lands, 1789. See 

E.I. Co., Fifth Report, 1812, above, p. 122. 

Life of Sir W. Jones. See Indian Literature, in subsequent 


7278 Temple (Sir Richard) The Story of My Life ; or, a Record of 
Forty -Seven Years' Service, 1848-95 (twenty-nine in India and 
eighteen in British Politics), together with Account of Travels 
in Europe, Canada, and the United States, 2 portraits, 2 vols. 8vo, 
cloth. 1896 5s 

Sir R. Temple, after a distinguished course at Haileybury, went to India in 
1846. He served in the Punjab after its annexation, in the Central Provinces as 
Chief Commissioner, as President of the Nizam's Court, as Lieut.-Governor of 
Bengal, and as Governor of Bombay, returning home in 1880. After twenty years 
of public life in this country, he died March 15th, 1902. 

7279 India in 1880, 2 maps, 8vo, cloth. 1881 5s 

A very comprehensive survey by one who had visited every part of the Indian 

Empire and served in all three Presidencies and in nearly every province. Sir R. 
Temple in this volume treats of the scenery, architecture, European classes, natives 
and native states, education, religious establishments, law and legislation, crime and 
police, land, revenue, public works, agriculture, commerce, health, sanitation, 
famines, learned retearch, wild animals and sports, navy and marine, the army, 
foreign relations, finance, and statistics. 

7280 Men and Events of My Time in India, 8vo, cloth. 1882 6s 

Chapters on Hardinge and his Administration, Thomason and the N.W. 
Provinces, the Lawrences and the Panjab, Dalhousie, the War of the Mutinies, 
Canning the Just, James Wilson the Economist, Samuel Laing the Financier, 
the Central Provinces and Lord Elgin, Sir Bartle Frere and Western India, the 
Nizam and Native Administrators, Sir John Lawrence as Viceroy, the Finance 
Minister [Temple], Lord Mayo, Lord Northbrook and the Famme, Sir George 
Campbell and the Government of Bengal, Affairs of Madras and Southern India, 
the Bombay Presidency and the Governorship [Wodehouse and Temple], Sub- 
stantial Safety of British Kule, &c. 

7281 Oriental Experience, Essays and Addresses, maps and 

illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1883 5s 

Contents .-—Geography in Asia during the last fifty years ; the Central Plateau 
of Asia; Chinese History; Eastern Tibet; Local Self-Government, Keligious 
Missions, Political Economy, Forests, Currency, Temperance, &c., in India ; the 
Mahrattas, Muhammedanism ; Aspects of Palestine, &c. 

7282 Journals kept in Hyderabad, Kashmir, Sikkim, and Neiml, 

edited, with Introductions by Richard Carnac Temple, maps, photo 
and coloured illustrations, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1887 5s 

7283 Journals in Hyderabad, &c., another copy, 2 vols, hf.-calf 9s 

Contents :—^\v Eichard Temple's Private Diary kept at the Court of the Nizam, 
1867-68 ; Diaries of Travel in Jummoo and Kashmir in 1859 and 1871 ; in British 
and Independent Sikkim, 1875 and 1876, with Extracts from a Letter to Lord Lytton, 
dated Darjiling, 30th September. 1876; and a Tour through Nepal, May, 1876 ; 
accompanied by Introductory Accounts of the Politics, Administration, and History 
of the Nizam's Dominions ; the Geography and History of Jummoo and Kashmir, 
and of Buddhism as practised in Sikkim and Nepal ; also an Appendix of Place- 
Names in Jummoo and Kashmir, Glossary of Vernacular terms, &c. 

83, High Street, Moflrylebone, London, W. 

India 241 

7284 Temple (Sir R.) Progress of India, Japan, and China, in the 19th 
Century, 12mo, cloth. 1902 5g 

7285 Lord Lawrence (" Men of Action"), 12mo, cl. 1893 Is 3d 

7286 Report on Projected Tramway between Nagpoor and E. 

Districts, Central Provinces (Govt. Records, No. 41), royal Svo, 
sewed. Calctittaj 1864 2s 6d 

7287 Report on the Mahanuddy and its Tributaries, Trade, &c., 

of adjacent Countries, Proposed Irrigation Works, &c. (Govt. 
Records, No. 43), royal 8vo, sewed. Calcutta, 1864 2s 6d 

7288 and W. R. Cornish on ' A Pound of Grain as the Basis 

of Famine Wages,' fol. pp. 24-xvi. Madras, 1877 2s 6d 

7289 Statistics of the Indian Empii-e— Proc. R. Col. Inst., 1880, 

Vol. XII. pp. 51-84, cloth 3s 

7290 The Lake Region of Sikkim— Proc. R. Geog. Soc, N.S., 

1881, Vol. III. pp. 321—, map 2s 6d 

7291 The Cradle of the Mahratta Empire— Proc. R. Geog. Soc, 

N.S., 1882, Vol. IV. pp. 457-480, and map 2s 6d 

7292 The Mahrattas. See Ency. Britannioa, Vol. XV. 

See also Gardner (Alex.), Keene (H. G.), Mutiny (Pari. Papers), ThomasoD. 

7294 Temple ([Lieut.-Col.] Richard Carnac) Dissertation on the 
Proper Names of Panjabis, with Index of over 4,000 names, Svo, 
cloth. Bombay, 1883 3s 6d 

Accounts of Hyderabad, Jummoo, and Kashmir. See No. 7282 

Panjab Folk Tales. See Indian Literature in subsequent 

Section ; also Journal of Indian Art, p. 167. 

7295 Terry. A Voyage to East-India. | Wherein | Some things are 
taken notice of in | our passage thither, bafc many more in our | 
abode there, within that rich and most | spacious Empire 0/ the 

Great Mogol, \ | Observed by Edward Terry {tlien \ Chaplain to 

the Right Honorable Sr | Thomas Row Knight, Lord Ambassa- | 
dour to the Great Mogol) | London | 1655 Small Svo, calf £1 

Title ; To the Reader, 5 leaves ; Verses, 2 leaves : Printer to the Reader and 
Contents, 4 leaves ; Voyage, &c., pp. 1-545 ; Poems, 2 pp. ; with 8 plates (but por- 
trait and engraved frontispiece missing, as in most copies). 

The pagination is incorrect ; there are no pages 145, 146 ; pp. 305, 306, 349, 350, 
351, 352 are duplicated ; 479 to 494 are repeated after p. 508, instead of 509 to 524. 

The author sailed in the " Charles," with five other vessels, from Gravesend, 
Feb. 3rd, 1615, and from the Downs, March 9th, via the Cape and Madagascar, 
arriving at Swally Road, Cambav, iSept. 25th, and then proceeded to the Mogul s 
Court as chaplain to Sir Thomas Roe, with whom he lived more than two years, 
when he returned to England with him. In the introductory part of his work 
Terry gives some particulars of Tom Coriat (whom he also met) and his character 
and death (Dec, 1617). The main part of the work— sections 1 to 31 (pp. 78 to 547)— 
contains a full account of the Mogul's territories, the provinces and cities, soil, 
merchandise, inhabitants, their horses, elephants, Hnnies, munitions of war, 
weaiwns; their buildings, diet, cooking, habits, character, languages, physicians, 
religions, priests— Mahometans, Hindoos ; the Great Mogul (Jehangir) himself, bis 
iKjlicy, pastimes, the royal camp, wives and children, &c. At the end (pp. 452-54oJ 
is the author's ' CoroUarie and Conclusion.' The sum and substance of this narrative 
was written soon after the author's return and presented to the Prince ot w ales 
(afterwards Charles I.) in 1622. 

8Si High Street, Mari/lebom, London, W. 

^42 I'rancis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

7296 Terry's Voyage to East-India, reprinted from the Edition of 
1655, steel portrait^ map, and 3 plates, 8vo, russia. 1777 16s 

Voyage to East-India, another edition (without the verses or 

the author's * Corollarie and Conclusion '). See Vajjle (Delia) 

Travels, Havers's English translation, 1665 (pp. 325 to 480). 

A summary of Terry'sj Voyage was printed by PURCHAS— see ' His Pilgrimes,' 

vol. ii. pp. 1464 to 1482— and a French translation is contained in the first volume 

of Thevenots Collection. P'or Sir Thomas Rob's ' Journal' of his Embassy, see 

above, p. 222. 

7297 Thackeray (Ool. E. T.) Two Indian Campaigns in 1857-58, 
illustrated, 12mo, cloth. Cliatham, 1896 5s 

Brief Narrative of the Outbreak of the Mutiny, the Campaigns in Oude and 
Eohilkund, Capture of Delhi, Lucknow, Bareilly, &c., with portrait of Lord Napier 
of Magdala, plans, and illustrations. 

7298 Thackwell (E. J.) ^"arrative of the Second Seikh War, 1848- 
1849: Account of the Battles of Ramnugger, Passage of theChenab, 
Chillian wallah, Goojerat, &c., 12mo, half-morocco. 1851 7s 6d 

7300 Thevenot (M. de) Voyages, contenant la Relation de I'lndo- 
stan, &c., 4 to, calf. Paris, 1684 12s 

7301 Travels de M. de Thevenot into the Levant: Turkey, 

Persia, the East Indies, portrait, folio, calf. 1687 15s 

The author visited Surat, Delhi, Goa, Gulconda. Aurungabad, and the Coro- 
mandel Coast in 1666-68, and describes the Court and Empire of Aurungzeb. 

Thomas (General George) Military Memoirs. See Compton, 
Francklin, Skinner. 

7302 Thomas (Capt. Geo. Powell) Views of Simla: Twenty-four 
Lithographs and Map, with Descriptions and Accounts of the 
Inhabitants, Customs, and Productions of the Himalayas, imperial 
folio, half-morocco. 1846 £1 4s 

7304 Thomas (Edward) Chronicles of the Pathan Kings of Delhi, 
Illustrated by Coins, Inscriptions, &c. : Supplement — Revenue 
Resources of the Mugal Empire, 1593-1707, 8vo, cl. 1871 12s 6d 

7305 Coins of the Pathan Sultans of Hindustan, plates, 8vo, 

1847 3s 

/ 306 Supplementary Contributions to the Series of Coins of the 

Pathan Sultans, 8vro, pp. vi-54. Delhi, 1852 2s 6d 

7307 Coins of the Kings of Ghazni, a.d. 9(M-U7 I, plates, 1848, 

and Supplementary Contributions, 1859 (2 pts.), 8vo 5s 

- On the Identity of Xandrames (of Diod. Siculus and Q. 


Curtius) and the Indo-Pali Krawanda (Asiatic Soc), 8vo, pp. 42. 
1864 Is 6d 

7309 Bactrian Coins and Indian Dates (Jour. Asiatic Soc), 8vo, 

pp. 23. 1876 Is 6d 

7310 The Indian Balhara and Arabian Intercourse with India, 

ninth century, &c. (Numismata Orient., 1882), 4to, swd. 5s 

See also Marsden, p. 192 ; Prinsep (J.), P- 215. 

83, High Street, MaryUhone, London, W. 

India 243 

7312 Thomason (Rev. T. T.), Chaplain E.T. Co., Life of, by the E«v. 
J. Sargent, portrait, 8vo, half-calf. 1833 48 

Mr. Thomason, one of the E I. Co.'s Chaplains, was in India from 1808 to 1&26 
He was a man of profound learning, and translated the Old Testament into 

7313 Thomason (Hon. James), Lieutenant-Governor N.W.P., India, 
1843-53, by SirWm. Muir, portrait, 12mo, cl. Edinburgh, IS97 2s 

7314 James Thomason and the British Settlement of N.W. 

India, by Sir R. Temple, with portrait, 12mo, cloth 3s 

7315 Thomson (Dr. Thomas) Western Himalaya and Tibet: a 
Journey through Northern India, 1847-48, tnap and plates, 8vo, 
cloth. 1852 6s 

Dr. Thomson was the first traveller to reach the Karakoram Pass. He also 
travelled in the Himalayas with Dr. Hooker in 1849-50. See p. 157. 

7316 Thomson (Capt. Mowbray) The Story of Cawnpore, plates, 
12mo, cloth. 1859 . 8s 

Capt. Thomson was one of the only two survivors from the Ciwnpore garrison. 

7317 Thomson (H. C.) The Chitral Campaign: a Narrative of 
Events in Chitral, Swat, and Bajour, 59 illustrations, plans and map, 
8vo, cloth. 1895 . 4s 6d 

7318 Thorburn (S. S.) Bannu; or, Our Afghan Frontier, with map, 
8vo, cloth. 1876 9s 

Part I. contains a brief history, political and social, of the District under 
Native and British Rule, of the Revenue System, of the Land System, and Settle- 
ment Operations Part II. Account of the Customs and Folk-lore, Proverbs, 
Ballads, and Tales of the Pashto-speak'ng inhabitants, with the proverbs in Pashto. 
See Edwardes, p. 126. 

7319 Thorn ([Capt.] Wm.) Memoir of the War in India, conducted 
by Lord Lake and Sir Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, 1803-6, 
on the Banks of the Hyphasis, with Historical and Topographical 
Descriptions, maps and plans, 4to, boards (uncut). 1818 £1 

7320 Another copy, half-calf <£1 4s 

A valuable account of Lake's Campaign against the Mahrattas, with coloured 

plans of the Storming of AUyghnr, Battles of Delhi, Laswaree, Assaye, Deeg, and 
Bhurtpore, in which the author took part as a cavalry ofiQcer. 

7321 Six Coloured Plans of the Battles of Delhi, Assaye, (fee, 

1803, folded, 1 vol. imp. 4to, half-calf 9s 

7322 Thornhill (Mark) Personal Adventures and Experiences of a 
Magistrate during the Indian Mutiny, 12mo, cloth. 1884 6s 

•' The author t^aw mucn during the progrets of the Mutiny which has never 
been recorded."— Times. 

7323 Haunts and Hobbies of an Indian Official, 12mo, cloth. 

1899 4s 6d 

Chapters on Ants, My House and Garden, The River. Visitors, The Commence- 
ment of the Rains. The Rains, Alchemy, The Station, White Ants, The Early Cold 
Weather, A Cold Weather Tour, Dehra, The Doon, Tigers, Leopards, and Bears 
Elephints, Disappearance of the Wild Animals, The Deserted Palace, &c. 

" Worthy of being classed with ' White of Selborne.' Hardly a page or para- 
graph can be 8p&Ts.d J"— Scotsman. 

7324 Thornton (Edward) Gazetteer of the Territories under the 
Indian Government and of the Native States (revised by Sir Roper 
Lethbridge), 8vo, cloth (pub. 28s). 1886 ^"^ 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

244 Francis Edwa/rds*8 Catalogue 

7325 Thornton (W. T.) Indian Public Works and Cognate Indian 
Topics, map, 12mo, cloth. 1875 3s 6d 

Communications. Irrigation, Harbours, lighthouses, Canals, Engineering 
Establishments, Land Tenure, National Educat on, &c. 

7326 Thornton (Surg.-Gen. J. H.), B. Memories of Seven Cam- 
paigns, with numerous illustrations by George and Kate Thornton, 
8vo, cloth. 1895 10s 
Thornton (T. H.). See Meade, Sandeman. 

7327 Timur-Bec, or Tamerlain the Great, History of, from the 
Persian of Cherefeddin All and the French of M.Petis de la Croix,* 
2 vols. 8vo, calf. 1723 12s 6d 

7328 Institutes, Political and Military, of Timour, Persian and 

English, by Major Davy and Rev. J. White, 4to, calf. Oxford f 
1783 9s 

7329 The Mulfusat Timury; or, Autobiographical Memoirs of 

the Moghul Emperor Timur, translated from the Jagtay Turky and 
Persian in English by Prof. Charles Stewart (Oriental Translation 
Fund), 4 to, cloth. 1830 12s 

See also Alhacen and Clavijo, p. 55 ; Elliot and Dowson. p. 128. 

7331 Tippoo Sultaun. Copies and Extracts of Advices to and from 
India relative to the War with the late Tippoo Sultaun, Chief of 
Mysore, the Partition of his Dominions and Distribution of the 
Captured Property found in Seringapatam, 4to, calf. 1800 £1 

Includes the despatches and correspondence of Lord Harris, Col. Wellesley 
(Wellington), Col. Kirkpatrick, Lord Mornington (Wellesley), Major Beatson, Capt. 
Macaulay, Tippoo and his Ambassadors, Bonaparte to Tippoo, Marquess Cornwallis, 

7332 Select Letters of Tippoo Sultan to various Public Function- 
aries, including his principal Military Commanders, Governors of 
Forts, Tributary Chieftains, &c., arranged and translated by Wm. 
Kirkpatrick, with notes, 4to, half-calf. 1811 15s 

See also Bowring, Cornwallis, Mackenzie, Malcolm, Miles, Taylor (M.), Welles- 
ley, and references under Mysore, War in. 

7333 Tod (Lieut.-Col. James) Annals and Antiquities of Kajast'han ; 
or, the Central and Western Rajpoot States of India, illustrated 
with map, folding tables, and 48 steel engravings by Finden from 
drawings by Capt. Waugh, 2 vols. imp. 4to, boards. 1829-32 £S 

7334 Another copy, 2 vols. imp. 4to, half-mor. extra <£8 8s 

7335 Another copy, with the steel plates on India paper, 2 vols. 

imp. 4to, half-morocco extra. 1829-32 £9 9s 

Vol. I. Geography of Rajast'han, or Rajpootana ; History of the Rajpoot 
Tribes and Genealogies of their Princes ; Sketch of a Feudal System, Religious 
Establishm "»ts, Festivals, and Customs of Me war ; the Author's Journey to 
Marwar. with Account of Oodipoor, Kailwarra, Jodpoor, Ajmer, their temples, 
rock sculptures, ruins, &c., with 31 plates, maps, and tables. 1829. 

Vul. II. Annals of Marwar, Bikaner, Jessulmer ; Sketch of the Indian Desert ; 
Annals of Amber, or Dhoondar ; Shekhawut Federation ; Annals of Haravati, with 
Narr itive of the Author's Journey and Personal Experiences, and 23 plates. 1832. 

The 'Annals of Rajast'han ' is still the standard authority on all that relates to 
the Rajpoot S'ates. 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W, 

India 245 

7336 Tod (Lieut.-Col.) Travels in Western India, embracing a Visit to 
the Sacred Mountains of the Jains and the most Celebrated Shrines 
of the Hindu Faith between Rajpootana and the Indus, engravings^ 
royal 4to, half-morocco. 1839 £1 10s 

This work contains an interesting account of a visit to Mount Abno and the 
holy places of the Jains ; a description of the ancient city of Anhulwarra (first 
discovered by the author), the capital of the Balhara Sovereigns ; and descriptions 
of Somnath and the Jain temples at Girnar. The graphic illustrations represent 
some exquisite relics of ancient Hindu architecture. 

7337 Tone (W. H.) Institutions of the Maratta People : their 
System of War and Finance, &c., 8vo, half-calf. Bombay, 1798 6s 
ToKEEN (Olof) Voyage to Surat, &c., 1750-2. See China, Osbeck. 

7338 Torrens (Lieut.-Col. H. D.) Travels in Ladak, Tartary, and 
Kashmir, map, colotired views, and other panoramic illustrations, 
8vo, half-morocco, gilt top. 1863 7s 6d 

7339 Torrens (W. McCullagh) Empire in Asia, How We Came by 
It: a Book of Confessions, 8vo, cloth. 1872 6s 

A Foothold near the Sea, Beginnings of Aggression, Plunderful Times, Warren 
Hastings, the Rohillas, Hyder Ali, Tippoo Sahib, Lord Wellesley, the Mahrattas, 
Scindia and Holkar, the Peishwa, Afghanistan, Punjab and Pegu, &c.- 

7341 Toynbee (G.) a Sketch of the History of Orissa, 1803-28, with 
Appendices : Mr. Stirling on Tenures, the Settlement of Cuttack, 
&c., royal 8vo, boards. Calcutta, 1873 4s 

7342 Trade of India, Foreign Sea-borne, Coasting, and Trans- 
frontier, for Years 1886-7, 1887-8, 1888-9, folio, sewed. Simla each Is 

7343 Sea-borne Foreign Trade, Year ending 31 March, 1883, folio, 

sewed. Simla Is 3d 

7344 Travancore. Reports on the Administration of Travancore, 
1887-8, 1888-9, 2 vols, royal 8vo, sewed. Trevandrum, 1889-90 3s 

7345 Trevandrum Almanack for 1870 Is 6d 

7346 ReportonCensusof Travancore, 1875, roy,8vo, sewed Is 6d 

7347 ReportonCensusof Travancore, 1881. Trevandrum Is 6d 

See also Abbs, Archa'ological Survey, Mateer, &c. 

7348 Treaties and Grants from the Country Powers to the East 
India Company respecting their Presidency of Fort George 
(Madras), Fort William (Calcutta), and Bombay, 1756-72, 4to, half- 
calf. 1774 , ^ ^^ 

See also p. 22 (Aitchison) ; Hudson, p. 156. 

7349 Tremenheere (Col. W.) Notes on the Lower Indus— Jour. 
R. Geog. Soo., 1867, Vol. XXXVII. pp. 68-91, and map, cloth ds 

7351 Trevelyan (Sir Charles) on the Education of the People of 
India, with Extract on the State of Medical Education, 12mo, cloth. 

Evidence on Government, Laws, Finance, &c.. Pari. Reports, 

1852-3, p. 67 

: Memoir and Travels of Mohan Lai. See p. 197. 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

246 Frcmcia Edwards^s Catahgue 

7352 Trevelyan ([Sir] George Otto) The Competition Wallah, 12mo, 
cloth. 1864 6s 

7353 The Competition Wallah, another copy, half -calf extra. 7s 6d 

Letters descriptive of European life in India, with a story of the Mutiny — the 
Relief of Arrah. This is the first and complete edition. 

7354 Cawnpore, with fro7itispiece and plan, 12mo, cloth. 

1865 5s 6d 

This narrative of the Outbreak, the Siege, the Treachery, and the Massacre is 
founded upon authentic documents and depositions— the author's aim being to 
preserve a scrupulous fidelity to the original sources of his information. 

7355 Trevor (Col. G. H.) Rhymes of Rajputana, 12mo, vellum. 
1894 2s 6d 

Chiefly founded on traditions and events in Eajput history, with elaborate 

Trials. See Law and Justice. 

7356 Trotter (Capt. Lionel J.) History of India under Queen 
Victoria, 1836-80, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1886 6s 6d 

^ Book I. Auckland and Ellenborough and the First Afghan War. II. Hardinge 
and Dalhousie, the Sikh Wars, Conquest of the Panjab, and Second Burmese War. 
Iir.-IV. The Persian War, Canning and the Mutiny. V. The New Administration 
—Canning, Elgin, Lawrence. VI. Mayo and Northbrook and the Famine of 1873- 
1874. VII. Lytton and the Second Afghan War. 

These volumes supersede a former work partly covering the same period, viz., 
' History of the British Empire in India, 1844 62.' 

"A practically useful work of reference for the general reader." -- AthencBum. 

7735 Warren Hastings : a Biography, 12mo, cloth. 1879 2s 6d 

7358 — — Warren Hastings, and the Founding of the British Admin- 
istration (** Rulers of India" Series), 12mo, cloth. 1890 2s 

7359 The Earl of Auckland and the First Afghan War, with 

map (♦' Rulers of India " Series), 12mo. cloth. 1893 2s 

7360 The Marquess of Dalhousie ("Statesmen" Series), 12mo, 

cloth. 1895 Is 6d 

See also Hodson, Nicholson, Tayler. 

7361 Tucker (Henry St. George) Accountant-General of Bengal and 
Chairman of the E.I. Co., Life and Correspondence of, by [Sir] 
J. W. Kaye, portrait, 8vo, calf extra. 1854 6s 

Mr. St. George Tucker was personally associated with Indian affairs for more 
than half a century. 

7362 Memorials of Indian Government : Selected Papers, edited 

by Kaye, 8vo, cloth. 1853 5s 

7363 Another copy, 8vo, calf extra, 1853 6s 

This volume contains papers on the E.I. Co.'s Administi-ation and Military 
Establishments, Kevenues, Resources, the Judicial System, Political Relations with 
Native and Conquered States, Hindooism and Christianity, Finance, Education, 
Slavery, Commerce, &c. 

7364 Review of the Financial Situation of the E.I. Co. in 1824, 

8vo, calf, pp. 8, 244. 1825 . 3s 6d 

88. High Street, Marylebone, London, W, 

India 247 

7365 Tucker (Major-General) A Glance at the Past and the Future 
in connection with the Indian Revolt, 8vo, pp. 36. 1857 2s 6d 

7366 Tuckett (Harvey) The Indian Revenue System, 8vo, pp. 172, 
map. 1840 3s 6d 

7367 Tulloch (Major R. E.) Report on Drainage and Sewerage of 
Bombay, plans, royal 8vo, cloth. 1872 3s 6d 

7368 Report on Water Supply of Bombay, pla7i8, royal 8vo, 

cloth. 1872 5s 

Turner (Capt. Samuel) Journey through Bootan. See Tibet. 

7369 Twining (Thomas) Travels in India a Hundred Years Ago, 
with a Visit to the United States (1795), portrait and mapf 8vo, 
cloth. 1893 6s 

Notes and reminiscences of two voyages to India and several years' service 
with the E.I. Company, including visits to Madras, Agra, Delhi, &c., between 1792 
and 1805, when Mr. Twining was obliged by the climate to return to England. 

7370 Tyacke (Mrs. R. H.) How I Shot my Bears ; or, Two Years' 
Camp Life in Kullu arid Lahoul, 12mo, cloth. 1893 4s 

7371 Tyerman (Daniel) and Bennet (George) Journal of Voyages 
and Travels for the London Miss. Soc. to the South Sea Islands, 
China, India, &c., compiled by James Montgomery, plates^ 2 vols. 
8vo, half-calf. 1831 9s 6d 

The deputation visited Calcutta, Serampore, Benares, Allahabad, Patna, Viza- 
gapatam, Madras, Cuddapah, Bellary, Belgaum, Goa, Bangalore, Coimbetoor,Tra van- 
core, Tiichinopoly, and other mission stations between April, 182G, and October, 
1827. See Vol. II., Chaps, xliii. to li. 

7371b U (A.) Overland, Inland, and Upland : a Lady's Notes of 

Observation and Adventure, 18 illustrations, 12mo, cloth. 1873 3s 6d 

Anglo-Indian Life in Calcutta, Education, Religion, the Zenana, Mohurrum, 
Visit of the Duke of Edinburgh, Journey from Madras to the Shevaroy Hills, &c. 

7372 Valbezen (E. de) Consul at Calcutta. The English and India, 
translated by a Diplomate, 8vo, cloth. 1883 4s 6d 

A French narrative of the Mutiny, its origin, suppression, &c., with chapters on 
the Punjab, the Mahrattas, Campaigns of Havelock, Colin Campbell, and Sir Hugh 
Rose, Public Works, Trade, Russia, &c. 

7373 Valentia (George, Viscount) Voyages and Travels to India, 
Ceylon, the Red Sea, Abyssinia, and Egypt, in 1802-6, with 69 fltw 
plates by Angus, Landseer, Warren, and others, 3 vols. 4to» calf. 
1809 ^1 1^» 

Vol. I. Contains the Voyage to India, visits to St. H elena, the Cape, Calcutta, 
Berhampore, Jungepore, Monghyr, Patna, Benares, and Residence there ; LucUnow, 
Canouge, Kuttyghur, Cawnpore, &c. ; Account of Society in Calcutta, Voyage to 
Ceylon and Southern India, Visits to Tanjore, londicherry, the Seven ragotias, 
Madras and Residence there ; Bangalore, Seringapatani, Mangalore, &c. 

Vols. II. and III. The Red Sea, Abyssinia, Egypt. 

7374 Voyages and Travels of Lord Valentia, another edition, 

3 vols. 8vo, with the plates in 4to, half-russia. 1811 ^^ 

Valentyn (Francois) Description of Surat, and History of the 
Mogul Emperors, 1724, with illustrations. See p. 23. 

83, High Street, Maryhhone, London, W. 

248 Frcmcis Edwofl-ds^a Gaialogue 

7375 Valle (Pietro della) Viaggi di. . . .il Pellegrino (1614-26). 

Descritti da lui medesimo in 54 Lettere familiari Divisi in tre 

parti, cioe la Turchia, la Persia, e I'lndia, 3 vols, small 4to, calf. 
Rome, 1650-58 £1 10s 

7376 French translation: Les Fameux Voyages de....dans la 

Turquie, I'Egypte, la Palestine, la Perse, et les Indes Orientales 
revues, corriges, et augmentes en cette second edition, 3 vols, 
small 4to, calf. Paris, 1670-84 £2 10s 

7377 Travels of P. della Yalle : Description of the East Indies, 

&c. English translation by G. Havers ; also Terry's Voyage, folio, 
calf. 1665 £1 

This edition of P. della Valle contains his letters from Surat, March 22 ; Goa, 
April 27, Oct. 10 ; Onor, Oct. 30; Mangalore, Dec. 9, 1623; Goa, Jan. 31 and Nov. 4, 
1624; Muscat, Jan. 19; Bassora, May 20, Aleppo, Aug. 5; Cj'prus, Sept. 6; Malta, 
Nov. 4 ; Syracuse, Dec. 4, 1025; and Messina, Jan. 24, 1626. Della Valle gives a very 
good account of the English at Surat, their manner of living at the expense of the 
Company and assembling for their meals, as well as for prayers, society being free 
and jovial, ladies not being allowed in the English factory. 

7378 Havers's English translation, edited by Edward Grey 

(Hakluyt Soc), 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1892 £1 

" Of travellers whose steps were led to India by no inducements of trade or 
service, but who came for their own pleasure or convenience, the prince of all such, 
who have related their experiences, is Pietro della Valle, the most insatiate in 
curiosity, the most intelligent in apprehension, thp fulle>t and most accurate in 
description."— General Yule. 

7379 Vambery (Arminius) The Coming Struggle for India : Account 
of the Encroachments of Russia in Central Asia, coloured viap, 8vo, 
cloth. 1885 2s 6d 

For other works by Vambery, see p. 57. 

7381 [Vansittart (Henry), Governor of Bengal] Original Papers relative 
to Disturbances in Bengal, 1759-64, 2 vols. 8vo, hf.-cf. 1765 12s 

Authentic papers sent by Mr. Vansittart to England and published by his friends. 

7382 Narrative of the Transactions in Bengal, 1760-64, large- 
paper, 3 vols, royal 8vo, calf. 1766 £1 4s 

A new edition of ' Original Papers,' with a connected narrative, published by 
Mr. Vansittart himself on his return to England. 

The period of Vansittart's administration (in succession to Olive) is memorable 
for the dethronement of the Nawab Meer Jaffir, and the setting up of his ton-in- 
law Meer Cossim in his place ; Grant of the revenues of Burdwan, Midnapore, f>nd 
Chittagong to the Company ; the Patua massacre oy Sumroo, 1763 ; the first Sepoy 
Mutiny, and Battle of Baxar gained by Major Munro in 1764. Warren Hastings was 
then a junior member of the Council, and these volumes contain some of his corre- 
spondence and opinions. One of Hastings's first acts was to investigate some native 
correspondence, and to discover the forgery in which fNuncomar was implicated. 
The opinions of Vansittart (who thought Nuncomar " a dangerous man, and not to 
be trusted "), Marriott, Major Carnac, Major Adams, and other members of the 
council, are recorded in the third volume (July 6, 1763). 

7383 Varthema. The Navigation and Voyages of Lewis Wer- 
tomannus to the Regions of Arabia, Egypt, Persia, Syria, Ethiopia, 
and East India, 1503-8. Translated by Richard Eden, 1576, 
reprint. Edinburgh, 1884 3s 

7384 Travels of Ludovico di Varthema, translated by J. Winter 

Jones, edited by Dr. Badger, 8vo, cloth. (Hakluyt Soc.) 1863 18s 
Varthema was one of the first Europeans to visit India, about 1507. He describes 
Bengal, Gujarat, &c., and suggests that the people were greatly oppressed. 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

India 249 

7385 Vereker (F. C. P.) Original Water-Colour Sketches of Places in 
the Dominions of H.M. Queen Victoria, in velvet portfolio £2 10s 

Perira I.- land ; Colaba Poiut, Bombay ; Point de Galle and Trincomalee, Ceylon; 
George Town, Penaug ; Malacca; Singapore Harbour ; Port Victoria, Labuan. 

7386 Verelst (Harry) View of the State of the English Government 
in Bengal, including a Reply to the Misrepresentations of Mr. 
Bolts and other Writers, 4to, calf. 1772 12s 

Governor Verelst concludes for " the iu)pos^ibility of introducing the English 
laws into Bengal." His policy was most advanced and his observations are of per- 
manent value. For the Work of Mr. Bolts, see p. 84. 

7387 Verney ([Sir] Edm. Hope) The "Shannon's" Brigade in India: 
Account of Sir W. Peel's Naval Brigade in the Indian Campaign, 
1857-58, portrait and plans, royal 8vo, cloth. 1862 5s 

7388 Vetch (Major) The Gong ; or, Reminiscences of India, illus- 
trated, 12mo, cloth. Edinburgh, 1852 3s 6d 

7389 Vibart ([Col.] H. Meredith, R.E.) Military History of the 
Madras Engineers and Pioneers, from 1743 to 1880, maps and plans, 
2 thick vols. 8vo, cloth. 1881 * (puh. £3 4s) 12s 6d 

An invaluable work containing maps or plans of Ifort St. George, the Siege of 
Manila (1762), I'oudicherry, Cuddalore, Bangalore. Seringajjatam, Vellore, Reunion 
Island, Mauritius, and Port Louis. Operations against the Pindarees, Rangoon, Ava, 
Malacca, Coorg, China War, 1842, Indian Mutiny, Abyssinia, Perak, Afghanistan, &c. 

7390 Addiscombe, its Heroes and Men of Note, with Introduc- 
tion by Lord Roberts and List of Cadets, 1809-61, coloured frontis- 
piece, portraits, views, and plans, 2 vols. 4to, cloth. 1894 12s 

7391 Vibart (Col. Edward) The Sepoy Mutiny as seen by a Subaltern, 
illustrated, 12mo, cloth. 1898 4s 

With additional chapter " How the Electric Telegraph Saved India "—the true 
version of the " fateful telegram " signalled from Delhi to Umballa by P. V. Luke, 
Esq., reprinted from Macmillan's Magazine, Oct., 1897. 

7392 Vigne (G. T.) Travels in Kashmir, Ladak, Iskardo, the Countries 
adjoining the Mountain Course of the Indus, and the Himalaya, 
North of the Pan jab, 2 maps, 11 litho plates, and other illustrations, 
2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1844 10s 

Mr. Vigne was the first European who penetrated beyond the snowy range as 
far as Iskardo, and his work gives a full account of that interesting tract of Alpine 
India. He has some extracts of Dardistan and Dard history. 

7393 Vinson (Julien) L'Inde Fran9aise et les Etudes Indiennes, 
1882-84, 8vo, pp. 78. Paris, 1885 2s 6d 

7394 Von Orlich (Capt. Leopold) Travels in India, Sinde, and the 
Punjab, 1842-43, translated from the German, illttstrated, 2 vols. 
8vo, cloth. 1845 ^^ 

Letters addressed to Carl Ritter and Alex. Humboldt in 1842-43. The writer 
visited Bombay and Poonah, Kurachee, Hyderabad, Ellore, Ferozpoor, Lahore, 
Delhi, Agra, Bhurtpoor, Mathura, Cawnpoor, Lucknow, Allahabad, Benares ana 
Calcutta. Four letters treat of the Anglo-Indian Army, the Court at Uemi, tne 
Criminals of India, and the Religion and Education of the Hmdoos. 

7395 The Military Mutiny in India, its Origin and its Re«ul*s, 

8vo, pp. x-31, half-calf. 1858 *^ ^ 

83, High Street, Ma/rylehone, London, W. 

250 Francis Edwards^s Catalogue 

7396 Waddell (Major L. A.) Among the Himalayas, with over 100 
illustrations by A. D. M'Cormick, roy. 8vo, cloth. 1899 6s 6d 

During fourteen years the author traversed portions of this region nearly every 
year, sketching, shooting, collecting, and especially exploring the customs of the 
people on the frontiers of Tibet, and of Nepal— the land of the warlike Goorkhas— 
living in tents for four or five months for several successive years. To his own 
narrative he has added a summary of descriptions by other explorers, and 
geological notes by Mr. Blanford, mostly from reports inaccessible to the general 

7397 Mount Everest: among the Himalayas — Geog. Journal, 

1898, Vol. XII. pp. 564, cloth 3s 

7398 Wade (Lieut.-Col. Sir Claude) Memoir (Ext. R. Asiatic Soc, 
1862), pp. 8 Is 6d 

See Barr. 

7399 Wakefield (W.) The Happy Valley: Sketches of Kashmir and 
the Kashmiris, map and illustrations^ 8vo, cloth. 1879 5s 
Wales (Albert Edward, Prince of, King Edward VII.), Visit to 
India, 1875-76. See Fayrer, Frere, Ghose, Russell (W. H.). 
Wales (Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence) Visit to India, 
1890. See Rees, Warburton. 

Wales (James) Paintings of the Cave Temples of EUora, Elephanta, 
and Salsette, 1792-93. See Daniell, above, p. 106. 

Accounts of Wales and his work will be found in the Indian Antiquary^ Feb. 
and April, 1880, and in Douglas's ' Bombay,' Vol. I. pp. 448 et seq. 
The painter was also assisted by Mabon, see p. 181. 

7400 W^alker (V7.) Papers on Pier Scheme for Bombay Harbour, 
pp. 72 and flan. Bombay, 1857 38 

7401 Walker (Gen. J. T.) The Trans-Indus Frontier— Jour. R. Geog. 
Soc, 1862, XXXII. pp. 303-316, and map, cloth 3s 

7402 and Freshfield (D.) Notes on Mt. Everest— Proc. R. Geog. 

Soc. (N.S.), 1886, Vol. VIII. pp. 88-94, 176-188, 257-263, and sTieet o/ 
views, cloth 4s 6d 

7403 The Kachin Tribes on the Frontier of Burmah — Proc. R. 

Geog. Soc. (N.S.), 1892, Vol. XIV. pp. 161-173, and mxif, cl. 2s 6d 

7404 [^Vallace (R. G.)] Fifteen Years in India (1805-19): Sketches 
of a Soldier's Life, from the Journal of an OflBcer in H.M.S., 8vo, 
boards. 1822 5s 
Second edition, 8vo, half-calf. 1825 6s 

The author served in the Carnatic, Mysore, and Travancore, in Guzerat, and in 
the Deccan during the last Mahratta War. 

7405 Wallace (Lieut.-Col. R.) The Guicowar and his Relations with 
the British Government, 700 pp. 8vo, cloth. Bombay, 1863 7s 6d 

A most useful contribution to Mahratta history. 

7406 Wallace (Robert) India in 1887, plates, 8vo, cloth. 1888 6s 

Wallace travelled through India to study the prospects of agriculture, crops, 
and cattle breeding, in the hope that the Government would establish an agricultural 
department. He visited Bombay, Simla, Lahore, Calcutta, Ddrjiling, Jessor, Nagpur, 
Madras, Tuticorin, Colombo, Utakamund (Neilgherries), Bangalore, Dharwar, and. 

83^ High Street, Marylehmie, L<yndon, W, 

India 251 

7407 Walshe (Major Blayney) Shooting and Military Adventures in 
Nepaul and the Himalayas, 12mo, cloth. 1875 4s 

7408 Warburton (Col. Sir Robert) Eighteen Years in the Khyber, 
1879-98, with Keminiscences of Services in India and on the N.W. 
Frontier, map and illustrations ^ 8vo, cloth. 1900 8s 

With chapters on Crime in the Punjab, 1870 ; Abdur Eahman ; Visits of the 
Duke and Duchess of Connaught, 1884; Prince Albert Victor, 1890; the Caubul 
River Survey ; the Khyber " D^bdcle," 1897 ; Tribes of the Frontier ; and Frontier 

Ward (Col.) Views in Mysore, &c. See Orme, p. 208. 

Ward (Wm.) The Serampore Missionary. See Marshman. 

Literature and Mythology of the Hindoos. See subsequent 


7409 Warden (J.) Colonization and Settlement in India, Svo, pp. 38. 
1859 2s 6d 

7410 [Warden (Francis Faithful)] From Calcutta to the Snowy Range: 
Narrative of a Trip through the Upper Provinces of India, contain- 
ing Account of Monghyr, Benares, Allahabad, Cawnpore, Lucknow, 
Agra, Delhi, and Simla, by an Old Indian, map and. illitst., 8vo, 
half-morocco, gilt edges. 1866 6s 

With Views of the Cawnpore Memorial, Lucknow, the Taj, &c. 

7411 Waring (Edw. Scott) History of the Mahrattas, to which is pre- 
fixed an Historical Account of the Deccan, 4to, half-calf. 1810 12s 
Waring (John Scott). See Scott, p. 226. 

7412 Wathen (James) Journal of a Voyage to Madras and China, 
1811-12, in the "Hope," toith 24 coloured views, 4to, morocco, gilt 
edges. 1814 12s 6d 

The views are of Madras (7), Penang (4), Malacca (2), Macao (4), on the Bocca 
Tigris, near Whampon and Canton (5), St. Helena (2). 

7413 Watson (Major J. W.) History of Gujarat, Musalman Period, 
1297-1760 (written for the Bombay Gazetteer), 8vo, pp. vi-154. 
Bombay, 1876 4s 6d 

7414 Watson ([Sir] J. Forbes) and Kaye ([Sir] John Wm.) Editors. 
The People of India : a Series of Photographic Illustrations of the 
Races and Tribes of Hindustan, containing 468 portraits or groups, 
with letterpress descriptions, 8 vols. imp. 4to, cl. 1868-75 £12 

This work, prepared under the authority of the Governmant of India, contains 
nearly 500 portraits or groups, including natives of all the districts of India proper, 
Assam, Bhotan. Sikkim, Nepal, Tibet, Afghanistan, and Burmah, and is of the 
highest ethnological value. -u t a u 

Each portrait or group is accompanied by descriptive sketches contributed by 
Mr. J. R. Melville, Col. Meadows Taylor, as well as the Editors. These were com- 
piled from notes sent from India by Capts. Beynon, A. C. Grordon, F. Nelson, 
Thomson, C. K. M. Walton, Lieut. J. Waterhouse, Col. Dilton, Rev G. Richter, bir 
A. F. Fayre, and others. 

7415 Watt (Dr. George) The Trade of India and its Future Develop- 
ment— Proo. R. Col. Inst., 1886, Vol. XVIII. pp. 44-87, cloth 3s 

7416 Webb (W. S.) Altitude of Places in Kumaon, Himalayas— Jour. 
R. Geog. Soo., 1834, Vol. IV. pp. 376-418, cloth 3s 6d 

83, High Street, Marijlehone, London, W. 

252 Francis Edwards* s Catalogue 

7417 Wellesley (Richard, Marquess) Memoirs and Correspondence, 
by R. R. Pearce, 3 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1846 9s 

With two portraits of the Marquess and one of Tippoo Sultaun. 
Earl Mornington, Marquess Wellesley, was success. vely Governor-General and 
Captain-General of In lia (1798-1805), British Ambassador in Spain, {Secretary of 
State for Foreign Affairs, and Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. 

7418 The Dispatches, Minutes, and Correspondence of the Mar- 
quess Wellesley during his Admiuistration in India (1798-1805), 
edited by R. Montgomery Martin, portrait , maps, plans, &c., 
5 vols. 8vo, half-calf. 1836-37 £1 

7419 Selection from Despatches, Treaties, &c., edited by Sydney 

J. Owen, map and plans, 8vo, cloth. 1877 10s 

Preceded by a Survey of Lord Wellesley 's Administration, and supplemented 
by Despatches of Wellington, Munro, &c. 

7420 The Marquess Wellesley and the Development of the Com- 
pany into the Supreme Power in India ("Rulers of India" Series), 
by Rev. W. H. Hutton, map and portraitf 12mo, cloth. 1893 2s 

7421 [ ] Notes relative to the late Transactions in the Mahratta 

Empire, with 6 coloured plans illustrative of the Battles of Assaye, 
Delhi, &c., 4to, boards, uncut. 1804 (scarce) lis 

7422 [ ] Notes on the Mahratta War, another copy, half -calf 12s 6d 

Appendices : History of the Mahrattas, Treaty of Bassein, Dispatches of Gen. 

Lake, Arthur Wellesley (Wellington), Explanations of Plans of the Battles of 
Assaye, Delhi, Lasswary, Allyghur (Defeat of Perron), Fort Allyghur. 

7423 [ ] History of all the Events and Transactions which have 

taken place in India, containing the Negociations of the Govern- 
ment relative to the late War, 4to, boards. 1805 10s 

7424 [ ] Another copy, half -calf lis 

These (Secret) Dispatches fell into the hands of the French Government by the 

capture of the " Hope," ftast Indiaman, and were translated into French and pub- 
lished in the Moiiitetir, Napoleon's official paper, from which they were re-translated 
into English. 

See also Forrest (G. W.) Bombay State Papers, Malcolm, Wheeler's ' Mahrattas,' 
Histories of Hunter, Keeue, Marshman, &c. 

7426 Wellington (Duke of) History of the Life of Arthur, Duke 
of Wellington, from the French of Capt. Brialmont, with Emenda- 
tions and Additions by Gleig, maps, plans, and portraits, best 
edition, 4 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1858-60 £2 10s 

The Duke's Campaigns in India— against Tippoo Sahib, 1799, and in the 
Mahratta War, Battle of Assaye, and in the Deccan — are treated in the first volume, 
as well as his disposition of the Indian troops, Lord Wellesley 's projects, &c. 

7427 Despatches during his Campaigns in India, Denmark, 

Portugal, Spain, the Low Countries, and France, edited by Col. 
Gurwood, with Index, 8 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1852 30s 

7428 Extract from a Private Letter written by an Officer of 

the Detachment under Command of Brigadier-General Monson, 
25 folio pages, in the handwriting of Arthur Wellesleyj afterwards 
Duke of Wellington £4 

An interesting narrative of the disastrous retreat of Monson's force — after the 
desertion of his allies— before Holkar and his army of 30,000 horse, in Rajputana, 
during the inclement season, July, August, and September, 1804. 

8S, High Street, MaryUhone, London, W. 

India 253 

7430 Welsh (Col. James) Military Reminiscences of nearly Forty 
Years' Service in the East Indies, including the Mysore and 
Mahratta Wars (1790-1826), 2 vols. 8vo, half-calf. 1830 15s 
Memorials to E.I. Company, 1807, 1810, 1830. See p. 123. 

7431 West (Capt. Edw. W.) The States of the Southern Maratha 
Country (Bombay Records), map, imp. 8vo, cloth. 1869 3s 6d 

7432 Westland (J.) The District of Jessore : its Antiquities, History, 
and Commerce, map and plates, roy. 8vo, swd. Calcutta, 1874 3s 6d 

7433 Wheeler (J. Talboys) Madras in the Olden Time : a History of 
the Presidency, 3 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1861 18s 

7434 Memorandum on the Records in the Foreign Department, 

folio, cloth. Calcutta, 1865 3s 

Analysis of unpublished Secret, Political, and Miscellaneous Records, including 
extracts from valuable State papers on the Folic}' of Clive, Hastings, Correspondence 
of the E.I. Co., Reports of Missions to Native Courts, Negotiations, Papers on China, 
Ava, Ladak, Persia, Mai(U' Munro's Letter describing the Mutiny of 17(54. Journals of 
Mr. Peter I ampbell ana Mr. William Anderson, both victims of the Patna massacre 
(June to Oct., 1763) also Narrative of Dr. Fullarton, a survivor. 

7435 Early Tiuvels in India : First Series, from Purchas's 

Pilgrimage and Linschoten's Voyages, 8vo, cl. Calcutta, 1864 7s 6d 

Early accounts of the Great Mogul and his Dominions, Voyages to Goa, &c. 

7436 Early Travels in India : Second Seiies, comprising Roe's 

Embassy and Fryer's Travels, 8vo. London, 1873 10s 

7437 History of India from the Earliest Ages, 5 vols. 8vo, cloth. 

1867-81 £4 4s 

Separate sections : — 

7439 Vol. I. The Mahd Bharata and the Vedic Period. 1867 

7440 II. The Ramayana and the Brahminic Period. 1869 188 

7441 III. Hindu. Buddhist, and Brahmanic Revival. 1874 158 

7442 IV. Parti. Mussulman Rule. Part2. Moghul Empire -Aurangzeb. 1876-81 22s 

7443 History of the Imperial Assemblage at Delhi to celebrate 

the Assumption of the Title of Empress of India by the Queen, 
including Historical Sketches of India and her Princes, pJiotograpMc 

plates, portraits, maps, plans, &c., imp. 4to, cloth gilt. 1877 15s 

7444 Summary of Affairs of the Mahratta States, 1627-1856, 

royal 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1878 9s 

The Mahrattas and their Origin ; Kingdom of Sivaji, 1627-1748 ; Empire of the 
Peishwa, 1748-82 ; Mahadji Sindia, 1782-94 ; the Mahrattas and the Nizam, 1794-98 ; 
Policy of Wellesley and the Mysore War, 1798-1802 ; the Treatv of Bassem and its 
Results, 1802-3 ; Holkar, Policy of Cornwallis and Barlow. 1805 8 ; Anarchy and 
Disaffection, the Pindarries, the Peishwa, 1808-17 ; Sindia, Holkar, and Amir Khan, 
Nagpore Affairs, 1817-18 ; Paramount Power, 1818-58. 

7445 Early Records of British India : a History of the English 

Settlements, 8vo, cloth. 1878 8s 6d 

The work includes extracts from old travellers-Mandelslo, Fryer, Tayernier, 
and the works of Uapt. Hamilton, HoLWELL, whose narrative of the Black Hole 
Tragedy is quoted entire, as is also that of Pdllarton, the sole survivor of the 
Patna massacre. Large extracts on Policy are also made from the letters ot ulive 
and the work of Governor Verelst (q.v.). 

83, High Street, Ma/rylebone, London, W. 

254 Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

7446 Wheeler's Short History of India and of the Frontier States of 
Afghanistan, Nipal, and Burma, maps, 12mo, cloth. 1880 6s 

7447 India under British Rule from the Foundation of the 

E.I. Company, 8vo, cloth. 1886 4s 6d 

Summary of the History of the E.I. Co., the Conquest, &c. The story of the 
Sepoy Mutiny occupies a considerable space, and is followed by a chapter on 
G^ nstitutional Government. 

7449 White (Lt. Geo. F.), 31st Eegt. Views in India (37), chiejly among 

the Himalaya Mountains, drawn by Turner, Stanfield, Roberts, 

Harvey, AUom, Melville, and others, and engraved by Goodall, 

Finden, W. Taylor, &c., with descriptions by Miss Emma Roberts, 

4to, morocco, gilt edges. [1838] 148 

Among the plates are : Eocks at Colgong in the Ganges, Part of the Ghaut at 

Hurdwar, Mussooree, The Snowy Range from Tyne, View near Jubberah, Falls and 

View near the Source of the Jumna, Valley of the Dhoon with the Ganges in the 

distance, all by Turner. Views on the Sutlej, Source of the Jumna, Source of the 

Ganges, View at Simla, City of Nahun, Village of Koghera, and Deodar Forest, &c. 

7451 White (Col. S. Dewe), Bengal Staff Corps. Indian Reminis- 
cences (1844-69), with 10 photographic views, 8vo, cloth. 1880 6s 

Col. D. White served through two Sikh campaigns and the Indian Mutiny. 

7452 A Complete History of the Indian Mutiny, with Glossary, 

8vo, cloth. Weston-super-Mare, 1885 {scarce) 6s 

The author claims to have told in all honesty some unpalatable truths and 
disagreeable facts. 

7453 White (Sir George), the Hero of Ladysmith, by Thomas Coates, 
portrait and other illustrations, 12mo, cloth. 1900 3s 

A short account of services in India, Burmah,and Afghanistan— the Zhob and 
Tirah Expeditions, and Natal. 

7454 Whiteway (R. S.), Bengal C.S. The Rise of the Portuguese 
Power in India, 1497-1550, map, 8vo, cloth. 1899 9s 

Introductory, The Portuguese, Arms, Warfare, Voyages, Piracy, Religion, 
Coinage, Remuneration of Officers ; Viceroys D'Almeida, D'Albuquerque, Duarte de 
Meneses, Nuno da Cunha, Garcia de Noronha, Martin de Sousa, Joao de Castro ; 
Malacca, the Moluccas, China, 

7455 Whitmore (W. W.) On Trade with the East Indies and China, 
pp. 37. 1829 2s 

7456 Wilberforce (Reginald G.) An Unrecorded Chapter of the 
Indian Mutiny, illustrated, 12mo, cloth. 1894 4s 

Sir John Nicholson's part in the Siege and Assault of Delhi. 

7457 Wilkes (John) Speech on the Impeachment of Warren Hastings, 
H.C., May 9, 1787, 8vo, pp. 28 {rare) 4s 

7458 Wilkinson (Rev. M.) Sketches of Christianity in North India, 
12mo, cloth. 1844 4s 

7459 Wilkinson (Maj. -Generals Osborn and Johnson) The Gemini 
Generals. Memoirs, Personal Anecdotes, Sporting Adventures, and 
Sketches of Distinguished Officers, 8vo, cloth. 1896 6s 

Among the Officers sketched are Sir Charles Napier, Outram, Lords Clyde, 
Napier of Magdala, Sandhurst, Strathnairn, Chelmsford, Roberts, Lawrence, Mayo, 
Wolseley, Sir H. Lawrence, Major Hodson, Neville Chamberlain, Durand, Lumsden, 
Olpherts, Herbert Stewart, and Gordon. 

83, High Street, MaryUhone, London, W. 

India 255 

7461 Wilks (Colonel Mark) Historical Sketches of the South of India, 
tracing the History of Mysoor from the Origin of the Hindoo 
Government of that State to 1799, with coloured maps, 3 vols. 4to, 

One of the priucipal authorities on the circumstances and details of the War in 

" Col. Wilks's disci iminating and classical narrative."— Prof . Sidney Owen. . 

7462 Three Autograph Letters addressed to Sir Barry Close, 

Poonah, dated from Mysoor, 1806-7, one with two seals and mark 
" Post Free Seringapatam," 10 July, 1806 £1 5s 

On the subject of grant by Sahoojee, father of Sivajee ; Sir George Barlow's 
appreciation of Col. Close's services ; the causes of the Mutiny at Vellore ; his own 
reward— "an addition of near £5,000 to my fortune, which," he remarks, "on my 
s-cale is a large sum." There are also references to Malcolm, Lord William Bentinck, 
Sir John Cradock, and the Committee (including Peile and a Mr. Thackeray) 
appointed to examine the complaiuts against Symons. 

7463 Williams (E. A.) The Cruise of the " Pearl," 12mo, cl. 1859 5s 
Narrative of the operations of the Naval Brigade during the Mutiny. 

7464 Williams (Sir Monier) Modern India and the Indians : Impres- 
sions, Notes, Essays, new edition, with additional chapters, 8vo, 
cloth (Trubner's Oriental Series). 1887 10s 6d 

Memorials of Old Haileybury. See p. 146. 

Indian Wisdom. See Literature of India. 

7465 Williamson (Capt. Thomas) Oriental Fiehl Sports : a Complete, 
Detailed, and Accurate Description of the Wild Sports of the East, 
interspersed with Original, Authentic, and Curious Anecdotes, 
original edition, toith 40 large drawings by Samuel Hoiuett, engraved 
by tJie best artists, and heautifully coloured by hand, oblong imperial 
folio, half-morocco extra, gilt edges. Orme [1819] £16 16s 

Capt. Williamson was in Bengal upwards of twenty years when wild animals 
were plentiful. In his book he has given illustrations and defcriptions of the 
elephant, rhinoceros, tiger, leopard, bear, deer, buffalo, wolf, hog, jackal, wild dog, 
civet, as well as domesticated animals, various species of feathered game, fishes, 
and serpents. 

7466 Oriental Field Sports, another edition, with 40 thited 

etchings and frontispieces (reduced size), 2 vols, royal 8vo, russia. 
1808 o62 2s 

7467 Wills (Surgeon William) Narrative of his very Extraordinary 
Adventures and Sufferings on board the ** Durrington" in her 

Voyage to the East Indies his Trial by Court Martial and 

Banishment to Goa Trial at Guildhall and now a prisoner in the 

King's Bench, Southwark, for Costs, 8vo, half-bound. 1751 9s 

7468 Wilson (Major Henry) MS. Letter and Order Book, forming 
Narrative of his Military Services, 1825-47, 3 vols, folio, rough 
calf . £2 

The writer wa?, in 1845, Captain in the 4th Native Infantry, and accompanied 
Sir Charles Napier in the Scinde expedition. 

7469 [Wilson (Major T. F.)] The Defence of Lucknow : Diary of a 
Staff Officer, plan, 12mo, half-calf extra. 1858 6s 6d 

83 J High Street, Maryhhone, London, W, 

256 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

7470 Wilson (Daniel, D.D.), Bishop of Calcutta, Life of, with 
Extracts from his Letters and Journals, by Bateman, 2 vols. 8vo, 
cloth. 1860 6s 

7471 — — Bishop Wilson's Journal Letters. . . .during the First Nine 
Years of his Episcopate (1832-41), 12mo, cloth. 1863 3s 6d 

These letters are additional to those wLich appear in the biography of 
Bp. Wilson ; the main interest is that they contain his first impressions of India, 
his visits to the various missionary stations, as well as to Ceylon. Madras, Goa, 
Bombay, Ellora, Ajmeer, Meerut, Simla, Lucknow, Agra and the Taj, Cawnpore, 
Benares, &c., and to the Native Courts at Tanjore, Aurungabad, Jypoor, and Delhi. 

7472 "Wilson (Prof. H. H.) Glossary of Judicial and Revenue Terms, 
and of Useful Words in Indian OflBcial Documents, including words 
from the Arabic, Persian, Hindustan, Sanskrit, Hindi, Bengali, 
Uriya, Marathi, Guzarathi, Telugu, Karnata, Tamil, Malayalam, 
and other Languages, 4to, cloth. 1855 £1 10s 

The Index to the Glossary contains more than 20,000 words. See Elliot, p. 128. 

Continuation of Mill's * History of India,' see p. 196. 

Evidence on Education, Schools, Colleges, &c., in India. See 

Pari. Reports, 1852-53, p. 67. 

See also Indian Literature in subsequent Section. 

7474 Wilson (John, D.D. F.R.S.), for Fifty Years Philanthropist 
and Scholar in the East, by George Smith, LL.D., 12mo, cl. 5s 

7475 The Indian Military Revolt, pp. 32. Madras, 1857 2s 6d 

7476 [Wilson (W.), of Mussoorie] A Summer Ramble in the 
Himalayas, with Sporting Adventures in the Vale of Cashmere, 
edited by *' Mountaineer," 8vo, half-calf gilt. 1860 7s 6d 

7477 [Wilson (J. Cracroft)] Narrative of Events attending the Dis- 
turbances in the District of Moradabad, 1857-58 [reprint], with 
map, photo-portrait and facsimile letters, folio, pp. 52, morocco 
extra. 1871 10s 

7478 W^ilson (Andrew) The Abode of Snow: Observations on a 
Journey from Chinese Tibet to the Indian Caucasus, through the 
Upper Valleys of the Himalaya, map, best edition, 8vo, cloth. 
Edinburgh, 1875 8s 

With Chapters on Simla Society in the davs of Lord Northbrook, Tibet and 
its seclusion and polyandry ; Kashmir people and aflfairs, the Afghan character, &c. 

7479 Windham (Major-Gen. 0. A.) Observations : a Supplement to 
Col. Adye's ' Defence of Cawnpore,* 8vo, pp. 32 (scarce) 3s 

7480 Windsor (W. J.) Case of: alleged Unjust Dismissal from 
Q.M.G. Office, Bombay, folio, sewed. Poona, 1866 2s 

7481 Withington. Journey of John Cockburn and Five others Over- 
land from Honduras to the Great South Sea (1735) ; also a Brief 
Discovery of Some Things best worth Noteing in the Travells of 
Nicholas Withington, a Factor in the East-Indiase [1611-16], 8vo, 
calf. 1734 30s 

Withington was engaged several years in travelling between the English 
factory at Surat, Ajmere, and Agra. 

83f High Street^ Marylebone^ London, W. 

India 257 

7482 Wolff (Rev. Joseph, D.D.) Travels and Adventures in Persia, 
Bokhara, Cashmere, &c., portrait, 2 vols, 8\ro, half-mor. 1861 10s 6d 

The second volume contains account of Bokhara and its Inhabitants, of Moor- 
croft, Czoma de Koros, Sir Alex. Burnes, Cabul, and Afghanistan, the Punjab and 
Sikhs, Lahore and Umvitsur, Runjit Singh and his Court, Sir J. Bryant and Lord 
Wm. Rentinck, Cashmere, Delhi, Agra, Cawnpore, Lucknow, Benares. Buxar and 
Calcutta, Bishop D. Wilson, Hyderabad and the Thugs, Cochin, Goa, Poonah, and 
Bombay, visited in 1832-33 ; Travels in Abyssinia and Syria, with a Retrospect of 
India and subsequent Journeys to Bokhara and to Persia. Account of the Fate of 
Stoddart and ConoUy, &c. 

7483 Travels and AdventwceSj portrait, 1 vol. 8vo, cloth. 1861 6b 

Mission to Ascertain Fate of Stoddart and Conollj. See p. 57. 

7484 Wood (Col. M.) Review of the War in Mysore, with Appendix 
of State Papers found in the Cabinet of Tippoo Sultan, coloured 
map, 4to, boards. 1800 8s 

7485 War in Mysore, another copy, calf 9s 

7486 Wood (Wm.) A Series of Panoramic Views of Calcutta, 20 
iit/iograpHs, imperial folio, boards. [1830?] 15s 

A very interesting series of views of the principal buildings of Old Calcutta, 
extending from Chandpaul Ghaut to the End of Chowringee Road, together with 
the Hospital, the two bridges, and the Fort. 

7487 Wood (Capt. John) Report on the River Indus, chart in five 
sheets, 1838 (Bombay Records, 1855, pp. 541-88), royal 8vo, hf .-calf 6s 

7488 A Journey to the Source of the River Oxus, [by the Indus, 

Kabul, and Badakhshan, 1836-38], new edition, edited by his Son, 
with an Essay on the Geography of the Valley of the Oius, by 
General Yule, maps, 8vo, cloth. 1872 4s 

•' Wood accompanied Burnes in his mission to Cabool, and afterwards per- 
formed one of the most rt^markable journeys ever undertaken in Central Asia. Ho 
made a purvey of the Indus, from its mouth to Attock. At Kalabagh, the point 
where the Indus escapes from the Salt Range, he found it impossible to stern the 
current. Undaunted by the difficulty, he landed and went by forced marches to 
Attock ; thence, descendinc: the river, he completed his survey amidst the falls 
and rapids. After reaching Cabool, he crossed the mountains to Khunduz, and was 
eventually the tirst European, after Marc* Polo and Benedict Goes, who ever 
reached the Bam-i-dunya, or Boo/ of the World. Thus in 1838 Wood discovered 
the source of the Oxuf*, on the mari?in of the Pamir Steppe, and for this splendid 
achievement he was rewarded with the Patron's gold medal of " the Royal 
Geographical Socif'ty. Captain Wood's narrative presents the most brilliant 
confirmation in detail of Marco Polo's des^criptions." — Quarterly Review. 

7489 Wood (Sir Charles, Viscount Halifax), Administration of 
Indian Affairs, 1859-66, by [Sir] Algernon West, 8vo, cl. 1867 3s 6d 

Sir Charles Wood was Secretary of State for India in the Palraerston Govern- 
uipnt, and the first Secretary, therefore, responsible to Parliament for Indian 
Goverumt'nt and Legislation, Law and Justice, Finance, Currency, Land, Public 
Works, Education, Police, Army and Navy. 

7490 Speech on the India Bill, June 3, 1853, 8vo, pp. 125 3s 6d 

Speech and Dispatch on Indian Council's Bill and Act, 1861. 

See Ilbert's * Government of India ' (pp. 549-570) p. 162. 

7492 Workman (Fanny B. and Wm. H.) In the Ice World of 
Himalaya among the Peaks and Passes of Ladakh, Nubra, Suru, 
and Baltistan, 3 mafs and 67 illustrations, 8vo, cl. 1900 7s 6d 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

258 Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

7493 Wright (Daniel, D.D.) History of Nepal, translated from the 
Parbatiya, with Sketch of the Country and People, 16 coloured 
'plates and portraits, imp. 8vo, cloth. Cambridge, 1877 6s 

With Appendices on Musical Instruments, Agricultural Implements, Nepalese 
Coins, Weights and Measures, Vocabulary, Newari Songs, Rajahs of Nepal, List «'f 
Manuscripts. The illustrations consist of facsimiles of native drawings, portraits 
of Jung Bahadur and his son, the King of Nepal, a Lady of Rank, &c. 

7494 Wylie (Macleod) Bengal as a Field of Missions, large coloured 
map, royal 8vo, half-calf. 1854 5s 

Judge Wylie describes the population, condition, revenue, trade, &c., of Bengal 
and surrounding provinces— Assam, Bootan, Burdwau, Behar, Orissa, &c., and gives 
numerous extracts and statistics from Government and missionary reports. 

7495 India : a Field for Commerce and Missions (from Ch. Miss. 

Intelligencer), pp. 15. 1856 Is 

7496 Wyllie (J. W. S.) Essays on the External Policy of India, 
edited, with memoir, by Sir W. Hmiter, portrait, 8vo, cloth. 1875 5s 

Foreign Policy of Lord Lawrence ; Masterly Inactivity ; Mischievous Activity ; 
Western China ; the Rao of Kutch ; Kdthidw^r and the Waghars. 

7497 Wynne (H. Le Poer) Bodily Training : its Eflfect on National 
Character, 8vo, pp. 33. Calcutta, 1868 2s 

7498 Xavier (St. Francis) Life and Letters of, by Rev. H. J. Coleridge, 
2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1873 10s 

See also D'Orsey, Lobley, references under GoA, and Portuguksk in India. 

7501 Yate (Major A. C.) England and Russia Face to Face in Asia, 
maps and illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1887 3s 

Travels with the Afghan Boundary Commission. See p. 63. 

7502 [Young (Major Gavin)] Further Inquiry into the Expediency 
of applying the Principles of Colonial Policy to the Government 
of India, &c., 8vo, half-bound. 1828 3s 

7503 Young (Col. Keith) Delhi— 1857 : a Narrative of the Siege, 
Assault, and Capture, edited, with Introduction, by Sir Hy. W. 
Norman and Mrs. Keith Young, map, 8vo, cloth. 1902 10s 6d 

7504 Younghusband (Capt. G. J.) Indian Frontier Warfare, edited 
by Capt. W. H. James, map and plans, 8vo, cloth. 1897 5s 6d 

7505 (Captains G. J. and F. E.) The Relief of Chitral, map and 

illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1895 4s 

7506 Yule ([Gen.] H.) On Rashiduddin's Geographical Notices of 
India (Roy. Asiatic Soc), 8vo, pp. 17. 1869 Is 6d 

Diary of Sir Wm. Hedges, 1681-87. See p. 152. 

Cathay and the Way Thither. See China. 

Articles : Gaur, Ghazni, Gilgit, Hindu Kush, Kashgar or 

Chitral. See Encyclo. Britannica. 

Additions and later purchases will be Catalogued in an 

&9, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

( 259 ) 


History, Geography, Travel, Statistics, &c. 

*#* For Natural History and for Religion, Language, &c., of 
Ceylon, see subsequent Sections. 

7512 Alexander (Alex.) Life of, written by Himself, and Edited by- 
John Howell, 'portrait, 2 vols. 12aio, cloth. Edinburgh, 1830 6s 

Adventures in different parts of the world : West Indies, South America, East 
Indies, &;c. He was eight years in Ceylon (1803-11), and to his experiences adds au 
account of the manners and customs of the inhabitants. 

7513 Baker ([Sir] Samuel White) Eight Years' Wanderings in Ceylon 
(1845-53), with 6 coloured plates, 8vo, cloth. 1855 12s 6d 

7514 Eight Years in Ceylon, new edition, 6 wood engravhigs^ 

12mo, cloth. 1874 3s 6d 

7515 The Rifle and the Hound in Ceylon, with coloured illustra- 
tions, 8vo, cloth. 1854 16s 

7516 Rifle and Hound, with 6 wood engravings, 12mo, cloth 3s 6d 

Wild Beasts and their Ways. See Natural History Section, 

p. 284 ; see also Oliphant (Laurence) Episodes, p. 264. 

7517 Baldaeus' Description of Malabar, Coromandel, and the Isle of 
Ceylon, with maps and numerous copper-plate views (from Churchill's 
Collection), folio, calf. 1703 £1 

Baldaeus, who was in Ceylon from 1656 to 1G65, gives an account of the Dutch 
conquest of the i^land from the Portuguese, full description of the island and 
the inhabitants, views of Colombo and other towns. 

7518 Ballou (M. M.) The Pearl of India : an Account of Ceylon, 12mo, 
cloth. 1894 6s 

Barbosa's Account of Ceylon, c. a.d. 1512. See p. 79 ; also 
Abstract in Suckling's Ceylon, 1876 (i. pp. 273-275), p. 265. 

7519 Barrow (Sir George) Ceylon: Past and Present, map, 12mo, 
cloth. 1857 2s 6d 

7520 Ceylon, another copy, 12mo, cloth 3s 6d 

With author's inscription to his brother John Barrow, and bookplate. A use- 
ful little volume, summarizinsr the contents of Knox's, Davy's, and other woiks, 
cotitaining also f?ir Haidinge Giffard's paper on Horticulture. 

7521 Bennett (J. W.) Ceylon and its Capabilities: its Natural 
Resources, Productions, Statistics, &c., map and illustrations {some 
coloured), royal 4to, cloth. 1843 £1 18s 

7522 Bertolacci (A.) A View of the Agricultural, Commercial, and 
Financial Interests of Ceylon, 8 vo, half-calf. 1817 ___^ 

83, High ^Street, Ma/rylebone, London, W. 

260 Francis Edwards* s Catalogue 

BissET (Rev. G.) History of Ceylon. See "Fellowes." 

Brown (Moray) Stray Sport : After Fowl in Ceylon, &c. See p. 88. 

7523 Berwipk (Judge T.) British Rule in Ceylon ; Tocke (A. W.) 
Utmost Indian Isle, Taprobane — Asiatic Rey., July, 1896, pp. 103- 
114, cloth 3s 

7524 Burrows (S, W.) Buried Cities of Ceylon: a Guide-Book to 
Anuradhapura and Polonaruwa, 8vo, sewed. Colombo 4s 

7525 Campbell (Col. James) Excursions, Adventures, and Field Sports 
in Ceylon ; its Commercial and Military Importance, iimps and illus- 
trations (some coloured), 2 vols. Svo, cloth. 1843 10s 

Ool. Campbell resided in Ceylon nearly twenty years from 1820, and was for 
several years Commandant at Galle and the Seven Korles. 

7526 Capper (John) Old Ceylon : Sketches of Ceylon Life in the 
Olden Time (about 1840), illustrated, Svo, cl. Colombo, 1877 3s 6d 

Many of the eketches originally appeared in Dickens's ' Household Words.' 

7527 Carpenter (Edward) From Adam's Peak to Elephanta : Sketches 
in Ceylon and India, with illustrations, Svo, cloth. 1903 6s 

Descriptions of places and people visited in 1891 : Colombo, Kandy, Adam's 
Peak, ruins of Anurd-dhapura, Buddhist temples, &c., in Ceylon, Madras, Calcutta, 
Agra, Bombay. 

7528 Cave (H. W.) Picturesque Ceylon, with 165 full-page photo- 
gravures by the Author, 4 vols, 4to, cloth. 1893-97 £6 

7629 I. Colombo and the Kelani Valley, with ^6 plates 'scarce) £1 10s 

7530 II. Kandy and Peradeniya, with 33 plates £1 Ss 

7531 III. Nuwara Eliya and Adam's Peak, with 31 plates £1 Ss 

7532 The Ruined Cities of Ceylon, with 62 plates £1 igg 
"It is difficult to decide to whom to give the palm— to the artist on the one 

hand, or to the author on the other."— ^a;ammer. 

7532b The Ruined Cities of Ceylon, cheap edition, with map and 

65 plates, Svo, half-morocco. 1900 8s 

7533 Ceylon. First, Second, and Third Reports from the Select Com- 
mittee, H.C., together with Minutes of Evidence, Appendices, 
containing Despatches, Proclamations, &c., facsimiles of forged 
documents, 3 vols, folio, cloth. 1850-51 £i lOs 

Relating to disturbances of July and August, 1848, and to grievances in connexion 
with the administration and government of the colony arising out of martial law, 
house burning, confiscations, executions, sequestrations, verandah, and other iiew 
taxes, Lord Torrington's policy, &c. The evidence affording information on education, 
the headmen and native rebel chiefs, revenue and expenditure, was given by Capt. 
Albert Watson, George Ackland, Capt. C. H. Bird, Sir D. Dundas, Lieut.-Col. Jona- 
than Forbes, Capt. H. L. Layard, Thomas Y. McChristie, Sir T. H. Madfock, Fredo ick 
Saunders, Major Thomas Skinner. Hon. Gerald Talbot, Sir P. E. Wodehouse, Philip 
Anstruther, Lieut.-Col. Braybrooke, C. R. Buller, Col. Drought, Lieut. C. W. East. 
S. Hanna. Lieut. John Henderson, Sir A. Oliphant, Major G. T. Parke, H. C. Selby, 
John Selby, Sir J. B. Tennent, and others. A memorandum by Major Skinner on 
the condition of the entire population of Ceylon is printed in the appendix. 

7534 Ceylon in the 'Fifties and 'Eighties: Vicissitudes of Planting 
Enterprise, &c. By a Planter, Svo, pp. 90. Colombo, 1886 2s 6d 

83j High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

Ceylon 261 

7535 Clutterbuck (W. J.) About Ceylon and Borneo: Account of 
Two Visits to Ceylon and One to Borneo, 47 illustrations and 2 
maps, 12mo, cloth. 1891 3g ^^ 

7536 Cordiner (Rev. James) A Description of Ceylon : its Inhabitants 
and Natural Productions (Trees, Plants, &c.), with Narrative of a 
Tour Round the Island in 1800, the Campaign in Kandy in 1803 
and Journey to Ramisseram in 1804, vjith 25 engravings from 
original drawings, 2 vols. 4to, half-calf. 1807 14g 

7537 Description of Ceylon, another copy, 2 vols, in 1, calf. 18s 

Cordiner, who was chaplain to the English forces 1799 to 1804, describes the 

island during the first years of our occupation. His work includes Accounts of the 
Pearl Fishery, the Cinnamon Tree, Keport of Journeys by Wm. Orr in 1800, Thomas 
Christie in 1802, and Thomas A. Reeder in 1801 ; Capt. Macpherson's Diary of his 
Embassy to Candy in 180(), and Knox's Account of the King and Government of 
Candy in 1681. 

7538 A Voyage to India [and Ceylon], 1797 -ISOi, portrait, 8vo, 

boards. Aberdeen, 1820 4s q^ 

The Author visited Madeira, the Cape, Bombay, Madras (twice), Trincomalee 
Colombo (Occurrences th^re, June, 1799, to April, 1801), and St. Helena. ' 

CosMAs Indicx)pleustes, Account of Ceylon, 5th Century a.d. 
See p. 5 ; also Abstracts in Suckling's and Tennent's Works. 

7539 Gumming (Miss C. F. Gordon-) Two Happy Years in Ceylon, 
map and illustrations by the Author, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. Edinhurdh, 
1892 8s 

Miss Cumming visite«1 Colombo, the Hills, Candy, Anurddhapura, Ratnapura, 
Batticalo, TrinconiHlHe, Galle. ascf'nded Adam's Peak, and has some remarks on the 
results of Chrietia?) Missions and Diverse Creeds. 

7540 Daniell's Picturesque Illustrations of the Scenery, Animals, 
and Natives of Ceylon, 12 beautiful engravings, coloured in facsimile 
of the original drawings, ob. imp. folio, half-morocco. 1808 £5 10s 

7541 Dan vers (F. C.) The Portuguese in India, with facsimile maps, 
views, &c., 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1894 (pub. £2 2s) 12s 6d 

Mr. Danverss work covers a period of four centu'ies, and gives narratives of the 
early voyages of the Portuguese from the time of Vasco da Gama, D'Almeida, 
D'Alboquerque, Meneses, D'Andrada, &c., their conquests of all the trading po/ ts in 
the Eastern Seas, and the subsequent loss of most of them, including Ce^'lon, to the 
Dutch. The 6t»ry of the establishment of both powers in the Island, their expe- 
ditions, and wars there, are given with minutenees and illustrated with maps. 

" These two volumes will long remain a noble monument of the author's diligence 
and a rich storehouse of valuable information." — Asiatic Quarterly. 

7542 Davy (John, M.D.) Account of the Interior of Ceylon and its 
Inhabitants, their Character, Habits, &c. Observations during a 
Residence, 1816-20, map and 15 plates {some coloured), 4to, half- 
calf. 1821 14s 

75^3 Account of Ceylon, another copy, 4to, calf. 1821 16s 

Contains Chapters on Minerals and Soils, Climate, Temperature. Snakes (with 
plates). Caste, Government, the Singalese system of the Universe, Buddhism, Music, 
Medicine, Iron-smelting, Saltpetre, History of Ceylon, &c. 

7544 De Butts (Lieut. Aug.) H.M. 61st Regiment, Rambles in 
Ceylon, 12mo, cloth. 1841 ^ 

8S, High Street^ Ma/rylebone, London, W. 

262 Francis Udwards*s Catalogue 

7545 Deschamps (John) Scenery and Reminiscences of Ceylon during 
Nine Years' Residence, with a Sketch of the History of the Island, 
and 12 litJiographs from original drawings, folio, half-mor. 1845 £1 

7546 Another copy, with the plates coloured £2 

Includes views of Colombo, the Lake and Slnve Island, Adam's Peak, Colpitly 
^), Ferry House at Panturn, Buddhist Temples near B'dgodde, Ferry and Rest 
House at Bentotle, the Rock of Mulkirrigalle, the Lake of Kandy, the Great Elephant 
Kraal at Cottawya. 

7547 Digby (Wm.) Forty Years of Official and Unofficial Life in an 
Oriental Crown Colony ; being the Life of Sir Richard F. Morgan, 
Acting Chief Justice of Ceylon, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. Madras, 1879 9s 

7548 [Fellowes (Robert, D.D.)] The History of Ceylon to 1815, 
with Details of the Religion, Laws, and Manners of the People, a 
Collection of their Maxims, &c., by Philalethes, A.M.Oxon., 
also Knox's Historical Relation of the Island, map and plates, 4to, 
calf. 1817 £1 10s 

Usually ascribed to Dr. Fellowes, but Sir George Barrow (' Ceylon,' p. 1) gives 
it to Rev. Mr, Bissett. Tenn'^'nt says (' Ceylon,' i. xx) that '• Philalethes " is believed 
to have been the Rev. G. Bisset ; Lowndes gives the work to Dr. Fellowes. 

7549 Ferguson (John) Ceylon in 1883, with Account of its Progress 
as a Crown Colony since 1803, with portrait of Sir A. Gordon and 
view of Colombo, 12mo, cloth. 1883 2s 6d 

7550 Ceylon in 1893, map and 100 illusts., 12mo, cloth, 1893 4s 

This edition is much enlarged and contains numerous appendices, including 
Papers read at the Colonial Institute and the London Chamber of Commerce in 
1892, others on Tea Planting, Sport, Cinnamon i ulture, Excursions round the 
Island and to the Buried Capital, Buddhism, Missions, Types of Races, Glossary of 
Native Words, &c, 

Ceylon, 1899. See Mill's International Geography, p. 14. 

7551 Forbes (Major) Eleven Years in Ceylon, comprising Sketches of 
the Field Sports and Natural History, and an Account of its History 
and Antiquities, with 2 plates and other illustrations, 2 vols. 8vo, 
half-calf. 1840 10s 

Includes st)ecial Chapters on the Aboriginal Veddahs and the Cingalese Language 

and Literature ; Mr. Tumour's Epitome of Cingalese History, with Notes by Major 
5, Translations of Inscii|)tions, and Epitome of Tumour's ' Mahavansa. 


7552 Eleven Years in Ceylon, second edition, with new preface, 

plates, 2 vols 8vo, cloth. 1841 12s 

7553 Gregory (Sir Wm. H.), Governor of Ceylon (1872-77), Auto- 
biography of, edited by Lady Gregory, portrait, 8vo, cL 1894 4s 

7554 Haafner (J.) Travels on Foot through the Island of Ceylon, 
translated from the Dutch, plates, 8vo, half-calf. 1821 4s 6d 

Haafner was long in the Dutch Service, his work was published in Holland in 

7555 Haeckel (Ernst) A Visit to Ceylon, 12mo, cloth, 1883 4s 6d 

8Sy High Street, Marylehcme, London^ W, 

Ceylon 263 

7556 Hamilton (Yereker M.) and Fasson (Stewart M.) Scenes in 
CeyloQ, 20 lithographs, with descriptions in verse, oblong royal 
folio, cloth (Day & Son). [1881] (pub. 42s) 9s 

Landing at Colombo, Galle Face, On the Way up Country, The New Clearing, 
A Hunting Morning, Slipping the Seizers, Polo at Colombo, Deer Driving, A Tamil 
Drama, &c. 

Heber (Bp.) Journal of a Tour in Ceylon, August and September, 
1825, when Point de Galle, Colombo, Candy, and other Places were 
visited and described. See pp. 151-2.^ 

7557 Hobday (E.) Eight beautifully finished Pen Drawings of Sport 
in Ceylon and India, each 9 in. by 6 in., neatly framed. [1880] £4 

7558 Hoffmeister (Dr.) Travels in Ceylon and Continental India, 
from the German, 12mo, cloth. 1848 6s 

Narrative of the Visit of P. Waldemar of Prussia to Point de Galle, Colombo, 
Kandy, &c. Sept., 1844. See also pp. 155, 156. 

7559 Holman (James) Travels in IMadras, Ceylon, JVCauritius, Comoro 
Islands, Zanzibar, Calcutta, &c., plates, 8vo, cloth. 1840 6s 

Lieut. Holman, the blind traveller, who visited Colombo, Adam's Peak, Kandy, 
Galle, and Trincomalee in 1830, gives a most interesting account of the island, 
elephant hunting, natural products, especially woods, the inhabitants, &c., and three 

HoBNADAY (W. T.) Hunting in Ceylon, &c. See Two Years in the 
Jungle, p. 158. 

Ibn Batuta, Account of Ceylon, visited a.d. 1344. See Oriental 
Trans. Fund, Dr. Lee's edition (chap, xx.) ; also Yule's Cathay 
(vol. ii. pp. 395-526) ; abstract in Capt. Suckling's Ceylon (vol. 
i. pp. 257-263). 

7560 Johnson (Major) 3rd Ceylon Regt. Narrative of the Operations 
of a Detachment in an Expedition to Candy, 1804 ; with Observa- 
tions on the previous Expedition and on the Nature of Candian 
Warfare, 8vo. 1810 

7561 Knighton (Wm.) History of Ceylon, with Account of its Present 
Condition, and Appendix: Buddhism and the Philosophy of Greece, 
12mo, cloth. 1845 4s 6d 

7562 Forest Life in Ceylon, 2 vols, 12mo, cloth. 1854 7s 6d 

Including the lives of a Parsee and of a Kandian Chief, with Chapters on the 

Parsees, Buddhism, Caste in India, the Cave Temples of Danbool, Anuradhapoora, 
the Buried City, and sporting adventures. This work supplements the author'g 
'History of Ceylon.' 

See also India, p. 171. 

7563 Knox (Robert) Historical Relation of the Island of Ceylon, and 
Account of the Author's Captivity, map and plates, folio. 1681, 
calf ^ 25s 

Knox's 'Relation' is "An extremely interesting book. As a sketch of the 
country and its customs, it is distinguished by an accuracy and sureness of 
observation which few professed travellers have equalled."— Copleston. 
See also Coediner ; Fellowes. 

7564 Langdon (Rev. S.) The Appeal to the Serpent, or Life in an 
Ancient Buddhist City, Ceylon, illustrated, 12mo, cloth. [1889], 
R.T.S. 2s 

8Sj High Street, Marj/lebone, London, W. 

2(^4 Francis Edwarda^s Catalogue 

7565 Langdon (Rev. S.) Happy Valley, or Our New Mission Garden 
in Uva, Ceylon, 12mo, cloth. 1886 2s 6d 

7566 [Mahony.] Manuscript Journal of a Tour from Columbo to 
Candia in the Year 1796, pp. 107, folio, leather {unique and valuable 
document) £6 6s 

Narrative of the mission of Mr. Andrews, sent by th-s Madras Government, in 
response to overtures of the King of Kandy, in Jul}- and August, 1796, to negotiate, 
without result, a treaty of alliance after the conquest of Ceylon from the Dutch. 
Mr. Andrews was attended by a company of sepoys under conimand of Lieut. Knox, 
by Mr. Commissary Atkinson, and by Lieuts. Campbell and Mahony, who accom- 
panied Mr, Andrews privately. The Journal (apparently written by Lieut. Mahony) 
nas never been published. 

Mabignolli (John of) Eastern Travel: Visit to Ceylon, a.d. 1349 (?). 
See Yule's Cathay, 1866, pp. 325 seq. ; also Abstract in Suckling, 
Ceylon, vol. i. pp. 263-267. 

7567 Marshall (Dr. Henry) Ceylon and its Inhabitants, with History 
of the English Conquest of the Colony, map, 12mo, cl. 1846 4s 6d 

" Contains by far the best account of the military operations of the British from 
1803 to 1834."-Tennent. 

7568 Moberley (R. 0.) Account of the Question [Disunity] between 
the Bishop of Colombo and the C. M. Soc, 12mo, pp. iv-112. 
Oxford, 1876 2s 6d 

Morgan (Sir E. F.), Queen's Advocate and Acting Chief Justice 
of Ceylon. See Digby. 

7569 O'Brien (Oapt. C.) Fifteen Views in Ceylon, illustrative of Sir 
Emerson Tennent's Work, folio, cloth. 1864 £1 

7570 Oliphant (Laurence) Episodes in a Life of Adventure, or Moss 
from a Rolling Stone, 12mo, cloth. Edinburgh, 1SS7 ls.9d 

Includes an account of the ascent of Adam's Peak and some ' Sporting Remi- 
niscences ' with Sir Samuel Baker. 

7571 Percival (Robert) Account of Ceylon ; its History, Geography, 
Natural History, Inhabitants, &c., maps, 4to, calf. 1803 8s 

With chapters on the Pearl Fishery, Cinnamon, the staple of the island. Precious 
Stones, &c. ; also Journal of General Macdonald's Embassy to the Court of Kandy 
in 1800. 

7572 Phear (Sir J. B.) The Aryan Tillage in India and Ceylon, 12mo, 
cloth. 1880 (scarce) 5s 

Account of agricultural communities in Ceylon ; the Indo-Aryan social and 
land systems. 

" Philalethes," History of Ceylon. See Fellowes. 

7573 Pridham (C.) An Historical, Political, and Statistical Account 
of Ceylon and its Dependencies, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1849 9s 

7574 Ransonnet (Baron Eugene de) Sketches of Ceylon : 26 litho- 
plates of the Inhabitants, Animal Life, and Vegetation in the Low- 
lands and High Mountains, as well as of Submarine Scenery, 
including 2 coloured views of Coral Banks, with descriptions, folio, 
half-morocco. Vienna, 1867 £1 

8S, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

Ceylon 265 

7575 Ribeyro (Capt. Joao) Histoire de I'lsle de Ceylan (1685), 
traduite du Portuguais par I'Abbe Le Grand, with plans and r,iap 
hij De Ulsle, 12mo, calf. Amsterdam, 1701 10s 

7576 English translation by George Lee, of Ceylon, from the 

French, with Appendix. Colombo, 1847 

The best Portuguese account of the island. Ribeyro landed in Ceylon in 1640, 
and remained till the ciipture of Colombo by the Dutch in 1658. He was present as 
a combatant in the Portuguese army, taken prisoner, and sent to Batavia. 

7577 Sabonadiere (Wm.) The Coffee Planter of Ceylon : Twenty 
Years' Experience, second edition, 12mo, cloth. 1870 2s 

7578 Sarasin (Paul and Fried.) Die Weddas von Ceylon und die sie 
umgebenden Volkerschaf ten : ein Versuch die in der Phylogeine 
des Menschen ruhenden Rathsel der Losnng naher zu bringen, 
numerous illustrations and Atlas of 84 plates, 2 vols, royal 4to, 
Wiesbaden, 1893 £7 7s 

The most valuable work yet published on the Veddahs of Ceylon. 

7579 Scherzer (Dr. Karl) Circumnavigation of the " Novara," 
1857-59, with chart and 66 illustrations, 3 vols. roy. 8vo, cl. 18s 

Galle and Colombo were visited and Adam's Peak ascended in. September, 1858. 

^ Dr. Scherzer gives an account of the islwnd and its prospects, the Singalese and the 

Veddahs (traditions as to their origin), polyandry, cinnamon cultivation, coffee, 

pearl fifherins, precious stones, cocoanut oil, the cowry shell, antidote against 

poisonous snakes, visits to the Catholic mission, Buddhism and its ordinance?, &c. 

7580 Schouten (Wouter) Ost Indische Reyse, with copper-plate 
engravings, folio, vellum. Amsterdam, 1676 £1 

Voyage to the Dutch and Portuguese settlements, with views of Malacca, 
Batavia, Macassar, Tematc, Amboina, Point de Galle, Colombo ; and account of the 
capture '»f Jaffnapatam, June, 1658. 

7581 Selkirk (Rev. James) Recollections of Ceylon (1826-38) and 
C.M.S. Operations, map and plates, 8vo, half-mor. 1844 6s 6d 

Account of the island, its inhabitants and history. Buddhism, language, transla- 
tion of native books, mission stations, extracts from Journal, 1826-38. 

7582 Sirr (H. C.) Ceylon and the Cingalese ; their History, Govern- 
ment, Religion, Produce, and Capabilities, map and 10 plates, 
2 vols, 12mo, cloth. 1850 8s 

Mr. Sirr was Deputy Queen's Advocate for the Southern Circuit of the island. 

7584 Skinner (Major Thomas) Fifty Years in Ceylon: an Autobio- 
graphy, edited by his Daughter, 8vo, cloth. 1891 8s 6d 

7585 Steuart (James) Notes on Ceylon and its Affairs during 38 years 
ending 1855, with Observations on the Pearl Fishery, 8vo, cloth. 
1862 (for private circtilation) ^s 6d 

7586 [Suckling (Capt. H.)] Ceylon, Historical, Physical, Statistical, 
by an Officer, lat« of the Ceylon Rifles, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1876 lis 

A valuable work, supplementing and correcting that of Sir Emerson Tennent; 
with chapters on the History, Physical Geography, and Climate, Literature and 
Arts, Buddhism, Natural History and Products, the l^earl Fishery, Coffee, Cinnamon, 
Botany and Pb.nts, the Veddaht=, &c. ; and an Appendix on the Maldive Islands. 

7587 Sullivan ([Sir] Edward) The Bungalow and the Tent : a Yisit 
to Ceylon, 12mo, cloth. 1854 . 3s 6d 

Point de Galle, Colombo, Kandy, with account of the inhabitants, rums, vegeta- 
tion, elephant shooting, the Veddahs, &c. 

83 f High SPreet, Ma/rylebone, London, W, 

266 Frcmcis Edwards's Catalogue 

7588 Tennent (Sir James Emerson) Ceylon : an Account of the 
Island, Physical, Historical, and Topographical, with Notices of 
its Natural History, Antiquities, and Productions, ma%>s, plans, and 
numerous wood engravings, 2 vols. Svo, cloth. 1859 16s 

Geology, mineralogy, gems ; climate, health, disease ; vegetation ; zoology ; the 
Singhalese chronicles and Buddhist monuments ; population, agriculture, com- 
meice, manufactures, arts, social life, science, literature, mediasval history ; history 
of the Portuguese, Dutch, and English in Ceylon ; the elephant ; forests ; the ruined 
cities ; pearl fishery, coffee planting ; the v eddahs, «fec. 

7590 Ceylon, new edition, with chapter on Buddhism and Demon 

Worship, 2 vols. Svo, calf. 1860 24s 

7591 Ceylon, revised edition, tvith newly engraved illustrations 

and additional references in the Index, 2vols. 8vo, cloth. 1860 28s 
Thunbebg's Visit to Ceylon, 1777-8. See Japan. 

7595 Tombe (Ch. F.) Voyage aux Indes Orientales, 1802-6 lies 

de France, Bonaparte, Java, Ceylon, &c., 2 vols, in 1, 8vo, Atlas 
of 18 plates, 4to, cloth. 1811-10 £1 

Vol. II. contains an account of the capture of Colombo by the English in 1796, 
and a Malay grammar and vocabulary. 

7596 Turnour (Hon. George) An Epitome of the History of Ceylon 
from Native Annals ; and the First Twenty Chapters of the 
Mahdwanso, 8vo, cloth. Ceylon, 1836 7s 6d 
Valentia (Lord) Voyages and Travels to India, Ceylon, &c., 1802-6. 
See pp. 23, 247. 

Lord Valentia visited Ceylon in 1804. Vol. I. contains an account of the capture 
of the maritime provinces by the English forces, and of the Dutch trade with the 

Valentyn's Account of Ceylon, &c., 1724. See p. 23. 

Valentyn's fifth volume contains a valuable account of Ceylon and of the Dutch 
Administration, with reports of the Governors, which, however, are said to have 
been falsified to deceive the Home Government (' Valentia's Travels,' vol. i. p. 290). 
" Philalethes" (? Dr. Fellowes) availed himself largely of Valentyn's work. 

Varthema, Visit to Ceylon, c. 1506. See Hakluyt Society's edition, 
1863, p. 23 ; abstract of in Suckling's Ceylon (Vol. i. pp. 272-3). 
Vebeker's Views of Point de Galle and Trincomalee. See p. 249. 

7598 Walters (Alan) Palms and Pearls ; or, Scenes in Ceylon, 8vo, 
cloth, 1892 4s 6d 

History, the people, Colombo, Anuradhapoora, rivers and mountains, fauna and 
flora, gems, minerals, and pearls. 

7599 Wolf (John Chr.) Life and Adventures of, with a Description of 
Ceylon, its Natural Productions, and the Manners and Customs of 
its Inhabitants, 8vo. 1785 

For other accounts of Ceylon, the collector is referred to the following works 
in preceding- pages— viz., Dutch E.I. Co., p. 6 ; Herbert (Sir T.), p. 10 ; Lettres 
Edifiantes, p. 12 ; Marco Polo, p. 14 ; Maundevile, p. 14 ; North (Marianne), p. 15 
Sonnerat,p. 21 ; also to the following in Indian Section :— Arnold (Sir Edwin), p. 75 
Arnold (Lester), 75 ; Brown (Moray), 88 ; Caine (W. S.), 92 ; Chevrillon, 97 ; Dilke 
111 ; Egerton, 126 ; Faria-y-Sousa, 131 ; Frederickson, 137 ; Graham (Maria), 142 
Hall (Basil, 146; Home ("Naufragus"), 158; Hutton (J.), 161; Kennedy, 169 
Letters from India, 1870, 177 ; Miln, 196 ; Murray's Handbook, 200 ; Pennant, 212 
iluusselet, 228 ; Salt, 224; Soltykoff, 232 ; Wallace (R.), 250; Wilson (Bp. Daniel),' 

8Sf High Street, Ma/rylebone, London^ W. 

( 267 ) 


7600 Alcock (Prof. A., M.B. LL.D.) A Naturalist in Indian Seas, 
Four Years with the Indian Survey Expedition in the ''Investi- 
gator," illustrated, 8vo, cloth. 1902 18s 

Includes Surveys and Deep Sea Dredgings in the Laccadive Sea, Visits to 
Minicoy (with account of its botanical and physical features), the Andamans, &c. 

7601 Basevi (Capt. J.) Account of the Island of Minicoy— Jour. R. 
Geog. Soo., 1872, vol. xlii. pp. 368-372, cloth 2s 6d 

Ddquesne's Visit to the Maldive Islands, 1690. See p. 116. 

7602 Gardiner (J. Stanley) and others : The Fauna and Geography of 
the Maldive and Laccadive Archipelagoes: Account of the Work 
and Collections made by an Expedition, 1899-1900. To be com- 
pleted in 8 parts, forming 2 vols. Subscription for the whole, 
£4i 4s. ; or 15s. per part separately. Parts I. and II. now ready. -^ 

7603 Horsburgh (Capt.) On the Maldiva Islands ; also Owen (Capt. 
W. F.) on same— JouB. R. Geog. Soo., 1832, vol. ii. pp. 72-92, 
chart, cloth 3s 6d 

Ibn Batuta. Two Visits to the Maldive Islands, including Resi- 
dence there (1343-44 and 1346), and Account of the Inhabitants. 
See Oriental Translation Fund, vol. i. (chap, xix.) ; Yule's 
Cathay, vol. ii. ; Gray's Voyage of Pyrard, vol. ii. pp. 434-468. 

7604 Moresby (Commodore) The Northern Atolls of the Maldives 
surveyed in the "Benares," 1834-35— Jour. R. Geog. Soc, 1835, 
vol. V. pp. 398-404, cloth 3s 6d 

7605 Pyrard (Fran9ois), of Laval, Voyage of, to the East Indies, the 
Maldives, the Moluccas, and Brazil (1601-11), translated and edited 
by Albert Gray, assisted by H. C. P. Bell, unth maps and illustra- 
tions, 2 vols, in 3, 8vo, cloth (Hakluyt Society). 1887-90 £1 10s 

See also India, p. 216 ; Purchas, Vol. II. ; Harris, Vol. I., and other Collections. 
Pyrard was wrecked on one of the Maldives in July, 1302, and remained jn the 
islands till 1607, when he, with some of his surviving companions, succeeded in 
getting away. He afterwards visited Minicoy, the Laccadives, Calicut, Cochin, and 
Goa, which, as well as the islands, he describes most, minutely. He gives accounts 
of the inhabitants of the Maldives, their king and government, customs, ceremonies. 
trade, religion, &c. ; also of the Portuguese conquests and traflfic, a 'Treatise of 
Animals, Trees, and Fruits of the East Indies, and a Dictionary of the Mnldive 
Language, to which the Editors luave added some valuable notes and additions from 
Lieut. Christopher's Vocabulary (1821) ; Early Notices of the Maldives from tHe 
Arabians-Mas'udi, Alberuni, Edrisi, Ibn Batuta (pp. 484-68)- Portuguese writers- 
Barbosa, De Barros, &c.. and the Parmentiers ; Notices of the Exiled Kings of the 
Maldives ; History of Kunhali, the Malabar Corsair ; List of the Mahommedan 
Kings of the Maldive Islands, and a copious Index. 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

268 Frwtms EdAJOwrdis Catalogue 

7606 Robinson (W.) Report on the Laccadive Islands [including 
Minicoy], May, 1848, royal 8vo, cloth. Madras, 1874 4s 6d 

The inhabitants, trade and products, government, revenue, &c. 

Description of the Laccadive Islands, with chart — Madras 

Journal, 1847, vol. xiv. (pt. 2) pp. 1-46 

Suckling (Capt.) The Maldives, their Trade, &c. See p. 265. 
Symson (Capt. Wm.) Description of the Maldivy Islands, their Trade 
and Inhabitants, 1715. See India, p. 236. 

7607 Wood (Lieut. John) The Lakeradeevh Archipelago — Jour. R. 
Geog. Soo., 1836, vol. vi. pp. 29-32, cloth 2s 6d 
Yule (Sir H.) The Maldive Islands — Ency. Britannioa, vol. xv. 


Abu Taleb Khan's Visit to the Nicobar Islands, c. 1800. See 
Stewart (Prof.), p. 234. 

Aloock (A.). Surveying Visits of the *' Investigator " to the Anda- 
man Islands, &c. See p. 267. 

Alexander (Sir J. E.) Account of the Andaman Islands, 1826. See 
p. 2. 

7610 Andaman Islands (The) with Notes on Barren Island (Ind. 
Govt. Records, No. 25), ma'ps and illustrations , royal 8vo, cloth. 
Calcutta, 1859 6s 

Includes narratives of visits by Colebrooke (1789-9*"), Playfair, and other 
previously unpublished account!?, specimens of the Andaman language, <&c. 

7611 Andaman Islands, Statistics of Population Enumerated 17th Feb., 
1881, folio, sewed. Calcutta, 1883 Is 6d 

7612 Anderson (Capt. T. C.) A Few Words about Two Andamanese 
Lads, 8vo, pp. 4 (MS. corrections) Is 6d 

7613 Atkinson (G. M.) Notes on the Nicobar Islanders (Jour. Ethn. 
Soo., vol. ii.), 8vo, pp. 137-140, and plate 2s 

7614 Baker (Rev. T. T.) Recent Operations at Rangoon, &c., 8vo, 
cloth. 1852 2s 6d 

Contains an account of the destruction of English ve-sels, massacre of 
Europeans by natives of Nancowry, Nicobar Islands, Oct., 1851. 

7616 Ball (V.) Notes on the Nicobar and Andaman Islands — Proc. 
Asiatic Soc, Bengal, Oct., 1869, pp. 4 Is 6d 

7617 Geology and Fauna, Nancowry Harbour, Nicobar Islands — Jour. Asiatic Soc- 

Bengal, 1870, pp. 25 39 28 

7618 Notes on Geology of Port Blair, Andaman Islands— Jour. Asiatic Soc. Bengal, 

1870, pp. 231-39 28 

7619 Notes on Birds observed at Port Blair, Andaman Islands — Jour. Asiatic Soc. 

Bengal, 1870, pp. 240-43 Is 6d 

7620 Ee view of Papers relating to Nicobar Islands, 1870 -Calcutta Rev., Oct., 1870, 

pp. 1-23 2s 6d 

7621 Visit to the Andamanese "Home," Port Blair (P. oc. Roy. Irish Acad., Nov., 

1871 ), 8vo, pp. 1, and plate. Is 6d 

See also ' Jungle Life in India,' &c., p. 298. 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London^ W, 

Andaman and Nicohar Islands 269 

7623 Birch (Wm. B.) The Andaman Islands {Calcutta Review, 1870, 
pp. 152-177) 2s 6d 

7624 Blair (Arch.) Survey of the Andamans, 1793. O' Riley's 
Notices of the Red Karens' Country, 1857, <fcc. (Ind. Govt. Records, 
No. 24), royal 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1858 4s 

Bolts (Wm.) Austrian Expedition to Nicobar Islands, 1778-80. 
See Scherzer's Voyage of the "Novara" (Vol. II. pp. 6-11), and 
Nicobar Papers (pp. 197-206). 

Campbell (Col. Walter) Visits to Nicobar and Andaman Islands. 
See p. 93. 

7625 Colebrooke (R. H.) On Nancowry and Oomarty [Nicobar 
Islands], also. The Loris, or Slowpaced Lemur, by Sir John Shore 
(Asiatic Res., Vol. IV. pp. 132-142 and 2 plates). 2s 6d 

See also Nicobar Papers, below. 

7626 . On the Andaman and " Barren " Islands (Asiatic Res., 

Vol. IV. pp. 401-415, and T^latc). 2s 

See also Andaman Islands, above. 

7627 Day (Surgeon Fr.) Observations on the Andamanese — Proo. 
Asiatic Soc, Bengal, June, 1870, pp. 153-177 2s 

7628 Distant (W. L.) Our Knowledge of the Nicobarians (Jour. 
Ethnol. Soc, Vol. II. pp. 209-214) Is 6d 

7629 Dobson (G. E.) On the Andamans and Andamanese (Jour. 
Anthrop. Inst., Vol. IV.), 8vo, pp. 457-466, and 3 p^ioto-pJates 2s 6d 
Duquesne, Visit to the Andaman Islands, 1691. See p. 116. 
Eastwick (Capt. Robert) Visits to Nicobar Islands, c. 1800. See 
Compton's a Master Mariner, p. 99. 

7631 Flower (Sir W. H.) On the Osteology and Affinities of the 
Natives of the Andaman Islands (Jour. Anthrop. Inst. Vol. IX., 
Nov., 1879), pp. 28, table and 4 plates 2s bd 
Grierson (J.) View of Fort Cornwallis, Andaman Islands, 1825. 
See BuRMAH, p. 276. ^ 

7632 Haensel (Rev. J. J.) Letters on the Nicobar Islands and the 
Natives, 1812, with Crantz's History of the Moravians, 1780, 
1 vol. 8vo, calf ^® 

Containing references to the Missions at Tranquebar and Coromandel, and of 
the Moravian Mission at Nswicowry Island, established 1768, the natives, natural 
history, and productions of the Island. 

Hoohstetter's Geology and Physical Geography of the Nicobar 
Islands, 1858. See Nicobar Papers, 1870 (pp. 208-243) 

7634 Kloss (C. Boden) In the Andamans and Nicobars. Narrative of 
a Cruise in the Schooner " Terrapin," with Notices of the Islands, 
their Fauna, Ethnology, &c.,wiaps and numerous photo-illustratwnsy 
medium 8vo, cloth. 1902 ^^ ^^ 

7635 Kurz (S.) Report of the Vegetation of the Andaman Islands, 
map, folio, sewed. Calcutta, 1870 ^ 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

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Islands, April, 1602. See Lancaster's Voyages, above, p. 11. 

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LuARD (Major) Views in India Car Nicobar, &c. See p. 179. 

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Researches into the Language by A. J. Ellis, 8vo, cloth. [1885] 

7638 and Temple (R. 0.) The Lord's Prayer in the S. Andaman 

Language, with Grammar and Vocabulary, 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 
1877 2s 6d 

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1880, Vol. I. pp. 255-259, cloth 2s 6d 

7641 Mayo (The Earl of) and his Indian Administration, by Sir W. W. 
Hunter, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1876 8s 

The concluding chapter contains an account of the Andaman Islands and the 
Convict Colony, of Lord Mayo's reorganization of the Settlement, his Tour of 
inspection, and assassination at Port Blair, Feb. 8, 1872 

MooRE (Lieut.) View of Port Cornwallis, Great Andaman, with the 
Fleet for Burmah, 1824. See Moore's Rangoon, 1825, p. 279. 

7643 Mouat (Frederic J., M.D.) Adventures and Researches among 
the Andaman Islanders, map and illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1863 6s 

A general description of the Archipelago, with curious and interesting accounts 
of the Mincopies, Prof. Owen's Paper oq their Physical Characteristics, I)r. Blyth's 
Paper on the Zoology, &;c. 

7644 Narrative of an Expedition to the Andaman Islands in 

1857— Jour. R. Geog. Soo., Vol. XXXII., 1862, pp. 109-126, cloth 

2s 6d 

7645 Nicobar Islands : Papers relating to, with maps (Ind. Govt. 
Records, No. 77), royal 8vo, sewed, pp. 325. Calcutta, 1870 7s 6d 

Includes Accounts by Fontana, 1778, Haensel, 1812, Busch's Jou'nal, 181.5, 
Letters and Notices by Missionaries, Lieut. Colebrooke, Dr. Rink, extracts irom 
Voyages of the "Novara," the Danish Corvette "Galathea," the Geology by Dr. 
Hochstetter, Note on the Language by V. Bih, Vocabulary, &c. 

PoLLOK (Col.) Three Years with Murderers on a Solitary Island, 
Great Coco, Andamans. See p. 213. 

7646 Portman (Maurice) Exploration and Survey of the Little 
Andamans, map, — Prog. R. Geog. Soc., Sept., 1888, Vol. X. 
pp. 567-576 2s 

7647 Manual of the Andamanese Languages, 12mo, cloth 10s 6d 

7648 Quatrefages (A. de) The Pygmies, translated by F. Starr, with 
numerous illustrations, 12mo, cloth. 1895 2s 6d 

This work treats of the Mincopies of the Andaman Islands and others, of the 
Negrillos or Pygmies of Africa, of the Hottentots and Bushmen. 

7649 Etude sur les Mincopies [de la Grande Andaman] et la 

Race Negrito (Rev. d' Anthropologic), with bibliographical notes, 
pp. 36-78, and plate, royal 8vo 3s 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

Andamcm cmd Nicobar Islands 271 

Rink (Dr. H.) Geographical and Physical Sketch of the Nicobar 
Islands, 1845, English translation, with plates. Nicobar PArERB. 
1870 (pp. 109-183). 

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Nicobar and Andaman Isles, with Account of the Natives, map, 
second edition, royal 8vo, pp. 118. Calcutta, 1875 Ss 

7652 Scherzer (Dr. Karl) Voyage of the Austrian Frigate " Novara," 
1857-59, with cliart and 66 illustrations, 3 vols, royal 8vo, cloth. 
1861-63 18s 

The "Novara" visited Madeira, Rio Janeiro, the Capp, St. Paul and Amsterdam 
Islands, CeyloD, Madras, Nicobar Islands, Singapore, Java, Manila, Hong Kong, 
Shanghai, Caroline and Solomon Islands. Sydney, Auckland, Tahiti, and Valparaiso. 
A month fFeb. 23 to March 26, 1858) was spent in voyaging through the Nicobar 
Group. Vol. II. pp. 1-131 contains an account of the islauds, the animal life, 
inhabitants, attempted Austrian settlements by Bolts and others, 1778-82 ; Vol. III. 
pp. 461-70, contains a vocabulary of the language of the natives a-id corresponding 
Malay and English words. 

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manese and Nicobarese], excerpt from the Sunday Mag, 2s 

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272 Frcmcis Edwards^ s Catalogue 


Arakan, Pegu, Tenasserim, Martaban, and Mergni Archipelago. 

*** For Shan States, see also Indo-China. Fop Burmese Language 
and Literature ; Forestry, Geology, and Mineralogy, see subsequent 

7660 [Administration.] The British Burma Manual : Rules, Orders, 
and Notifications in Force, Treaties with Ava and Siam, &c., 
edited by Capt. C. B. Cooke, Vol. I. imp. 8vo, half-calf. Calcutta, 
1879 7s. 6d 

Political, Civil Divisions, Customs, Marine, Judicial, Police, Prisons, Eegistra- 
tion, Ecclesiastical, Immigration, Medical, Sanitary, Military Cantonments, 

7661 Burmese Code. Commentary (Excerpt, pp. 201-227) 28 

7662 Few Words (A) on the Tenure and Distribution of Landed Property in Burma, 

8to, pp. 20. Rangoon, 1865 28 

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English), Svo, pp. 64. Rangoon, 1865 • 28 6d 

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Akyah, 1865 28 

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Burma, 8vo, pp. iv-18. Rangoon, 1871 Is 6d 

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missioner of B. Burma on Points of Buddhist Law, 8vo, pp. 52. Rangoon, 
1875 ' ' i^i- y^ g^ 

7667 Census, Feb. 17, 1881, Report on, folio, sewed. Rangoon Ss 

7668 Report on Administration of British Burma, 1875-76, royal 8vo, sewed. Rangoon, 

1877 3s 

For preceding Reports see Fytche, p. 276 ; Phayre, p. 280, 
See also Arakan, Bryce, Nesbit. 

Alexander (Gen. Sir J. E.) Account of Burmese War, 1824-25. 
See p. 2. 

7670 Anderson (Dr. John) Mandalay to Momien : Narrative of Two 
Expeditions to Western China, 1868 and 1875, under Cols. E. B. 
Sladen and H.Browne, ma'ps and illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1876 8s 

7671 Another copy, Svo, half -morocco extra 9s 

Early European Visitors to Mergni, Tenasserim, &c. See 

Indo-China, * Siam, English Intercourse with.' 
Nicolo di Conti (1440), Abdur-razzak (1444), various Portuguese envoys to Siam. 

7672 Amherst (Lord) and the British Advance Eastward to Burma, 
by Mrs. Thackeray Ritchie and R. Evans ("Rulers of India 
Series ") portrait and map, 12n]o, cloth. 1894 2s 

With Chapters on the Burmese War, 1824-26, including extracts froni Lady 
Amherst's letters recording some of the incidents as received in Calcutta from time to 
time. Arakan and Tenasserim were ceded to Great Britain as result of this war. 

8S, High Street, Maryhbone, London, W, 

Bv/rma 273 

7673 Arakan. Reports on Roads, Calcutta to Dacca, Arracan, Akyab, 
&c. (Ind. Govt. Records, No. 19), maps, royal 8vo, cloth. Oatcuiia, 
1856 2s 6d 

7674 Report on the Progress of Arakan under British Rule, 1826-69, 8vo, pp. 54. 

Rangoon, 1874 2s 6d 

7675 Report on the Hill Tracts, by R. F. St. A. St. John, 1870-71, 8vo, pp. 76. 

Rangoon 2s 6d 

7676 Report for 1871-72, 8vo, pp. 66. Rangoon 2s 6d 

7677 Reports on the Progress of Arakan under British Rule, 1826 to 1875, and the 

Hill Tracts, 1875-77, 1 vol. royal 8vo, half-calf. Rangoon, 1874 3s 6d 

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Tenasserim Boundary (Ind. Govt. Records, No. 50), royal Svo, 
sewed. Calcutta, 1866 3s 6d 

7680 Baker (Rev. T. T.) The Recent Operations of the British Forces 
in Rangoon and Martaban, 1852, toith 2 folded and other plates, 
8vo, cloth. 1852 2s 6d 

7681 Another copy, with frontispiece coloured 3s 

The author, an eyewitness of the events described, inserts an account from an 
Indian newspaper of a massacre of British subjects at Nancowry, Nicobar Islands, 
Jan., 1851. 

7682 Bernier (Fr.) Travels in the Mogul Empire, 1656-68, edited 

by Arch. Constable, maps and illustrations, 12mo, cl. 1891 2s 9d 

Contains account of affairs in Arracan and punitive expedition against the 
King, 1668. 

7683 Bradley (John) Narrative of Travel and Sport in Burmah, Siam, 
and the Malay Peninsula, 1869-70, 12mo, cloth 5s 

7685 British Burma Gazetteer, Vol. II., 900 pages, imp. 8vo, 
ivith numerous photographs, cloth. Rangoon, 1879 7s 6d 

Full of useful information, from official reports, on rivers, mountains, geology, 
climate, the people, their history, administration, &c., with statistics of agflculture, 
natural products, trade, revenue, population, towns. &c., arranged iu alphabetical 
order, e.g., Akjab, Amherst, Arakan Hill Tracts, Bassein, Henzada, Irrawaddy. 
Kareng Race, Khyengs, Kyouk-Hypoo, Martaban, Maulmain, Mergui, Mye-dai, Pegu, 
Prome, Rangoon, Salween, Sandoway, Shwe-Dagou, Shwe-Gyeng, Tavvy, Thayet, 
Thayet-Myo, Toung-Ngnoo, <fcc. 

7686 Browne (John) Sketches of the Province of Pegu and its People, 
8vo, pp. viii-80. Calcutta, 1864 3s 6d 

7687 Browne (H. A.) The Pegu Pagoda, pp. 18 (excerpt). 1866 2s 

7688 Browne (Major Edmond C.) The Coming of the Great Queen : 
a Narrative of the Acquisition of Burma, frontispiece, 3 maps, and 
12 photo illustrations, 8vo, half-calf extra. 1888 8s 

This handy volume contains a History of Burma and the Three Burmese Wars 
(1821, 18.52, ias.5), Chapters on Dacoity, the Burmese Women, the Karens, bhans. 
Chins or Khyins, Kakyens or Kachins, the Yunanese, Siamese, Annamese, and 
Tonkinese, and Observations on the Iiido-Chinese Question. 

7689 Bryce (J. Annan) Burma, the Country and People.— Proc. R. 
Geog. Soc, August, 1886, pp. 481-501, and map 2s 6d 

7690 Burmah, the Latest Addition to the Empire.— Proc. R. 

Col. Inst., 1886, Vol. XVI I., pp. 180-209, cloth 2s M 

83, High Street, Ma/rylebone, London, W. 

274 Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

Buckle's Bengal Artillery in the Burmese Wars. See India, p. 89. 

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Paper, folio, sewed 3s 

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19 in., coloured, folded, Svo, cloth. Calcutta [1887 ?] 2s 6d 

7694 Map of Burmah and Adjacent Covmtries, 38 in. by 42 in., 

coloured, mounted, folded, 8vo, cloth. 1890 5s 6d 

Burton (Gen.) Experiences in Burmah, &c. See India, p. 91. 

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1885— Proc. R. a. Inst., December, 1886, pp. 69-82, cloth 3s 

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them, their Customs and Manners, and a Gazetteer, by Bertram 
Carey and H. N. Tuck, 25 photo etchings, imp. 8vo, cloth {Chin 
Hills Gazette). Rangoon, 1896 12s 

See also Arakan, Fryer, Hughes, Reid, Woodthorpe. Also India Catalogue 
—Butler, p. 91 ; Grimwood, p. 144 ; Johnstone, p. 166; Lewin, p. 177; McCulloch, 
p. 182 : MacKenzif^. p. 183 ; Needhara, p. 203 ; Newland, p. 205 ; Reid, p. 219 ; 
Ruodall, p. 223 ; Walker, p. 250. 

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of the Burmese War, Svo, pp. 60. 1853 28 

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map— Jour. R. Geog. See, 1875, Vol. XLV. pp. 229-249, cloth 3s 

7699 Cox (Capt. Hiram) Journal of a Residence in the Burmhan 
Empire, and more particularly at the Court of Amarapoorah, 
1796-97, 5 coloured plates, Svo, russia extra gilt. 1821 8s 6d 

Capt. Cox was sent as E.T. Co.'s Resident to Rangoon, after the Mission of 
Capt. Sjmes to Ava ; the Journal was edited by Capt, Cox's Son. 

7700 Ctawfurd (John) Journal of an Embassy from the Governor- 
General of India to the Court of Ava, 1826-27, map, plan of Ava, 
8 plates, and other illustrations, 4to, calf. 1829 14s 

7701 Second edition, 2 vols. Bvo, calf extra. 1834 12s 6d 

7702 Another copy, 2 vols. Svo, half-calf. 1S34 10s 6d 

With description of Ava and the Burmese ; Burman History ; Treaty of Peace ; 
Letters and Proclamations ; Burmese Chronological Table ; Vocabularies ; Deposi- 
tions of Judson, Gruuger, Laird, and other Prisoners ; Fossil Remains described 
by Dr. Buckland. &c. 

7703 Brief Narrative of the Embassy to Ava, 1826-27, by 

A Member of the Embassy, pp. 36, Svo, half-calf. 1827 (scarce) 5s 6d 

7704 Cuming (E. D.) In the Shadow of the Pagoda: Sketches of 
Burmese Life and Character, illustrated, 12mo, cloth. 1893 4s 6d 

7705 With the Jungle Folk : a Sketch of Burmese Village Life, 

illustrated, Svo, cloth. 1897 5s 

7706 Dalhousie (Marquess of), by Sir W. W. Hunter (" Rulers of 
India"), map and portrait, 12mo, cloth. 1890 2s 

Contains a chapter on the Conquest of Burmah, 1852. See also references on 
p. 105. 

83, High Street^ Marylebone, London, W. 

Burma 275 

7707 Doveton (Capt. F. B.) Reminiscences of the Burmese War, 
1824-26, illustrated, 12mo, cloth. 1852 4s 

7708 Dufferin and Ava (Marquess of) Speeches, Delivered in India, 
1884-88, 8vo, cloth. 1890 4s 

Includes 16 Speeches and Replies to Adtlresses from numerous representative 
bodies during the Vice-Regal tour through Burma from Rangoon to Mandalaj', 
Feb., 1886. 

7709 (Lady) Our Vice- Regal Life in India : Selections from 

Journal, map and portrait, 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1890 8s 

Contains a chapter describing the Vice-Regal visit to Rangoon, Prome, Pagan, 
Ava, and Mandalay, Feb., 1886. 

DuRAND (Sir H.) Account of the Burmese War, 1852. See India, 
p. 116. 

7711 Ferrars (Max and Bertha) Burma, with 455 photo-illustrations, 
4to, cloth, emblematically bound. 1901 £1 

This interesting work depicts the Burm^ se, Shans, and Karens in their every-day 
life and occupations, from childhood to old age, at school, at play, at home, in the 
fields, in the theifre, at worship, on pilgrimage ; their houses,, shrines, temples, 
I)alaces ; their car's ; their boats, river, forest, and mountain scenery. 

7712 Fielding-Hall (Harold) The Soul of a People : an Account of the 
Life and Belief of the Burmese, 8vo, cloth. 1898 7s 6d 

Fitch (Ralph) and his Travels to Burma, &c. See India, p. 133. 

7713 Forbes (Capt. C. J. F. S.) British Burma and its People: 
Sketches of Native Manners, Customs, and Religion, 12mo, cloth. 
1878 Os 

7714 Forsyth (Su- Douglas) Autobiography and Reminiscences, 
portrait and map, 8vo, cloth. 1887 4s 6d 

Contains Recollections of the Mutiny, Narratives of Expeditions to Yarkand, 
1870, 10 Kashgar, 1873, and to Mandalay. 1875. 

7715 Forrest (Capt. Thomas) Voyage from Calcutta to the Mergui 
Archipelago; also Account of Pulo Pinaug, Queda, Atcbeen, 
Celebes, &c., ma,ps, plates, coast views, &c., 4to, calf. 1792. (Copy 
with autograph inscription) ^1 lOs 

(Contains a Treatise on the Monsoons, and thoughts on best mode of preserving 
sea provisions. 

7716 Francklin (Col. Wm.) Tracts, Political, Geographical, and 
Commercial, on the Dominions of Ava, and the N.W. Parts of 
Hindostan, 8vo, half-calf. 1811 5s 6d 

7717 Fryer (Major G. E.) Hand Book for British Burma, 8vo, leather. 
Maulmain, 1867 ^ ^ . .^^ 

Political, Judicial, Revenue, Land, Local Institutions, Ports, Lights, l^orest?, &c. 

7718 stone Implements from Burma, with photos of 57 specimens 

(Proc. Asiatic Soc, Bengal). 1872 3s 6d 

7719 The Khyeng People of the Sandoway District, Arakan, 

2 plates, royal 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1875 5s 

Embracing physical characteristics and lang uage, with vocabulary. 

83 J High Street, MaryUhone, lA)ndon, W. 

276 Francis Edwa/rds^s Catalogue 

7721 Fytche (Lt -Gen. Albert) Burma Past and Present, with 
Personal Reminiscences of the Country, 1841-71, steel portraits, 
map, and 18 plates {some coloured), 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1878 9s 

Includes chapters on the History, Ethnography, Natural Histoiy and Sporting, 
the Klephant, Language and Lit-^ratiire, Agriculture, Trade, FinaQce,"^Buddhism and 
Education ; Official Eeports of Kxpedition against a Walleng Hill Tribe, 1841 ; 
Services in the Basseiu District, 1852 ; Mission to Mandalay. 1867 ;' Burma iinder 
British aud Native Rule, 1867 ; Memorandum on the Panthays or Mahommedans of 
Yunnan, 1867 ; a-'d on Four Years' Administration, 1867-71. " In 1848 the author was 
called away to active service in the second Sikh War (vol. i. pp. 107-114). 

7722 Reports of Administration of the Province of British 

Barmah, 1866-67, 1867-68, 1868-69, 8vo. Rangoon each 3s 

7725 Narrative of Mission to Mandalay, with other Exports on 

Maunpore, the Marmedi Hills, C. Provinces, &c. (Records India 
Gov., No. 63), maps, royal 8vo, sewed. Calcutta, 1868 4s 

7726 Geary (Grattan) Burma, after the Conquest, Viewed in its 
Political, Social, and Commercial Aspects, 12mo, cloth. 1886 3s 6d 

A derelict Empire. Rangoon, Disturbances in Upper Burma, the Dacoits, 
Mandalay, Buddhism, King Thsebaw, French Indo-Chinese Policy, the Annexation, 
Resources, and the Future. 

7727 Gordon (Surgeon-Gen. [Sir] C. A.) Our Trip to Burmah, with 
Notes on the [People, their Language, Trade, the Geology, Climate, 
and Natural History of the] Country, illust., 8vo, cloth. [1880] 6s 

Recollections Burmah, 1874-75, &c. See Indii., p. 141. 

7728 Gordon (Robert) The Irawadi River and its Source, the Sanpo, 
maps~F. R. G. S., May, 1885 Is 6d 

7729 Gouger (Henry) Personal Narrative of Two Years' Imprison- 
ment in Burmah (1824-26), with 6 illustrations, second edition, with 
additional chapter, 12mo, cloth. 1862 5s 

^ The Author, with Mr. Laird, Dr. Judson, aud others, was imprisoned as a spy. 
This narrative, originally written in 1826, was first printed in pamphlet 1850, and 
rewritten with amplifications for the general public in 1860. His deposition is 
given in the Appendix to Crawfurd's ' Mission to Ava.' 

7730 Grierson (J.) Twelve Select Views of the Seat of War, taken at 
Rangoon, Cachar, and Andaman Islands, on stone, by E. Billon, 
oblong folio. Asiatic Press, Calcutta, 1825 £1 6s 

7732 Hallett (Holt S.) A Thousand Miles on an Elephant in the Shan 
States, 8 maps and numerous illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1890 9s 

Account of Explorations through Burmah, Siam, and the Shan States to find 
a route for a railway to connect India with China ; with description of the country 
passed through, its people, their manners, habits, customs, history, &c. 

7733 Havelock ([Sir] Henry) Memoirs of the Three Campaigns of 
General Sir Arch. Campbell's Army in Ava, 12mo. Serampore, 1828 

7734 Memoirs of, by J. 0. Marshman, library edition, loith 

portrait, 8vo, cloth. 1860 5s 

Sir Henr)"^ flavelock's active service began with the War in Burmah, 1826, and 
ended with his death at Lucknow, Nov. 24, 1857. See also p. 151. 

83 f High Streetf Marylebone, London, W. 

Burma 277 

7735 Hay (John Ogilvy) Arakan; Past, Present, Future: a Resume 
of Two Campaigns for its Development (from Administration Reports, 
&c.), ma'p, 8vo, cloth. Edinburgh, 1892 2s 6d 

Advocating the connexion of Akyab witli India and China. 

7736 Hughes (Major W. G,) The Hill Tracts of Arakan, map and 
view, imperial Svo, boards. Rangoon, 1881 4s 

Historical and Ethnological Notes, with Vocabulary. 

7737 Hunter (Surgeon W.) Concise Account of the Kingdom of Pegu, 
with Appendices on Varieties in the Fleeces of Sheep in different 
Climates, and the Caves of Elephanta, 18mo, half-calf. 1789 6s 

7738 Judson (Adoniram, D.D.) Missionary of the Apostolic School, by 

Rev. H. Bonar, 12mo, cloth. 1871 3s 6d 

7739 Memoir of his Life and Labours in Burmah, by Prof. 

Way land, port., 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1853 7s 6d 

7740 Life and Labours of, by his Son, with map and 4 portraits, 

Svo, cloth. 1883 5s 

The volume contains a narrative of Judson's Early Years,- 1788-1812 ; the 
Voyage to Mauritius, Madras, and Hangoon, 1812-3; Description of Burma, its 
Inhabitants and their Religion ; Life in Rangoon, 1813-23; Journeys to Ava and 
Imprisonment, 1823-6; Life in Amherst and Death of Mrs. Ann Judson, 1826 7 ; Life 
in Maulmain, Progress of the Mission, Travels to the Karens, 1827-45; Visits to 
Mauritius, St. Helena (Death of Mrs. Sarah Judson), aud to America; Third 
Marriage, Return to Burma, 1845-50 ; Death at Sea, 1850. 

Deposition on his Release from Imprisonment in 1826. 

See Crawfurd's Ava, Appendix (above). 

Burmese Dictionary. See p. 317. 

7741 Judson (Mrs. Ann H.) Account of the American Baptist Mission 

to the Barman Empire, map, 8vo, half-calf. 1823 5s 6d 

A series of Letters addressed to a gentleman in London. 

7742 Laurie (Wm. F. B.) The Second Burmese War : the Operations 
at Rangoon, 1852, with plans, 12mo, cloth. 1853 is 

7743 Pegu: Narrative of Events during the Second Burmese 

. War, 1852-53, plans and sketches, 12mo, cloth. 1854 5s 

7744 Our Burmese Wars and Relations with Burma, with 

Summary of Events, 1826-79, maps, 8vo, cloth. 1880 5s 

7745 Lawrence (Sii- Henry) Life of, by Sir Herbert Edwardes and 
Herman Merivale, portraits, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1872 12s 

The first volume includes several letters describing Sir Henry's experiences of 
the Campaign in Burmah, the Capture of Aracan, &c., lfe24-26. Like ^ir Henry 
Havelock, Sir Henry Lawrence's active service began m the Burmese War and 
ended with the war in Oude. 

7746 Lloyd (Malcolm) Gazetteer [and History] of the District of 
Rangoon, Pegu Province, 8vo, pp. iv-124. Rangoon, 1868 -s 

7747 Mackay (W.) Narrative of the Shipwreck of the " Juno" on the 
Coast of Aracan, and Preservation of 14 of her Company without 
Food 23 Days, Svo, half-c alf. 1798 — 

83, High Sti-eet, MaryUbone, London, W. 

278 Francis Edvjards^s Catalogue 

7748 Mackenzie (Kenneth) Burmahand the Burmese (no title-page), 
12tno, half-calf. 1852 2s 6d 

Geography, History, Government, Religion, Literature, War, 1824-26. 

7749 McLeod (Capt. W. 0.) and Richardson (Dr. D.) Journeys to 
the Shan Provinces of Burmah, 1830-37, pp. 147, map (Pari. Paper), 
folio, sewed. 1869 3s 6d 

7750 McMahon (Gen. A. R.) The Karens of the Golden Chersonese, 
map and tinted illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1876 6s 

Physical (Characteristics, Language, Education, Government, Origin, Religion, 
Mythology, Folk-lore, &c., of the Karens ; Physical Geography and History of 
Toungoo ; Progress of Christianity ; Trips in the Tsawkoo, Bwe-Karen, Gaykho, 
Meckyin, and Red Karen Country. 

7751 Far Cathay and Farther India, 8vo, cloth. 1892 6s 

Treating in a conversational manner on Burma and its past, its religion and 
history, governments, ethnology, manners, customs, &c. 

7752 Malcom (Rev. Howard) Travels in Burma, Malaya, Siam," 
Ilindostan and China, with full Account of the Burman Empire, 
maps and illustrations, 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1839 5s 6d 

Mr. Malcom was delegated to visit the American missionary stations in " Farther 
India." The whole of the first volume is devoted to his travels in the Burman 
Empire— Rangoon, Maulmain, Mergui, Ava, Chittagong, Aracan, &:c.— notes on the 
features of the country, the people, government, literature, Buddhism; Vol. XL 
contains a chapter on the Missionary Field around Burma. 

Maps. See Bukma, Pegu, Upper Burma. 

7753 Marshall (W. H.) Four Years in Burmah, 1854-57, 2 vols, 
12mo, cloth. 1860 9s 

7754 Mason (Rev. Francis, D.D.) Burmah ; its People and Natural 
Productions, or Notes on the Nations, Fauna, Flora, and Minerals 
of Tenasserim, Pegu, and Burmah, with Systematic Catalogues of 
Animals, Plants, and Minerals [second edition], thick 8vo, cloth. 
Rangoon^ 1860 78 6d 

Face of the Country ; History and Ethnology — Talaing, Burman, Karen, Shan ; 
Demonology and Buddhism; Glossology — Comparative Philology; Mammalia, 
Ornithology, Ichthyology, Herpetology, Entomology, Conchology, Botany, Miner- 
alogy, witn catalogues and indexes in English and Burmese. 

7755 Burma, its People and Productions : Notes on the Fauna, 

Flora, and Minerals of Tenasserim, Pegu, and Burma ; new edition, 
enlarged by W. Theobald, 2 vols. roy. 8vo, cloth. 1884 £1 lis 6d 

7755a Vol. I. Geologv, Mineralogy, and Zoology £1 is 

775oB Vol. II. Botany £1 is 

775oC Religion, Mythology, and A>tronomv among the Karens, with Vocabu- 
lary— Bengal Asiatic Soc, 1865, pp. l'73-188; 195-250, cloth 5s 6d 

7755D Phvsical Character of the Karens - Bengal Asiatic Soc, 1866, pp. 1-30, 

cloth ■ 2s 6d 

7756 Mason (Mrs. E. H. H.) The Civilizing of Mountain Men ; or, 
Mission Work among the Karens, 12mo, cloth. 1862 3s 6d 

Methold (Wm.j Relations of the Kingdom of Golconda Arrecan, 

Pegu, Tennassery, &c., and the English Trade there (1619). See 
PuROHAs, His Pilgrimes (vol. v. pp. 993-1007). 

SS, High Street, Manrylebone, London, W. 

Burma 279 

7757 Moore (Lieut. Joseph) Eighteen Views taken at or near 
Rangoon, coloured after the original drawings, royal folio, Lalf 
morocco extra. 1825 £4 lOs 

The 18 views depict Port Cornwallis (Great Andamao) and the Fleet there 
collected; Landing of the Forces at Rangoon; Attacks upon the Stockades (5); 
the CouflagratioQ of l)alla (Rangoon River) ; the Great Dagon Pagoda, exterior, 
interior, and its approaches (8) ; the Lake and Eastern Road (2). 

7758 Another copy, with lithograph list of Subscribers, and 

six additional views by Stothard, David Cox, and G. Webstee, 
from drawings by Capt. Marry at and Capt. Thornton, in all 24 
beautiful coloured pictures, roy. fol., half-morocco. 1825-26 £5 15s 

The six additional views are : — 

19 Storming of the Fort of Syriam. 

20 Attack ott the Dalla Stockade. 

21 Attempt of the Birmans to retake the Dalla Stockade. 

22 One of the Captured Birman Gilt War Boats. 

23 Transports attacking the Stockades at entrance of the Bassein R'ver. 

24 Combined Forces passing the Fortress of Donahue. 

7759 Another copy, containing the twenty-four views (enumerated 

above), a plan of Rangoon, the river and stockades, and notes 
descriptive of all the views, oblong royal folio, half-morocco extra 
{choice copy) £6 10s 

7760 Nisbet (Dr. John) Burma under British Rule, maps aiid 
illustrations, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, 1902 18s 

''To the Burmese themselves, their religion, social iuetitutionp, industries, 
idealsj aud ideas, approximately half the book is devoted. Mr. Nisbet adds t»uu- 

pathetic insight to long experieoC'? The chapters on agriculture are of the 

greatest interest The chief staple is rice. Cotton is also grown. Jade and 

precious stones figure in the lift of Burma's resources. On all these, and the 
resultant trade. Mr. Ninbei's book is a mine of information."— ^^/lewcewm. 

7761 O' Riley (E.) Journal of a Tour in Karennee, 1856, &c. (Ind. 
Govt. Records, No. 24), royal 8vo, cloth 4s 
Mission, 1864. See Salweeu Expedition, below. 

7762 Parish (Rev. C.) Notes of a Trip up the Salween, with 3 platts 
—Bengal Asiatic See., 1865, pp. 135-146, cloth 3s 6d 

7763 Parker (E. H.) Burma's Supposed " Tribute " to China— Asiatic 
Quarterly, July, 1898, pp. 152-173 2s 6d 

7764 Paske (Dep. Sur.-Gen. C. T.) Myamma ; a Retrospect of Life 
and Travel in Lower Burmah, edited by F. G. Aflalo, 12mo, cloth. 
1893 3s 6d 

With chapters on Mergui and the Mergui Archipelago. 

Peaoh (Capt. E.) The Burmese War of 1885— Ency. Britannioa, 
Vol. XXVI. 

7765 Pegu, Survey Reports of Central and Northern (Ind. Govt. 
Reports, Nos. 15 and 20), roy. 8vo, cl. Calcutta, 1856 each 2s 6d 

7766 Map of Province, 45 in. by 39 in., coloured, mounted, and 

folded, second edition, small 4to, cloth. Calcutta, 1857 3s 6d 
Pinto (Mendez) Adventures on the Coast of Pegu, Martaban, &c. 
1555-56 (?). See pp. 17 and China. 

BS, High Street, Ma/rylebone, London, W. 

280 Fra/ncis Edwards^ s Gatahgue 

7767 Phayre (Sir Arthur) History of Burma, Pegu, Taungu, Tenas- 
serim, and Arakan (Triibner's Oriental Series), 8vo, el. 1883 18s 

7768 Memorandum on the Sparseness of Population in B. 

Burmah, 8vo, pp. 43. Rangoon, 1862 3s 

7769 Administration of British Burma, 1862-63, 4to, half- 
morocco. Rangoon, 1863 4s 6d 

7770 Report for 1863^64, royal 8vo. Calcutta, 1864 2s 6d 

7771 Report for 1864-65, royal 8vo. Calcutta, 1865 2s 6d 

7772 Report for 1865-66, royal 8vo. Calcutta, 1866 2s 6d 

7773 Coins of Arakan, of Pegu, and of Burmah, vnth 5 plates 

(Intern. Numismata Orientalia), roy. 4to, pp. 56, half-bd. 1882 7s 6d 

7774 Mission to the King of Burmah, 1855. See Yule, p. 283. 

7775 Pollok (Col. F. S.) and Thorn (W. S.) Wild Sports in Burma 
and Assam, 3 maps and 60 photo-illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1900 6s 

Lower Burma and its People, Small Game, Big Game, Carnivora, bv Col. Pollok ; 
Upper Burma and its People, Mandalay, Ruby Mines, Elephants, Wild Cattle, &;c., 
by W. S. Thorn. General Sport and Pig Sticking in Assam, by Col. Pollok, Coss)'^ah 
and Jynteah Hills. 

7776 Prendergast (Gen. Sir H. N. D.) Burman Dacoity and 
Patriotism ; Burmese Politics ; also the Chins and the Kachins, by 
Taw Sein Ko— Asiatic Quarterly, April, 1893, pp. 271-292 2s 6d 

7777 Reid (A. S.) Chin-Lushai Land : a description of the various 
Expeditions into the Hills, and the final Annexation of the Country, 
maps and illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1893 5s 6d 

With ethnographical information regarding the Chin Race. 

7778 Rundall (Major F. M.) The Siyin Chins, map, royal 8vo, cloth 
(R. G. S.). 1886 4s 

7779 Salween Surveying Expeditions : Journals of Capt. C. E. 
Watson and Lieut. G. C. Sconce, 1863-64; O'Riley's Mission to 
Karennee, 1863-64 (Ind. Govt. Records, Nos. 48 and 49), 2 vols. 
maps, royal 8vo, sewed. Calcutta, 1865 6s 

7781 Sangermano (Rev. Father) A Description of the Burmese 
Empire, compiled chiefly from Native Documents, translated from 
his MS. by Wm. Tandy, D.D., with Preface by Cardinal Wiseman 
(Oriental Translation Fund), 4to, calf. Rome, 1833 15s 

7783 The Burmese Empire a Hundred Years Ago, edited with 

Notes and Introduction by the Hon. Mr. Justice "Jardine, map, 
8vo, cloth. 1893 6s 

"The best work on the condition of the Burmese Empire under the dynasty of 
Alompra. Father Sangermano arrived in Burroa in 1783 and returned to Italy in 
1808. The increase of our knowledge since his time does not detract from the value 

of his work or lessen its charm We feel his contact with the people ; we learn 

how their religion influenced their life. His account of Buddhism and translation 
of the Buddhist canon was made with the assistance of native scholars, and he went 
direct to the Burmese annals for his history." 

83, High Street, Mcvrylebone, London, W. 

Bv/rma 261 

7784 [Scott (Sir James George)] The Burman, his Life and Notions, 
by '♦ Shway Yoe," 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1882 12s 

7785 Another edition, 1 vol. 8vo, cloth. 1896 8s. 

Contents : First Years, School Days, Buddhist Baptism, Life in the Monastery, 
Tattooing, Ear- Boring, Marriage, Domestic Life, the House, the Earth and its 
Beginning, the Ladder of Existence, Schismatics, Pagodas, Images, Bells, Feasts, 
Spirit Worship, Silk Growing, Plays, Dancing, Music and Songs, a Boat Race, Chess, 
Games, Lucky and Unlucky Days, Laws and Etiquette, Wizards, Doctors, and Wise 
Men, Slaves and Outcasts, the White Elephant, King Theebaw, the Palace, Ministers 
of State, the Army, Justice, Revenue, Land Tenure, Language, Literature, Eras, 
Time, &c. 

" Perhaps the best and most complete account of the Burmese people that has 
yet appeared." — Winston, p. vii. 

7786 The Wild Wa— a Head-Hunting Race (Shans)— Asiatic 

Q. Rev., Jan., 1896, pp. 138-152 2s 6d 

Burma, Physical Features, Population, Government, Shan 

States, Commerce, Statistics — Ency. Bbitannica, Vol. XXVI. 

7787 Sladen (Major E. B.) Expedition from Burma to S.W. China, 
1868— J. R. Geog. Soc, 1871, Vol. XLI. pp. 257-281 and mav, 
cloth 4s 6d 

See also Anderson, pp. 272 and 284. 

7788 Smeaton (D. Mackenzie) The Loyal Karens of Burma, 12mo, 
cloth. 1887 3s 6d 

Treats of their origin, language, physical characteristics, customs, folklore, 
traditions, fireside stories, and Chrietianization. 

7789 Snodgrass (Major J. J.) Narrative of Operations of the 
Barmese War, from the landing at Rangoon in 1824 to the Treaty 
of Peace in 1826, map, 8vo, half-calf. 1827 3s 6d 

7790 Another copy, calf 4s 6d 

7791 Sutherland (Wm.) South Tenasserim and the Mergui Archi- 
pelago, 7 iii'^strations— Scottish Geog. Mag., Sept., 1898, pp. 449- 
464 2s 

7792 Symes ([Col.] Michael) Account of an Embassy to the Kingdom 
of Ava in 1795, map, plan, and 26 plates, 4to, half-calf. 1800 12s 

7793 Large-paper edition, royal 4to, morocco extra, gilt edges £\ 

7794 Embassy to Ava, second edition, 3 vols. 8vo, Atlas of 2S plates, 

4to, calf. 1800 l^s 6d 

The narrative of the Mission is preceded bv an Historical Memoir of the Ava 

Empire, and supplemented by Descriptions of Plants collected by Dr. Buchauan- 

Hamilton. The object of the Mission was to establish friendly relations with the 

Emperor, but it ended in failure. 

7795 The Birman Empire: Symes' Embassy to Ava, and Bell 

(H. G.) Narrative bringing the History down to the Birmese War, 
2 vols. 18mo (Constable), half-calf. 1827 3s 6d 

7796 Tavoy and Mergui, Remarks on (cutting from the Rangoon 
Times, Sept. 15, 1871), 14 pp. ^ ff 

83, High Street, Ma/ryUhon^, London, W. 

282 Francis Edwards^s Catalogue 

7797 Theobald (Wm.) Notes on Stone Implements of Burma (Proc. 
Asiatic See, July, 1869), pp. 6 and 2 plates 2s 

•7798 Geology of Pegu, plates (Geol. Survey India, Yol. X. pt. 2). 

CalcuttUj 1873 4s 

7799 [Trant (Capt. Thomas Abercrombie)] Two Years in Ava, 1824- 
1826, by an Officer on the Staff of the Q.-M. General, 3 maps, 8vo, 
boards. 1827 5s 

7801 Tripe (Capt. L., Madras Army) Burmese Photographs : a Series 
of 120 large views taken during Sir A. Phayre's Mission to Ava, 
in 1855, each mounted on cardboard, with short description, the 
whole in 1 large portfolio (scarce) £2 2s 

One plate (No. 119) missing. 

This collection of photographic views in Ava, Amei-apoora, Kangoon, Prome, 
Thavet-Myo. Mengoon. Tsagain-Myo, Tantabeng, and Pugahm-Myo, consists chiefly 
of the grander examples of Burmese architecture— brick, stone, stucco, wood, in- 
cluding beautiful carved work from Pagodas, Temples, Palaces, Monasteries, Colossal 
Buddhas, <fec., dating from tt^e eleventh century : some examples are reproduced 
in Yule's 'Ava.' There ara also street views and forest scenes. 

7802 Upper Burmah Eeconnoissance Map, Sheets 15 N.E., 15 S.E. 
23 N.W., 23 S.W., 1 N.E., 1 S.E., 4 N.W., 4 S.W. (Case I.); 
2 N.E., 2 S.E., 3 N.E., 5 N.W., 5 S.W., and 6 N.W. (Case II.), 
mounted and folded, two cases, roy. 4to, cl. Calcutta, 1886 14s 

7803 Distribution Map of Upper Burma, 25 in. by • 54 in., 

coloured, mounted, and folded, roy. 8vo. 1886 3s 6d 

7804 Map of Upper Burmah, 24 in. by 38 in., coloured, mounted, 

and folded, in royal 8vo, cloth. 1889 3s 6d 

Varthema (Ludovico) Account of the People, Justice, Curious 
Customs, Wild Animals, &c., of Tenasserim and of Pegu (1505?). 
See Vahthema, Travels, p. 23. 

7805 Vincent (Frank) The Land of the White Elephant : Sights and 
Scenes in South Eastern Asia — Burma, Siam, Cambodia, and 
Cochin-China, map and illustrations, 8xo, cloth. 1873 9s 

Contains narrati\e of a visit to Rangoon, and journey up the Irrawaddy to 
Mandalay in 1871, with A« count of Burmese manners and customs, an audience of 
the King of Ava, visit to Bhamo, chapter on the " White " Elephant, &c. 

7807 Williams (Clement) Through Burmah to Western China in 
1863, 12mo, half-calf. 1868 6s 

Notes of a Journey to establish ^trade route between the Irrawaddy and the 

7808 Wilson (Prof. H. H.) Documents Illustrative of the Burmese 
War, 1824-26, with Introductory Sketch of the Incidents of the 
War, Appendix of Topographical and Statistical Notes, large map 
by Major J. N. Jackson, and plate of Rangoon by Lieut. Trant, 4to, 
calf extra. Calcutta, 1827 18s 

A series of official documents on Burma, Assam, Ava, and Siam, illustrative of 
the origin, course, and termination of hostilities, with authentic information 
respecting the countries between India and China, of which at the time little was 

7809 Narrative of the Burmese War, 1824-26, reprinted from 

preceding work, map,12mo, cloth. 1852 4s 

83, High /Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

Burma 283 

7810 Winston (W. R.) Four Years in Upper Burma, 1887-90, map 
and 29 illustrations, 12aio, cloth. 1892 3s 6d 

Mr. Winston, with other ministers, laid the foundation of a Wesleyan Mission 
in Burma. His book is full of information, very interesting, and illustrated through- 
out from photographs. 

7812 Winter (Christopher T.) Six Months in British Burmah ; or, 
India beyond the Ganges in 1857, 12mo, cloth. 1858 5s 

7813 Woodthorpe (Col. R. G.) The Lushai Expedition, 1871-72 
(N.E. Frontier of India), 8vo, cloth. 1873 5s 

7814 Expedition from Upper Assam to the Irawadi and Return 

over the Patkoi Range, by McGregor, map. P. R. G. S. (N.S.), 
1887 Is 6d 

7815 Yule ([General Sir] H.) Narrative of the Mission to Ava in 
1855, including notices of the Country, Government, and People, 
with 24 plates (12 coloured), 50 woodcuts, and 4 maps, imp. 8vo, gilt 
sides and edges. 1858 £1 15s 

7816 Another copy, half -morocco extra. 1858 . £2 5s 

In addition to the Journal of the Mission (under Sir Arthur Phayre) the author 
has special chapters (1) on the Remains of the Great Temples at Fagdn, illustrated 
with views, elevations, sections, and architectural details, to which James Fergusson 
has added a note on the Affinities of the Indian and Burmese Styles ; (2) Notes on 
the Intercourse of Europeans with the Burmese up to 1826; (3) the Tributary Shan 
States ; (4) Notes on the Geological Features of the Banks of the Irawadi and 
Country North of the Capital (An)arapoora), loith coloured plan and other illustra- 
tions by T.Oldham ; (5) Sources of the Irawadi ; (6) Specimen of a Burmese Drama, 
translated by Sir A. Phayre : (7) On the Languages Spoken in Burma and adjacent 
Countries, with List of nearly 200 English words and their equivalents. Some of 
the views are from photographs by Capt. Tripe. See above. 

"The grand merit of the work is [the author's] own ; he wrote the graphic and 
informing narrative ; he executed the principal drawings of palaces, temples, 

§ roups, landscapes, and city vistas, bringing to the accomplishment of his task a 
egree of learniDg, of critical sagacity, and descriptive power, seldom united, even 
in the most distinguished of trayellera^—Athenceum. 

7817 Yule ([Gen.]) Geography of Burma, Pegu, and Tributary Shan 
States— Jour. R. Geog. Soc, 1857, Vol. XXVII. pp. 54-108 and 
map, cloth ' Ss 

83t High Street, Marylebone, London^ W. 

284 Francis Edwards's Catalogvs 


Birds, Mam7)ials, Fishes, Reptiles, Insects, Mollusks, &c, 
*;^* See also references under Sporting and Wild Game, p. 233. 

7820 Adams (Dr. Leith) Wanderings of a Naturalist in India, the 
Western Himalayas, and Cashmere, 12mo, cloth. Edinburgh^ 1867 6s 

Includes observations on birds and mammals, the scenery, botany, and geology 
during the years 1849 to 1855. 

AiTKEN C'E. H. A.") A Naturalist on the Prowl ; Insects on My 
Frontier, &c. See p. 69. 

7821 Alcock (A.) A Naturalist in Indian Seas ; or, Four Years with 
the Royal Indian Marine Survey Ship "Investigator," nearly 100 
plates, 8vo, cloth. 1902 18s 

Narrative of surveys and zoological gleanings in the Bay of Bengal, in the 
Laccadive Sea. and visits to Minicoy, the Andaman s, the Orissa and Martaban 
Coasts, &c., with chapters on the Deep Sea Fauna of the Indian Region. 

7822 Anderson (John, M.D.) Zoological Results of Two Expeditions 
(through Burmah) to Western Yunnan in 1868 and 1875, 2 vols, 
imp. 4to; Vol. I. Text; Vol. II. M plates (of which 49 are coloured)^ 
with descriptions. 1878 £1 15s 

The work is more comprehensive than the title suggests. The student will find 
in it descriptions of certain Asiatic Genera as a whole — Mammalia, Birds, Reptiles, 
Amphibia, Mollusca, Insects, and Crustacea— and a special monograph of the two 
Cetacean Genera, Platonista and Orcella. The author acknowledges the assistance in 
special sections of Dr. Giinther, Dr. Murie, Dr. Dobson, Mr. Francis Day, Dr. Bowdler 
Nharpe, Mr. W. T. Blanford, Mr. Frederick Moore, Mr. W. S. Atkinson. Mr. Francis 
Walker, and Mr. J. Wood-Mason. The introduction contains a narrative of both 
expeditions. For other narratives see Anderson, p. 272 ; Sladen, p. 281. 

7824 Atkinson (E. T.) Notes on the Zoology of the N.V^. Provinces 
and Himalaya Districts, royal 8vo, cloth. [1882] 9s 

7825 Baker (Sir Samuel) Wild Beasts and their Ways: Reminiscences 
of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America (1845-88), with 29 engravings 
by Harry Dickson, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1890 18s 

Another copy, 2 vols. 8vo, half -morocco extra ^1 6s 

The Elephant, Tiger, Leopard, Lion, Bear, Hippopofamus, Crocodile, Buffalo. 
Rhinoceros, Boar, Hyasna, Giraffe, Antelope, Deer, Wapiti, &c., are all described as 
found in their respective haunts. 

7826 Balfour (Surgeon-Gen.) Birds of Eastern and Southern Asia 
(from Cyclo. of India, &c.), pp. 92 and table, royal 8vo, cloth 2s 

Birds, Crustacea, Fishes, Insects, Mammalia (with detailed 

indexes), &c. See Cyclo. of India, 3 vols. 

8S^ High Street^ Marylebone, London, W. 

Zoology of India, dec. 285 

7827 Barnes (Lieut. H. E.) Handbook to the Birds of the Bombay 
Presidency, royal Svo, cloth. Calcutta, 1885 6s 

7828 Beavan (Capt. R.) Handbook of the Freshwater Fishes of India, 
with 12 plates, Svo, cloth. 1877 6s 

A ver)^ useful handbook, treating of Ichthyology in general, and that of Indian 
Fresh Waters in particular ; with remarks on Classification and Distribution, Prin- 
cipal Families, Species and Genera of Indian Fresh Waters, their Habits, Breeding, &c. 

7830 Blanford (W. T.) Zoology and Geology of Eastern Persia, 
including adjacent Countries, vntli Zoological map, and 28 plates 
(18 of mammals and birds coloured) ; also, the Physical Geography 
by Major Oliver B. St. John, Narrative of Journey in Baluchistan 
by Major Beresford Lovetfc, Missions by Major Euan Smith, 1870-72, 
with Introduction by Sir Frederic Goldsmid, maps, 2 vols. 8vo, 
cloth. .1876 12s 

The first attempt to give anything like a complete account i.f the animals 
occupying the districts mentioned. The materials upon which the work is founded 
were collected by Major St. John and Mr. Blanford in the years 1869-72. Many of 
the forms are characteristic of the fauna of India, Central and Western Asia. 

Blanford (W. T.) Editor. The Fauna of British India, Ceylon, 
and Burmah (uniform series), published under the authority of the 
Secretary of State, 15 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1888-1902 

7831 Mammalia, with 199 woodcuts, by W. T. Blanford £1 

7832 Fishes', by Francis Day, with 341 woodcuts, 2 vols. £2 

7833 Birds, 4 vols. Vols. I. and II., by E. W. Gates, tvith 270 woodcuts £1 15s 

Vols. III. and IV., by W. T. Blanford, with 229 tooodcuts £1 IDs 

7834 Reptilia and Batrachia, by G. A. Boulenger, with 142 woodcuts, 1 vol. £1 

7835 Moths, by Sir G. F. Hampson, with 171 woodcuts, 4 vols. £4 

7836 Hymenoptera. Vol. I. Wasps and Bees, by Lieut.-Col. Bingham, with 189 

xooodcuts and 4 coloured plates £1 

7837 Arachnida, by B. I. Pocock, with 89 ivoodciUs lOs 

7838 Rhynchota, Vol. I. Heteroptera, by W. L. Distant £1 

7839 Butler (Capt. E. A.) Catalogue of the Birds of Sind, Cutch, 
Kdthidwdr, North Gujarat, and Mt. Aboo (contributed to the 
'Bombay Gazetteer'), royal 8vo, pp. 84. 1879 3s 

7840 Calcutta Journal of Natural History, and Miscellany of the 
Arts and Sciences in India, Vols. I. to VIII., with Index (all 
published), 8 vols. 8vo, half-calf. 1841-48 {scarce) £6 

Kdlted by John McClelland and W. Griffith. 

Contains valuable papers on Geology, Palteoi.tology, Botany, and Zoology of 
India. Ceylon, Assam, Malaya. Tibet, &c., bv B. H. Hodgson, Capt. T. Hutton, E. 
Baird Smith, Capt. A. Jack, J. W. Masters, W. S. Macleay, Win. Jameson, Dr. Eox- 
burgh. F. J. Mouat, G. Gardner, Dr. von Martins (translated by John Macpherson>, 
the Editors, and others. 

7841 Corse (John) Observations on the Habits and Natural History 
of Asiatic Elephants, with 8 plates, 4to, calf. 1799 6s 

Two Papers from the Philosophical Transactions. 

83, High Street, Ma/ryhbone, London, W, 

286 Francis Edwwrd^B Catalogue 

7842 Day (F.) The Fishes of India, being a Natural History of the 
Fishes known to Inhabit the Seas and Fresh Waters of India, 
Burma, and Ceylon (with Supplement), 198 plates, fi{?iiting many 
hundred specimens, 2 vols. imp. 4to, half-morocco. 1878 88 

(pub. £12 12s) £4 4s 

7843 Catalogue of Indian Fresh Water Fishes .(Madras Jour. Sci.), 8vo, pp. 73. 

1868 "^28 6d 
With letter from the Author. 

78U Eeport on the Fisheries. of the Punjab, folio, pp. 18. [187-] 28 

7845 Report on Fresh Watt r Fish and Fisheries of India, royal 8vo, sewed. Simla, 

1871 2s 6d 

7846 Report on the Fresh Water Fish and Fisheries of India and Burma, royal 8vo. 

sewed. Calcutta, 1873 3s 

7847 Report on the Sea Fish of India and Burma, royal 8vo. 1873 3s 

7848 Amphibious and Migratory Fishes of Asia ; Indian Fresh Water Fishes : 

Siluridae (Linn. Soc. Jour. Zool., xiii. pp. 197-215, 337-353). 1877 2s 6d 

7849 Monographs on Indian Fishes : Seven Papers from Bengal Asiatic Jouknal, 

1871-72 oach Is 

7851 Distant (W. L.) Rhopalocei-a Malayana : Description of the 
Butterflies of the Malay Peninsula, with 46 heautifulhj coloured 
plates and numerous luoodcuts, 4 to, half-morocco. 1882-86 Jtjo Ss 

7852 Donovan (E.) Epitome of the Natural History of the Insects of 
China, containing 50 engraved plates beautifully coloured from 
specimens, representing npivnrds of 100 species, with dej^criptions, 
4to, morocco. 1798 £*3 3s 

7853 Natural History of the Insects of India and the Islands of 

the Indian Seas, containing 57 plates, heautifulhj colonved, repre- 
senting upwards of 250 species, with plants on which they tetd, 4to, 
morocco. 1800 £2 15s 

Wanting one plate. 

7854 Insects of New Holland, New Zealand, Islands of the 

Indian, Southern, and Pacific Oceans, with 39 plates, heaviifulUj 
coloured, 4to, half-morocco, gilt top. 1805 £5 15s 

Three plates and half a pnge of text wanting. 

7855 Drury's Illustrations of Exotic Entomology, with 150 beautifully 
coloured plates, exhibiting 650 specimens of Foreign Insects, with 
descriptions, new edition by J. O. Westwood, 3 vols, 4to, halt- 
morocco. 1837 (pub. £15 15s) £3 

7856 Elliot (D. G.) Monograph of the Paradiseid^, or Birds of 
Paradise, withSl beautifully col. plates, imp. folio, hf.-mor. 1873 £10 

7858 Fayrer (Sir Joseph) The Royal Tiger of Bengal, his Life and 

Death, map and illustrations, 12mo, cloth , 2s 

A sketch of the natural history and habits of the largest and most powerful of 
the cat tribe. 

7859 The Thanatophidia of India : a Description of the Venomous 

Snakes of the Indian Peninsula, with Account of the Influence of 
their Poison on Life, and a Series of Experiments, luith 31 jjlates 
(some coloured), folio, cloth. 1872 £5 15s 

7860 ■ Second edition, with 31 plates (some coloured) emd Additional 

Experiments, folio, leather. 1874 £S 5s 

83, High Street, Ma/rylehone, London, W. 

Zoology of India^ <kc. 287 

7861 Gould (John) The Birds of Asia, a series o/530 beautifully coloured 
plates, with descriptive letterpress, and Introduction by Dr. 
Bowdler Sliarpe, by whom the concluding articles were completed 
alter the death of the Author, 7 vols. imp. folio, half-morocco extra. 
1850-1883 (now out of print and scarce) (pub. £120) £70 

The auth()r did not live to compl te this work in its entirety, or as originally 
intended, but lie included specimens of the majority of the species of the continent, 
and a very large number of Si)ecimens of the birds of the Philippines, Sumatra, 
Java, Borneo, and other islands of the Malayan Archipelago. 

7862 Asiatic Birds : Fifty-four Specimens, selected from the 

Birds of Asia, heautiftdly coloured hij hand, with descriptive text, 
imp. folio, half-morocco. 1890 £8 

Asiatic ornithology is a vast subject, of which Mr. Gould did his best to cover 
the whole ground in' his 'Birds of Asia': the present selection gives specimens 
typical of the whole. Only a limited edition was printed. 

7863 A Century of Birds from the Himalayan Mountains ; 

80 large plates, exhibiting 100 figures, beautifully coloured, imp. 
folio, half-morocco. 1832 £10 

7865 Gray (J. E.) Illustrations of Indian Zoology, from Major-Gen. 
Hard wicke's Collection ; 160 coloured plates, 2 vols. imp. folio, half- 
morocco. 1830-32 {fine copy) £10 

7866 Gunther (Dr. Albert) The Reptiles of British India, with 26 
plates and indexes, imp. 4to, boards. 1864 26s 

7867 Hanley (S.) and Theobald (W.) Conchologia Indica, Coloured 
Plates of the Land and Fresh- Water Shells of British India, royal 
4to, cloth. 1876 (pub. £8 5s) £5 58 

7868 Hodgson (Brian Houghton) Life of, by Sir W. W. Hunter, 
with portrait and illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1896 5s 

During his long residence at the Court of Nepal Mr. Hodgson made extensive 
collections of natural specimens and wrote numerous papers to 'Transactions. 
Mr. Allan Hume has contributed a memoir on Hodgson's work as a naturalist to the 
' Life.' and a list of his zoological writings is added in the Appendix. Hodgson s 
donations to the British Museum alone numbered over 10,000 specimens of birds, 
uMimmals, reptiles, &c., while his drawings covered nearly 2,000 sheets. 

Hooker (Sir Joseph) Journal of a Naturalist (1848-50) in Bengal, 
Sikkim, Nepal, &c. See his Himalayan Journals, 1854, India, p. 157 ; 
Botany, &c., p. 299. 

7870 Horsfield (Thomas) and Moore (Fred.) Catalogue of the Birds 
in the Museum of the E.I. Company, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1854-58 8s 

7871 Hume (Allan) My Scrapbook ; or. Rough Notes on Indian Oology 
and Ornithology, Part I. Raptores, No. 1, 8vo. Calcutta, 1869 Ss 

7872 Stray Feathers : a Journal of Ornithology for India and rts 

Dependencies, 12 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1873-99 ^^ l"s 

A valuable work, established for the Publication of new sped^^^^^ were 

discovered on the continent of India, Ce ylon, and the Indian Archipelago. 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

288 Francis Edward^s Catalogue 

7873 Hume and Marshall (Capt. C. H. T.) The Game Birds of India, 
Biirmah, and Ceylon, with numerous chromo-lithograpMc plates, 
3 vols, royal Svo. Calcutta, 1879-81 (scarce) £7 

7874 Nests and Eggs of Indian Birds, edited by E. W. Gates, 

ivitJi 12 portraits of Indian Ornithologists, 3 vols. 8vo, cloth. 
1889-90 £2 2s 

7875 Hutton (Capt. T.) Nidification of Indian Birds. — Jour. Asiatic 
See, July, 1848, pp. 3-12 Is 6d 
Jacquemont, Zoology, &c., of India. See p. 165. 

7876 Jerdon (Surgeon-Major T. C.) The Birds of India: a Manual of 
Ornithology, 3 vols, royal 8vo, cloth. Oaictttta, 1862-64 £2 10s 

7877 The Mammals of India, royal Svo, cloth. Lotidon, 1874 6s 

7878 Catalogue of Reptiles inhabiting India ; also Blyth (Edw.) 

Notices of Various Reptiles (excerpt), 8vo, 48 pp. 2s 

7879 Kinloch (Brig. -Gen.) Large Game Shooting in Thibet, the 
Himalayas, Northern and Central India, luith, map and 36 photo- 
gravures, 4to, cloth. 1885 £1 5s 

The animals described are the tiger, panther, lynx, wolf, wild dog, bear, rhino- 
ceros, kiang, wild boar, gaur, yak, buffalo, nilgao, gazelle, antelope, deer, &c. 

7880 Legge (Capt. W. Y.) History of the Bii-ds of Ceylon, with 34 
coloured plates, 12 woodcuts, and map, fine copy, bound in 3 vols, 
royal 4to, morocco. 1878-80 £7 

This valuable work contains the description, distribution, habits, nidification, 
migration, &c., of 371 species, with remarks on the affinities of the Ceylon Avifauna. 

7881 Lydekker (Dr. R.) The Great and Small Game of India, Burma, 
and Tibet, contributions by Sportsmen, 9 coloured plates and other 
illustrations, 4to, cloth. 1900 £4 

7882 Mason (Rev. Francis) The Natural Productions of Burmah : 
Notes on the Fauna, Flora, and Minerals of the Tenasserim Provinces 
and Burmah, 12mo, half-calf. Maulmain, 1850 » 5s 

Geology, Mineralogy, Botany, Mammalia, Ornithology, and Ichthyology. For 
later editions see Burma, p. 278. 

7883 Marshall (G. F. L.) and Niceville (L. de) The Butterflies of 
India, Burmah, and Ceylon: Handbook of Rhopalocerous Lepi- 
doptera inhabiting that Region, with numerous plates (some coloured), 
to be completed in 5 vols. 

Vol. 1. 1886. 28s ; Vol. II. 1888, 28s ; Vol. HI. 1890, 30s. 

7884 Moore (Fred) Lepidoptera Indica, 480 coloured plates, Vols. I. 
to v., 4to, cloth 1890-1902 £46 5s 

7885 The Lepidoptera of Ceylon, with 215 coloured plates, 3 vols. 

4to, cloth. 1880-87 £21 12s 

7886 Monograph of the Genus Adolias, Diurnal Lepidoptera 

(Trans. Entom. Soc), 8vo, pp. 28 and 7 plates. 1857 2s 6d 

7887 Synopsis of the Species of Choeradodis ; also Lepidoj)terous Insects, col- 
lected in Cachar by J. Wood-Mason [coloured plateH) ; Molleudorff on Land 
Shells of Perak ; Becher (Dr.) New iSpecies of 8imulium from Assam; 
King (Dr.) New Species of Ficus from New Guinea {plate), and other 

Papers. 1881-86 5s 

83^ High Street^ Maryleboney LoTidon, W. 

Zoology of India, Ceylon, Bwrma, dec. 289 

7888 Murray (J. A.) The Avifauna of British India and its Depen- 
dencies : Descriptions of all known Species, ivith coloured plates, 
lithographsj and woodcuts, 2 vols, royal Svo, cloth. 1888-90 £2 2s 

7889 Avifauna of the Island of Ceylon, illustrated withplai7i and 

coloured plates and numer-ous woodcuts, Svo, cloth. 1890 £1 Is 

7890 Nevill (G.) Catalogue of Mollusca in the Indian Museum, 
Calcutta, Fasc. B., 8vo, pp. vi-42. 1877 Is 6d 

7891 Nicholson (Edw.) On Snakes found in India and Adjoining 
Countries, 8vo, pp. vi-119 and plates, cloth. Madras, 1870 3s 6d 

7892 Oates (Eugene) Handbook to the Birds of British Burmah, 
including those of Karennee, map, 2 vols. roy. 8vo, cl. 1883 15s 

With an interesting ' Introduction ' giving account of the work of Allan Hume, 
Capt. Wardlaw Ramsay, Mr. Blyth, Col. Tickell, and other predecessors in this field 
of Indo-Burmese research. The ornithologist will find in this Handbook the only 
connected and detailed account of the Birds of the region indicated, a region which 
compreheDds all the Indo-Chinese countries, the Malay Peninsula and Archipelago, 
the habitat of nearly 800 species, of which the Passerine birds form more than one- 
half, 401 species. The range, description, measurement, &c., of each species, and 
generally of the nest, are given. 

Nests and Eggs of Indian Birds, 1889-90. See Hume, p. 288 

7893 Rice (Major-Gen. Wm.) " Indian Game " from Quail to Tiger, 
with 12 plates, royal Svo, cloth. 1884 6s 6d 

Among the game described are partridge, grouse, bustard, white foxes, duck 
and wild geese, black buck deer, wild boar, spotted deer, cheetah, buffalo, panther, 
bear, elk, antelope, samber deer, bison, lion, and tiger. See also India, p. 220. 

7894 Rowley (G. D.) Ornithological Miscellany, with woodcuts, frontis- 
pieces, 3 portraits, 3 maps, 89 splendid coloured plates of birds and 
eggs by Keulenians, and 40 plates, including views {some coloured), 
facsimiles of early woodcuts of falconry, <fcc;, and a representation of 
the dodo, 3 vols. imp. 4to, cloth. 1876-8 £S 

This work, in addition to dealing with interesting isolated species, treats of the 
birds of Britain, New Zealand, New Gruinea, the Fiji Islands, and Mongolia. 

7895 Sanderson (G. P.) The Wild Beasts of India, their Haunts and 
Habits, Modes of Capturing and Training Elephants, &c., photo- 
illustrations and map, 8vo, cloth, 1896 . 8s 

Mr. Sanderson was in charge of the Government elephant-catching establish- 
ment in Mysore. Other animals described are the bison, tiger, panther, leopard, 
cheetah, and black bear. The work also contains a chapter on ' Dogs for Indian 
Hunting,' the whole being the results of thirteen years' observation and experience. 

7896 Sarasin (Paul and Fried.) Ergebnisse Naturwissenschaftlicher 
Forschungen auf Ceylon, "iVplates, 2 vols. 4to. Wiesbaden, 1887-93 

£5 5s 

Diadematiden ; Parasitische Schtjecken; Helix "Walton i ; Lin kia Multifora ; 
Echinothuriden ; Ceylonesischen Blindwiihle Ichthyodhis glutinosus. 

7897 Snakes, Destruction of Life by. Hydrophobia, &c., in Western 
India, by an Ex-Commissioner, 12mo, cloth. 1880 Is 6d 

7898 Report on Indian and Australian Snake- Poisoning, by 

a Commission, plates, royal 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1874 3s 6d 

On the efEects of artificial respiration, injections, administration of dnigs, &c. 
See Fayrer, Nicholson, Wall. 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

2^0 Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

7899 Sterndale (R. A.) Natural History of the Mammalia of India, 
witli 170 illustrations, imp. 16mo, cloth. 1887 9s 

7900 Denizens of the Jungle : Sketches of Wild Animals in their 

Natural Attitudes, 12 large tinted lithographSf with descriptions, 
oblong imp. 4to, cloth. 1886 16s 

The twelve plates represent Aboriginal Sportsmen, Bengal Tiger, Leopard and 
Monkeys, Black Bear, Tiger and Elephant, Wild Boar and Tiger, Bull and Wild 
Dogs, the Gaur (Indian Bison), BuflEalo and Khinoceros, Spotted Deer, the Sambar, 
and Marco Polo's Sheep. 

7901 Sykes (Lieut.-Col. "W. H.) Catalogue of the Mammalia and Birds 
observed in Dukhun (Zool. Soc), 8vo, cloth, pp. 13, 51. 1832 2s 6d 

7902 Tennent (Sir Emerson) Sketches of the Natural History of 
Ceylon, with Narratives and Anecdotes, numerous engravingSf 12mo, 
cloth. 1861 6s 

This volume is founded on the introductory chapters in the first volume of the 
author's 'Ceylon,' but considerably extended, and a special monograph of the 
Elephant is added. 

7903 The Wild Elephant, and the Method of Capturing it and 

Taming it in Ceylon, illustrated, 12mo, cloth. 1867 3s 

7904 The Wild Elephant, with Author's autograph inscription 4s 

This work is reprinted from the ' Sketches of Natural History,' 

7905 Theobald (W.) Land and Freshwater Shells from the Shan 
States— Bengal Asiatic Soc, 1865, pp. 273-279 and plate Is 6d 
Thornhill (Mark) Haunts, &c., of an Indian Official. See p. 243. 

7906 Thurston (Edgar) Marine Fauna of Rdmeswaram, 8vo, pp. 41 
and plates. {Madras Museum) 1887 2s 

7907 Catalogue of the Frogs, Toads, and Coecilians of Southern 

India, ilhUi 13 plates, royal 8vo, boards. Madras, 1888 2s 6d 

7908 Wall (Dr. A. J.) Indian Snake Poisons, their Nature and Effect, 
12mo, cloth. 1883 3s 6d 

7909 Williamson (Capt. Thomas) Oriental Field Sports, 40 drawings 
by Samuel Howett, engraved and tinted, with Descriptions, Original 
and Authentic Anecdotes, 2 vols. 4to, calf. {Orme) 1808 £3 12s 6d 

This work illustrating the Wild Sports of the Eas', exhibits the natural history 
of the elephant, rhinoceros, tiger, leopard, boar, deer, buffalo, wolf, wild-hog, 
^ackall, wild-dog, civet, feathered game, fishes, and serpents. See also p. 255. 

Wilson (James) Zoology of India. See Mukray. India, above, p. 199. 

7910 Yarkand Mission, Lahore to Yarkand : Incidents of the Route 
and Natural History of the Countries traversed by the Expedition 
of 1870, under [Sir] Douglas Forsyth, by George Henderson and 
Allan Hume, ^vith 32 coloured plates of birds, 6 of plants, 26 plioto- 
views, map, and geological sectio7is, roy. 8vo, cloth. 1873 £1 12s 

7911 Scientific Results of the Second Yarkand Mission, based on 

*he Collections and Notes of F. Stoliczka; Aves, by Bowdler 
Sharpe, 24 coloured plates, imperial 4to, cloth. 1891 £1 

7912 Mammalia, by W. T. Blanford, tvith 16 coloured plates, 

imperial 4to, sewed. Calcutta, 1879 14s 

See also Chines k Tartary— Bellew, Forsyth, and Trotter. 

83y High Street j Marylehone, Lotidon, W. 

Climate, (^c, of India, Ceylon, Burma, dho. 291 


Meteorology, Disease and Medicine, 

7913 Bellew (Surg.-Gen. H. W.) History of Cholera in India, 1862-81, 8vo, cloth 

1887 5g 

7914 Bidie (G.) Annual Eeturns of the Civil Hospitals and Dispensaries, Madras 

Presidenc)', folio, boards. 1888 28 6d 

7915 Bird wood (Dr.) Recent Epidemics of Plague in Bombay, with illustrations and 

c?za</rams— Manchester Geog. Jour., 1891, pp. 1.30-175 3s 6d 

7916 Blanford (Henry F.) The Rainfall of India, complete, 4 parts, royal 4to, sewed 

(Indian Meteorological Memoirs, Vol. III.). Calcutta, 1886-88 lOs 

7918 Practical Guide to the Climates and Weather of India, Ceylon, and 

Burmah, and the Storms of Indian Seas, 8vo, cloth. 1889 Ss 6d 

7919 Buist (Dr. Geo.) Catalogue of Remarkable Hailstorms which have Occurred in 

India, 1822-50 (Bombay Geog. Soc, Vol. IX.), 8vo, pp. 46 2s 6d 

7920 Bryden (J. L.) and Stephen (Arthur) Sickness and Mortality in the European 

Army, Bengal Presidency, 1870-79, folio, sewed. Simla, 1882 4s 

7921 Carter (Prof. H. V.) A Form of Fungus Disease affecting the Foot, &c.— Bom- 

bay Med. and Phys. Soc. Trans., March, 1860, 8vo, pp. 40 and 2 plates 2s 

7922 Dallas (W. L.) Memoir on the Winds and Monsoons of the Arabian Sea and 

N. Indian Ocean, with diagrams, royal 4to, sewed. Calcutta, 1887 2s 6d 

7923 Elliott (J.) Report on the Vizagapatam and Backergunge Cyclones of October, 

1876, royal 4to, sewed. Calcutta, 1877 3s 

7925 Fayrer (Sir Joseph) Rainfall and Climate in India, 8vo, pp. 36 and map (Vic- 
toria Inst.). 1881 28 

7926 On Preservation of Health in India, 12mo, cloth Is 

Heyoe's Tranelations of Indian Medical Treatises. See p. 299. 

Hooker (Sir Joseph) Meteorological Observations and Climate of Sikkim, 

Nepal, (fee. See Hooker's ' Himalayan Journals,' p. 157. 
Jollv (Prof. J.) Age of the Early Medical Literature of India. See Trans. 
Ninth Congress of Orientalists, 1892, Vol. I. 

7927 Mackay (Dr. George) Remarks on the Climate of the Neilgherry Hills, 8vo, 

pp. iv-29. Madras, 1870 . Is 6d 

7928 Maclean (Surg.-Gen. W. C.) Diseases of Tropical Climates, 12mo, cl. 1886 9s 
Materia Medica. See p. 300. 

Medicine (Hindu). See Manning (Mrs.), p. 189 ; Murray, p. 199; Royle, 
p. 302 ; Wilson (H. HJ Essays, Vol. I., p. 360 ; Wise, p. 292 ; Balfour, 
p. 293 ; Hbynb, p. 299 ; Watt, p. 303. 

7929 Meteorological Department, Govt. Report, 1886-87, royal 4to, sewed 23 
7931 Meteorological Memoirs— India Weather Review, 1893, by John Eliot, royal 

4to, sewed. CalcxUta, 1894 Is 

7932 Hourly Observations at Agra, &c., 1894, sewed 2g 

7933 Monthly Weather Review, Sept., 1894, sewed Is 

Neilgherry Hills (The) Climate of. See references, p. 204. 

7934 Peters (Surgeon C. T.) Medico-Topographical Report on Muscat, royal 8vo, 

pp. 32. Calcutta, 1875 2s 6d 

7935 Plank (Dr. C.) on Cholera in Agra, 1862 ; Stewart (Dr. J. L.) on Food of Inhabi- 

tants of Bijnour ; Vaccination in Vogue (N.W. Provinces Records), folio, 
sewed. Allahabad, 1862 28 

7936 Royle (J. F.) Essav on the Antiquity of Hindoo Medicine, and Lecture on 

Materia Medica and Therapeutics, 8vo, boards. 1837 3s 6d 

7937 Sinh Jee (Sir Bhagvat) A Short History of Aryan Medical Science, 10 plates 

8vo, cloth. 1896 ^^ ^^ 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

292 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

Climate, Meteorology, &c., of the Indian Kegion (continued) — 

7938 Shortt (Dr. J.) Medical Topography of S.W. Districts (Madras Records) royal 

8 vo, cloth. 1855 ls"6d 

Snake Poisoning. See references, p. 289, above. 

7939 Webb (Allan, M.D.) Relations of Hindu with Greek Medicine, 8vo, pp. iv-34. 

Calcutta, 1850 2s 6d 

7941 Wise (T. A.) Commentary on the Hindu System of Medicine, 8vo, cloth. 

1860 5s 6d 

7942 Woolhouse (W. S. B.) Actuarial Investigation of Mortality in the Indian Army, 

8vo, pp. 20 and diagrams. 1839 38 


Botany, Geology, Palceontology, Natural and Industrial 
Resources, Arts and Manufactures. 


7943 Wallace (Robert) India in \^^7, plates, 8vo, cloth. 1888 6s 

On the prospects of agriculture, crops, and cattle-breeding in India, and on the 
establishment of an Agricultural Department. 

7944 Agricultural Statistics of British India, 1886-87 (Ind. Govt.>, folio, sewed. 

Calcutta, 1888 Is 6d 

7945 Keturns for 1887-88, folio, sewed. Oo/cw^^a, 1889 Is 6d 

7946 Keport on the Agricultural Conditions, Capabilities, &c., of the Neilgherry 

District, by W. R. Robertson, folio, sewed. Madras, 1875 28 

7947 Principles of Rational Agriculture applied to India, by E. C. Schrottky, 8vo. 

cloth. Bombay, 1876 28 6d 

7948 On Agricultural Reforms in India, by N. R. GhoUay, 12mo, sewed, pp. 33. 

Poona, 1881 Is 6d 

With letter from the Author. 

7949 Revenue and Agricultural Department Government Records, Vol. I., 13 odd 

parts, relating to Grain, Yams, Wool, Dyes, Fibres, Cottons, and other 
Economic Products, royal 8vo. Calcutta, 1888-89 38 

7950 Agricultural and Horticultural Society of India., Journal (Vols. I. to XIV.), 

19 odd parts, not consecutive. Calcutta, 1846-63 each 6d 

7951 Experience of a Planter in Mysore, by Robert H. Elliot, with Chapters on 

Native Agriculture, Coffee, Cinchona, and Cardamom Planting, Tea, Cotton, 
Silk, Sandal Wood, Rhea Grass, &c., map and illustrations, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 
1871 8s 6d 

7952 Thirty-Eight Years' Experience of a Planter, by the same, 12mo, cl. 1894 6s 

7953 Duthie (J. F.) and Fuller (J. B.) Field and Garden Crops of N.W. Provinces 

and Oudh, Part I., plates, royal 4to, boards. Roorhee, 1882 6s 

7964 Part M., plates, royal 4to, boards. Boorkee, 1883 7s 6d 

7955 Buchanan-Hamilton (Dr.) Journey through Mysore, Canara, 

and Malabar, 1800-1, 37 plates, 3 vols. 4to, half-calf. 1807 £1 5s 

' The most important report ever issued on the state of agriculture in India, 

methods«nd implements of husbandry, breeds of cattle, articles of produce, mines 

and mineral, manufactures, &c. 

See also Balfour's Encyclopsedia of India, p. 293 ; Huntbr's Indian Empire 
(pp. 575-647), p. 159; Buchanan's Mysore (p. 89;, Statistical Atlas (p. 233), 
Watt's Dictionary, p. 303, Cattle, Sugar, Tea, &c. 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

Geology, Botany, <&c., of India, Ceylon, Burma, (kc. 293 

7956 Balfour (Surgeon-Gen. Edward) The Cyclopc^dia of India, and 
of Eastern and Southern Asia; Commercial, Industrial, and Scien- 
tific ; Products of the Mineral, Vegetable, and Animal Kingdoms 
Useful Arts and Manufactures, with a General Index, 3 vols. 8vo* 
cloth. 1885 (pub. ^5 5g) ^{ 

This work affords valuable information on an immense variety of Subiects • 
Agriculture, Architecture, Armour, Arts and Manufactures, Bamboo, Beder Ware 
Betel, Boats and Ships, Bombay Work, Borax, Botany, Brass, Caoutchouc, Cardamoms' 
Carpets, Carving, Cinchona, Coal, Coffee, Colours, Commerce. Cotton, Diamonds' 
Dyes, Emeralds, Enamel, Fibrous Materials, Fisheries, Flora, Forests, Gold Gums 
and Resins, Horses, Indigo, Inlaying, Irrigation, Ivory, Jewellery, Jute, Lace, Oils 
Opium, Pepper, Rice, Salt, Saltpetre, Sculpture, Shawls, Silk, Spices, Sugar, Tea, &c.' 
795G Beekeeping in India : a Collection of Papers, folio. Calcutta, 1883 3s 6d 

BiRDWOOD (Sir George) Industrial Arts of India. See p. 83. 

Botany, Flora, Algae, &c. 

7957 Rheede (Hen. van) Hortus Indicus Malabaricus, Parts I. to lY., 
containing nearly 240 jine full- page engravings, 4 vols, folio, calf. 
Amsterdam, 1678-83 35s 

7958 S wartz (Olavi) Flora Indise Occidentalis, 3 thick- vols. 8vo, bds. 
Erlangen, 1797-1806 12s 
Buchanan-Hamilton (Dr.) Plants Collected in Burmah during 
the Embassy to Ava, 1795, with 8 plates. See Symes p. 281. 

7959 Wallich (Nathaniel) Plants Asiaticse Rariores ; or, Descriptions 
and Figures of^East Indian Plants : containing 295 plates, beautifully 
coloured, and map, 3 vols. imp. folio, half-calf. 1830-32 £15 

With monographs by Prof. Nees, Von Esenbeck, Von Martius, &c. 

7960 Roxburgh (Wm., M.D.) Flora Indica ; or, Descriptious of Indian Plants, Vol. 

III. Svo, boards. Serampore, 1832 Ss 

7961 Flora Indica, reprint, royal Svo, cloth. Calcutta, 1874 58 

Berkeley ( Rev. M. J.) On Himalayan Algae and Fungi. See Hooker's ' Himalayan 

Journals,' 1854, Vol. II. Appendix. 

7962 Remarks on the Plants of Sind, by Assist.-Surg. Stocks (Bombay Records, 1855, 

pp. 589-612), royal Svo, cloth. 1848 4s 

7963 Stewart(J. L.) Flora of the Trans-Indus Territories, Jouk. R. Geog. Soc, 1862, 

Vol. XXXII. pp. 316-334, cloth 28 6d 

7964 A Botanizing Tour iu Huzara and Kh^gdn, 1859 (Agric. Soc. India), 

Vol. XIV. pp. 73. 1865 28 6d 

7966 The Flora of the Punjab Salt Range (Agric. Soc. India, N.S., Vol. I. pp. 106. 

1867 2s 6d 

7966 Punjab Plants, Trees, Shrubs, and Herbs, royal 8vo, cloth. Lahore, 1869 4s 

7967 Drury (H. Drew) Handbook to the India Flora : Guide to all 
Indigenous Flowering Plants, 3 vols. roy. 8vo, cl. 1864-69 £3 3s 

7968 Mueller (Sir Ferd. von) Select Extra-Tropical Plants eligible 
for Culture or Naturalization, Indian Edition, 8vo, cloth. 
Calcutta, 1880 4s 6d 

7969 Edition for Victoria. , Ss 

7970 Edition for New South Wales. Ss 

7971 Review of the Ferns of Northern India, by 0. B. Clarke, with index and 36 

plates (Linnean Soc. Trans.), 4to, boards. 1880 68 

7972 Plants and Drugs of Sind : Account of the Indigenous Flora, by James A. 

Murray, royal 8vo, cloth. Bombay, 1881 3s 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

294 Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

Botany and Flora of the Indian Region (continued) — 

7973 Remarks on the Ceylon Flora, by H. Trimen (Roy. Asiatic Soc, Ceylon), 8vo, 

pp. 21. 1885 Is 6d 

7974 Nairne (Alex. K ) The Flowering Plants of Western India, with Index of Latin, 

Euglisb, and Native Names, 12mo, cloth. [1894] 3r 6d 

Plants of the Neilgherries. See Hough, p. 158. 

7975 Aitchison (J. E. T.) Botany of the Afghan Delimitation 
Commission, with 48 plates CTrans. Linnean Soc), 4to, sewed, 
April, 1888 (pub. £3 12s) £1 15s 

See also Balfoui-, Fibres, Forestry, Gardening, Grififitb, Hooker, Mason, Materia 
Medica, Royle. 

7977 Camel (The), its Uses and Management, by Major Arthur Glyn 

Leonard, royal 8vo, cloth. 1894 48 6d 

" An excellent book of reference, in which the variety of breeds, the structural 

peculiarities, the nature and character, the diseases and management of the camel 

are thoroughly discussed The general reader will find it a very interesting 

account— complete on every point — of an animal regarding which little is commonly 
known," — Asiatic Quarterly. 

7978 Treatise on the Diseases and Breeding of, by J. J. Ayton, 

8vo, boards. Calcutta, 1828 {rare) 4s 

7979 Caoutchouc (The) of Commerce, and the Possibility of Acclima- 
tizing the Plants in India, by J. Collins and [Sir] D. Brandis, 
imperial 8vo, cloth. 1872 5s 

7980 Cardamom Cultivation in Coorg, Memorahdum on, by Edgar 
Ludlow, roy. 8vo, pp. 23, ma'p, and 2 plates. Bangalore, 1871 3s 6d 

7981 Cattle. Report on Indigenous Breeds of Cattle in the Madras 
Presidency, by Dr. John Shortt, folio, sewed, pp. 8. [187-] Is 6d 

7982 Cattle Diseases, Papers relating to (Govt. Records, No. LXIX.), 
royal 8vo, sewed. Calcutta, 1868 2s 6d 

7983 Papers relating to Cattle Disease (Bengal Records), royal 8vo, cloth. Calctitta, 

1869 2s 6d 

7984 Manual of the more Deadly Forms of Cattle Disease, royal 8vo, sewed. Cal- 

cutta. 1872 Is Cd 

7985 Chinchona. Peruvian Bark, its Natural History and Properties, 
and Introduction into India, &c., 1860-80, by Sir Clements Mark- 
ham, nnaps and illustrations, 12mo, cloth. 1880 3s 

See also p. 191 ; Balfour, p. 293 ; Coffee, p. 295 ; Royle, p. 302 ; Watt, p. 303. 

7986 Botanical Descriptions of the Species of Cinchonae now Growing in India and 

Ceylon, 8vo, pp. 31. 1861 Is 6d 

7987 Coal. Papers on the Coal of the Nerbudda Yalley, Tenas- 
serim, and Thayet-Myo (Govt. Records), royal 8vo, cloth. Calcutta^ 
1856 2s 

7988 Coal Resources and Production of India (Govt. Records, No. 64), maps, royal 

8vo, sewed. Calcutta, 1868 2s 

7989 On the Bokaro Coal Field, by T.W. H. B.ughes, plans. Sec. (Geol. Survey India, 

Vol. VI. pt. 2). 3s 6d 

7990 Note on the Mohpdni Coal-Field, by H. B. Medlicott, and other 'Papers (Geol. 

Survey India, Vol. XII. pt. 2). 1879 38 

7991 The Southern Coal-Fields of the Sdtpura Gondw^na Basin, by E. A. Jones, 

maps (Geol. Survey India, Vol. XXIV. pt. 1). 1887 28 6d 

83 J Sigh Street, Ma/rylebone, London, W. 

Geology, Bot(my, <fec., of India, Ceyhn, Bwrma, <Scg. 295 

7993 Coco- Nut Tree : Natural and Economical History of, by 
Hy. Marshall, 8vo, pp. 32. Edinburgh, 1836 (scarce) 3s 

7994 Coffee. Laborie's Coffee Planter of St. Domingo; with Notes 
on Propagation and Cultivation of Cinchonas or Peruvian Bark 
Trees, by W. G. Mclvor, Svo, boards. Madras, 1863 2s 6d 

7995 Report on Coffee Culture and the Ravages of the Borer, by G. Bidie, map. 

royal Svo, sewed. Madras, 1869 2s 

7996 Coffee Leaf Disease in Ceylon : Correspondence, Colonial Ofl&ce, Jan., 1875, 

folio, sewed -2s 

7997 On the Indian Hills : Coffee Planting in Southern India, by E. Lester Arnold, 

illustrated, 12mo, cloth. 1893 3s 

Cotton and the Cotton Supply. 

8000 Report of E.I. Co. Committee on Cotton Manufacture, 4to, pp. 22. 1793 2s 

8001 Free Trade and the Cotton Question with reference to India, by F. C. Brown, 

Svo, pp. 128. Tdlicherry, 1848 2s 6d 

8002 Cotton Culture in W. India, by S. Ramchunder, 8vo, pp. 24. Bombay, 1853 2s 

8003 Our Future Cotton Supply : Facts on Extension of Irrigation Works in 

S. India, by John Westwood, 8vo, pp. 16 ; also Madras Irrigation Co. Report, 
pp. 132. 1867 3s 

8004 The Cotton Crisis and How to Avert It, with Suggestions for an E.I. Cotton 

Co., Svo, pp. 59. 1857 2s 

8005 Cotton Supply Association, 2nd Ann. Report, Svo, pp. 16. Manchester, 1859 Is 

8006 " Times (The) " Leading Article on the Cotton Famine and the E.I. Agency, 

Svo, pp. 4, Oct. 6, 1862 Is 6d 

8007 The Supply of Cotton from India, by F. C. Brown, Svo, pp. 40. 1863 Is 6d 

8008 Indian Cotton Supply and Relief to Lancashire, by A. C. Brice, Svo, pp. iv-87. 

1S63 Is 6d 

8009 Letter on the Dearth of Cotton and Capability of India, &c., by W. F. Fer- 

gusson, Svo, pp. 40. 1863 Is 6d 

See also Agricultural Department ; Fibres ; Royle (J. F.) ; Pari. Reports, 1852-53, 
p. 67 ; Chapman, p. 96 ; Balfour, p. 293 ; Watt, p. 303. 

8011 Diamond Mines in India. MSS. by Lieut. -General Cullen 
and others, folio, boards. [About 1820] 4s 

See also Heyne's Tracts (p. 299), Streeter (p. 303), Tagore (p. 303), Hedges's 
Diary (p. 152), Se well, ' Forgotten Empire,' Appendix, pp. 399-401 (p. 227), Sleemau 
(p. 230), Tavernier (p. 238). 

8012 Dyes. Memorandum on Byes of Indian Production, by Liotard, 
folio, sewed. Calcutta, 1881 3s 

8013 Falconer (Hugh) Fauna Antiqua Sivalensis ; or, Fossil 
Zoology of the Sewalik Hills, 92 large plates, with descriptions, 
royal folio, half-calf. 1846-49 ^2 8s 

8014 Palffiontological Memoirs and Notes, with Biographical 

Sketch, edited by Charles Murchison, M.D., portrait, woodcuts, 
and 72 plates, 2 vols. Svo, cloth. 1868 (pub. 42s) £1 10s 

Vol. I. Biography, Fauna Antiqua Sivalensis. Vol. II. Mastodon, Elephant, 
Rhinoceros, Ossiferous Caves, Primeval Man and his Contemporaries. _- 

83 f High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

296 Frcmds Hdwards's Catalogue 

8015 Fibres. Report on Jute in Bengal and Fibres for Manufacture 
of Paper, by H. Ghunder Kerr, with map, 2 vols, folio, boards. 
Calcutta, 1874 7s 6d 

8016 Report on Ganja Cultivation and Trade in Bengal, by H. C. Kerr, folio, boards. 

Calcutta, 1877 ^ 38 

8017 The Jute-Growing Districts and Markets of India, with Notes of a Tour, 

1872-73, [by G. Burnett], 8vo, pp. 67. Dundee, 1873 Is 6d 

8018 Rhea Fibre ; its Growth and Preparation by the People of India, folio, sewed. 

[1882] 2s 

801^ Report on Indian Fibres and Fibrous Substances at the Colonial and Indian 
Exhibition, with their Uses and Indian Methods of Treatment, 8vo, cloth. 
1886 l8 6d 

See also Agricultural Department, Cotton, Jute, Balfour, Watt, &c. 

Forestry of India. 

8019a Schlich (W., Ph.D.) IManual of Forestry, 5 vols. 8vo, cl. £2 10s 
The Volumes are sold separately as under : — 
Vol. I. Introduction to Forestry 7s 

Vol. IL The Formation and Tending of Woods, with 80 illus. 9s 6d 
Vol. III. Forest IVIanagement, with 53 illus. lOs 6d 

Vol. IV. Forest Protection, by W. R. Fisher, ivitli 259 illus. lOs 6d 
Vol. V. Forest Utilization, by W. R. Fisher, ivith 343 illus. . 12s 6d 
Dr. Schlich was Conservator of Forests in Sindh, in Bengal, in the Paujab, and 
finally Inspector-General of Forests to the Government of India ; Vols. I. to III. 
deal with the Principles of Forestry and the growth, tending, and economic manage- 
ment of Forests on the large scale ; Vol. IV., the protection of forests against 
accidents of climate, disease, fire, depredations of animals and insect pests, and 
against the ofFencs of man ; Vol. V., the Utilization of forests — as to their timber 
and minor products, the modes of conversion and transport of timber, &c. 

8020 Webber (Thomas W.) The Forests of Upper India, and their 
Inhabitants, maps, 8vo, cloth 1902 10s 6d 

With Chapters on Forest Surveying, the Great Chir Pine Forest, Forests of the 
Foot Hills, of Gorakhpur and Nepal Terai, Jungles of Central India, the Bori 
Forest, the Scientific Management of Forests, &c. 

8020a Gamble (J. S.) Indian Timbers : Growth, Distribution, and 
Uses ©f the Trees and Shrubs of India and Ceylon, their Wood- 
Structure, &c., illustrated, 8vo, cloth. 1902 18s 

8021 Indian Forestry, by Sir Dietrich Brandis, Ph.D. Woking, 1897 2s 6d 

8022 The Timber-Trees, Timber, and Fancy Woods, and Forests of India, and of 

Eastern and Southern Asia, by Balfour, royal 8vo. cloth. Madras, 1862 3s 
Notes on the Influence of Trees on Climate, by Balfour. See Madras 
Journal, 1849, pp. 400-476. 

8023 Chingleput, and other Woods in Madras Museum, roy. 8vo, sd. [1856 ?] 2s 6d 
8021 Handbook to the Forest?, Bombay Presidency, bv Surg. Alex. Gibson, imperial 

8vo, sewed. 1857 ' 2s 

8025 Specimens of Woods of B. Burmah at Intl. Exhibition, 1862. 4to, pp. 16 2s 

8026 Description of some Indian and Burman Timbers, by T. W. Skinner, royal 8vo, 

boards. Madras, 1862 ' 2s 

8027 Keports by Brandis, Pearson, &c.. Forest Administration Central Provinces, 

1862-63 (Gov. Records, No. 47), royal 8vo, sewed.- Calcutta, 1864 2s 

8028 The Timber Trees of India, by George Bidie, 8vo, pp. viii-28. Madras, 1862 2s 

8029 Timbsr, Bamboos, Canes, ice, Catalogue of Specimens from India sent to the 

Paris Exhibition, royal 8vo, sewed. Calcutta, 1878 2s 

8030 Forest Dastruction in Caorg, by G. Bidie -Jour. R. Geog. Soc.j 1869, Vol. 

XXXIX. pp. 77-90 and map, cloth Ss 

See also Markham (Sir C), p. 192. 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London^ W. 

Geology y Botany, dhc, of India, Ceylon, Burma, dhc. 297 

Forestry op India {continued) — 

8031 Forestry in India, by Col. P. Bailey — Scottish Geog. Mag., Nov., 1897 28 

8032 Ferguson (Wm.) Description of the Palmyra Palm of Ceylon, royal 8vo, pp. 8 

52, 39, Qx\& plates. Colombo, 1850 28 

8033 Descriptive List of Ceylon Timber Trees, 8vo.pp. 30. Coifomfeo, 1863 Is 6d 

8034 Notes on Grasses growing in Ceylon, 8vo, pp. iv-fi4. Colombo, 1886 Is 

8035 Timber Trees of Ceylon, 8vo, pp. 23. Colombo, 1881 Is 

8036 Temple (Sir R.) Oriental Experience, Speeches on Indian Forestry, Agri- 

culture, &c., maps, 8vo, cloth, 1883 5s 

8037 Gamble (J. S.) The Forests of India and their Management — Proc. R. Col. 

Inst., February, 1903 Is 

Forestry of Burma. 

8038 Kurz (S.) Royal Botanical Gardens, Calcutta. Forest Flora of 
British Burma, 2 vols. Svo. Calcutta, 1877 (pub. 30s) 9s 

The area covered by the woody plants (about 2,000 species) described in this 
work, extends from Chittagong, Prome, and Martaban, down to Tenasserim 
(Pakchan River), the Andamans, and the adjoining provinces of the interior, 
including parts of Siam. The great forests from which the world now draws its 
supplies of teak cover hundreds of thousands of square mile?. 

8039 Reports on Teak Forests, Pegu, Tenasserim, Martaban, &c., by tSir] D. Brandis, 

H.Leeds, and others, 1856-63 (Ind. Govt. Retords, Nos. 28, 29, 31, 32, 35, 37, 40), 
7 vols. 15s 

8040 List of Specimens of Woods of British Burmah sent to Intl. Exhibition, 1862, 

4to. sewed. Rangoon, Jan., 1862 Is 

8041 Preliminarv Report on Forest and other Vegetation of Pegu, by Sulpice Kurz, 

coloured map, plates, and diagrams, folio, cloth. Calcutta, 1875 18s 

With information on climate, soil, geology, Pegu flora, li.^t of Burmese trees and 
plates (with Burmese names), and extracts from journal of Mr. Kurz's tours. 

8042 Fruits. The Cultivated Oranges and Lemons of India and 
Ceylon, their Origin, Names, &c., by Dr. E. Bonavia, Svo, also 
Atlas of 259 plates, oblong Svo, 2 vols, cloth. 1S90 12s 

8043 Gardening (Manual of) for S. and W. India, by B. Riddell, 
third edition, Svo, half-bd. Madras, 1856 . 2s 6d 

8044 Flowers and Flower Gardens, with Instructions for the Anglo-Indian Flower 

Garden, by D. L. Richardson, 8vo, half-calf. Calcutta, 1865 58 

Chiefly mythology, poetry, and language of flowers. 
My Indian Garden, by Phil Robinson. See p. 222. 
Garden Crops. See Duthie, p. 292. 


8045 Geology of India, Manual of the, including the Extra-Penin- 
sular Area, by H. B. Medlieott and W. T. Blanford, 2 vols, royal Svo, 
cloth. Calcutta, 1879 (scarce) ^^^ 

8046 Manual of the Geology of India, by B. D. Oldham, second edition, 
enlarged, royal 8vo, half-calf. 1893 1*« 

8048 Geological Report on Geology of Southern and Central India, by Dr. Voysey, 

folio, wiamwcWp^, 1818-19, half-bound , , . ^. ^ ^ tann 

In continuation of Papers printed in Bengal Asiatic Journal, 185U. 
Lithology and Mineralogy of Central India, by Capt. Dangerfield. See Malcolm s 

Memoirs of Central India. "1823 
Geologv and Mineralogy of the Neilgherries. See Hough (J.J, p. 15». 

8049 Geological Trans., 2nd Series, IV., On a Portion of Dukhun, by Lieut -Coh 

Sykes, plates, ko. 1833 

83j High Street^ Marylebone, Londont W, 

298 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

Geology of India {continued) — 

8050 Geology of the South of India, by Malcolmson, pp. 14. October, 1834 2s 

8051 Geological Trans., 2nd Series, V., On the Structure of the Sev^lik Hills, by 

P. T. Cautley, 4to, boards. 1836 2s 6d 

8052 Memoir to Illustrate a Geological Map of Cutch, by C. W. Grant ; Sykes (Col.) 

on Fossils from Cutch (Geol. Trans., 2nd Series, V. ) plates, 4to, sewed. 1837 3s 

8053 On the Basaltic District of India, by J. G. Malcolmson (Abstract), pp. 203-8. 

July, 1838 Is 6d 

8054 Newbold on Geological Survey of India— J. K. A. S., xii. pp. 78-96. 1848 28 

8055 Geological Sections across the Himalayas, &c., by Ferd. Stoliczka, plans (Geol. 

Surv. Ind., Vol. V. part 1). 1865 5s 

8056 Verche're (A.M.) Geology of Kashmir, the Western Himalaya, and the Afghan 
Mountains, ?yt^^j??aw.s awe? sec<io?i«— Bengal Asiatic Soc, pp. 89-133. 1866 5s 

8057 Traps and Intertrappean Beds of Western and Central India, by W. T. Bland- 

ford (Geol. Surv. Ind., Vol. VI. art. 5), royal 8vo, sewed, pp. 26 2s 

8058 Geology of the Islaud of Bombay, by A. B. Wynne, pZans, sewed 2s 

8059 Bibliography of Indian Geology, by R. D. Oldham, 3 parts, 4to, sewed. Cal- 

cutta, 1888 6s 

8060 Journeys of an Indian Geologist, by Y. Ball (1864-78), map 
and illtistrationsj Svo, cloth. 1880 10s 

Contains much valuable information on the features of the Nerbudda Valley, 
Oriesa, Central and N.W. Provinces, accounts of visits to the Andaman and Nicobar 
Islands in 1869 and 1873, appendices on geological formation?, distribution of stone 
implements, and list of scientific papers published by the author. 

See also Hooker's 'Himalayan Journals,' p. 157, and Mineealogy, pp. 300, 301. 

8061 Geological Papers on Burma : Pegu, Arakan, Upper Burma, 
Martaban, and Tenasserim, plates and plans, imperial Svo, cloth. 
Calcutta, 1882 10s 6d 

Papers on geology, coal, petroleum, precious stones, tin, and other metalliferous 
deposits by W. Theobald, Dr. Oldham, F. E. Mallet, Capt. Tremenheere, Mark Fryar, 
and others. 

Notes on the Geological Features of the Banks of the Irawadi and Country 

N. of Amarapoora, by Oldham. See Yule's Mission to Ava. 

8062 Geological Map of Province of Pegu, coloured, 25 in. by 36 in., 

sheet, folded. Calcutta, 1874 2s 6d 

8064 Gore (Montague) Lecture on the Products and Resources of 
British India, 8vo, pp. 46. 1855 Is 6d 

8065 Graham (Arch., M.D.) The Industrial Improvement by European 
Settlers of the Resources of India, 8vo, pp. 38. 1868 Is 6d 
Greville (Dr. R. K.) Botany of India. See Murray's India, 
p. 199. 

8066 Grant (Capt. Bartle) The Orchids of Burma and the Andaman 
Islands Described, 8vo, cloth. Rangoon, 1895 7s 6d 

8067 Griffith (Dr. Wm.) Journals of Travels in Assam, Burma, Bootan, 
AfFghanistan, and Neighbouring Countries, 1835-44, portrait, map, 
and 17 litho plates, 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1847 6s 

8068 Icones Plantarum Asiaticarum, Part I., Development of, 

Organous Phanerogamous Plants, 62 plates, imp. 4to, boards. 
Calcutta, 1847 63 

8069 Palms of British East India : Posthumous Papers, edited 

by John M'Clelland, upwards of 100 plates, with descriptions, imp. 
folio, boards. Calcutta, 1850 £2 

See also Bootan, p. 85 ; Calcutta, Journal of Natural History, p. 285. 

8Sf High Street Maarylebone^ London^ W, 

Geology^ Botany, dsc, of India, Ceylon, Burma, <Scc. 299 

8071 Gums, Resins, and Resinous Products produced in India, 
Report by M. C. Cooke (India Museum), folio, sewed. 1874 6s 

8072 Heyne (Dr. Benj.) Tracts on India, jok^es, 4to, half-calf. 1814 


On Minerals, Diamond and Copper Mines, Manufacture of Steel, Coins, Weights 

and Measures, Plants, Hindoo Medicine, Sulphur, Iron Works, Dyeing, Agriculture, 

Soil, Weather, Climate, Tables of the Thermometer and Barometer in different parts 

of India, &c. 

8073 Hoey (Wm.) A Monograph on Trade and Manufactures in 
Northern India (with Glossary of Indian Terms), small 4to, cloth. 
Lucknow, 1880 3s 6d 

8075 Hooker (Sir Joseph D.), assisted by Various Botanists, Flora of 
British India, 7 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1875-98 £12 

Descriptions — ordinal, generic, and specific — of flowering plants and ferns found 
in India, Kashmir, and Western Tibet. 

8076 — r — The Rhododendrons of Sikkim-Himalaya, with 30 coloured 
plates, folio, cloth. 1849 £4 14s 6d 

8077 Himalayan Journals : Notes of a Naturalist in Bengal, the 

Sikklm and Nepal Himalayas, the Khasia Mountains, &c. (1848-51), 
best edition, with Appendices, 2 maps, 12 coloured plates, and 80 
wood engravings, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1854 24s 

8078 Himalayan Journals, 2 vols. 8vo, half -calf extra 30s 

The appendices include Mineral Waters, by Dr. R. D. Thomson ; Rev. M. J. 

Berkeley on Himalayan Algae ; Soils of Sikkim ; Auroral Appearances, Physical 

Geography of the Districts, Meteorology, Climate, Humidity of Air at various 

Elevations, Temperature of Soil, Elevations, Altitudes, &c. 

The leading authority on the botanical and physical history of these regions. 

The geologist will find it a rich store of facts of the highest interest, and the inquirer 

into glacial phenomena most valuable details. 

8079 Illustrations of Himalayan Plants, from Drawings by J. F. 

Cathcart, with Descriptions, 24 coloured plates and floral title- 
page, imp. folio, half-calf. 1855 (scarce) £3 5s 

8081 Hove (Dr.) Tours for Scientific and Economical Research in 
Guzerat, Kattiawar, and the Conkuns, 1787-88, fymps and diagrams 
(Bombay Records), imp. 8vo, cloth. 1855 3s 6d 

8082 Indigo. Memoirs on the Cultivation and Manufacture of Indigo, 
by M. de Cossigny de Raima and others. Calcutta, 1789, ivith 8 
original drawings. Description of a New Species of Indigo, by 
Dr. Roxburgh, 1 vol. royal 4to, boards. Calcutta, 1790 15s 

8083 Indigo Planters and Ryots of Lower Bengal : Orders and Correspondence 

relative to Disputes (Pari. Paper, June 25, 1861), folio, sewed is 

8084 Pa])er8 on Indigo Cultivation in Bengal, by a Ryot, 8vo, pp. 96. Calcutta, 

1858 2s 6d 

8085 Jacob (Lieut.-Col. S. S.) and Hendley (Surg.-Major T. H.) 
Jeypore Enamels, with 28 large coloured plates, contaming 120 
designs, folio, illuminated cover. 1886 ^°^ 

8086 James (A. G. F. Eliot) Indian Industries, 12mo, cloth. 1880 4s 

83j High Street, Marykhone, London, W. 

30(y Frcmcis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

8088 Journal of Indian Art and Industry, with numeroiis plates 
in colours and gold, Illustrative of the Arts, Architecture, Indus- 
tries, and Manufactures of Hindustan, Vols. I. to VIII., folio, half- 
morocco. 1886-1900 £12 

Containing papers on Indian Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, and other Metal Art 
"Ware ; Arms and Armour ; Wood and Ivory Carving ; Bidri Ware, Lacquer, 
Enamelling, Inlaid Work ; Architecture and Architectural Decoration ; Pottery 
and Porcelain ; Embroidery ; Silk and Cotton Industries ; Cloth Stamping and 
Dyeing ; Bookbinding and Decoration, &c. 

8089 Kumaon. Reports by Henwood and others on Metalliferous 
Deposits in Kumaon and Gurhwal, map (Gov. Records, No. 8, 
and Supplement), 2 vols, roy 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1855 5s 

8090 Reports on Mineral Deposits and Iron Smelting Operations, Kumaon (^Gov. 

Records, No. 17), royal 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1856 28 

8091 Report on Government Iron Works, Kumaon, by Wm. Sowerby, &c., ivith 

plans (Ind. Gov. Records, No. 26), roya! 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1859 2s 

8092 Madras Journal (The) of Literature and Science, from the 

Commencement in 1833 to 1840, also 1844, 1847, 1848, and 1849, 
14 vols. 8vo, half-calf {rare) £10 

Includes numerous papers relating to India generally and Southern India 
especially, the Neilgberries, Travancore, &c. ; on geology, fossils, flora, zoology, 
meteorology, astronomy, magnetism, tides, storms; topographical surveys, natural 
products — diamonds, gold, manganese, coal, and other minerals ; indigo, tiea-plant, 
cotton; gamboge. Contributions by Jerdon and others on birds (with coloured 
plates), fishes, mammalia, and entomology ; Newbold's papers on Malaya and 
Sumatra ; Robinson on the Laccadive Archipelago {with chart), &c. 

8093 Madras Exposition, 1855. Rapport par M. Gallois-Mont- 
brun, 8vo, pp. 104. Pondichery 2s 

8094 Madras School of Industrial Arts : Reports and Proceedings, 

pp. 48. 1853 Is 6d 

Mason (Rev. F.) Flora and Minerals of Burma: Plants and Ferns. 
See Mason's * Burma,' p. 278 

Materia Medica. 

8095 Materia Indica : Articles employed by Eastern Peoples in 
Medicine, Arts, and Agriculture, by W. Ainslie, 2 vols. 8vo, half- 
calf. 1826 6s 

8096 Taleef Shereef, or Indian Materia Medica, by G. Playfair, 8vo, cloth. 

Calcutta, 1833 2s 6d 

Materia Medica and Medical Vocabulary in various languages, by Honigberger. 

See India, p. 157. 
Ulfaz Udwiyeh, or the Materia Medica, in Arabic, Persian, and Hindevy, with 

English translation. 1793. See Glad WIN, p. 141. 
See also Chinchoxa ; Opium ; Balfour ; "Watt ; nnd references, p. 291. 

8098 Mineral Resources of Southern India, by Lieut. Newbold 
(excerpt), pp. 38, 8vo 2s 

8099 Account of Gold Mines in Malabar Province, pp. 28, 1847 2s 

8100 Report on Mineral Districts of the Nerbudda Valley, by J. H. Blackwell 

(Bombay liecords), imp. 8vo, sewed. 1857 28 

8101 lodiferous and other Mineral Springs, Punjab Correspondence, Lithographic 

Presses, &c., 8vo, sewed. Lahore, 1860 Is 6d 

8102 Minerals of Southern India, by Capt. F. Applegarth, 8vo, pp. 12. [Madras, 

1860] 2s 

8Sj High Street^ Marylebone, London^ IF. 

Geology, Botany, dhc, of India, Ceylon, Burma, d-c. 301 

8103 Vazeeri Eupi and its Silver Mines, 1873, by Calvert, map and vlates 

(28 co^wred), Svo, cloth. 1873 6s 

8101 Auriferous Rocks of the Dambal Hills, Dliarwar District, by R. B. Foote, 

and other Papers (Ind. Geol. Survey, Vol. VII. part 4.) 1874 58 

Reports on Tin in Mergui Province, by Capt. Gr. B. Tremenheere, Indo-China 

Miscellaneous Papers, Vol. I., Nos. 25, 26, 27, 28, 30, 32, 40. 
Analysis of Iron Ores from Tavoy and Mergui. and of Limestone from Mergui, 
by Dr. A. Ure. See Indo-China Miscellaneous Papeks, Vol. I., 
No. 29. 

See also Coal ; Geology ; Kumaon ; Heyne, p. 299. 

8106 Mules. Report on Disease among Transport Mules in British 
Burma, by J. H. Steel, with Dr. Griffith Evans's Report of Identical 
Disorder to Punjab Government, 1880, folio, boards. 1885 3s 

8107 Oils of Southern India, Report by Lieut. Hawkes, 8vo, pp. 62. 
[1858] Is 6d 

8108 Opium. Report on Cultivation, Preparation, &c., of Malwa 
Opium, by Surg. Impey, 8vo, pp. vi-83. Bombay, 1848 2s 

8109 Keports on Insect Enemies to Poppy Crop, 1878, folio, sewed 2s 6d 

8110 Report on the Experimental Culture of the Opium Poppy, folio, boards. 

Calcutta, 1874 2s 6d 

8111 Report on ditto, for 1876-77, folio, boards. Calcutta, 1877 2s 6d 

Palaeontologia Indica (Memoirs Geological Survey of India), 
odd parts, royal 4to, sewed. Calcutta, 1867-87 

8112 Gastropoda of the Cretaceous Rocks of S. India, by Ferd. Stoliczka, fasc. i-iv. 

1867 10s 

8113 Stoliczka (Ferd.) AmmonitidaB of Southern India, Ser. III. pts. 2-5, 8, 9, 10-13 

128 6d 

8114 Tertiary and Upper Cretaceous Fauna of W. India, title-page and contents of 

vol. i. 1871-86 l8 

8115 The Fauna of the Kamul Caves, by R. Lydekker (Ser. X. vol. iv. pt. 2), plates. 

1886 48 

8116 Eocene Chelonia from the Salt Range, by R. Lydekker (Ser. X. vol. iv. pt. 3), 

plates. 1887 3s 

8117 The Fossil Flora of some of the Coalfields in W. Bengal, by Prof. 0. Feist- 

mantel (Ser. XII. vol. iv. pt. 2), plates. 1886 8s 6d 

8118 Productus -Limestone Fossils of Salt-Range, by Prof. Wm. Waagen. Coelen- 

terata Amorphozoa — Protozoa, plates xcvii-cxxviii (Ser. XIII. vol. i. 
pts. 6 and 7). 1887 12s 

8119 On Fossils of the Great Basaltic District of India, by Malcolmson (Geol. 

Trans., Ser. II. vol. y.), plates, 4to, boards. 1837 28 6d 

8120 On Fossiliferous Beds in S. India, by C. T. Kaye, 4to, boards. 1842 2s 

See also Falconer, p. 295. 

8121 Paper. Materials in India suitable for Paper, by L. Liotard, 
folio, sewed. Calcutta, 1880 2s 6d 

8122 Pearl Fisheries in Ceylon, &c., Papers by G. Yane and others, 
imp. 8vo, sewed (Bombay Records). 1865 3s 6d 

See Balfour ; Watt ; aleo Ceylon :- Bennett, Cordiner, Ferguson, Percival 
Scherzer, Suckling, Tennent, Walters. 

8123 Plantain Tree (The), by Liotard, fol., pp. 8. Calcutta, 1881 Is 6d 

8124 Pottery. On the Improvement of Bengal Pottery, by Dr. W. B. 
O'Shaughnessy, 8vo, pp. 18 and pl ate, 1841 ^^ ^^ 

83, High Street, Ma/rylehone, London, W. 

302 Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

8126 Reh. Correspondence relating to Deterioration of Lands froin 
the Presence of Reh, by Temple and others (India Gov. Records, 
No. 42), royal 8vo, sewed. Calcutta, 1864 2s 

8127 Rice. Memorandum regarding the Introduction of Rice into 
India, by L. Liotard, folio, sewed. Calcutta, 1880 3s 

8130 Royle (J. Forbes, M.D.) Illustrations of the Botany and other 
Branches of the Natural History of the Himalayan Mountains and 
of the Flora of Cashmere, Vol. I. Text, Vol. II. Atlas of 97 coloured 
'plates, 2 vols. imp. 4to, half-morocco. 1839 £3 15s 

Physical Greography of the Plains and Mountains of India, especially of the 
Himalayas ; Geological Features, with coloured plate of sections ; Meteorology 
and Climate ; Dibtribution of Plants and Animals ; Botany, illustrated by coloured 
plates of 197 plants ; subjects of Agricultural and Commercial importance — tea, 
cotton, tobacco, hemp, flag, and cordage plants ; Medicinal Plants— chinchonas, 
ipecachuana, sarsaparilla, senna, rhubarb, &c. ; gums, resins, caoutchouc, astringents, 
dyes, oils ; corn, arrowroot, grasses. Entomology is treated by Rev. F. W. Hope, 
Mammals by W. Ogilby. and Birds by the Author, each subject being accompanied 
by a number of coloured plates. 

8131 Essay on the Productive Resources of India, royal 8vo, cloth. 1840 48 6d 

8132 On the Production of Isinglass along the Coasts of India, 8vo, pp. viii-94. 

1842 2s 

8133 Lecture on the Arts and Manufactures of India, 8vo, pp. 207-252. 1852 Is 6d 

8134 Measures adopted in India for the Improved Culture of Cotton, 8vo, pp.iv-104. 

1857 Is 6d 

8135 Ruby Mines of Upper Burmah, Correspondence, 1886-87 (Pari. 
Paper), folio, pp. 44 2s 

8136 Salt Manufacture, Report by Dr. Ratton, royal 8vo, boards. 
Madras, 1873 2s 6d 

8137 Report on Native Salt-Making, by G. Thornhill, pp. 8 and plan. Madras^ 1873 


8138 Remarks on the Salt Monopoly of Bengal, and Report from Customs' Board, 

1832, 8vo, pp. 68. 1836 2s 
See also Balfour ; Watt. 

8140 Saltpetre, Gunpowder, <fcc., Report of E.I. Oo.'s Committee, 

1793, 4to, pp. 24 Is 6d 

8142 Silk. Asiatic Species of Silk-Producing Moths from India, by 
F. Moore, 8vo, pp. 34 and 2 plates (Proc. Zool. Soc), June 28, 
1859 2s 6d 

8143 Account of the Tasseh Silk-worm, by Dr. J. Shortt, 8vo, pp. 6 and draioings, 

[Madras], 1871 Is 

8144 Silk and Sericulture in India, by J. Geoghegan, folio, sewed. Calcutta, 1872 33 

8145 Papers regarding Tasar Silk, 1875-79, folio, pp. iv-52. 1879 3s 

8146 "Wild Silks of India, principally Tusser, by T. Wardle (from Jour. Soc. Arts). 

folio, sewed. 1880 38 

8147 Hand Book of the Collection illustrative of the Wild Silks of India, by T. 

Wardle, 8vo, sewed. SoiUh Kensington, 1881 Is 6d 

8148 Memorandum on Silk in India, by Liotard, part 1, folio, boards. GalcvUa, 1883 3s 

8149 Report on Silk in Assam, by E. Stack, folio, pp. 12. 1884 2s 

8150 Indian Tussur Silk and our Sericultural Outlook, with Specimen — Asiatic 

Quarterly, Oct., 1893, pp. 455-61 2s 6d 

See also Balfoue ; Watt. 

83, High Street, Maryhhone, London, W. 

Geology^ Botany, dhc, of India, Ceylon, Burma, (S:c. 303 

8151 Streeter (Edwin) Precious Stones and Gems, their History and 
Distinguishing Characteristics, coloured plates, fourth edition, 8vo, 
cloth. 1884 lOs 

With chapters on the Diamonds and Precious Stones of India, Borneo, the 
Cape, Brazil, Australia, &c., as objects of commerce, their working, Sec. 

8152 . The Great Diamonds of the World, edited by J. Hatton 

and A. H. Keane, 8vo, cloth. [1882] 6s 

The history and romance of seventy '■ great" diamou<i8 collected from various 
sources, includintf the Braganza, Matan, Nizam, Great Mogul, Orloff, Jagersfoatein, 
the Kohi Niir-, the Pitt, and the Eug6nie, the accounts of which were approved by 
H.M. Queen Victoria an t the Empress Eugenie. 

8153 Sugar Cultivation and Manufacture in British India and other 
Parts of Asia (E.I. Co. Papers), folio, half-bound. 1822 8s 6d 

8154 Sugar Cultivation in India, Various Reports. Siinla, ISS2 2s 6d 

8155 Sugar Cultivation : Debate E.I. Co., 1793, 4to, pp. 27 Is 6d 

8156 Eeport from Warehouses Committee E.I. Co. relative to the Culture of Sugar, 

4to, pp. 104. 1792 3s 

8157 Tagore (S. Mohun) Mani-mdla, or a Treatise on Gems in English, 
Bengali, Hindi, and Sanskrit, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 
1879-81 ' £1 Is 

8159 Tea. Visits to China, and Introduction of the Tea Plant into 
the Himalayas, by Robert Fortune, illustrated, 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 
1853 6s 

8160 Tea Cultivation in the N.W. Provinces and the Punjab (Ind. Govt. Kecords. 

No. XXIIL), royal 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1857 2s 6d 

8161 The Tea Industry in India, by S. Baildon, 8vo, cloth. 1882 2s 6d 

8163 Tea Experiments in the Himalayas,:i835-47 (Jour. R.A.S., XII., pp. 125-52) 2s 

8164 Ceylon and its Great Tea Industry, by Cave, illust. 1900 68 
A Tea Planter's Life in Assam. See Barker, p. 79. 

Account of Assam and the Tea Plant. See Robinson (W.), p. 221. 
On the Chinese Tea-Trade with Tibet, by E. Colborne Baber (from Gazette of 
India, Nov. 8, 1879). See Baber, Western China. 
See also Balfour ; Watt. 

8165 Watson (J. Forbes) Collection of Specimens of Textile Manufac- 
tures of India : Second Series. Choice Cloths, Nos. 813 t > 863, 
royal 4to, half-morocco. 1874 21s 

8166 Boring Beetles infesting Beer Casks, folio, pp. 4. 1867 Is 6d 

8167 Watt (G.) Dictionary of the Economic Products of India 
(A.nimal, Vegetable, Mineral), 6 vols, in 9, royal 8vo, half-calf. 
Calcutta, 1889-96 ^^ ^^ 

Published under the authority of the Government of India, and indispensable 
to all who are interested in economic products, or engaged in the Indian Irade. 
The habitat, source history, properties and uses, markets, and statistics for each 
product are given, as well as the scientific, vernacular, and European names, in 
the compilation Mr. Watt was assisted by Mr. J. F. Duthie, Dr. J. Murray and 
numerous othe- contributors. , ^ i n i,- ^„i 

Among subjects speciallv treated are : Brewing, Chmchona, Coal, Cocnmeai, 
Coflfee, Coral, Cotton. Crops, Diamonds, Dyes, Fibres. Flax, Food ^t"^''';^®'*^'/""?^ 
and ResinP, Hemp, India Rubber, L.digo, Iron, Jade, Jute, Lac Leather, Materia 
Medica, Oils, Opium, Paper, Podophyllum, Pottery, Rice, Salt, bilk, bugar, lea, 
Tobacco, Wool. 

8168 Wheat Impurities, Conference on, India Office, 8th May, 1889, 
folio, sewed f 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

304 Francis Edwards's Catalogue 




*** Works on special and distinct subjects are grouped or referred to 
under separate headings, e.g., Brahma Samaj, Brahmanism, Buddhism, 
Hinduism, Jainism, Mohammedanism, Parsbeism, Theosophy. 

3174 Abel (Carl) Linguistic Essays (Triibner's Oriental Series), 8vo, 
cloth. 1882 5s 6d 

Expression of National Modes of Thought, Conception of Love, English Verbs 
of Command, Synonyms, Philological Methods, Origin of Language, &c. 

3175 Alexander (S.) Moral Order and Progress : an Analysis of 
Ethical Conceptions (Triibner's Philos. Lib.), Svo, cloth. 1896 10s 6d 

An elaborate and philosophical examination of Conduct and Character, forming 
an aWe and original contribution to the study of evolution, and variation of the 
moral sentiments and conceptions, as modified by educational, industrial, political, 
and scientific causes and changes. 

8177 D'Alviella (Count Goblet) The Migration of Symbols, authorized 
translation, edited by Sir George Birdwood, 5 full-page plates and 
139 illustrations in the text, royal 8vo, cloth lOs 

Andamanese. See pp. 268-271. 

8180 Arnold (Sir Edwin) The Light of Asia ; or, the Great Renuncia- 
tion of Gautama Buddha, told in Verse, Best Edition, illustrated, 
small 4to, cloth. 1885 12s 

8181 Another edition, 12ino, cloth 3s 

8182 • The Book of Good Counsels, from the Hitopadesa, illustrated 

by Harrison Weir, 8vo, cloth 4s 

8183 Indian Idylls, from the Mahabharata, 8vo, cloth. 1883 4s 

Sfivitrt, or Love and Death, Nala and Damayanti, The Enchanted Lake, &c. 

8184 Indian Poetry, 8vo, cloth 5s 

Contains ' The Indian Song of Songs ' from the Sanskrit of the ' Gita Govinda ' 
of Jayadeva, Two Books from the Mahabharata, ' Proverbial Wisdom' from the 
'Hitopadesa,' and other Oriental Poems. 

8185 • Lotus and Jewel, containing ' In an Indian Temple,' * A 

Casket of Gems,* ' A Queen's Revenge,' &c., Svo, cloth 5s 

8186 Pearls of the Faith ; or, Islam's Rosary, being the Ninety- 
nine Beautiful Names of Allah, 8vo, cloth 5s 

8187 • The Secret of Death, being a Version of the Katha Upanishad, 

from the Sanskrit, Svo, cloth 5s 

8188 The Song Celestial ; or, Bhagavad-Gita, from the Sanskrit, 

Svo, cloth 4s 

8189 The Chaurapanchasika : an Indian Love-Lament, translated ^ 

from the Sanskrit, autographed and illustrated by Sir Edwin Arnold 
(facsimile), oblong Svo, cloth. 1896 2s 6d 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London, W, 

Religions, Languages, dec, India, Ceylon, Burma 305 

8191 Asiatic Society (Royal) of Great Britain and Ireland, Trans- 
actions (complete), 3 vols., plates, 4to, half-bound, 1827-35 £2 

These volumes contain papers on the History, Antiquities, Literature. Science, 
and Philosophy of the Hindus, Persians, Arabians, Chinese, and other Oriental 
peoples, by Colebrooke, Davis, Tod, Brings, Malcolm, Staunton, B. H; Hodgson, 
Marsden, Dr. Morrison, Mountstuart Elphinstone, Burnes, Moorcroft, H, H. Wilson, 
Stamford Raffles, Buchanan-Hamilton, and others. 


:s on 
f all 
ian — 
i by 
: the 

I 10s 


•s on 
. the 
nt of 
h, by 

306 Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

8196 Asiatic Miscellany (The) : Original Pieces, Translations, 
Imitations, &c., complete, 2 vols, in 1, royal 4to, calf. Calcutta^ 
1785-86 ' £2 

Includes translations from the Vedas, and from the Works of Sadi, Nizami, 
Jami, Hafiz, the Anvari Soheili, by Sir William Jones, Capt. Kirkpatrick, and others ; 
Shah Rokh's Embassies ; Voyages of Cesar Fredericke ; Accounts of Arakan, Assam, 
the Mahratta States, and the Dekkan ; Histories of AhmeH Shah ; History of the 
World, by Mirkhond ; Jewish and E.I. Customs (1705) ; Motte's Journey to the 
Diamond Mines of Sumbhulpoor, 1766 ; Jehangir's Memoirs ; Ferishta's Account of 
Malabar ; Story of Hstim Tai ; Reign of Bahadur Shah, by Gholam Hussein Khan ; 
Satire on Aurungzeb, &c. 

%* The 'Asiatic Mi?cellany ' and the 'New Asiatic Miscellany' were issued 
independently of the ' Researches ' or 'Transactions.' 

8197 Asiatic Miscellany (The New), consisting of Original Essays, 
Translations, and Fugitive Pieces, Vol. I., small 4to, pp. 1-260, half- 
morocco. Calcutta, 1789 £1 

A Hymn to Lacshmi, the Ceres of India ; Introduction to the History of the 
Persian Poets and Institutes of Ghazan Khan, by Capt. Kirkpatrick ; Letter from 
Akber to Abdullah Khan, by Abul Fazul, with translation by John Stonehouse ; 
The Dabistdn, or School of Manners, with translation by Gladwin ; The Death of 
Mahomed, from the Deh Mujlis ; Description of an Oriental Banquet, from the 
Arabic ; Dr. B. Franklin's Parable against Persecution ; Extracts from the Bostan 
of Sadi. 

8198 Asiatic Dissertations; relating to History, Antiquities, Arts, 
Sciences, and Literature, 3 vols. 8vo, calf. 1792-96 £1 4s 

These volumes contain a selection of Papers from the first three volumes of the 
' Asiatic Researches ' and from the ' Asiatic Miscellany,' including Dissertations on 
the Gods of Greece, Italy, and India, on the Literature of Asia, on the Hindus, 
Arabs, Tartars, Persians, Chinese, Hindoo Music and Chronology, Chess, Borderers, 
Mountaineers, and Islanders of Asia, &c. ; Egypt and the Nile from Hindu Book-, 
by Wilford ; the Songs of Jayad6va ; Turner's Journey to Tibet in 1783; Account 
or Embassies between the Emperor of China and Sultan Shahrokh ; the Ruins at 
Mavalipuram (known as "The Seven Pagodas") and the Mahratta Empire, by Wui. 
Chambers ; Father Giuseppe's Account of Nepal ; Fontana's Nicobar Islands, &c. 

8199 Asiatic Society of Bengal, Transactions of the, V0I..XVI., 
5 plates, 4to, boards. Calcutta, 1828 15s 

Wilson (H. H.) Religious Sects of the Hindus and Sanscrit Inscriptions at Abii ; 
Ti-aill (G. W.) Statistical Sketch of Kumaon ; Trant (T. A.) Notice of the Khyecs 
between Ava and Aracan ; Neufville (J. B.) Geography, &c., of Asam ; Paton 
(Charles) Sketch of Aracan ; Hodgson (B. H.) Languages, Literature, and Religion 
of the Bauddhas of Nepal and Bhot, &c. 

Asiatic Society of Bengal, Journal of the : — 

8200 Vol. XXXI., containing Yule's Visit to Indian Remains in Java ; Raverty's 

Account of the Swat River and Tribes ; Sherwill's Trip to Explore the 
Glaciers of Kanchunjingah, &c. ; Forlong and Eraser's Isthmus of Krau ; 
Theobald's Notes of a Trip to the Spiti Valley ; Papers by Rajendralala 
Mitra, W. T. Blanford, &c., with plates, half-calf. Calcutta, 1862 123 

8201 Vol. XXXIL, containing Loewenthal on the Antiquities of Peshawur ; Ander- 

son's Flora of Behar ; Blyth on the Rats and Mice of India; Schomburgk 
(Sir R.) Visit to Laos ; 6'Donel and Reynolds on the Arracan Frontier 
Tribes, and Papers by Phayre, Dowson, &c.,p^a^es, half-calf. 1863 12s 

8202 Cunningham's Archceol. Reports, 1861-2, 1863-4. J.A.S.B., 1863 each 2s 6d 

8203 Ravertjr, Upper Kashkar, Lower Chitral, &c. ; Godwin-Austen on Figures of 

Deities ; Tickell on Three Andamanese ; Williams's Journal of Trip to 
Bhamo, &c. 1864 3s 6d 

83^ High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

Religiom^ Languages, dec, India, Ceylon, Burma 307 

Bengal Asiatic Journal (continued) — 

8204 Cunningham on Pehewa Inscription ; Oldham on Fossils from Spiti ; Raveity 

on Language of Siaposh Kafirs ; Loewenthal on Persian Inscriptions at 
Srinagur, &c. 1864 3s 6d 

8205 Nassau-Lees on Application of Roman Characters to Oriental Languages ; 

Williams on British Trade between Burmah and China ; Costello on 
Geology of Bunnoo, &c. 1864 3s 6d 

8206 Rajendralala Mitra on the Origin of the Hindvi Language and its Relation to 

the Urdu Dialect ; Brooke on Mines of Khetree ; Tytler on Species of 
Gecko ; Wise on Pillar Towers in British Islands, &c. 1864 5s 

8208 Dalton s Notes of a Tour in the Tributary Mehals ; Archdeacon Pratt on 

Local Attraction ; Geological Map, &c 1865 3s 6d 

8209 Aitchison, Vegetation of the Islands of the Indus ; Blanford on Land Shells 

from Arakan, Pegu, &c. 1865 2s 

8210 Sherring (Rev. M. A.) Buddhist Ruins at Bakariya Kund, Benares, also at 

Saidpur and Bhitari {plates) ; Thomas on Ancient Indian Weights {plates) ; 
Bastian (Dr.), Some Siamese Inscriptions {plate) ; Jaeschke on Tibetan 
Pronunciation ; Impey on Gurjat State of Patna ; Cunningham's Archseoi. 
Survey Report, 1862-63, and on Coins of the Nine Nagas {plates), &c., 4 parts. 
Ib65. 8s 6d 

8211 Sherring on Ancient Buddhist Monasteries and Temples at Benares ; Cunning- 

ham on Temples of Kashmir {plates). Sec. 1866 3s 6d 

8212 Biihler, Notice of the Caunaka Smriti ; Melville on Buddhist Ruins at Doob 

Koond ; Growse, Objections to the Modern Style of Official Hindustani ; 
Dalton's Tour in Manbhoom. 1866 2s 6d 

^213 Wise (Dr. James) The Barah Bhuyas of Eastern Bengal {plate) ; Rajendralala 
Mitra on the Supposed Identity of the Greeks and the Yavanahs of 
Sanskrit Writers, &;c. 1874 4s 

8214 Proceedings, 1867, 1868, 1869 ; Journal, 1866 (part), 1867, 1868, 1869 (not com- 

plete), 4 vols. 8vo, boards £1 158 

Containing Campbell's Ancient Cities of Delhi ; Godwin-Austen's Vocabulary 
of English, Balti, and Kashmiri ; Thomas's Initial Coinage of Bengal : Browne on 
the Pegu Pagoda ; Home's Antiquities of Mainpuri ; Biochmann's Contributions to 
Persian Lexicography ; Phayre's History of the Burma Race (two papers) ; 
Stoliczka's Ornithology of the Sutlej Valley ; Godwin-Austen's Notes on Paugong 
Lake, Ladakh, and Geology of the Khasi Hills ; Mason's Dwellings, &o., of the 
Karens ; Theobald's Catalogue of Reptiles in the Asiatic Society's Museum ; 
Verchere's Geology of Kashmir and Western Himalaya ; Waldie on Water Supply to 
Calcutta; Blanford's Contributions to Indian Malacology. Maps, plans, and plates. 

8215 Asiatic Society of Bengal, Journal and Proceedings, 1.874, 
1875, and 1876, 6 vols, royal 8vo, cloth ^2 2s 

Containing Phayre's History of Pegu ; Kinealy on the Wahhabis ; Wise's Notes 
on Sunargaon, E. Bengal ; Annals of Oman ; Biochmann's Geog. and History of 
Bengal ; Growse on Local Names in N. India ; Kurz on Burmese Flora and Palms ; 
(rodwin -Austen on Birds of Assam, Nnga Hills, &o. ; Kaverty on the Patban Sultans 
of Delhi ; Fryer on the Khyengs ; Butler's Vocabulary Naga Hills ; Blyth's 
Mammals and Birds of Burmah ; Maclagau on Earl) Asiatic Fire Weapons ; Marsh's 
Trip to Gilgit; Shaw on the Ghalchah Languages (Yarkand, &c.); Morals of 
Kalidasa ; Translations from the Sanskrit ; Lists and Specimens of Coins, &c. 
Numeroiis plates. 

8216 Proceedings, January to December, 1876, with Summaries 

of Papers read, royal 8vo, cloth ^^ 

8217 Proceedings for 1877, containing Oust on the Non- Aryan 

Languages of India, Shaw on the Shighni Dialect, Leonard on 
Mythic History, &c., royal 8vo, cloth »s 

8Sy high Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

308 Francis Edwards^s Catalogue 

Bengal Asiatic Journal {continued) — 

8218 Proceedings and Journal, vols, for 1886 and 1887, plates, 

3 vols, royal Svo, cloth 15s 

Atkinson on Indian Ehynchota ; Douglas on Bees ; Doherty on Butterflies 
("with plates) ; G. King on New Species of Ficus from New Guinea ; Oliver on the 
Saf wf Dynjsty of Persia ; Yate on the City of Hirat, &c. 

8219 Proceedings, Vols. I. to XYII., 8vo. 1874-91 £2 

8220 Asiatic Society, Bombay Branch, Vol. VII. No. 22 (1861- 
1863) 5s 

Newton (Justice) Sah, Gupta, and other Dynasties of Kattiawar and Guzerat. 
West (E. W. and A. A.) Nasik Cave Inscriptions, j^^aw and lithographs. 
Bhdti Ddji, Ajunta and other Inscriptions, & plates. 
Playfair (Col.) Himyaritic Inscriptioos, »?a<e. 

8221 Vol. X. No. 28 (1871-2) 4s 

Vishvdnath (Kao Sdheb) Notes on the Shrine of Mahabales'vara. 
Eamkrishoa Gopal on Copper Plate Grant (5th Cent.), found in Gujerat. 
Bhau D4ji, Discovery of Copies of Bdna's Harsha Charita. 

Jav6rildl Umiashankar, Hindu Tribes and Castes in Gujarat, and other Papers. 

8222 Vol. X. No. 29 4s 

Vishvanath (Eao Saheb) Salivahana and tbe Salivabana Saptasati. 

Rehatsek (E.) Twelve Sabean Inscriptions on Eight Arabic Talismanic Medicine- 
Cups, Facsimiles of Muhammadan Coins, and other Papers, Reports, &c. 

8223 Asiatic Quarterly Review, Vol. I. No. 1, Jan., 1886, to 
Oct., 1890; Second Series, Jan., 1891, to Oct., 1895; continued as 
the Imperial and Asiatic Quarterly Review, Third Series, Jan., 
1896, to Oct., 1900, complete in 60 parts £8 

A most useful journal, constituting a Thesaurus of invaluable information on 

current Oriental Politics, Law, Learning, and Travels, containing specially written 

papers by specialists on India, Indo-Cblna, Cbina, Japan, Manchuria, Corea, 

Summary of Events in Asia, Africa, and the Colonies, Correspondence, Reviews, kc. 

Baijnath (Judge Lala) on Modern Hindu Religion and Philosophy 

—Trans. Ninth International Congress of Orientalists, 1892, Vol. I. 

Bald^us (P.) The Idolatry of the East India Pagans: Religious 

Worship of the Indosthans, Inhabitants of Coromandel, Malabar) 

and Ceylon. See Ceylon, p. 259. 

8225 Barth (A.) The Religions of India, translated from the German 

by Rev. J. Wood (Trubner's Oriental Ser.), Svo, cloth. 1881 12s 

Vedantism, Brahmanism, Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism. 

8227 Beames (John) Comparative Grammar of the Modern Aryan 
Languages of India: Hindi, Panjabi, Sindhi, Gujarati, Marathi, 
Oriya, and Bangali, 3 vols. Svo, cloth. 1872-79 (pub. 4Ss) 12s 6d 
An excellent work, being a useful introduction to the languages of more than 
half the natives of India. Mr. Beames not only sifted the mass of local literature, 
but Jived among the people, hearing them talk daily, himself able to speak all, or 
nearly all the vernaculars. The work contains, in addition to the Grammar, a valu- 
able ' Introduction ' on the Sanskrit and Prakrits, showing the growth and develop- 
ment of the modern languages, with illustrative extracts and European analogies, 
and some of the results of Arabic and Persian influence. It thus completes the 
grammars and the more or less defective vocabularies of the languages above 
mentioned. A copious index of words discussed, or which illustrate some rule, is 
added to the third volume. 

8229 Bendall (Prof. Cecil) A Journey of Literary and Archaeological 
Research in Nepal and Northern India, 1884-85, Svo, cloth. 
Gambridge, 1886 8s 6d 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

lieUgiom, Languages, d&c, India, Ceylon, Burma 309 


8230 Forbes (Capt.) Bengali Grammar, with Easy Phrases and Useful Dialogues, 

roy. 8vo, cloth. 1862 6s 

8231 Haughton (Sir Graves) Bengali and Sanskrit Dictionary, with Index serving as 

English-Bengali, thick 4to, cloth. 1833 158 

8232 Nicholl (Prof. G. F.) Bengali Manual, comprising Grammar, Lessons, and 

Appendices, including an Assamese Grammar, 12mo. 1894 7s 6d 

8233 Ram Comul SeUj Dictionary of English and Bengalee, translated from Johnson's 

English Dictionary, 2 vols. imp. 4to, half-calf. Serampore, 1834 18s 

8234 Yates and Wenger, Bengali Grammar, new edition, 12mo, cloth. 1885 4s 
8285 The Yatras; or, Popular Dramas of Bengal, by Nisikanta (Jhattopadhyaya, 8vo, 

pp. iv-50. 1882 Is 6d 

For History of Bengali Literature see Dutt (R. C). 
See also Beames'S Modern Aryan Languages ; Gust's E. Indian Languages ; 
Hoernle's Gaudian Languages. 

8236 Besant (Annie) Theosophical Manuals, 12mo, cloth, each Is 6d 

]. The Seven Principles of Man. 2. Reincarnation. 3. Death and After. 
4. Kflrma. 5. Man and his Bodies. 

8237 Bhattacharya (J. N.) Hindu Castes and Sects, 12nio, cloth, 
1896 13s 

Chapters on the Origin of the Caste System and on the Bearing of the Sects 
towards each other and towards other Religious Systems. 

8238 Bhili Language, Rudiments of, by the Rev. 0. S. Thompson, 
8vo, cloth. Amedahad, 1895 5s 
BiBLiOTHEOA Indioa, a Collection of Oriental "Works published by 
the Asiatic Society of Bengal. *^* A number of odd Farts. 

8241 Biddulph (Major) Tribes of the Hindu Khush [Gilgit, Baltistan, 
Dardistan, &c.J, map, royal 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1880 £1 

Account of the mountainous country, people, government, with ten appendices, 
comprising vocabularies and grammars of the different languages and dialects. 

8242 Dialects of Tribes of Hindu Khush, Additions and Correc- 
tions, Boorishki, Shina, and Khowar Languages (R.A. Soc. Journ.). 
1885-86 7s 6d 

8243 Bidpai. Kalilah and Dimnah; or, the Fables of Bidpai, or 
Pilpay, translated from the Syriac, with Account of their Literary 
History by I. G. N. Keith-Falconer, 8vo, cloth. Cambridge, 
1885 7s 6d 

This collection of tales originated in India, forming part of the Buddhist litera- 
ture, whence it passed into Tibetan, Chinese, Arabic, &c. From the Arabic it was 
translated into Svriac, Greek, Persian, Hebrew, Latin, Spanish, French, German, 
English, and other modern languages. For a late Persian version and Kastwick s 
English translation see ' Anvar-i-Suhaili,' p. 51. 

8244 Bird (James) Historical Researches on the Origin and Principles 
of the Bauddha and Jaina Religions, with Accounts of the Sculp- 
tures in the Caves of Western India, Translations of Inscriptions, 
&c., 54 litfiographs (17 hand coloured), inscriptions, and coins, folio, 
half-morocco. Bombay, 1847 (scarce) ^2 10s 

8245 Bjornstjerna (Count M.) The Theogony of the Hindoos, with 
their Systems of Philosophy and Cosmogony, 8vo, cl. 1844 3s 6d 

Religion of the Hindoos, Castes, the Brahmins, the Vedas, Epic Poems, 
Buddhism, the Jainas, Mahometans, Cosmogonies, Migrations, &c. ^^^ 

8S, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

310 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

8246 Blavatsky (H. P.) Isis Unveiled: a Master Key to the 
Mysteries of Ancient and Modern Science and Theology, 'portrait^ 
sixth edition, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1901 £1 10s 

8247 The Secret Doctrine: the Synthesis of Science, Religion, 

and Philosophy, 3 vols, royal 8vo, cloth. 1888-95 ^63 

Vol. I. Cosmogenesis. Vol. II. Anthropogeuesis. Vol. III. Index. 

8248 Blochmann (H.) Koch Bihar, Koch Hajo, and A'sam in the 
Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries ; Notes on Arabic and 
Persian Inscriptions, two papers, Jour. R. Asiatic Soc. Bengal. 
1872 each 2s 

8250 Bombay Literary Society, Transactions of, 3 vols, with 
engravings, 4to, half-calf. 1819-23 £1 IDs 

Vol. I. Mackintosh (Sir J.) Opening Discourse ; Salt (Henry) on the Salsette 
Caves {illustrated) ; Irvine (Lt, Fr.) on Gipsy and Hindostanee Languages ; Malcolm 
(Sir John) Persian Illustrations of Mahomedan Opinions; Graham (J. W.) on 
Sufiism ; Briggs (Capt. John) on the Bunjaras ; Erskine (Wm.) The Cave Temple of 
Elephanta ; Macmurdo (James) On Kattiwar and its Inhabitants ; Carnac (J. Rivett) 
The Famine in Guzerat, 1812-13 ; Mackintosh (Sir J.) Plan of a Comparative Voca- 
bulai7 of Indian Languages, &c. 

vol. II. Pearce (Nathl.) Account 'of the Abyssinians ; Vans Kennedy (Capt.) 
On Persian Literature : Stewart (Andrew) Volcanic Eruption Island of Sumbawa ; 
Crawford (John) Ruins of Boro Budor, Java; Bellins (Charles) On Deciphering 
Cuneiform Inscriptions ; Macmurdo (James) Account of Cutch ; Vans Kennedy 
(Caj)t.) Religion introduced by Akbar ; Erskine (Wm.) Books of the Parsis, &c. 

Vol. III. Vans Kennedy (Major) State of Persia from the Battle of Arbela. 
B.C. 331, to A.D. 226, and on Mill's History of B. India ; Sykes (W. H.) Ruins oi 
Bejapoor, and Caves of Ellora ; Erskine (Wm.) Buddhist Remains in India, «kc. 

See also p. 85. 

8252 Bopp's Comparative Grammar of the Sanskrit, Zend, Greek, 
Latin, Lithuanian, Gothic, German, and Slavonic Languages, 
translated by Eastwick, and edited by H. H. Wilson, fourth edition, 
3 vols. 8vo, cloth 1885 £1 6s 

8253 Bosanquet (S. R.) Hindu Chronology and Antediluvian History, 
8vo, cloth. 1880 2s 6d 

See also Aberuni, p. 1 ; Duff (Mrs. Richmers), p. 114 ; Patell, p. 211. 

8254 Bose (Ram Chandra) Brahmoism : History of Reformed 
Hinduism, 12mo, cloth. 1884 4s 

On the work of the Reformers Rajah Mohun Roy and Keshub Cbunder Sen. 

8255 Hindu Philosophy Popularly Explained : The Orthodox 

Systems, 8vo, cloth. 1884 7s 6d 

Sources, Age, and Evolution of Hindu Philosophy, Pantheism, Hindu 
Asceticism, Logic, Ritualism, Eclecticism, &c. 

8257 Hindu Philosophy: Heterodox Systems, 12mo, cl. 1887 6s 

Buddhism, Jainism, the Charvaka System of Indian Epicurism, Kaber, Nanak, 
and their successors. 

Bose (P. Nathaniel) History of Hindu Civilization under British 
Rule, 4 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1894-96 

8259 I. Religious Condition and Influences, New Sects, &c. 6s 

8260 II. Socio-Religious Condition, Castes, Woman, Agriculture, Industries, &c. 6s 

8261 III. Intellectual Condition, Education, Natural Science Teaching, &c. 6s 

8262 IV. In the Press. 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

Religions, Languages, &g., India, Ceylon, Burma 311 

8263 Bourquin (A.) Brahmakarma, ou Rites Sacres des Brahmanes ; 
Dharmasindhu, ou Oc^an des Rites Religieux par le Pretre Kashin- 
atha, traduit du Sanscrit ; Remarques sur la Secte ^ivaite, par 
E. S. W. S^nathi Raja; Les Coquilles Sacrees, par A mould 
Locard; Dathavanca, ou Histoire de la Dent-Relique du Buddha- 
Gotama: Poeme Epique Pali de Dhanimakitti-Thera, traduit par 
L. de Milloue; Memoire sur THistoire de la Dent-Relique de 
Ceylan, traduit par Millou^ ; ]6tudes Phon^tiques et Morpholo- 
giques, Indo-Europeennes, by Paul Regnaud, plates (Annales du 
Mus^E GuiMET, Tome VII.), 4to, sewed. Paris, 1884 12s 

Brahmanism. See Asiatic Society Publications ; Baijnath, 
Ballantyne, Baldseus, Barth, Bhattacharya , Bjornstjerna, Bose, 
Bourquin, Clarke (Freeman), Colebrooke, Coleman, Dowson, Dutt, 
Flagg, Floyer, Forlong, Garrett, Ghosha, Gilder, Goldstiicker, 
Gore, Growse, Hopkins, Jennings, Johnson, Jones, Kennedy, 
Lord, Mitchell, Moor, Oriental Congresses, Padfield, Palladius, 
Poor, Religious Systems ; Sanskrit, Sherring, Tennent, Vaughan, 
Wilkins, Williams, Wilson (Prof.), &c. 

Brahma Samaj, or Brahmoism. See Bose, Dutt, Edalji, Keshub, 
Mitchell, Miiller (* Chips,' Vol. IV. pp. 271-275 ; 283-290), Rammc- 
hun Roy, Monier- Williams (* Religious Thought and Life in India '), 

8265 Breal (Michel) Hercule et Cacus : Etude de Mythologie Comparee, 
8vo, half-calf. Paris, 1863 3s 6d 

An Essay on Vedic, Greek, Indian, Iranian, and Germaoio Mythologj'. 

8266 Broughton (Major Thomas D.) Selections from the Popular 
Poetry of the Hindoos, 12mo, half-calf. 1814 6s 

With original verse printed in Roman character. 

8267 Letters from a Mahratta Camp, with Account of the Religious 

Ceremonies, Festivals, &c., of the People of Rajpootana, new 
edition, with Introduction by Sir M. E. Grant-Duff, map and illus- 
trations, 12mo, cloth. 1892 2s 6d 

8268 Brown (J. P.) The Dervishes or, Oriental Spiritualism, with 
24 illustrations, 12mo, cloth. 1868 8s 

8269 Brugmann (K.) Elements of the Comparative Grammar of the 
Indo-Germanic Languages : a Concise Exposition of the History of 
Sanskrit, Old Iranian, Old Armenian, Old Greek, Latin, Umbrian, 
Samnitic, Old Irish, Gothic, Old High German, Lithuanian, and 
Old Bulgarian, 5 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1888-95 £^ 15s 6d 

8270 Vol. I. Introduction and Phonology, by J. Wright. 1888 18s 

8271 Vol. II. Part I. Morpliology : Stem Formation and Inflection, by S. Conway 

and W. D. Rouse. 1891 -^^ 

8272 Vol. III. Part 11. Morphology : Numerals, Nouns, and Pronouns, by S. Conway 

and W. D. Rouse. 1892 12s 6d 

8273 Vol. IV. Part III. Morphology : Verbs, Formation of the Stem, and Inflection 

or Conjugation, by S. Conway and W. D. Rouse. 1895 k-a 

8274 Vol. V. Index of Words, Matters, and Authors mentioned in Vols. I.-I V 1895^ 

83, Hi^h Sl/reety Mar^lebone, London, W, 

312 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 


*** See also India, Archaeology, pp. 71-73 : Pali, pp. 338-340 ; Chinese 
Religion, Language, &c., Tibet, and Boro-Boudoiir Temple, Java, 'post. 

8275 Alabaster (Henry) Tiie Wheel of the Law : Buddhism Illus- 
trated from Siamese Sources by the ''Modern Buddhist" [Chao 
Phya Thipakon (Phraklang)], a Life of Buddha, and an Account of 
Phrabat, or the Holy Footprint, with plate, 8vo, cloth (scarce). 
1871 18s 

Arnold's Light of Asia. See p. 304. 

8276 As oka, Buddhist Emperor of India, by Vincent A. Smith, map, 
12mo, cloth (•* Rulers of India "). 1901 3s 

See also Copleston, Buddhism ; ArchcTeological Surveys (.pp. 72, 73), Alexander 
the Great (p. 70), Cunningham, Fergusson, Manning, Rajendralala Mitra, Wheeler, &c. 

8277 Ayuso (Prof. F. G.) El Nirvana Buddhista en sus Relaciones 
con otros Sistemas Filosdficos, 8vo, pp. 41. Madrid^ 1885 Ss 

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of Buddhist World SystemSf 8vo, half-morocco. Berlin, 1882 7s 6d 

8279 Bigandet (Rt. Rev. Bp.) The Life, or Legend of Gaudama, the 
Buddha of the Burmese, with Annotations : the Ways to Neibban, 
and Notice on the Phongyies, or Burmese Monks [second edition], 
8vo, half-calf extra. Rangoon, 1866 14s 

8281 Third edition (reprint of the preceding), Life or Legend 

of Gaudama, the Buddha of the Burmese, with Annotations, Notice 
of the Burmese Monks, &c. (TrUbner's Oriental Series), 2 vols. 
8vo, cloth (scarce). 1880 25s 

8282 Yie ou Legende de Gaudama, traduit par Lt. Y. Gauvain, 

royal 8vo, half-morocco. Paris, 1878 10s 

The invaluable work of Bishop Bigandet forms a perfect encycloptedia of 
Buddhist lore. 

BoRO-BouDOUR Temple. See Bombay Lit. Soc, Fergusson's 'Archi- 
tecture,' and Java, in subsequent Sections. 

8283 Buddhaghosha's Parables, translated from the Burmese by 
Capt. T. Rogers, R.E., with Buddha's ' Dhamraapada,' or 'Path of 
Virtue,' from the Pali, by Max Miiller, 8vo, cloth. 1870 10s 

With an Introductory Essay on the Age of the Parables aud the Importance of 
the ' Dhammapada,' bv Max Mviller. 

8284 Buddhist Text Society of India, Journal of, Yol. I. No. I., 
January, 1893, royal 8vo, swd. Calcutta 2s 

Indian Pandits in Tibet : Lamaic Hierarchy ; Tibetan and Sanskrit Texts. 

8285 Burgess (Dr.) Amaravati and Jaggayyapeta Buddhist Stupas, 
Madras Presidency, surveyed by Dr. Burgess, with Translations of 
Asoka Inscriptions at Jaugada and Dhauli by Dr. Biihler, 69 plates 
and other illusti^ations, imp. 4to, half-mor. 1887 (pub. £4 4s) £1 168 
Other Works. See p. 90. 

83j High Street^ Marylehone, London, W. 

Religiont, Languages, <fcc., India, Ceylon, Burma 3lB 

Buddhism — India, Ceylon, and Burmah {continued) — 

8286 Carus (Dr. Paul) Buddhism and its Christian Critics, 12mo, cloth. 

Ohicago, 1897 3s 6d 

Wilh chapters on the Origin, Philosophy, Psychology, and Basic Concepts of 

8287 Clough (Rev. Benj.) The Ritual of the Buddhist Priesthood, 
translated from the Pali, 8vo, pp. 30 (O. T. F. [1834]) Is 6d 

8288 Copleston(R.S.,D.D.) Bishop of Colombo. Buddhism, Primitive 
and Present, in Magadha [India] and Ceylon, 8vo, cl. 1892 10s 6d 

Contains Historical Sketch of Buddhism, a Life of Gotama, Chapters on the 
Buddhist Moral System and its Ideal, Transmigration, Keligion of the Laity, Caste, 
and the Female Community, Asoka the" Constantine" of Buddhism, the Con- 
version of Ceylon, Buddaghosha the greatest of Buddhist Commentators, Buddhism 
during the Middle Ages, Later Kevivals, Buddhism as at Present Taught, and 
Monastic Life. 

"A valuable work though confined to Sinhalese Buddhism only excellent 

throui^hout in form, spirit, judgment, and learning." — Asiatic Q. 

8289 Cunningham ([Sir] Alex.) Verification of the Itinerary of the 
Chinese Pilgrim Hwen Thsang through Afghanistan and India, 
Jour. Asiatic Soc, July, 1848, pp. 13-62, and Chinese wiap ; also 
Essay on the Aryan Order of Architecture as exhibited in the 
Temples of Kashmir, vmp and plates, ibid., September, 1848, 
pp. 241-326, 8vo, cloth 8s 6d 

8290 • Ancient Geography of India, Buddhist Period, including 

Alexander's Campaigns and the Travels of Hwen Thsang, with 13 
maps, 8vo, cloth. 1871 14s 

8291 The Bhilsa Topes; or, Buddhist IVEonuments of Central 

India, comprising a History of Buddhism, ivith 33 plates, 8vo, cloth. 
1854 £1 

Treating specially of Buddha and the Faith, First, Second, and Third Synod?, 
Buddhist Schisms, Chronology, Reign of Asoka, Gupta Dynasty, the Topes, and 
particularly that of Sanchi, its bas-reliefs and inscriptions, Buddhist Symbols, &;c. 

8292 Mahabodhi ; or, the great Buddhist Temple under the 

Bodhi Tree at Budda-Gaya, 31 plates, imp. 4to, cloth. 1892 £1 12s 

8293 The Stupa of Bharhut : a Buddhist Monument, with 57 

plates, imp. 4to, clorth. 1879 ^1 15s 

See al^o Archaeological Surveys, pp. 71-73 ; and Maisey, p. 315. 

8294 Davids (Prof. Bhys) On the Origin and Growth of Religion 
as Illustrated by some Points in the History of Indian Buddhism 
(Hibbert Lectures), 8\ro, cloth. 1881 3s 6d 

See Lillie's 'Answer,' p. 315. 

8295 Buddhism : Life and Teachings of Gautama, 12mo, cloth. 

(S.P.C.K.) 1885 Is 6d 

8296 Buddhism, its History and Literature, 12mo, cloth. 

(S.P.C.K.) 1896 . ^s 

8297 Dialogues of the Buddha translated from the Pah by 

T. W. Rhys Davids (Sacred Books of the Buddhists, Vol. II.), 
8vo, cloth. 1899 ' __^ 

88, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

314 Francis Edwards^ 8 Catalogtie 

Buddhism — India, Oeylon, and Burmah {continued) — 

8298 Davids (Caroline Rhys) Buddhist Manual of Psychological 
Ethics, 4th Century b.c, translated from the Pali of the Dhamma- 
Sangani, with Essay and Notes (Oriental Transl. Fund, N.S., 
Vol. XII.), Svo, cloth. 1900 10s 

Dhammapada (The). See Buddhagosha, p. 312; Pali, p. 339; 
also Chinese Literature — Beal ; and Tibet. 

Fa-Hien's Travels. See Beal, p. 80 ; Sykes, p. 356 ; and China, 

8299 Feer (Leon) Etudes Bouddhiques : le Livre des Cent Legendes 
(Avadana-Cataka), from Jour. Asiatique, Svo, half - morocco. 
Paris, 1881 • 4s 6d 

8300 ISataputta et les Niganthas (Jour. Asiatique, September, 

1888), pp. 209-252 2s 

See also Tibet. 

Fergusson, Cave Temples of India. See p. 132. 

8301 Fielding-Hall (H.) The Soul of a People : Account of the Life 
and Belief of the Burmese, 8vo, cloth 7s 6d 

8302 Grunwedel (Prof. A.) Buddhist Art in India, translated by 
Agnes Gibson, revised and enlarged by Dr. Burgess, with 154 
illustrations, royal Svo, cloth. 1901 12s 6d 

8303 Hardy (R. Spence) Eastern Monachism (Buddhism) : Origin, 
Laws, Discipline, Writings, Rites, Ceremonies, &c., of the Order 
of Mendicants founded by Gotama Buddha, Svo, cloth. 1850 12s 

8304 • A Manual of Buddhism, in its Modern Development; from 

Singalese MSS., second edition, Svo, cloth. 1880 18s 

8305 The Sacred Books of the Buddhists compared with History 

and Modern Science, Svo, cloth, pp. iv-177. Colombo, 1863 5s 

8306 Legends and Theories of the Buddhists compared with 

History and Science, 12mo, cloth. 1866 {scarce) 10s 

8307 Christianity and Buddhism Compared, Colombo, 1874; 

also Schoebel (C.) Buddhisme ; Ses Origines, Nirvana, &c., Paris, 
1874, 1 vol. Svo, half-calf 6s 6d 

Hodgson (Brian) Literature and Religion of the Buddhists. See 
pp. 155 ; and Rajendralala Mitra, p. 352. 

Hwen Thsang's Travels. See Beal, p. SO ; Cunniugham, p. 313. 

Jataka Buddhist Birth-Stories. See Pali, p. 339. 

8309 Kalyani Inscriptions (The) erected by King Dhammaceti at 
Pegu, 1476 A.D., Text and Translation, with 2 plwtographs, imp. 
Svo, boards. Rangoon, 1892 5s 

8310 Koeppen (Carl Fr.) Die Religion des Buddha und ihre Entste- 
hung, 1857 ; also Die Lamaische Hierarchic und Kirche, 1859, 
1 vol. Svo, half-calf (scarce). Berlin 16s 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

Religions^ La/nguages, (&c., India, Ceylon, Burma 315 

Buddhism — Ikdia, Ceylon, and Burmah (continued) — 

8311 Lillie (Arthur) The Popular Life of Buddha ; an Answer to Dr. 
Rhys Davids* Hibbert Lectures, 5 illust, 12mo, cl. 1883 4s 

8312 Buddha and his Parables, 16mo, cloth Is 6d 

8313 Buddhism in Christendom ; or, Jesus the 'Essene, illustrated, 

Svo, cloth. (Trubner) 1887 7s 6d 

8314 Low (Col. James) Gleanings in Buddhism, from a Pali Work, 
termed in Siamese 'Phr^ Pat'hom,' Jour. Asiatic Sec, July, 1848, 
pp. 72-98 3s 6d 

8315 Maisey (Gen. F. C.) Sanchi and its Remains, and their Evidence 
of the comparatively Modern Date of the Buddhism of Gotama, 
with 4:0 plates, Introduction by Cunningham, imp. 4to, cl. 1892 £1 Is 

Gen. Maisey was inclined to reduce the Buddhist period by 600 years. 

8316 Mariano (Raffaele) Buddismo e Cristianesimo : Studio di 
Religione Comparata, 12mo, cloth. Naples, 1892 2s 6d 

8318 MinayefF (I. P.) R^cherches sur le Bouddhisme, translated from 
the Russian by de Pompignan, roy. Svo, half-mor. Paris, 1894 8s 6d 
Chapters on the three Councils and the Inscription at Bairat ; the Stupa at 
Bharhut, Buddhist Schisms and Heresies, Monachism, with bibliography. 

8321 Obry (J. B. F.) Du Nirvana Bouddique en Reponse k M. B. 
Saint-Hilaire, Svo, half-morocco. Paris, 1S63 6s 

From Memoire de 1' Academic 14 et 28 Mars, 1863. 

8322 Oldenburg (Prof. Hermann) Buddha; sein Leben, Lehre, 
Gemeinde, third edition, Svo, half-morocco. Berlin, 1897 8s 6d 

8323 Buddha ; his Life, Doctrine, &c., translated by Dr. Wm. 

Hoey, Svo, cloth. 1882 10s 

Oldfield (Dr.) on Nipalese Buddhism. See p. 207. 

8324 Phillips (Richard) The Story of Gautama Buddha and his 
Creed : an Epic, 12mo, cloth. 1871 2s 6d 

8325 Poussin (Prof. Louis de Vallee) Bouddhisme : Etudes et Mate- 
riaux ; Adikarmapradipa Bodicaryavataratika (in Roman character), 
4to, cloth. [Brussels] 1898 10s 6d 

M6moires de I'Acad. Royale de Belgique, Tome LV. 

Sacred Books of the Buddhists, edited by Max Muller, 
Svo, cloth back, paper sides. Oxford {in progress) 

8326 Vol. I. The Gatakamala, or Garland of Birth Stories by Arya Sura, from the 

Sanskrit by Speyer. 1902 ^^ 

8327 Vol. II The Dialogues of the Buddha, from the Pali by Rhys Davids 9s 

Sakya Sinya, the Reformer, Life. See Lalita Vistara, p. 349. 

8328 Saint-Hilaire (J. Barthelemy) Le Bouddha et sa Religion, Svo, 
half-calf. Paris, 1862 ^^ ^^ 

8329 Scott (Arch., D.D.) Buddhism and Christianity : a Parallel and 

a Contrast (Croall Lectures), Svo, cloth. 1890 os 

8330 Seydel (Rudolf) Das Evangelium von Jesu in seinem Yerhalt- 
nissen zu Buddha-Sage und Buddha-Lehre, Svo, half-morocco 
Leipzig, 1882 _____ 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

316 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

Buddhism — India, Ceylon, and Burmah {continued) — 

8331 Sibernagl (Dr. Isidor) Der Buddhismus nach seiner Entste- 
liung, Fortbildung und Verbreitung, 8vo, cl. Miinicliy 1891 3s 6d 

8332 Simpson (Wm.) The Buddhist Praying-Wheel : Symbolism of 
Circular Movements in Custom and Ritual, 48 illustrations, 8vo, 
cloth. 1896 5s 

Ihe Wheel among the Lamas; in Indian Buddhism ; in the Brahmanic System ; 
its Solar Origin ; the Swastika : in the Zoroastrian System ; in Japan. Egypt : 
Mohammedan, Jewish, Greek, Christian, Celt, Gaul, and Teuton ; the Wheel of 
Fortune, the Wheel as an Amulet, &c. 

8333 Stenzler (A. F.) The Institutes of Gautama (Sanskrit Text Soc), 
royal 8vo, swd. 1876 2s 6d 
Tennent (Sir Emerson) on Buddhism and Demon Worship. See his 
' Christianity in Ceylon,' p. 358, and ' Account ' of Ceylon, p. 266. 

8335 Teza (Prof. E.) Sul Lokaniti, Studj sulla Gnomologia Buddiana, 
4to, pp. 125-134 (excerpt). Milan, 1880 2s 6d 

8336 Tytler (Robert, M.D.) Origin and Principles of Budaic Sabism : 
Observations tending to identify the Worship of Buddha with that 
of Siva, 4to, half-calf. Calcutta, 1817 16s 

8337 Upham (Edward) History and Doctrine of Buddhism popularly 
Illustrated, with Notices of the Kappooism or Demon Worship, and 
of the Bali or Planetary Incantations of Ceylon, udth 43 large 
coloured plates from Singalese designs, foVio, cloth. 1829 £5 10s 

8338 The Sacred and Historical Books of Ceylon, and Tracts 

illustrative of the Doctrines and Literature of Buddhism, 3 vols. 
8vo, half-calf. 1833 £1 5s 

Vol.1. The Mah^vansi. II. E^j^-Katndcari, Mj^-7ali. III. Budhist Tracts. 

8339 Warren (H. Clarke) Buddhism in Translations from the Pali 
(Harvard Oriental Series), royal 8vo, cloth. 1896 6s 

Chapters composed of extracts from Pali writings : J. The Buddha. II. Sentient 
Existence. III. Kharma and Rebirth. IV. Meditation and Nirvana. V. The 
Order : Monastic Life. 

8341 Wassiljew (Prof. W.) St. Petersburg, Der Buddhismus seine 
Dogmen, Geschichte und Literatur, aus dem Russischen Uebersetzt, 
royal 8vo, calf. St. Petersburg, 1860 9s 

Williams (Monier) Buddhism, Brahmanism, Hinduism, &c. See 
p. 339. 
See also Bird, Clarke. Forlong, Francklin, Hopkins, Jennings, Johnson, Kunte, 

Pali, Religious Systems, O'Brien, Olcott, Oriental Congresses, Sanskeit, Williams 

(M.) infra. Also China and Tibet, post. 

Burmese Language and Literature. 

Buchanan-Hamilton (Dr.)Eeligionand Literature of the Burmese. 
See Asiatic Reseaeches, vol. vi. pp. 136-308 

8344 Gushing (Kev. J. N.) Grammar of the Shan Language, imp. 8vo, boards 

Rangoon, 1871 5s 

8345 Forbes (C'apt.) Comparative Grammar of the Languages of Further India 

[Indo-China, Anam, Burma, and Shan Races], and other Essays [Life of 
Gautama, &c.], 12mo, cloth. 1881 2s 6d 

Fytche (Gen.) Burmese Language and Literature, with the ' Silver Hill,' a 
Burmese Drama, translated by Col. Sladen and Col. Sparkes. See Fytche's 
'Burma' (vol. ii. pp. 1-58), p. 276. 

83 J High Street, Marylebone, London, W, 

Religions f Lmiguages, o&c, India, Ceylon^ Burma 317 

Burmese Language and Literature {continued) — 

8346 Gray (J.) Ancient Proverbs and Maxims from Burmese Sources : or, the 

Niti Literature of Burma (Triibner's Oriental Series), 8vo, cloth. 1886 4s 6(1 

8347 Haswell (Rev. J. M.) Grammatical Notes and Vocabulary of the Peguau 

Language, royal 8vo, board:^. Rangoon, 1874 Gs 

8348 Houghton (B.) On the Language of the Southern ' Chins and its Affinities, 

with Vocabularies, royal 8vo, boards. Rangoon, 1893 4s 

8349 Judson (Dr. Adon.) Dictionary, Burmese and English, Jfait^mam, 1852 ; English 

and Burmese, Rangoon, 1866, 2 vols. 8vo, sheep 328 

8350 Burmese- English Dictionary, revised and enlarged by Kobert C. Steven- 
son, royal 8vo, half-bound 308 
8361 Latter (Lieut. Thomas) Grammar of the Language of Burmah, 4to, boards. 
Calcutta, 1845 (scarce) 208 

8353 Menoo, The Damathat, or the Laws of Menoo, English and Burmese, by D. 

Richardson, 8vo, boards. Maubnain, 1847 12s 6d 

8354 Lewin (T. H.) Progressive Colloquial Exercises in the Lushai Dialect of the 

" Dzo " or Kiiki Language, with Vocabularies and Popular Tales, 4to, cloth 
CalciUtay 1874 6s 

See also p. 177. 

Phayre (Sir A.) Specimen of a Burmese Di-ama. See Yule, Ava, p. 283. 

Scott (Sir J. G.) Chapters on Plays, Dancing, Music and Songs, Language and 
Literature of the Burmese. See ' The Burman,' p. 281. 

8355 Sloan (W. H.) Practical Method with the Burmese Language, royal 8vo, 

Rangoon, 1876 12s 6d 

For other works referring incidentally to the Burmese, Karen, or Khyeng 
Languages— Crawfurd, Fryer, Gordon, Hugnes, McMahon, Mason, Smeaton, Yule, 
see pp. 272-283. 

8356 Burnell (A. C.) Elements of South Indian Palaeography, Fourth 
to Seventeenth Century: an Introduction to the Study of South 
Indian Inscriptions and MSS., second enlarged edition, wWi maj) 
and 34 plates^ 4to, cloth. 1878 £1 10s 

8357 Burton (Capt. Sir Richard) Yikram and the Yampire ; or, Tales 
of Hindu Devilry, with 33 full-page and other illustratione hy 
Ernest Griset, 8vo, cloth. 1893 4s 

A Sanskrit composition which inspired Apuleius and Boccaccio, and was the 
germ of the * Arabian Nights.' 

8359 Byrne (James) General Principles of the Structure of Language, 
second edition, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1892 10s 

Treats comprehensively of the Indo-European, Chinese, Indo-Chinese, Tibetan, 
and Syro- Arabian Thought and Language. 

8360 Caldwell (Rev. R., LL.D.) Comparative Grammar of_ the 
Dravidian or South Indian Family of Languages, enlarged edition, 
8vo, cloth. 1875 £1 ^ 

Canarese, Khond, Malayalim, Tamil, Telugu, &c. 

8361 The Tinnevelly Shanars ; their Religion, Condition, and 

Characteristics as a Caste, 8vo, half-calf. Madras, 1849 3s 6d 

8362 On the Substitution of the Roman for the Indian Characters, 

8vo, pp. 36. Madras, 1859 Is 3d 

8364 Campbell (Sir G.) and others, Specimens of Languages of India, 
including Aboriginal and Border Tribes, folio. Calcutta, 1874: 15s 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, TT, 

318 FranGis Edwa/rds^s Catalogue 


8367 Hodson (Thomas) Elementary Grammar of the Kannada, or Canarese Lan- 

guage, 8vo, cloth. Bangalore, 1859 2s ()d 

8368 Kittel (Kev. F.) Kannada- English Dictionary, royal 8vo, half-bound. Man- 

galore, 1894 £1 12s 

8369 Reeve (Rev. W.) Canarese and English Dictionary, revised by D. Sanderson, 

8vo, half-calf. Bangalore, 1858 ' 8s 6d 

8370 Rice (Lewis) Early Kannada Authors— Jour. R. Asiatic Soc, 1883, Vol. XV. 

pp. 295-314 2s 

8371 Village Dialogues in Canarese [edited by J. Garrett], 12mo, boards. Bangalore, 

1847 Is 6d 

8372 New Testament, 8vo, sheep. Bangalore, 1858 28 6d 

8373 Prose Selections, 8vo, cloth. Bangalore, 1863 58 

8374 Poetical Anthology, 8vo, cloth. Bangalore, 1867 5s 

See also Caldwell, Campbell, Gust, Gover, &c. 

Chin Language. See Burmese, p. 317. 

8376 Christian (John) Behar Proverbs Classified and Translated into 
English, with Notes, Tales, and Folk-Lore on which they are 
founded (Triibner's Oriental Series), 8vo, cloth. 1891 4s 

With Appendix on Popular Superstitions and Errors, and a Hindi Verbal Index. 

8377 Clarke (James Freeman) Ten Great Keligions. Vol. I. An 
Essay in Comparative Theology. Vol. II. A Comparison of all 
Religions, new edition, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1886 

8378 Clouston (W. A.) A Group of Eastern Romances and Stories 
from the Persian, Tamil, and Urdu, 12mo, sewed. 1889 9s 

8379 Popular Tales and Fictions ; their Migrations and Trans- 
formations, 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1887 16s 

8380 The Book of Noodles, 12mo, cloth. 1888 2s 6d 

Stories of the Guru Paramartan, the Four Simple Brahmans, drolleries from the 
Kamayana, the Jatakas, and other Biindoo, Kasmirian, and Sinhalese books. 

8382 Colebrooke (H. T.) Miscellaneous Essays, with Life by his 
Son, 3 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1873 23s 

Vol. I. The Life. Vols. XL and III. Essays on the Vedas, the Religious Cere- 
monies of the Hindus, Hindu Philosophy, the Jainas, Muhammadan Sects, &c. 

8383 Essays on the Religion and Philosophy of the Hindus, 8vo, 

cloth. 1858 7s 6d 

The Vedas, Duties of a Faithful Hindu Widow, Religious Ceremonies, Indian 
Classes, Indian Sectaries, the Jainas, Muhammadan Sects, &c. 

8384 The Law of Inheritance according to the Mitacshara, 8vo, 

cloth. Calcutta, 1869 2s 6d 

8386 Coleman (Charles) Mythology of the Hindus, with Notices of 
the Mountain and Island Tribes, plates, 4to, boards, uncut. 
1832 £2 12s 

Includes a chapter on Japanese, Bornese, Balinese, Javanese, the Cannibals of 
Sumatra, the Cochin- Chinese, Tonquinese, &c. 

8387 Conway (Moncure) The Sacred Anthology : a Selection from 
Oriental Scriptures, 8vo, cloth 5s 

83, High Street, Marylebone, Lonnon, W. 

Religions, Languages, d&c, India, Geyhn, Burma 319 

8388 Cook (Canon F. 0.) The Origins of Religions and Languages, 
Five Essays, Svo, cloth. 1884 5g 

On the Rig Veda and its Religious System ; the Persian Cuneiform Inscriptions 
and the Zend Avesta ; the Gathas of Zoroaster ; Languages, Ancient and Modern- 
Semitic, Turanian, Aryan ; Egyptian compared with Semitic, Aryan, and Turanian 

8389 Cox (Sir G. W.) The Mythology of the Aryan Nations, 2 vols. 
8vo, cloth. 1870 18s 

8391 [Crequiniere (M. de la)] The Agreement of the Customs of the 
East-Indians with those of the Jews and other Ancient Nations, with 
plates, 8vo, calf. 1705 5s 

Of Circumcision, Sacrifices, Temples to Priapus, &c. ; Transmigration of Souls 
Nuptial Ceremonies, Caste, the Brahmans, Arts, Writing, Ointment?, &c. 

8392 Crooke (W.) Popular Religion and Folklore of Northern India, 
new edition, illustrated, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1896 8s 6d 

New Edition, with a considerable amount of fresh information. This is the first 
attempt to bring together information on the popular beliefs of the races of Upper 

8393 Cust (Robert Needham, LL.D.) Linguistic and Oriental Essays, 
7 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1880-1901 (pub. £5 5s) £2 12s Gd 

" Dr. Cust has acted wisely, as we believe, in republishing these miscellanea in 
book form. In doing so he has rendered a public duty, has served the cause of 
learning and literature, and has placed future generations under obligations." 

Asiatic Quarterly, 

8394 [First Series] 1846-78, 8vo, cloth. 1880 (scarce) lis 6d 

Countries between the Satla] and Jamna, Sikhland, the Ramayana, the Religions 
of India, Languages of the East Indies, the Collector of Land Revenue in India, 
Civil Justice in the Panjab, Allahabad during the Rebellion, a Tour in Palestine, 
Mesopotamia, Egyptology, the Phenician Language, Monumental Inscriptions. 

8395 Second Series, 1847-87, 8vo, cloth. 1887 7s 6d 

Essays on the Royal Asiatic Society ; Origin of the Indian Alphabet ; Races, 

Religions, and Languages of India ; The Doab in the Panjab ; Modern Indigenous 
Literature of British India ; Indian Linguistic Scholars ; Indian Place Names ; 
Home Rule in India ; Patronage in India ; and Papers on Russia, Turkey, Egypt, 
Palestine, North Africa, Geography of the Greeks and Romans, African and Oceanic 
Languages, &c. 

8396 Third Series, 1847-90, 8vo, cloth. 1891 7s 6d 

I. Linguistic : the Bible and its Translations, &c. II. India. III. Missionary. 

IV. Miscellaneous. V. Verse Translations. 

8397 Fourth Series, 1861-95, 8vo, cloth. 1895 7s 6d 

Languages of the Ural-Altaic Family and of the Caucasus ; Grammars of Asia, 

Africa, Oceania ; Notices of Oriental Scholars ; Political, Ethnological, and Religious 
Essays ; the Opium Question ; Uganda, and other African Native and Missionary 
Affairs ; Biographies of Bible Translators, &c. 

8398 Fifth Series, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1898 15s 

The articles in this series, which number 178 and fill nearly 1,100 pages, deal 

with a variety of subjects, social, historical, ethnological, and religious, as well as 
with Oriental languages. 

8399 Sixth Series, 8vo, cloth. 1901 7s 6d 

Miscellaneous Essays and Contributions— Conquest of the Punjab ; Birth, Life, 

and Death of Languages; the Great Missionary St. Paul ; List of Bible Irausla- 
tions, &c. 

8S, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

320 Francis EdvMrds^s Catalogue 

8401 Cust (R. N.) Sketch of the Modern Languages of the East Indies 
(Triibner's Oriental Series), 3 ma'ps, 8vo, cloth. 1878 {scarce) 9s 

The Aryan, Dravidian, Kolariau. Tibeto-Burman, Khasi, Tai, Mon-Anam, and 
Malayan Families, with Appendices of Languages and Dialects and Tables of 

8402 Les Idiomes Non-Aryens de I'lnde Britannique (in Eng- 
lish), Ueviie de Philologie, 1875 (?), pp. 29-44 2s 6d 

8403 Common Features which appear in all Forms of Religious 

Belief before Anno Domini, cr. 8vo, cloth. 1895 5s 

8405 Deutschen Morgenlandischen Gesellschaft, Zeitschrift 
der. Vols. I. to XII., 8vo, cloth. Leipzig, 1847-58 £3 18s 

A valuable collection of original papers by Geiger, Krehl, Graf, Fleischer, Nol- 
decke, Benfey, Hitzig, Ruckert, Ewald, Roth, Neumann, Wallin, Stenzler, Spreuger, 
and other scholarB — on Oriental languages and religions, inscriptions, coins, 
geography and antiquities, reviews and notices of books, &c. 

8406 Abhandlungen f iir die Kunde des Morgenlandes, Band III. 

IV., v., 1864-76, 8vo, cloth (scarce) ' £2 2s 

1864— Gabelentz, Sse-Schu-Schi-King ; Sprenger, Die Post- und Reiserouten des 
Orients, 16 charts; Stenzler, Indische Hausregeln, Sanskrit und Deutsch. 

1866 — Kielhorn, Cantanava's PhitRutra ; Kohut, Jiidische Angelologie und 
Damonologie : Meier, Die Sidonische Konigsgrabschrift ; Brockhaus, Katha Sarit 
Sagara, Buch IX. Bis XVIII. 

1876— Peter mann, Hebraische Formenlehre nach der Aussprache der heutigen 
Samaritaner ; Blau, Bosnisch-tiirkische Sprachenkmaler ; Weber, Ueber das Sapta- 
gatakam des Hala ; Kohut, Zur Sprache, Literatur, und Dogmatik der Samaritaner. 

8407 Dowson (John) Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology, and 
Religion, Geography, History, and Literature (Triibner's Oriental 
Series), 8vo, cloth. 1879 10s 6d 

8408 Dubois (Abbe J. A.) Hindu Manners, Customs, and Cere- 
monies, edited, with Notes, Biography, &c., portrait, 2 vols. 8vo, 
cloth. 1897 lis 

Different sects. Brahmins, Jains, Vishnavites, Sivaites, the Priest, Hindu 
Fables. Tales, Poetry, Writing, Rules of Conduct, Metempsychosis, Architecture, 
Temples. Justice, Militarv System, &c. 

See pp. 113, 114. 

Duff (Dr.) What is Caste? and Works on Indian Missions. See 
p. 114. 

8409 Dutt (Torn) Ancient Ballads and Legends of Hindustan, with 
Memoirs by Edmund Gosse, 12mo, cloth. 1882 3s 

8411 Dutt (M. N.) The Prophets of Ind, and their Teaching, 2 vols. 
12mo, cloth. 1894 7s 6d 

The lives and doctrines of Srikrishna, Buddha, Sankar, Ramanuja, Ramanand, 
Kabir, Nimai Chaitanya, Keshub, Rammohun, Dayanand, and Ramakrishna. 

8412 Dutt (Romesh Chunder) The Literature of Bengal, portraits, 
12mo, cloth. 1895 5s 

Sketch of the origin and progress of Bengali literature, including translations 
from the Sanskrit and other languages. 

Translation of the * Mahabharata.* See Sanskbit, p. 350. 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W, 

Religions, Languages, &c.y India, Ceylon, Burma 321 

8413 Edalji (S.) The Brahma Samaja, 8vo, pp. 36. Bombay, 1864 Is 

8414 Elliot (Sir Henry) Memoirs on the History, Folk-Lore, and 
Distribution of the Races of the N.W. Provinces of India, edited 
by John Beames, maps, 2 vols. 8yo, cloth. 1869 (pub. 36s) 9s 

This work treats of (1) Castes and their Subdivisions, (2) Customs, Rites, and 
Superstitions, (3) Revenue and Official Terms, (4) Rural Life. 

No civilian, no officer holding civil or political emnloyment, should be with- 
out these volumes ; no one, indeed, who proposes to reside in India for any period 
of time will fail to benefit largely by a careful perusal and study of this work. 

8415 Elworthy (F. T.) The Evil Eye : Account of this Ancient and 
Widespread Superstition, illustrated, 8vo, cloth. 1895 lis 

8416 Faber (Rev. G. S.) The Origin of Pagan Idolatry ascertained 
from Historical Testimony and Circumstantial Evidence, ivith 
plates, 3 vols. 4to, new half-morocco. 1816 £2 10s 

Whatever may be thought of the author's general conclusions— that the old 
theology of the Gentiles is found to bear witness to the truth of Divine Revelation 
—he has amassed a large amount of information illustrative of the mysteries and 
mythology of the ancient peoples, both of the old and the new world, information 
that will never be brought together again. 

8417 Dissertation on the Mysteries of the Cabiri ; -or, the Great 

Gods of Phenicia, Egypt, Greece, &c., plates, 2 vols. 8vo, boards. 
1803 12s 

8418 Fergusson (James) Tree and Serpent Worship : Illustrations 
of Mythology and Art in India from the Sculptures of the Buddhist 
Topes at Sanchi and Amravati, original edition, 100 plates and 
21 wood engravings, imp. 4to, half-morocco. 1868 £6 10s 

On Human Sacrifices and Serpent Worship in Egypt, Phoenicia, Mesopotamia, 
Europe, Africa, and America ; in Persia, Cashmere, Cambodia, China, Oceania. 
Ceylon, and India. 45 plates illustrate the Tope at Sanchi, and 43 that at Amravati. 
Appendices on Asoka Inscriptions, Snake Worship, &c., are contributed by Gen, 
Cunningham, Col. Meadows Taylor, Dr. Best, and Dr. Balfour. 
See also India, pp. 131, 132. 

8420 Flagg (Wm. J.) Yoga or Transformation: Religious Dogmas 
concerning the Soul and its Destiny, and of Akkadian, Hindu, 
Taoist, Egyptian, Hebrew, Greek, Christian, Mohammedan, 
Japanese, and other Magic, royal 8vo, cloth. New York, 1898 10s 

8421 Floyer (A. M.) The Evolution of Ancient Hinduism, 12mo, 
cloth. 1888 Is 6d 

8422 Folk-Lore and Legends : Oriental, 18mo, cloth. 1892 Is 6d 

See also Crooke, Elliot, Frazer, Frere, Natesta (p. 357), &c. 

8423 Francklin (Col. Wm.) Researches on the Tenets and Doctrines 
of the Jeynes and Boodhists, conjectured to be the Brachmanes of 
Ancient India, with a Discussion on Serpent Worship, 6 plates, 4to, 
half-calf extra. 1827 ^1 2s 

For other works by Col. Francklin, see p. 136. 

8424 Frazer (J. G.) The Golden Bough: a Study in Magic and 
Religion, new edition, revised and enlarged, 3 vols, royal 8yo, 
cloth. 1902 £1 16s 

From the customs, observances, and folk-lore of all nations the author has 
collected the indications of the earliest forms of human thought and worship. 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

322 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

8425 Forlong (Gen. J. G. R.) Rivers of Life ; or, Sources and 
Streams of the Faiths of Man in all Lands, showing the Evolution 
of Faiths from the Rudest Symbolisms to the Latest Spiritual 
Developments, map and illustrations; with Chronological Chart 
of Faith Streams, 3 vols, royal 4to, cloth £4 10s 

Vol. I. Introductory, Tree Worship, Serpent and Phalik Worship, Fire Worship 
Sun Worship, Ancestor Worship." Vol. II. Earl^ Faiths of Western Asia as in 
Kaldia and Assyria ; Faiths of Western Aborigines in Europe, &c. ; Faiths of 
Eastern Aborigines, Non-Aryan, Aryan, and Shemitik. 

This work contains some of the results of the author's studies during a long 
residence in all parts of India, in Ceylon, and in Burmah. 

8426 The Chronological Chart, separately, on linen roll £1 

Shows not only the streams and rivers of religious beliefs, but parallel events, 
characters (historical and mythical), matters in theological works, dogmas, missions, 
languages, &c., orthodox and heterodox growths, side by side, the whole covering a 
possible period of six to ten thousand years. 

8427 Short Studies in the Science of Comparative Religions, 

especially those of Asia, map and illustrations, royal Svo, cloth. 
1897 16s 

Jainism and Buddhism ; Trans-Indian Religions ; Zoroastrianism ; Hinduism ; 
Vedas and Vedantism ; Lao-tsze and Tao-ism ; Confucius and his Faith ; the Elohim 
and the Jehovah of the Hebrews ; Sacred Books of the West ; Mahamad, Islam, and 
Maka ; Short Texts of all Faiths and Philosophies. 

The work is full of valuable and solid information. The author is of opinion 
that the Aryan invaders of India were more warlike but less civilixed than the 
natives they found there. 

8428 Frazer (R. W.) Literary History of India, 8vo, cl. 1898 10s 

8429 Frere (Miss M.) Old Deccan Days ; or, Hindoo Fairy Legends, 
collected from Oral Tradition, 4 coloured plates and other illustra- 
tions [first edition], 12mo, cloth. 1868 10s 

8430 Old Deccan Days, cheap edition, 12mo, cloth. 3s 6d 

8432 Gandhi (Yirchand R.) Contribution of Jainism to Philosophy, 
History, and Progress — Asiatic Quxirterlyy July, 1900 2s 6d 

8433 Garrett (John) Classical Dictionary of India, Illustrative of 
Mythology, Philosophy, Literature, Antiquities, Arts, Manners, 
Customs, &c., of the Hindus, 8vo, cloth. Madras, 1871-73 10s 

8434 Gheyn (J. van den) L'Origine Europeenne des Aryas (Ext. Bull. 
Geog. Anvers), pp. 44. 1885 2s 6d 

8435 Ghosha (Ramachandra) History of Hindu Civilisation as Illus- 
trated in the Vedas, &c., Svo, cloth. Calcutta, 1889 2s 6d 

8436 Gilder (Charles) Hinduism and Hindu Deities, 8vo, pp. 24. 
Bombay, 1855 2s 6d 

8437 Glossary of Vernacular, Judicial, and Revenue Terms occurring 
in Indian Official Documents, folio, boards. Calcutta, 1874 3s 6d 

83^High Street, Marylehone, London, W, 

Religions, Languages, &c., India, Ceylon, Burma 323 

8438 Gooroo. Strange, Surprising Adventures of Gooroo Simple (the 

Venerable) and his Disciples, Noodle, Doodle, Wiseacre, Zany, 

and Foozle, with 50 illustrations hy Crowquill, 12mo, cloth 5s 

A witty and humorous satire on the Brabmins, based upon the tale of the 

Gooroo Paramartan. See Clouston, and Tamil, p. 356. 

8440 Gover (Charles E.) The Folk-Songs of Southern India [Dravidian 
Tongues], royal 8vo, cloth. Madras, 1871 {scarce) 10s 6d 

Canarese, Badaga, Coorg, Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu. 

8441 Grierson (George A.) Hand Book of the Kayathi Character, 
with 30 facsimiles, royal 4to, cloth. Calcutta, 1881 5s 

The Kayathi has by order of the Bengal Government been made the official 
cursive or running hand. 

8442 The Modern Vernacular Literature of Hindustan (Jour. 

Asiatic Soc. Bengal), royal 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1889 8s 

8443 Growse (F. S.) Mathura : a District Memoir, with numerous 
photo -illustrations, 4to, boards. Allahabad, 1883 12s 

Mathura is the "Jerusalem " and the district the "Holy Land" of the Hindoo 
pilgrim. Mr. Growse tells the story of Krishna, the tutelary divinity of the city, 
describes its temples and holy places, and records its history to the present day. 

8444 Gubernatis (Prof. Angelo de) Zoological Mythology; or, the 
Legends of Animals, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1872 12s 6d 

" As in the history of the Indo-European languages, Sanskrit serves as the 

starting-point so, in the complex history of mythology, it is th^ ancient Vedic 

texts, and especially the Big-Vedas, to which we must before all refer as the main 

pivot or axis of a comparative study for the first notions of Aryan myth Jogy." 



8445 Grammar of Gujarati, by Shapurji Edalji, 12mo, cloth. Bombay, 1867 2s 6d 

8446 Taylor (Geo. P.) Student's Gujarati Grammar, with Exercises and Vocabulary, 

royal Svo, cloth. London [Amadabad}, 1893 5s 

8447 Tisdall (Rev. W. St. Clair), Simplified Grammar of the Gujarati Language, with 

Reading Book and Vocabulary, 12mo, cloth 8s 6d 

See also Beames, Gust, Geierson, Hoebnle, &c. 

GuRMDKHi. See Punjabi, p. 342. 

Haug (Dr.), Works. See Parsees, pp. 340, 341 ; Sanskrit, p. 343. 

8450 Higgins (Godfrey) The Celtic Druids; or, an Attempt to Show 
that the Druids were the Priests of Oriental Colonies who 
emigrated to India, and were the Introducers of Letters and the 
Builders of Stonehenge, Carnac, and of other Cyclopean Works in 
Asia and Europe, 4to, cloth. 1829 £2 

8451 Anacalypsis ; or, an Inquiry into the Origin of Languages, 

Nations, and Religions, with 40 plates, 2 vols. 4to, cloth. 1836 £11 

8452 Heckethorn (0. W.) Secret Societies of all Ages and Countries, 
revised and enlarged edition, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1898 17s 6d 

A comprehensive account of upwards of 160 Organizations, Religious, Political, 
and Social, from the most remote ages down to the present time, embracing the 
Mysteries of Ancient India, China, Japan, Egypt, Mexico, Peru Greece, the Oab- 
balists, Rosicrucians, Mystics, Skopzi, Camorristi, Car-bonari, Nihilists, i^ enians, 
French, the Vehm and Inquisition, Freemi*gons, and other mysterio us sects. 

83, High Street, Maryhhone, London, W. 

324 Francis Edwards's Catalogue 

Hindi and Hindustani, or Urdu. 

*^* See also Beames, Campbell, Clouston, Gust, Geiebson, Hoeenle. 

8454 Akhlak i Hindi ; or, Indian Ethics, translated into Urdu from a Persian 

Version of the 'Hitopadesa' by Mir Bahadur All (1803), edited, with intro- 
duction and notes, by Prof. Syed Abdoollah, royal 8vo, cloth. 1868 Ss 6d 

8455 Baital-Pachisi ; or, Twenty-five Tales of a Demon, in the Nagari character, 

edited, with vocabulary, by Forbes, 8vo, cloth 6s 

8456 Translated from the Hindi Text of Forbes by Platts, 8vo, cloth. 1871 63 

See also Bueton's ' Vikram and the Vampire,' p. 317. 

8457 Ballantyne (J. R.) Elements of Hindi and Braj Bhakha Grammar, second 

edition, 12mo, cloth 48 

8458 Bate (J. D.) Hindi-English Dictionary, royal 8vo, cloth. 1875 £1 Ss 

8459 Blumhardt (J. F.) Catalogue of Hindi, Panjabi, and Hindustani Manuscripts 

in the British Museum, 4to, cloth. 1899 7s 6d 

8461 Bride's Mirror (The) ; or, Mir-Atu 1-Arus of Maulavi Nazir-Ahmad, edited (in 

the Eoman character), with vocabulary and notes, by G. E. Ward, 8v'>, 
cloth (Oxford Press). 1899 68 61 

8462 Dowson (J.) Grammar of the Urdu or Hindustani Language, second edition, 

12mo, cloth. 1887 8s 6d 

8463 Fallon (S. W.) New English-Hindustani Dictionary, in Roman character, with 

Illustrations from English Literature and Colloquial English, royal 8vo, 
cloth. 1883 168 

8464 A New Hindustani-English Dictionary, with Illustrations from Hindustani 

Literature and Folk-lore, royal 8vo, cloth. 1879 £2 

Hindustani words are in the Persian and Roman character ; those of Hindi in the 

8466 Forbes (Duncan, LL.D.) Dictionary, Hindustani-English and English-Hindu- 
stani, 1 vol. royal 8vo, half-calf. 1848 (first edition) 128 6d 

8468 Hindustani-English and English-Hindustani Dictionary, new edition, 

printed in the Roman character, royal 8vo, half-calf. 1859 188 

8469 Smaller Hindustani and English Dictionary, in the Roman character, 

square 12mo, half-calf. 1862 68 

8470 Hindustani Grammar, with Specimens of Persian and Nagari Writing and 

Vocabulary, 8vo, cloth 63 6d 

8471 Hindostani Manual, Grammar and Vocabulary, by Plaits, 18mo, leather 38 

8472 Tota-Kahani ; or, Tales of a Parrot, in Hindustani, royal 8vo, cloth 4s 6d 

8473 Tota-Kabani, English Translation, 8vo, cloth 48 

8474 Bagh o Bahar : Entertaining Tales in Hindustani, with Vocabulary, royal 

8vo, cloth 68 

8475 Bagh o Bahar, English Translation, 8vo, cloth 48 

8477 Garcin de Tassy (M.) Les Aventures de Kamrup, from the Hindustani of 
Tahcin-Uddin, royal 8vo, cloth (Oriental Trans. Fund). Paris, 1834 7s 6d 
Histoire de la Litt6rature Hindoui et Hindoustani Biographic et Biblio- 
graphic. See Oriental Translation Fund, 1839. 

8478 Chrestomathie Hinaie et Hindouie : Vocabulaire Hindi-Hindoui-Francais, 

1 vol. 8vo, sewed. Paris, 1849 3^ 6d 

8479 LesAuteurs Hindoustanies et leursOuvrages, roy.Svo,pp. ii-47. 1855 2s 6d 

8480 La Langue et la Litt^rature Hindoustanies, 1850-69, 8vo, swd. 1874 38 6d 

8481 Green (A. O.) Practical Hindustani Grammar, 12mo, cloth. 1895. Part I. 7s 
8482 Part II. 6s 

88, High Street^ Marylehone^ London^ W. 

Religions, Languages, dco., India, Ceylon, Bwi^ma 325 

Hindi and Hindustani (continued) — 

8483 Hill Dialects of Kumaun, Garhwal, Tarai, &c., compiled by Pandit Ganga Datt 
Upreti, royal 8vo, sewed. Almora, 1900 38 gj 

8184 Hindustani Manuscript, Two Essays on Fever, by Hakeem Alwi Khan. Cal- 
ctttta, 1840 ' ,].jj 

8485 Kalidasa. The Sakuntala in Hindi, Text of Kan vaLachhman Sinb, edited with 

notes, by Pincott, small 4to, cloth ' 6g 

8486 Kellogg (Rev. S. H.) Grammar of. the Hindi Language, imperial 8vo, cloth. 

Allahabad, 1876 9g 

8487 Second edition, revised and enlarged, 8vo, cloth. 1893 188 

8488 isTAirad-Afroz (the Illuminator of the Understanding), by Maulavi Hafizu'd-diu, 

Hindustani text, notes, &c., by Eastwick, imp. 8vo, cloth. 1867 128 6d 

8489 Kitab'i Mugaddas, Reference Bible in Urdu, imp. 8vo, half-bound 93 

8491 Laskari Dictionary : Nautical Terms and Phrases in English and Hindustani 

by Capt. T. Roebuck, W. C. Smyth, and G. Small, 12mo, cloth. 1882 2s 6d 

8492 Palmer (E. H.) Simplified Grammar of Hindustani, Persian, and Arabic, second 

edition, 12mo, cloth. 1890 43 

8493 Platts (J. T.) Dictionary of Urdu, Classical Hindi, and English, Arabic, Nagari, 

and Roman Characters, royal 8vo, cloth. 1884 £2 8s 

8494 Grammar of Hindustani or Urdu, 8vo, cloth. 1892 8s 6d 

8495 Prem Sagar (The) ; or, the Ocean of Love, being a History of Krishn, trans- 
lated from the Bhagavat into Hindi by Lalluii Lai, new edition, with 
vocabulary ; also Literal Translation from the Hindi into English by E. B. 
Eastwick, 2 vols. 4to, half- morocco. Hertford, 1851 £2 

8496 The Prem Sagara, translated from the Hindi Text by Pincott, 8vo, cloth. 

1897 128 

Rajendralala Mitra, The Hindi and its Relation to Urdu —* Indo- Aryans,' 

Vol. II. (chap. xvi.). See p. 343 

8497 Shakespear (Prof. John) MuntaMabat-i-Hindi ; or. Selections in Hindustani, 

with Verbal Translations or Particular Vocabularies and Grammatical 

Analysis, second edition, 2 vols, in 1, half-morocco. 1824-25 lOs 6d 

8498 Dictionary, Hindustani and English, 4to, calf. 1817 lis 

8499 Smyth (W. Carmichael)Hindustanee Jest- Book ; Gladwin's Persian Mood shee ; 

Sadee's Pund-Namu, in Arabic and English, 1 vol. 8vo, leather. [Pans] 
1840 128 

8500 Tweedie (J.) Hindustani as it Ought to be Spoken, with a double vocabulary, 

English-Hindustani, second edition, 8vo, cloth. 1893 78 6d 

8502 Hodgson (Brian Houghton) British Resident at the Oourib of 
Nepal, Life, by Sir W. Hunter, portraits, 8vo, cloth. 1896 5s 

With Appendices, Lists (1) of Sanscrit and Tibetan MSS. presented by Hodgson 
to learned societies ; (2) His unpublished MSS. on Nepal presented to the India 
Office ; (3) His Buddhist. Ethnological, and Miscellaneous Writings ; (4) His Zoolo- 
gical Writings and Drawings. 

8503 Essays on the Languages, Literature, and [Buddhist] Reli- 
gion of Nepal and Tibet, royal 8vo, cloth. 1874 14s 

Includes Vocabularies of the Kocch, Bodo, Dhimal, H4yu, and Kiranti tribes. 
See Rajendralala, p. 352. 

8504 Miscellaneous Essays relating to Indian Subjects, 2 vols. 

8vo, cloth (Triibner's Oriental Series.) 1880 21s 

Contains Grammars and Vocabularies of Himalayan Tribes of Indo-Chinese 
Borderers in Arakan, Teuasserim, of Central Indian Aborigines, of the Nilgins and 
other Hill Tribes ; Comparative Lists of Caucasian and Mongol ian Words, &c. 

83t High Street, Marylebone, London^ W. 

326 Fra/rms Edwards^s Catalogue 

8505 Hoernle (A. F. Eudolf) Comparative Grammar of the Gaudian 
Languages, map and table ^ 8vo, cloth. 1880 lis 6d 

The " Gaudian " are the North Indian vernacular languages of Aryan or Sanskrit 
aflSnity, viz.. Punjabi, Sindhi, Gujarati, Hindi, including Hindustani or Urdu, Bengali, 
Oriya, and Marathi. 

8506 Hope (Laurence) The Garden of Kama, and other Love Lyrics 
from India, 12mo, cloth. 1902 4s 

" Mr. Hope has caught admirably the dominant notes of Indian love poetry." 


8507 Hopkins (E. W.) Religions of India, 12mo, cloth. 1895 8s 

Containing extracts from the Vedic, Brahmanic, Jain, Buddhist, and other 
writings, with bibliography. 

8509 Hunter (Sir W. W.) Comparative Dictionary of the Non- Aryan 
Languages of India and High Asia, with a Dissertation, folio, 
cloth. 1868 16s 

8510 Indian Antiquary (The) : a Journal of Oriental Research in 
Archseology, History, Literature, Languages, Philosophy, Religion, 
Folk-lore, &c. Edited by Dr. Burgess. 1872-82. See p. 163. 

8512 Inman (Thomas, M.D.) Ancient Faiths embodied in Ancient 
Names ; or, an Attempt to Trace Religious Beliefs, Sacred Rites, 
and Holy Emblems, with Indexes of Names, plates ; also Ancient 
Faiths and Modern, 3 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1868-76 £3 15s 

8513 Ancient Pagan and Modern Christian Symbolism Exposed 

and Explained, illustrated, second edition, 8vo, cloth. 1874 78 6d 

8514 Ancient Faiths and Modern : a Dissertation upon Worships, 

Legends and Divinities in Central and Western Asia, Europe, &c., 
before the Christian Era, showing their Relations to Religious 
Customs as they now exist, 8vo, cloth. New York, 1876 IDs 

8515 Irving (B. A.) Theory and Practice of Caste in India, 12mo, 
cloth. 1853 2s 6d 
Islam. See Mohammedanism. 

Jacx)b's Manual of Hindu Pantheism. See Vedantasara, p. 354. 

8516 Jacolliot (Louis) The Bible in India : Hindoo Origin of Hebrew 
and Christian Revelation, translated, 8vo, sewed. 1870 3s 6d 
Jainibm. See Barth, Bird, Bjornstjerna, Bose, Colebrooke, 
Forlong, Francklin, Gandhi, Goldstiicker, Hopkins, Sanskrit 
(Gainas, Kalpa Sutra, Katha Kosa, Weber), Thomas, Wilson (H.H.). 

8517 Jennings (Hargrave) The Indian Religions ; or, Results of 
the Mysterious Buddhism concerning that also which is to be 
understood in the Divinity of Fire, 8vo, cloth. 1890 5s 

8518 _^Phallicism ; its Connection with the Rosicrucians and the 

Gnostics and its Foundation in Buddhism, including subscriber's 
series oj plates, 8vo, cloth. 1884 £1 10s 

8519 Johnson (Samuel) Oriental Religions and their Relation to 

Universal Religion. India (Triibner), 2 vols. 8vo,cloth. 1879 12s 

Religion and Life : the Primitive Aryas, the Hindu Mind, the Hymns, Tradition. 

the Laws, Womau, Social Forms and Forces, Caste. Keligious Philosophy: Vedanta 

Sankhya, the Bhagavad-Grita, Pantheism, Incarnation, Transmigration, Universality, 

Buddhism aud Buddhistic Civilization, Ecclesiasticism. 

83f High Street, MaryUhone, London, W. 

ReUgwns, Languages, &c., India, Ceglon, Burma 327 

8521 Jones (Sir Wm.) Works of, with Life of the Author by Lord 
Teignmouth, portrait, 13 vols. 8vo, half-calf. 1807 £1 15s 

Vols. I., 11. Memoir and Correspondence ; Idea of an Epic, ' Britain Dis- 
covered'; Preface to Essay on the Turks, on Grecian Orators; Trant^lation from 
Jami ; Verses on Plassey, &c. 

Vol. III. Discourses; Orthography of Asiatic Words; Gods of Greece, Italy, 
and India. 

Vol. IV. Hindu Chronology ; Literature and Music ; Chess ; Tales and Fables 
by Nizami ; * Gitagovinda ' of Jayadeva. &c. 

Vol. V. Indian Plants and Fruits ; Spikenard, &c. ; Persian Language. 

Vol. VI. Poeseos AsiaticaB Commentariorum. 

Vols. VII., VIII. Charges ; Institutes of Menu ; Mahomedan Laws ; Law of 
Bailments ; On Suppressing Riots ; Principles of Government. &c. 

Vol. IX. Speeches on the Law of Succession at Athens ; Sacontala of Kalidasa 

Vol. X. Translations of the Moallakat, Seven Arabian Poems, and other Poems ; 
Letter on the Books of Zoroaster (in French). 

Vol8. X[., XII. History of Nader Chah (French), with Introduction (French 
aud, Kngliah), and 'Un Traits sur la Poesie Orientale,' 

Vol. XIII. Translations of the ' Hitopadesa'; Hymns to Indra ; Extracts from 
the Vedas ; Hatifi's 'Laili and Majnun '; Catalogue of Oriental MSS. 

8522 Kashmiri. Folk Tales of Kashmir, by Eev. J. H. Knowles 
(Triibner), second and best edition, 8vo, cloth. 1893 5s 6d 

8523 Grammar of the Kashmiri, by T. R. Wade, with Introduc- 
tion by Oust, 8vo, cloth. 1888 Is 

8524 Kearns (Rev. J. F.) Kalydn'a Shat'anku ; Marriage Ceremonies 
of the Hindus of South India ; Description of Karumantharum op 
Funeral Ceremonies, 12mo, cloth. Madras, 1868 3ii 6d 

8525 Kennedy (Lt.-Col. Vans) Researches into the Nature and 
AfiSnity of Ancient and Hindu Mythology, 4to, half-morocco. 
1831 £1 Is 

On the Mythology of Egypt, Asia Minor, Greece, Etruria Latium, Thracia, 
Germany, Scandinavia, Authenticity of the Sacred Books of India, &c. 

8527 Keshub Chunder Sen, Founder of the Brahmo Somaj, his 
Life and Teachings, by P. C. Mozoomdar, 12mo, cloth. 1887 7s 6d 

See also references under Brahma-Samaj, p. 311. 

8528 Khasia Language, Introduction to ; Grammar, Reading 
Lessous, Vocabulary, by Rev. W. Pryse, 12mo, cloth. Calcutta, 
1855 3s 6d 

8529 Kingscote (Mrs. Howard) and Pandit Natesa Sastri. Tales of 
the Sun or Folk-lore of Southern India, 12mo, cloth. 1890 2s 6d 

"The tales of Southern India are as varied as any others, but craft and cunning 
are more generally rewarded than virtue, and stupidity condemned. —Preface, p. xi. 

8530 Knight (R. Payne) The Symbolical Language of Ancient Art 
and Mythology, edited, with additional notes, by Dr. Wilder, 
348 illustrations by Rawson, roy. 8vo, cl. New York, 1892 10s 

Includes symbols from India, and observations on the peculiar character of the 
art of the Hindus ; serpent worship ; the elephant, monkey, and cow as sacred animals ; 
worship of Bacchus, the Gymnosophists, Juggernaut, &c. 

8531 Kuenen (Prof. A.) On National Religions and Univer^l Reli- 
gions fHibbert Le ctures), 8vo, cloth. 1882 (pub. 10s 6d) 3a 6d 

8S, High Street, Marylehone, London'JV. 

328 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

8532 Kunte (M. M.) The Vicissitudes of Aryan Civilization in India: 
Vedic and Buddhistic Polities, Svo, cloth. Bomhaij, 1880 16s 

8533 Leitner (Dr. G. W.) Languages and Races of Dardistan, maps 
by Ravenstein, 4to, half-calf. LaJiore, 1878 12s 

8534 Appendix to ' Ohangars ' and Linguistic Fragments, folio, 

sewed. Lahore, 1882 2s 

8535 Specimens of Commercial and other Handwritings current 

in the Panjab and N.W. Provinces, folio, sewed. Lahore 2s 

8536 -^ — History of Indigenous Education in the Panjab, with 
Appendices, including Specimens of Writing and Arithmetic, 
folio, boards. Calcutta, 1883 8s 

8537 Races and Languages of the Hindu- Kush—^siaific Q. 

Rev., July, 1891, pp. 139-56 and plates 2s 6d 

8538 The Hunza and Nagyr Hand-book of the Language, Race, 

and Countries of Hunza, Nagyr, part of Yasin, &c., 273 pp. folio ; 
also Supplement on Dardistan, 254 pp. 8vo £2 2s 

8539 Dardistan in 1866, 1886, and 1891-93, History, Religions, 

Customs, Legends, Fables, and Songs of Gilgit, Chilas, Kandia 
(Gabrial), Yasin, Chitral, Hunza, Nagyr, and other parts of the 
Hindukush, maps and illustrations, pp. 254, 8vo, cloth. 1902 14s 

With papers on 'The Future of Chitral and Neighbouring Countries' and on 
•Suppressed Treaties and Sla/e-Raids on Kafiristan '; a portrait of late Nizam-ul- 
Mulk ; account of Umra Khan, Jandol, and adjoining States ; Chronological 
History of Badakhshan, Bokhara, Wakhan, Shignan, Raushan, Derwaz, &c., to 1872 ; 
topographical and other details. 

8541 Lepcha. Dictionary of the Lepcha Language, by Gen. Main- 
waring and Prof. Griinwedel, imp. 8vo, cloth. Berlin, 1898 18s 

8542 Grammar of the Rong (Lepcha) Language as it exists in 

the Dorjeling and Sikim Hills, by Gen. Mainwaring, 4to, cloth. 
Calcutta, 1876 7s 6d. 

See also Tibet. 

8543 Long (Rev. J.) Eastern Proverbs and Emblems Illustrating Old 
Truths (Triibner's Oriental Series), 8vo, cloth. 1851 4s 6d 

A rich collection gathered from more than 1,000 volumes in libraries in India, 
the British Museum, or in continental libraries, affording illustrations for 
Orientalists, lovers of folk-lore, teachers, and preachers, with an Index to Scripture 

8544 [Lord (Henry)]. A | Discoverie | of the Sect of the | Banians | 
containing their History, Law, | Liturgie, Casts, Customes, and | 

Ceremonies ] Gathered from their Bramanes | | together with 

a display of their Manners, &c. | F. Constable | London, 

1630. Also The ] Religion | of the | Persees | As it was Compiled 
from a Booke | | called their Zundavastaw. | 1630 £2 

In 1 vol. small 4to, russia, pp. xvi-96 ; xii-54. 
This copy has the engraved title-page by Marshall, and bound up with it is a 
work on 'The Policie of the Turkish Empire' (London, 1597), but the title-page 
and part of " Address to the Reader " in the latter are missing. 

8545 Discovery of Two Forreigne Sects in the East-Indies .... 

(from Churchiirs Collection), folio, half-calf. 1747 7s 6d 

8546 Histoire de la Religion des Banians, avec un Traits de la 

Religion des Parsis, 12mo. Paris, 1667 6s 

83 J High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

Religions, Languages, dhc, India, Oeylon, Bwrma 329 

8548 Lyall (Rt. Hon. Sir A. 0.) Asiatic Studies, Religious and Social, 
new edition. 2 vols. 12aio, cloth. 1899 14g 

Vol. T. Religion of an Indian Province; Origin of Divine Myths in India- 
Witchcraft and Non- Christian Religions ; Missionary and Non- Missionary Religions • 
the Rajput States; Clans and Castes; Our Religious Policy; Islam in India &o. ' 
^ Vol. II. Letters from Vamades Shastri ; The State and Religion in ' China ; 
The Golden Bough'; Origins and Interpretations of Primitive Religions; Natural 
Religion in India ; History and Fable ; Permanent Dominion in Asia. 

8549 McLennan (J. F.) Studies in Ancient History : Second Series : 
comprising an Inquiry into the Origin of Exogamy, 8vo, cloth. 
1896 (pub. 21s) 5s 

Includes remarks on Female Infanticide ; Nair and Thibetan Polyandry ; 
Examples of Fabricated Genealogies from the Vedic Literature, &c. ; References 
to the Mincopies of the Andaman Islands; Chapters on Customs of the Pacific 
Islands, Australia, South Africa, and America, supplementing the Author's earlier 
work on ' Primitive Marriage.' 

8550 • The Patriarchal Theory, edited and completed by 

D. McLennan, 8vo, cloth. 1885 (pub. 14s) 4s 

Contains chapters on Patria Potestas and Sonship among the .Hindoos ; Origin 
and Examples of Agnation ; The Tutelage of Women, &c. 

8652 McNair (Major) and Barlow (T. L.) Betrothal and Wedding 
Customs in the Punjab, with other Articles {Folk-Lore, June, 
1898) Is 6d 

8553 Maconochie (Allan) Extracts from Considerations on the 
Objects of Researches into the Institutions and Antiquities of the 
Hindoos (Royal Soc. Edin.), 4to, pp. 28. 1788 4s 6d 

Madras Journal of Literature and Science, containing valuable 
Papers on the Languages, History, Antiquities, Manuscripts, &c., 
of Southern India. See above, p. 300. 

8556 Maharajas, History of the Sect of, or Yallabhacharyas in 
Western India [by Karsandas Mulji], 8teel front, of Bombay Maha- 
rajas, 8vo, cloth. 1865 {scarce) £2 5s 

With appendix of evidence on the Maharaj libel case, and comments on the 
trial and the immoral practices of the Maharajas by the Indian press. See also 
p. 175. 

8557 Malay alim and English Dictionary, by H. Gundert, 8vo. 
Mangalore, 1872 15s 

See also Caldwell ; Govbr ; and Matber's ' Land of Charity,' p. 193. 

Maldive Vocabulary. See Pyrard, p. 267. 

8558 [Manning (Mrs.)] Life in Ancient India, by Mrs. Speir, 
illustrated by G, Scharf, crown 8vo, cloth. 1856 8s 

8559 Ancient and Mediaeval " India, with 58 illustrations 

engraved by Scharf, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1869 9s 

A standard work on the history, religion, laws, caste, manners an^ customs, 
language, literature, poetry, philosophy, astronomy, algebra, medic ne architecture, 
manufactures, commerce, &o., of the Hindu s, taken jrom^ heir writmgs. 

83, High Streety Ma/rylehone, London, W. 

330 Fraruiis Edwa/rds's Catalogue 


8561 Acworth (H. Arbuthnot) Ballads of the Marathas in English Verse, 8vo, cloth. 

1894 58 

With an introductory sketch of Mahratta history and poetry. 

8562 ^8op'«3 Fables in Marathi, 8vo, cloth. Bombay, 1877 Is 6d 

8563 Marathi Proverbs, collected and translated by Rev. A. Man waring, 8vo, cloth. 

Oxford, 1899 78 6d 

8564 Ballantyne (James R.) Grammar of the Mahratta Language, lithographed, 4to, 

cloth. Edinburgh, 1839 2s 6d 

Beames's Comparative Grammar of Hindi Marathi, &c. See p. 308. 

8565 Bellairs (H. S. K.) and Askhedkar (L. Y.) Grammar of Marathi, 12mo, cloth. 

Bombay, 1868 38 6d 

Hoenile s Grammar of Qaudian Languages. See p. 326. 

8566 Molesworth's Marathi and English Dictionary, Compendium of, by Baba 

Pad man ji, 8to, cloth. Bombay, 1890 88 6d 

8567 Ramachandra Raghunatha, School Dictionary, English and Marathi, 8vo, 

cloth. Bombay, 1892 2jj 6d 

8568 Vikramaditya, Anecdotes of, in Marathi, 12mo, bds. 23 6d 

8569 Vinchurkar (R. V.) Translation of the Raja Dharma, or Chapter on the Duties 

of Kings, from the Mahabharat into Marathi, royal 8vo, cloth. Bombay, 
1869 68 

The chief Marathi Poets. See Trans. Orientalists, 1892, Vol. I. 

8570 [Maurice (Thomas)] Brahminical Fraud Detected ; Fabulous 
Deities invested with Attributes of the Christian Messiah, 8vo, 
boards. 1812 6s 
Indian Antiquities. See p. 194. 

8571 Mitchell (Dr. Murray) Hinduism, Past and Present, with 
Account of Recent Hindu Reformers, 12mo, cloth. (R.T.S.) 1885 3s 

The Veda?, Upaniehad*, Brahmaniim, Hinduism, the Epic Poems, PuranaS, 
Sects, Brahmoism, Rammohuu Roy, Keshub Chunder Sen. 


8573 Akhlak-i-Jalaly. Practical Muhammadan Philosophy, from 
the Persian by W. P. Thompson (Or. Trans. Fund), 8vo, 1839 15s 

8574 Ameer Ali (Syed) Life and Teachings of Mohammed ; or, the 
Spirit of Islam, 8vo, cloth. 1891 12s 

A work designed to show that the Church militant of Islam was purely defen- 
sive and tolerant; that its spirit was political, literary, scientific, rational, and 
philosophic, the status of women raised, and that slavery is abhorrent. 

8575 Series of Essays on the Life of Mohammed, and Subjects 

Subsidiary Thereto, 1 vol. 8vo, cloth. 1870 (scarce) 188 

Essays on Geography of Arabia, Pre-Islamic Arabians, whether Islam has been 
beneficial to Human Society, Mohammedan Theological Literature, Mohammedan 
Traditions, the Holy Koran, Holy Mecca, Pedigree of Mohammed, Prophecies 
respecting Mohammed, Birth and Childhood of Mohammed, &;c. 

8576 Arnold (Sir Edwin) Pearls of the Faith ; or, Islam's Rosary, 
being the Ninety-nine beautiful Names of Allah, with Comments by 
an Indian Mussulman, 8vo, cloth 5s 

83, High Street, Ma/ryhhone, LoTidon, W, 

Religions, Languages, dhc, India, Ceylon, Burma 331 

Mohammedanism {continued) — 

8577 Arnold (T. W.) The Preaching of Islam: a History of the 
Propagation of the Muslim Faith, 8vo, cloth. 1896 7s 

8578 Blunt (Wilfrid Scawen) The Future of Islam, 12mo, cloth. 
1882 3s 6d 

Five Essays from the Fortnightly Review : Cbopus of Mohammedan World— The 
Haj ; The Question of the Califate : The True Metropolis — Mecca ; a Mohammedan 
Reformation ; ENGLAND'S Interest in Islam, with Sketch of a Worthy Policy. 

8579 Cheragh All (Moulavi) Critical Exposition of the Popular 
"Jihad," 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 18S^ 6s 6d 

The author shows that the wars of Mohammad were defensive, that aggressive 
war is not allowed in the Koran, that the word "Jihad " does not exegetically mean 
*' warfare," and that slavery was not sanctioned by the prophet of Iblam. 

8581 Deutsch (Emanuel) Literary Remains; Essays on Islam, the 
Talmud, and Semitic Literature, 8vo, cloth. 1874 6s 

8582 Futawa Alumgiri : a Collection of Opinions and Precepts of 
Mohammedan Law, compiled by Sheikh Nizaum and other Learned 
Men, by command of the Emperor Aurungzeb, 6 vols. 4to, boards. 
Calcutta, 1828-35 (Arabic text) £4 

8583 Hamilton (Charles) The Hedaya, or Guide : a Commentary on 
the Mussalman Laws, best edition, 4 vols. 4to, calf. 1791 £2 5s 

8584 The Hedaya, edited by Grady, 8vo, cloth. 1879 12s 

The most important monument of Mussulman legislation, a high authority in 

all Moslem countries, and the great Law Book of India. 

8585 Hassan Ali (Mrs. Meer) The Mussalmans of India; their 
Manners, Habits, Customs, Religious Opinions, Folk-lore, Fables, 
&c., 2 vols. 8vo, half-morocco. 1832 12s 

Observations during twelve years' residence in Bengal and the Upper Provinces 
in a Mussulman family. Account of the Soofies, Superstitious of the Hindoo Natives, 
and Memoir of the Life of Meer Hadjee Shah-a True Mussalman. 

8586 Hughes (Rev. T. P.) Dictionary of Islam : Cyclopaedia of the 
Doctrines, Rites, Ceremonies and Customs, Technical and The- 
logical Terms of the Muhammadan Religion, illustrated, royal 8vo, 
cloth. 1895 1^* 

8587 Notes on Muhammadanism ; Outlines of the Religious 

System of Islam, 12mo, cloth. 1897 3s 

8588 Hunter (Sir W. W.) The Indian Musalmans : a Sketch of the 
Muhammadan Revival, with Chapter on their Social History and 
Requirements, 8vo, cloth. 1876 «s ^^ 

8589 Koran (The) Sale's Translation and " Preliminary Discourse," 
with a Comprehensive Commentary, Additional Notes, Emenda- 
tions, and Complete Index, by Rev. E. M. Wherry (Trubner s 
Oriental Series), 4 vols. 8vo, cloth (P^h. £2 »s) *i 

"As Mr. Wherry's book is intended for missionaries in India, i^is no doubt well 
that they should be prepared to meet, if they can the ordinary arguments and 
interpretiitions, and for this purpose Mr.Vherry's additions "^^^^ f^l^J^ay Review 

83, High Sin-eet, Marylehons, London, W. 

332 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

Mohammedanism (continued) — 

8590 Koran (Le) Analyst d'apr^s la Traduction de Kasimirski, par 
Jules la Beaume (Bibl. Orientale),imp. 8vo. PariSy 1878 12s 6d 

See also pp. 40-41. 
Lyall (Sir A. C.) Asiatic Studies, Religious and Social, including 
* Islam in India.' See p. 329. 

8591 Mirkhond, Eauzat-us-Safa (Jardin de Purete) Bible de I'Islam, 
traduite par E. Lamairesse, royal 8vo, sewed. Paris, 1894 10s 

8592 Qanoon-e-Islam ; Customs, Rites, and Ceremonies of the 
Moosulmans of India, by Jaffur Shurreef, translated by Dr. 
Herklots, with illustrations, 8vo, cloth. 1832 £1 

This work treats of the Mussulman customs of the Deccan. 

8593 Sell (Rev. Edward) The Faith of Islam, revised and enlarged 
edition, (Triibner's Oriental Series), 8vo, cloth. 1896 8s 

Chapters on the Foundations of Islam, the Quran, and the Traditions, Sects, 
Creed, Duties, Feasts, Fasts, &c., of Islam, the results of study during thirty years' 
residence in India. 

8593b Temple (Sir R.) Oriental Experience ; including Papers on Pan- 

Islamism, or Political Muhammadanism, British Policy, &c., 8vo, 

cloth. 1883 5s 

For other works relating to Mohammed and Mohammedanism see Brown's 

'Dervishes,' Clarke, Colebrooke, Flagg, Forlong, Lyall, Keligious Systems, Vaughau, 

and Arabia, pp. 36 to 43. 

8594 Moor (Edward) The Hindu Pantheon, original edition, vnth 105 
plates, royal 4to, calf extra. 1810 (scarce) £5 5s 

8595 The Hindu Pantheon, new edition, condensed and annotated 

by Rev. W. O. Simpson, with 61 plates, royal 8vo, cloth. Madras, 
1864 15s 

8596 [ ] Oriental Fragments, jo/a^es, 12mo, cloth. 1834 5s 

Correspondence, Seals, Stones, Manuscripts, Papacy and Hinduism, Education, 
Monkery, Sanskrit Names in Greece, Africa, Ireland, America, New Zealand, &c. 

Max MuUer's Life and Works. 

8597 Life and Letters of the Right Hon. Friedrich Max Miiller, 
edited byhis Wife, luit^ 3 portraits and 3 photo-illustrations, 2 vols. 
8vo, cloth. 1902 £1 

The undermentioned Works have made known the author, the Letters show 
the man — " familiar letters to friends, the simplicity, charm, and compass of which 
can hardly be surpassed." 

8598 My Autobiography : a Fragment, 6 jt?ori{raife, 8vo,cl. 1901 4s 6d 

Childhood in Dessau ; Schooldays at Leipzig University, Paris, England ; Early 
Days at Oxford ; Early Friends at Oxford. 

8599 Auld Lang Syne, First Series, portrait, 8vo, cloth. 1898 6s 

Eecollections of Mendelssohn, Liszt, Schumann, Wilh. Miiller, Heine, Moritz 
Arndt, Riickert, Kingsley, Clough. M. Arnold, Tennyson, Browning, Froude, Ruskin, 
Carlyle, Emerson. Lowell, Holmes, Dean Stanley, Frederick William IV., 
Frederick III., William IL, Prince Albert. 

8600 Auld Lang Syne, Second Series, My Indian Friends, 8vo, cloth. 
1899 . 6s 

83, High /Street, Mwrylehone, London, W. 

Eeligions, Languages, dx., India, Ceylon, Burma 333 

Max Muller's Works {continued) — 

8601 Suggestions for Learning the Languages of the Seat of War in 
the East, map, 8vo, cloth. 1854 2s 6d 

On the Study of the Semitic, Aryan, and Turanian Languagee, including 
Sanskrit, Prakrit, Pali, Zend, and their Modern Dialects. 

8602 Proposals for a Missionary Alphabet, 8vo, pp. 56 and folding 
table. 1854 {scarce) 4s 6d 

8603 On Ancient Hindu Astronomy and Chronology, 4to, sewed. 
Oxford, 1862 5s 

Preface to fourth volume of the Rig- Veda. 

8604 The Science of Language : Royal Institution Lectures, 1861 and 
1863, library edition, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth 14s 

8605 Chips from a German Workshop, library edition, 4 vols. 8vo, 
cloth. 1880 £2 2s 

Vol. I. On the Vedas, Christ and other Masters, the Modern Parsis, and the 
Zend-Avesta; The Aitareya Brahmana ; Buddhist Pilgrims ; Nirvana; Chinese 
Translations of Sanskrit Texts ; Confucius; Popol Vuh ; Semitic Monotheism, &c. 

Vol. II. Essays on Greek Legends, the Norsemen in Iceland, Folk-lore, Zulu 
Nursery Tales, Tales from the Norse and West Highlands, Our Figures, Caste, &o. 

Vol. III. Essays on Literature, Biography, and Antiquities. 

Vol. IV. Essays and Lectures on the Statification of Language ; Migration of 
Fables ; on Christian Missions, Buddhists, the Brahma-Samaj and Brahmanism ; 
Oriental Studies ; Life of Colebrooke, with Replies to Darwin and to Prof. Whitney. 

8606 Selected Essays on Language, M3rthology, and Religion, 2 vols. 
12mo, cloth. 1881 8s 

8608 India : What Can It Teach Us ? and other University Lectures, 

library edition, 8vo, cloth. 1883 5s 

The other lectures are Truthful Character of the Hindus ; Human Interest of 

Sanskrit Literature ; Objections ; Lessons of the Veda ; Vedic Duties ; Veda and 

Vedanta ; also Notes and Illustrations, Renaissance of Sanskrit Literature, kc. 

, 8609 The Science of Thought, 8vo, cloth. 1887 10s 

Chapters on the elements of thought and conditions of knowledge, concepts 

and roots of language, and on language as an absolute barrier between man and 

On the Achievements of Oriental Scholarship— See Trans. Ninth 
Congress of Orientalists, 1892, Vol. I. 

8610 Three Lectures on the Yedanta Philosophy delivered at the 
Royal Institution, 8vo, cloth. 1894 fs 

Origin of the Vedanta Philosophy ; the Soul and God, Similarities and Dif- 
ferences between Indian and European Philosophy. 

8611 Contributions to the Science of Mythology, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 
1897 ^^ 

8612 RamakWshna ; His Life and Sayings, 12mo, cloth. 1898 3s 6d 
Account of a modern Indian ascetic, saint, or Samnyasin— a real "Mabatman." 

"great-souled," high-minded teacher, who died in 1886. 

8613 The Six Systems of Indian Philosophy, 8vo, cloth. 1899 15s 
"The six systems of Aryan philosophy constitute the most striking feature of 

Hindu learning As a permanent repertory of information ....the |>o«k is mvam 

able It places within the reach of all who can read anguage some 

of the profoundest thoughts that have ever stirred the minds of Hindus, ana ine 
very finest fruits of their reasonings."— -dsia^ic Quar terly. 

8Sj HighlStreet, Marylehone,lLondon, W. 

334 Francis Edwa/rds's Catalogue 

8615 Max Muller's Collected Works, cheap and uniform edition, 
. 17 vols. 12mo, cloth. 1898-1901 ^3 5s 

The volumes are sold separately, each 48. 

8616 Chips from a German "Workshop, 4 vols. 

8617 Science of Language, 2 vols. 

8618 Science of Religion (Royal Institution Lectures, 1870). 

8619 Origin and Growth of Indian Religion (Hibbert Lectures, 1878). 

8620 Natural Religion (Gifford Lectures, 1888). 

8621 Physical Religion (Gifford Lectures, 1890). 

8622 Anthropological Religion (Gifford Lectures, 1891). 

8623 Theosophy, or Psychological Religion (Gifford Lectures, 1892). 

8624 India : What Can It Teach Us ? 

8625 Biographies of Words, and the Home of the Aryas. 

8626 Lectures on the Vedanta Philosophy. 

8627 Last Essays on Language, Folklore, Religion, &c., 2 vols. 

For other works edited and translated by Max Miiller see Sacred Books op 
THE East ; Sacred Books op the Buddhists ; Buddaghosha, p. 312 : Oriental 
Studies, the Dammapada (Pali), Rig Veda and Upanishads, &c. (Sanscrit). 

8628 Musee Guimet, Annales du, Tome I., 4to, sewed. Paris, 
1880 10s6d 

Contents : Hignard, Le Mythe de V6nus ; Naville, Un Ostracon Egyptien ; 
Lef ebure, Races connues des Egvptiens : Garcin du Tassy, Tableau du Kali-Youg, 
ou Age de Fer, traduit de I'Hindoui ; Regnaud, Le Pessimisme Brahmanique, et le 
17i6me chap, du Natya-Castra ; Alwis, Viaites des Premiers Bouddhas dans I'lle de 
Lanka (Ceylon) ; Dupuig, Voyage au Yun-nan ; Eitel, Feng-Shoui, ou Principes de 
Science Naturelle en Chine ; Philastre, Bx6g6se Chinois ; Shidda — Anciens Carac- 
t^res Sanskrits du Japon, &c. 

For other volumes of this series, see Bourquin (above), also Edkins (China), 
Feer (Tibet), &c. 

Hindu Music. 

8630 Day (0. R.) Music and Musical Instruments of Southern India 
and the Deccan, with Introduction and 17 coloured plates by Wm. 
Gibb, royal 4to, half-morocco. 1891 (pub. ^63 13s 6d) £1 18s 

8631 Hipkins (A.) and Gibb (Wm.) Musical Instruments, Historic, 
Rare, and Unique, 50 very fine coloured plates exhibiting musical 
instruments of all ages and nations, with full descriptive letter- 
press, folio, half-morocco, gilt top. 1888 (pub. ^67 7s) £3 10s 

Several of the beautiful plates in this work represent the musical instruments 
of the Hindus, Siamese, Chinese, Japanese, Persians, and other Orientals. 

8632 Jantra Khettra Deepica : a Treatise on^Citara"; Instruc- 
tions and Exercises in Hindoo Music, imp. 8vo, morocco extra. 
Calcutta, 1872 7s 6d 

8634 Tagore (Raja Sir S. Mohun) The Eight Principal Hindu Rasas : 
Tableaux and Dramatic Pieces, roy. 4to, cl. Calcutta, 1880 14s 

8635 The Ten Principal Hindu Avataras for Tableaux Vivants, 

rdyal 4to, cloth. Calcutta, 1880 * 14s 

8636 Hindu Music, Essays on, by Eminent Authorities, second 

edition, 2 vols, in 1, 8vo, morocco extra. 1882 10s 6d 

8637 Mridunga Munjoree, roy. 8vo, swd. Calcutta, 1873 2s 6d 

8S, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

Religioiis, Languages, (kc, India, Geylon,\Burma 335 

8639 Nares (Dr.) On Translating the Scriptures into the Ourrert 
Languages of the East, 4to, pp. 80. Oxford, 1808 3s 6d 

NiooBARESE Language. See above, pp. 268-271. 
Nepalese. See Gust, Hodgson, Hoernle. 

8641 Nevius (Rev. John L., D.D.) Demon Possession and Allied 
Themes ; an Inductive Study of Phenomena of Oar Own Times, with 
Index, Bibliographical, Biblical, Pathological, and General, and a 
Supplement, 8vo, cloth. 1897 4s 6d 

8642 O'Brien (Henry) The Round Towers of Ireland ; their Origin, 
Purpose, and Character ; on the Mysteries of Freemasonry, 
Sabseism, and of Buddhism, &c., illustrated, new edition, 8vo, cloth. 
1898 7s 6d 

8643 Olcott (Ool. Henry S.) Theosophy, Religion, and Occult Science, 
with Glossary of Eastern Words, 12mo, cloth. 1885 6s 

Chapters on India and the Civilization that India Needs ; Spirit of the Zoro- 
astrian Religion ; Life of Buddha, its Lessons, &c. 

8644 Oriental Collections (The) : Essays, Translations, and Papers 
illustrating the History, Antiquities, Arts, Sciences, and Litera- 
ture of Asia [edited by OuseleyJ, numerous plates and inscriptions, 
2 vols. 4to, mottled calf. 1797-98 168 

Lady Blessington's copy, with her book-plates. 

Contains much information on Persian and Sanskrit literature ; on the Chal- 
deans, Egyptians, Turks, Arabians, Magians ; on Phoenicia, Bagdad, Hindustan, the 
Ancient British and Irish, the Oriental Emigration of the latter, and a series of 
Papers by General C. Vallancey from Fragments of Irish MSS. 

8645 Oriental Studies : Papers read before the Oriental Club of 
Philadelphia, 1888-94, 8vo, oloth. Boston, 1894 5s 

Papers by Max Miiller, Eaoton, Jastrow, Brinton, Hilpreoht, and others on the 
Physical Geography of India ; Literature of Chinese Labourers, Berber Alphabets ; 
the Ancient Ethiopians, Israelitish Deities, Babylonian Document ; Fragment from 
Nippur ; Numbers of the Rig- Veda ; Japanese Compounds ; Aryan Name SVr? 
Tongue ; the Feather and the Wing in Mythology ; Eoolesiastes ; Psalms LX-X.ii. 
and XC. 

8647 Orientalists, International Congress of ; Transactions of the 
Second Session, London, 1874, edited by R. K. Douglas, 8vo, cloth. 
1876 6s 

Papers on Assyrian, Median, Turanian, Aryan, and Hamitic subjects ; Buddhism, 
the Veda, Ancient Systems of Medicine, Nasik Cave Inscriptions, Oriental ProverDS, 
Castes and Customs of the Dards, &c. 

8648 Orientalistes, Congr^s Provincial de ; Oompte Rendu de la 
Troisi^me Session, Lyon, 1878, 2 vols. 4to, swd. Lyons, 1880 7s 

Papers on Commerce and Industry, Science, Philology, History, Fine Arts, 
Religions of Egypt, Persia, Assyria, India, China, and Japan. 

8649 Orientalists, Ninth International Congress of, Transactions, 
London, Sept., 1892, edited by Delmar Morgan, 2 vols, royal 8vo, 
cloth *^ ^ 

Vol. I. Indian and Aryan Languages, Literature, Antiquities, Religions, Science 
tory, Law, Usag( 
Vol. 11. Semitic 
Archaic Greece and 

History, Law, Usages and Customs. . . , ^ 2. ^a Afrinn 

Vol. 11. Semitic (Syrian, Arabic, Assyrian, Babylonian) ; Egypt a°d AJrica 
Archaic Greece and the East ; Persia and Turkey ; China, Central Asia ; Mongolia. 
Japan ; Australasia (New Guinea, Fiji, and Samoa) ; Anthropology and Mytnoiogy, 

83, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 

336 Francis Edwards^ s Catalogue 

8651 Oriental Translation Fund : Original Subscriber's Set, Large- 
Paper issue, royal ito and royal 8vo, cloth. 1829-42 

(printed for subscribers at £150) £35 

The following in qiuirto :— 
Ibn Batuta's Travels, Barbary to Sumatra (1325-55), with Notes by Dr. Lee. 1829. 
Jahangueir (Emperor), Memoir of, translated by Major Price. 1829. 

Macarius, Patriarch of Antioch, Travels in Anatolia, Romelia, Moldavia, Wal- 

lachia, Cossack Country, Muscovy, &c., translated by F. C. Belfour (9 parts), 

2 vols. 1829-36. 
Han Koong Tsew ; or, the Sorrows of Han : a Chinese Tragedy, translated by 

[Sir] J. F. Davis. 1829. 
History of the Afghans, from the Persian by Dr. Dorn (2 parts). 1829-36. 
Hatim Tai, Adventures of, from the Persian by Forbes. 1830. 
The Mulfuzat Timury ; Autobiography of Timur, from the Jagtay-Turkey and 

the Persian by Major Stewart, map. 1830. 
Vartan, History of, and of the Wars between the Armenians and the Persians, 

by Bp. Elisaeus, translated by C. F. Neumann. 1830. 

Khalifeh (Haji) History of the Maritime Wars of the Turks (15th to 16th cen- 
tury), translated by James Mitchell, Part I. 1831. 

Humayun (Emperor) Memoirs, translated by Stewart. 1832. 

Annals of the Turkish Empire, 1591 to 1659, translated by Fraser. 1832. 

Kalidasa's * Raghuvansa,' Sanskrit and Latin, edited by Stenzler. 1832. 

Evliya Efendi, Travels in Europe, Asia, and Africa, 17th century, from the 
Turkish by Von Hammer, Part 1. 1834. 

Sangermano's Burmese Empire, translated by Tandy. Borne, 1833. 

Ram Raz (Judge) Essay on Hindu Architecture, i% plates. 1834. 

Japan. Annales des Empereurs du Japon, traduites par Titsingh, et pr6c6de 
Notes d'un Aper9u de I'Histoire Mythologique des Japonais par Klaproth. 
Paris, 1834. 

Harivansa : un Appendice du * Mahabharata,' traduit sur le Sanscrit par Lang- 
lois, 2 vols, in 3. Paris, 1834-35. 

The Ethiopic Didascalia ; or, Apostolical Constitutions received in the Abys- 
sinian Church, translated by Piatt. 1834. 

Kalfa (Hadji) Lexicon Encyclopsedicum et Bibliographicum (Latin), from the 
Arabic by Prof. G. Fiugel, 2 vols. 1835-37. 

Tabari, Chronique de, traduit sur la Persane par Dubeux, Liv. I. Paris, 1836. 

The Sankhya Karika, from the Sanscrit by Colebrooke ; and the Bhashya, 
or Commentary of Qaurapada, by Wilson. 1837. 

Makrizi, Histoire des Sultans Mamlouks de I'Egypte, traduite en Fran^ais par 
M. Quatrem^re, Tome I. Liv. 1, 2 ; II. Liv. 1., 1250-94 (all published). 1837-42. 

Rig Veda Sanhita, Lib. L, Sanscrit and Latin, edit. Rosen. 1838. 

Kalidasa's Kumara Sambhava, Sanscrit and Latin, edit. Stenzler. 1838. 

The Vishnu Purana, from the Sanscrit by H. H. Wilson. 1840. 

Al-Makkari (Ahmed Ibn Muhammad) Mohammedan Dynasties in Spain, trans- 
lated by Gayangoz, 2 vols. 18iO 43. 

Ibn Khallikan's Biographical Dictionary, translated from the Arabic by Baron 
MacGuckin de Slane, Vols. I. Paris, 1842. 

The following are in octavo : — 
The Fortunate Union, from the Chinese by Davis, 2 vols. 1829. 

Yakkun Nattannawa : a Cingalese Poem on Demonology. Also Kolan Nattan- 
nawa : a Poem descriptive of Masquerade Characters, translated by Ga\l&- 

yrhj, ivith plates. 1830. 

83, High Street, Marylehone, London, W. 

Religions, Languages, dec, India, Ceylon, Burma 337 

Oriental Translation Fund, Octavo Series {continued) — 

Mohammed al Hazin (Sheikh) Life of, by Himself, in Persian. 1831. 
The same, translated, with Notes, by F. C. Belfour. 1830. 
Malayan Family, Memoirs of a, translated by Marsden. 1830. 
Bosnia, the War in, 1737-39, from the Turkish by Fraser. 1830. 
Hafiz Rehmut Khan, Life of, from the Persian by Elliott. 1831. 

Miscellaneous Trantlations. First vol. : (1) Ibn-ud-din Al-Aghwaati's Journey 
in N. Africa, from the Arabic by W. B. Hodgson. (2) Extracts from the 
Sakaa Thevan Saasteram, Tamul Book of Fate, by Roberts. (3) Last Days 
of Krishna, from the Mahabharat by Major Price. (4) The Vedala Cadai, 
Ancient Tamul Tale-^, by Babington. (5) Indian Cookery, by Sandford 
Arnot. 1831. 

Neumann (Charles F.) Translations from the Chinese and Armenian : (1) His- 
tory of the Pirates of the China Sea, 1807-10. (2) Shaman Catechism : Laws 
and Regulations of Chinese Buddhist Priests. (3) Vahram's Chronicle of 
the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia, during the Time of the Crusades. 1831. 

Mohammed Ben Musa's Algebra in Arabic, with translation by Rosen. 1831. 

Sadik Isfahani, Translation of Geographical Works of (A.D. 1650?), and Critical 
Essay on various Arabic and Persian MSS. 1832. 

Firdausi's Shah Nameh, from the Persian by Atkinson. 1832.- 

The Siyar-ul-Mutakherin, History of the Mahomedan Power in India, 18th Cen- 
tury, translated by Briggs, Vol. I. {all published). 1832. 

Hoei-Lan-Ki : Chinese French, by Stanislas Julien. 1832. 

San Kokf Teou Ran to Sets ; ou, Aper5U Gr6n6ral des Trois Royaumes, traduit 
de rOriginal Japonais-Chioois par Klaproth, royal 8vo, loith plates and 
maps, royal 4to. 1832. Description of Corea, Loochoo Is., Jesso, &c. 

Atkinson (James) Customs and Manners of the Women of Persia, and their 
Domestic Superstitions. 1832. Ajewc^'espnV, specimen of Persian humour. 

Mirkhond'a Early Kings of Persia to the Conquest by Alexander the Great, 
translated by Shea. 1832. 

The Tohfut-ul-Mujahideen : History of the Mohammedans in Malabar and 
their Struggles with the Portuguese, from the Arabic by Rowlandson. 1833. 

Ebn-Malec's Alfiyya ; ou. la Quintessence de la Gramraaire Arabe, Arabic and 
French, by Baron Silvestre de Sacy. 1833. 

Miscellaneous Translations. Second vol., containing (1) Genealogical Catalogue 
of the Kings of Armenia, from Armenian and Russian by J. Glen ; (2) 
Account of Akbar's Siege of Chaitur, from Abul Fazl by Major Price ; 
(3) Motives for Mustafa Pasha's March from Adrianople to Constantinople, 
A.H. 1222 ; (4) Ritual of the Buddhist Priesthood, from the Pali by Clough ; 
(5) Extract from a Persian Horticultural Work ; (6) Grand Festival held by 
Timur after defeat of Bajazet, A.H. 803, translated by Franckhn. 1834. 

Aventures de Kamrup, trad, de I'Hindoustani par G. de Tassy. Paris, 1834. 

Chronicles of Rabbi Joseph the Sphardi, from the Hebrew by Bialloblotzky. 

2 vols. 1835-36. 

Gujerat, History of, from the Persian by Bird. 1835. 

Le Livre des Recompenses et des Peines, traduit du Chinois par Stanitslas 
Julien. 1835. 

Nazami's Laili and Majnun, from the Persian by Atkinson. 1836. 

Jalal-addin al Siuti, History of the Temple of Jerusalem, from the Arabic by 
Rev. James Reynolds. 1836. , ^ x, n • i ., 

The Akhlak-i-Jalaly : Practical Muhammadan Philosophy, from the Persian by 

Garcin^de^Tassy. Histoire de la Litt6rature Hindoui et Hindoustanie ; 

Biographie et Bibliographic. 1839. . , , , „ , * r. i^ „„^ MinAH of 

El Masudi's Historical Encyclopedia, entitled ' Meadows of Gold and Mines of 

Gems,' from the Arabic by Aloys